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Tuesday afternoon Connecticut females only

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Tuesday afternoon Connecticut females only

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It seems that JavaScript is not working in your browser. It could be because it is not supported, or that JavaScript is intentionally disabled. Some of the features on CT. No morning or afternoon visits on Thursday, September 13, There will be evening visits on Thursday. See data available regarding Connecticut Department of Correction's supervised population. The York Correctional Institution is a high-security facility. It serves as the state's only institution for female offenders.

It serves all superior courts in Connecticut and manages all pretrial and sentenced female offenders, whatever their security level. The programming units at the facility have an extensive array of positive interventions for the population, including the bed intensive, inpatient drug treatment unit, the Marilyn Baker House. An Hospice program trains inmate volunteers to provide end of life care to fellow offenders. The Mommy and Me program provides an enhanced family-focused visitation for mothers, children and their caregivers.

In order to participate, mothers are required to be enrolled in or have completed a parenting program at York CI and their children must be on their approved visitor list. Additional information on the program can be accessed on Page 71 on the York compendium or by contacting the program coordinator at Female offenders have spoken to many school and local organizations, as well as at-risk-youth.

The facility is also home to the Second Chance Corral , a partnership with the Connecticut Department of Agriculture which provides restorative shelter for abused farm animals which are cared for by the inmate population.

In an addition added to the population capacity and the facility was renamed the Niantic Correctional Institution. In the York Correctional Institution and the Niantic Correctional Institution were consolidated into one facility keeping the York Correctional Institution as its name. This facility is situated on acres. In the institution was named the Facility of the Year by the National Commission on Correctional Health Care for its excellence in health service delivery.

The accompanying accreditation has been renewed as of June of Top Connecticut State Department of Correction. York Correctional Institution Address: Giuliana Mudano Deputy Wardens:. Cynthia Scarmozzino Jeffrey Zegarzewski.

The Advance-Monticellonian |

One hundred of the [44] present signed the Declaration of Sentiments, including 68 women and 32 men. At the afternoon session, the eleven resolutions were read again, and each one was voted on individually. The only one that was materially questioned was the ninth, the one Stanton had added regarding women's right to vote.

Resolved, that it is the duty of the women of this country to secure to themselves their sacred right to the elective franchise. Those who opposed this resolution argued that its presence would cause the other, more rational resolutions to lose support. Douglass projected that the world would be a better place if women were involved in the political sphere.

Quaker Thomas M'Clintock served as chair for the evening session, opening it at half-past seven. Douglass again rose to speak in support of the cause of woman. M'Clintock and Stanton serving.

Local newspapers printed reports of the convention, some positive, others not. The National Reformer reported that the convention "forms an era in the progress of the age; it being the first convention of the kind ever held, and one whose influence shall not cease until woman is guaranteed all the rights now enjoyed by the other half of creation—Social, Civil and POLITICAL. If our ladies will insist on voting and legislating, where, gentleman, will be our dinners and our elbows?

Where our domestic firesides and the holes in our stockings? Soon, newspapers across the country picked up the story.

In Massachusetts, the Lowell Courier published its opinion that, with women's equality, "the lords must wash the dishes, scour up, be put to the tub, handle the broom, darn stockings. Louis, Missouri, the Daily Reveille trumpeted that "the flag of independence has been hoisted for the second time on this side of the Atlantic. However unwise and mistaken the demand, it is but the assertion of a natural right, and such must be conceded. Some of the ministers heading congregations in the area attended the Seneca Falls Convention, but none spoke out during the sessions, not even when comments from the floor were invited.

On Sunday, July 23, many who had attended, and more who had not, attacked the Convention, the Declaration of Sentiments, and the resolutions. Women in the congregations reported to Stanton, who saw the actions of the ministers as cowardly; in their congregations, no one would be allowed to reply. Signers of the Declaration of Sentiments hoped for "a series of Conventions, embracing every part of the country" to follow their own meeting.

Because of the fame and drawing power of Lucretia Mott, who would not be staying in the Upstate New York area for much longer, some of the participants at Seneca Falls organized the Rochester Women's Rights Convention two weeks later in Rochester, New York with Lucretia Mott as its featured speaker. Unlike the Seneca Falls convention, the Rochester convention took the controversial step of electing a woman, Abigail Bush , as its presiding officer.

