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Woman seeking nsa Drexel North Carolina

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She previously served as the 52nd House Speaker from to , the only woman to do so thus attaining the highest political office of any female politician in American history. A member of the Democratic Party , Pelosi represents California's 12th congressional district which consists of four-fifths of the city and county of San Francisco. Pelosi is the first woman, the first Californian, and the first Italian-American to lead a major party in Congress.

During and after her tenure as Speaker, Pelosi was perceived as a contentious political figure, with Republican candidates frequently trying to tie their Democratic opponents to Pelosi and with moderate Democrats seeking to show their moderate bona fides by expressing opposition to Pelosi.

Pelosi was born into an Italian-American family, the youngest of six children of Annunciata M. Pelosi was involved with politics from an early age. Kennedy 's inaugural address when he became US President in January In , she graduated from Trinity College in Washington, D. After moving to San Francisco, Pelosi worked her way up in Democratic politics. In , Pelosi was elected as a Democratic National Committee member from California, a position she would hold until Phillip Burton died in and was succeeded by his wife, Sala.

In late , Sala became ill with cancer and decided not to run for reelection in She picked Pelosi as her designated successor, guaranteeing her the support of the Burtons' contacts.

Pelosi won the special election to succeed her, narrowly defeating San Francisco Supervisor Harry Britt on April 7, , then easily defeating Republican candidate Harriet Ross on June 2, ; Pelosi took office a week later. Pelosi represents one of the safest Democratic districts in the country. Democrats have held the seat since and Republicans , who currently make up only 13 percent of registered voters in the district, have not made a serious bid for the seat since the early s.

She won the seat in her own right in and has been reelected 16 more times with no substantive opposition, winning by an average of 80 percent of the vote. She has not participated in candidates' debates since her race against Harriet Ross. For the and election cycles, she held the distinction of contributing the most among members of Congress to other congressional campaigns, in part because she is in a safe district and does not need the campaign funds.

In the House, she served on the Appropriations and Intelligence Committees, and was the ranking Democrat on the Intelligence Committee until her election as Minority Leader. Pelosi is a member of the House Baltic Caucus.

She was the first woman in U. In , after Gephardt resigned as minority leader to seek the Democratic nomination in the presidential election , Pelosi was elected to replace him, becoming the first woman to lead a major party in the House.

In the midterm elections , the Democrats took control of the House, picking up 31 seats. On November 16, , Pelosi was unanimously chosen by her caucus as the Democratic candidate for Speaker, effectively making her Speaker-elect. While the Speaker is elected by the full House membership, in modern practice the election is a formality, since the Speaker always comes from the majority party.

Pelosi supported her longtime friend John Murtha of Pennsylvania for the position of House Majority Leader , the second-ranking post in the House Democratic caucus. However, Hoyer was elected as House Majority Leader over Murtha by a margin of —86 within the caucus.

With her election, Pelosi became the first woman, the first Californian, and the first Italian-American to hold the Speakership. She is also the second Speaker from a state west of the Rocky Mountains. During her speech, she discussed the historical importance of being the first female to hold the position of Speaker:. It is a moment for which we have waited more than years. Never losing faith, we waited through the many years of struggle to achieve our rights.

But women weren't just waiting; women were working. Never losing faith, we worked to redeem the promise of America, that all men and women are created equal. For our daughters and granddaughters, today, we have broken the marble ceiling. For our daughters and our granddaughters, the sky is the limit, anything is possible for them. She also spoke on Iraq as the major issue facing the th Congress, while incorporating some Democratic Party beliefs:. Nowhere were the American people more clear about the need for a new direction than in Iraq.

The American people rejected an open-ended obligation to a war without end. As Speaker, Pelosi was still the leader of the House Democrats; the Speaker is considered to be the leader of his or her House caucus. However, by tradition, she did not normally participate in debate and almost never voted on the floor though she had every right to as a full House member.

She was also not a member of any House committees. Shortly after winning re-election, President George W. Bush claimed a mandate for an ambitious second-term agenda and proposed reforming Social Security by allowing workers to redirect a portion of their Social Security withholding into stock and bond investments. In the wake of President George W. Bush's reelection in , several leading House Democrats believed that Democrats should pursue impeachment proceedings against the president.

They asserted that Bush had misled Congress about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq , and had violated the civil liberties of Americans by authorizing wiretaps without a warrant. In May , with an eye on the upcoming congressional elections—which offered the possibility of Democrats taking back control of the House for the first time since —Pelosi told colleagues that, while the Democrats would conduct vigorous oversight of Bush administration policy, an impeachment investigation was "off the table".

A week earlier, she had told the Washington Post that, although Democrats would not set out to impeach the president, "you never know where" investigations might lead. After becoming Speaker of the House in January , Pelosi held firm against impeachment, notwithstanding strong support for that course of action among constituents in her home district.

In the November election, Pelosi withstood a challenge for her seat by anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan , who ran as an independent primarily because of Pelosi's refusal to pursue impeachment. Prior to the U. If elected, she and the newly empowered Democratic caucus would push through most of its program during the first hundred hours of the th Congress' term.

The origin for the name "first hundred hours" is a play on words derived from former Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt 's promise for quick action on the part of government to combat the Great Depression during his "first hundred days" in office. Newt Gingrich , who became Speaker of the House in , had a similar day agenda to implement the Contract with America. On January 5, , reacting to suggestions from President Bush's confidantes that he would increase troop levels in Iraq which he announced in a speech a few days later , Pelosi joined with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to condemn the plan.

They sent Bush a letter saying, "[T]here is no purely military solution in Iraq. There is only a political solution. Adding more combat troops will only endanger more Americans and stretch our military to the breaking point for no strategic gain. Rather than deploy additional forces to Iraq, we believe the way forward is to begin the phased redeployment of our forces in the next four to six months, while shifting the principal mission of our forces there from combat to training, logistics, force protection and counter-terror.

Pelosi has been credited for spearheading President Obama's health care law when it seemed that it would go down in defeat. After Republican Scott Brown won Democrat Ted Kennedy 's former senate seat in the January Massachusetts special election and thereby causing the Senate Democrats to lose their filibuster proof majority, Obama agreed with then chief of staff Rahm Emanuel 's idea that he should do smaller initiatives that could pass easily.

Pelosi, however, dismissed the president's fear and instead mocked his scaled-back ideas as "kiddie care. In Obama's remarks before signing the bill into law, he specifically credited Pelosi as being "one of the best Speakers the House of Representatives has ever had. Though Pelosi was re-elected by a comfortable margin in the midterm elections , the Democrats lost 63 seats and ceded control of the House of Representatives to the Republicans.

Despite the electoral setback suffered by her party, Pelosi sought to continue leading the House Democratic Caucus in the position of Minority Leader, the office she held prior to becoming Speaker. After Pelosi's disparate intra-party opposition failed to pass a motion to delay the leadership vote, [48] Pelosi was elected Minority Leader for the th Congress. On November 14, , Pelosi announced she would remain on as Democratic leader.

In August , Pelosi said her personal contact inform was posted online following a cyber attack against top Democratic campaign committees and she had received "obscene and sick calls, voice mails and text messages". She warned members of Congress to avoid letting children or family members answer phone calls or read text messages. Tim Ryan initiated a bid to replace Pelosi as House Minority Leader on November 17, , prompted by colleagues following the presidential election.

