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Women that fuck in 40330

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Women that fuck in 40330

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You are just about to start looking through the books again when Yukari returns by gap. She has a wide smile on her face as she claps her hands in delight.

Oh how I do love sleepovers! You twist and fire it at her as she turns and it catches her right in the face. A horde of gaps open and a wide array of pillow peak out from each one. You give a small pained laugh. When the onslaught halts your arm slowly pokes out of the pile and waves a small white pillow.

She bows to Yukari. I have also invited 2 other guests to join us tonight. I need to see to a few things before our guests arrive. As the 2 of you head into the kitchen you spot Chen and give her a friendly wave that she returns. Ran points out many and you do mean MANY large bags of ingredients and you give a low whistle. Haru does his best and is now cooking. She chuckles and ruffles your hair softly as you groan. You let your face slowly hit the table. All in all I enjoy it, and want you to keep going.

Truly, this devilish youkai's sadistic desires knows no boundaries! Feels a little skeezy at times to be honest. Was going to be a plot point later on but it does sound odd without knowing. Catch up with mom and all. Just don't forget to kill her on your way out" [x] Return snuggles. Now you've gone and exceeded my expectations by having the gap hag go and mind rape a lonely innocent young child! Hot damn that's fucked up! Once Haru realizes that Yukari has been pulling his strings like a damn marionette, things are going to get a helluva lot more interesting.

Even more amusing if Reimu finds out. She does things because 1-Its for the good of Gensokyo 2-It amused her 3-Becuase she can 4-All of the above. In this case its 4. The gap demon 2. An innocent child 4. Your waifu a shit It's extremely obvious that she has quite a lot to gain from bringing Haru to Gensokyo, but let's not dismiss Yukari's actions for anything less than what they were She boops your nose with a finger and repeats the action until you turn to look at her.

You huff as you deflect her finger with a light backhand. Your mistress is misbehaving again. If you insist on dragging poor Haru into your attempts at time wasting you could at least do something the both of you could enjoy.

Chen giggles before grabbing the cards and snuffling them with practiced ease. Yukari has a pair of white glove covered hands pop out from some gaps and start snuffling the cards at a speed that you can't even begin to follow. Mmm you have a good hand The right hand points a finger and the other smacks it making it spin around and around.

It slowly comes to a stop pointing at Yukari. Chen snarls and glares at her. Wouldn't being able to ask what you want first be the biggest advantage? She somehow keeps hold of her cards. Yukari smiles darkens slightly as she hands over her 5. You slap it down on the table with your other 5s as Oswals marks 1 point in your favor on the scoreboard. No one is looking at the scoreboard as more sets are added to the table.

Yukari ends up with the last set of the game taking the last 7 from Chen and Oswald starts clapping. The hands end up clapping in front of you and you glance up at the board, yes you seem to have won by 1 point.

The hands throw bits of confetti into the air and then give you 2 thumbs up Yukari makes a shooing motion at them. You can hear voices growing closer before a door opens and Yukari and 2 others enter. The first is a woman with the pinkest hair you have ever seen. She has a cap with an odd symbol on it and is dressed in a fine light blue dress.

She carries herself like an empress and has the aura to match and you have to stop yourself from getting up to bow out of reflex. Yukari has a knowing smile on her face as does the pink lady as she introduces you. The 3 of start talking well Yukari and Yuyuko talk, Youmu just watches sternly about what the evening holds and you wonder what you should do when something soft nuzzles your hand.

What is this thing? Giving how its acting It seems to want affection regardless of what it is. She is red faced and frantically looking around the room.

Somehow Yukari and Yuyuko have ignored her all together You follow her gaze You set the orb down and ready yourself as she draws the blade soundlessly and moves to charge- -and 2 fingers clamp down on the end of her sword halting her charge and throw her comically off balance. She flails her arms for a bit before she regains her footing and looks in shock at the owner of the fingers who still hasn't looked away from her conversation with Yukari.

She sighs and gives it a pat. As funny as this is you feel the need to interject. I am half phantom and Myon is my phantom half.

Is has a connection with me and I can hear what it hears, see what it sees, and feel what it feels. You spend the next few minutes fending off Yukari's hands and Yuyuko's praises before Ran pokes her head in the door. You have no idea, even as large as the table is, how everything is going to fit but each time you think nothing else could possibly fit a space seems to open up.

You call gap shenanigans. With the 2 of you working diligently the food has soon been spread across the table and everyone is siting comfortably. Yoyuko smiles and lifts her tea and everyone returns the gesture. You can only watch stunned as at least 5 full plates of food are consumed in a matter of a minute. Ran, who is sitting at your left, closes your open mouth with a tail.