In the next two years, "the infancy Charlotte Woodward, alone among all signers, was the only one still alive in when the Nineteenth Amendment passed. Woodward was not well enough to vote herself. The park consists of four major historical properties, including the Wesleyan Methodist Church , which was the site of the Seneca Falls Convention, Elizabeth Cady Stanton's home, and the M'Clintock House , which was where the Declaration of Sentiments , resolutions, and speeches were drawn up for the Seneca Falls Convention.

In , Paulina Wright Davis authored a history of the antebellum women's rights movement, The History of the National Woman's Rights Movement , and received approval of her account from many of the involved suffragists including Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Davis set the beginning of the national and international women's rights movement at Worcester, Massachusetts in , at the National Women's Rights Convention when women from many states were invited, the influence of which was felt across the continent and in Great Britain.

In , in the spirit of the nation's centennial celebrations, Stanton and Susan B. Anthony decided to write a more expansive history of the women's rights movement.

Stanton and Anthony wrote without her and, in , they published the first volume of the History of Woman Suffrage , and placed themselves at each of its most important events, marginalizing Stone's contribution. According to Lisa Tetrault, a professor of women's history, the Seneca Falls Convention was central to their rendition of the movement's history.

Neither Stanton nor Anthony had been at the convention, which was associated with their rivals. Stanton, however, had played a key role at the Seneca Falls Convention in , at which Stone had not been present.

In the early s, Stanton and Anthony began to present Seneca Falls as the beginning of the women's rights movement, an origin story that downplayed Stone's role. Pointing out that the women's rights movement could be said to have begun even earlier than Seneca Falls, Tetrault said the History of Woman Suffrage dealt with these earlier events relatively briefly in its first three chapters, the first of which is titled "Preceding Causes.

Rather, Stanton named the Anti-Slavery Convention in London as the birth of the "movement for woman's suffrage, in both England and America". Anthony on the occasion of her 80th birthday, [63] though Anthony had no part in the Seneca Falls meeting. Anthony on March 14, Lucretia Mott reflected in August upon the two women's rights conventions in which she had participated that summer, and assessed them no greater than other projects and missions she was involved with.

She wrote that the two gatherings were "greatly encouraging; and give hope that this long neglected subject will soon begin to receive the attention that its importance demands. Historian Gerda Lerner has pointed out that religious ideas provided a fundamental source for the Declaration of Sentiments.

Most of the women attending the convention were active in Quaker or evangelical Methodist movements. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Women's suffrage Muslim countries US. First Second Third Fourth.

Lists Articles Feminists by nationality Literature American feminist literature Feminist comic books. Many scholarly sources describe Seneca Falls as "the first women's rights convention", including Wellman, the book's title itself include those words ; Isenberg, , p.

Seneca Falls is given that recognition because it was the first that was organized by women explicitly for the purpose of discussing women's rights as such. It was not, however, the first convention at which the topic of women's rights was among the topics that were discussed. The Anti-Slavery Convention of American Women in held in New York City, defended the right of women to speak out on the great issues of the day and specifically in opposition to slavery.

In June , two other conventions included a discussion the rights of women: The magnificent activist , Da Capo Press, , p. Houghton Mifflin Company, Retrieved on April 23, The Seneca Falls Convention: Judith Wellman offers the theory that Gerrit Smith and Elizabeth Cady Stanton , during a possible visit by Smith to Seneca Falls between June 2 and June 14, , challenged or encouraged each other to introduce women's voting rights in their separate political and social spheres, as both subsequently did so, Smith taking the first shot.

He lost New York in , his state of residency at the time. Most people think of California when they think of Nixon, which is the state he represented in the House and Senate. He even ran a failed bid for governor there. When he won the presidency in , that was his legal home.

A candidate must win electoral votes to win the White House. No major battleground state has been called yet. Clinton is getting strong support from minority voters in Florida. Overall, she is beating Trump by 71 percent to 22 percent among all non-white voters. Clinton is getting 84 percent of the vote from black voters and 62 percent from Hispanic voters. Among non-Cuban Hispanics, Clinton is winning 70 percent to 25 percent for Trump.

