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Suck me off too completion tonite

Suck me off too completion tonite

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Suck me off too completion tonite

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Separated girl with only one partner In the past 20 years. This is the type of person who I am interested in: I hope you are a non smoker, a light social drinker, ddf, hwp, caucasian, employed, not involved tonute a relationship, kool if you have grown kids, financially stable, from any of these locations. Must be NSA and discreet.

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Therefore, we expect our users to help us keep it that way by abiding by our rules. The full list of rules can be found HERE. All submissions must be a confession. A confession is a statement acknowledging an act of wrongdoing you would ostensibly prefer to keep hidden.

The term presumes that you are providing information that you believe other people in your life are not aware of , and for this Sub associated with an admission of a moral or legal wrong. Your sexual exploration is not a confession; it's a part of finding out who you are. Helping one another also means that we do not encourage bad behavior.

We will not accept posts that: You must place one of the following post tags in the body of your post:. You may place one of the following commenting tags in the title of your post:. With the exception of [light] posts, we do not accept posts with limited context. We abide by a three strike system here. Three rule violations will result in at least a three day ban. Message the moderators , we don't bite often. So I've been bi-curious for years, at least I think so. I was more interested in the idea of jerking off with a straight friend than fucking a guy.

Always wanted to know what it was like to see another guys hard dick pretty much. So tonight I'm in a new city on vacation so I downloaded grindr and asked a guy to call over to my hotel. He was a handsome and nice dude. We chatted a bit then got our dicks out. Compared a bit, masturbated each other for a while. Then he sucked me off and honestly I came almost straight away, I was very turned on.

Then I sucked him off and I didn't really enjoy it at all. It was so meaty? He said I was good so I did a bit more but then he jacked off to completion.

He left shortly after. He was a good guy and knew exactly my scenario. I just had to tell someone as I probably wont tell anyone I know. I don't feel the urge to do it again but I'm glad I tried as it's put my mind at ease.

I'm straight, not bi!!! I definitely didn't like sucking did, maybe just getting sucked. Now I'm a bit conflicted. That must be it, I just like receiving blowjobs. I love giving women head. The dick felt weird in my mouth. Don't forget that sucking dick just might not be something you like. Plenty of straight women don't love it either. I think we put a lot a pressure on ourselves to like certain sex acts because we're "supposed" to like them or assume we're supposed to like them, all the time, with every partner.

We get to like what we like, when we like it, with whom ever we like - and we get to define or label ourselves however we want or not at all. In my case is a bit strange, I think I also have a little curiosity and in my experience giving oral sex is a great thing, is to be in a position of power that allows you to please your partner, no matter if it is male or female. Label yourself however you want, it's your own choice, but bisexuality doesn't mean you prefer both sexes equally.

I am a bisexual guy. I prefer guys over girls, but both do very much turn me on and I can and have had both sexual and romantic attractions to both sexes. I just like guys more a bit more. I have also heard it called "heteroflexible" and "homoflexible" when the bi trended highly towards one side or the other. Some people have a different romantic orientation from there sexual orientation.

There sexuality doesn't have to correlate with there romantic attraction. People can be bisexual, but heteroromantic. I think this is what it means when a bisexual person has a preference. Wanna second this -- I've never dated a woman, but I know quite a few who I really like and find quite beautiful and have had non-sexual crushes on, but when I think about sex with them I'm pretty neutral and maybe even turned off.

I may be slightly biromantic this has only happened like 3 times but nothing more. Don't think you have to like both sexes equally. I am definitely bisexual. That in no way lessons my attraction to women. I love answers like yours, because I totally agree.

I like identifying as bisexual, because that's what I am. Someone once reacted like "What? You've only been with guys! Had I known she was just bi curious or experimenting from the beginning, it would have been a no go for me.

I thought something was wrong with me, but turns out she didn't like going down on vag as much she thought she would. But I found out after the relationship was dragged on, instead of her being up front. Or maybe she was smart and I was dumb and she was using me for the "benefits". Anyway I'll never make that mistake again of dating a girl who is unsure of her sexual orientation, lesson learned. It's all fine and dandy to experiment safely.

We all have a phase where we sort of do things we never expect to regardless of sexuality. You thought about something, tried it, didn't enjoy it, life goes on. Yup, just wanted to share.

I definitely don't want to do anything with a guy again. A threesome with a guy and girl is something I want to try, but that's the closest I want to be to another guy sexually again!

You've never wanted to try something new? Do something your partner really wants to do but you aren't quite sure about? We may not have all actually done stuff, but lots of people thought about it or had the urge to do stuff. This guy just decided to act on it. Sleeping with the same sex and not liking it enough to ever do it again doesn't make you a full fledged homosexual.

Not sure 'everyone' does, but those that do have the phase are better off when open minded enough to see what they enjoy. Gay here and I had the exact same thoughts around sucking a big dick. Gross feeling to do but so nice to get. Maybe try with a guy with a smaller dick? They tend to work harder in the sack anyway. I don't think I'm going to try again. It was definitely interesting but wasn't a huge turn on. Oh you are going to try again.

