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When we founded Consortiumnews. Indeed, that was the original reason that I turned to what was then a new media platform to create a home for well-reported stories and to challenge the many misguided conventional wisdoms. As one of the reporters who helped expose the Iran-Contra scandal for The Associated Press in the mids, I was distressed by the silliness and propaganda that had come to pervade American journalism.

I feared, too, that the decline of the U. Also by , documents were emerging that put the history of the s in a new and more troubling light.

Yet, there were fewer and fewer media outlets interested in that history. The memories of Ronald Reagan and George H. Bush were enveloped in warm-and-fuzzy myths that represented another kind of danger: Though we have struggled with funding — surviving for more than two decades through a combination of our own frugality and the generosity of our readers — we have managed to produce groundbreaking journalism on many of the most significant issues of the day, including national security, foreign policy, politics and the environment.

We also looked at the underlying problems of modern democracy, particularly the insidious manipulation of citizens by government propaganda and the accomplice role played by mainstream media. Despite all the death, destruction and destabilization caused by the Iraq invasion, there was almost no accountability in the U. When I was a young reporter, I was taught that there were almost always two sides to a story and often more. I also realized that finding the truth often required digging beneath the surface and not just picking up the convenient explanation sitting out in the open.

But the major Western news outlets began to see journalism differently. It became their strange duty to shut down questioning of the Official Story, even when the Official Story had major holes and made little sense, even when the evidence went in a different direction and serious analysts were disputing the groupthink. Looking back over the past two decades, I wish I could say that the media trend that we detected in the mids had been reversed.

All get thrown into the same pot and subjected to disdain and ridicule. This dilemma — this crisis in democracy — has made the role of Consortiumnews even more essential today than it may have been in I talk on national security issues, given my DOD background.

You offered to interview me for your radio program. I am friends with Ray McGovern , and others of your contributing writers. Just wanted to say I really like your new website format. Michael Maloof fmichaelmaloof yahoo. My name is Taillor. I am a digital marketing manager. I was extremely interested in the assortment of articles on your site and I would be grateful if you could post an article with dofollow link to my site.

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The Intelligence Agencies IA and the shadow government cannot tolerate any action that quells their war-mongering — and they are attempting to lynch President Trump for daring to impugn their celestial deity.

The sanctimonious denials of complicity, bellowed by MSM which the CIA has acknowledged to have corrupted, and by beguiled legislators, is belied by history. Even Colin Powell was their victim. Wall Street connived with FDR on a 17 month economic agenda to pressure Japan to attack Pearl Harbor so the industrial output of Japan could be destroyed.

Refusal of the nation to accept the debt results in an assassination, a CIA led coup or a US military invasion. He concludes similar events are being observed in the United States. Wall Street has allegedly embezzled money from the US government to fund the above listed actions and other covert nefarious acts. Trump should be very cautious. He is at war with the shadow government—as it appears Putin, China, and India may be also.

This location had been contaminating the area around it since the s, meaning that just about every carcinogenic material known to man had been released into the ethers for well over years! During the Vietnam debacle correspondent Peter Arnett quoted an Army Major after we had just destroyed a small town that was being held by the Viet Cong. Many of its inhabitants, mostly noncombatants, were killed. The Major stated to Arnett: Is this the reason why about half of eligible voters decide over and over to not even attempt to vote?

For years we who do vote have pointed our fingers at this group of Americans, when maybe, just maybe, they know more than we do! This writer has a mouth full of holes where teeth used to be. Dental insurance has too many restrictions etc, unless one gets it through their job… if lucky to even have that privilege anymore. We all know about the health care scam, whereupon private insurers run it all.

Obama ran in on the premise of getting us all Medicare for All which still would have the private insurers running things, thus NO ENT procedure for me. We have libraries throughout our nation in financial dire straits.

There used to be two giant walls reserved for new books, one for fiction, one for nonfiction. Now, the areas are as tiny as one could imagine! Roads throughout America are in need of repair. Mass transit is ancient compared to Europe. Medicaid is under assault from the cost cutters.

Our public schools are always in need of everything. This writer remembers being told by a Florida teacher how, during the hot spells which last from May to October in Central Florida , the school had locks put on their AC thermostats, with the temperature dial set too high. This teacher told how teachers would have to go by the thermostat and light a match by it to get the unit to kick in, the heat was too great in the classrooms.

They send our young soldiers overseas to occupy countries we have no business ever being in. So, we kill and get our soldiers killed for no moral purpose but …. Of course, this all fuels the nourishment of the beast that our Military Corporate Empire has become… whereupon half of our federal taxes goes down that rabbit hole! Is this what Making America great again is all about? PA Farruggio July 9th His blog can be read in full on World News Trust.

Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Oscar Dean Windham. Please feelo free to contact me t rwillis ulmnet. Just gave a donation in memory of Robert…..

He will be missed so much by those who truly honor the profession of genuine journalism. Bless all of you….. Dear Lynn, Thanks for your interest in Consortiumnews. Please visit our homepage, where you will find an option to sign up for free email updates. He just reached out to be for help this past Wednesday at 6: VA had intentionally misled him into believing that he could have neither counsel or adviser present as well as engaging in other deceitful and unlawful tactics contrary to codified VA Office of Special Counsel OSC statutory requirement and practice.

Axelrod is a past recipient of a John D. She has acted as a Veteran Advocate for approximately 30 years. Sterling, under the guise of anti-US stance, is spinning his own falshoods. Being an American animal, he sees everything from the American perspective, missing some obvious facts.

Russian invasion of Afghanistan made matters only worse! A case in point is the Hizbollah movement in Lebanon. Later, by some odd logic, the US managed to coopt some of those Islamic movements in Libya to topple Gaddafi, and in western Syria to try to do the same with Assad.