Black women in Florida are supporting Clinton more strongly than black men with 88 percent of black women supporting her compared to 80 percent of black men. White voters in Florida had different views about the fairness of the U. Among white voters who said that all people are treated fairly, 81 percent voted for Trump. Clinton received 61 percent of those voters who said that blacks are treated unfairly. Among women who said this, Clinton won by a 75 to 35 percent margin.

Clinton is running very strongly among younger voters. She is beating Trump 54 percent to 38 percent among voters under 45 although Gary Johnson is winning 7 percent of those voters. Trump is leading by a 53 to 44 percent margin among voters over Overall, Trump is winning among white voters by 60 percent to 35 percent for Clinton. This varies a great deal by gender and education. Trump is getting 70 percent of white male voters with no college education. Trump and Clinton are running equally among white women with college degrees.

There is no evidence of Republican women defecting from Trump in North Carolina. Among Democratic identifiers, 92 percent of women are voting for Clinton compared to 88 percent of men. Only 8 percent of North Carolina voters said they made up their minds in the last week, but Trump won 49 percent of their votes compared to 35 for Clinton and 13 percent for Johnson.

So far it looks like Republicans are strongly supporting Trump. Among black women Clinton is getting over 90 percent. Trump has the majority of the support of male voters in Ohio 55 percent Trump vs 38 percent Clinton. In , male support was 52 percent Romney vs 45 percent Obama. Looking at the vote by race is similar to what was seen in Trump 57 percent as compared to Obama 41 percent vs. The majority 89 percent of black voters in Virginia are voting for Clinton, a bit less than the 96 percent level of support that Obama had in Trump continues to see support among white non-college voters, with almost 60 percent voting for him in Virginia.

ET Here is more from exit polling in Pennsylvania, which is currently a tossup between Clinton and Trump:. The gender gap is alive and well among voters in Pennsylvania, according to exit polling: Males are supporting Trump 54 percent while females are supporting Clinton 58 percent.

Among white voters in Pennsylvania, over half are voting for Trump. Clinton has the majority support among black voters in the state 93 percent. She also has more support among the white voters with a college degree 55 percent , while white voters without a college degree are more split in Pennsylvania Clinton 46 percent, Trump 50 percent.

Young voters to year-olds support Clinton 55 percent, but that support is not as high as the 63 percent who supported Obama in Among voters who say that they decided who to vote for in the last week, over half voted for Trump. He has a slight dropoff with Republican women, getting 85 percent of their votes. Among Democratic identifiers, 91 percent of women are voting for Clinton compared to 85 percent of men.

This again points to the gender gap in Pennsylvania. Among the voters who say they strongly favor their candidate, their support is split between Clinton and Trump. Among those who say they dislike the other candidate, 46 percent support Trump as compared with 39 percent voting for Clinton. Rather than manning up he goes and does a thing like that. The Trumps visited a Midtown Manhattan polling place Tuesday morning to cast their votes.

Both candidates are viewed unfavorably by a majority of voters. More than half of voters 54 percent have an unfavorable view of Hillary Clinton, and 61 percent have an unfavorable view of Donald Trump. Trump is currently winning the change voters.

Meanwhile, Clinton is performing well among those who prioritize experience and judgment. Trump is seen as better able to handle the economy, while Clinton has the advantage when considering foreign policy.

Similar to pre-election polls, more see Clinton as qualified and having the right temperament. About half of voters said that Clinton is qualified to be president 53 percent , as compared to Trump 37 percent.

Similarly, over half of voters said that Clinton has the temperament to be president, whereas only 34 percent said the same of Trump. Neither candidate is seen as honest and trustworthy. Almost two thirds 60 percent say Clinton is not honest and trustworthy, and 65 percent say the same about Trump.

ET As we wait for polls to close in an additional 16 states plus the District of Columbia at 8 p. ET, here are some more exit poll results from Virginia:. The majority of female voters in Virginia say they voted for Clinton 57 percent, versus 38 percent for Trump while males favored Trump 49 percent for Trump, versus 44 percent for Clinton. Of white non-college graduates in Virginia, support is split: Clinton wins 50 percent and Trump takes 45 percent.