From reading this the jacking off together turned you on too much to not try it again. It will probably take a few months, but you will. I would suggest that if you ever do get the urge again, you try ass play as well, it's definitely more fun for all involved. I don't think most people LIKE sucking dick. I'm a bi girl married to a man. You can like men without wanting to gobble dicks. Yes but I definitely didn't want to do anal or kiss the guy. No desire for that at all.

I thought maybe I just liked dicks so i tried jerking him off and sucking but neither was enjoyable for me. Interesting, but not something I'd want to repeat. So that leaves me with not a lot to like about guys. Yeah, not that my opinion effects what or who you are, but I don't think you like dude's after reading the rest of your comments. It's nice that you are more certain of yourself tho. I remember how good it felt to KNOW, you know?

Most of the women I have been with have enjoyed "sucking dick. I personally love going down on women, so I feel like I end up hooking up with women who have similar feelings about going down on men. I can really only think of one who was not in to giving or receiving.

I'm a straight guy and I just sucked a dick [No Regrets] : confession

I'm not trying to mock you, per se, with the greentext, but they're pretty darn funny tbh. The situation is sort of funny too, in a way.

But do your thing, man, and follow what makes you happy. If anyone has a problem with it you probably don't need them around you.

There ain't nothing wrong with being attracted to whoever you want as long as you're not hurting anyone. Far more common than you think. Good on you for actually giving it a go. Perhaps difficult concept to grasp when all the grasping they do is with their left or right hand. You just had the balls to go through with it. I find some men to be handsome and I'm perfectly comfortable with my sexuality to say so. People consider all things sex related as something you don't discuss or something that you do behind closed doors.

I just see it as sex You tried something you were interested in and you decided it wasn't really for you. You've already labeled this as "no regrets" and I don't think you should have any. I think we're all a little more fluid sexually than we think.

It's totally fine to experiment, and I'm glad you ran into someone willing to do what you wanted without pushing limits. Sorry you didn't love sucking dick, but it's also a nice thing to know: I'm in the exact same boat as OP but I haven't gotten around to setting anything up yet. Still building up the nerve. No matter what you are, I'm just glad this gave you closure. Next time try sucking the guy off before you come yourself. After you are done, ofcourse it isn't very hot for you anymore.

It's more of a courtesy. Just allow me to say, as a gay guy with a weird fetish for straight guys curious about gay stuff, that you're a wonderful, wonderful human being. But seriously, kudos for indulging your curiosity despite the social stigma! Also, there's nothing wrong, or even unusual, with enjoying being "top" but hating being "bottom". I've tried fucking, but it just doesn't work for me.

So personally it would be cool if I could meet someone like you, who likes to fool around in a "top" position. I had about 15 guys hit me up and I didn't even have a profile picture.

The gay hook-up culture is legit. It's so hard to find a chick to hook up with if you don't do swinger clubs or the bar scene. Don't worry so much about labeling yourself. Why try and put your sexuality in a box? Just do whatever you feel like doing, do what feels right with your consenting partner.

In my teens a buddy and I experimented together. Mutual hand jobs and oral but I never enjoyed giving. He moved away and I'd never touched another man since. I'm 40 and married now unhappily unfortunately and have been getting the urge to play with a guy again but, like you, don't like the idea of giving head but love getting it and wouldn't mind mutual hand jobs or getting head from a guy.

I love women and everything about them. Sometimes seeing cocks cum gets me going but then if I think about it while pleasing myself I feel disgusted by it afterwards. So, like you, I'm somewhat conflicted. I've considered myself bi-curious in the past. With all of these people saying "you're gay" and "you're bi" remember it doesn't matter what you define yourself and you don't have to label your sexuality. You are a person who enjoys sex with women and wanted to try sucking a dick, there's no need to make a label for anything.

I feel like this is me posting from the future. I've been wanting to suck a dick since high school. I too am rather bi-curious. Labels are unnecessary, you like what you like and that's cool. But just for shits and giggles, check out pansexuality.

I'm a pansexual female and there's things I like to do with women and there's things I like to do with guys and there are things I don't like to do with either.

I think you're on the bisexual spectrum like me. I am mostly straight. So close to being straight that I just say I am straight. No one needs to hear the disclaimer that I might enjoy the same gender in the right situation.

Perhaps you're the same. If 'straight' sounds better because it fits mostly, go ahead and say you're straight. I'm a female and I'd only every date a guy but I'd probably let a girl lick me or I might play with the right girl in another way but I say I'm straight because I'd never date a girl and I"m so picky that I'm not out looking for girls.. Labels are nothing but bullshit. I'm a good example of why. Only attracted to women, but also think dicks are hot. Men do nothing for me beyond what they're packing.

Not interested in anyone's asshole, male or female. Hooked up with a few women and enjoyed it, sucked a few dicks and enjoyed it.

Usually after sucking a guy I don't crave it again for months. Not turned on at all by a guy blowing me. I don't fit into any category, and I imagine it's that way for most. Just btw, sucking dick doesn't turn me on I'm a bi girl.

