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Teen Hd Alexis crystal Pornstar Hospital. Medical Asian Voyeur Japanese Hospital. Since then, she has rewritten the label of her own life with a new goal in mind. I want to be the new face of breast cancer survivors. Cannot be combined with other coupons or discounts. Her youth and energy were mortifying to me at the time she even had a baby when I was 15! Are you a cool mom or decidedly uncool? And what the heck is a cool mom anyway?

We all have days where we yell at our kids, forget the permission slip or count the minutes until bedtime. So maybe cool is a state of mind. A cool mom still embarrasses their kids, but less frequently. But what about your peers? What about the fellow moms we encounter every day? Today Breeze has a new definition of what it means to be a cool mom. How cool are you?

Test your coolness quotient with this super easy quiz 1. What do you carry in your purse? A plain, old cellphone. Your tween begged you for something special for her 11th birthday. Scored front row tickets to One Direction. Hosted a mini-spa afternoon for her and her three BFFs. Sprung for a party at Chuck E. Your seventh-grader has a bunch of buddies over and they break a lamp in your family room playing football. Shrug it off and suggest they play Wii instead. Promptly send them outside for the rest of the day.

Vow to only have one friend in your home at a time from now on. Stay home from work and help your kids build the biggest fort on the block. Make popcorn and order a kid-friendly movie. Have them clean their rooms before you let them outside. How would you describe your everyday look? I manage to tuck my shirt into my pants! I live in sweats—nothing wrong with that!

When was the last time another mom asked you for advice? In the last week. In the last month. Mother and grandmother and great grandmother Three generations of moms knows best share their learned wisdom.

Teaching a kid not to bite by biting them back? We reached out to three generations of mothers in the same families to hear their best advice for dealing with common parenting dilemmas. These experienced mamas shared their thoughts on everything from soothing a fussy baby to teaching a toddler not to hit. Evelyn Basile, mom of two Grandma: Susan Panfil, mom of four Mom: Brooke Ober, mom of three. We would rub whiskey on their gums. A lot of holding and walking and Tylenol, of course.

I would give them a dose of Tylenol for the pain and chilled teether toys, but cuddling helped soothe them the best. And then the other three kids did it when they seemed to be ready and interested.

Finally we gave up for several months. Then a few weeks before his third birthday we let him run naked for a week. There were lots and lots of accidents, but by the fourth day, something clicked in him and that was it. Sleeping through the night Great Grandma: Both my kids were colicky for five months.

We just suffered through it. I picked them up when they cried and nursed. I often brought them into bed with me. After 6 months, I would start putting the baby down awake, which seems to help them learn to fall asleep on their own. I did try sleep training, but hearing them cry for long periods was too heart wrenching. Potty training Great Grandma: My daughter was still in diapers in kindergarten.

I tried and tried, I just had to wait until they were ready do it. I tried diligently with my first and failed at it. I remember just stepping over my son on the kitchen floor. Give them a toy, treat or remove them from the situation. I would try to give them all my attention or a hug to calm them down. Biting or hitting Great Grandma: I remember once, my son bit another little girl in the leg.

I was so embarrassed. I stopped it right away and let them know it was NOT tolerated. If my child would bite me or another kid, I would always take them away from whatever they were doing or sit them down if I was holding them.

But more than anything, we try to nip it before it happens. Really paying attention to them keeps the bad behavior from even starting. Grace Cooning, mom of four Grandma: Kathy Erickson, mom of two Mom: Lauren Pero, mom of two. Lots of love helps! My oldest daughter had colic, so there was lots of crying. We used a pacifier for soothing. For teething, we had a round rubber ring that we put in the refrigerator.

We also used paregoric to rub on their gums to numb them. Keep calm and try to change the environment. Sometimes just picking the. Feed the baby late and put some cereal in the milk and the bottle to try to fill their tummies so it would hold them through the night. I think a full tummy at night will help with sleeping. If your child does wake during the night and cannot seem to settle, I would go in and pat and rub their.

When your child wakes up dry, put them on the potty. After each meal you should put them on the potty and before and after naps and bedtime. I started this as early as eight months. When your child is able to tell you that they are using the bathroom in their diaper, that is the appropriate time to introduce toilet training. Once you start, be consistent.

Give your child the opportunity to sit on their potty first thing in the morning, after each meal, before nap and bedtime and any other time that you know they normally go potty. My daughter sometimes tells us when she poops but is oblivious to having a wet diaper. We have potties set up downstairs and upstairs and let her sit on them and read books whenever she wants. The first thing you do is make sure your child is in a safe place and cannot hurt himself. Let them throw the tantrum and ignore them.