Common goals, may be. The video was a CIA fabrication, and no need to be an expert to see the crude montage: Magic bullet then, magic knife now. And on and on. Hi, I was looking around for information to my website http: There are a lot of eyeopeners in headlines on this site: Really good written content on this site, hope it will keep on going.

Where does he work etc. Starting with the misreporting of the Kosovo conflict — which begot Cold War II — to this very day, mainstream reportage is proving to pose an existential threat to the Republic — evidenced by the near-election of the most ethically challenged, amoral, corrupt politicians in living memory — Hillary Clinton.

But it is clear if you offer something contrary to the MSM chances are they will decide you do not deserve to be heard and you will have no outlet to print or broadcast your information.

When I saw those Harvard guys that wrote about the Israeli lobby having trouble getting to print, I just assumed that was the Lobby at work. This is a new dimension. Hirsch, but I had found him to be a voice of reason and I usually enjoyed his work. I mentioned this lack of access in a comment a while back about the 6 big owners that dominate distribution and I was immediately attacked as an anti-semite without even mentioning israel or jews at all.

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Douglas makes clear the development of the new method of operation. The methodology includes inducing internal strife and factionalizing dissident with the status quo. Funding of both sides is not uncommon. Random acts of brutality and killing will instill fear and submission. Brutal police home rule including torture would be essential.

Deliberate lies to government officials are made as they see fit ask Colin Powell. Douglas has difficulty identifying the capo di tutti capi the boss of the bosses.

He makes repeated references to the Establishment. Other writers have referred to a shadow government, or the elites, the one percent, or the Deep State.

Is the ultimate force so concealed that it is not seen, or is there a concern about suicideing? Wall Street repeatedly sought policies that conflicted with the government. The secrecy of an intelligence agency could conceal their operations. The master must be repaid. Gone are the days when a thinly disguised British war ship would be loaded with tons of military explosives then filled with American passengers who were comforted by assurances from the US government of their safety.

The Lusitania was stripped of naval escort and ordered to reduce speed and eliminate evasive maneuvering as it entered the enemy submarine infested area. To have failed would have bankrupt Wall Street from the loans to European nations that would have been voided by a Germany victory.

A straw enemy to demand more military spending, controlled from Manhattan according to a communist deflector , would no longer be necessary.

Antony Sutton; Aleksandr Solzenitsya. The similar expansion of communism into China, as a foreign policy of the U. S,, had not been openly linked to Wall Street. Gone also was the need for FDR and Wall Street cronies to formulate a seven point agenda to economically oppress Japan.

Japan was becoming too great a competition for US business. Their access to French oil in Indochina had to be eliminated. Japanese communication codes were broken. Pearl Harbor was not a surprise.

The price of more than casualties at Pearl, and the thousands that followed, were insignificant to Wall Street. Kermit changed all of that. Now the CIA is a much more subtly way of compelling nations to satisfy Wall Street dictates—and the cost has been shifted to the taxpayers. Panama offers a concise example. He was able to negotiate a treaty with the US to return sovereignty of the canal zone to Panama.

The US would pay Panama for the price of the canal in return for favorable banking laws, but the funds would be seized by the Wall Street banks. The US taxpayers would pay for the loans. Torrijos would die in an airplane explosion. Finger pointing included the CIA as the culprit. When he convened a meeting of central American nations to resist CIA oppression, Panama was attacked by US bombardment killing thousands of Panamanians.

Noriega is now in US prison for drug trafficking. The CIA demonstrated to the world the price of disloyalty. But the nefarious activities of the CIA are not limited to involvement in foreign nations. Wall Street cannot tolerate peace. Allen Dulles wanted a full scale US military invasion of Cuba. The Tonkin Bay lie perpetuated the war another eight years. The frame-up included a deliberately sabotaged Watergate break-in by CIA assets. The CIA also controlled secret tapes that were corrupted by expunging exculpatory evidence.

Nixon got his pay-back. Nixon even had the audacity to oppose a trade treaty which infuriated David Rockefeller—after David had been nice enough to put Nixon in office. Jimmy Carter fired CIA agents. However, if you assist the CIA by running drugs and illegal military weapons through Arkansas, you can become President and receive lavish foundation donations, profuse book royalties, and overly-funded speaking engagements from Wall Street entities. Also, if your parents and grandparents were faithful CIA agents you can become President without a birth certificate and can use a Social Security number issued in Connecticut even if you never lived there.

The confiscation of national assets at fire-sale prices by creditors proceeds after Goldman Sachs imposed a bond issue deliberately schemed to cause national bankruptcy. John Perkins could use Greece as an example.

Congress could find no wrong in Goldman. Trump has even placed former Goldman employees in key spots. But the perfidious acts—qualifying for current indictments—of Wall Street is believed to extend much further back than But that is another story.

The conclusion of Douglas is most ominous: Wall Street would want to divert your attention with the video screen of sacrificial political lackeys cavorting in DC. The controller of the video is in Manhattan behind the curtain and Toto is nowhere in sight. If there is no change in the current direction of attention, the future is bleak. What is your policy regarding reprinting?

Would permission be granted for publishing a Consortium article with appropriate attribution? My complaint, sent yesterday, about technical problems with your website may be limited to the Apple Safari browser. I have had no problems with Firefox. As author and publisher of a line of Iowa Heritage books, pirated out of business because Iowa judges were granted sovereign power and need not consider evidence but may rule for their friends.

