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Want to go for a ride in my jeep

Want to go for a ride in my jeep

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Want to go for a ride in my jeep

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Suspension lifts, specifically, will change the geometry of how your suspension was originally designed to work. Read lift kit reviews , ask questions on forums, and quiz other Jeep owners about their lift experiences.

If your Jeep will only see the pavement, you can probably deal with a budget lift, stock gears, and 33s. You can spend as little as a few hundred or as much as several thousand dollars on the kit alone. Within those options, some kits are much more complete than others. For example, you can buy a 4-inch lift kit that comes with the bare minimum of coil springs, shocks, a transfer case drop, and a track bar relocation bracket.

Admittedly, I went this route in the beginning, but ended up spending significantly more money later on to correct driveline vibrations and poor handling. I ended up purchasing adjustable trackbars, SYE, new driveshaft, adjustable control arms, better shocks, better quick disconnects, etc.

Some of this will come down to personal preference though. Again, think about your driving habits and make sure your prospective mods make sense for you. I just want to give full disclosure on the pros and cons of lifting. My lift, tires, gears, and now lockers have pushed my Jeep well beyond its original capabilities…it really is a blast to drive on the trails. I sometimes compare it to playing golf…. Got some other suggestions about choosing the right lift?

I had an 02 TJ X model. The mods were done as I got the funds using mixed and matched pieces from different kits. Still worked great for several years. Worked ok, but vibration and steering issues would arise as parts wore. Added heavy duty tie rod, adjustable front and rear track bars one of the best mods , and a transfer case lowering kit. Fantastic at that point still running stock driveshaft! I spent and learned as I went, being happy with the Jeep at each stage, but planning and budgeting for more as I went.

Oh, and less than half the parts I bought were new. I bought from club guys as well as Ebay, catching folks when they were upgrading. I would then sell any of my old parts to help offset the cost. Hope this helps, although I am joining this thread a few years too late. It really depends what type of lift you have already. Hope this info is helpful. It sucks when you end up doing things twice…and paying twice. Take your time and do a decent amount of lift kit research.

Hey Garrett, I really appreciate this site. I am a NY City kid, and am beginning research on potential lifts, as I like to go hard when I can get away upstate. I do use my jeep as a daily driver though, and should probably stay conservative. The 1 thing that is bothering me was my run-in with death wobble. While I enjoy the power, I also enjoy the highway speed i get off the jeep. After this minor change, something as stupid as uneven pavement makes the jeep wander. I def want to regain a solid ride with good handling before i start lifting anything.

Bryan Wobbles can often be a hard thing to diagnose. There can be several culprits such as tire balancing, alignment, trackbar, worn steering components, etc. Some lifts come with a transfer case drop kit lowers your t-case to get your driveshaft back inline …sometimes you can get by with this, and other times you may need to do more. Just what I needed. Now I realize that I am even dumber than I had originally thought!

I need some suggestions. I have an 87 TJ and my husband would like to do some modification for ME. I also drive it daily to work. I would like to find something that is going to accomedate both and would love suggestions. I do not know too much about the technical stuff yet so go easy on me. It really depends upon your budget, driving habits, etc. This will give you an idea of its capabilities and will give you a better feel for how aggressive you really want to go.

Ok My question is how much ground clearince will this give me running stock tires. The suspension lift basically lifts up your frame above your axles and provides additional suspension flex.

Hope that makes sense. As I mentioned to Michelle above, I always recommend that people take their Jeeps offroad BEFORE lifting them assuming that offroading is your main reason for wanting to lift in the first place. A good entry level path than many people take is a budget boost. This budget boost kit gets a lot of good reviews: I thank you for your suggestion. I am takng her off road next weekend to see how she does before making any adjustments.

Another thing to think about is your gear ratio. Basically, the bigger you go, the more sluggish your Jeep will become which is why re-gearing is often done when people add larger tires. Hope this info helps. Here is a link to a great article about installing a budget boost…there are also some additional FAQs there too: Your information and advice are presented in a helpful and funny manner- not like some sites that speak in too technical and sometimes hostile terms… On with my question:.

Though on for only a couple of weeks, I have no rubbing issues- no one seems to believe that. I do extreme landscape and remote location photography so I need to get to some far off, isolated places- think 50day African Safari or Siberia at the thaw. I never do rock crawling or mudding but I do have to move very fast sometimes when a flash flood pops up; and that moving can be over some rough terrain. Would you recommend a body lift? Everything is new and I have had no issues with rubbing or bottoming-out, yet.

I just wanted an opinion from someone that does not simply want to sell me a body-lift. Gabe A Grand Waggy? Okay, so im 16 and i am looking to buy a jeep rubicon, dana 44s, lockers, 4: Well, i think that if i go 37 OK, first time jeep owner, all jokes aside I am having a hard time finding out what all I need to do about lifting my Grand Cherokee.

