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Woman wants sex tonight Mineral Bluff

Woman wants sex tonight Mineral Bluff

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Woman wants sex tonight Mineral Bluff

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An esteemed playwright and close friend of the Harts is mysteriously murdered, and when Jonathan and Jennifer discover their copy of her most recent play missing, they begin to believe the story's plot motivated the killer.

Romano learns that a teenager involved in a fatal, alcohol-related car crash is the son of his old Vietnam comrade, leaving Romano and Hooker to track down a gang responsible for robbing liquor stores and selling the contraband to local youths.

When Carol tells the household that she is engaged to a man who promises he will be leaving his wife "soon," Maude raises such a ruckus that Carol and Mrs.

Naugatuck get fed up with her domineering ways and move out simultaneously. When Maude recruits Vivian into women's liberation, Arthur is not pleased that Vivian is ignoring her "household duties," and when she tries to stand up for herself, Arthur refuses to listen, putting their marriage in a delicate position.

On his final day of work before he leaves his positions and starts enjoying his retirement, Fish is nowhere to be found; the 12th Precinct encounters problems when they have to handle the antics of a neighborhood vigilante group.

After finally making his way to the police department, Fish surprises all the officers when he refuses to acknowledge his mandatory retirement. Two brothers are hit with an unwarranted lawsuit by their executive, so they and their executive's son, who is buried in debt of his own, decide to rob a gold shipment that he and Sergeant Preston are transporting.

Sergeant Preston's sled gets destroyed in a terrible blizzard near Fishing Lake, so he seeks refuge from a nearby cabin, not knowing the man inside is a killer. A daring, resourceful and remarkably intelligent border collie and her human friends and owners must triumph over the various obstacles they encounter, and along the way, they form an ever-increasing bond of love and trust. While Corey assists an old friend by demonstrating the various reasons a buffalo hunt will vastly improve his herd, the helpful Lassie attempts to reunite a lost calf with its mother, before she meets her untimely demise.

Steve makes plans to take Susie and Harold fishing, but one of his real estate clients comes to the house and tells Steve that an agent is needed for an open house; Hazel offers to sit in as the new agent for the night and show the off the property. Hazel and Barbara go to a land auction to look at some land prospects; while there, Hazel gets caught up in the bidding and wins a plot of land for a few hundred dollars; Steve finds out that the land is not worth a lot.

As the date of their six-month wedding anniversary approaches Jeannie and Tony plan to exchange special gifts and Tony tells her that a gift she makes would mean a great deal more to him than anything she might create by using magic. Bellows spend the night at the Nelson's home when a hurricane hits Cocoa Beach and Dr. Bellows sees a series of strange things that cause him concern and Tony is forced to explain to him that Jeannie is a genie and has magical powers.

For a special birthday present, Endora uses her magical powers to grant Darrin a wish, so Darrin wishes to become his boss Larry Tate for one whole day, which then leads to a big misunderstanding between Larry and his wife. A Parisian fashion designer gets frustrated because his dresses will not sell on the American market, but it turns out that Samantha is his biggest customer; Samantha uses her magical powers to make duplicates of the dresses.

The convent is willed to a dry goods business, which has no debt but also no sense of order; the sisters have no business experience and hire a manager to help run the business; Carlos suggests his cousin, who works at the casino. Carlos promises to take the children out for a boat ride but has to cancel on the day to leave town and go on a date; he tells the kids and the nuns that is actually going to visit his relatives, who are both down on their luck.

Mike has written a new song and plans on sending it to the record company to get paid for his work, but when the guys learn that the company isn't going to pay him much at all, they all join in helping him get what he deserves. Peter has fallen for an attractive, upper-class young woman who has a boyfriend, so in order to get the girl, he recruits the band into trying to impress and woo her in order for the suitor to grow jealous enough to leave her.

Peter wins a free dancing lesson and is tricked into signing a lifetime contract, but when Mickey and Mike try to get their friend out of it, they end up with similar contracts; Davy takes a job as a dance instructor to help. A gypsy tea room owner predicts Davy will fall in love within the next day and leave the group, though her plan is to get him with her daughter and enter a talent show; the band also enters the show as a magician, folk singer and impressionist.

When Reuben's shy nephew comes to visit, he reveals he wants to be a comedian but lacks confidence, so Shirley invites him to appear with the Partridge family band at the club to test out his jokes, and he is shocked when the audience laughs. Ruben goes out of town and his nephew is given the task of taking over his duties as a manager to the Partridge Family, but it becomes apparent to the band that he is just not cut out for the job and is in way over his head.

