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Train buddy needed

Train buddy needed

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Train buddy needed

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Safety is a big deal on the railroad. It is real easy to get good and hurt. You are made of soft, breakable stuff, while railroad equipment is made of very hard, very heavy stuff. Furthermore, accidents make everyone look bad. You, me, the railroad gal who told you what train to get on, all the people who saw you and were too cool to call the bull on you. This is why, every time you talk to a rail, he or she will tell you to stay safe.

And watch for cars rolling quietly through the yard. Be careful out there. Some yards have a railroad cop. The railroad cop is referred to as the Bull. The only way to get caught by the bull is being stupid. The bull typically sits in some office somewhere until someone calls him with a problem, which is seldom. The bull may traverse all the roads through the yard before they retire back to their den. To avoid the bull, stay out of sight of the roads within the yard.

Walk between strings of cars. Watch for the bull-mobile. Stay out of danger. Steer clear of the office. Keep everything dark, dark clothes, dark pack, dark sleeping bag or blanket. This will make it harder to get caught by the railroad cops as you blunder around the train yards. If you have something in your pack that can break, it will. Leave your valuables at home. And think about warmth. You may end up on an open car in the middle of the night with a 60 mile an hour wind blowing in your face.

Your clothes and your sleeping bag should keep you warm and comfortable and dry. Bring some sturdy gloves and boots to keep you safe as you scramble around on freight cars.

And if you prefer not to sunburn your ears and nose off, bring a hat. Its nice to know where you are. You may be able to round up a railroad map.

Call up the railroad business office and pretend you are doing a study on rail transportation. Ask for a map of American freight lines. Bring something to drink. Exposure to the wind sucks the liquids right out of you. Freight-hopping involves as much walking and waiting as actual riding.

You spend most of your time waiting for information, waiting for a train, waiting for your train to get under way, waiting, waiting, waiting. Find your local freight yard.

Look for train yards in the forgotten part of town, the part of town with all the rough neighborhoods. The yard is usually near big industry, maybe near a river or port. You can often find giveaway street names like Railroad Ave. The passenger train station is probably not too far away. There are freight yards in almost every city in America.

However, there are fewer marshaling yards where they make up and break down trains. These big yards are going to be the easiest places to gather information and catch-out. Here you can ask the yard crew which trains are leaving where when.

Some yards are crew change-points. A single crew can work a maximum of twelve hours, so yards at which trains receive fresh crews are strategically placed along the mainlines. These are good yards to catch out from.

Railroad workers are your friends and will help you out whenever possible. Yard workers often know the whole story. They make up all the trains that are leaving their yard. They know which trains are going where and often when the power is called for. They will sometimes call in to the tower to find out what track your train is on and when it leaves.

In order of preference, you want to ride in open boxcars, on the rear platform of a grainer or hopper, between the wheels of piggybacked trailers, in the well behind cargo containers if there is a solid floor , on the second or third deck of empty auto carriers if you can get in , or in empty gondolas. And when you get really bold, you can ride on the back engine of several coupled units at night. I started riding because I needed to get around, was poor, exhausted from hitchhiking, and had read about it in an occasional literature reference.

I went down to the yards and watched the trains, met workers and riders and hobos and vagabonds. I asked lots of questions and listened. I learned the lingo and started to understand the dangers and mystery and magic of freight trains. I caught my first train solo out of Sac, and rode mostly solo for a long time, not knowing anyone else who did it, thinking I was the very first and last rider since maybe Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady.

Eventually, I met other riders and we occasionally rode together. I traveled a lot by train in those few years, and eventually wrote about some of these adventures. I wanted to share this amazing experience with others who might not have had the luck I did to stumble on a great guide. So these articles have been available on the web since It was a thing I did to get around when I was poor still am, pretty much, and still ride and thought some folks might enjoy it and help them hop and stay safe.

And I actively discourage people from mentioning details that will blowup good things that some people depend on. And then people forget and it blows over. That has been my real life experience: Yeah, there is totally stupid stuff posted on the internet, bad info, all spectacle, no respect for people whose lives if effects. And you are right to be irritated about that capitalist tendency to suck every piece of magic off the bones of whatever culture they happen to seize on.

That said, we all need inspiration. That spark that helps us move on to the next part of our lives. I hope for someone somewhere that these pages ignite their passion. I had a shocker a year ago, A gentleman who retired from being a salesman for a very large medical supply company and who I managed for quite a while, told me that he has taken a few weeks and hopped freight to break up the monotony.