As author turned publisher thanks to my second publisher Wallace Homestead of Des Moines, I had created a viable and expanding publishing business until the seventh printer I hired went pirate and declared all my books his as The Sutherland Publishing Company which before January had only been publisher of the Montezuma Republican with a small two plate printing press on the side. They printed three books for Iowa Heritage then declared every book I had done for the last ten years was now a Sutherland Publishing Company book—the word against my documents of proof they won all the way thru the Iowa Supreme Court despite being identified as major drug traffickers—by Montezuma business man and the then Chief of Police of Grinnell, Iowa who simply said: Children who are being raped, tortured, prostitute and murdered.

My young college film maker editor went on to work as a Television producer and recently brought out of the vault unseen before raw footage.

Anyone who examined the court records where I sue Sutherland Printing Company for misappropriation of my business name would have seen the irregularity of dismiss all forms of evidence to accept the word of your friends.

All media I have met have claimed they are too dumb to look the information up. Parry, your well thought out commentaries are much appreciated. May they continue, because the truth is being stifled, and that is very, very bad. I see parts of your coverage of the President as fake news. This lack of professionalism is another reason to unsubscribe. Dear Robert Parry, I want to thank you for the great job you are doing and also want to encourage you to continue without being disheartened, thinking you are not reaching enough people.

I believe, the Zeitgeist is actually very much influenced by very few people. And I think, you may be one of them. I have a lot of relatives in Australia and it is complicated and costly to send money there. Also, I would ask you to always put a date to every article you publish, so I can see at a glance — what relevance it has to my interest.

I made a small donation in late December last year but have not received any confirmation of receipt. Who should I contact to confirm? In this time of post-election hysteria, your site has risen to the top of my list for your superb combination of progressive principles, non-partisan high journalistic standards and willingness to challenge the establishment propaganda.

If you ever felt able to add a podcast to your offerings I would love to put it on our local LPFM community radio. Savvy people know a good percentage of funding that many non-profit-do-good organizations requests actually go to for-profit organizations that often do much of their solicitation work. Equally plenty the total goes to the often over-paid salaries of executives of these organizations, etc.

But more importantly ACLU pretends to be non-partisan. For almost years, the ACLU has worked to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States.

And naturally their big issue for decades has been Free Speech not so much the Second Amendment? This supposedly intelligent organization has seemingly taken everything the mainstream media has said about Trump and all the many distortions and disinformation and treated like godsend. There is nothing about Wikileaks and the Project Veritas revelations, nothing about DCLeaks regarding George Soros, nothing about how the Clinton campaign stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders, etc.

It is total B. So MANY supposedly progressive organizations have ignored or down-played this issue—and seemingly especially those gaining funding through George Soros? This would be an excellent test to see if in fact Soros is corrupting the politics of the United States in another matter. Thank goodness there is a voice out there in the wilderness that has been deeply and trenchantly critical of the Clinton Campaign.

I have decided to print the Stanley statement on Fixing Fake News to show the great level of ignorance, hypocrisy and collusion and you need to read deep into the memo to really get the real gist as many would not bother before you get the gist of the distortion and lies being supported by the ACLU. I am sorry this response by Stanley is somewhat boring, overly-long, haphazard and pedantic I think it is on purpose.

It is a bit of a chore to read but hopefully my commentary spices it up a bit by dealing with real issues. This should b alarming. Time to wake up the world of lawyering:.

It is interesting to witness how this sophistic argument devolves into a low ball style of partisan dishonesty equal to much of the left. Here then is presented the ACLU joke response to fake news:. This has prompted calls for the likes of Facebook and Google to fix the problem. With Facebook, which has been a particular subject of calls for reform, there are actually two issues that should be thought about separately. A former employee alleged that the human curators were biased against conservative material.

On the one hand, it can be valuable and interesting to see what pieces are gaining circulation on Facebook, independent of their merit. But Facebook plays a separate, far more significant function than their role as publisher of Trending News: I can roam anywhere on the Internet, get excited by some piece of material, brilliant or bogus, and post it on Facebook for my Friends to see. If some of them like it, they can in turn post it for their Friends to see. The question is, do we want Facebook in its role as administrator of this peer-to-peer communications network to police the veracity of the material that users send each other?

Nobody is going to do anything to stop the spread of fake news through those channels. There will be easy, clear cases, such as a piece telling someone to drink Drano to lose weight, which is not only obviously false but also dangerous. But there would also be a thicket of hard-to-call cases.

Is barefoot running good for you? These are examples of questions where an established medical consensus may have once been confidently dismissive, but which now are, at a minimum, clouded with controversy. How is Facebook to evaluate materials making various claims in such areas, inevitably made with highly varying degrees of nuance and care—let alone politically loaded claims about various officeholders?

Like all mass censorship, it would inevitably lead the company into a morass of inconsistent and often silly decisions and troubling exercises of power. It is true that in some ways Facebook already interposes itself between users and their Friends—that unlike, say, the telephone system, it does not serve as a neutral medium for ideas and communications.

If Facebook got out of the way and let every single posting and comment from every one of your Friends flow through your newsfeed, you would quickly be overwhelmed. Some of those mechanisms already arguably constitute censorship of a sort. That means that if you write a story with a headline that fits that pattern, it is unlikely to be seen by many Facebook users because the company will hide it.

That would presumably cover something like the Drano example. Most of this interference with the neutral flow of information among Friends is aimed at making Facebook more fun and entertaining for its users.

The difference between art and commerce has been defined as the difference between that which expands our horizons by getting us out of our comfort zone—i.

It does not pay to challenge people and make them uncomfortable. But for Facebook to assume the burden of trying to solve a larger societal problem of fake news by tweaking these algorithms would likely just make the situation worse. To its current role as commercially motivated curator of things-that-will-please-its-users would be added a new role: And that would be based on who-knows-what judgment of what that good might be at a given time.