Among white college graduates, Clinton has more early voters 56 percent, versus 37 percentfor Trump. Clinton gets the majority of support from the younger Virginia voters to year-olds , with 53 percent of the exit poll voters favoring Clinton versus 34 percent for Trump. Ohio is a tossup, and in North Carolina, Clinton has an edge over Trump. In Virginia, Clinton now also has an edge. The Enquirer reported that Kasich is likely to give the speech even if Trump wins.

The 5-foot-8, pounder made the transition from running back to the defensive backfield for his senior season at the University of Arkansas at Monticello. For the second week in a row, the league has honored a Boll Weevil.

Monticello comes up short against Fordyce. With the loss, the Billies are now —and not where Davis wanted them to be after the non-conference portion of their schedule at all.

Monticello has been in this position before, though, and rebounded to salvage the season. Billie senior takes individual XC title. Races were not as crowded as they had been a week before in Little Rock but the results were every bit as pleasing to the head coaches at the annual Los Toritos Cross County Invitational at Cane Creek State Park Saturday.

In addition to her parents, she was also preceded in death by her two husbands, Danny Winchester and Donnie Baty; and one brother, Earl Green. In addition to her parents, she was also preceded in death by two brothers, Ricky Kellum and Jamie Kellum. In addition to his parents he was also preceded in death by one brother, Robert Junior.

In addition to her parents and husband, she was also preceded in death by one son, Randall Carter. She was a survivor of the tornado that decimated her small community of Centerpoint in , killing over 40 people, many of whom were members of the Phillips family. The event was one that impacted her life. She and two of her first cousins became student nurses, Joe was a pipeline foreman and equipment operator for over 35 years until his retirement in In addition to her parents, she was also preceded in death by a brother, James Troy Johnson and a sister-in-law, Iris Johnson.

Susan was a Christian, a member of Summit Baptist Church in Pine Bluff and was retired from the Pine Bluff Commercial after 33 years of service in sales and advertising New doctor calls Monticello home.

Monticello is now home to its first cardiologist. Vincent team and opened his cardiac practice at South Main. He began seeing patients Monday. I was recruited here and it all fell in to place; St.

Vincent was a huge supporter of opening a cardiac Traffic stop discovers drugs, gun. As Garrison approached the vehicle, the drivers window was not rolled down. Garrison announced his presence and the driver rolled the window down and Garrison was able to see a rifle in the front seat.

The driver was asked to step out of the vehicle for the safety of him and the deputy. Upon further investigation, Garrison discovered The purpose of this project is to pave 8. The improvements will extend from U. Highway to U. Construction is scheduled to begin Drew Central blasts Woodlawn. UAM hangs on for first victory. Billies squeak one out at Magnolia. Should Monticello be involved in too many more games like last Friday, the school might ought to consider changing its nickname to the Cardiac Kids as in Billies.

A week after suffering one of the worst defeats in recent memory, Monticello squeezed out a win at Magnolia. Kickoff at Hyatt Field is set for Griffin commits to Razorbacks. Another chapter is about to open—in the spring of , that is. Nick Griffin verbally committed to play for the Razorbacks last Thursday. Monticello harriers shine at Minuteman XC meet.

Distance running has been a staple at Monticello High School for years, both in cross country and track and field. Robinson among 4A teams in the senior girls James Curtis Barnard Jr. He was preceded in death by his father. Survivors are his mother, brother Steven Barnard, and several aunts and uncles. Wednesday, September 13, at the Monticello Christian church. Cremation arrangements entrusted to Arkansas Cremation www. He was born August 28, in Dermott, to the late Frank T. Adair, and Linnie Milholland Adair of Monticello.

He served two years in the U. He was an employee of Houston Light and Power in Houston from until his retirement in He was a member of the Booneville Civitan Club.

He and his wife, Bernice George Horace Ballow Jr. He was a veteran of the U. He then worked in the public sector until his retirement in the s, after which he Local fall sports schedules. Busy Blossoms head into league with winning record in volleyball. They started their regular season before any UAM team Aug. The last two got the Blossoms over the. First serve is set for 6: UAM will enter conference play on a two-match winning streak, thanks Under the lights on Friday night, though, those good things need to transfer to the playing field.

For the senior-laden Drew Central Pirates, the first game of the season had to sting a little bit more than any game last year. Opening against Episcopal Collegiate, second-year head coach Rob Cox looked to right the ship coming off an season a year ago. The Pirates were able to demonstrate several things throughout the Giving up 41 unanswered points before they could finally find the end zone, the Billies dropped the non-conference game on the road.