His wife died two weeks after his retirement days, his kids are all married and gone but for one in medical school. He has a daughter working for United Airlines so he could travel the world as a stand-by non-Rev passenger, but chooses to take on the adventure of traveling by rail. About every three months he grabs his backpack and off he goes.

This gives him a map and weather info as well as GPS. He also has a 4oz can of mace for emergencies. He told me that he had heard of a few guys being stabbed and robbed in the southern part of Texas. The mace makes sense. He carries 1 gallon zip lock bags when he has no access to a toilet, or to carry extra water. Ive never ridden a freight so I have no clue what to watch out for, just an observation that Ogden may be a better choice.

Thanks for the page, all of you take it safe. I m asking because I was caught and was given warning and let go. Although they placed my name on the file. For instance, in most codes, you need to have been warned. That could be a clearly posted sign or a verbal warning. It they are claiming that you trespassed on posted property, the signs have to be every X number of feet apart, and cannot leave any access to the property unposted.

And if they charge you with criminal trespass, a misdemeanor that is essentially squatting, the standard of proof is even stricter. You have to basically have set up a squat on their property and they have to have warned you or show you are on well-posted property. Generally, after I get a ticket, I take notes of what happened, photos of the unposted access routes to the property, and immediately write to the district attorney with the details, photos, and applicable laws as soon as I get home.

Hey, I would really love your advice. I just got thrown in jail for train hopping in Washington, and got charged with criminal trespassing. What would you suggest I do to get out of this misdemeanor?

Thanks so much for your advice. You still riding Pattie? I just thought might be interesting to chat sometime. Hey Chicago26, did you have any luck with this journey? I was wondering if you could tell me how to hop a gondola, specifically how to get out of an empty one once your in it.

You. Me. Ride This Crazy Train - Adventures and Observations on The GO

Of course, being fiction, all of what I write is lies. I need basic info on southern routes. I recognize that everyone pinned with whatever title has investments to protect and I do want to respect that.

If Wes or anyone is willing to share some basic again, Basic, vague, etc info with me that will make my book stronger realistic, believable, etc , please email me at: But a little deft google searching turned up these:. At least now, especially with the zoom I can send my two on an actual route. Seems everytime there was a train moving slow as we were hiking so we started hopping on.

Sounds like an awesome adventure. Firstly this info is useless if you, say, want to get anywhere; let alone getting there alive.

What bothers me is how pissed off the workers are going to get when troves of dumbasses decide to commit mass suicide on the rails after reading this. Hopping train is about respect and part of that respect is not telling just anyone how to do it. People who read this and go out are not just a danger to themselves, their a danger to anyone they might bump into in a yard, and to the culture as a whole.

Things you need to know. Outside covered hoppers and a few tank cars. Most auto racks are closed and pined so you want be able to ride in them.

Some may of may not be true. Several told how they started off with a group but for different reasons could not stay together. That includes some got on before the train was moving to fast and the rest did not.

One young girl said she started with her boy friend. She got on and some guys kept him from getting on. You can picture the rest. She was traveling with 3 nasty looking guys who were some 20 years older than her and she looked tired and scared. I was wanting to call the tower and tell them as I thought she was in danger but the rest were against it so I did not. She will if not already wind up dead or pregnant or both. Most crews In the past would tell another if they saw someone on there train.

A warning if they have to get on the ground for any reason to watch out. One day we make a short stop in Dalton. We get a signal and start moving. It was a coal train. Crews know to take the signal or wished they had. We got several calls that someone was on a hopper of coal.

We finally stopped near Rockmart and that was about 60 miles down the road. I make the walk back offer him some water and he kept asking how he was going to get back to Dalton.

I said that is something you should have thought of before climbing on the train. In a stop in south Georgia some kids hanging around talk this boy in to climbing on the train. The train started moving and he was to scared to jump.

He fell off about 20 miles down the road when to tired to hang on any more. Almost ever bone in his body broken and as they say his mom would not be able to pick him out. I was not on that one. Another one I was. Again at Dalton we get stopped and when we move a kid has climbed on. He gets slung loose and the car rolls over his leg.

One man saw it and rapped his leg in a jacket and rushed him to a hospital. Some 20 miles down the road we are instructed to make a rolling inspection of train and see if we see anything. We find out about the kid at the end of our trip. I have hundreds of stories like these.