In , after Democrats lost four consecutive special elections in the House of Representatives, Pelosi's leadership was again called into question. On June 22, , a small group of House Democrats held a closed-door meeting in the office of Representative Kathleen Rice NY to discuss a strategy for selecting new Democratic leadership. Rice said in a CNN interview about Pelosi's leadership, "If you were talking about a company that was posting losing numbers, if you were talking about any sports team that was losing time and time again, changes would be made, right?

The coach would be out and there would be a new strategy put in place. In a press conference, Pelosi responded to the criticism by saying, "I respect any opinion that my members have but my decision about how long I stay is not up to them. I am a strategic, politically astute leader. My leadership is recognized by many around the country, and that is why I'm able to attract the support that I do. In November , after Pelosi called for the resignation of John Conyers over allegations of harassment, she convened the first in a series of planned meetings on strategies to address reforming workplace policies in the wake of national attention to sexual harassment.

Pelosi said Congress had "a moral duty to the brave women and men coming forward to seize this moment and demonstrate real, effective leadership to foster a climate of respect and dignity in the workplace. The GOP has led a partisan effort to distort intelligence and discredit the U. In August , Pelosi called for the resignation of Duncan D. In November , 60 Minutes alleged that Pelosi and several other members of Congress had used information they gleaned from closed sessions to make money on the stock market.

The program cited Pelosi's purchases of Visa stock while a bill that would limit credit card fees was in the House. Pelosi denied the allegations and called the report "a right-wing smear. Of Representatives Louise Slaughter and Tim Walz , who drafted the bill, Pelosi said they "shined a light on a gaping hole in our ethics laws and helped close it once and for all.

Pelosi was a founding member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus , but left in after being elected Minority Leader. Although Pelosi voted against the Iraq war, anti-war activists in San Francisco protested against her voting to continue funding the war.

UC Berkeley political scientist Bruce Cain said that Pelosi had to balance the demands of her anti-war constituency against the moderate views of Democrats in tight races around the country in her role as minority leader. In September , Pelosi visited Hiroshima , Japan , for a G8 summit meeting of lower house speakers and offered flowers in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park for the victims of the atomic bombing.

In March , after a meeting with the Dalai Lama , Pelosi criticized the People's Republic of China for its handling of the unrest in Tibet and called on "freedom-loving people" worldwide to denounce China. Pelosi's statement read, "I call on the Chinese government to immediately and unconditionally release Hu Jia from prison and to respect the fundamental freedoms of all the people in China. Pelosi met with Uribe and later released a statement that she and other members of Congress had "expressed growing concerns about the serious allegations" of links between paramilitary groups and Colombian government officials.

In , Pelosi said: I don't think it's been successful, and I think we have to remove the travel bans and have more exchanges — people to people exchanges with Cuba. Nancy Pelosi is one of the few members of Congress to have traveled to North Korea. She has expressed concern about the danger of nuclear proliferation from the North Korean regime, and the ongoing problems of hunger and oppression imposed by that country's leadership.

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How well do news managers know their local communities? Are stories assigned because they come to you or are you actively staying in touch with the interests and needs of you "whole" community? This session will highlight how news managers can inspire issue based enterprise reporting for all communities in a coverage area.

Dyer assumed his new role i n January of , returning to his hometown. Louis, where he was Vice President, Broadcast. A native of Washington, D. Dyer grew up in the Washington, D. NE neighborhood of Riggs Park with his parents who are also D. While attending Boston College, Dyer was an outstanding member of BC Eagles football team and served as its captain his se nior year.

Richard and his wife, Yvonne, reside in Bowie, Maryland and have two children. Traditional anti-harassment policies and training failed to prevent the sexual misconduct scandals that have rocked media organizations this past year. This fun, interactive "Newlywed Game"-style event will quiz ND's on how well they know and work with their bosses. John leaped into the world of social media in while then in a project management role at Virgin America, and lead numerous creative marketing initiatives for the fledgling airline.

A board member and Past president of the Utah Headliners, Sheryl has maintained an active role in fighting for open records and access to government and fighting against threats to journalism.

Murrow award for news coverage. Besides expertise in social media, Bob also specializes in severe weather coverage and breaking news. Outside of work, Bob mentors young producers and reporters, critiquing their work, and preparing them for a future in television news.

Mercer is the general manager of SFGATE for Hearst Newspapers, overseeing content and operations for the 5th largest newspaper website in America, with 35 million unique monthly users, in addition to overseeing content operations in Seattle.

This moderated discussion will chronicle the experience of Tahera Rahman, the first full-time on air broadcast reporter in the U. The innovative social media-centric startup combines human storytellers and proprietary technology to debate and visualize community opinions in real-time.

He currently lives in Harlem with his wife and three adorable cats. She is the first full-time TV news reporter in the United States to wear a hijab. She was hired by News Director, Mike Mickle.

Prior to this position, she was a producer for the same station, creating the evening broadcasts. Tahera started her career as producer of a community radio show in Chicago. Mike has more than 30 years of broadcast news experience. His work has been recognized with awards in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Iowa and Illinois.

Mike is also a documentary film producer. Mike and his wife Karen have three children. Journalists and their managers need to engage early in the legislative process or bad laws will get passed.

This panel will give examples from state legislatures this year and what was done by journalists in each market to combat bad actors and bad legislation. The goal of this panel is to encourage journalists or their managers and companies to get involved on the local front to combat threats to the First Amendment and open records. Reymann has helped staff the Freedom of Information Hotline at Parr Brown, which provides pro bono assistance to the news media and citizens seeking access to government records and proceedings.

Along with serving on the Utah Headliners Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists board on several occasions, he has been active on behalf of journalists in important First Amendment and Freedom of Information legislative lobbying and legal cases. He was part of a team that successfully called for the repeal of law that Utah's public records law in the Utah Legislature.

He has also worked on several occasions to convince lawmakers to enact major revisions to the Utah Open and Public Meetings Act. Scott is general counsel to the Louisiana Press Association and works with newspapers and citizens throughout Louisiana.

As general counsel, he reviews all relevant legislation pending before the Louisiana Legislature and testifies on press-related issues. Scott regularly speaks and writes in the area of government accountability and access, constitutional law, ethics and media issues. Scott teaches at Loyola University New Orleans's School of Mass Communication and often takes pro bono representation of citizens who have been wronged or are seeking public records.

He has a journalism and law degrees from Louisiana State University. Sessions in the Newsgathering track will teach attendees about ethical journalism, access, FOI and more. Learn from some of the best in the business about how they do their job, and how they can make your job even more impactful. In this interactive session, attendees will work in small groups to examine their own identities in order to help them rethink their approach to interviewing sources, doing research in their communities and interacting with the public.

We will look more broadly at the role that empathy plays in ethical journalism and how journalists can practice empathy in their work. This session will use as its foundation American Press Institute research about empathy and how it can help journalists engage more deeply with diverse communities and repair relationships with communities that they have ignored or marginalized.

Kovac-Ashley terabithia4 is the director of newsroom learning at the American Press Institute. Her work focuses on newsroom culture, transformational change, talent development and diversity. Kovac-Ashley has worked as a journalism educator and administrator on the undergraduate and graduate levels at West Virginia University and Georgetown University, respectively.

