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Time to start a new diary. Any one is welcome. You can post any thing you like. So stop by any time, I hope you like it. All people have to do is click the link in my sig and it will bring up about live shows for you to listen to.

I just mentioned it on old diary. What a wonderful place. I love the Ocean. Have a good day all. The Purple People Eaters was the nickname of the Minnesota Vikings football team's defensive line of the late s to the late s, when the Vikings played in four Super Bowls. Members of the line were: Their motto was to "meet at the quarterback. Although the front line was the most famous unit of the Viking defense, they benefited from being surrounded by talented linebackers and defensive backs.

Hi all Hey Tyler,how's things? Ok family I went back and dug thru the attic to find this stat. V was started by Sang while T was recovering. Bruce, I seem to remember that the Fearsome Foursome also went on to become quite successful after retiring. Nice to see you Mark. I'm just gonna set up over here in the corner. There's a fridge in the tent if anyone needs to stash anything. Now That Is a lot of views. There is, supposedly, we are not sure , a C-3 Hammond in Mitzi's tent.

I prefer to believe there is. I won't go into how it got there. For any one new, we have psychologists, nurses, chefs, accountants, mortgage brokers, teachers, computer technicians, musicians, sports experts, a disc jockey, and me.

I swear there's a Hammond C-3 in there. Nice try, but I still found you Purple People Eaters was the nickname of the Minnesota Vikings football team's defensive line of the late s to the late s, when the Vikings played in four Super Bowls.

Not to mention that Mr. Page is serving as a Minnesota state supreme court justice. Wow, another new castle! Thank you, Tyler, for being such a good host. It's great to see everyone. Mitzi, doesn't it get awfully hot in that tent? I'm leaving that one wide open for you, sweetie! DerekFan, I hope you enjoy it here. You will never meet better people. You're such a good friend Mary. Yes it does get quite hot in there. I think that'll do it. Haven't been around for a while so I thought I'd just stop by and say welcome to the new home Tyler Any friend of Eric's is a friend of mine so now I wonder if we've met before?

Yes, it is my friend Rick. You emt him at the parking lot jam 1. Also came to Doc's a bunch to see a band called the Peacheaters. Ever heard of them, they are reeeaaalll good! Nice to have you here! Man am I jealous. Please report to us on the blonde gentleman.

Talked to him Sunday Effie. He has been really busy. Doesn't have much time to get on the computer. Hello to every one. A special hello to DerekFan and Bruce. Nice to have you on here. I don't know where we would be without Eric. Hey T, how are you? Hi Effie, How are you and your sons? Good to see you more regularly here again Hey Sue, I thought you might be interested in this, seeing as how you know gush and all. All monies raised by Team Neuro will go directly to support the fight and cure of brain tumors!

Walkers may choose to walk the entire Walkers are treated to a lunch party at Wellesley High School and a victory party at the Copley Square finish line complete with food and music. Walkers begin in Hopkinton at 7 a. For general information about the event, visit www. I have signed up to walk the half marathon Please join me for a great day and a great cause. If you are not interested in walking, you can make a pledge to support my team and me and help make a difference.

If you have ever spent time in Dana Farber, you would join me in marveling it's excellence. Let's lace up those walking shoes! Im doing Good Effie. I like the pic as well, what a great guy. Yes I enjoy being here more regulary, its easier now that Im not in school all day. Colin and Matt good to see you guys again.

T DerekFan is my friend Rick, Sue knows him and has been to a few shows with me. He was in total awe of Derek at Torrington in May. The last time he saw Derek was in Matt I may be able to do the walk, thanks for posting. Pretending Jerry Williams So Tired Eric Clapton Back Home Eric Clapton Running On Faith Jerry Williams Milkcow Blues Robert Johnson Disk After Midnight JJ Cale Wonderful Tonight Eric Clapton Cocaine JJ Cale Encore: Crossroads Robert Johnson Musicians: I love that Santana show.

Let me know if you can do the walk, so I'll be sure to look for you. Berry is dropping the funk too. I have the warehouse show on CD, its awesome.

The mountain Jam is around 40 minutes, I believe. You are welcome Effie. Matt, I am fine. When do you start school? I didn't know about this. I will mark my calendar! Eric if you think you'll do this, keep me posted and Matt, perhaps we can all meet and do the treck together! A special hello to Mary, haven't seen you post in a while.

So far the conference is somewhat overwhelming. Last night for the opening showcases there were masses of people moving through the hotel and stepping in and out of ongoing performances.

Gotta heal up this throat!! Check out this link. Upcoming Shows Learn how to get a song on itunes at ReverbNation. Learn how to get your music noticed at ReverbNation. All the Best, Doug Read More It rose to the top of the Folk Radio Charts worldwide and it appears it will end the year in the top 50 albums of in that genre based on international radio play.

However, I was particularly pleased that every single track on the album got repeated radio play somewhere in the world. Most times it seems a few songs are the standouts and some never see the light of day. During the course of the year I played 96 shows and that counts festival appearances as only one show even though I may have played multiple days for multiple sets.

And, who knows what else might find its way onto the calendar! All in all the road was good to me this year. I certainly met a lot of wonderful people and was treated to kind hospitality wherever I went.

Also, as I was coming over the mountains from Va. It has been among the finest times of my life getting to watch Kendall grow day in and day out and share their lives with them. The sun has pretty much burned the fog off the lake now and the last sip of coffee in my cup is cold.

God Bless you all and I look forward to seeing each and every one of you somewhere along the trail this year. First Written Review of Welcome Home! Radio Play Starting for Welcome Home. After a quick breakfast I headed over to the workshop. There were 8 of us on the panel and 12 folks in the room including the panel — hmmm. On well, that was my knee jerk reaction as well. However, I have to say that the discussion amongst those in attendance was lively and very intriguing.

I swear that Steve Blackwell was in the room. The discussion evolved into the role of music, folk music in particular, in building and maintaining community. I am proud of our Florida contingent, 6 artists plus some spouses and 2 presenters strong.

While we had the furthest to travel we have demonstrated the strength and vitality of the folk community in Florida and have carried the banner proudly. Other than Arkansas, we may be the best represented state in the region, though I do not have the official numbers on that.

I hope that next year even more folks will make the commitment and take the journey, it is a wonderful place. In that group are some prominent radio personalities from the region: It is a unique opportunity to get to interact with these folks one on one and share music with them. I took some time off to practice and rest in the afternoon.

But, I re-energized by supper time and headed to the restaurant for a bite with the gang before the evenings showcases got under way. The official showcases were quite good one and all.

Jack Williams turned in his usual outstanding performance to tremendous applause. Ben Bradford and his bride, Kari Abate, showed why he topped the folk charts with his music this year in their set just before the break. However, it was David Llewellyn that truly blew me away.