So you are warned. You choice, you hurt it your fault. If you are in that big a hurry try getting a ride with some trucker. After he rides you butt a few days he may buy you a meal before trading you to another trucker. You realize that these types of posts will get you jumped eventually. Also, anyone that needs to read an online tutorial about how to hop trains safely should stay far the fuck away from the yard.

How did you find out about and learn to hop trains? And if from someone else, how did they find out about it? HI fellow curious explorers. So a friend and I want to go find him. But we only have money for the plane ticket. And this train hopping idea sounds just perfect to get all the way from italy destination to germany last known whereabouts of my friend.

Thank you very much in advance!! I have a friend Hobo Lee who freight hopped all over Europe. Not sure how he found stuff, probably just asked around.

Very punk but congenial. He said, no one hopped trains in Europe and it was almost impossible to convey in his English-only what he needed information to do. Everyone invariably pointed him to the passenger train station thinking he was a dumb lost American. However, you should probably find out what the consequences are for getting caught in the EU. This is borderline criminal negligence. I hope the first green youngsters that get maimed or killed, that there familys litter this thread with pictures for you to brood on.

If the purveyor of this website is an actual tramp that he should leave this type of conversation under the bridge by the fire where it belongs……uuuggghh. How long does it generally take to get from place to place?

For anyone here who thinks this article is bullshit, can you explain exactly every detail of why this article is bullshit? I just see some people dissing the author and article for almost no reason without explaining why. Any feedback would be appreciated.

It was much more common back in the day. Wow, this entire train hopping idea sounds so wild. As a female, I would probably feel extremely intimidated.

The idea of adventure sounds wonderful at first glimpse, but dangerous at the surface. You really have to want to make this a part of your life style in order to survive it and stay safe. Sweet read as I ride on the NJ Transit. Shannon, see my reply to Victoria above: Usually during broad daylight, sometimes at night though not nearly as often. Is there anything specific one can expect the very first time they hop onto one? Most of the time when I go to the yards, I meet no one.

Just know your safety stuff regarding train equipment and have a good ride. I was running into shitty train core kids even before I started riding. However, for people who want to change their lives and are looking for ways to do it, this is a good way to start thinking about it practically.

A lot of people with little knowledge of the lifestyle or are so super proud of themselves for having it seem to attach a sense of grandeur to train hopping that glosses over the parts that require common sense and patience. My best friend train hopped for a while too and has never had that attitude.

Unless you were born on a boxcar and rode trains all your life, you were a curious newbie once too. Stop yelling at someone for actually getting useful information out there to those who may not know the right people yet to ask for it. Thank you for continuing to share your article Wes. I hope anyone thinking about hopping their first train reads this. Ok, I will throw in my two cents worth about this site and what I have read. And some warnings for newbies who want to start riding trains.

I understand what some of these guys are saying when they talk about secrecy and not publishing this info, not to say there is a whole lot of info on this site except Very basic information and I would not advise anyone to ride freight just by reading about it. I started ridding because a friend of mine rode and he is the one who introduced me into the lifestyle. I spent a lot of time hitching before I started ridding trains.

I was accepted, more or less, by this sub-culture and I have rode ever since for the last 5 years. The first thing any newbie should know is that it is absolutely true that this lifestyle is really dangerous and I personally have known kids who have died in this shit, so its not all glamorous.

Its not just riding trains that is dangerous, its the culture itself. They are not all Oogle, hippie kids looking for an adventure. So if you are going to be an idiot and jump into this culture without someone to show you the ropes then my advice is to Be Careful! If you disrespect people, cut people off i.

Generally, if your not liked, they will tell you. If your sitting in a circle with a bunch of other kids drinking and they tell you to leave, then LEAVE! Not everyone is meant for this lifestyle, its rough and not always fun and games! There are kids out there who take this shit seriously! I know all this through trial and error, so believe me and take my advice!! My last and final piece of advice?? Please do not just up and decide to go on the road and start hopping freight by yourself without any experience or having an experienced person with you who knows what the fuck they are doing.

If your hell bent on ridding or going on the road, go with someone, pay the fuck attention and learn the lifestyle, and once again respect shit! This is all good advice.

Respect goes a long way. Oh I also want to mention hepatitis is a mother fucker out there! Good luck on the travels…. Trying to get some info on train hopping. Looks like some trains will stop somewhere for a week, some while travel miles in 3 days, and some will travel cross country in 3 days. If I wanted to travel from St. Louis to Memphis, or Atlanta, or New Orleans, etc. But also, sidings look good. Theres a spot by my house in St.