Im not looking to do much offroading and no climbing just want a little better look for my DD. Do I have to change my shocks or anything else or can I just get away with the spacers? Thanks for your help everyone and yeah its ok to make jokes I can take it! The one kit that seems to get the most recommendations by far is the Rubicon Express Budget Boost.

Thanks for the info. I also purchased a Rapid Performance Module that I am suppose to hook up to my intake air temp sensor wires. Im not familiar with this and just wanted your thoughts on this.

The instructions said I could hook up either of the wires from the module to either wire on my IAT sensor. Have you ever seen these modules before and what is your take on them? Alright guys I have a 96 cherokee, its running well ….. Should I go for a real exspensive kit? I dont really want to go above on the kit. And what else on top of that will I need to work out all the kinks? I heard people talking about adding a SYE……I suppose what my question is if you guys were starting from scratch with my jeep what would you throw underneath it?

With a kit like that one, you may be able to get by without doing an SYE right away. I ran with the 3. Gears are expensive, you only want to do those once.

Keep your head down out there man! As for any one looking for a lift for any jeep try ntwonline. Garret, I am the proud owner of an 03 TJ.

Its my daily driver and I dont want to create any new problems. Do you think its worth the effort? I do have a problem with shifting into 2nd gear. It binds a little and I have to force it into gear. Any thoughts on why? I am running stock gears and have lost alot of power due to the bigger tires. Do you recommend an upgrade? I ran 33s with 3.

FAQ: Should I Lift My Jeep?

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Still interested in buying a Jeep Wrangler? Yes they do, and they have the aerodynamics of a brick. Hence the crappy gas mileage we just covered. Not enough to dissuade you from getting one yet? Not everyone wants a daily driver with these issues. Definitely not at the price point of the Jeep Wrangler. Gotta make you wonder what the designers were thinking. More on that in a moment.

Just go ahead and make sure you save enough money for a piece of cardboard and a sharpie. You see where this goes right? It is pretty much endless.

Forget about it if you, or your significant other, is wearing a dress and heels for date night. If luxurious comfort and the ability to hear is a factor for you, just go ahead and nix the idea of a Jeep Wrangler right now. The top of your Jeep Wrangler will probably leak.

Every Jeep forum has a huge, nearly endless, thread about the top of the Jeep Wrangler leaking. This is probably why most Jeep lovers drive topless, or even nekkid. I mean what difference does it make if your top is going to leak anyway right? Might as well just rip out the carpet, buy a dry bag, stuff it with some extra clothes, drive around in your swimsuit and call it a day. An informed decision is always the best decision. Simply put because you want to. Every single outing becomes a potential adventure.

There is a reason Jeep is using the hashtags: GoAnywhere DoAnything right now. Simple, straightforward and to the point. And these bad boys truly can go anywhere and do anything. You can literally go where no other production vehicle can or should. The Jeep is practically unstoppable on the trails, and if for whatever reason you do get stuck, a quick shout out to another Jeeper will have you on the road momentarily.

That is just the way the community is. Some other considerations would include the resale value which is always high, do your homework; look up a used Jeep Wrangler and see for yourself how well they hold their value.

In addition, parts are everywhere and they are reasonably priced. Repairs on Jeep Wranglers are relatively cheap considering the value of the vehicle and even cheaper if you can turn a wrench yourself. Consider the pros and cons listed above. If you have questions, ASK! Comment here or ask another friend who has one, but get your questions answered first. This should go without saying, but never buy a Jeep Wrangler without taking a beat and knowing what you are getting yourself into.

But… if the Jeep lifestyle appeals to you, there is no substitute! Jeep has a very long and proud heritage and history. Properly maintained they will last for many years and miles.

Nothing compares, nothing comes close. I hope this article has been helpful to you one way or the other. If you are planning on buying a Jeep Wrangler, then make sure you get the factory build sheet here before you make the purchase! It is very easy and this build sheet article was our most popular article on this blog in If everyone just gave a buck, I could do these articles full time and that is my dream.

There are some fun options in the drop-down below. Your support allows me more free time to create high quality content regularly. You can say a quick thanks here:. What is a legitimate price value for a year old Jeep TJ???? But what are the main issues?

All Jeeps are expensive to some degree. However they tend to hold their value very well. They do cost money to fix.. Just trying to keep it transparent. But if they fit your lifestyle, there is no substitute.

Thank you Eric for posting this. My question is soft and hard tops. Seems like I never see people with them down. How hard are they to remove? And is there a way to lock something in a jeep like a compartment under a seat or something? Also, you would think the radio and everything in the front seat would be water proof for when people forget to put the top down.