First, David is just now recovering from a near catastrophic collision between his left hand and a power saw only six weeks ago. It very nearly took his thumb and the entire side of his left hand off and required extensive surgery, pins and a cast to reattach — really not good for a guitar player!!

He has only had the cast off for a couple of days and will start rehab next week. Nevertheless, he played beautifully through the obvious pain and floored me with his song of a Welsh coal minor taking his young son down into the mines for the first time to begin a life of hopeless labor.

For me it was the stand out show of the evening. I missed the last few showcases to, again, get some rest and tune up before my private showcases for the evening. I neglected to mention Fran in my rehash of the official showcases for the evening — he also turned in a stand out performance there. It is the ultimate house concert resource in the country.

Ok, so its 1: Larry is already in bed again with the lights out poor old fella , but I went ahead and turned a light or two on, poured myself a bracer and sat talking to old sleepy head for a bit. Hmmmm, short of sleep again tomorrow I guess. Doug "It's not how far you've come, it's what you've done with the miles" Doug Spears 36 Interlaken Road Orlando , Florida dcsnole yahoo.

Notes from the Road. Lots of shows and a bit of road time. They made a decision to change their lifestyle to focus on family and friends. They treat that campground as their home and you as an honored guest in it. This is not a "corporate" campground like some where the bottom line is all. To be sure, they are there to make a living, but they are intent on giving every guest more than the value of the fee they pay to stay. I frankly didn't know what to expect and kept myself ready for anything.

It turned out to be a special treat and I made a lot of new friends. Bob Keefe, the proprietor, used to live down our way and played the Florida Folk Festival once back in the Cousin Thelma days.

He's had Berkley Bob's now for about 7 years and moved to this particular location a couple of years ago. What a great room! Coffee's, teas, deli items and baked goods are the fare served up by Bob's daughter behind the counter.

A nice sized raised stage in the corner farthest from the entrance looks out on tables, couches and arm chairs with books, teas, coffees and other items for sale lining the walls. I worried for naught. I had a solid crowd of a little over 50 who listened to every word and note, signed up on the email list, bought CD's and generously supported the gas fund. Bob has enthusiastically invited me back and I intend to take him up on it for sure.

This is one of the true small listening venues of the southeast. Thanks Bob and all my new friends in the great state of Alabama! The Church is a small house converted to the purposes of the congregation. There is seating for about 80 arranged in a short, upside down "T" from the performance space which becomes the pulpit on Sunday. Again, this is a true listening room environment. The folks come strictly to sit and listen, many with their eyes closed a good part of the time, swaying to the music.

Totally addictive and loaded with all the good bad for you stuff. It is a lay ministry which features a different speaker each week either from the congregation or someone traveling through. This is a very liberal, relaxed, Christian based fellowship that includes much laughter and song, as well as mediation and personal introspection.

Andrew invited me to come "do it again" and I intend to get that on the calendar soon. These are, by definition, small shows for 25 or less. But, you can never judge the quality of a crowd by its size. In my two years of doing these campground shows I've learned "the ropes" of making it work, for my type of act at least, and these are some of my favorite shows of the tours.

Like a house concert, they are small and intimate, but with the plus of being in a beautiful outdoor setting designed for this purpose, like a festival performance.

Again, the folks that come to these are there strictly for the music and want to here every word and note. They are generous beyond measure and love to purchase CD's. From a purely economic standpoint I do nearly as well with these shows as I do weekend shows at a coffeehouse with an admission fee.

From an artist enjoyment standpoint they are second only to house concerts in the pleasure I derive from the people and the music. This show here at the KOA was no exception. A good crowd on Sunday night, 25 or so, and a full offering of tunes from the soon to be released no really, soon now, I promise CD Welcome Home, my album Break Some Stones, as well as older material and newer stuff not currently on an available CD. Another "perk" of these shows is that you are meeting folks from different parts of the country, not so much locals.

There was a group this night from the Houston area who were thrilled to hear I'd be in their neck of the woods in November and have already made plans to attend my shows there. I really love these shows and the folks I meet in them. Monday, August 31st On the road again. I didn't get started as early as I would have liked due to work that had to be done in connection with the new CD, etc.

So I pulled out just before noon to make my way north into West Virginia. I knew I wouldn't make it all the way, but I wanted to get as far as possible so that I could get in and settled in Parsons sometime Tuesday morning. I learned last year that pushing the big Ford to haul the trailer at 70 mph plus, particularly in the hill country, destroys what little fuel economy you can get out of a V8.

So the time v. I had pure interstate highway driving up through TN and Virginia. Still, scenery was nice and the driving was fairly easy except around Knoxville which can get a little congested. They must have a serious gas tax going on up here. But, the good is that the driving converted to a state highway system with gorgeous scenery. I crossed great dams, rivers, man made lakes, etc.

I saw a sign for the Summerville Dam National Park and turned towards it. Now, I made a large mistake at this point. As it was nearly dusk I was looking to make sure I didn't miss the turn to the park. I came upon "Camp Site Road" and quickly turned right.

Camp Site Road is a private road of residences and is a narrow rock road that drops STEEPLY down the mountain a couple of miles to a dead end with ditches on both sides of the road.

Remember, I'm towing a 24' behemoth behind the Expedition. Well, thank goodness for 4 wheel drive and an ability to back a trailer. I switched into high 4 wheel drive on the fly, hit the gas up the steep drive on the right and ground to a stop as the trailer cleared the road.

Again, gravel flew as I ground to a halt. Now, low 4 wheel drive was needed to bear down and pull the trailer up and around onto the road heading back the way I came. Soon I crossed the Summerville Dam and then came to the camping area right on Summersville lake.

Cheap, very comfortable and but for my own folly very easy. I had a nice quiet dinner looking out over the lake as night fell and then sat and picked the guitar for a bit as I sipped that amber libation I had been craving after my backing adventure.

Tuesday, September 1 I got up early to get under way. I made a pot of coffee and stepped out to appreciate the early sun on Lake Summerville. The water is crystal clear and the mountains and trees rising around me were as peaceful as I could ask for.

The blue wing teals make their home here and are fat from the offerings of the campers in the area. I got out a few slices of bread and within seconds I was surrounded by 30 or more beautiful ducks wrestling for the bits I tossed their way.

The experienced ones watched the arc and caught the bread in the air before it hit the water. I have lots of pictures and will post a link when I've got a chance. I was soon settled in and connected to the internet to do some promotion for the shows in the area on Wednesday and Thursday. The campground sits right on the Cheat River, just two miles upstream from the 2 acre parcel we bought here last fall.

At this time of year the river level is dropping though still plenty of water for fish and that peaceful moving water sound across the polished rocks. I spent the day working, as described, with breaks to go wade the river a little, skip some stones, take a supply run to local grocery and scare up a little firewood.