Louis about 8 miles west of the Mississippi R. I assume these trains are preparing to cross the mississippi. I thought about one day on an off day I could hop on one, and see how it goes.

Alot of them are unit coal trains with an extra locomotive on the back you could ride in. Maybe it would start moving and go right across the river into illinois, or maybe it would just go a few miles and stop in a major train yard.

I approved your comment because it has some good questions in it. If you are anywhere near XXX, hit me up! Been thinking about doing this for quite awhile. What are some good tips for knowing what trains are going where. Like I have heard that you can tell by the numbers on the train but how does that work? Every time I search for apps on my phone, Google maps comes up. Is this an adequate way to hop trains to where I need to go?

Can anyone recommend any android aps for train maps? Should come up with about 10 different pictures of the same map. Print em out and take em with you. For those searching for railroad maps, go to the goodwill or a used bookstore and find an old atlas from the forties or earlier. You will be able to follow your progress quite easily.

No one group owns a life of train hopping. Everyone has their own reasons whether or not they fit into some contrived category.

Information on how to be safe and to know the ropes is good for everyone. Some of you want this lifestyle all to yourself. Some people yearn for adventure and this is one way to seek it. Some of you need to lighten up. Of course, safety comes first. Research helps you stay safer, if you use trial and error, your errors could cause your death. To the previous comments about safety, I add these. If you ride in a box car, bring a small amount of rope to tie the door open.

If the door slides shut and locks you in during a ride, you will die in the car before being found. As for walking in the freight yards, be constantly alert.

There may be cars quietly moving alone without an engine. Never walk under the couplings or cars. You must find a place to be hidden in a car. If you can be seen from the outside, you will likely be removed from the train. The bull or dick often watches the train pass. Even if you get out of the yard, the bull will call ahead to have you removed. Usually, you are kicked out of the yard. Once, I was charged with unlawful train riding in the State of South Carolina and sat in a jail for a few hours.

If you are being respectful and nice, you might find that railroad workers will tell you on which track the next east bound will leave. I found that my ride from Chicago to Sacramento and also the return trip took me about 8 days. I was able to hitch hike this much faster. In addition, riding the rails is dirty. You get covered with all sorts of grime and there is no bathroom to go wash in.

On the UP they are now called Z trains. These are the fastest without lots of local stops. If you get stuck on a local, you might walk to your destination faster. Once my box car was taken off in the middle of the night with me sleeping in it. I awoke in the middle of some Iowa corn field.

My decision was to ride alone or with a friend and not trust others who might be seen riding. Be quiet in the yards, do everything to blend in and not call attention to yourself. A cell phone is very helpful. You can use it for safety. You can use the GPS to make sure you are going in the right direction. You can use Google maps to navigate a freight yard. A paper map is very helpful once your battery on the cell dies. I never ended up going in the wrong direction because I went to yards that serviced the direction that I wanted to travel.

Workers directed me to the correct trains, but often you have to wait for hours for the train to leave. You will find a few moments of joy, some of reflection but many of boredom. Reply to my message if interested. Hey David, I have a lot of questions about your experiences train hopping. If you could reply soon thatd be great.

Did you end up going from Southern California to Florida last year? If so — I would love to hear about your experiences. I lived on a circus train for four years. I miss the rails. I want to catch a train from Houston to Los Angeles. Anybody In the Houston area into the moniker scene. Well I have caught out a total of three times with some really cool traveling kids I met,all they had to say was if you can keep up.. Spare changing to buy malt liquor at 10am is not my personal idea of fun.

But most of the street kids I met — even if they came from middle class families — really are dirt poor. The widely-told story of street kids who have trust funds they draw from is a myth, a way of delegitimizing their experience of living on the street.

And living on the street is hard. Sexual assault is real and happens. Just wondering how safe those platforms are once the train starts moving? My biggest and quite possibly illogical fear is the train cars bumping into one another and me going flying off.

I almost feel like tying myself in for a long ride would be a good idea, that way you could sit on the platform without the fear of falling off…. Hi Emily, to answer your questions. I like the back because I figure there are less eyes that might see you.

Grainers are the best ride since most have a round hole access that opens to a space large enough for you and your gear. Be safe and Happy Thanksgiving! Any of you guys been doing it in my hood? Its something ive always wanted to do and know id regret never doing it.

Hi Wes, I enjoy reading the various posts and comments shared by others. Your personal safety and any others hopping with you should a number 1 priority.

