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Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Breckenridge

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Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Breckenridge

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A senior manager, CEO or owner of a major definitely-for-profit corporation who is out to make as much money and gain as much power as possible, by any means available, regardless of who suffers. To that end, they are perfectly willing to violate business or social ethics, commit crimes ranging from fraudulent accounting to mass murder , and devastate Mother Nature and human communities, justifying those actions under the name of "just business".

Expect to find them at the head of an enormous boardroom table on the top floor of an Evil Tower of Ominousness. He may be a Bad Boss , but not always. A few of them can actually be very decent employers, with employees who are completely in the dark about their underhanded plans.

If so, the public is often just as much in the dark. Naturally, this sort of villain tends to have an Amoral Attorney or several on his payroll, in case he does slip up, and a small stormtrooper army of " security personnel " who have carte blanche to commit any number and kind of violent crimes to get a good performance evaluation from the boss. If those resources fail, he often uses money to "buy" or even "own" officials.

They usually fail to consider the full effects of their plan , or the fact that they can make more by going legit , and at times the plan seems to have no concrete way of creating wealth. Usually, they remain in business thanks to Offscreen Villain Dark Matter. Though there are earlier examples, the modern Corrupt Corporate Executive had until relatively recently a distinctly The '80s feel, which made him seem progressively more out of place as those affectations become less mainstream.

Earlier Corrupt Corporate Executives tended to be far less stylized and distinct from other "smooth" villain types often with a healthy streak of Blofeld. However, over the past decade countless high profile real life cases of corporate corruption have arguably diminished the 80s feel of the character and made the Corrupt Corporate Executive a very modern villain. A well-known variation of the CCE, which is popular in dystopian and Cyber Punk fiction, is the CEO or President of a megacorporation that produces and controls everything even the authorities and is the de facto ruler of the world.

Another variation of the CCE is the Robber Baron, a pres, industrial revolution era manifestation that retains all of the CCE's cosmopolitan, far-reaching financial and political power, with perhaps even less governmental or media constraints to consider.

Joseph Pulitzer, from the movie Newsies , is a perfect example of this subtrope. The Robber Baron will have a different wardrobe and jargon than the 80s CCE, as appropriate to his setting, but is otherwise indistinguishable. The "corporations" they represent are not major multinational conglomerates, but small businesses like trucking companies, hotels, or other "mom and pop" ventures that simply want their competitors out of action.

This is one of the inevitable progressions that any ambitious character will end in. Sadly, this too is Truth in Television. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Now comes the most entertaining part: Now to restructure the banking system so that we will be able to rob the shirts off of poor people Uh, I mean, to invest prudently and generate wealth that will trickle down. The Pole Position Atari and ad lampshades this: While the show is "extraordinarily" supportive of large amounts of ambition, both Gozen and his "director", Kazamu Hoshina, both definitely count for this, although, unlike most examples, they are not motivated by money: Gozen just asks for the Embryo, and Kazamu does as he says.

However, while an all - being source of infinite powers in the "care" of a couple of bastards may be a very annoying thing indeed, it's what 'makes' them bastards that throw them straight to this trope: Their worst crime would be breaking or corrupting horrifically large amounts of Heart's Eggs, thus stopping the dreams of what would probably be hundreds of children, in order to get the Embryo. As for Kazamu's foolishness while attempting to give Gozen, A.

Hikaru Ichinomiya, his grandson, easter's C. Blackmailing throughout violence Souko, Aruto's former wife, towards marrying him, thus giving him parental authority of both Aruto and Souko's children: At first glance, the Yotsuba Group in Death Note appeared to be a group of ruthless businessmen who were willing to turn anything towards gaining money. When one of them gained access to the eponymous Artifact of Doom , they used it to selectively kill off their rivals in order to increase their profit margins.

As L and Light's investigation went on, it was revealed that only one of them was willing to go so far. The others were just there because their lives had been threatened by the holder of the eponymous note. Sakyou and the Black Black Club. Gambling on the torture and destruction of demons, and organizing a tournament for this reason, just to earn more money There is also the Dark Tournament Committee, who are easily bribed to impose increasingly absurd restrictions on the heroes during their fight with Team Masho.

Gozaburo Kaiba and the Big Five. Gozaburo put Seto Kaiba through hell to mold him into his idea of the proper replacement for him and had no qualms with manufacturing and selling weapons to anyone for the right price. The Big Five, meanwhile, made plenty of deals behind Kaiba's back after he gained control of the company and reinvented it as a gaming distributor, including kidnapping Kaiba's own brother , in order to oust him as chairman and revert the company to its former warmongering ways.

While not as bad as his father, he still abuses his wealth and power for everything it's worth, blocking players he doesn't like from tournaments, refusing to call a halt to the proceedings after several of his players are hospitalised, and taking over companies by threatening their employees.

He's even worse in the manga where he has dealings with the mafia and sets up a colossal theme park designed to kill the guests Well, more specifically to kill Yugi and his friends, but still. He gets better, though. Am I supposed to be scared to attack? Well, only if destroying an innocent soul concerns you As the president of a major corporation, I have to do that every day. It's not unusual for bloodshed and lawsuits to happen over the development and monopolizing of new technologies.

Originally a Mad Scientist , Lex Luthor became a corrupt exec in the late s; most TV versions of this character followed suit. The Animated Series notably hybridized this by implying that Luthor built his company through developing his own inventions.