I'm playing at a local music venue, El Gran Sabor, an authentic Venezuelan restaurant. The food is wonderful and the building is another charm oozing edifice with wood floors and an outdoor courtyard up front. The restaurant has a terrific music room in the back of the building where the bar is located. A full stage with good sound and nice lighting sits back there and looks out over a seating area large enough for at least 50 or so.

The live music runs Wednesday and Friday from 7 to 10 and focuses on original music of various genres. I had a great time playing the room, though it is not what I'm typically used to.

On this night the smallish crowd, though paying attention to the music and appreciative, were not a pure listening crowd. Sitting mostly around the bar there was a great deal of conversation and noise during the show. Consequently, I couldn't establish my usual audience connection, tell the stories between songs, etc.

Nevertheless, the crowd was hearing me, was generous in terms of the gas fund and very complimentary during breaks. I think the room has wonderful potential and I'll look forward to playing here again in my new "home away from home" neighborhood. Rob is a very outgoing and helpful guy who can be of great assistance locating other rooms to play within a reasonable driving distance for future trips.

It's all in the attitude with which you approach it and the effort you invest to develop it. I think El Gran Sabor is well worth it. Thursday, September 3 OK, you're up to date. I've spent the morning writing this in the cool, beautiful WV weather with a campfire crackling and the Cheat River gurgling. I may wait until I get back for the last installment, but you never know so stay tuned.

I had posters, postcards, etc. Trenton is a quaint little town. On the way back I saw an old fashioned town graveyard so I stopped and wandered a bit. The graves in the front of the cemetery were the oldest and they worked back from there. You could tell which families had moved on or died out as their plots were crumbling and weed covered. You could also tell who the prominent families in the community are by the conditions of their plots.

I also saw grave stones for young people, less than 20 and some infants. Probably not as fascinating as I imagine. I learned last year that weekday shows are the best for the campgrounds. I always walk around during the day to say hello to folks and make sure they know about the show. There are few campers here during the week, but with only one exception every single camper was present. These are the small, intimate crowds that every songwriter lives for.

And, surprisingly rewarding financially as well. I used my new, compact Fishman SoloAmp sound system and really loved it. What a treat to have the whole system in one rolling bag weighing 30 lbs! The sound coverage is excellent and no feedback unless I turned directly into the unit from very close range.

Really makes set up less of a chore. But, I took a break at lunch time and went to tour the Chickamauga Battlefield which is close by. It is the oldest of the national military parks, dedicated in Covering 8, acres it is also one of the largest. Like most of those productions it was unnecessarily corny and dumbed down, but nevertheless gave the basic information to let you guide yourself through the park. One of the first things you come to on the self guided car tour is the monument erected by the State of Florida honoring those regiments of the CSA from our home state.

These battlefields always have a profound effect on me. The park is so peaceful, hardly anyone there during the week, dozens of deer roaming and grazing unconcerned with my presence. To think of this place shrouded in the smoke of battle and soaked with the blood of young Americans leaves me with an eerie sense of sorrow, duty, honor and incredulity all mixed together. Every day at noon the station presents a live performance broadcast. About 60 seats are set up including the standard lunch tables and folks come in for the lunch hour and the show.

It was a very enjoyable show and performance to this pure listening and munching crowd. The host, Matt Morelock, does an excellent job keeping things organized and moving. They record the show and provide you with a CD and I videoed the performance as well.

Its Thursday as I write this and its rainy out. Stay tuned for more! The 4 hour drive was a slugger along I with 2, truckers and 5, morons through lightning, thunder and rain most of the way. But, I made it to north Florida unscathed. I checked into the Big Oak campground just 10 miles from Havana, had a quick bite to eat and then headed over to get set up. After a few minutes of head scratching it seemed like the sensible thing to do was just split the night. They had a special rib-eye steak that was just killer and the cheesecake with fresh berries was to die for.

We had a warm, receptive and generous crowd, a true listening crowd. I made some new friends and reconnected with some old ones. Sunday was my long drive day. I got underway around 10 am and took the back roads up through GA towards Atlanta. The corn was harvested back in the early summer and those fields are brown and in stubble, but the peanut fields and truck crops beans, peas, etc. The cotton is coming in as well and will be harvested in September. I should have stopped for pictures, but you know me.

To say this is Bible belt country is a vast understatement. I stopped in Dawson, GA for lunch at a great little Mexican grille. I was more than ready to hit the campground when I pulled in around 6: My hosts had left a map pinned to the front door showing me to my site. Augustine for three days of music celebrating to life of one of our own, the late, great Gamble Rogers.

The son and grandson of influential architects, Gamble Rogers was described as both a "modern troubadour" and the "resurrection of Will Rogers and Mark Twain". Rogers was a master performer--enchanting an audience with Travis-style guitar finger picking and relating downright rib-tickling tales about the inhabitants of the fictitious Oklawaha County.

The Atlanta Constitution called Rogers, "an American treasure worthy of inclusion in the Smithsonian". Rogers was just hitting his peak when he died, on October 10, , trying to save a man from drowning. Gamble was universally revered and loved by his fellow musicians and fans alike. Gamble never met a stranger and his gracious assistance to young up and coming artists is legendary. Many songs have been written honoring Gamble, but my personal favorite was written by my friend Steve Gillette who I think fully captured his spirit: As for me, I unfortunately did not remember it until Friday morning when I was preparing to load up.

Off to Costco I went to get a new battery. Back home I loaded up my gear, my Samplers for presales of the new CD and some things I might need if called to Tallahassee for the arrival of the new granddaughter yeah, the little bugger is still stuck in there despite continual warnings of imminent commencement of the birthing journey.

All was in order. Rather it was the shade from the big oak that would protect my roof from the broiling sun most of the day. The songswap would have gone longer, but Larry started serving some red wine which at that afternoon hour brought on the drowsies in some. In truth, I figured on finding someone who was camped over close to where the fish fry was to take place at 6 p. So, with a beer in hand that vendor opened early and was doing a brisk trade I ambled over and infiltrated the Ashley Gang crowd.

Sure enough, we got some of the first fish out of the oil and feasted our fill. The evening schedule featured some of my real favorites. My good friend Jack Williams started things off with his usual stellar set that left folks hollering for more and all the guitar pickers considering another line of endeavor.

Then our own one man band sensation, Ben Prestage, came on to prove that all that caterwauling about how good he is actually sells him short. Once the main stage wrapped up I discovered one significant negative to my beautiful campsite. The campsite songswaps were more active and widespread than I can recall in recent years.

Lis sang some harmonies with me on Banks of the Old St. She was not camping and soon made her preparations to head out. Knowing exactly where it would be most welcome she blessed me with its care and disposal, swearing me to faithfully return the cup to its owner when its contents were expended. A fine and bonnie Lass she is! David Russell and his lovely bride Ann were there, David kind of sitting right in the middle of things adding accompaniment to whatever was being played.