If you are in public, remove the child. Oh boy, my oldest is a champion tantrum-thrower. Be By Baby Extensive selection of nursing and maternity bras cups A-K , chic maternity and nursing apparel, organic stretch oils, support belts, birth and prenatal classes, in the heart of Lakeview. A full range of advanced medical services for you and baby. Arlington Heights www.

Vada Armbrust, mom of seven Grandma: Carol Doody, mom of three Mom: Rachel Griffith, mom of two. You just have to pay more attention to the baby than usual. For some reason, I decided not to rely on a pacifier. But I have observed many a baby calmed instantly when given one, so I would definitely add that to my repertoire if I had it to do over again. Patience, pacifiers, cold teethers and a little Tylenol when teething interrupts sleep. When the babies were newborn I slept when they slept and was awake when they were awake.

When they got a little older, I started letting them cry it out. We always had the baby in a bassinet in our room for the first couple of months no monitors and I felt like I never got sound sleep. Let them do it when they want to. The guideline at the time was that if the child was not potty trained by the time they were 3, then you had to do something about it.

Start putting them on the potty once in a while maybe before getting in the bath around a year just to introduce the idea, talk about it a lot, read books about it, buy the potty seat and then wait until they are ready. Basically, give them all the tools and information and then wait until they want to do it. They will let you know. Park them on a chair or in their room. My effectiveness at handling tantrums directly corresponded to how sleep deprived I was. On a good day, I would calmly state why they could not have the toy at the checkout and then leave the store as quickly as possible.

On a not-so-good day, I would try to reason with them and give them chances or count on more than one hand several times to no avail.

Once the child is calm, then have a conversation about why it happened and how to handle a similar situation in the future. For biting, I may bite them back gently, of course so that they realize that it hurts. This behavior warranted an. I think the first time one of my children hit another child was at a playgroup and I was mortified. I had to learn to be firm, but not treat the behavior as a federal offense. Remove them from the situation, talk about better ways to solve problems, and help them understand that if they choose to do that, they should expect the person to do it back.

Caitlin Murray Giles is a freelance writer and mother of three. Here are some tips and advice from Chicago moms-in-the-know on how to make this milestone memorable. There truly is no better gift than a book.

A first birthday party is really all about the adults having fun. Setting a fun, interactive tasting bar in advance allows you as the hostess to focus on spending time with your guests and enjoying yourself, instead of being stuck in the kitchen.

I love creating a custom, colorful theme, even for the cake, to dress up the party. The cake is the centerpiece and a smaller smash cake for the baby provides for great photos to cherish for. For food, I love everything in miniature, just like the birthday baby! Always choose a theme that your child currently loves. Storybooks, characters, sports, travel or hobbies, any of these creates the perfect, personal party theme.

For a racing party, the kids went wild for mini sliders with racing flags, mini mac and cheese cups, and tiny grilled ham and cheese. Plan a menu with drinks, small savory bites and sweets that all can be premade in advance and set out at room temperature during the party. Make sure to focus on your child at the party. LY ON N. Exhibit your business, please email: Sasha Adler, design director at Nate Berkus Associates and mom of one with a new baby on the way Perfect 1st birthday gift: I usually give something that my daughter loved at that age, such as an instrument set that comes in a drum, a set of wooden alphabet blocks or a little tea set for a girl.

I think a first birthday party is definitely more about the adults, so I try to select a menu that appeals to them with options for the kids. I am a huge Dairy Queen fan, so I also ordered individual cups of soft serve and had a topping bar for everyone to make their own sundae.

We had a Mexican fiesta-themed party for our last birthday party that started off with a handmade invitation to set the tone. I also love to have something for the guests to put on right away to get in the spirit, so I had sombreros and maracas waiting at the front door. Hire or assign a photographer.

A well-rested child is key. For parents with children up to 18 months. For children 15 months to 3 years old. For children 3 to 6 years old. At Home in the Arts: Two 4-week Summer Sessions for children 2 to 6 years old. And I always love something personalized! Make sure to have pouches, fruit and other nibbles for the babies. Everyone loves a good birthday cake, so this is where I would spend my budget if I had to make a choice. Make it something that you will have. The first birthday party is unique in that it is a party for the parents, too.

I am a big proponent for making it something everyone will enjoy. I love the upstairs at two of my favorite pizzerias, Roots Pizza and Pizzeria Serio. They have TVs, great food, drinks and a great open space. You can have a nice party and have fun with your friends without getting caught up in the moment.