For the University of Arkansas at Monticello, that has been more way difficult than football coach Hud Jackson would have liked in his tenure as head Boll Weevil. Graveside services were at 10 a. Nancy Lee Vondrak Clayton. She was born August 31, , in Chicago, Ill. She was a homemaker and of the Baptist faith. In addition to her mother, she was also preceded in death by her grandparents, D. Also preceding him in death was the love of his life, Robbie Lee Shepherd Roark when at the time of her death on December 31, , they had been married 63 years.

He was born on June 6, , in Pine Bluff. Every year, Shady Grove MBC collects shoe boxes and toys and packs them together for underprivileged children. It is their belief that a small shoebox can have a big impact.

Mainline gets grants, awards. Mainline was awarded six grants and awards: Football fanatics, the time has come. All three area schools kick off their regular seasons this weekend but only one plays at home. Monticello visits Ashdown in a classic Class 4A matchup, Drew Central travels to Episcopal Collegiate in a game where the Pirates have a legitimate opportunity to grab their first win in 17 outings and the University of Arkansas at Monticello hosts Southwestern Oklahoma State University in a highly anticipated—since the Boll Weevils have the vast majority of Blossom volleyball set to open at Lyon.

In her third season already, University of Arkansas at Monticello volleyball coach Kelly Burdeau is looking for marked improvement in her Cotton Blossoms. Then, the Blossoms travel to Memphis, Tenn. College and Tiffin Ohio University In one of the best classes in recent memory, four All-Americans in three different sports and an Arkansas high school coaching legend have been selected for induction to the UAM Sports Hall.

Audrey Denise Hill Cessor. Hill and Audrey Anita Strickland Hill. Benjamin Jack Bourland, 80, passed away August 22, at his home in Monticello. Other than his parents, he was also preceded in death by his wife, Constance Louise Tibbs Bourland. He was born April 21, in Bastrop, La. He was a past Holiday closings, early deadlines are announced. For Monticello, the transfer station will also be closed. Monday trash route will run next Wednesday. For Drew County, the road department will also be closed.

All other routes will run on their normal days. The local governments join virtually all others Lake Monticello drawdown begins with valve opening. Tuesday morning to make repairs on the levee. Monticello Fire Chief Kelly Reid opened the drain valve on the spillway located next to the levee and the water began rushing out of the long pipe Vincent is being charged with one count of possession of marijuana with intent to deliver; one count of possession of drug paraphernalia; one count of fleeing; and one count of first-degree murder.

All those charges are felonies. According to court documents, approximately 1: DCSO deputy wrecks, killed in line of duty. Officer Timothy Braden, 29, was in pursuit of a fleeing vehicle heading west on Barkada Road when he lost control of his car and crashed into trees. Braden was taken to Drew Memorial Health System, where he was pronounced dead.

Vincent charged with posession, fleeing and murder. Thursday morning, when his patrol car crashed and he was killed. Vincent is being charged with one count of possession of marijuana with intent to deliver; one count of possession of drug paraphernalia; one count of fleeing and one count of first degree murder.

After a overall record a year ago, Burdeau is looking for better things this fall. Apparently, her peers are on the same wavelength. Harding University, who in claimed a share of its Flowers was the victim of a July 18, assault from year-old Jeremy Huskey.

Huskey allegedly beat Flowers at approximately Flowers told the officers he recognized Huskey, even though his face was partially covered with a mask.

Neighbors of Flowers reported seeing a truck similar Judge denies Isom's petition for new trial. Isom, who was convicted of robbery, rape and murder in Drew County in and has been on death row since, filed a petition for Writ of Error Coram Nobis and Ancillary Motions on June 12, She was born on November 14, in Wilmar, to the late James R. She was a retired clerk for the city of Wilmar and a member of Wilmar Baptist Church.

Other than her parents, she was also preceded in death by her husbands, Carl Edward Harris and Justin Richardson; one son, Jim Harris; four sisters, Janie Jay loved nothing more than to be with his friends and family. He adored his niece and nephew and always looked forward to spending time with his beloved cousins, Elizabeth and Scout Echols and Stone Phillips.