Prior to that, she spent a dozen years as a professional journalist. Katherine Ellis, program associate, American Press Institute Katherine Ellis katherinekellis is a program associate for the American Press Institute focusing primarily on marketing outreach and diversity initiatives. Ellis is a graduate of the University of Utah where she studied journalism, marketing and public relations. While in college, she served as editor-in-chief of the Daily Utah Chronicle and spearheaded its transformation from a daily printed paper to a bi-weekly print, digital first publication.

A piece of journalism is only as good as the information it draws from. In this session, learn the importance of sourcing and see where others failed. Also, find out how to get the most reluctant sources on the record and know where to turn when all else fails.

Before joining LinkedIn, he was digital editor for Reuters. He helped manage the news agency's social media, homepage and app in that role. He previously served as Reuters senior medical journalist. When a public official denies your public records request, don't slink away in misery. Two top FOI experts will provide practical tips for how to appeal a public records denial and then sue on your own. Dalglish, dean, Philip Merrill College of Journalism.

Before earning his doctorate from Washington State University in he was a newspaper reporter and editor in the Pacific Northwest. Dalglish became dean of the University of Maryland Philip Merrill College of Journalism in after 12 years as executive director of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. The American Community Survey ACS is an ongoing survey that generates estimates on social, economic, housing, and demographic topics for all communities in the US.

This presentation will cover: Background information about the ACS; What is available: In , she became a permanent member of the Media Relations Branch in the Public Information Office and focuses on communication strategy, media relations and social media.

She has also received two National Association of Government Communicators honorable mentions for her work on the American Community Survey local news releases and the year anniversary Hurricane Katrina Facts for Features.

She joined the agency in as part of the media relations team for the Census. In , she integrated the first Data Dissemination team of the Census Bureau, and became responsible for building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders and the media in the northeast states through the dissemination of data.

Alexandra conducts over presentations and workshops every year to a variety of organizations, including local governments, congressional offices, businesses, non-profits, media, schools, universities, and tribes.

She is currently leading the development and implementation of the Census Bureau new e-learning hub which will offer continuing education courses using multiple formats. In her position, she provides media with data assistance and training, creates and implements communications campaigns, and assists with media events at the U.

She came to the Census Bureau in as a Pathways intern and became a permanent employee in A Murrow Award is a prestigious honor for a journalist and is recognizes the best in electronic journalism.

We will invite an elite group of National Edward R. Murrow winners to showcase their work and talk about ways all news operations can raise their game. Previously, Dan was Senior Vice President of Digital Content Strategy for iHeartMedia, which reaches a quarter-billion consumers every month through its radio, digital, outdoor, mobile, social and events platforms.

He is also tasked with not only growing the current iHeartMedia network but expanding the business model to other audiences through syndication, partnerships and new digital products. He is based in New York. He also managed relationships with other digital publishers that partnered with iOne, including fellow Radio One companies Reach Media nationally syndicated radio shows and the cable network TV One. While there, he transformed wcbstv.

He also helped other CBS owned and operated TV stations across the country enhance their digital strategies. Murrow Award for best newscast in He was recently featured in the American Journalism Review, and, in , was the focus of an hour-long CSPAN broadcast about his career and thoughts on journalism.

He is a member of the team awarded the Pulitzer Prize in investigative reporting. His documentary series, Out of the Blocks, shares stories from Baltimore and beyond, one city block at a time.

Panelists will break down their award-winning pieces, share key reporting tools and best practices. You'll walk away with new ways to creatively approach financial reporting and make comprehensive topics more digestible to viewers and listeners. Prior to her second career at CBS, Jill spent 14 years as the co-owner and Chief Investment Officer for an independent investment advisory firm.

She began her career as a self-employed options trader on the Commodities Exchange of New York, following her graduation from Brown University. Susannah Snider, personal finance editor, U. Since , she has reported on a wide range of personal finance topics, from consumer travel to college financial aid, student loans and employment. Snider previously worked as a staff writer at Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine and holds a master's degree in journalism from the University of Southern California.

Born in Galveston County, Jason grew up in the Houston area. He has since lived in every major metropolitan area in Texas. Jason graduated from the University of Houston before setting out on a two-decade long career as an anchor, host, documentary producer, and reporter in television markets around the country. His latest assignment at News8 is anchoring the weekday 4 p.

Jason has been recognized with two Edward R. DrBillyHensley is the senior director of education for the National Endowment for Financial Education r NEFE where he oversees the grants and research department, including management of NEFE's consumer education programs, collegiate initiatives, and e-learning and web strategy.

His primary research interests are financial education, teacher professional development and assessment, the sociocultural influences on behavioral choices, and curriculum design. News writing from the network level to the smallest market can be awful; it is often filled with cliches that wreak havoc cliche on the tight-knit communities cliche on which we report.

In this presentation by Christopher Cruise, RTDNA bad-news writing columnist and radio news anchor at The Voice of America and Westwood One News, we'll look at some of the most pervasive of these cliches and talk about ways we can report without resorting to journalese. Download handouts [ZIP archive]. He also teaches classes in American political history. He got his first paycheck as a reporter when he was Learn to quickly perceive and accommodate the emotional and dispositional traits of your subject, to generate the trust necessary to elicit the information you need.

At the same time, learn to spot signs of deception that could cast doubt on the integrity of the information you receive. This program will teach you how to quickly and easily size up everyone you meet, from the most transparent to the most combative, and tailor your communication style accordingly. By selecting an interviewing approach customized to the personality and emotional needs of your subject, you maximize the ability to elicit useful information, and detect deception.

Patrick, criminal attorney, San Diego Wendy L. She has completed over trials ranging from hate crimes, to domestic violence, to first-degree murder. She also serves as a radio guest host.

Great video stories connect to the audience through powerful sound and memorable characters. But who has the time? Working under tight deadlines and challenging conditions doesn't stop this team.

Baltimore's Fox 45 reporter Kathleen Cairns and photojournalist Alanna Delfino turn everyday assignments into memorable stories. For them, doing great work against the clock takes guts and commitment to the craft. In this session, these multiple Murrow, Emmy, and NPPA award winning journalists will share tips to help you make your daily stories stand out from the competition. She was part of the team that started Fox45 in Kathleen has covered papal visits, provided live coverage from BWI on September 11th, and the beltway sniper.

Much of her award-winning reporting occurred during the Baltimore riots. Alanna Delfino, photojournalist, FOX 45 Baltimore Behind her lens, Alanna Delfino finds the special moments that turn an assignment into a memorable story. Some of the best news stories start off as garbled transmissions over police scanners, but is that a sustainable method of crime reporting in a digital age?

FirstNet, a nationwide network for emergency officials, could make scanners a technology of the past. Additionally, journalists are met by increasingly skeptical and closed off police forces. Learn what journalists need to know about the future of emergency communication systems and how to navigate modern police departments from this panel of experts.

In this position, he oversees a staff consisting of a full-time Public Information Officer, Public Information Specialists, administrative staff, and on-call personnel.

The Public Affairs Section is responsible for releasing information to the media and the public concerning public safety issues, searches for critical missing people, serious crimes, and fatal vehicle crashes throughout Baltimore County on a hour basis. Shawn is also a member of the Maryland Bar since December Learn new galaxies of groups in the freedom of information universe that can help you access public records, including those working in libraries, civil society nonprofits, law school clinics, research labs, and state coalitions.