Just remember that all of your friends with kids are just going to be excited to celebrate with you and have a fun way to spend their time between naps. June 24 — July 3 Session II: July 22 — August 2 Afternoon: Open to students entering grades N-1 and Also open to grades for six weeks of high school PE.

A wide array of choices is available for all students. Sports Camps meet from 3 to 5: Love of the game, fair play, and good sportsmanship rank high among teaching and coaching objectives. Call or visit us online at: A satellite is an object that moves around a bigger object. The Moon revolves around the Earth, and the Earth orbits our Sun.

We offer small classes, amazing teachers, and lots of extras. Perfect 1st birthday gift: Babies turning 1 are still trying to understand how a lot of toys work, so keep it simple.

A candle on the cake was an important part for me. I loved having the pictures for my son Porter to look at when he gets older. If you want to splurge a bit for the special day, there are lots of indoor play places, like Kid City in West Town, where you can rent space for a couple of hours. This allows you to invite more people and not let your house become trashed. Invite the people who are important to you, but. Having your loved ones there to share in the special day with lots of pictures will give great memories for your little one.

Returning players go to eayso. American Girl Place, N. Bonus for the big kids: Goldfish Swim School, W. Or, bring one of the extra changing pads into a private, department store-style dressing room.

Buckets are filled to the brim with complimentary size 3s. Cut the eyelashes before 6 months so they will grow in curly when they grow up. Gabriela Munoz-Lo, Park Ridge. Let her sleep in your bed with you to bond. Cheryl Durante, Addison Breastfeeding is so painful. The Field Museum, S. Changing stalls provide privacy, and tot areas are outfitted with teeny toilets for the training set.

A nearby Nanny Caddy vending machine sells diapers, wipes, even pacifiers. Moms, go ahead and savor those last few sips of pinot while Daddy does the dirty work. And where else can you change a diaper sandwiched between Burberry and Louis Vuitton? Boughton Road, Bolingbrook With a comfy armchair, animal art and a miniature table and chairs, you and your tot will feel right at home inside the cozy family loo, located near the restaurant. To never pick up your baby when crying.

Sometimes babies need that extra feeling of being held and loved. Mary Zytniowski Talbot, Ottawa. Soldier Field, S. I had someone omeone tell me that I would spoil my newborn by picking her up when she cries. My grandma told me to rub down the baby with rubbing alcohol when they have a fever. I thought my pediatrician was going to slap me when I told him that.

Debbie Casas, Elk Grove Village. There are also 14 family restrooms for all you Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari wannabes. Buy Buy Baby, N. Keshet A rainbow of hope for individuals with special needs. Learning Through Play Center Professionally trained staff focuses on speech, behavior and developmental goals. Addison, Chicago www. Marklund Day School S. Prairie Bloomingdale www. Brookside Commons, Frankfort www.

Our behavior management experts can help! Pediatric Therapy Services A multi-disciplinary pediatric clinic serving the entire family Woods Drive, Skokie http: Wellspring Camps Scientific-based weight loss camps. Exceptional care and patient comfort go hand in hand at Southwest Dental Group. This gives special needs children and adults an experience they can feel good about - with the option of IV sedation for situational anxiety.

Tentler holds diplomate status in the American Society of Dentist Anesthesiologists. Tentler and Associates, General Dentistry. From nursery essentials like diapers, wipes and onesies to more unwieldy items like jogging strollers and Exersaucers, these items can quickly take over your home—and even your car.

Organizing trouble spots The diaper bag Diaper bags tend to be large, which means small items easily can get lost. Use colorful plastic or nylon pencil pouches to store kits of supplies: Sarah Giller Nelson Keep it simple. If you have a nanny or regular babysitter, make sure they have their own bag to use. Refill bag at end of each day.

Use see-through bags and sort by category for: This is a great way for the diaper bag to hold all the essentials that a mom will need to lug around with her. Baby clothing A hanging sweater bag in a closet makes good storage for baby clothes.

Most of the clothes can be folded to save space. Purge clothes after each season. There are apps designed for everything and everyone—even the youngest among us. Choosing whether or not to plug in your little pumpkin soon after he arrives, however, is something to weigh heavily. The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend screen time for children under 2. Your child will benefit most often from the sounds of your voice, your facial movements and the interactions of loving parents, siblings and caregivers.

Interact with your infant and gauge his growth with these resources that help navigate fussy times, record developmental milestones and distract long enough to get a shower. Even babies and young kids have seasonal wardrobes. You can re-use the same storage tub for two seasons. You can apply the same storing concept to other things as well. As you find no longer fit, put clothes that n them bin.