We are living in a time when we are constantly told to be afraid of this or that. The fact is fear equals respect. Freight hopping in Europe, as mentioned above?

Its a joke and I doubt if it is true. It is not true; and if, then maybe a km distance, involving 2 days of getting on and off the train ;-. I suggest to carry a radio scanner to monitor railroad frequencies,you can monitor the RR police too!

Frequencies available do an Internet search. Be careful on carrying a concealed weapon! Some states it may be a felony offense! If you have a valid CCW permit from your home state, it may be honored in another state. Check the states laws on CCW. I would carry an extra back-up cell phone in case I would get robbed or best to carry an expired one.

You can hide your state I. I wear a 5. There is wind-up mini radios that can also charge your cell phone while on the go. Carry emergency contact information in case something bad happens to you. Check maps for public land to camp out on. Camp fires not to be seen, build a Dakota Hole, look it up on the net. Thanks for the article! I enjoyed reading the comments!

Great suggestions Johnny the Hobo. God bless you in your travels. And you too, Wes. God bless and thanks for this informative website. You write a lot in these comments about the disappearing life style of tramps. Can people still make it these days being nomads in the US?

What part of Alabama do you live in? I have done some riding and enjoy everything of yours I have come across. Love the oogle def. I rode freights in the s and wrote a book called Good Company: Much of what I read above reminds me of when I rode the freights, but much is new. There were almost no kids on the trains. I was young, in my mid 20s. I wrote about a tramp way of life, that still was connected to the old history of the hobo.

I rode the hiline several times from MPLS to the west coast and picked apples with tramps in the Okanagan River valley one year. Jackrollers rode to rob you of wages or whatever. But it general the men I met were old time tramps; there was still work for them and still a lot of imagination in their souls.

Anyway, this blog and others tell me the trains still carry humans, and … well, I guess you are tramps. Goodluck and stay safe. I want to walk from state line to state line but not on the road. Can it be done? Ive been on the road on since I was 18 after being in group homes and detetion facilities my whole adolescence.

Been all over the lower 48 and Alaska hitch hiking and never hopped a train, and Im so burned out on hitching and sleeping under overpasses for days when I hit a shitty town, Im considering it. I just cant stand some of these motherfuckers man, they just straight up weird as fuck and cocky. I got mad respect for a lot of train kids and hitch hiked with some of them and they were chill as fuck, but some of these dudes are just delusional thinking they so hardcore, and anyone who hitchhikes travels differently is a kook.

Fuck man I do this shit to see the amazing nature this country has to offer, meet awesome people along the way and enjoy my life to the fullest. I guess my point is, to all the shit talkers in these comments, have some fucking humility and realize youre not the only ones out there getten after it. Should I just look around at one of the NYC train yards or do you have any other ideas as to where to find some people so help me.

Thanks for the insight on some of the down sides of the traveling community. Can I find people who are experienced in any freight yard in a big city? I just need to find a group of people to travel with and mentor me but I dont know how to find anyone.

Fear has a way of making a grain of sand look like a universe. Now, the big city yards are something else. Like any big city you should be armed with something- if anything at least to beat off stray dogs and people. Hide a good size ass whippin stick, and when some crusty idiot starts trying to put the fear in you, walk away.

I am trying to find my child. He called me at that time and was going to back track to Virginia. This is important, so can you give me any advice. Karl Marx wrote a book about Communism and the whole world did not turn that direction. ITs a slippery slope you guys are being entertained with. If you personally do not want to share information than thats all up to you, but you can not blame others for being interested or sharing.

Stop acting like entitled assholes. Everyone has their own head to use. So if they go out there and end up dying then so be it. Death is only natural. Everyone started a newbie, and if your afraid people are going to get killed then maybe you should offer more advice and help.

Hey Wes Modes, just wanted to say this is a great thread. I and a couple buddies used to take off every weekend while we were in high school, venturing off in all directions exploring the countryside. I continued to ride the rails for the next 2 decades, purely for pleasure. After high school we rode clear across Canada. Love hopping from Detroit to Windsor , all the automotive parts , cars and steel, border crossing is a breeze , it moves quickly and the return is as easy , stay off the drugs and booze and it can be a blast ps no passport needed.

Im from the detroit area and have absolutely no experience with hopping freight. I would love to try it, but that is extreme hopping.. Had the time of my life. Stopped in my early 20s to do more forest defense and settle on a commune for awhile. Wonder if people still ride. Miss partying it up in the cities. Trying to get back to Houston from Memphis first timer should I even attempt solo…..