Shirley decides to start taking classes at an art school and she doesn't expect her teacher to be such a big fan of her work as a musician; the family is worried that this will keep the teacher from being honest with her. Ruben becomes the manager for a new singing act, which includes a pair of twin singers, but the boys break up the act when they are both attracted to Laurie; the boys refuse to perform unless she agrees to a date with them.

The Lone Ranger's nephew, Dan Reid, meets a stage actor who convinces him to switch clothing; when the stage is robbed, the actor is shot and Dan is kidnapped, but he manages to send smoke signals to alert Tonto to his whereabouts. The three Clanton brothers escape from prison and commit a series of robberies, so the Lone Ranger and Tonto visit their old friend Black Hawk's ranch seeking information about the outlaw gang's possible hideout among the badlands.

A mysterious one-eyed bandit has been robbing banks all throughout the country, and after the violent murder of an old magician occurs, the Lone Ranger and Tonto decide to investigate and pursue the outlaw to bring him to justice.

Prince Maximilian visits Buffalo Gap to take part in a buffalo hunt and discovers that his uncle, the Baron, wants to have him killed in a planned accident to eliminate his claim to the baronetcy, but the Baron calls on the Lone Ranger to investigate. The Lone Ranger and Tonto stumble onto oil-rich property when they are looking for water and become involved in a set-up when the town banker is murdered after loaning money to the landowner, and all evidence points to the Lone Ranger.

A pioneer woman harbors anger for all Indians stemming from the murder of her husband and son by Apaches 20 years ago; when an Indian chef and his companion must cross her land, she orders her foreman and ranch hands to ambush them. After a restaurateur witnesses the explosive murder of an influential gangster, Gunn offers to bring justice to the mobster who ordered the killing, but he only agrees to do so after the restaurateur decides the help Edie open an eatery of her own.

While delivering a large campaign donation to an eccentric gubernatorial candidate, Gunn learns that the candidate's campaign manager has been killed, and the candidate is about to be the next victim in line for assassination. After a convicted man somehow manages to shoot the judge in the courtroom just before his sentencing, Peter Gunn offers to use his underground contacts to help Lieutenant Jacoby discover how the convict managed to gain access to the murder weapon.

When the members of a small-time gang are systematically killed, the gang's leader desperately tries to convince Gunn to protect him before he becomes the next victim, but Gunn refuses to become involved in the incident.

A delinquent gentleman who is set to inherit a large sum of money has fallen far into debt with a multitude of angry enemies, and when he is found mysteriously murdered, one of his family members is questioned in the case.

When a movie producer promises a contest winner a part in his next film in Hollywood, she happily signs until realizing a small clause in the contract terminated her career, and after the producer is found mysteriously murdered, cops go on a manhunt. A series of trouble befall Matlock on his trip to find something to eat, leaving him stranded by his stripped car, but the friendly stranger who helps him eventually needs him to return the favor when he is accused of trying to kill his landlord.

Richard Greene, James McEachin. Matlock's acceptance of a pro bono case involving a man charged with his lover's murder threatens to become a source of contention between the attorney and his longtime friend who also happens to be a highly respected judge.

Jonathan and Jennifer return home to find their house ransacked, and while cleaning up the mess, they discover a hidden hallway and secret vault, which they are locked in when the dangerous robbers return to the scene of the crime. Hooker rescues an ex-girlfriend of Romano's from thieves but the new interest she shows to her old fling is actually a ruse to deliver information to her ex-captors, a notorious group that profits off a stash of stolen fur coats.

Naugatuck's disposition turns sunny so suddenly that everyone wonders about her, but when they find out she's in love, they congratulate her heartily and then throw her a lavish bridal shower after he proposes to her.

When an exterminator is called to the squad room to kill roaches, he only finds electronic bugs; members of the 12th Precinct find the recording devices and try to figure out if they're from internal affairs or the Nixon administration.

A radical environmentalist who has been attacking a chemical plants faces the company's high-powered lawyer in court; Wojo goes out of his way to help a homeless woman live a more normal life after she has been assaulted.

Sergeant Preston and King are attacked while attempting to protect a gold shipment that Preston was assigned to transport because the owner was too boastful of the amount of gold he has. Sergeant Preston is the best man at Constable Lee Wayne's wedding, but things are derailed by a bank robbery; when Constable Lee discovers his brother is the thief, and he fails to arrest him, he starts to wonder if he is a good enough mountie.