Jay was an incredibly kindhearted and loving man. He was bright and hardworking and had a wonderful sense of humor. She was born January 23, in Drew County, to the late J.

Cater and Arcola Robertson Todd. In addition to her parents, she was also preceded in death by one grandson, Dylan Dannehl. Visitation is from p. Funeral serves will be at 10 a. Jones Drive with the body present at 9 a. Interment will be in Arkansas State Veterans Cemetery with full military He was born October 5, in Boston, Mass. Other than his parents, his was preceded in death by one brother, Buddy In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death She was born June 14, in Corbin, Ky.

He served his country in the United States Navy. Geneva Sue Roberds Brown. Survivors include two sons, Daniel Brown of Victor Benjamin Montgomery, 90, of the Rock Springs community passed away August 2, surrounded by his loving family. He loved to tinker and woodworking. Patricia Ann Layne Hatfield.

She was born October 5, in Monticello. Preceding her in death were her husband, John Hatfield Sr. Survivors include her mother, Gay Cole of Monticello; two Zelda Ruth Lassiter Cooper. She was a retired office manager for Shirey Corp. Also preceding her in death was her first husband, Jack Lassiter Sr. MYSA fall soccer registration is here The Monticello Youth Soccer Association is in the middle of fall soccer registration for girls and boys ages from 9 a. A player must be 3 and no older than 17 on Aug.

The remaining registration dates are Saturday and Aug. Cost includes the jersey, shorts, socks Tolin named to seventh Hall of Fame. Numbers mean things to many people. Depending on the situation, the number 13 can be lucky or unlucky, according to superstitions.

Seven is considered lucky by many people. There are seven days of the week, seven continents and even seven brides for seven brothers. In biblical terms, seven is the number for completeness and perfection. At this time of year, football coaches are fond of telling their teams two things: Monticello hunters among those issued gator permits. Three Monticellonians were among the individuals who received permits for a chance at harvesting an alligator this year.

Last Wednesday afternoon, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission finally announced those few from the thousands that applied. Local woman accepts guilty plea for forgery. Allen was the secretary at the Drew County Conservation District when she allegedly forged signatures of board members and endorsed checks. These forgeries allegedly took place between July 1, and Sept. ADC begins regional jail discussions. At the last Drew County Quorum Court meeting, a resolution was passed to begin discussions on a regional jail.

Reinhart cleared to resume practice by medical board. Jeffrey Reinhart to return to his Monticello medical practice last Thursday morning. Reinhart, who had been suspended because of an incident at Drew Memorial Health System since November , was present in the boardroom for the meeting. It was not immediately known when Reinhart Family Healthcare would reopen, only that the Board had given him This week is a very special week in our house.

This week we celebrate two very important birthdays: In some ways, the day he was born seems like yesterday. Jordan came into this world via an emergency cesarean section at When he was a few months old, I was Reinhart Cleared to Resume Practice. Jeffrey Reinhart, a Monticello physician who had been suspended since November , was given clearance Thursday morning by the Arkansas State Medical Board to resume his practice. Reinhart agreed to resume practicing on a limited basis. Check out the full story in next week's Advance- Monticellonian.

The award, which was initiated in the academic year, honors collegiate and high school volleyball teams that displayed excellence in the classroom during the school year by maintaining at least a 3.

Consistency in any sport, whether individual or team, is something for which to be sought. In a team sport that is made up of a bunch of individual performances, that stability shows over time. With 35 swimmers scoring points, the Marlins Council accepts bid for street overlays. The bids were opened Tuesday afternoon before the meeting Tuesday night; there were just two bids total.

Rawls has previously done work for the city at the Reinhart hearing set Aug. AGFC presents lake-draining plan to council. It was the biggest public turnout in a long while. Frank Douglas Pearson Sr.

Pearson and Edith Mae Downey Pearson. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by a great-granddaughter,Phyren and one sister, Arline Lloyd. Survivors include three sons, Frank Douglas In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his sisters Beverly Ann Davis and Linda Hudspeth. Genevieve Marie Fields Harris. She was the widow of Delbert V.

Harris, a homemaker and was of the Jehovah Witness faith. In addition to her parents and husband, she was preceded in death by a daughter, Margaret Elaine Harris; a granddaughter, Amy Harris and a daughter-in-law, Janet Akiens Harris.