A lot of material that is now seen as vital to social progress would then have been widely seen as beyond the pale. The company already has a frightening amount of power, and this would increase it dangerously. At the end of the day, fake news is not a symptom of a problem with our social-communications sites, but a societal problem. Facebook and other sites are just the medium. Writing in the New Yorker, Nicholas Lemann looks beyond information regulation by Facebook to another possible solution to the fake news problem: There are two general albeit overlapping problems here.

The first is simply that there are a lot of credulous people out there who create a marketplace for mercenary creators of fake news, which can be about any topic. For much of the 20th century, most people got most of their news from three television networks and a hometown newspaper or two. If a guy was handing out a leaflet on a street corner, people knew to question its value.

If he was working for their union or for the Red Cross, they might trust him. If he was a random Macedonian teenager, they might not. The wonderful and generally healthy explosion of information sources made possible by the Internet has a downside, which is that it has collapsed the distinctions between established newspapers and the online equivalent of people handing out material on street corners.

The physical cues that signal to people whether or not to trust pamphleteers in the park are diminished, and many people have not yet learned to read them. But until that day arrives, gullibility will always be a problem. Left and right have always picked and chosen from among established facts to some extent, and constructed alternate narratives to explain the same facts.

But what is new is a large number of Americans who have rejected the heretofore commonly accepted sources of the facts that those narratives are built out of. I have encountered this in my own social media debates when I try to correct factual errors. While these sources certainly make mistakes, and like everyone are inevitably subject to all kinds of systemic biases in what they choose to publish and how they tell stories, they are guided by long-evolved professional and reputational standards and do not regularly get major facts wrong without being called to task.

This is itself a false fact; Snopes says it is entirely self-funded through advertising revenues. This is not a problem that can be fixed by Facebook; it is a social problem that exists at the current moment in our history. The problems with bogus material on Facebook and elsewhere and their as-yet-undetermined role in the election merely reflect these larger societal ills. Attempting to program those channels to somehow make judgments about and filter out certain material is the wrong approach.

I participated in a panel discussion on this issue at the 92nd Street Y in New York City on Tuesday, which can be seen here. I can simply agree with your comment. This organization has certainly lost touch with reality when it comes to expressing interest in serving the public rather than serving their pocket. I have attempted in several occasions to contact their Los Angeles Office just getting answering service with no return calls.

I just finished Mr. This is but one of many cases that prove that the MSM is in no position to lecture writers, reporters, journalists, and open-minded citizens on the meaning of truth. With that being said, other more egregious examples of mass media complicity in dangerous lies told often include the story that led to the demolishing of Iraq with deadly blow-back still reverberating throughout the Middle East.

Monsanto manages the same outcome as per its genetic monstrosities and how these products are publicly perceived. And so, little is said about the true state of the Pacific Ocean post-Fukushima; and little is said about the state of the Gulf of Mexico—post Maconda Drilling debacle; and major attempts at blacking out what just has taken place at Standing Rock with Veterans for Peace standing in solidarity with Indigenous Tribal Peoples remain underway.

After having just heard you on Flashpoints Dec. With repeated attempts, I was able to access the site, but the same message kept popping up when I went back to the site—even to a page that I had left open on my desktop! Good time of day. Please — make a version of Your website in Russian language. Thank you for your attention.

From Russia with Respect. Did any of those companies have any serious violations that went unresolved forcing employees to contact their local OSHA office and how many serious violations did each company have while their member was on the OSHA WPAC for Management.

What are the significances of the election — with respect to our ultimate human purpose? A Theory of Human Purpose performs exploratory surgery on these and many other topics of interest. If the Nuclear dangers are potentially catastrophic end life as we know it , the people must find a way to reduce the threat! Here is a plan for the largest movement of nonviolence the world has ever seen. The people in the US and Russia need to unite to tell their own governments to scale down the rhetoric, antagonism, and ultimately work together.

The world is becoming more and more divided and violent. A major segment of the plan is for the leaders of a GMofNV to issue demands and the nuclear issues are at the top of the list. Global Movement of Nonviolence. Well written, clear, strong. No doubt women represent non-violence best. This has been core to our peace activism in Israel for almost 20 years.

Where were you when the Clinton administration was in way over its head in the Balkans — supporting Islamist Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo. Russia, Europe and America should be natural allies against militant Islam and China. What have we gotinstead?

Cover any of that? I am a big fan of consortiumnews. Softball interviews and no fact checking. Nobody holds his feet to the fire. Fortunately we have your source for news and informed opinion.

I would like to make a donation to your enterprise, but I have run into hard times since the meltdown. Survival of our species is rooted in cooperation, not survival of the fittest. But, long ago constructs of competitiveness for power and control shaped the way human children in our culture developed and many earlier societies that were forced into conflict or to retreat to very harsh circumstances.

Fast forward to today, where there is a resurgence of nationalism and isolationism with military provocation on a scale not seen since the Cold War. There is a monster of violent industry that is sustained by an embedded human psychological condition and we need to address this with ethical and moral consistency that teaches and acts to reject all forms of violence.

Only in this way, will we starve the insatiable beast of war-making and unsustainable industrial practices. Animal agribusiness is one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases such as methane.

These two toxic unsustainable industries of death and violence are killing off biodiversity and polluting the entire planet. Links to facts, here: Together, we will have more leverage and power against this level of unsustainable malevolence. Both the military and animal agribusiness have conditioned and indoctrinated people into accepting subjugation, harm and the killing of other sentient beings not for subsistence, but for control, domination and profit. It stems from human entitlement or essentialism, also called speciesism.