Corey and Lassie spot a range of serious problems when inspecting a ski area with the negligent proprietor, but soon they find themselves trapped at the top of a faulty ski lift with the injured man and little hope of a rescue.

When a Canada goose gets trapped in a fishing line and is attacked by a bobcat in the Franklin National Forest, Lassie quickly comes to the goose's rescue in hopes of helping it fully recover, so it can be returned to the wetlands sanctuary. Traveling minister Perry Stone provides a program dealing with the predictive and sensible studies of God's Word, which he uses to help present other followers of Jesus Christ with a better understanding of biblical prophecy.

A worldwide Christian ministry devoted to spreading the news of Jesus as well as encouraging people to discover a personal relationship with Christ. Brother David and Sister Meralene Lombardi lead the Trinity Gospel Temple and the city of Canton as they humbly follow Christ's calling, and they believe that because of their ministry, countless souls have joined the kingdom of God.

After examining the Bible to uncover Christian prophecies about the end of the world, a reverend connects these prophecies to modern-day current events around the globe, which he be believes may indicate the end of the world is imminent.

Head pastor of Valley Baptist Church Dr. Roger Spradlin preaches God's word in a weekly worship service, working to strengthen Christians in their daily walk with Jesus Christ, and to reach out to the faithful and the lost.

Charles Stanley uses his various programs and ministry to spread the Gospel to the population of the world, and uses his preachings to try and convince followers of Christianity to maintain a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. James Kennedy, founder of the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, discusses marriage, family and society from a Biblical perspective, presenting insights that can make life's journey go more smoothly.

Danny keeps getting into trouble at school and decides that he wants to drop out, so Shirley asks his teacher to talk him out of the idea; they come up with an idea that will make him see why dropping out would be a mistake. Lauries friend tries out for the school basketball team but because she is a girl she is rejected from the team, which Laurie sees as a reason to speak out, and she decides to run for homecoming queen to use it as her platform.

Danny gets a new girlfriend in school, but since she's Jewish, Danny pretends to be Jewish, too, which is easy for him until he meets her father and wants to introduce him to his family; Danny tries to hide the lie from his family. Laurie asks Danny to take over for her on her babysitting jobs so she can go skiing with her friends, but he refuses, though Keith agrees to do it on one condition; he asks Laurie to help him make a girl jealous at a party.

Jim is forced to finish a series of important tasks before leaving for a business trip, but he is constantly interrupted by the children, who keep asking difficult questions that only he is able to answer, reminding him of his value. Inspired by a wealthy and successful businessman who does not have a diploma, Bud decides to drop out of high school, which turns out to be the wrong decision, teaching him an important lesson about life and education.

After winning a popularity contest, being voted the most popular guy in his high school, Bud become completely overwhelmed by the newfound fame and grows arrogant, teaching him an important lesson about life and humility. Betty suddenly realizes that a hedge is interfering with traffic safety, so she attempts to convince the property's owner to remove it immediately, but her plans turn into a complete disaster after she approaches the person.

After the ruthless outlaw the Mingo Kid captures Roy and trades clothes with him, Roy is taken hostage by Turk Black, another notorious crook who has plans for Roy to be his partner and assist him in the robbery of Mineral City Bank. Funds are stolen from a school, and all the evidence points to the leader of a gang that is known for robbing and thievery; however, the leader swears that is was not his gang and offers to help Roy and Dale find the real perpetrator.

After Dale Evans purchases a stove for her nephew's room from a peddler associated with robbers who have stashed a payroll in the stove, her nephew discovers the money, thinking it is fake, and the robbers attempt to take the stove back. Roy Rogers investigates the mysterious actions of the proprietress of a hand laundry and uncovers a deal she made with an unethical lawbreaker on the side to mine through Paradise Valley and find the highest grade ore to sell.

After a racehorse trainer is murdered, the victim's wealthy employer hires Gunn to pinpoint the identity of the killer, but one of the main suspects wants to be proven innocent so badly that he also hires Gunn to clear him of any wrongdoing.

A crime witness asks Gunn to protect him when he worries that he is about to be killed in revenge for the testimony that he gave against a prominent mobster, but Gunn arrives too late to save the witness from being shot to death.