We will map out the FOI landscape, show where you can get resources and litigation help, and provide findings from recent studies by the John S. Knight Foundation and Open The Government.

Lisa Rosenberg, executive director, Open the Government Lisa Rosenberg is the Executive Director of Open the Government, an inclusive, nonpartisan coalition that works to strengthen our democracy and empower the public by advancing policies that create a more transparent, accountable, and responsive government. Lisa has spoken nationally and internationally on democracy related issues, has testified before Congress, and has appeared on national media.

Mass shootings are among the most traumatic breaking news stories a journalist may ever cover. And, as in any breaking news situation, reporting accurately and completely may be particularly challenging.

After a mass shooting has occurred is no time to be trying to reason through the difficult ethical decisions such coverage warrants. Since , she has reported on the Sandy Hook mass shooting, corruption, philanthropy, business, guns, politics, poverty, resilience, pizza and prom dresses for The New York Times. He and his staff are covering the Parkland mass shooting. For the first time, agencies have deadlines by which they have to respond. A Public Records Advocate will help mediate records disputes, provide education and flag wayward agencies.

We will look at the Oregon Experience with an eye for how to replicate these efforts in your state to improve local public records laws. An education reporter for the Portland Tribune, a newspaper in Portland, Ore. Covering a mix of local and state government, Budnick frequently uses public records. Increasingly, journalists have been jailed and murdered as far away as Myanmar and as near as Mexico. Foley Legacy Foundation will discuss the challenges confronted by journalists who are intent on exposing the truth, as well as precautions they can take to protect themselves.

Alex Tarquinio, president, Society of Professional Journalists. Foley Legacy Foundation; J. Alex Tarquinio is the incoming president of the Society of Professional Journalists. Tarquinio has two decades of experience as a writer and editor. She has written about business and politics in the United States, Europe and Asia. Most recently, she covered the negotiations leading up to the first summit between the United States and North Korea in articles for Politico Magazine and the New York Post.

Her editing stints included Time Inc. She received a German Marshall Fund fellowship for a reporting residency in the divided island nation of Cyprus. She lives in New York City with her husband, Frank.

Abderrahim Foukara was born and raised in Morocco where he received a B. Later, in the UK, he completed a Ph. In he joined Al Jazeera TV as a correspondent. She is in charge of implementing, developing, and promoting the advocacy campaigns and strategies of RSF in the United States.

Foley Legacy Foundation Diane M. Foley is the mother of five children, including American freelance conflict journalist James W. She founded the James W.

Foley Legacy Foundation in September , less than a month after his public execution. In , she actively participated in the National Counterterrorism Center hostage review which culminated in the Presidential Policy Directive Previously, Diane worked first as a community health nurse and then as a family nurse practitioner for 18 years.

As the news industry continues to morph in unexpected ways, Fellows of the Society reflect on their years of distinguished service to journalism and look into the immediate future to consider the opportunities and challenges ahead.

She served as executive director of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press from to The Reporters Committee is a voluntary, unincorporated association of reporters and news editors dedicated to protecting the First Amendment interests of the news media. Based in Arlington, Va.

From to , Dalglish was a reporter and editor at the St. As a reporter, she covered beats ranging from general assignment and suburbs to education and courts. He was the founding dean of The Edward R. Rosenthal is a board member and an executive producer at The Center for Investigative Reporting.

Rosenthal worked for 22 years at the Inquirer, starting as a reporter and eventually becoming its executive editor in Before joining the Inquirer in , Rosenthal worked as a reporter for six years at The Boston Globe and three-and-a-half years at The New York Times, where he was a news assistant on the foreign desk and an editorial assistant on the Pulitzer Prize-winning Pentagon Papers project.

Jerry Ceppos, William B. Among other positions, he was executive editor of the San Jose Mercury News and vice president for news of Knight Ridder, then the secondlargest newspaper company. He served as dean until this past June and remains a professor. Two years ago, he was named a fellow of the Society of Professional Journalists, for extraordinary contributions to the profession.

And more recently Mueller, Putin, Facebook, Twitter and more. Covering national security issues has never been easy. So says another person who spent years in solitary confinement.

I advocate a mixture of capitalism allow private businesses and socialism regulate them tightly, tax them a lot, and keep them small. Appoint progressive to Supreme Court US citizens: The White House comments line is Withdraw demand to break security US citizens: Investigate Exxon's lies US citizens: Call on state attorneys general to investigate Exxon's climate lies.

Cutting emissions to avoid global heating disaster could save almost , Americans from death from respiratory diseases by The suggestion at the end to put US money into rural development is, however, easier to say than to do. The US has scattered lots of cash for this, and often it only fed corruption.

Require warrants to use Stingrays US citizens: It is promoting secrecy and reducing accountability to the public. There is a real dispute here, between male-to-female transsexuals who want to use toilets for females, and other females who feel uncomfortable with people in their toilets that are rather similar to males.

Both of them have good reasons, and I don't see how to satisfy them both. I don't have a solution to offer, but these laws clearly only do harm.

The mainstream media are spinning this as "Clinton won". Michael Moore's latest film shows what's missing in the US political establishment including the mainstream media: There's a place for schools for gifted children. Just don't judge ordinary public schools against them.

Reject HR US citizens: It would be wrong to do this even if it were easy. Toxins were contributed by the garbage that they burned, as well as remains from Saddam Hussein's former chemical weapons programs. Specifically, The FBI already has all of the suspects' communications records — who they talked to and how — as these are stored by service providers, not on the phone itself. The FBI has received comprehensive backups of all the suspects' data until just 6 weeks before the crime.

Copies of the suspects' contacts with co-workers — the FBI claimed interest — are available in duplicate from those co-workers' phones. The phone in controversy is a government-issued work phone, subjected to consent-to-monitoring, not a secret terrorist communications device.

The "operational" phones believed to be hiding incriminating information, recovered by the FBI during a search, were physically destroyed, not "shielded by Apple. Apple's current defense of one aspect of user's privacy would be admirable if it were the whole story. In fact, it is the exception among a long string of abuses. The article mentions one of the malicious functionalities of the iPhone and the iBad: This means they do not allow the user to run an operating system that wasn't signed by Apple.

This gives Apple total power over the user. Schneier says that "either everyone gets security, or no one does. No user of an iThing has security against Apple, because Apple can do any nasty thing whatsoever in the next "upgrade". It is infamous for mistreating its own users. In general, no user of proprietary software has any security against the program's developer. Even in , some in the Pentagon knew that the Syrian rebels were mainly Islamists.

That doesn't mean Obama and his advisers knew this — but if not, they should have. That is hardly an excuse. It believes that they attack these facilities intentionally. This article describes the UK. New York City has done it too, for instance in Zucotti Park. These laws have avoided dozens of alcohol-related injuries each year, but maybe it is possible to keep the venues open and reduce how much alcohol people can drink in them.

The Australian law that punishes personnel who report this or other abuse of prisoners is a state-sanctioned coverup of systematic crime.

Protect sea floor habitats US citizens: Protect forage fish US citizens: Stop merger US citizens: Support clean power plan US citizens: There is no vaccine against the common cold — or against the flu in general. Honduras still suffers from the effects of that coup. Clinton's policy towards Latin America: The thug did not intend to shoot Gurley, but did nothing to save him. They are concerned lest the state send the baby back to the prison in Nauru, where the baby was burned.