Since we had played it at Folk Alliance together back in February check back at those Notes for the background on that he joined me very capably on This Old House. Glenn Smith and his far better half were there with a tune or two. Larry Mangum slide in from the dark at some point.

Soon Jack Williams showed up to trade licks and an encyclopedic recall of a vast catalog of old tunes with Russell. Grant Peeples was in there too, begging more Gorilla Snot. He took to putting a gob of it on the bill of his cap so it would be handy whenever he needed it. Of course, all of the Ashley Gang was there, Michelle, Norm and the couple Garfinkle Al in abstentia of course already sawing logs.

By a little after 1 a. I realized that I was exhausted and stumbled my way through the campground lights back to my traveling bedroom. Saturday, May 2 I woke up way too early, but I think I got enough sleep to survive anyway. I spent a fair part of the morning in the camper restringing the guitar, making a set list, practicing, working on some new tunes, etc.

I went on back over to the hospitality area for some lunch, chatted a while with the Dean of Florida folk, Frank Thomas, and numerous others filtering through. I got to be part of a terrific line-up on the Old Town Stage. Magda Hiller had drawn a good crowd over and I got to enjoy her set. What a great, great performer she is!

She had Jack Schwade with her which added another layer to the high luster of her show. Charlie Robertson, who was to play after me, was doing a quick stand in as emcee and asked me what I wanted said as my introduction. It just knocks your socks off. He also is given to unpredictable commentary that makes you laugh until you hurt. Next I hustled back to the camper, dropped the guitar, etc. Missy Raines my bass player on 8 tracks on the new CD - brag, brag, brag has rolled in with her exciting band, Missy Raines and The New Hip, for their two mainstage performances.

Husband, Ben Surratt, was hustling about running their sound and I took a seat at the railing right behind him. I let him get everything settled during their first couple of tunes then leaned forward, tapped him on the shoulder and handed him a cold beer I just acquired from that busy vendor on my way in.

Just how much she loves what she does shouts out from every twist, turn and hop and the sounds she produces from that big stand up bass are not to be believed unless you hear her while seeing it with your own eyes. After they finished I went around backstage for a hug and a hello. By this time, with a beer or two in my gullet, I began to feel a bit peckish. Over at the hospitality hut I sat and chatted with Ben and Missy a bit about life in general and the progress of the CD project.

Then the more serious hunger began setting in. Then I settled in for the excellent Saturday evening line-up. My absolute favorites, Gatorbone kicked it into gear at 7 pm. They were sans Jason Thomas who ended up turning back in the face of hours of backup on I , but they still rocked!

There is no finer singer than Lis Williamson, nor a better rhythm gypsy jazz guitar player. And, if you lined up 25 guitar players and had them perform the same licks I could pick Gabe Valla out blindfolded.

And, Kurt Johnson is a stellar addition to the group on pedal steel and keyboards. The rest of the night had a high bar set by Gatorbone!! It was a fitting and well received presentation for this crowd. Jesse Winchester alone on stage is a treat for any lover of the pure craft of songwriting. His songs have been recorded by everyone in the business and have been sung, hummed and enjoyed by every one of us, whether we knew it at the time or not. His easy going, homespun Memphis manner is deadly and the audience was charmed from the first note.

Next, my bass player I love saying that! This is a group that makes you move. The musicianship and arrangements are stunning. Back out in the campground the song circles and jams were in full swing. Ken Buchanan brought a couple of chairs over and sat to enjoy the show.

John Alison soon joined us with his tasteful backing and beautiful OM and then Jack Williams ambled in to add his signature licks to the mix. Augustine and things broke up at the camper around 1: I had played enough, but felt like listening some more so I wandered the grounds with a little refreshment in hand. As I pushed into a spot where I could lean and watch Grant Peeples was holding court. Jack Williams was in there as well. Dale Crider and Rod MacDonald were in the mix and many, many more.

Sunday, May 3 As you might guess, I slept in a bit waking just in time for lunch. I headed over for a burger and a hot dog at the hospitality area and a LOT of coffee. As I cleaned and organized I ran into one and another friends and began the goodbyes. Before I knew it 3: I headed on over to hear Charlie Robertson who preceded me on the Florida Stage as I got ready for my set.

I started off with Banks of the Old St. I love playing with those guys and they add so much to the performance. Many more goodbyes were exchanged. However, with the afternoon heat I was glad to get into the airconditioned car and I was off for the run home. See you next year Mr. The Settlement consists of many acres of land covered with historical buildings that have been moved to the grounds from the central Florida area.

Native crafts blacksmithing, woodworking, turpentine manufacturing, quilting, etc. The stages are set up inside some of the buildings the Church and the Barn are my favorites and some are outdoors under canvas canopies.

In all, 6 stages of music run from 10 a. I got hooked up and underway by about 3: For some reason hooking the trailer lights, etc. Lucky for me there was a guy parked next to me in a big F Ford pick-up chatting on his cell phone and, learning of my situation, agreed to assist with jumper cables.

I swung into the campground right at 5: In no time I was unhooked and set up I let the car continue to idle for about 20 minutes after disconnecting the trailer to let the battery recover. Soon I was sipping a beer and chatting with all the musicians that had gathered early, enjoying the evening breeze and the cooling air.

Joe and Katie Waller are the pair responsible for this bi-annual event. The job of organizing a festival of this size is a herculean, thankless task and they do a magnificent job. Some find that daunting, but I love it. The acoustics in buildings like the Church are fabulous and its so much fun to be able to perform free of microphones, speakers, wires and such. That was a Joe Waller innovation a couple of years back and was a master stroke!

I brought some boiled peanuts and some ice cream for later if I get snacky. Time to hit the song circles. We began swapping tunes, some truly great tunes.

I kept dreggin up old ones that I rarely play and have never been recorded. It seemed like in no time at all the tequila had suffered mortal injury and, well, it just got late all of a sudden. Tomorrow things get under way. Saturday April 25th With all the windows open no electricity in this camping facility, just open ground and trees I woke to the melodious sounds of Triad Doug Purcell with Carl and Barbara Wade as they rehearsed for their 10 a.

Charley Groth was also there and soon he was running tunes with the various folks he had joining him for his shows. I made coffee on the gas stove the old fashioned way while I washed the night from my face. I restrung my guitar over a second cup of coffee and then fixed myself a little breakfast hard boiled eggs and fruit. Now with third cup of coffee in hand I began to consider my set list for the first show. So I eased into Banks of the Old St. The Church, while one of my favorite stages, is sometimes not as well attended as others.

However, today folks are out and looking for music and, hopefully, for me. I had around 30 or better for this first show, a great turn out.