She pauses when she notices your bug eyed look and flashes you another empress smile whose effect is ruined by all the rice and other food shrapnel stuck to her face. Time passes and the longer this goes on the more it seems everyone is just used to Yuyuko eating like this. Even Youmu just has a long suffering look on her face as she slowly eats her own meal.

At one point Yukari steals a meatbun from the pinknette and the whining that comes from Yuyuko's mouth truly shatters any noble outlook you had left. The 2 of them even start a food fight and you just sit there slowly eating as Ran deflects any projectiles with kunai. Youmu is tending to her master and Yukari is getting ready for bed. Chen has already gone to sleep and you are helping Ran wash the dishes. The room is almost bigger then the shrine itself yet still somehow has a cozy feeling and you settle in.

You give another yawn before turning in for the night. There are a lot of Alternative Character Interpretations regarding Myon but I'm going to let you guys pick what Myon is going to be. I find it to be the most amusing interpretation. You turn over and smile at the small white blob floating beside your bed.

You also shift part of the covers to cover the lower half of the blob as it spins around 3 times before nuzzling into place. Its seems to be morning! You open your eyes and-! You stay completely still for about 10 minutes as you simply try to process this fact Ok situation update, a You ever so slowly start to pull yourself from the person's arms and almost make it out when one of the hands, missing its cuddle toy, shifts back and grabs for its missing toy You rub your new sore spot as you hear the covers of the bed shift and a female yawn.

You look back to find Only her face is poking out from the covers but the resemblance is unmistakable. You take Youmu, age her up from a girl to a young woman, give her face a more refined look and give her black hair and you have this woman You shake the slight blush off your face and go back to the matter at hand, who is this woman and how did she get in your bed? She sits up causing the covers to slide away from her The woman only has a thin, formfitting sleeveless black shirt on that really does nothing to hide her rather impressive chest.

She yawns and opens her eyes and 2 orbs of vermilion sweep around the room before snapping to you and a displeased grimace creeps up on her face. You then rub your chin as you do as she says and think everything over You hear her laugh.

Along with the black shirt she now has some kind of short dull red battle skirt on with a badass cream longcoat loosely draped over her shoulders. A wakizashi is on her left hip held in place by a black sash.

She puts an arm across her chest and moans slightly. At the sight of the 2 of you Youmu shoots to her feet and snarls. You go to sit but Myon drags you into her lap. After a solid minute she sheathes her blade and returns to her place beside Yuyuko with a sulk. The pink haired woman just pats Youmu's head.

You shouldn't fight yourself. Yukari gives a chuckle and fans herself. Myon snorts and fixes the gap youkai with a glare. The meal finishes without any further incidents and all guests you included are getting ready to leave when another outburst comes from Youmu. The gap youkai absently opened a gap and pulled some tissues from it before handing them to the sobbing pinknette.

MMM I wonder what I should chose?! Soon you and Myon are gapped to the walkway halfway between the human village and the shrine. Its like naming a cow moo for goddess sake!

And consider the personality of Myon. Name her after the Shinto god of Fire and War. The shrine is clearly on fire. So where are going? You give her a small glare back. I would rather be bitched at by my other half all day then visit that crazy youkai! When the smoke thins Kasumi has returned to her blob state. The blob spins in place for a second before shooting off into the sky. Oh well looks like you are going alone to the Garden of the Sun Oh right talk to the plants!

You look around and find a nice looking dandelion on the side of the path and make yourself comfortable. You give the plant your best smile. Before you can push yourself away a pair of arms wrap around you and snuggle you deeper into the marshmallow hell. You give a deadpan glare up into the amused face of the flower youkai.

You sigh and slowly lower your head back into her chest. Her red eyes seem to glow slightly and a devilish smile smothers her previous cheerful one.

For the first time Yuuka lets you get a glimpse of the power sleeping just under the surface You might as well try to quantify space itself! Your legs give out and only the single finger under your chin keeps you upright. She leans down so her lips are almost on yours and her glowing orbs fill your vision. You think you might drown She smiles a warm smile regardless and stands back. The glow is gone from her eyes and her normal cheerful face is once again brightening the area. She slips the finger out from under your chin and aside from a little wobble you are steady.