When that is th hem in the b full, fu ull l , move the contents to a storthat is a bit more out ag space tha age ag off tthe h way. Instead, store smaller groups of items in their own bins or baskets. Save the larger containers for a single category of large toys, like stuffed animals, large trucks or big blocks.

Sarah Giller Nelson Use your old laundry baskets or even inexpensive colored mesh laundry baskets to store different types of toys such as stuffed animals, cars, blocks, etc. Encourage your child to take out one thing at a time.

Erin Kelly Car Sometimes toys can take control of the interior of your car. Pooja Gugnani Keep a mini baby kit in the car, stocked with diapering items, extra pacifiers and snacks, just in case. Make sure to update the diaper size and any clothing as the baby grows!

Sarah Giller Nelson Keep your reusable bags in the car for groceries, cleaning up and other uses. That way they are always available in case you have a need for them. Changing table Use your dresser as a changing table by using the drawers to store your diapers, wipes, lotions, burp cloths, etc.

The same dresser can then be used when your baby is older to store clothes, blankets, socks, etc. Use a basket or a bin to keep a small supplies of diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, plastic bags and a leakproof changing mat neat and contained. Sarah Giller Nelson It sounds simple, but be sure to place your Diaper Genie and trash can right next to your changing area and keep all of your other supplies within reach so you easily can reach everything without having to step away from baby.

Learn more about keeping your baby safe from dangerous products at www. Sign up for our monthly alerts to have the latest in child product safety delivered right to your inbox. Baby names Show your true Chicago spirit by naming your baby after a Windy City landmark, street or celebrity.

A little subtlety goes a long way. We bring our foot gaming vehicle right to your door. The Game Dudes will also bring along state of the art laser tag equipment and accessories for sixteen players! Let the Game Dudes bring Laser Tag to you. Perfect for school or church gyms! For mom, it hurt.

For the underweight Grant, it was more than frustrating. Not getting enough to eat threatened his very means to thrive. Fred Margolis, who wrote the book. Lip tie, where the piece of skin between the top lip and teeth is too long, is a related ankyloglossia, as doctors call these oral issues that can hamper happy nursing. More than 4 percent of newborns are tongue-tied and need labial frenectomy, and about 3 percent have lip ties and need lingual frenectomy, Margolis says.

In baby brother Eli, though, the lip tie was more pronounced. About 30 seconds, a few quick waves of the laser and just a couple of tears later, it was all over. Some babies sleep right through the procedure, Margolis says. But for Poskozim, of Des Plaines, the improvements were immediate.

For Chicago mom Linda Anderegg, a better tongue translated into that illusive qualityof-life commodity new parents crave most: Now accepting registrations for the and school years. Soothe Sleep is critical—for everyone. Distract Of course there will be fussy times, and these apps can act like a traditional rattle to distract your baby in a pinch.

Baby Rattle Toy Android, free comes with six different rattle styles and sounds. Sharon Miller Cindrich ChicagoParent. But as fun as it is, it can be deadly.

Drowning is the number one cause of death for kids under 4 and the second cause of death for those under 14, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Most heartbreaking is that drowning can be prevented. The simplest way to reduce the risk is to invest in swimming lessons. Sara Batchelor, director of operations at Dolphin Swim Club.

Starting kids young If your child takes swimming lessons, there is an 88 percent reduction of a drowning risk. And Sara Batchelor, director of operations at Dolphin Swim Club, says it is never too late— and never too early—to get them swimming.

She recommends starting in a program that caters to young children. Alexandria Shanklin, a psychotherapist, recommends starting with a class where a parent can be involved. Kim Burgess, executive director of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance, says the instructor is the most important part.

Look for a small class size. Batchelor says to make sure the swim school teaches kids according to their ability, not an age chart. Batchelor advises parents to be consistent and positive. Having your child know. Dworkin, aquatics safety and water rescue consultant. Kristen Kuchar is a freelance writer living in Naperville. Marklund Day School Marklund Day School is a non-public state-certified school located in Bloomingdale, that provides a highly specialized educational experience for students ages We Offer the Latest in Technology and Therapies Marklund creates a highly sensory-driven program featuring: Visit Us for a Tour Contact: Karen Gill, Director of Education , ext.

Your child will have the opportunity to learn and practice proper climbing techniques. We invite you to see our classic Montessori school, May 8, By appointment please, Camp Alcuin offers four sessions of a Montessori curriculum with gardening, cooking, Spanish, art and more. Children ages can attend our half- or full-day programs. Early morning is also available. Avery Coonley Summer Program W. Downers Grove ext.