Any advice or info needed. This was such a interesting read. Really inspiring and full of great advice. They all have highly suggested this but I need a experienced person to show me the ins aand outs. Please any kind person out there be willing to meet me here maybe during death fest? I know where to hop out I just would like not to go at this unsafely and hurt myself or ruin it for others. Please email me reynoldslaura17 yahoo. I do not want to get robbed on the train road, should I bring pepper spray, knife?

Or should I just rely on the old fists? Or should I even be worried I can see why some would be violent in the hopping culture. Desperation, very poor, no place to call home. Any advice would help! Everything I do is inhuman and I feel like living out in the wild using trains for transportation occasionally visiting towns might give me a true feeling of freedom.

No where to be, anywhere to go, self reliant for survival. Im thinking about taking a trip but not far. I live in Obion, TN. There is a train track not too far from whee I live. So I am gonna go with your advice. Your own safety is very important. My son is missing. He was last known to be in Mactier Ontario. Train hopping home to be. We have not heard from him for 6 days. Any help to get started on this I would be very grateful.

Do you or anyone reading this think that I could find people at a local train yard or would I have to go a little west to start coming across people to help me on my journey. To the author of this article, thank you. Hello, as Felix said I am probably to late to get a response but why not try, I live in Sussex Wisconsin, a small village with a rail road going threw it look it up on google maps, and i live near the trakes. Im thinking of over the summer jumping a train, maybe with a buddy but probably alone.

The problem is for starters I can not find a map of the rail roads in Wisconsin and secondly i live near a quarry were the train load stone, a bad place to get stuck. If anyone has any tips or maps contact me, Thanks! To anyone who may care here is a like of all the rail roads in the US.

Hoping to hop my first train this summer! Thank you so much for these tips!!!!! Also, 1 Do all yards have bulls? Wow came across this feeling kind of nostalgic for days passed. I road the rails late 80s early 90s. Was a fun and scary time in my life, grew up very poor folks did not really care for or about me. Lived in the port city of long beach ca trains tacks a blocks away. Going all over the us. Did Not have much the way in equipment, I wore old army surplus clothes old boots had a knife and a old 22 pistol.

My friend Jason joined me on our Adventures. We rode mostly alone Southern California, until we start adventuring North. Want to venture towards Oregon Washington and others day we started meeting up with older gentleman they have been riding the rails for years. After talking with them did generally respect and accept us as we come from hard backgrounds. We where not Arrogant or judgmental and respected them as well. Learned a great deal from them overtime, they hated the college kid types doing it for a thrill.

Most of the time we would hang at the back of the train for those kids to hop on have them follow us to a box car or empty gondola. Where they would be robbed. Rich kids with their fancy L. Bean REI clothing Fancy camera frame backpacks little camp stoves. Would be taken and pawned in town we would get a small cut. We got by on that and breaking into paper boxes, ride machines things like that. We would also do odd jobs like wash windows or pump gas for big rigs at truck stops. A buck or 2 here or better yet a ride to a new yard.

I could go on about this for days. To all you haters …… no, I will be civil. First agreed we need to protect our children. Though if they are determined enought to look this up.? Me as a 28 year old man. I want to do this for adventure and as a type of walkabout type thing let he who lives with out sin cast the first stone ………… thank you authors for your wisdom.

Someone asking how you get in and out of gondolas relatively simple if you prepare for it. Learned this from an old school real hobbo.

Then you pull the other end through the end of the bowline sung it up. There you go you have a rope ladder to get in and out. Felix, I am Rainbow and do not hop anymore… The best way to find local family is on the different rainbow facebook pages.

For those in general reading this thread. You can listen on your smartphone in certain areas through the broadcastify app or at http: Fellow rider here who spent the last 8 months riding nowhere in particular. I really enjoyed the article and your comment at the bottom of the post.

Just a respectful shout out to the family and friends of the late James Stobie aka Stobe the Hobo. His memorial service is in Denver on Monday. As sad loss for all train fans. May God rest his soul and comfort those who mourn. May his soul seek the rest and freedom it was searching. Email will not be published required. How To Hop a Freight Train What to Bring Keep everything dark, dark clothes, dark pack, dark sleeping bag or blanket.