Her power is once again sleeping and the Yuuka you know is back again giggling at your face. I've never felt anything like that, not even mother when she is going all out feels anything like that! I really couldn't think of anything to say. Like why Yukari sleeps so much or why my sister stops for tea every 5 minutes? A girl in a red dress with a scythe is fanatically looking around in a mild panic.

Oh where has she gone?! I'm going to get in so much trouble! Before you can do anything Yuuka calls out to her. The flower youkai catches her and enfolds her in a hug as the girl starts babbling. The girl stops her babbling and just cries softly into Yuuka's chest. Yukka just murmurs lovingly as she strokes the girl's back and the girl soon downgrades from mild blubbering to a hiccup now and then.

When the crying started you had turned around to give them a semblance of privacy and you only turn back when Elly speaks to you. I'm pleased to meet you. Can I keep him Yuuka?! You shoot a glance at Yuuka and her 'I'm trying so hard not to laugh' face tells you just how much help she is going to be here.

One round of explaining later She suddenly gasps and snaps her fingers. Gatekeeper, assistant gardener, and all around helper for Lady Kazami! She fails a bit and windmills her other arm until she is standing upright again. It's probably pretty bad too.

The 3 of you start down the path as Elly fills the air with what you find to be amusing rambles. The look you and Yuuka share as the assistant speaks about past events makes it clear the amusement is shared. I must have only been I remember creeping around the shrine grounds armed with a tiny jar catching glowies right when they started to come out for the night.

Seems the idea of an ever more mini Haru catching fireflies was too much for her. After the assistant calms herself and the walk resumes you pick the story back up. When this would happen she would be gone most of the day and only return after night so I would go out and catch as many glowies as I could and fill lots of jars. I would put them all out at the top of the shrine path so she would see them as she came up the steps.

Nothing but me, mother, and nature. A short walk later And mother just sets down her tea cup and gets that look on her face and I know its time to vacate the area. So she doesn't even attack the guy, no she just starts telling the guy and his mooks just what she plans to do to them She just catches his arm and thanks him for volunteering for a demonstration.

Most the of the guys must have just been there for intimidation sake cause most broke and ran only after she broke his first 2 fingers. The others ran off after she got to his thumb. Holy crap the field is bigger then the human village! In what you can guess is the middle of the garden stands a large house. A small sign is by the path right before you enter the field and you take a second to read it.

You find it cute that Yuuka added the heart to the end. Off to the side of the road you see an area that has been cleared of woods and brush then flattened out. Planning to expand the field? Yuuka smiles at the field. You jump slightly and look down at the sunflower nuzzling your hand. Yuuka puts a hand on your shoulder and smiles. You walk beside the flower youkai with an eager stride as the 2 of you make your way to the house.

Holding out til next vote for magician interruption whilst we're in the house for optimal levels of property damage. I know some people get pissed at cross era stuff. I do get really pissed at cross era stuff. If you want to introduce more PC characters, I'd be happy with seeing your interpretations of them. Having said that, I would remind everybody that we already have Mima taking part in the story, thus a precedent has already been set.

I'm not sure what it is that you perceived as sarcasm. I mean, I've only ever earnestly and gleefully sought to bring about tragedy and despair upon everybody around me. What could I have possibly done to make you question my integrity? I'm all for PC characters.

I was just encouraging you to write whichever characters that you'd find enjoyable to write and not to worry that much about what others might not like. Plus, I just wanted to point out that it'd be odd to not allow other PC characters into the story because some people don't like the idea of era crossovers, when we already have one in the story. If anybody was that upset about it, they would have already stopped reading long ago. You are absolutely correct.

I saw OP's comment and posted that vote in a brief fit of childish pique. You give her a questioning look and she points at the sky. The inside of the hole, or more likely the portal, is a shifting pattern of red, orange, and purple that makes your eyes sting if you try to focus on any one color.

The edge of the portal is a ring of fire that churns and froths as if it was water. Droplets of various size are throw into the air from the fire waves and sizzle in the air before burning out and from the depths of the portal come a host of beings. As they get closer you quickly find the ground suddenly needing a good looking over.

The beings are all female with skin ranging from pale to bronze with a multitude of exotic hair and eye colors. Their outfits are made to intensify their psychical forms in all the right ways yet are still somehow tasteful in a mind bending paradox.

The bat wings on their heads and back along with the spaded devil tails tell you all you really need to know.

They form 3 ranks of 12 on each side of the portal to the ground and stand at attention as one last demon comes through the portal and unrolls a large scroll before clearing her throat making you stop from just stealing side glances and focus on the new arrival who starts reading.