Just wondering and nicely written man. Hard top more expensive option the two freedom panels up front are super easy to take off. Takes me less than 2 minutes to take both off and about 3 to put them back on. Drivers side off first and on last! The back takes 3 people to safely remove it, or a gizmo hoist that you can install in a garage. The hard tops have real windows and this makes a difference in the long run. The soft top options vary in ease of use by manufacturer.

Some are really difficult and some are much easier. Make sure you read reviews. Now what I have heard of is folks buying the hard top version and then selling the hard top for cash. Also theft issues with people just cutting into them. As far as the radio goes. No, the stock radio is not water proof.

However you can buy radios that are. So also something to consider. This is why I often just end up telling people.. I have a Hardrock Rubicon nearing the 50k price tag, and I scratched it the first week, set it on a tree the third, and changed the bumpers a month later. But because it's a jeep, those scratched are badges of honor, you know I use it and I'm not afraid to get it dirty… Again, it's a jeep thing, you probably wouldn't understand!

Love this comment Jeremy. You summed up my article perfectly. Same with the Jeep. I looked and looked, and drove! But it is hard to give up my Cadillac for a rough riding ,noisy, gas guzzling jeep! And they cost as much as a cadillac too! If you are looking for a smooth riding, quiet, high gas mileage vehicle then you made the right decision Lamonte! This comment is exactly my point in the first two-thirds of this article. We sold a Miata and got the Wrangler to have something with more flexibility and still have open skies above us.

Truth is, it has a removable top. But having said that, I love taking the tops off and the doors for that matter. There is no feeling like driving a topless or naked Jeep. As far as being able to tow the Jeep 4 down, that is something I might edit into the article.

Great point and thanks for the comment Jason! I do agree with most of that, but there are some aspects of my personal Jeep JKRU that just dont jive well with that article. And lets face it, if you have a newer soft top, on a Wranger, it takes just a min or two to take it down, and that is definitely one aspect of the Wranger I bought it for.

Completely understood Brian, this article was a little tongue-in-cheek. Though there are in fact many forum posts all over the Internets that talk about the hard tops leaking. Ours does and it is ok with us. The best part about Jeeping is that everyone gets to do it their own way. We know folks that never put the top or doors on regardless of the weather! Have fun brother and Jeep on. Not a bad read, as a former jk owner I agree with a lot of it but not some. One thing to look out for future jeep owners is what are you trying to do with your jeep.

However those packages come with a lot of great features that are very under used or not understood. Personally in its stock form the jk sport unlimited four door can handle pretty much everything a normal person can throw at it…. I strongly feel that jeep owners really need to learn the vehicles capability in stock form before adding lifts, steel bumpers and armor, and massive tires.

While those additions are great they change the vehicles dynamics considerably on and off road. Luckily the forum support for the jk and all keeps in general is amazing…. So I have been driving now for about 8 years and am finally looking to own my first vehicle. There is just something about the Sahara that keeps pulling me in. Never been off road before but it looks awesome. Sorry for the delay in response.

But the Sahara is a great model. Having said that, Jeeps are an addiction and are as personal as you want to make them.

So if you do plan on making it a hobby you might consider other options. From a mechanical standpoint Jeeps JK models Sport, Sahara, Rubicon and special editions tend to be placed into really 2 categories. Rubicon models and those that are not Rubicon models. Both the Sport model and Sahara model come with Dana 30 axles in the front and Dana 44 axles in the rear.

So no difference there. Both the Sport model and Sahara model have the same Command-Trac transfer case. So again no difference. But you pay for it. So at the end of the day you just need to decide what you want to use it for and how many luxury bells and whistles you want. Then an Outback, and, again, drove it to over , Now, my husband and I are finally where we can be a two-car family. I want a Jeep. I want a ragtop.

I want a hard top for winter though. Husband thinks it is too expensive, gas and cost. He wants another Soul. It was a beast though. Can I really NOT drop the back seats and load it up with plants and bags of mulch? I love that about hatchbacks. How is it on ice or snow? I live in slower-lower DE now, and it is super windy here. Should that be a concern? Do short people ever get less clumsy climbing into them? How can I convince my husband? I do not drive stick though; does that make a difference?

That is if you want the ability to go anywhere. A few answers, yes on an Unlimited 4 door Jeep Wrangler you can drop the back seats and load it up. As far as ice and snow, the Jeep is the most capable off road vehicle built off the factory floor, so you should be fine with that. But remember ice is ice and no factory vehicle is designed for that. Wind can be a concern as the Wrangler is built like a box. But once you get the hang of it, it is like riding a bike. Maybe rent one first?