He turned the constitution upside down to permit Republican voter suppression. The article itself uses self-defeating terminology such as "digital locks" and "digital rights management" , but the infographic itself does not use them.

This January set a record for the smallest amount of Arctic sea ice in winter. Global heating will make the groundwater shortage worse in parts of the US. Florida is passing a bill to make a list of organizations that support boycott, divestment or sanctions directed at the occupation of Palestine, and specifically cut funding to them. These are not local initiatives. It is an extension to the US of the campaign to prohibit dissent in Israel. Global climate mayhem has happened before , and it causes entire ecosystems to collapse and disappear.

Trump stated his admiration for an atrocity perhaps mythical attributed to US General Pershing in the colonized Philippines,. I've read though not in detail that the US's suppression of the Philippines in , when it had kicked out Spanish rule, was quite brutal. Sanders now leads Clinton in a national poll. Clinton's strategy of trying to prevent voters from learning about Sanders, by having few debates and obscure ones, was cunning, and it almost worked. Maybe now it will fail. A company hires actors to pretend to be "concerned citizens", reading from scripts.

Documents show additional Volkswagen lies about the overpolluting cars. Some US states long ago banned paying low wages to employees and telling them to make it up with tips. I tip waiters in restaurants, because I know they depend on it, but I would rather get rid of the practice and require employers to pay them an adequate wage. To reduce inequality, we need to change the rules that the super-rich have set up to grab most of the wealth that we produce.

Exxon is still lobbying and spreading misinformation about global heating , trying to stop society from protecting itself from the likes of Exxon. Prisoner Albert Woodfox, who has been in solitary confinement for 43 years after bogus trials, was released from prison.

Connecticut has arranged housing for all its homeless veterans. Ocean heating is harming some marine species. An experiment shows shoppers on Ebay act in a sexist way. For most products, they offer a higher bid if the seller is male. Sexism has been demonstrated in other areas; for instance, evaluation of the merit of scientific work is affected by sexism.

My father's second wife was a painter. When she was young, she signed her paintings with a name that could be take for masculine, to avert sexism. Her paintings sold better that way. Increased CO2 in the water may not directly wipe out coral, but makes coral deformed and more more vulnerable to viruses. Young coral organisms have special difficulty, so a reef might not recover after events that kill part of it. If you want to stop Trump in November, vote for Sanders now.

The EPA will investigate how pesticides, including Roundup, affect endangered species. Israel is planning a law to provide an excuse to kick elected Arabs out of Parliament. PISSI is using children of 12 as suicide bombers, as well as teenagers. Evidence from Australia substantiates the theory that lead poisoning controls society's overall crime rate. Uganda's main opposition presidential candidate has been arrested. The FBI boasts of "disrupting" lots of supposed terrorist threats or plans, but won't explain concretely what "disrupting" means.

It also isn't clear whether these were real terrorist plans, or fantasy plans that wont go anywhere unless facilitated by the FBI. Nauru has tightened security against exposure of how it treats the prisoners it imprisons for Australia by restricting visits by Australians. Nauru is Australia's equivalent of Guantanamo, except used for people not even accused of terrorism and even less accountable. The EU is proposing to reduce regulations on clinical trials of drugs.

The biggest problem with clinical trials today is that they are run by the drug companies that make the drugs. This is a form of corruption. One specific aspect of this problem is that many trials go unpublished. Indeed, it could make things worse. What we need is specific additional regulation.

This article gives too little information to judge the change, and that itself is a cause for suspicion. They accuse Microsoft of dumping. The main wrong in the Microsoft deal is not an issue of competition, but that it is trying to impose dependence on user-subjugating software on the country. Obama and his top staff must know this. What I don't see is what they hope to achieve. Convert part of al-Qa'ida into a US ally? It might not be a ridiculous idea, given that nearly all sides in Syria have committed great crimes the exception being the Kurds.

But if we can forgive al-Qa'ida its crimes, why not Assad too? It's the result of fracking. Stand up for net neutrality US citizens: I agree with the opposition to anti-semitism; however, the claim that comparing Israel's occupation with apartheid constitutes "anti-semitism" makes me concerned that their definition of "anti-semitism" is too broad and that this is being used as an excuse to repress criticism of Israel.

Boycotts Are Vital to Democracy. The Tories are attacking democracy in the UK on a wide range of fronts, including voter suppression , gerrymandering , and attacks on Labour party funding. This adds up to a plan to quash democracy and seize permanent power while pretending not to. The Israeli Labor party proposes permanent apartheid in the West Bank, and terror bombing of civilians in Gaza. Terrorism means making war on civilians. It doesn't become any more legitimate when the bombs are fired from planes instead of carried by suiciders.

We know that the US has not adopted the necessary reforms to prevent the banks from causing another crisis. The banksters did not allow sufficient reforms. It is interesting to see a member of the financial structure say so.

As part of this campaign, protesters disrupted a US auction of oil and gas leases. Clinton is less electable , and her vaunted "experience" consists of supporting hawks and plutocrats. I have nothing against hiring Mexicans; I object to mistreating workers in any country or paying them so little. I say "suspect", because legally that's what's pertinent; but there is little doubt that this suspect, now deceased, was guilty of murder.

I do not object to this in principle, because it is part of investigating one suspect and doesn't imply snooping on everyone. Tear down Yellowstone dam US citizens: Net neutrality US citizens: It appears that microcephaly can be detected at 22 weeks. That's not too late for an abortion a fetus with a grave birth defect. Fair use in the US is not an explicit right, just a defense available to those accused of copyright infringement.

Thus, even if you are pretty sure from precedents that you're going to win the case on grounds of fair use, you're still in a perilous position. The Catholic Church should remove itself from operating hospitals rather than impose its dogma on patients. The emergency powers don't seem to have done much good so far, except for the fossil fuel companies by crushing rallies during the Paris climate meeting.

Subsidizing fossil fuel puts the whole world in danger. It has been clear for years that the Tories aimed to destroy the NHS but were unwilling to say so. Hindu fanaticism has been a dangerous force in India since before India was founded. Shortly after that, a Hindu fanatic assassinated Gandhi. As for charges of "sedition", any state that charges a person with "sedition" under whatever name convicts itself of oppression. Meanwhile, the country is plagued by hunger and disease.

A plutocratic state regards the people as its prey. This way, they avoid the embarrassment that would result if the rest of us saw their bullshit. Sharmeen Obaid was shot by her father for choosing who to marry.

By a freak accident, she survived to tell the tale. The killer got off without punishment after she was pressured to "forgive" him. Until state punishes these killers, private revenge is justified. Feminists in Pakistan would be justified in organizing to kill these killers. The government, finding this embarrassing, is shutting it down.

The CIA officially tells agents to make false reports, which supposedly will be corrected by other reports. But sometimes the false reports are passed on to Congress and the corrections are not. In most countries, "anti-terrorism" measures are a far bigger danger to the people than terrorism itself.

Labeling of dissent as "terrorism" is a world-wide tendency, found also in the US. I think it is ridiculous to demand that either men or women go without sex for years, when a better solution is available.

There is no solid proof that Zika causes microencephaly, but evidence is accumulating. There's enough evidence to base practical decisions on the likelihood. Life decisions cannot always wait for scientific certainty, which can take many years to achieve. It is plausible for an insecticide to cause birth defects, but implausible that the insecticide alone could explain the big increase in microencephaly between and in Brazil.