Behold Shinki the god of Makai! The ring of fire around the portal blazes with new intensity as a new figure slips through. The woman has a red dress and light blue hair with a side ponytail. As her feet touch the dirt the demons slowly start to return to the portal going rank by rank and the chanting dies in volume, slowly fading into silence as the last demon enters the portal and the fiery gate implodes, winking out of existence.

Shinki opens her blood red eyes and smiles brightly. It is my utmost pleasure to meet you both. I doubt it will work though. So Yuuka knowing Shiki is equally as cannon as Black Tewi; which is to say: Shinki looks you over. As you had guessed Yuuka's home is quite lovely with a warm nature feel to it.

Yuuka prepares some fresh tea and a small plate of baked treats before ushering you to an average sized open room with a large window overlooking the north side of the garden. You each take a seat at the round wood table and sip at the tea. Yuuka nibbles at a lemon tart before turning to Shinki. The god folds her hands on the table and meets Yuuka's gaze with a cold stare.

The brat vampire and her entourage? The denizens of the underground? Not even outsiders generate the mistrust that falls like a miasma around my shoulders. You are the one who dares. Outside you can see the sunflowers turn blood red. The air regains its warmth and the garden is once again a calm gold. The flower youkai takes her seat and pops the rest of her tart into her mouth as the little god calms her nerves with more tea and you busy yourself with a tasty cream filled pastry.

Any premature returns will not be met kindly. The only sound is your soft muching as you finish your treat. Yuuka sighs and looks out the window and even from this profile view you can see the wheels turning in her head. A knock at door makes you both turn. Yuuka yawns and stretches CUTE! I can see only good coming out of this. Went back to confirm how it went down. Which reminded me about this line: Whatever it is, it doesn't sound good. Basically, I'm eager to start gathering clues that lead into the darker plot that's at play.

As for the mites she was talking about all of you. Oh well, I'll just have to be a little more patient. What you thought of her when you first met Oh right that was when she stopped your sister, the thief, and Okuu from trying to kill each other You blink and look up from your thinking pose to find Yuuka lightly blushing with a pleased smile on her face.

Did you say that out loud?! Hello tabletop nice to meet you as well. Yuuka giggles at your antics and you hear her stand and walk to your side. A warm hand on your shoulder makes you roll your head enough to look at her. She is not a bad cook but you understand why Yuuka showed interest in your cooking skills.

Elly's food is filling but kind of bland, thankfully there is plenty of tea. You are now very confused and before you can ask her anything she gets a hold of herself and gives you head a fond pat. You must seem a little embarrassed as you tuck your card away because she cups your chin and makes you look at her cheerful face.

You stand slacked jawed as Yuuka calmly replaces the parasol and smiles. Yuuka and her whole garden has gone very very still and her smile is not a happy smile at all. You also include your sisters reaction and punishment as well. The sunflowers rustle despite the lack of wind and you resist the urge to take a step back. Her smiles goes back to normal and she waves a hand at the sky that used to have a huge ass energy beam lancing through it.

Haru is already a pawn in the gambits of at least 9 different people. Haru has not met all 9 of these people nor are these the only ones that could have plans for him.

Make of that what you will. I look forward to ensuring they all get what they rightfully deserve. You may call me a hopeless anon, sadist bastard, loathsome serpent, repugnant fellow, edgelord, that really obnoxious faggot, or even Zetsubou-kun if you're feeling like a massive weeb.

I had to use alot of new spells to get this vid small enough to convert to the allowed webm size. My magical powers are drained and I need to go recharge now. Women are not capable of loving someone, what they feel instead is a need to procriate, nothing more. How the fuck do you people still think this is her.

The dead obvious giveaway is watch her try on videos. Taylor is flat chested but this chicks got some nice tiddies on her. That's why I posted them, asking if he meant these. This is exactly why anons come to our humble pig farmer's wholesome website. If so, then dude, carve a notch in your bedpost and go fuck another girl spoiler: There's a pic of him shirtless in bed with her.

One could assume he got up in them guts, but not confirmed. Like you said, if so, get new Stacy and leave Tay for good. If not, deep throat a 12 gauge shotgun and get your mind blown.

It's pretty hopeful to assume a girl that's had at least four longterm relationships since highschool could keep her hymen intact. Let's be honest with ourselves here, lads. If you was fucking Taylor on the regular, how fucked up in the head would you be? Can't hate on a White girl wanting the black dick instead of those pencil sized dicks you white cucks have haha. I feel sorry for Matthew but at the same time he deserves what's coming to him.