This then is the beginning of selective compassion and immoral cognitive dissonance, resulting in a young human mind experiencing their first moral injury. Speciesism within human culture informs developing minds that it is acceptable to subjugate, torture, harm and kill certain animals but not others.

Thus begins the otherizing of nonhuman animals and their use as a resource to be bred, raised, killed, controlled or kept as property.

This later manifests as racism, sexism and all forms of negative discrimination between humans, leading to hatred, violence and war. Moral consistency and ethical coherence in all that we do and support will begin to change the patterns of speciesism, patriarchal colonialzation and human violent destructive behavior. It will help to heal the psychic wounds of veterans, our collective human conscience and the planet.

Let us learn to be peaceful, to teach peace and reject all forms of violence so that the Monster of the Military-Industrial-Violence-Complex and animal agribusiness dies of starvation and neglect. Psychoanalytic Psychology, 31, — The products included whole soybeans, soybean meal primarily used for livestock and poultry feed , and edible soybean oil. Thus, the key precondition for moral injury is an act of transgression, which shatters moral and ethical expectations that are rooted in religious or spiritual beliefs, or culture-based, organizational, and group-based rules about fairness, the value of life, and so forth.

Murdoch betrays Australians with his newspapers having fake archives of newspapers published to assist to conceal crimes and corruption. News articles published have been erased or altered for the fake archives. Australia is incapable of dealing with US citizen Rupert Murdoch without the assistance of foreign countries.

No comment from Rupert Murdoch. Set up global group to prevent global catastrophe by new means. Optimal Development by sage globalization in addition to life of countries. The main productive force is science.

Hence, the global problems are caused by exhaustion, ageing of its basis, general ideas. The Law on preservation of energy shows, that the current work gives incomes only for the current needs. Hence, capitals have been obtained by exhaustion of science, its general ideas and must be invested into the new general ideas.

The conventional philanthropy deals with particular or local problems. Accordingly between Europe and Asia there have appeared the general ideas on Optimal Development OD , as a compromise between the particular and general interests. The OD general ideas are in fact the spiritual and global part of the optimal philanthropy. This and the whole OD theory is in agreement with the triune image of God, meaning life must be based on the triune or optimal form private-compromise-public etc.

The positive effect will be like that of the E-mail in comparison with the post. The optimal planes optimaltransport The optimal air, water, land craft will reduce fuel expense, exhaust, warming, car accidents, jams, stop price rise, give new incomes.

Teregulov Turek Ul or Turk Son. Member of Kazan academy of scientific creativity. Son got this specialty too. Call me what you want, but this site is liberal propaganda. If you were truly independent, you would be investigating the left also. You call yourselves independent, but you are either very biased or taking something from the left to make them seem like they are perfect and never do anything wrong, when there has been much more controversy surrounding the left recently.

Good article by Jonathan Marshall. The peoples of the states in the EU are in the firing line for the next US war. There needs to be a new tranatlantic peace movement to try and stop World War Aristotle warned millennia ago of the tyrant over democracy, the right wing bully boy who creates foreign enemies to demand domestic power by posing falsely as protector and accusing his opponents of disloyalty, the opportunist who takes foreign and domestic bribes and distributes public resources to his supporters.

The right wing is the chief problem of civilization, the terminal disease of democracy. But those who benefit find them highly illusory. The demonization of th IS Sunni group by the US dates back to only, while this group has been operated in Syria since The conflict in Iraq is set on sectarian terms, initiated by US terror invasion of Iraq in IS is one of its byproducts. On 22 March , some suicide bombers carried out their indiscriminate attacks on the innocent people in Brussels.

Their acts of vicious violence are shocking and despicable. ISIS has claimed responsibility for these attacks. ISIS has shown once again that it can strike anywhere it chooses and by such violent actions, it gains maximum publicity for its ideological stance and objectives. The murders of 22 March are part of the pattern that ISIS had established and since last year has extended its operations to Europe. As the organisation has many sympathisers in different countries and many of its indoctrinated fanatics are willing to be suicide bombers, it shows its reckless attitude towards all it regards enemies or opponents.

Despite the utterly abominable crime we witnessed, we should also try to see the terrorist attacks in European countries like France and Belgium in a wider context. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and to some extent Pakistan have been in the throes of imperial wars as well as internal conflicts for many decades. What has happened in Paris last year and now in Brussels was an extension of the violence from Iraq and Syria to Europe.

We rightly condemn what happens at the hands of fanatic terrorists in Europe but when it comes to US wars and EU interventions in the Islamic countries, we, who live in the western hemisphere, show little concern over the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people there.

Apparently, the people of the world are not in total darkness about the recent history of Palestine, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and Syria. Unfortunately, political leaders and the media show great reluctance to give the same attention to the vast numbers of innocent victims of genocidal wars. However, when it comes to any terrorist attack anywhere in the west they give a forceful response to any acts of violence and terror. Such attitudes are unhealthy and discriminatory. In fact, religious fanatics take advantage of such debunked standards and successfully show the enmity of the western nations towards Muslims.

The aim of propaganda is not to inform and enlighten but to terrify and mislead. In this, US rulers have been the role model for Muslim extremists. Now let us briefly mention the role of recent US wars. It was no other power than the United States that unleashed the first Gulf War in The real objective of the United States was not only to evict the Iraqis out of Kuwait but also to diminish the power or potential of Iraq as a regional power.

In fact, President Saddam Hussein had accepted the UN terms for military withdrawal from Kuwait to end his occupation, but US rulers did not allow him to do so. There was a simple reason for this: That was not acceptable to Washington and the Pentagon hawks. Therefore, they attacked and destroyed brutally the retreating and helpless Iraqi army. General Colin Powell boasted of having killed so many encircled soldiers and burying many thousands of them alive in the desert.