Perhaps the microencephaly results from the combination of Zika and a pesticide. Or maybe this idea can be ruled out, if some of the cases occurred in cities and the pesticide is used only on farms.

As global heating advances and causes additional mayhem, we will have to choose what to protect. The only way we can save everything — at least, everything that will only become threatened at later stages of heating — is to keep the fossil fuels in the ground. This is why spending money on mitigation instead of emissions reduction is total folly. Cut nuclear weapons spending US citizens: Thank Kamala Harris Everyone: Thank Kamala Harris for investigating Exxon's climate lies. Tongass National Forest US citizens: It formerly appeared that natural gas produced less greenhouse effect than other fossil fuels, but that was based on failing to take account of the methane leaks.

New Rate Survey of U. Of course — they need to make a profit somewhere. I suspect, however, that this does not take account of the way house costs and rents have ballooned. Repeal the military draft US citizens: Supreme Court US citizens: This seems to imply a system of massive surveillance, far more dangerous than occasional fights. People could be jailed for months on mere suspicion. One part of the proposal is legitimate: Vineyards will have to move to Tasmania, to the land where the old growth forests are burning down.

Non-corruption condition for aid US citizens: I expect that some companies or countries will try to use trade treaties to make the US repeal this law, as they have done with other important laws to protect something important. Is it right to agree to violate someone's rights in order to get a worse violator to stop?

And if you do, should you break the deal? It is a difficult question. Pass a Shareholders United act US citizens: Call on your state legislature to pass a Shareholders United act to limit corporations' political spending. Arrest Governor Snyder Everyone: Call for the arrest of Governor Snyder for recklessly poisoning the children of Flint, Michigan.

Vote on replacement for Scalia US citizens: Some twenty years ago, Massachusetts passed a law to boycott companies that did business in Burma. At the time, the US had not yet adopted strong trade sanctions against Burma.

Other countries called this a "non-tariff barrier to trade" and said it violated the World Trade Organization rules. Congress passed, and President Clinton signed, a law that prohibited states from adopting such boycotts: This is one of the many plutocratist actions I condemn Bill Clinton for.

Hillary Clinton appears to be basically the same in her support for plutocracy , which is why I will not vote for her for president. I think the plan is a good idea, if it can be prevented from leading to a war between Turkey and Russia.

Turkey accuses Russia of intentionally attacking civilians to send them fleeing. I would not put this past Putin. That doesn't prove it is an intentional plan. Maybe sending so many people fleeing is just a byproduct.

If so, Putin clearly does not mind. This is not only an injustice, it will help Boko Haram too. They can tell their captives, "If you escape, your family will hate you. Your only future now is with us. The torture-killing of Giulio Regeni called attention to what Egyptians suffer every day. Facebook apologized for deleting Viz magazine's page , but the point is that publications should have to depend on Facebook to act responsibility. Only companies — not people, of course.

A review of Kissinger's atrocities and crimes against humanity. He's not the source from which the president of the US should seek advice. Clinton has done little to distance herself from Kissinger's crimes. Food Recovery Act US citizens: Supreme Court nominees US citizens: No religion-based discrimination In the US: Clean energy US citizens: Stop net neutrality violation US citizens: In practice, the effect of the pledge is nil.

These workers are paid so little they can hardly get by. The low pay for these workers, and workers in general around the world, is the intended result of "free trade" treaties. That's why we must replace them with a different global system of trade, one that keeps wages up.

I suppose the idea of convicting a thug was too shocking. Remember, Facebook does not have users, it has useds. Facebook does this through Like buttons. The FBI has ever more ways to snoop on everyone even despite the use of encryption.

Part of the blame falls on companies that want to surveil people through advertising. This increasing snooping is dangerous for democracy.

Several Tory ministers secretly agreed to give fracking priority over protecting national parts and sites of scientific interest. Saudi Arabia has investigated its own war crimes in Yemen and found itself innocent.

Australian censorship, specifically the criminalization of "hate speech", interferes with the debate about whether to legalize same-sex marriage. Stating opposition is likely to lead to prosecution.

I support same-sex marriage, but I also support freedom of speech, and this includes the freedom to offend, insult, condemn or mock any person, belief, practice, institution, or group. That includes gays, and that includes straights. The Mosul Dam is in danger of collapsing and killing up to half a million people. Without taxing the rich properly, support for refugees will in the short term fall on the poor. In a longer term, the refugees will contribute to the economy if there are jobs for them; but there may be no housing for them.

New York thugs want the power in effect to declare anyone a felon on their own say-so. Bahrain arrested American journalists who were covering a protest. The government accuses them of participating in the protest, and of doing journalism without permission.

By doing so it confesses disrespect for human rights. What the article does not mention is that human population growth is the other jaw of the vice. To stabilize fish populations won't be enough unless we stabilize the human population too. Russian air power is supporting the Kurds to advance in Syria. I suppose this is because Russia regards Turkey as the regional enemy, and the Kurds are the enemy of Russia's enemy. It would be a very good thing if the Kurds captured that strip.

However, Turkey's recent shelling of Kurdish fighters suggests that it is on the verge of starting a broader war against Syrian Kurds. If that happens, the Kurds might lose greatly unless they get more support.

A giant bank bullied the UK government into weakening regulations by threatening to leave. The courageous response, what the world needs, is to tell the banks to jump in the lake. But I won't say that the Tories were cowardly. I doubt they ever wished to deny such a powerful company what it wanted. Tens of thousands protested in North Carolina against voter suppression laws.

Plain, unexaggerated truth from Trump! Right-wing nuts insisting on Dubya 's lies instead! Dubya and Cheney repeated those lies over and over, even after the facts were established; it was evil, but very effective at building a movement disconnected from reality. TTIP of the Iceberg: In Russia, official censorship is surrounded by a cloud of intimidation.

A few days before Uganda's presidential election, the state has jailed an opposition candidate. India arrested a student at Jawaharlal Nehru University for "sedition", leading to a strike which has received support from other campuses.

Puerto Rico is turning itself into a tax shelter for billionaires to parasitize the US. Still, the competition to bow down to billionaires will hurt all of us, except the billionaires.

We must put an end to it. Settlement of refugees Everyone: Call on Tennessee not to oppose settlement of refugees. Dodd-Frank provisions US citizens: What they propose would be a step in the right direction, but it does not go far enough.

For democracy's sake, we must stop considering this kind of "solution" as a real solution. Regardless of what entity collects the data, it is Big Brother's use of the data that threatens democracy.

ISPs should be forbidden to keep any records of a user's internet contacts, except when ordered by a specific warrant. What else would you expect from a Tory? We have the same problem in the US. It's effective for promoting pregnancy and diseases among teenagers, but no one can point to any good results. Obama has not much record of standing firm, but this would be an outrageous surrender. Cancel nuclear weapons upgrades US citizens: Beyond contributing to the possible defeat of PISSI , they will also help the struggle against the general patriarchal cruelty of Arab society.

China deserves this rebuke, and I hope it is adopted. Meanwhile, I wish the US would cease its practices of imprisonment without trial , extracting false confessions through torture , and imprisoning whistleblowers, so that it could be in a good moral position to rebuke other countries. It not only harms them economically and endangers their health, it also increases the birth rate, which endangers everyone.