She was born to August 14, to the late Pinky and Mose Grasper. She moved to Arkansas in where she made her life and raised her children, but Texas was always her heart and home. She was an avid Never bet against love. This week marks my 19th wedding anniversary. Jimmy and I stood before our family, friends and God at 2 p. But, as they say, time flies when you are having fun.

Before I got married, I asked a coworker who had been married for 30 years what it felt like to be in a relationship with someone for that long. HHS issues tips to help local residents protect health during extreme heat. Department of Health and Human Services reminds local residents about steps they should take to protect their health from the extreme heat. People suffering from heat stress may experience heavy sweating; weakness; cold, pale, and clammy skin; fast, weak pulse; and nausea or vomiting.

Early signs include muscle cramps, heat rash, fainting or near-fainting spells, and a pulse or heart rate First, I want to take this opportunity to congratulate the Advance-Monticellonian team for their second-place General Excellence award presented to them by the Arkansas Press Association. For a number of years, the Advance has been an award-winning publication, and I am proud to have been a part of their success the last few years. Everyone loves to win awards. I have to say I have won my fair share of them.

For me, it all started in my junior year in high school. I won my first awards during Troop F, which serves Monticello, has been in the same facility for 74 years.

The headquarters, originally designated District 4 in , was among the first of four headquarters to be built following the Arkansas General Assembly session creating the Department of Arkansas White, 89, of Monticello, died Tuesday, July 11, at his home. Survivors include his wife of 62 years, In addition to her parents, she was also preceded in death by a son, Parrish Gladden. He was born on November 2, in Pulaski County. He is preceded in death by his parents. Gary was the Chief of Police in Rison for 20 years.

She was born August 26, in Attala Co. In addition to her parents and her husband, Harley Abernathy, she was preceded in death by a daughter, Bethal York Sanders, her sister, Earlene Jones, He preached his first sermon in March and was ordained as a minister in January In September , he was installed as the proud pastor UAM athletes are recognized by conference.

Especially on the Division II and below, a student attends college and plays athletics, not the other way around—with very few exceptions. Added to the record recognized in the fall, that gives the GAC a whopping student Webster would have trouble describing what the Monticello Marlins did at the Donald W. Reynolds Invitational in Warren last Saturday.

Early Monticello African-American pioneer passes away. Monticello and Drew County have lost another pioneer. After a lengthly illness, Rev.

Log A Load banquet set. The venue has changed, however. Some of the many items scheduled to be raffled off include a steer with processing and a freezer, a chance to win a gun each month, a quart Yeti In the final meeting before school begins again Aug.

Actually, it was just a re-insertion; that form of discipline was a part of all schools in the Mainline gets school clinic nod from DC. After much deliberation Monday night, the Drew Central School Board voted to allow Mainline Health Systems to open a school-based health facility on campus.

District Superintendent Billy Williams and the Health and Wellness Committee presented to the school board the need for a school-based health facility at a school board meeting earlier this year. Williams informed local healthcare providers of the intention to open an on-campus facility and allowed all interested parties to present a In the last 12 months, my life has changed in ways I never imagined.

I walked into the first day of new teacher orientation for my school district and I quickly learned I was not ready for the task to teaching children English. But, because God had sent me on this mission, He also sent me Drew County women missing since Sunday. Parties are still searching for Teri Frasure at this time. The two Drew County women left a home in the Rock Springs community after dark Sunday evening and did not return.

They were reported missing by Teri Farsure's husband at approximately 10 a. Inmate allegedly escapes while working near Prison. Robert Woodard, a 46 year old caucasion man, approximately 6'1" pounds has reportedly escaped custody around 8: Woodard was working in a cornfield near the Delta Regional Unit in Dermott. He is believed to have stolen a F pick-up truck from a gas station in Dermott.

Eddie Cheatham far right presented Mrs. Choir members also took part in the ceremony in the MHS City, county pioneer passes away. Monticello and Drew County have lost a pioneer.

Wells, who retired after nearly 38 years of service on the Drew County Public Facilities Board in August , was born April 15, , in Drew County and served his country as a member of the U.