How to get Information Railroad workers are your friends and will help you out whenever possible. What to Ride In order of preference, you want to ride in open boxcars, on the rear platform of a grainer or hopper, between the wheels of piggybacked trailers, in the well behind cargo containers if there is a solid floor , on the second or third deck of empty auto carriers if you can get in , or in empty gondolas.

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Some friends prefered to hop with other women, some with burly dudes. Some women friends felt safest when they traveled alone. Know how to keep yourself safe. Assertiveness training, self-defense training, or martial arts really help. Consider low-scale weapons such as bear mace or pepper spray. Firearms or edged weapons have the dual disadvantage in that they can be taken away and used against you, and increase your risk of serious trouble with authorities.

Most female friends tended to dress down their femininity. Reply David May 14, 3: Reply David Jul 14, 8: Reply Joe Feb 18, 2: Reply wmodes Feb 18, 3: Reply Dan Mar 3, 1: Reply wmodes Apr 13, 3: At the time, New York promoter Manny Greenfield reclaimed a large part of Holly's earnings; Greenfield had booked Holly for shows during previous tours.

Greenfield later felt he was also acting as Holly's manager and deserved a higher payment, which Holly refused. Greenfield then sued Holly. Under New York law, because Holly's royalties originated in New York and were directed out of the state, the payments were frozen until the dispute was settled. Petty then could not complete the transfers to Holly, who considered him responsible for the missing profit.

Holly ended his association with Petty in December His band members kept Petty as their manager, and Holly also split from the Crickets.

Petty was still holding the money from the royalties, forcing Holly to form a new band and return to touring. Holly vacationed with his wife in Lubbock and visited Jennings's radio station in December Jennings stayed at Holly's apartment by Washington Square Park on the days prior to a meeting scheduled at the headquarters of the General Artists Corporation , which organized the tour.

The amount of travel involved created logistical problems, as the distance between venues had not been considered when scheduling performances. Adding to the problem, the unheated tour buses twice broke down in freezing weather, with dire consequences. Holly's drummer Carl Bunch was hospitalized for frostbite to his toes suffered while aboard the bus , so Holly decided to seek other transportation.

Holly's idea was to depart following the show at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake and fly to their next venue, in Moorhead, Minnesota , via Fargo, North Dakota , allowing them time to rest and launder their clothes and avoid a rigorous bus journey. Immediately after the Clear Lake show which ended just before midnight , Allsup agreed to flip a coin for the seat with Valens. Valens called heads; when he won, he reportedly said, "That's the first time I've ever won anything in my life," Allsup later opened a restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas called Heads Up.

Richardson the Big Bopper , who had influenza and complained that the tour bus was too cold and uncomfortable for a man of his size. The pilot, Roger Peterson , took off in inclement weather, although he was not certified to fly by instruments only. The service was officiated by Ben D. Johnson, who had presided at the Holly's wedding just months earlier. The pallbearers were Jerry Allison, Joe B. Some sources say that Phil Everly, the one half of The Everly Brothers , was also the pallbearer, but he said at one time that he attended the funeral but was not a pallbearer.

Holly's body was interred in the City of Lubbock Cemetery, in the eastern part of the city. His headstone carries the correct spelling of his surname Holley and a carving of his Fender Stratocaster guitar.

Maria Elena watched the first reports of Holly's death on television. The following day, she claimed, she suffered a miscarriage, although there is no independent source for this. Holly's mother, who heard the news on the radio in Lubbock, Texas, screamed and collapsed. Because of Elena's miscarriage, in the months following the accident, the authorities implemented a policy against announcing victims' names until after families are informed.

She later told the Avalanche-Journal , "In a way, I blame myself. I was not feeling well when he left.

I was two weeks pregnant, and I wanted Buddy to stay with me, but he had scheduled that tour. It was the only time I wasn't with him. And I blame myself because I know that, if only I had gone along, Buddy never would have gotten into that airplane. Holly's singing style was characterized by his vocal hiccups and his alternation between his regular voice and falsetto.

Fender Stratocasters were popular with country musicians; Holly chose it for its loud sound. He played his first Stratocaster, a model, until it was stolen during a tour stop in Michigan in To replace it, he purchased a model before a show in Detroit. Holly owned four or five Stratocasters during his career. At the beginning of their music careers, Holly and his band wore business suits.

The brothers advised Holly to replace his old-fashioned glasses with horn-rimmed glasses , which had been popularized by Steve Allen. Teenagers in the United States started to request this style of glasses, which were later popularly known as "Buddy Holly glasses".