By such bravery, he must have added another medal to his uniform. Saddam had no options left. The United States initiated and imposed sanctions on Iraq with the formal approval the United Nations. Incidentally, such a formal U. In , America took the second major step to invade and occupy Iraq.

This practically meant finishing off Iraq as a possible regional power if it ever raised its head at some future date. That was in consonance with the neocon strategy to have only one regional big power in the Middle East that was both strategically and politically indispensable part of U. That regional power was and is Israel. Without an iota of credible ground or reason, President George W.

Bush declared war on Iraq and invaded a vast secular Arab country, which did not let any religion or sect to interfere with the affairs of the state. After a massive destruction by the invaders of life, property and infrastructure in Iraq, President Bush became the eventual conqueror and master of Iraq and of its rich oil resources. As a matter of imperial policy to divide and rule, the Americans started the sectarian favouritism that fuelled sectarian violence and killings.

Thousands and thousands of innocent Iraqis have died. The forces of terror, revenge, religious sectarianism and fanaticism that American rulers unleashed in Iraq are out of control; no one is able to control them. Only the ordinary people of Iraq have become the victims of the genocidal war in Iraq. The mayhem and anarchy America created in Iraq has extended beyond the frontiers of Iraq. President Bush has said that God asked him to invade Iraq. If the killing of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis can be justified because of listening to the command of God then ISIL can also invoke the support of the same God for whatever they do or have plans to do!

In fact, the US Constitution allowed for a democratic form of government, not a theocracy; ISIL, on the other hand, claims to be a theocracy and its administrative structure is that of a caliphate. Another major US imperial adventure was in Afghanistan. It is common knowledge that the United States was instrumental in creating and arming the Mujahidin to fight the Soviet army that had come to help the Afghan revolutionary government.

After the Soviet leaders pulled their military from Afghanistan, the American-sponsored Mujahidin of s became the Taliban, the new rulers of Afghanistan. There is no doubt that the Soviet army suffered heavily in Afghanistan. The US imperialists, with the help of reactionary Saudi and Pakistani rulers and their well-equipped mercenary fighters crushed the Afghan revolution.

But that friendship did not last long. In , America attacked Afghanistan and ended the Taliban rule. The occupiers started a brutal suppression of the Afghans who had no quarrel with America at all.

During their long Afghan war, Americans were not able to break the resistance of the Afghan patriots and the Taliban. They finally forced the occupiers to end their occupation. The puppet regime of the former president Karzai and now the present president Ghani have faced the consequences of the imperial invasion. The country suffered enormously and its people reduced to abject poverty and deprivation.

At present, the Taliban are still there and fighting the Kabul government. In short, countless millions of people have suffered in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria.

Whether we call it a civil war or war by proxy by regional powers, the war in Syria has reduced many cities to rubble. Hundreds of thousands have died. Millions of Syrians have become homeless. They are trying to escape to any place where they can exist as normal human beings.

Other victims of wars from Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and numerous other countries also join them in this quest for a safe haven in Europe. These people are in dire difficulties who need all the possible help. However, it is also important to underline the fact that Europe has no solution to the problems of millions of refugees and asylum seekers. Their number will keep on multiplying, not decreasing.

Those who think otherwise live in a world of fantasy. No state or public authority can provide complete safeguards against any random attacks. There is no shortage of weapons in Europe or anywhere else.

Those who want to commit any terrorist attack will be able to acquire any bombs or weapons they need. It is a false hope that any intelligence agencies in an open society can stop all indoctrinated and ideologically motivated suicide bombers from their criminal behaviour.

Most of the western societies including Australia have become multi-cultural and multi-religious that have ethnic communities of Afro-Asian origin. Among the immigrant communities, strong social bonds exist through their tribal and religious identities.

While the western societies have developed a more relaxed attitude towards their religions and deities, most of the immigrants have gone the other way. There is a strong tendency to adhere to the formal religious traditions where their clerics play a vital social role.

Any terrorist attack has negative consequences for these people, especially the Muslims. They become suspect merely because some Muslim terrorist has done something seriously wrong, somewhere. This strengthens cultural and social stereotypes.

A Historical Survey was published in Over the last four decades, he has written numerous articles on international affairs and the issues of human rights. He opposes war and violence and is a firm believer in the peaceful co-existence of all nations and peoples. In his academic work, he has tried to espouse the cause of the weak and the oppressed in a world dominated by power politics, misleading propaganda and violations of basic human rights.

He also believes that all conscious members of society have a moral duty to stand for and further the cause of peace and human rights throughout the world. Dear Robert, Your work is so appreciated here that our form of support comes mostly in re-publishing your articles with a link to your site. There are 2 questions.. Our own blog is messed with constantly. We see photos and articles and videos disappear, and phony posts submitted by the dozens..

Our reply email is below. Thank you in advance for any answers. Great work, keep it up, I recommend your site to as many people as possible. Especially considering its potential for nefarious uses.

Please warn your readers if possible to help arm them against disinfo and propaganda. See link below covering technology. The certificate is not trusted because the issuer certificate is unknown. I am having to override all kinds of dire security warnings to come to the site now. If you want, you can send me an email address to which to send screen shots of the warnings — they are very disconcerting. Recently I had an opportunity to ask a direct question to John Pilger — award-winning Australian-British investigate journalist.

All you need do is look and navigate through them. Please feel free to use it at your disposal, as promotion of what you do.

My friend, that also applies to our media on this North American continent. Parry shut you out, join the club. Apparently if he did so , he followed their lead.