It's also a fundamental wrong. The song is probably in the public domain, but there is no way to prove that. According to Wikipedia, Azaz was held by al-Nusra al-Qa'ida together with other Syrian rebels; the Kurds cooperated with Russia to take it. I can't begin to figure out what this implies. US intervention is largely to blame for the rottenness, what with forcibly removing President Aristide and imposing the former president Martelly. These injuries range from suffocation to broken bones.

The companies falsify records and deny the victims medical treatment. But hey, they have to make money, right? To allow a privately run prison is to invite injustice. This practice must be abolished.

More generally, no government function should be privatized unless that gives the public the benefit of a competitive market. Yet another reason why we should abolish patents. President Clinton's media law, bought by media companies' lobbyists , allowed them to merge and concentrate, increasing their power. The biggest victim is democracy itself.

No wonder they now support Clinton for president. I've read elsewhere that data brokers do reassociate these profiles with people's names, by correlating data from various sources. I think that public funds should not be spent on fertility treatments.

Public policy should aim for a lower birthrate, as long as the human population is too high and still rising. The US birth rate is low enough for population stability, if it were not for immigration; but since we do have immigration, and the US population is still rising, we should aim to reduce both causes of population increase. Some vultures are holding out for more. If they get as much as a cent, that will be a victory for evil. The court should award those fund managers 10 years, not 10 dollars.

Update overtime pay limit US citizens: Protect migrant minors US citizens: Restrict fossil fuel extraction US citizens: Proposal for curbing global heating US citizens: Support the Congressional Progressive Caucus proposal for curbing global heating.

The tide itself comes on top of sea-level rise. Tides are not likely to change much in the next few million years, but our greenhouse gases are pushing sea-level rise. In a few centuries, much of London will be permanently inundated. It's really Scilly to introduce non-native species. You can blame this on proprietary software. This prohibition is effective because the apps are proprietary software and can restrict what users can say. A state would find it a lot harder to restrict people through making demands on free software.

Hooray, and may this lead to the elimination of copyright from scientific publishing, as I called for 15 years ago. Or are they simply displaying their grasping nature? There is no need to investigate precisely how bad for-profit colleges are, because there is no good reason for them to exist at all. The US government should stop offering aid to study in them. That would more or less get rid of them all. Traditional not-for-profit colleges would pick up the load.

They are not allowed to go to the UK, but France does not seem to be trying to kick them out. If they can stay in France, isn't that good enough to escape the persecution of whichever country they are fleeing from?

Stop relying on a navigation system , and get a map! With her hawkish views, it is no surprise that Clinton is following his advice. The Clintons have had a close personal relationship with Kissinger for years.

What this says to me is that if Clinton disapproves of anything Kissinger did, she does not take the matter very much to heart. While Clinton has started saying things that are more progressive, I don't believe she means them sincerely, and I expect she would revert to plucratism if she got elected.

We need a president and a congress that will give the banksters the opposite of what they want. We are using up groundwater as if there were an unlimited supply. Let's stop increasing the world's population! Regulate untested chemicals US citizens: Stop prison abuse of immigrants US citizens: It is wrong to criminalize sex with animals if the animals are willing and not injured.

I've read about people that smear on their genitals something that dogs find tasty, to get the dogs to lick them. That is sex with an animal. The animal clearly chooses to do it. What part of that deserves punishment? I won't use AirBnB because I refuse to identify myself to internet services. I believe no one should be allowed to install a semipermanent remotely viewable camera a surveillance camera looking at a public place without a court order.

However, in this case, a security camera which makes local recordings with no remote viewing could have done the same job. I think that that use of the security camera is legitimate. A security camera serves to get information about any crimes visibly committed in a place, and that's what was done here.

UC Berkeley political scientist Bruce Cain said that Pelosi had to balance the demands of her anti-war constituency against the moderate views of Democrats in tight races around the country in her role as minority leader. In September , Pelosi visited Hiroshima , Japan , for a G8 summit meeting of lower house speakers and offered flowers in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park for the victims of the atomic bombing.

In March , after a meeting with the Dalai Lama , Pelosi criticized the People's Republic of China for its handling of the unrest in Tibet and called on "freedom-loving people" worldwide to denounce China. Pelosi's statement read, "I call on the Chinese government to immediately and unconditionally release Hu Jia from prison and to respect the fundamental freedoms of all the people in China.

Pelosi met with Uribe and later released a statement that she and other members of Congress had "expressed growing concerns about the serious allegations" of links between paramilitary groups and Colombian government officials. In , Pelosi said: I don't think it's been successful, and I think we have to remove the travel bans and have more exchanges — people to people exchanges with Cuba.

Nancy Pelosi is one of the few members of Congress to have traveled to North Korea. She has expressed concern about the danger of nuclear proliferation from the North Korean regime, and the ongoing problems of hunger and oppression imposed by that country's leadership. In August , following Trump warning that North Korea "will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen" in the event of further threats to the United States, Pelosi said the comments were "recklessly belligerent and demonstrate a grave lack of appreciation for the severity of the North Korean nuclear situation.

His saber-rattling and provocative, impulsive rhetoric erode our credibility. In November , after the Pentagon sent a letter to lawmakers stating a ground invasion was the only way to destroy all of North Korea's nuclear weapons without concern for having missed any, Pelosi stated she was concerned about both Pyongyang selling nuclear technology to third parties and North Korea and called for the United States to "exhaust every other remedy.

In a February 15, , interview, Pelosi noted that Bush consistently said he supports a diplomatic resolution to differences with Iran "and I take him at his word". At the same time, she said, "I do believe that Congress should assert itself, though, and make it very clear that there is no previous authority for the president, any president, to go into Iran".

In July , Pelosi said she was convinced Obama would have enough votes to secure the Iran nuclear deal, crediting the president with having made a "very strong and forceful presentation of his case supporting the nuclear agreement with Iran" and called the deal "a diplomatic masterpiece.

In mid-October , after the House Foreign Affairs Committee passed a resolution to label the killing of Armenians by Ottoman Turks as genocide, Pelosi pledged to bring the measure to a vote. In February , after the release of a Republican report alleging surveillance abuses by the Justice Department, Pelosi accused Trump of siding with President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the expense of preserving intelligence sources and methods.

The Sergeant at Arms requested, for security reasons, that the plane provided be capable of non-stop flight, requiring a larger aircraft. The Pentagon said "no one has rendered judgment" that Pelosi's use of aircraft "is excessive". Pelosi voted against the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of and earlier attempts at similar bans, and voted against the criminalization of certain situations where a minor is transported across state lines for an abortion HR , passed.

She has voted in favor of lifting the ban on privately funded abortions at U. She also voted in favor of the Abortion Funding Amendment, which would have allowed the use of district funds to promote abortion-related activities, but would have prohibited the use of federal funds.

Pelosi stands in favor of increased background checks for potential gun owners, as well as the controversial banning of assault weapons. In February , she called for the "Boldest possible move" on gun control, similar to a stance made just weeks earlier by former Representative, mass shooting victim, and fellow gun control advocate Gabrielle Giffords.

American Samoa was initially absent from the act, but as part of HR it was included. One Republican congressman who voted against the initial bill accused Pelosi of unethically benefiting Del Monte Foods headquartered in her district by the exclusion of the territory, where Del Monte's StarKist Tuna brand is a major employer. Pelosi opposed the welfare reform proposed by President Bush as well as reforms proposed and passed under President Clinton.