When the plane crashed, the wreckage was strewn across many yards of snow-covered ground. While his other belongings were recovered immediately, there was no record of his signature glasses being found. They were presumed lost until, in March , they were discovered in a Cerro Gordo County courthouse storage area by Sheriff Gerald Allen. They had been found in the spring of , after the snow had melted, and had been given to the sheriff's office.

They were placed in an envelope dated April 7, , along with the Big Bopper's watch, a lighter, two pairs of dice and part of another watch, and misplaced when the county moved courthouses. The glasses, missing their lenses, were returned to Maria Elena a year later, after a legal contest over them with his parents. Buddy Holly left behind dozens of unfinished recordings: The most recent recordings, made in Holly's apartment in late , were his last six original songs.

In June , Coral Records overdubbed two of them with backing vocals by the Ray Charles Singers and studio musicians in an attempt to simulate the established Crickets sound. The new release was successful enough to warrant an album drawing upon the other Holly demos, using the same studio personnel, in January The demand for Holly records was so great, and Holly had recorded so prolifically, that his record label was able to release new Holly albums and singles for the next 10 years.

Norman Petty produced most of these new editions, drawing upon unreleased studio masters, alternative takes, audition tapes, and even amateur recordings some dating back to with low-fidelity vocals.

The final "new" Buddy Holly album, "Giant", was released in ; the single chosen from the album was " Love Is Strange ". On its entry, the Hall of Fame remarked upon the large quantity of material he produced during his short musical career, and said it "made a major and lasting impact on popular music".

It called him an "innovator" for writing his own material, his experimentation with double tracking and the use of orchestration ; he is also said to have "pioneered and popularized the now-standard" use of two guitars, bass, and drums by rock bands. In , Grant Speed sculpted a statue of Holly playing his Fender guitar. This statue is the centerpiece of Lubbock's Walk of Fame, which honors notable people who contributed to Lubbock's musical history. Other memorials to Buddy Holly include a street named in his honor and the Buddy Holly Center , which contains a museum of Holly memorabilia and fine arts gallery.

In , Grant Speed's statue was taken down for refurbishment and construction of a new Walk of Fame began. They studied Holly's records, learned his performance style and lyricism, and based their act around his persona. Inspired by Holly's insect-themed Crickets, they chose to name their band " The Beatles ".

Lennon and McCartney later cited Holly as one of their main influences. Lennon's band the Quarrymen covered "That'll Be the Day" in their first recording session, in And I just have some sort of feeling that he was Mick Jagger saw Holly performing live in Woolwich , London, during a tour of England; Jagger particularly remembered Holly's performance of "Not Fade Away" — a song that also inspired Keith Richards , who modeled his early guitar playing on the track.

The Rolling Stones had a hit version of the song in Don McLean 's popular ballad " American Pie " was inspired by Holly's death and the day of the plane crash. The song's lyric, which calls the incident "The Day the Music Died", became popularly associated with the crash. McLean's album American Pie is dedicated to Holly. By the time he was 22 years old, he had recorded some 50 tracks, most of which he had written himself Buddy Holly and the Crickets were the template for all the rock bands that followed".

Elton John was musically influenced by Holly. At age 13, although he did not require them, John started wearing horn-rimmed glasses to imitate Holly. In his autobiography, Clapton recounted the first time he saw Holly and his Fender, saying, "I thought I'd died and gone to heaven The launch of Bobby Vee 's successful musical career resulted from Holly's death; Vee was selected to replace Holly on the tour that continued after the plane crash.

Holly's profound influence on Vee's singing style can be heard in the songs " Rubber Ball " — the B-side of which was a cover of Holly's "Everyday" — and "Run to Him.

Greenwich Village in the s , paying tribute to the new wave of singer-songwriters in the Village during that pivotal, post-Holly era. The album opens with Barone's version of "Learning the Game", one of the final songs written and recorded by Holly at his home in Greenwich Village, a week before his death. The film was widely criticized by the rock press, and by Holly's friends and family, for its inaccuracies.

Crenshaw's version of "Crying, Waiting, Hoping" is featured on the La Bamba original motion picture soundtrack. It spawned the genre that later included Mamma Mia! The musical opened in the late s and its most recent UK tour occurred in February Holly was depicted in an episode of the science-fiction television program Quantum Leap titled "How the Tess Was Won"; Holly's identity is only revealed at the end of the episode. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the Weezer song, see Buddy Holly song.

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