June 17 — June 28 Session 2: July 1- July 12 Session 3: July July 26 Program individualized to foster the unique curiosity of each child. Students select from a wide range of courses that stimulate new interests while strengthening existing skills. Chicago brickton. Children have plenty of outside playtime and splashing in wading pools.

Toddlers need not be toilet trained. Full-time and part-time programs available. Elementary and Middle School campers participate in Enrichment Camp. Classes taught by expert instructors in science, sports, art, circus performing and clowning, drama, music and dance.

Programs include our popular Preschool Alternative and Fall Kickstarter, classes in test preparation and academic enrichment, and workshops in public speaking, essay writing, and problem solving. Our programs are conveniently located and scheduled after camps. Chiaravalle Montessori School Dempster St. We ignite empathetic, self-directed and effective thinkers by offering an education as unique as each child. Franklin, Chicago www. Program components for Grades K-8th: Weekly themed academic enrichment in reading, grammar, history and math; Sports including swimming ; Creative Arts tied to history and literature.

Weekly themes, Sports and Creative Arts. Each hands-on class is a creative and flavorful experience combining fresh, organic and sustainably grown ingredients. View camp options including locations, hours and price on-line beginning in March. Some parks fill quickly and some parks only offer online registration.

Council Oak Montessori School S. Camp begins in later June for 7 weeks. Hands-on-learning centered around the development of the whole child. Here are some of the fun things your kids can do: Lego movie making Create arts and crafts Discover exciting careers Gain computer skills Learn a new language Do scientific experiments Program Lego robots Take music lessons Improve academic skills.

Academic time in the mornings. Also music, Spanish, drama, swimming lessons and field trips. Pony rides each session. Summer Programs at Parker Francis W. Parker School W. June 20, 8 a. Discounted tickets available on website. Wristbands for all day access to attractions for a wide range of ages, such as kiddie games, a bounce house, a four-person Euro-Bungy and more. Enjoy magic shows, a face painter and balloon artist. June 20, 11 a. Make Music Chicago Various locations, Chicago makemusicchicago.

Throughout the day, people of all ages and. Grand finale concert is p. Bonfire lighting and traditional toast begin at sunset. Bring a family dish to pass at picnic. This private tour highlights the best art the show has to offer. Highlights include daily appearances by Wiggleworms instructors at 10 a. June 26, 5 p. Free; food and rides cost extra. June 27, p. Free, food and family fest activities extra. Andersonville Midsommarfest, see page The free Auto Show features antique and vintage cars.

This revamped festival showcases original works from juried artists and offers activities for children and families, as well as live entertainment and tasty festival treats. Carnival runs July Festival runs July Visit website for schedule. Chicago festivaloflife. Fest features a barbecue contest with several rib vendors, food ranging from ribs and hot dogs to salads, snacks, desserts and drinks, two live music stages, special events, and fireworks.

Family area features carnival rides, inflatables, circus tricks, magic show, face painting, petting zoo and live performances.

Varies by day; visit website. July , noon-9 p. Kids Kingdom is an enclosed play area filled with oversized sand boxes, a climb-aboard pirate ship, interactive games, crafts and other child-friendly diversions.

Visit the website for discounted tickets. More than juried artists will display their work including photography, paintings, ceramics, cement, metal, fiber, wood, jewelry and more.

Artist talks and family activities will be featured. The Taste returns for five days in Grant Park for a massive foodie fair complete with live music and activities for the entire family.

Popular features include a three-course fine dining experience prepared by a notable Chicago Chef at Celebrity Chef du Jour, pop-up restaurants, food trucks and more. July ; 10 a. Free; additional cost for food and seating at Petrillo. Get your thrills at the Wisconsin State Fair, presented by U. Cellular July 31 — August July 10, p. July 11, noon-midnight July 12, p. Check out several other Fair Deals beginning May 1, including discounts on exciting rides and games in SpinCity, delicious Cream Puffs, Milwaukee Brewers tickets and so much more!

July 11, 11 a. July 11, noon-1 a. July 12, 11 a. Square Roots Festival N. Features the best local and regional craft breweries and Lincoln Square restaurants. July 11, noon10 p. July 12, noon-9 p. Bucktown Tree and Garden Walk W. McHenry Road buffalogroveartfestival. Summer on Southport N. Southport at Waveland, Chicago starevents. In addition to the artwork, festival-goers will enjoy great food from neighboring restaurants and live musical performances all weekend long.

July 12, 10 a. July 12, 9 a. Includes museum admission and parking. Winfield Criterium Oakwood Park, Winfield winfieldcriterium. Food, drink and entertainment for racers, spectators and visitors. AccessChicago Navy Pier, E. Take part in various adaptive sports and recreational demonstrations; learn about legal rights of people with disabilities; participate in a free health screening; and enjoy fun activities for the entire family.