After a convicted man escapes while en route to prison, his wife hires Gunn to recapture him, because she fears that he will return to take her life in retaliation for the part that he believes she played in tipping off the police about his crime. One of Gunn's buddies from World War II has become the manager of a popular teen heartthrob, and when the teen idol is threatened with blackmail, he asks Gunn to figure out who is trying to extort money from his young client.

A man is released from prison several years after being held responsible for the death of the sheriff's daughter during a car crash, and when the sister of the deceased attempts to gain revenge by framing him, she winds up being murdered instead. While Perry Mason is working on a case to redeem the name of a deceased man of criminal activity, he stumbles upon another case from an unlikely source, when the deceased man's widow is suspected of committing a brutal murder.

When Matlock becomes part of a murder trial involving a television anchor suspected of killing his ex-wife, he is charged with tackling the complexities of the case along with his daughter's newfound attachment to the defendant. Matlock encounters a conflict of interest between his professional obligations and personal life when he discovers his daughter has developed feelings for his latest client, a television reporter implicated in the death of his ex-wife.

When Walter discovers a zeal for attending church Maude is unimpressed, but he insists she go with him even though she falls asleep, and when she grills him and finds he's going because he wants to sell more appliances her rage is uncontainable.

Vivian and Arthur go on a romantic weekend vacation to a cabin in the woods; Maude tries to put the spark back into her marriage with Walter by planning a romantic weekend but the situation turns out to be less than ideal. A man overwhelmed with the death of his friend steals his corpse and refuses to tell authorities where he buried the body; Detective Fish is pulled out of retirement, and he tries to help Barney locate the kidnapped corpse.

Officer Yemana uses a television program guide to try and catch a perpetrator who is mimicking villains from crime shows, and the 12th Precinct arrests an alcoholic criminal who tried to accomplish a holdup without a firearm. Newlyweds Julie and Max return from their honeymoon, only to find that Max has been laid off from his job, which means they can no longer afford their apartment. Barbara hires a tutor for her difficult genetics class, but when she actually meets him, she's surprised to find he's a year-old child prodigy.

Charlene and her friends attempt to change her minister's mind about keeping women from entering the ministry; Julia backs out of a performance at church because she is unsure if her abilities can meet the requirements of the song.

Mary Jo starts dating her ex-husband, because she begins to believe that he may be planning to pop the question to her once again, but after a series of disappointing discoveries, she learns that he had a completely different plan all along.

The convent hosts a fundraiser for building maintenance; Sister Bertille asks a farmer for a contribution, he has very little money to contribute; he does instead offer a lottery ticket, which is worth thousands; the ticket ends up winning. An Eskimo tribe rescues two men who are freezing and nurse them back to health; in turn, the two men steal all of their furs and attack the tribe leader's family which makes the Eskimos vow to find them and bring them to justice.

Firefighter Corey leaves Lassie behind with Ed while he participates in a smoke jump; Corey and his friend Lane, an experienced firefighter, get trapped in a fire and Ed sends Lassie in with a transmitter to locate them. While visiting the Grand Canyon, Ruth and Timmy become friends with a blind pianist who offers Timmy some kind advice to ease his anger at Lassie, after she has followed him on his adventure, despite being instructed to stay behind.

Author and Bible teacher Joyce Meyer will deliver a series of inspirational and powerful messages of faith, love and grace taken from the Word of God, as she relays her own personal experiences in order encourage others to enjoy daily life. A televangelist serves as the founder and president of the Christian relief organization "Life Outreach International," as he and his wife invite viewers to join them as their guests discuss a broad range of topics that provide hope and help.

The Fort Mattox storekeeper is supplying guns to Chief Grey Hawk and a group of renegades who plan to use the rifles in an attack on the cavalry, but the Lone Ranger sets a trap to catch the storekeeper and Grey Hawk before the attack. The new town marshal takes office in Peaceful Valley and meets a new challenge when a gang of robbers wearing false face masks invades the town; Vince admits that he may have been the cowboy who unknowingly killed Jim two years ago.

After Jerry Robinson has been suffering a severe case of depression, an international visitor unexpectedly arrives in the city, leading to the return of Jerry's happiness, and his visiting former lover offers a shocking surprise. Bob is employed by a professional basketball team to lend his expertise to an elite player in need of his assistance for their team, and when the psychologist investigates the player's behavior, he comes to a peculiar conclusion.

Betty and Ralph begins to dream of getting married and buying a new home together, but when they suddenly get the opportunity to try the situation out, they discover that married life is not as easy as it is made out to be.

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