I am 50 and have 5 kids. I went to by an Expedition EL today or Suburban. Only Suvs that really fit 7 people. Well, I saw the purple Sahara and I kept going back to it and peering through the windows of the locked doors…. I dont know if I was just trying to convince myself ….. Really, i didnt think any of those things…. I feel like this will be something for me.

Am I too old to drive it…. They are so much fun and amazingly capable vehicles. Personally my wife and I decided to wait until we only needed to seat 5 before pulling the trigger. Had to wait until the two oldest were out of the house. As far as being too old? I insisted on hard top and soft top in the sale and got them both. I am over 50, live in western Canada gets really cold here in the winter , the hard top comes off in in April and goes back on late October or into November.

With the top and doors off. And still not too old. I hear it is beautiful! I have a Mazda CX5. Does exactly what I need, plus gives me room and space when the seats fold down. BUT, I want a Jeep.

I do in my heart, but my brain is telling me to think. A question I would like to know is, what is the maintenance on a Jeep like?

Not too much, but there is an asterisk. Maintenance on the Jeep is actually easier than most vehicles. Most of the things you might need to do regularly like an oil change are super easy by comparison to most vehicles.

Though you may actually be one of the few that keeps it stock. There are some of these Jeepers around you know. A 4 door Jeep Wrangler a. JKU, is an incredibly capable vehicle stock and a ton of fun to own and drive. But if they are for you, there is no substitute. I am in the same boat! I bought a fully loaded CX-5 brand new in ! Beautiful blue and I love it! I am almost paid off on my Mazda and getting into this car I will be back into car payments.

It is a great deal and being a used car the Wrangler I kinda want has only 17, miles on it where my Mazda now has , and i bought it new! I am the same as you! Read my reply on the bottom of his response! Should I trade it???? Looking to buy a jeep rubicon and am eonderimg if I should buy a loaded version or stock and add aftermarket stuff like navi, camera, tow,,Bluetooth, etc. Thanks for the comment. It is really up to you. Are you the kind of person that is going to want to modify your Jeep to your specific liking?

Or are you going to just want to get in it and go? The reality is that if you are going to put Dana 44s on and plan to do a lot of rock crawling then you probably want to get the Rubicon package. I let myself get talked out of it a few times in the past by significant others but keep coming back to the idea. It would be my daily commuter for a 22 mile daily round trip and then whatever fun I could squeeze out of it on weekends.

My fiance has 3 kids and she is definitely encouraging me to take the leap LOL. A late mid-life crisis perhaps? Is the 2-door Sport a reasonable way to go?

At least as reasonable as a Jeep can get? Thanks for a great article. Jump off that cliff. The cargo space alone is worth it. Also with three kids potentially to be running around with, the 2-door will get frustrating.

You could still go with the Sport model in order to save on dollars and modify it later as your budget allows and you get to know your Jeep. JK Sport S in Gobi. Plus I can put those saved pennies towards eventual, minor mods LOL. Thanks again for all the info and for being one of several nudges into the Jeep world at my advanced age!

Chris congrats on the Jeep! I bet you are excited! If you would, please email us one at jeepsiesblog gmail. How bad is going to a dealership on oil changes, parts, etc.? How does one get started in off-roading? Sounds like a fun thing to get into…. Definitely much safer than a Harley… but I digress…. They can give you the model and how it rolled off the factory floor with just your VIN. As far as getting started in off-roading, my recommendation is to connect with a local Jeep club.

The Jeep community is pretty awesome. Tell them that you are new to off-roading and would like to go out sometime. Believe me when I tell you that your Jeep is far more capable than you think. Also that you will probably say no to a trail before the Jeep will.

Then if you are ready give it a shot yourself. My wife loves rolling up to the playground and stepping out with our 1 year old. All the moms look at her like wow! Currently in the process of trying to purchase a Jeep Wrangler unlimited x! This is such an awesome article! Please feel free to use the contact form here on the site, or just hit me with a comment with your questions Alli! My first choice of vehicle out of college was a big beautiful Jeep and said friends actually tried to talk me out of it….

Ashley what a great story. I totally get it! The issue for me with buying though is the monthly payment usually is higher and I may only be able to afford a 2 door that is plus years old. My plan is to move out west to the mountains though. What do you recommend me go for; buy or lease? If buy, should I use a place like car max? Or do you know a better place with warranties? So here are some thoughts for you. You have to be honest with yourself. If you plan only to use it as a daily driver and will be content with a stock Jeep Wrangler then the lease option may not be a bad one.

However if you plan to wheel at all and be a part of Jeep clubs and communities, chances are you are going to be wanting to mod your Jeep fairly quickly.

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