Route 60 on Lakeview Parkway, Vernon Hills vernonhills. Benedict Church courtyard W. Irving Park, Chicago benfest. The new marketplace on Leavitt includes local vendors and merchants of art, jewelry, clothing, gifts, crafts and games. July 18, p. July 19, p. Tours of the church also available. July 18, noon p. July 19, 11 a. Disability Pride Parade Downtown Chicago disabilityprideparade.

Post-parade celebration takes place on Daley Plaza at noon. River Road, Oregon oregontraildays. Visitors will see everything from cultural dances with American Indians in handmade full regalia to cowboys performing shootouts on horses and bank robberies. Pioneers, mountain men, blacksmiths, and an authentic log cabin round out the event.

FESTS can camp in an authentic tipi while enjoying the festivities. Merchants with western wares and food vendors will be on hand. July 19, 10 a. Visit website for performance information. July , 10 a. Plus, carnival rides, community service projects, craft fair and horse shows. July , 11 a. FESTS and nearly 40 acts on five music stages. Every music genre is represented from blues and country to rock and folk.

June 28, p. Gates open at 7 a. Fiesta del Sol W. Cermak Road, Chicago fiestadelsol. Dragon Boat Race for Literacy, see page Live music, great food and fun activities.

Taste of Latin America W. Wrigleyville Summerfest N. Family entertainment includes face painting, games, free food and appearances by several sports mascots. Donated prizes will be provided to the adoptive parents of the winning ducks. Illinois State Fair E. Grounds open 7 a. Skilled master craftsmen Waza demonstrate crafts that will be offered for sale.

Traditional Japanese cuisine will be offered along with other Japanese merchandise. Guests can buy kites or bring their own. Kids are encouraged to join in the fun by making their own kite during the kite-making workshops. Parade kicks off at 10 a. At the end of the parade route, there is a picnic with entertainment, food and music. Retro on Roscoe Roscoe and Damen, Chicago retroonroscoe. KidFest Area features free hands-on arts activities. On both days, the South Stage offers a family-friendly circus, theater, dance and music acts 11 a.

Includes music, food, craft fair, dog show, bags tournament and basketball clinic. Plus, woolcarding and corn-grinding demonstrations, baby contest, quilt show, flea market and country concert.

Ecuador Parade Albany Park N. Features a vibrant train of floats, along with Andean music and dancing from local folkloric troupes, all celebrating Ecuadorian independence. Plus, a meatball-eating contest and grape-stomping. Student designed independent studies in their own area of interest with a measurable service outcome.

Charles festivalofthehorseanddrum. DuPage County Fair, see page Chicago Dancing Festival Various locations, Chicago chicagodancingfestival. Times and locations vary. Free, but tickets for indoor performances need to be reserved in advance.

Event will be inviting no matter what your yoga experience. One button good for all three days. Open to boys and girls Visit website for registration information. Taste of Greektown Greek Town, S. Halsted Chicago tasteofgreektown. Plus, communal dining, hands-on culinary activities for adults and kids, and a. Grant Park, Chicago chicagojazzfestival. Island Park Routes 25 and 38, Geneva foxvalleyfolk.

Washington Park 51st and Cottage Grove, Chicago africanfestivalchicago. Route 38 and North Fourth Street Geneva genevachamber. Festival highlighting African culture features dancing, music, art and entertainment. Free; cost for food and wine. Water Street Mall Aurora downtownauroran. Lincoln Avenue between Leland and Western avenues, Chicago germanday. Enjoy German food, beverages, dance and music.

The parade is at 2 p. Parade is at 2 p. Free; cost for food and booths. The fest also hosts a variety of food and craft vendors, and a Lions Club beer tent. Four routes from miles fit all types of riders. Registration includes an event T-shirt, rest stop access, food. Entertainment includes games, races and a fishing tournament for kids. Kids can use hammers, nails and paint to create a craft project in the giant woodpile.

Free; food and some activities extra. More than 50 booths showcase handcrafted art and host games and activities for kids. A stage presents a variety of music and dancing and local restaurant vendors offer diverse food options. Cultural displays and Scandinavian food and vendors. But did you know that the flaps and rudd rudders on th the plane w work with th the click of a button?

Or that kids hav have the oppor opportunity to work the coal mine whistle that echoes throu throughout the ma main floor? Enjoy all those opportunities and in interact with even more ex exhibits on the exclusive, b behindthe-scenes view at the museum with the WOW!

The one-hour to tour is jam-packed with b both information and new experiences that will excite exc even frequent visitors who w think they know the MS MSI like the back of their h hand.