Lots of old friends, but many new faces as well. The voice really worked well a few cracks and yodels, but nothing embarrassing and the set went without a hitch. After chatting outside the Church with a few folks I headed over to do my songwriting workshop with Larry Mangum. We had a small determined group in attendance, but as it came time to start, no Larry. The attendees were all business and knew what they wanted to ask and learn about.

Quite a pleasure even without Sir Mango. Wonder what happened to him? With that work done I was in need of nourishment. They have a hospitality area for the performers serving stew, cornbread, etc.

I sat and chatted with some old friends and as I was finishing up I happened to look over at a table under one of the Chickees and there was Larry Mangum! So, I went over, chastised him to his great embarrassment for ditching the workshop which he totally forgot as he was sitting in with some other musicians on their set and informed him that I would be taking his half of the workshop fee.

What is half of zero anyway? Also sat and chatted a bit with Ron and Mary soon to be Mr. Johnson about their upcoming CD release and the status of mine. I headed back to the camper to take care of some housekeeping issues, write a little of this stuff here and otherwise chill.

My laptop battery had expired so I went over to the Settlement schoolhouse and sat in one of the old desks a tight fit and plugged into an outlet to recharge while I worked. An older fellow came over and talked to me for a bit. Turns out he is from Pierson and as an elementary school kid had gone to school in the very building in which we sat.

Interesting fellow and I enjoyed out chat. I always appreciate being included. That accomplished I practiced a bit back at the camper.

Idle time passes so quickly and soon I grabbed my gear and headed over to the Barn. As expected I had nearly a full house was full if you counted the lingerers outside the back doors where the breeze was cooling the evening down. So, I had some more noticeable cracks and yodels early, but again nothing terrible or embarrassing.

I truly enjoyed the set and the crowd response was awesome. James Hawkins and Cold Harbor came next with their usual terrific set, then The Ashley Gang, another of my favorites Al Scortino is, in my opinion, one of the best songwriters I know and then the ever popular and superb M.

What a great line up and a real treat to hear. Our fans really make our jobs fun, and meaningful! Next we'll be zipping down to West Virginia, with some Northeast shows to follow in February. We kicked off the year with a long West Coast tour.

The wonderful Pete and Anne Sibley opened the first 5 shows and our audiences were smitten by their beautiful harmonies as well as by what truly lovely people they are. We played Triple Door in Seattle for the second. This place is classy; there's fine food and fancy booths to watch the concert. There's great sound and they take such good care of us! This show may have wandered into PG territory. Thanks Portland for making us feel like comedians. Friday night we returned to Cozmic in Eugene.

There's terrific hospitality at this spot and we have to give Eugene the award for the wildest dancers! We had great big crowds at all of our shows this trip but Bend really came out in full force.

We have to give Sister's Folk Festival a big thanks for introducing us to this area back in Snow came down heavy on the roads and massive pines; it was 1 part majestic 2 parts nerve-wracking. Ashland embraced us at the show and also gave us tips on where to go for our day off. We treated ourselves to massages and hot springs, yippee!

Next up, 5 shows in California! Deep in the heart of Texas Winter! We finished off our touring schedule last week in Texas with 5 wonderful shows. With so many dear friends in the house the love was almost overwhelming!

It had been 4 years since our last show at McGonigel's Mucky Duck in Houston, and this time we sold out the place. Rusty and Teresa run a great venue and they sent us on our way with hip new Mucky Duck T-shirts! Driving to Fredericksburg on Friday we stopped at Buc-ee's super rest stop and were bowled over by the cold.

By Saturday morning every tree and shrub in the Hill Country was wrapped in ice! It was grey and very beautiful. Our show at the Whiskey Tasting Fundraiser in Fredericksburg was a moving event. Thanks to so many of our friends from previous shows at Uncle Calvin's for coming out on a cold rainy night! Weather in Oklahoma was worse- with snow and ice covering the roads. We still had a nice crowd, with a strong showing by the Akin family. We love you guys. But the show must go on and Abbie was a super trooper.

She's now very much on the mend! Happy Holidays everyone and we'll see you on the west coast in January! We've just emerged from 9 furious days of recording our next album in Nashville! Lightening quick engineer Patrick Miller kept us on task and we were joined in the studio by bass player Craig Akin and multi-instrumentalist Adam Ollendorff. It was incredible to have so many talented individuals working with us on this album. We can't wait to share it with you in ! We returned to a few of our favorite places to play.

It was neat seeing some of our favorite people on the list of upcoming artists! We had a few glorious days off on the Beach in Clearwater where we walked on miles of beach and swam in the ocean. This was so fun for us! We got to catch some of our favorite people performing. We ended the tour with a really fun show at Labyrinth Cafe in Ft Lauderdale. What a great crowd and wonderful acoustics!

And what's better than touring Florida in November? Heading to Texas two weeks later! If the Spirit Moves you! Red Molly played a couple of really cool and synergistic shows this weekend! Beforehand we took a tour of the museum and learned about Tibetan Buddhism - our assignment was to pick a piece of art that moved us and relate it to one of our songs.

We chose a gorgeous Mandala - not unlike the one that comes up on Wikipedia when you search "Mandala". The idea is to use visualization and meditation to get into the center of this "universe" - reaching the deity of compassion there that also lives within each of us. We thought of Susan Werner's tune "May I Suggest" and did our best to let the music bring us all "into center". On Saturday we played at St Paul's Episcopalian church, and then again on Sunday at the church as part of a beautiful Sunday service!

If we weren't already feeling spirited, we certainly were after singing with the choir, taking in Father Paul's thought-provoking sermon, and basking in the incredible reverberations of the church's main hall. Did someone get this show on tape?!

We'll have to find it and post it for you all to enjoy. Next up, Texas and Florida! Yes, people could still think about music with Red Sox playoff games happening! This town is adorable, and we watched giant cranes take boats out of the water on what felt like the last day of fall. Jake and Ethan from Pesky J Nixon even joined us for our final song. Our favorite fan comment: Jake Jacobson and his whole team always take great care of us and this is one of our most beloved venues.

The fantastic Canadian singer-songwriter Layah Jayne opened the show - both nights actually - she and Oliver Johnson sang a beautiful set and were a true delight to meet! Eben and Pops joined us as well, what could be better? New Album in the Works! Fall Festivities What a perfect weekend to drive into upstate NY and admire the foliage! We had a really nice time connecting with our fans in this setting. No one even asked us if we were "young or old" this time! Sunday in Piermont is over-the-top quaint- with a farmer's market, food truck and even a bike festival.

We played two sold out shows and our favorite band dad and bluegrass-trombone king Herb Gardner a. We always love playing the Turning Point.

Thanks for making it our home away from home. We have just emerged from 9 furious days of recording our next album in Nashville! On our way home from Nashville we stopped to play 2 great shows and collaborate with more folks!