In October I filed a criminal complaint with the International Criminal Court at The Hague charging Obama, Erdogan and twenty-seven other international operators from eleven countries with war crimes. Like the Count of Monte Cristo famously suggested, I am waiting and hoping.

But I been growing deaf from the silence emanating from The Hague. The Complaint entitled Criminal Carnage in Syria by the Criminal Cabal for Perpetual War claims that illegal weapons transfers in violation of UN Security Council Resolutions and , the EU Treaty regarding exports of military equipment and the Rome Statute, Articles 7 and 8, Crimes against Humanity and the Crime of Aggression were instrumental in committing the crime of aggression against the sovereign nation of Syria.

Just found your internet site and article relating to Iran-Contra drug smuggling. Who carried the drugs and were they shipped to Mena, AR? Freeway Ricky back in the news- Arrested with , Cash http: The second life of a Nazi war criminal: Nobody seems to be talking about the speech given at the UN by Kazakh president Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Any thoughts on this short article? When will you recognize that the frack attack, from Ukraine to Syria is the reason for destabilization and terror?

Israel could green Gaza, but the petro dollar war destabilizes the world and brings extinction. The true great evil is the dollar. And if Israel were to release its green innovation it would result in American imperial destabilization.

We saw this when the Israel supreme court kicked out halliburton from fracking the Golan. Soon after, Obama came down on Israel with condemnation for settlement construction. Regardless of whether its right or wrong. We all have to walk in goose step with American imperialism. The race to gain access to the Mediterranean or Ukrainian frack fields and transfer that energy into dollars is the main reason the world is in a frenzy.

Release the innovation in conversion systems like Algae bio diesel and watch prosperity come with efficiency designs and free time for communities who gain royalties from their own energy production.

Biomass into Bio Gas! Why isnt this valued? Why do you contribute to the cycle of violence with your reports of condemnation of injustices that have nothing to do with the causes but are just effects from the crisis of the petro dollar wars?

Thanks for all your heroic work throughout the years. The recent declaration by pope francis re palestinian statehood is quite historic. A totally disabled vet with grandkids of cuban, nicaraguan, jamaican, and recently, palestinian descent. Oh, also puerto rican. Parry, I just read your interview with RT 31 March concerning the MH17 investigation and thought that you would be interested in my letter to the Dutch Safety Board which is published on my website at: As a poly sci major I must say I have always been taught that the Facists were right of center, and if you examine their contorted thoughts they tend to lean towards the right in my experience.

To whom or what do you refer that would call facists left wing? Roosevelt was a leftist by most standards and he fought Hitler, who he did not consider a fellow traveller. I confess to a little confusion over terms here. Many died; Yemenis and our men Finally Moscow fell.

Packed and left; USA. No support, food or life Yemenis left in dark Lies; hidden; came to light Rational; the friends became foes. I am an German engineer, which may explain my limited English while writing this letter. Just take three minutes time to look at the video which shows six BUK missiles being launched. As you can see in the video, a BUK missile is really huge, makes a lot of noise because it accelarates from zero to supersonic in an instant and leaves a smoke trail which can not be overlooked.

If you start the missile inside a village, the windows of the buildings around may be shattered. People can hear the sound, see the missile and will be able to take pictures at least from the smoke trail. As far as I have heard in German media which I follow there has never been any report of witnesses which told that they have heard the sound or seen the smoke trail of a launching BUK missile!

Someone must have heard or seen the BUK, because the Donbass area is a highly populated area. And a BUK cannot be launched silently with no one noticing it! Second, the BUK missile has a heavy warhead 70 kg or Lbs weight which has a devastating impact on the target hit by the missile. Unless you assume that the BUK warhead somehow managed to reach the plane without using the missile ;-. Maybe it was broken, maybe the separatists did not know how to use it.

However, they apparently never managed to launch a missile because someone must have seen or heard it! Recently I read an article on Dr. A russian documentary giving a different view of the tragedy. OK, so you tell us that a BUK is a big rocket, and that separatists only had one. After all, Russian unmarked regulars are in the Donbass, supplying that proxies with heavy weaponry, and training them in Rostov-on Don.

Anyway, neither your nor my analysis is worth that of. Your web site may never have been needed more. The propaganda by the MSM is ubiquitous, unceasing and insidious. It would appear as if a significant portion of Americans are incapable of even thinking about MSM as largely propaganda — while at the same time being quick to declare everything from, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba et al as nothing but propaganda.

Thank you for your most impressive, long standing commitment to first sorting out the discernable facts. I marvel at how you can keep this up. Parry, I am a sixty six year old layman history buff exhausted with the bubble gum news we recieve on the major network news. I recently started a website, LookLifeAndTimes.

Com to attempt to make available to my friends and acquaintances a glimpse to more truthful views of history. I came across your website through a series of articles written by Mr. Polk regarding the history of Palestine and the Mideast. By discovering your website I realize that you invented the original mouse trap and I can only admire what you have done, what you do and only attempt to emulate your prodigous work and service.

I was jump started by reading several books: They follow the love-your-neighbor-as-yourself principle. Please read this, it pertains to genocide in Ukraine. Please let us do something to counterweight this utter madness.

Putin is certainly not a Democrate but neither is he a bloodthirsty monster who in cold blood shot down MH17 and thanks to Robert Parry and others, the question of who did it, and how, is still open. Hagena and Partners, a team of retired Luftwaffe general staff officers, has written a page study in German. If you are interested in our findings, we send a digital copy in German. The Russian translation which we ordered and which will be checked by us for accuracy of technical terms aviation and missile terminology unfortunately has not yet been completed.