Tour took us to areas not open to the general public. And who knew that the chicks at the hatchery got pedicures? Going inside the Omnimax projection room is pretty awesome, and we even got a few frames of film to take home as a souvenir. Our enthusiastic and energetic facilitator kept the small WOW! Tour group moving the whole hour and shared a ton of fascinating facts and insider info.

The kids we took on the WOW! Tour loved connecting with exhibits they had seen in the past in new ways. They said their favorite part was getting to put. Art Institute of Chicago E.

Monroe, Chicago artinstituteofchicago. Admission to this part of the museum is always free. The Family Room in the education center includes hands-on activities. Free Family Wednesdays is the first and second Wednesday of the month for Illinois residents. Monday-Wednesday and Friday; Thursday Family Room open until 5 p. Thursdays for Illinois residents. Elmhurst Art Museum S. Stop by for Art on the Run, a free educational art project for families. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday; 10 a.

Free on Friday and to members. Museum of Contemporary Art E. Stroller tours offered the first Wednesday of every month Closed Monday and major holidays. Free Tuesday for Illinois residents. Burpee Museum of Natural History, see page Dawn to dusk, daily. Free, fees for some activities. National Museum of Mexican Art W. Ongoing exhibits present 3, years of Mexican history through ancient, colonial and contemporary art.

This is a small museum that can be a great way to introduce younger children to art. Kraft Family Sundays are free, year-round, hands-on art programs related to the themes of current exhibitions reservations required. On-street parking is available nearby. Follow up your visit with lunch at La Cebollita S. Closed on major holidays. Visit the website before you visit and download a family guide. Free, family-friendly tours at 1 p.

Art-in-the-Park, the fifth annual free sculpture-making project for children, is Aug. Open 24 hours year-round. Kids are drawn to the outdoor sculpture garden. Visit during scheduled free Family Days, when kids can make their own art.

Family tours 10 people minimum are available by appointment. Free drop-in Family Days the first Saturday of each month p. Closed Sunday and Monday. The gated Treehouse Trails and Kids Town exhibits are geared especially for toddlers and preschoolers.

Open this summer, Circus Zirkus: Visit website for free admission days. Free parking is available on the fifth floor of the Parking Tower. The museum also offers a special time for families of children with special needs on Third Thursdays.

TuesdayThursday open until 8 p. Special Needs Family Nights take place the last Wednesday of the month. Bring a change of clothes—kids may get wet at the Water Works exhibit. Wonder Works W. Check website for special events offered weekly. Monday, Wednesday-Saturday; noon-5 p. Free kids under 1 and members. Cantigny has many special events and programs just for families and kids, including Family Night Out, a new monthly program, and Art in Bloom, June The park offers a restaurant lunch only , coffee shop, gift shop and picnic area with playground.

Call or visit website for special events. Chicago History Museum N. Kids love making themselves into a giant. Experience it Through July 7 Take an interactive trip through Japan in our new hands-on exhibit! Opening August 5 What role does science play in health and wellness? Young scientists can explore an interactive laboratory to find the answer in this exciting new exhibit.

This summer, stop by Second Saturdays to discover Chicago stories with hands-on activities, makeand-take crafts, and more. Call or check website for free day schedule. Kids enjoy visiting the one-room schoolhouse. Graue Mill and Museum S. York Road, Oak Brook grauemill. Try your hand at spinning wool and weaving and help the miller grind corn.

Grosse Point Lighthouse N. Sheridan Road, Evanston grossepointlighthouse. Grounds are open year-round, and the lighthouse is open June-September. It is not stroller-friendly and children under 8 are not permitted in the light tower. Access to the light tower is sometimes discontinued during extreme weather conditions or renovation work. The grounds are open year-round. Tours held 2, 3 and 4 p. Miller Family Youth Exhibition, where children ages can have fun discovering ways to respect differences, address bullying, and take a stand on issues that matter to them.

MondayWednesday and Friday; 10 a. Isle a la Cache Museum E. Romeo Road Romeoville reconnectwithnature. Joliet Area Historical Museum N. Line Drives to Lipstick: Summer Free Days include: Beginning at river level and spiraling five stories up, the museum provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to explore a historic landmark bridgehouse.

On select dates, visitors can get a behind-thescenes look at the gears in motion as they lift the Michigan Avenue Bridge. See website for bridge lift details, tours and other special events. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday. Inspiring Traditions for Generations and Moccasins: At Kids Craft Mornings, Saturdays from 11 a.