We split the bill with Brother Sun - they just get better and better! There really was magic in the air. We'll keep you posted as to our progress on the new album, and look forward to seeing you at a show soon!

Our dear friends We're About 9 opened the show. These guys have been singing, writing and arranging together for over 10 years and it shows! The crowd was smitten. Also- there was a London Broil waiting for us backstage after sound check. Oh Reston, we'll be back. The twin cities are beloved to us and we are continually humbled by their outpouring of support. We picked the right day to sing - we played our 2 outdoor sets on a breezy Sunday with clear blue skies. We capped off the festival by videotaping 4 live songs in the Pointer Brand clothing factory - making denim in Bristol TN for years!

We'll let you know when "Live and Breathing" productions posts our songs to their website! And now we are westward bound- working with our first Nashville producer to make this next record, yeeehaw!

We are now, after our first appearance, hopelessly addicted to the Tonder Folk Festival in Denmark. We spent a whole week in this idyllic town; people are warm and happy, they even gave us bikes! The festival is run by some of the most hard-working music-loving folks around and sustained each year by it's host of 2, volunteers!

Truly an international festival, there was a host of musicians from Louisianna and the south - Pokey Lafarge and Meschiya Lake, as well as a fantastic group of celtic musicians - Carla Dillon and Duncan Chisholm! Check some of these bands out- we were so inspired! Highlights include singing in a bright blue water tower with the man Australian a cappella group The Spooky Men's Choir. We were asked to sing in the farewell song of the festival - surrounded by so many tremendous musicians onstage with us.

And on the monday night following the festival we went to the volunteer party- almost a mini-festival unto itself. Folks cooked curry for 1, people and 10 different bands took the stage to show their appreciation for all the hard work of the volunteers.

We were danced as we've never been danced! This is the stuff of memories. We feel utterly full and grateful. We're looking forward to hitting the studio in September and recording our next album! We'll keep you posted. Schroon Lake and Falcon Ridge!

Holy Cow what a great week we had in upstate New York. Tuesday night played a fabulous little concert series in Schroon Lake - right on the water at the beautiful boathouse.

Great acoustics and great people! Next time we will find the bigger venue, sorry to those turned away!! Special thanks to our hosts Raoul and Carl. Falcon Ridge celebrated it's 25th anniversary this year! And what would it be without a passing thunder storm and copious amounts of espresso? This is truly a community event with tons of arts and crafts for the kids, all kinds of music and a killer late night camp fire scene. We had so much fun collaborating with our favorite Brooklyn band Roosevelt Dime.

And both Red molly and the Dime boys snagged upright bass player Craig Akin to play with a little extra hot-fire! Last year is rained cats and dogs at this lovely garden and historical building in Stamford, CT. Someone brought us fresh peach margaritas - is this work??

The lovely and talented Katey Laurel opened the show and 1, people gathered on the hillside to picnic and listen. We couldn't think of a a better place to spend a warm and breezy evening! What a special place this is! Set in bucolic Westcliffe, CO, the festival is run by some of the loveliest folks around and much of it's proceeds go to the Custer County Medical Clinic. Ron Thomason of Dry Branch Fire Squad has been putting this festival together for 11 years and always hosts a killer line-up.

These guys are not to be missed! Like the end of summer camp, it was sad to leave. We made the long winding drive to Aspen just as the sun was setting and it was glorious. The gig was a first for us; we took a gondola to the top of the ski mountain! We sang three sets at 11, feet!

Fans showed up from far and wide - Texas and Connecticut - and we made many new friends atop Mtn Aspen. This weekend we had two! This was the show that was cancelled due to "Frankenstorm" back in February. Thanks for everyone who came to the rescheduled show - it was sold out!! These are sweet people with sweet harmonies. It's been especially fun playing our new tune "Lay Down Your Burden" with our opening guests at the end of the night. We've got some time off now to write and rehearse - our next big trip is back to Kate Wolf Festival in California!

I'm on a BOAT! We had a blast this weekend! The highlight was certainly when we came out for our encore and part of the crowd was singing Abbie's new tune "Lay Down" at us! Laurie said "It's about time we were entertained up here! And then we took a ferry ride from Bridgepory to Long Island! After a great set- what a sound system this place has -we got to kick back and enjoy the enigmatic Nellie McKay play for an hour.

This chick is brilliant! Our sound guy was none other than the permanent sound man from Scythian - one of our Merlefest favorites. The place was full and the crowd was wonderful. There was even a birthday funnel cake complete with candles and raspberry syrup. Local fiddle player Sean Martin opened the show; at 16 years old this guy has talent! We had an enthusiastic crowd and we got to stay right next door at the Linklaen house - what luxury! There were a few dancers in the house who made the show a treat for us.

Four year-old Anna in the front row twirled around to the upbeat numbers, and then there was a man on stilts in an Uncle Sam outfit boogie-ing down! We asked the crowd if Uncle Sam was always at Golden Link shows and no one seemed to know where he had come from- we joked that all you need to get in anywhere for free is learn to walk on stilts and dress as Uncle Sam. It's a long-term investment. As always, Merlefest was a love-fest this year.

It was joyous and a tad bittersweet, as this was the first festival since the passing of both "Doc" and Rosa Lee Watson. There were reserved seats on the side of main stage for these two, and the gratitude for all they gave to the music community was palpable. We loved hearing the Album Hour featuring the Waybacks, as well as sets by Jerry Douglas, Della Mae, and one of our new favorite groups the Honeycutters.

Sunday night we played at the coolest new venue in DC- the Hamilton! Not only is this a super swanky listening room with terrific sound and a wonderful crew, but the menu is divine and we dined on scrumptious sushi before the show!

If you are in the DC area, this venue is not to be missed! Back in the saddle. No emptying liquids and stripping down before the plane! No squishing everything into one carry-on or trying to disguise a guitar as a stroller! We blissed out to the sweet songs of Robby Hecht during his opening set of both our shows. Saturday we played to a sold out crowd at the Sounding Board in West Hartford.

The amazing Herb Gardner joined us on trombone both nights - and there were cheers of "Popsy! The whole crew spent two nights with Molly's family in New Haven, feasting and enjoying the weekend. Next up- Thanks for checking in! Thursday night we played at the Quarterdeck in Narooma.

This venue is right on the water and right out of a Jimmy Buffett theme park. A lot of folks from previous shows made their way to this show making us feel a bit like locals. We closed out our monthlong Australian visit at the National Folk Fest in the capitol city of Canberra. With at least 14 stages, endless kiosks for food and clothes, and late night jams at the immense Sessions Bar- this was certainly our biggest festival to date.

The festival was extremely family friendly and interactive with music competitions and dancing classes and a parade using all the arts and crafts made on site! See these guys when they come to the states!