Ive beat off to her crying so many times now. Gonna edit it and make a crying loop. Pray for muh dick. Ascended betas are like dogs they tend to end up looking like their owner. Dude I waited forever for April, only to be bait and switched at the end. Fucking nice job man! This video is fantastic! Once I got the direction of the video, I knew that Taylor was going to be the wrong chalice, but I really thought that April was going to be the right one.

It's funny because I was going to complain that Agatha wasn't in the video, so you can imagine how happy I was at the ending. That bait and switch was really well done.

The whole video was really well done. This is the highlight of my fucking week, anon, and it's only monday. Thank you for this. I'm so glad the bait worked that was totally the intention buy worry not anons I will definitely make some lovely April OC soon. Just completely tank her subscriber count. We could create huge scandals for all of the ASMR girls every week. She could livestream her murdering someone and she'd continue to gain shitloads of subscribers.

As long as she remains cute, that is. I don't watch her now but I'd damn sure watch her commit murder. I'll wait until she makes an official announcement on her Jewtube channel. Not a chance, when the real money is from the cucks on the internet. Taylor ever getting a real job. It's not just the cucks though. She's going to make a top notch trophy wife for a wealthy Chad someday.

That makes me think of final days WWE Chyna. I watched her porn leading right into her last days of madness INB4 an hero. I can't even fap to her anymore. Sad to think Tay will go out the same way, but it could totally happen. Her delusional cucked fans will out number the haters and convince her to return. Considering she's extremely popular like, celebrity wise due to Pewdiepie and the fact she looks like Daisy Ridley and also the fact that she is Youtubes most number one recommended asmr channel thanks to the pewdiepie faggot.

I highly doubt she will quit asmr and leave her fame and cuck fans behind and also the patron money. That's where you're wrong kiddo. Taylor doesn't have a patreon… surprisingly. She DID around k, but she blew up so fast that she couldn't keep up with the rewards and her patrons turned on her and she had to refund them and Patreon shut her down.

Except she didn't refund shit. Yeah I was one of 'those' people who paid for custom trigger videos. Between myself and other Patron users it sounded like she just abandoned us, but just kept sucking in the money; if it was too much to for to handle, least she could have done was post an update saying so. I had heard, on this board from way back, that many of her patrons filed complaints for not delivering and Patreon shut her down and reversed some payments.

It might have just been the payments from the month of the shut down. Sorry you got scammed, anon. Invest your bux more wisely and buy an alwaysslightlysleepy personalized girlfriend impregnation roleplay. Haha, can't say I didn't completely rule out the fact that I might end up being cuck fucked, but I assumed Taylor was better than that. I was wrong, 'fame' changed her. Oh well, what can you do? Except sit back and enjoy content when she releases it and laugh at the 'drama' that randomly makes its way into the public eye.

Anyone want to take a guess as to when drama round three will rear it's head? Her new set-up isn't even from YouTube ad revenue, it was a gift.

I think it's funny you even expected a whole lot from her when she couldn't even know how to set up a Blue Yeti. Fame wasn't shit, she just didn't know what she was doing and got fed hundreds of subscribers because of how the YouTube algorithm works. Probably used our cuck bux to help pay for her new car. Kinda curious if and for how much she would be willing to meet one of you cucks in person. What the fuck is wrong with you? My guess would be that it probably wouldn't happen, haha.

I can't imagine she is hurting for money. Should her YouTube 'career' fail, she has a back up plan; taking cucks on "dates" for money. She could do it auction style like celebrities do for charity sometimes. Action style like the girl that sold her virginity for 2.

Is this an age thing? Cuz she's not good looking enough to justify this level of bullshit. She's come out of hiding today, but something seems different. This is kinda hard to watch. At least she's trying to get back on her feet. Mixed reviews and alot of trolls in the comments. Will Taylor pull through? She's probably high as fuck; trying to get over her ex.

Give her some time, she'll be back to normal within a month I'm sure of it. Everyone giving her shit in comments. So many tie her to Marina Joyce. This will damage her morale even further. Rich girls get scrips for better stuff from one of Daddies golfing Doctor buddies. The comment section reads like a thread here. I don't think her fans will ever get over this Matthew? It's a bit of a shame. Are you the Indiana Jones guy? I hope you put your skills to non-asmr use as well.

I truly and sincerely hope not. In fact, I hope that if she does leave, people begin to assume that it's due to the adpocalypse and it creates a domino effect that takes down several other attention whores with her. But alas, I am a dreamer at heart. What's to get over?

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