Perhaps you could try anal sex? Whether you're a top or bottom I don't think it matters, but if you're still confused, I would suggest trying again. Of course tell them your situation and let them know if you're uncomfortable.

You don't have to finish. I'd love to suck a nice cock but only from a transwoman. I don't really have any desire to do it again. I think I was more bi before I sucked the dick, if that makes sense. Honestly who even cares what you're called. Call yourself whatever you want and do whatever you want to do assuming it doesn't harm anyone.

Yeah, this is the part that confuses me. But I had my eyes closed and it just felt like a regular blowie to me. I do enjoy the discussion this post is creating though. Maybe you're turned on because of the stigma associated with it? Like you're turned on by the fantasy but not the reality? Idk bruh, sexuality is complicated af. You have a valid point, but in fairness you don't have to be attracted to a guy for their blowjob to feel like a blowjob and out of the norm shit in sex can make you bust quick.

I only corrected the person I replied to because of the "nope youre bi doesnt matter what you say deal with it" attitude their post had.

Coupled with the fact that their example as to why he is bi is the exact opposite of what he said. I just know that for me theres a mental element of arousal that includes the visual aspects of my partner. Not only would many women not be able to get me aroused but men wouldn't either. That's how I I've always understood my "straightness". I'm not knocking this guy for what he does at all either. It's just not something I can identify with and I know that others would agree.

The fact that you enjoyed sucking a dick even went out to search for a guy on grindr simply means you're not straight. That is absolutely not how human sexual orientation works. OP enjoyed it, but he has no intention to ever do it again and still has zero attraction to men, therefore OP is straight. He had a gay experience but that's ok, lots of people question their sexuality at times and experiment.

Doesn't make them gay or bisexual unless they liked it so much they decide to do it more regularly, or at least would like to. You're not rude, just uninformed on sexuality. It's not a series of camps and the moment you step out of the fence of 'straight' you end up in the 'gay' camp or the 'bi' camp. It's more a grid that goes from Heterosexual to Homosexual on one axis, and Asexual to High sex Drive on the other axis. And at any given time, for any given reason, someone could find themselves at any point on the grid.

At no point does that particular point 'define' their sexuality, ya dig? Some of us don't move. I'm a cisgendered, hetero man translation: But I have friends who are far more fluid on their place on the grid, and that's ok.

Friends with experts including one who tours nationally speaking on sexuality and has at least taught me this much the "" , yes. And I'm not trying to lecture anyone. Just explain that it's not a series of labels.

It's a big gray cloud and some of us are on the outside and easy to identify. Others are more in the middle. Nah he sucked a dick. Once he crosses that line there's no going back. If I were to do such a thing, I would not look at myself the same way again. And that's a putting it mildly. This person said 'no homo'. It probably means they are trying to prove they aren't gay after saying something that probably sounded "gayish".

Purpose of this bot. Label your sexuality however you please but its important to remember bi people don't necessarily want to do both genders equally. I'm a bi man, tried both sides of the fence and am currently in a serious relationship with a woman. I'd say I prefer women to men although I've definitely fluctuated. It's common for people to experiment to see what they like.

OP has it all figured out now, he's straight. No he doesn't, he said he came almost straight away? Op is not straight.

It's not a big deal either, just be yourself. Different people have different definitions of straight I guess. For me, getting turned on from a dude blowing me to completion is categorically not straight but what do I know. Don't know anything till you try. Hell I would've never thought meth was enjoyable That took quite the turn.

I read your title and I was hoping to find a King Blowjob story. Eh, close enough for real life I guess. Everyone gets curious and you've started to satisfy it. I feel like I'm kinda weird compared to most people because I don't really get labels any more. I suppose I identify as gay cos I like men but I'd never discount the possibility of meeting a hot girl and whatever happening. In my experience and there's been a lot of that Well, if you read OP post, he says he's bi curious and gets turned on thinking about it.

Nothing wrong with it, just don't understand why people feel the need to go out of there way to deny this. Put all that in a saucepan and cook until it assumes a dark red color, about 5 min. Then strain it out http: You can't really call yourself straight until you've tried suckin cock at least once. That's what my uncle told me at least. I know I'm not gay I just wanted to try it out. If you try badminton once does it mean you're a badminton player?

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Your confession must be an act you committed A personal preference, opinion, bad or unpopular behavior are not confessions Your sexual exploration is not a confession; it's a part of finding out who you are. All confessions must be titled specifically. Your title must relay a brief idea of your confession. Submissions with vague titles will be removed. You must place one of the following post tags in the body of your post: You may place one of the following commenting tags in the title of your post: Tasting the juices of my girl off the other guy's cock is awesome, feeling his cock slide up your ass while eating her is just as hot.

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I was more interested in the idea of jerking off with a straight. For me, getting turned on from a dude blowing me to completion is categorically. Procrastination due to your working memory being overwhelmed. Biting off more than you can realistically chew is a common cause of anxiety and the average number of tasks you were able to complete per day. as computers) and your anxiety is sucking up some of your cognitive Get Listed Today. I still get shocked by the anger that sometimes comes at me when I write or talk about What if the sexual partner told their female lover that tonight was just all.