We stole Sergio for a few tunes on two of our shows, and also hijacked an Australian cajon player Mark Aspland for a late night set. We even got into the dance scene- Tango, Swing and a good old-fashioned rave! We are sad to leave our wonderful hosts- Jim Ros Eric and Deb.

We can't imagine Australia without you! Last tidbits of Aussie lingo for you: Dale Allison and his band The Groove Factorie hold a monthly hootenanny of sorts at the Home Tavern, and we were pleased to be the first international act to share the bill! Friday we headed to our third Australian Festival in Yackandandah. We were greeted with our picture plastered on the cover of the festival program.

We felt pretty famous. This is a super sweet town and the festival is delightfully cozy. We caught some great groups like the local men's a cappella sextet VIvox - as well as our good pal James Keelaghan and his bass player David Woodhead.

We stayed in a gorgeous home with panoramic views and our hosts Ken and Fiona kept us well fed and enjoying a variety of fine Australian vintages. Monday and Tuesday we had two sporty stops- first the Alexandra Folk Music Society put us up for a lovely little show in the tennis clubhouse; there was a nice jam session outside the clubhouse before the show.

Next the Bendigo Folk Club hosted us at the QEO- we literally performed under the grand stand at the Queen Elizabeth Oval- their Australian football stadium they play soccer on a massive oval field down here - and they use their hands!

The other night someone said to Abbie "I'm not trying to piss in your pocket - you guys were really brilliant! Last week Red Molly dined at an oyster farm in Merimbula and found a bakery serving up the most delicious also the only meat pies we've ever tasted! Early morning excitement included Abbie having not one but two rainbow lorakeets sitting on her wrist and eating from her hand. Thursday, after getting lost and ending up on a dairy farm, we found our way to a delightful house concert in Cadgee.

We woke to a chorus of cows, birds and a rooster and we left with bundles of fresh lettuce and cucumbers from the garden. What a special spot, thanks, John! We met up with more "Muso" friends like Go Jane Go whose record is a big hit in our car and spent quality time at various vendors "giving back" - which is what we like to call shopping.

Our extremely awesome fan Ginger Fowler came all the way from Massachusetts to see us at this festival! We believe this is the farthest a fan has travelled to see us perform. Plus, she then had an incredible vacation in Australia. Good on you, Ginger! Monday and Tuesday we played two more lovely shows in Terara and Moruya. And then had a glorious day off at the beach where our amazing hosts Eric and Deb Brooks took us splashing in the surf.

The sand here is so fine and clean that it literally squeaks under the feet! Big thanks to all our house concert hosts for such lovely places to play music and get a good night's sleep, and to our new fans for coming out and taking a chance on us! Next up- Wagga Wagga and Yackandandah.

Is someone making these names up? We're having a glorious time and we miss you all back in the states! Our favorite phrase we learned from our friend Ros is: I'd like a pup off that hat. As in, I'd like that hat to have babies, so that I can have one just like yours! It's been non-stop excitement for Red Molly since arriving in Melbourne last week. After the windy left-side drive up Great Ocean Highway towards Apollo Bay we luxuriated on the beach and ate fried flake shark!

Our first performance in Australia was at the Port Fairy festival. There were no turkey legs to be found but we did gobble down some spicy noodles in a cone!

A nice big bat flew around in the rafters as we sang. Our hosts are teaching us some local slang- "have a captain cook" is have a look. Pass the "dead horse" is pass the ketchup. Still no kangaroo or koala's but we'll let you know as soon as they are spotted! For those of you unfamiliar with this event- there are hundreds upon hundreds of musicians as well as booking agents, DJ's and industry folks housed in a ginormous hotel for 4 days.

There are educational panels and official showcases- and late night room upon room of singer-songwriters and bands holding guerrilla showcases in small suites with the beds folded up.

Dance parties and jam sessions generally extended to the am time! We got to hear plenty of our favorite musicians perform, as well as get hip to some awesome new music. We played one "off-campus" show at Hugh's room in Toronto that was such fun we're already trying to figure out when we can play more shows in Ontario!

We are still buzzing from our 5-date run with The Steel Wheels the weekend. Clementine Cafe's Jackson Pollock-esque backdrop makes for a striking stage and the home town crowd gave us a taste of what was to come on this tour- rowdy fans and lots of collaboration!

We spent Valentine's day at the Barns at Wolf Trap- this grand old post and beam barn is a beautiful place to play and hear music. We collaborated on a few tunes and had so much fun that we decided to add more songs each night- until we were playing the entire set with one another! Well we never quite got to that point, but the highlight of each evening was clearly when the bands took the stage together - look out for us in ! Friday night we had our first sold-out show in Sellersville, PA.

Fans were buzzing with excitement - some had their feet up on the stage. And we had Philly-based harmonica player Bob Beach join in on our encore tune "Workin' on a Building".

After the show both bands were already lamenting the fact that our tour was almost over! We truly didn't want the night to end and our audiences couldn't say enough about The Steel Wheels Red Molly combo.

Best of all- these guys are just class-A gentlemen. Fun and sweet and incredibly talented. Thanks for an epic tour guys! What an adventure for Red Molly. Excellent sound in this spot and it seemed everyone there had seen us several times! Due to storm Nemo, our Friday night show at the Narrows in Fall River was moved to May 31st, and we were set to drive up to Maine the next morning in the hopes of missing the worst of the storm.

We got an early start - the crack of 9 - and made it to just a half-mile shy of our destination when the 4-wheel drive Molly Mobile could go no further up the slippery hill.

Laurie and Molly got out and literally pushed while Abbie babied the accelerator and our faithful Matrix chugged up the last of the way, leaving Molly and Laurie puffing behind! On a normal day, we might have been disappointed. With wonderful snowshoeing trails, cozy fireplaces in each of our rooms and gourmet dining, we definitely felt like we were getting away with something.

This is the spot to have your next getaway! Sunday night the show did go on! Great food and beautiful ambiance and terrific sound make the Stone Mountain Arts Center one of the finest places to see live music. Downstairs in the green room there is a foosball and pool table, a record player, and copious amount of food so - it wasn't bad for us either. Thanks to all who came out! And thanks fans for all the well-wishes this weekend!

We heard that Disney paid to name the storm Nemo - is this true? Due to the snowstorm, our show at the Narrows on Feb 8 has been rescheduled for May Oh California, why do you have to be so far from New Jersey? This trip was made extra special by Anne and Pete Sibley, whose beautiful music and pure goodness helped to create a memorable collaborative experience at each concert they opened for us!

Check out their beautiful songs and harmonies here: Mmm Mexican food and down home singin'! Thursday we returned to the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley. The sound was exquisite as usual and 30 extra fans from around the country were able to catch the show via a live web stream! We'd like to use this cool company- Concert Window- at more of our shows!