I just read Jeff Davis Road article. Did he own any property in that county? Maybe there needs to be a change there, also? You have said that Barack Obama is outflanked by holdover neocons in his administration, and has had to resort to back-channel diplomacy, much the same as John Kennedy. However, it took Kennedy less than two years to figure things out and get the back channels going.

If you are correct in your assessment, I would have thought that by 5 years into his two terms, Obama would have been more forceful.

I wonder why he selected John Kerry as Secretary of State after warmonger and neocon buddy, Hillary Clinton, left the post. And his performance at State suggests that he speaks far to loosely and easily about war. I also wonder why Obama, in his capacity as Commander-in-Chief, has not yet cleansed the officer corps of all of the theocratic, neo-fascists in its ranks. Kennedy probably had more courage than the modern stable of so-called electable candidates.

But several other dynamics have changed. And election time is better than Christmas when it comes to all those virtual cash registers ringing up over the cost of air-time to any would be serious political contender.

And who funded him? One billion means a good deal in terms of quid pro quo. Big Money vets the candidates and funds them so that once they are in powerful positions, these figures will be able to pay back their donors.

Many people look for weaknesses in individual candidates. Given human imperfection, that approach will always prove partially fruitful.

Many others view politics as another team sport… and their chief concern is proving which party is better or worse. Real power lies with the puppeteers and they largely determine who will head the various departments.

This Cancer has infected both major parties. Excellent work on Ukraine! And — despite what Bruce Benson might think — not too long! Parry, yours stories on Ukraine and the neocons are important; unfortunately they are twice or more too long. Your AP editors would have pared your staff way back, not for lack of space but to make it more effective.

You are the editor now and I guess no one dares trim you down. Thank you for what you do. I have followed you for too many years not to understand what having good information means to a populace. I fear my country is lost. However, there is that pendulum that always swings back. Those who have paid attention will fare better than those who follow fools.

Life for a while is about to become very messy. Dear Robert Parry, I am about to send copies of the below letter to mostly people who write for The Progressive populist and I would like to get your permission to suggest that they contact you for the history of how the Republicans took control of the media.

Thanks, Deek Crowley Wayne,Maine. Some may even know how the mainstream media was taken over by the Republicans. One way is to write concise, simple emails about each thing the public needs to know in a way that entices the recipients to forward them and those recipients to forward them, etc.

Most people are likely to read an email from someone they know. The emails could be sent to all the people on liberal email lists — MoveOn, Sierra Club, Unions, etc. They could be put in alternative publications, both online and in print, to be forwarded. If the emails are written well enough, maybe enough people will want to forward them and a majority of voters will get to read them. Below are three examples of what people need to know:.

Did you ever wonder why the media never calls the Republicans on their lies? For details, contact Robert Parry at consortiumnews. A good way to counter all that money is to count the ads to see which candidate is promoted and which is attacked by the ads. We desperately need instant- runoff-voting. You get the idea.

Please do your best to see that this is done. Deek Crowley Wayne, Maine deekcr roadrunner. Keep up the awesome work guys! Wow, just what we need. You have to read the entire piece. Nothing disingenuous about that. Funny how you bash Republicans for what you qualify as crimes but defend the Democrats for what others call crimes. You may be Democrat but your words ring Liberal. This comment is too funny…and tiresome too.

There is no left or right, anymore. We have no resources, is it possible to ask for permission to republish this article. Nixon have systematically built and empowered the Fourth Reich that eventually on pulled-off the biggest and filthiest coup upon our government in the history of our dear country.

Domestic enemies from within and the careless self-important Ignorance among our citizens those enemies foster and depend upon. I find any reference to Naziism distasteful.

Because that is a true label for what is happening and it is going to ruin our country. But what happens when a new crop is planted next to an existing crop? First Bush and his circle of maniacal fools found cause to revivify torture—albeit hidden under a new name. Then Obama gave all that a pass.

Societal change happens through cohesive movements and trust is the glue that binds committed souls together. Only the naive fall for its camouflage behind the Cross and the Flag. I appreciated this FIghttheReich comment and wanted to know if there is site or hashtag along those lines. Is there a way we can legally fightthereich?

I suggest that WHO is identified at: Other than that, I have to say that you do impeccable work and I will be making my contribution any minute now. Thank you for your work. I could find several parallels to the classical book The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli which I recently read online again.

The methods were written some years ago but are stil to this day very important and relevant seeing that politicians and civil servants use these methods. If this is done on purpose or not is another topic that I will not get into here.

Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Best regards, Michael Maloof fmichaelmaloof yahoo. I want to propose a joint project. I will always give you cedit for your work anddrive our audience and readers to your website.

Do you have a way to get email alerts on a weekly basis from Consortium News? Thank you for your service, your voice was heard, go with your god! Oops — my comment is too late, but may help others. Dear Robert Parry, Difficult news about your stroke, but there is hope. Sending our deepest regrets from the Webb family.

Very sorry to hear about the passing of Robert Parry. Journalism has lost a champion. Parry, I have read your books and have valued your work for some years. Best wishes to you and your family. I atopped getting your emails in December. My best wishes for People across the country are helping this little boy battling leukemia smile with Halloween cards. School bus tries to cross flooded roadway, gets swept away. Director of McCain Institute: Does Anger Drive Voters to the Polls?

Cheerleader with Down syndrome shows nothing is impossible. Authorities respond to shooting at Pittsburgh synagogue. By National Desk Staff. Officers rescue 2-week-old puppy that got head stuck in gate. Roofs ripped apart, neighborhoods submerged and flying debris. What produce has the most pesticide problems? Man helps mother's child sleep. By Chelsea Robinson and Associated Press.

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