In his appearances on Justice League , wherein he discovers that he is dying from radiation poisoning from prolonged exposure to kryptonite, Luthor returns to his Mad Scientist role as he snaps and acquires a power suit to take the fight directly to Superman, whom he blames for his condition.

Later, Luthor is cured of his disease, pardoned for his crimes as a supervillain, and in Justice League Unlimited becomes a corrupt politician as a cover for his true plan. As well as Superman , Luthor has a hate on for Batman and Bruce Wayne independently due to being a corrupt exec. LexCorp's main rival for several years of DC Comics continuity has been stated to be WayneTech, Bruce Wayne's company, and Batman has taken some glee in foiling Luthor's schemes as a superhero and as a business competitor.

In fact, not only did he and Superman engineer Luthor's end as president of the United States, Bruce Wayne bought his company headquarters out from under him. He admits that his factory is unsafe to work in and several workers have gotten sick from cancer, but he considers that it is a "socially acceptable risk". Maxwell Lord, who helped form the Justice League International, tends to zigzag between being merely an amoral con artist, and being an outright villain.

Then there's Morgan Edge, who owned a rival news corporation to the Daily Planet and turned out to be an Intergang pawn. In Kryptonite Nevermore Superman meets Boysie Harker, a tycoon that owns a island where a volcano is about to erupt and who shoots at his employees when they try to run away. Does that give you the right to shoot unarmed men? That's exactly what it gives me!

Those people are under contract to work my plantation In the Kingdom Hearts fanfic Oblivion , Ansem is depicted as one — he's the CEO of a massive electronics company, and he's got a secret lab where he's carrying out certain unethical and unnatural experiments.

Gavin, who tried to halt an investigation into whether building Millborough on a nuclear test site affected the health of its citizens as revenge by proxy on his son Anthony because he refused to assist Gavin in his expansion plans, and the investigation was spearheaded by the wife of the man Anthony chose to work for instead of him. Or Roger, who will fan the flames any which way he can so he can buy land dirt cheap and develop it.

Sophistication and Betrayal has Cashmere, who is very willing to engage in unethical business practices to beat out her competition. And that's before he puts his resources to work helping Steel Wing 's campaign against Supermare, or helping Brainiac build a bomb capable of destroying Cloudsdale as part of a Sadistic Choice designed to break Rainbow Dash's will. Neither of which he's punished for in the story.

Defender of the Human Race has Marcus Vickers as of episode 7; before then he was mostly ineffectual. In a bit of a win for reality , it's shown that the board of directors only put up with him as long as he kept the company's image clean and the profits in the green. When both of those fall apart from his increasingly deranged actions, the board has him voted out of power.

Queen of All Oni: Filler Villain Anton Mortimer is an example leaning more towards corrupt jerkass than outright evil: Since his assistant didn't Read the Fine Print on her contract, he able to treat her like a slave, forcing her to wear a fuka and change her name just so he has a badass Asian sidekick, with no care towards her personal feelings. And he doesn't hesitate to use his money and connections to try and threaten the J-Team and Captain Black into backing off so he can keep a recently-purchased Oni mask — and he's not even ignorant of its power; he knows how dangerous it is, but cares more about it as a collectible.

In the Captain Planet and the Planeteers fanfic Heroes For Earth , this is pretty much the standard MO for everyone who works in the Corporation, as greasing the wheels of government officials, breaking government laws, and strong arming those who dare to protest is done to achieve greater profits and make sure they get away with their actions.

William Meikletrough in My Little Animaniacs , a pony who forces Rita to perform in his show by holding several of her friends hostage. Lamon Montgomery from Bee Movie. He had a plan to con robots out of their money by convincing them to replace their old bodies in favor of shiny newer ones and shutting down production of spare parts for older models to make the new parts their only choice, going against Bigweld's slogan that you can be successful regardless of what you're made of.

O'Hare in the film version of The Lorax , as well as the Once-ler before the failure of his business and subsequent Heel Realization. Magnate from A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner! Averted in Meet the Robinsons. The large company Inventco is responsible for mass-producing the evil robotic hats which end up enslaving humanity in one alternate timeline , but it's strongly implied they had no idea that this would happen. The real villain is actually the original hat itself. Otherwise, Inventco does nothing but positive things, sponsoring school science fairs and giving aspiring inventors a chance to make it big.

Miles Axlerod , the real Big Bad of Cars 2. Chester V from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. Clayton from Tarzan , who uses a conservation project as a cover for securing the Mineral MacGuffin , brings in a private mercenary army to secure control of it, and plans to murder Porter and Jane to ensure that there are no witnesses to gainsay his version of events.

Alistair Krei of Big Hero 6 , who Robert Callaghan mentions as cutting corners when it comes to his company's application of technology. It's later revealed that one such incident led to the loss of Robert's daughter, when Krei proceeded with the live demonstration of teleportation technology despite the warnings from his own engineer of a problem. Spacely, who is normally a Mean Boss to George, hiring and firing him on a whim, graduates into this by knowingly destroying a colony of cute aliens on an asteroid to mine for raw materials.

While he does relent and agrees to let the aliens recycle the sprockets , he takes away George's raise. Gilbert Huph in the The Incredibles. He is an insurance exec who is determined to deny as many insurance claims as he can, regardless of how legitimate they are as per their customers' contracts.

So, if Bob Parr really wanted to strike back at this bully, he could remember that Huph is making himself liable for a major Breach of Contract lawsuit. Calvin Curdles has a spy informing him about any struggles suffered by the owner of the castle he wants to buy to turn into a restaurant.

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