Four great acts played and Red Molly closed out the night! Saturday, on the windy route from Redway to Philo, Red Molly stopped to ride horses on the beach!

Yes, sometimes the road is a harsh and unforgiving mistress. Thank you Ricochet Ranch- it was glorious!!! Saturday night we played Anderson Valley Grange Hall and the crowd was wild.

There were animal noises from the audience which prompted Laurie to do her very best chicken impression that she learned from her grandfather. Sunday's show was equally memorable at the Sebastopol Community Center. Cloud Moss and his able-handed crew took great care of us.

There was even a massive disco ball for our final number! For now, Laurie is off to Boston to sing harmony on Susan Werner's new album, Abbie is doing intensive Dobro lessons for a week outside of Sacramento, and Molly is heading down the coast of California for 7 shows with Eben Pariser to debut their Goodnight Moonshine album. You can find the schedule at http: It's good to kick off by touring in one of our favorite places- the Pacific Northwest. The audience of strong singers sang along loudly to Oklahoma Hills, and each "Molly" left Traditions with something felted.

Our fan Michael brought us a massive bouquet of dried flowers and brownies. The brownies were separate from the bouquet. Local musician and vegetable grower Nathaniel Talbot opened the show with a few gorgeous tunes! In Portland we returned to the Alberta Rose Theatre, a lovely historic theater that's constantly improving- the sound is always fantastic!

Our friend Nels Andrews - whom we've dubbed as the happiest folk singer in the land - opened the show for us and warmed up the already spunky Portland crowd. Our sound man and host Les Stansell builds houses and guitars of equal beauty and makes a mean fish stew to boot. Thank you Pistol River! Sunday rounded out our first leg of the tour with a show at Cozmic in Eugene.

This was our first time playing Eugene and we had a fantastic time at Cozmic. Our pal Bob Beach brought down the house when he joined us on harmonica! Tara Stonecipher and the Tall Grass opened the show- what a voice! In our down time we're hitting up hot yoga spots all down the coast and have been asked if we are flight attendants.

Our fans showed up to sell out both shows in Piermont and we had a record turn-out for Circle of Friends as well! What's more, we ended the weekend playing a co-bill with one of our favorite musicians Tim O'Brien!! Storm surge from Hurricane Sandy crept up just yards from the Turning Point but thankfully the venue did not experience any flooding. We know much of the rest of the town did, and we're grateful for all the folks who showed up for the music.

Herb Gardener helped to make it an extra special night but playing trombone and piano! The wonderful Robby Hecht opened for a full house at Circle of Friends. Robby's fantastic singing and brilliant songwriting are undeniable and his set was as moving as anything we've heard this year. The audience agreed and gobbled up his CD's.

Our first time in Shelburne Falls, Memorial Hall is a great old theatre with a fantastic sound system. We've been long-time fans of the great Tim O'Brien and finally got to share a show and break bread with this fine fellow. What a way to end our touring!!! For all of you fans who continue to support live music, you make this all possible and we cannot thank you enough!!! Keep an eye out for our very first music video "Hello Goodbye" - to premier early in the new year. No matter- Canadian hospitality is warm as a hot toddy!

We made it our of Newark by the skin of our teeth, just as the latest Nor-easter shut down airports last Wednesday. Our first stop was Medicine Hat Folk Music Club we were greeted with roses which takes place in a neat old converted pottery factory. Old brick walls, a killer sound guy, and a full house of friendly folks made for a wonderful evening!

Next we drove North to Edmonton during "travel advisory" weather. We stayed safe and on the road, though- slow and steady wins the race. Canadian singer-songwriter Dave Gunnning opened our show at the Full Moon Folk Club and wowed the audience with his beautiful songs and quick witted humor.

We had fans giving us their cell phone numbers and promising to pull us out of a ditch should we get into trouble. In Calgary, the Bow Valley Music Club has been putting on concerts for 21 years and its devoted fan base showed up in spades on Saturday for another sold-out show.

We got to see plenty of our friends from this summer's Canmore Folk Festival, and we made it a band goal to play at ALL of the Canadian music festivals this summer. Sunday we drove to Athabasca. For you non-Albertans, this itinerary is like driving New Jersey to Rhode Island to Vermont to Philadelphia to Maine and back to Jersey… It's always a good time when the audience starts laughing as you announce the towns of your weekend shows.

But Athabasca was a hoot! This tiny town knows how to have a good time and was the perfect sending-off show. Plus, landing back in New York at 2am Monday night, the weather felt positively balmy!

Stay dry and warm! Was it the full moon or Halloween approaching? Well, there is definitely something in the air now, with Hurricane Sandy bearing down on us. Hope you've battened down your hatches folks! We first performed at the Strand, a gorgeous old theater in Southern New Jersey that is being revitalized by a group of hard working music-loving individuals.

These guys rocked the house with a long opening set Friday night. Saturday we returned to First Acoustics- a great series in a lovely church in downtown Brooklyn. Last year there was a full-on conga-line at the end of the show, facilitated by our pals of the Roosevelt Dime band. So we brought up banjo player Andrew Green for the final tune, and also upright bass-player extraordinaire Craig Akin, for several tunes on bass.

Up and coming Gypsy-Bluegrass sensation Union Street Preservation Society opened the show with some foot stomping tunes and great singing. We love it here- thanks Coco!

Next up is Canada, eh? We hear November is a great time to visit the Canadian Rockies- so you may consider a road trip. Thanks for tuning in! Click here for more info: Good thing, because this weekend we recorded our first ever music video! Working with our friends at Extraneous Noise, we found a beautiful old carousel to film a live video recording of Abbie's tune Hello Goodbye. We had a blast chasing each other around the carousel and trying our hand at skeet ball at the Cape Cod Carousel Funhouse Arcade.

There's even a cameo by one of our musical friends. We can't wait to show it off! Not just a concert series, Common Fence Music also has a youth outreach program bringing music into schools; it's a great group of folks and we were thrilled to kick off their 20th year.

It was a perfect weekend to be in coastal New England and eat some serious seafood. The upside was that we were hosted by Abbie's Uncle Guy Zoller for the best dinner we've had in ages- and we left for Bristol happy and well rested. Stage managers and fans alike were quick to offer help and pay us a compliment- this place makes us feel like queens!

We played three stages in three days- returning to the Paramount Theater on Saturday night, where we were joined by some great friends. Anne and Pete Sibley sang one of their gorgeous original tunes, and Jason Norris of Bearfoot played mandolin and fiddle, making it a very special night!

We also got to check out great acts like Della Mae and April Verch; there was some serious girl power happening in Bristol. Huge thanks to Leah Ross, Larry Gorley and everyone at this festival for a wonderful weekend. Are you interested in meeting?

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