Army both domestically and during the Korean Conflict as a member of the Quartermaster Corps, Artillery, Signal Corps and from a cadre unit Two Extension Homemakers clubs from county earn state recognition.

The groups are among the clubs and county councils being honored today during the awards luncheon at the annual Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council state meeting at the Hot Springs Convention Center.

The clubs are being recognized for their outstanding contributions to their communities. They are state project book winners. The state council is a volunteer organization associated with the University June's Yard of the Month. Musick lives at Rebecca Circle. Dobbins finally in court.

Monday, June 19 for a hearing on motions filed by the defendant. Dobbins is charged with the murder of Hunter Laney on Oct. Dobbins and Laney were both at The River Restaurant on the night of the incident. Upon leaving the establishment, an argument broke out and the two were asked to leave the club. They allegedly drove to the near by Valero gas station on U. Highway West were Dobbins allegedly shot Laney. Not long ago, a meeting was held in Monticello between representatives of fi ve Arkansas counties and five Louisiana parishes with one come goal in mind—the economy of the region and how to improve it.

At the center of their discussion is a rail line that would help businesses in both states get their products to Mississippi River Another Way to Enjoy Lake Monticello. Signs were erected at both ends of the trail by former Mayor Zack Tucker. The trail begins at the end of the levee on the southeast side of the lake and offi cially ends on the Windy Hills access by the Harold West Mini-Park.

The trail is approximately fi ve feet wide and was funded completely by the state. The future plans include making the trail go around the entire lake, according to The festival began in as a one-day event and has grown into a weeklong celebration.

Celebrated as the oldest continuously running festival in the state, the event draws over 30, visitors from many states each year. Activities are planned to attract attendees of all ages. From beauty pageants to turtle races, there is something for everyone.

Under her leadership, the organization has To A Fallen Monticellonian. The park is located north of the Drew County Courthouse by the railroad tracks on the site of the home where Foss was born. Anderson Elected Mayor of Monticello. The runoff was necessary because of the first mayoral election involving Independent Ronny Carr on May 9. At that time, Anderson also was the top vote-getter, but no candidate received a majority of votes cast.

With the special mayoral election runoff less than a week away now, likely not too many voters realize that whichever candidate they choose will join a short list of people who have served the city on multiple occasions.

The gymnasium, which was used because of inclement weather, was packed with family and friends of the seniors. Jeff Carmical and Destiny Buckley were the top graduates. Monticello education center receives scholarship grant.

It have invested several million dollars in the education at the high school and college level. The cooperation is based out of Oxnard, Calif. The grant money can be used for scholarships for student to further their education in the field as well as training for high school students during class time DCSD considers opening school-based health center.

The presentation was about the potential of opening a schoolbased health center on the DC campus. Middle School Principal Patti Smith presented MSD board approves new HS principal. The End of the Beginning.

The third of the three local schools, Monticello High School, has its graduation set for next Tuesday night at Hyatt Field, weather permitting. MHS graffiti in alleged senior prank.

Deaton said there were a couple of curse words but really nothing else to speak of. He also noted there was no building broken into. Veterans Appreciation Day Celebration. The students have worked all year interviewing veterans, editing footage, creating artwork for the 28 veterans to be honored, and creating the documentary and slideshow. Their work will be on display, along with a luncheon and entertainment for those veterans.

The students ask everyone to join in on the day of honoring all our veterans and active service within our community. SEARK icon passes away. Southeast Arkansas has lost an icon. Bennie Franklin Ryburn Jr. He was born July 26, to Bennie Ryburn Sr. Until he was 12 years old, Ryburn lived with his parents in Rison. Anderson, Rogers in mayoral runoff. Between early voting and the votes that were cast on Tuesday, there were a total of 1, votes.

Anderson secured 43 percent and Rogers 37 percent. These two former Mayors of The Monticello Kiwanis Clubs, using the display as a means of community service and to honor our military at the same time, adorned the downtown square and the front lawn of the Drew County Court House with the assistance of Boy Scout Troop 67 and Cub Scout Pack 69 , with American fl ags Monday.

To order a fl ag or for more information, contact Connie McKiever at Mayoral candidates answer some questions. Tucker resigned in January after being charged with abuse of offi ce and tampering with public records. The person elected next month will serve until December Drug Take Back event is Saturday.

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