Recommended for children ages 5 and up. Participants under age 12 must be accompanied by an adult. TuesdayWednesday and Friday-Saturday; 10 a. Free first Friday of the month. Members and tribal members free.

Naper Settlement S. Museum free days Please note: Free days are for Illinois residents only in most cases. Days can change; always check before going. Adler Planetarium S. Art Institute of Chicago S. Always free for kids 13 and under.

Thursdays; first Sunday of every month for kids 15 and under. Always free for kids under 1. Elmhurst Free admission: Always free for kids 4 and under. Shedd Aquarium S. Lake Shore Drive Chicago Free admission: June , , Always free for kids 12 and under. Free general admission for Naperville residents and members. Starting June 10, there will be free walk-in activities every Tuesday afternoon, and free nature walks every Wednesday morning.

The Grove Milwaukee Ave. Tour the restored Kennicott House, the log cabin, longhouse and schoolhouse with costumed guides. The Interpretive Center and grounds are open to the public year-round, 8 a. Kennicott House tours are Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a. Some programs and events cost extra. Sky Shows are degree shows featuring outer space themes. New summer show, Destination Solar System, flies audiences from one end of the Solar System to the other in under 30 minutes Hours: Discounts for Chicago residents.

Call or check the website. Great for kids to spark an interest in science. Note that the building does not have an elevator. Discovery Center Museum N. Expanded spaces include an outdoor Secret Garden. The new and improved Body Shop will open the end of June. Field Museum S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago fieldmuseum. The Crown Family PlayLab has six themed play areas and is perfect for younger kids. Many areas of the museum also offer interactive elements for children. Check out The Machine Inside: Before your visit, download one of the.

Public parking lots are nearby or the museum is easily accessible by public transportation. Last admission at 4 p. Discounts available to Chicago residents. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago sheddaquarium. This summer, check out Stingray Touch, an outdoor exhibit with live stingrays.

For an extra fee, take a behind-thescenes tour or join an overnight at the aquarium. Public, paid parking lots are located nearby on the museum campus or take public transportation.

Shedd offers free days for Illinois residents, but avoid the long lines and reserve tickets ahead. Be prepared for crowds on free days. Check website for extended summer hours. Museum of Science and Industry S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago msichicago. See Earth Explorers from National Geographic, a hands-on exhibit that allows kids of all ages to become explorers. Extended hours, until 5: City of Chicago residents receive a discount on packages and Museum Entry.

There are also exhibits to climb in, splash in and explore an extreme green house. The museum offers a variety of daily events for children and adults. Paid parking is available nearby or look for free street parking.

Thursday is suggested donation day for Illinois residents. Rocks and fossils are available for purchase at the store. Store is handicap and stroller friendly, but the downstairs museum is not. Monday-Tuesday and Friday; Closed Wednesday and Sunday.

Check website or Facebook page for summer hours. SaturdaySunday; group tours by appointment Tuesday-Friday. Fox River Trolley Museum S. Pack a picnic lunch. Benches are located at both ends of the line. Saturdays June Labor Day. You can browse one of the largest collections of railroad memorabilia around, and enjoy fun family photo ops. Pach a picnic because indoor and outdoor dining areas are available.

Enjoy a Day Out with Thomas coming in August. Open days and hours vary. Future doctors can glimpse the medical past, present and future. Last admission one hour before closing. Closed Monday and holidays. Tuesday is free day. The Faces of Eternity special exhibit July 1-Nov. Monday, Wednesday and Friday; 10 a.

Chicago Grammar School N. Franklin Chicago, IL In this section 43 Best barbecue in the city 46 A day out in Andersonville 48 Listings on landmarks, sightseeing and tours. Free parking available at Holy Trinity on the corner of Noble and Division. Kobe brisket, chicken wings which are marinated and smoked, not fried and espresso ice cream covered in peanut brittle, which I have no words to describe.

The trendy little restaurant on Dearborn Street is all urban barbecue. My husband Scott was a bit starstruck. We visited Chicago q for a recent Sunday brunch and tasted pretty much everything barbecue on the menu. Italian, steaks, pizza—Chicago has that covered. We are barbecue lovers. Here are a handful of our favorites. Portions are generous and the sweet and tangy barbecue sauce is delicious.

The restaurant is a tad fancier than your average barbecue joint, but families will feel at home here. Smoque is worth a return trip. Everything is about smoke and meat at this place—from the pulled meat nachos and smoked jalapeno beer cheese to the smoked pit beans and smoked sliced brisket. The little joint in Irving Park has earned excellent reviews from food critics, and I was dying to try it. We stopped by Smoque on a Saturday afternoon—after running the Chicago quarter marathon along the lake.

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