Lee from the National Statuary Hall of the U. Capitol to the Capitol crypt. The states are in terrible fiscal budget crises now and part of what we do for children's health, education and some of those elements are to help the states meet their financial needs.

In , Pelosi voted against the Ten Commandments being displayed in public buildings, including schools [] Pelosi voted for the No Child Left Behind Act , which instituted testing to track students' progress and authorized an increase in overall education spending. Pelosi has supported the development of new technologies to reduce U. She has also voted to remove an amendment that would allow for oil and gas exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Pelosi has blocked efforts to revive offshore oil drilling in protected areas, reasoning that offshore drilling could lead to an increase in dependence on fossil fuels. Pelosi was a key figure in convincing President Barack Obama to continue pushing for health care reform after the election of Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown in a January special election , a defeat that was seen as potentially fatal to Democratic reform efforts. Pelosi has voted to increase Medicare and Medicaid benefits.

On March 10, , Pelosi stated that Democrats would continue battling Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act but would also be willing to form a compromise measure in the event that Republicans were unable to pass a compromise bill and reached out for bipartisan support. She indicated her support for the Republican plan to expand Health Savings Accounts and said the question of Republicans accepting an expansion of Medicaid was important.

Pelosi said the Democrats would be unified as putting "a stake in the heart of this monstrous bill. In July , during a speech at Independence First, Pelosi said the goal of the Democrats "has always been to expand coverage and to do so in a way that improves benefits Pelosi voted against the Secure Fence Act of In June , Pelosi visited a federal facility used to detain migrant children separated from their parents and subsequently called for the resignation of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

It is about respecting the United Nations and a multilateral approach, which is safer for our troops. Pelosi reaffirms that "America and Israel share an unbreakable bond: America's commitment to the safety and security of the State of Israel is unwavering, Prior to elections in the Palestinian Authority, she voted for a Congressional initiative disapproving of participation in the elections by Hamas and other organizations defined as terrorist by the legislation.

She agrees with the current U. She has applauded Israeli "hopeful signs" of offering land, while criticizing Palestinian "threats" of not demonstrating peace in turn. She states, "If the Palestinians agree to coordinate with Israel on the evacuation, establish the rule of law, and demonstrate a capacity to govern, the world may be convinced that finally there is a real partner for peace".

During the Lebanon War , Pelosi voted in favor of Resolution on the count that "the seizure of Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah terrorists was an unprovoked attack and Israel has the right, and indeed the obligation, to respond". She argues that organizations and political bodies in the Mideast like Hamas and Hezbollah "have a greater interest in maintaining a state of hostility with Israel than in improving the lives of the people they claim to represent".

Pelosi asserts that civilians on both sides of the border "have been put at risk by the aggression of Hamas and Hezbollah" in part for their use of "civilians as shields by concealing weapons in civilian areas". In September , Pelosi hosted a reception in Washington with Israeli Knesset speaker Dalia Itzik , along with 20 members of Congress, where they toasted the "strong friendship" between Israel and the United States.

During the ceremony, Pelosi held up the replica dog tags of the three Israeli soldiers captured by Hezbollah and Hamas in and stated that she keeps them as a "symbol of the sacrifices made, sacrifices far too great by the people of the state of Israel".

In March , Pelosi said that "There is no greater political accomplishment in the 20th Century than the establishment of the State of Israel. She voiced her opposition to Proposition 8 , the successful ballot initiative , which defined marriage in California as a union between one man and one woman.

Pelosi says "My religion compels me—and I love it for it—to be against discrimination of any kind in our country, and I consider [the ban on gay marriage] a form of discrimination. I think it's unconstitutional on top of that.

Pelosi supports reform in marijuana laws , although NORML 's deputy director Paul Armentano said that she and other members of Congress hadn't done anything to change the laws. In regard to Representative Charles Rangel 's D-NY plan to introduce legislation that would reinstate the draft, Pelosi stated that she did not support such legislation.

In a speech at the AIPAC annual conference, Pelosi said that "for too long, leaders from both parties haven't done enough" to put pressure on Russia and China who are providing Iran with technological information on nuclear issues and missiles. Pelosi has stated that she now opposes the interrogation technique of waterboarding. According to the CIA, while Pelosi was the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee , she was briefed on the ongoing use of so-called " enhanced interrogation techniques ", including waterboarding authorized for a captured terrorist, Abu Zubaydah, [] [] [] in one hour-long briefing in After the briefing, Pelosi said she "was assured by lawyers with the CIA and the Department of Justice that the methods were legal.

But there was no objecting, no hand-wringing. The attitude was, 'We don't care what you do to those guys as long as you get the information you need to protect the American people.

However, several top Democratic lawmakers in the House signed a letter on June 26, , alleging that CIA Director Leon Panetta had asserted that the CIA misled Congress for a "number of years" spanning back to , casting clouds on the controversy.

Officials in Congress say her ability to challenge the practices may have been hampered by strict rules of secrecy that prohibited her from being able to take notes or consult legal experts or members of her own staffs. During a news conference on June 9, , after a reporter asked her about tweets by Trump responding to the testimony of former FBI James Comey before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Pelosi said no one at the White House seemed courageous enough to tell Trump that his tweets were beneath the dignity of the presidency and said that she was worried about his fitness.

In January , Pelosi referred to Trump's State of the Union Address as a performance that was without serious policy ideas that both parties could collaborate on. She questioned Trump's refusal to implement Russian sanctions after over members of Congress voted to approve them. Pelosi did note the scandal as having highlight a double standard of Republicans on issues of family values and expectations of presidential behavior, saying the party would be very involved if the event was happening to a Democrat.

Pelosi's only close race so far has been the special election to succeed Sala Burton's seat after her death in February In the special election's Democratic primary, Pelosi narrowly defeated San Francisco Supervisor Harry Britt , considered the more "progressive" candidate, with 36 percent of the vote to his 32 percent. In , after the redistricting from the Census , Pelosi ran in California's 8th congressional district , which now covered the San Francisco area.

She has continued to post landslide victories since, dropping beneath 80 percent of the vote only twice. She met Paul Frank Pelosi b. April 15, , in San Francisco [] while she was attending college. Nancy and Frank Pelosi have five children: Alexandra, a journalist, covered the Republican presidential campaigns in and made a film about the experience, Journeys with George.

In , Christine published a book, Campaign Boot Camp: Basic Training for Future Leaders. Pelosi resides in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. Helena , two commercial buildings in San Francisco, and a townhome in Placer. Helena area; he pled guilty to five counts of burglary in October Pelosi is a distant relative of professional soccer player, Marc Pelosi , although the two have never met.

While members of Congress are not required to disclose their exact net worth, organizations such as the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics CRP prepare estimated ranges based on public disclosures. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Iraq War troop surge of Electoral history of Nancy Pelosi.

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- William P Averill - (7/12/) - William P. Averill, Jr., 56, died Saturday, July 12, , at his residence after a sudden illness. He was a native of Hartford Connecticut, but had been a resident of Tupelo, Mississippi, for the past four years. A free list of college scholarships in a scholarship directory format. Educational scholarships for students going to college. Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi (/ p ə ˈ l oʊ s i /; born March 26, ) is an American politician serving as the Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives since , representing most of San Francisco, previously served as the 52nd House Speaker from to , the only woman to do so thus attaining the highest political office of any female.