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So lonely any nice girls out there

So lonely any nice girls out there

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I come to craigslis because i don't like being home single. I'm in my mid twenty's and just seeking to feel valued and appreciated.

Relationship Status:Actively looking
Seeking:I Am Look For Man
Hair:Dyed blond
Relation Type:Lonely Wives Wanting Women Seeking Friendship

So lonely any nice girls out there

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Looking for an NSA type thing, open to being friends, free during the daytime. Laughter is a plus and a sense of humor helps.

It is such a comfortable way to live.

Very interesting indeed…Why men start cheating in Jakarta? A guy will not cheat everywhere on earth but only if he encounters beautiful girls as Indonesian are. I am sorry but go I lived 10 years in London and girls are fat and ugly, I would never have compromised my marriage to fuck a fattie. Whereas in Jakarta I must say that girls are very hot and temptation is everywhere.

I have to agree with the previous comment. There is something special about Jakarta that makes many guys lose their values and moral standards. Jakarta is an evil town! As the writer of the article said, there are also lots of opportunities in cities like Sydney or London, and no, most of the girls there are not fatties!

They are damn hot and desirable. The expats have big salaries and power, so I think they could get these girls if they wanted too. Maybe it would be harder but that doesn't explain everything. And if they aren't attractive anyway, there are prostitutes too in these countries. So why sleep with a prostitute in Jakarta and not in Australia or Europe?

I'm not saying there are cheaters only in Indonesia, but we have to admit it is a much bigger issue in Jakarta than elsewhere, and it has lots of explanations. Temptation overflows in Jakarta, indeed. However, I must say that some men will stray if they are weak at heart.

I believe that men with strong priniples and moral beliefs will think twice before pouncing on the next hottie or giving into the lust and allure from a beautiful Indonesian girl. This all sounds cliche but I have seen my married male collegues treated as kings in bars and clubs in Jakarta. Some of them have exchanged numbers with the girls shame on them and some of them have enjoyed flirt inflicted conversations. I'm not sure if the wives know of their hubby's whereabouts during their absence, but I can say one thing for sure.

If I were married I wouldn't feel so comfy having my hubby in these places even with a strong marriage. Some of the girls can be quite agressive and stunning! So hard to resist. Bascially, you have to think with your head.. Same question as why there's so many girls went to the west to be with their new hubby and starts cheating.

LOL I guess the temptation of among other culture and whites as the white among asian girl is strongly have anything to do with it. Indonesian girl can't be generalized as a gold digger or prostitutes. This type of woman is exist all over the world! Asia or especially Indonesian became the center of attention in this matter because they are open, warm and friendly.

They just right passed you on the street and could give you a big smile. Western girls, please, unless you smell like money and your face is in Rolex ads, nobody will notice you. Mostly they are cold, bitter and sorry, with very bad skin quality. You think, who doesn't want Asian girls??? So, unless you are shallow, insecure and your horizon is only between your country and Asia, man, seriously, you will respect Asian girls for being who they are.

Nonetheless, faith is a faith, cheat is a cheat. No reason, under any extreme circumstances people hurt their life partner heart. Your own shadow is always the best place to hide CC is explain all loud I'm working in a company where we change expats incharge for about each years.

Well, one of them 'pass' the test, but I just found out that he's actually gay And I heard, even now the rumors get to the wifes, so if any husband is about to be assigned to jkt, wifes shud be 'prepare' to able 'let-husband-go wild' for atleast 3years of their marriage life!

I personally think that its not just Jakarta- I study in Philippines, and boy its not much different here. It is actually safer for girls here than it is for boys. It doesn't take long for any foreigner to have a Filipino-girlfriend here. Anyway, I personally think it is mostly because Filipino women look at foreigners and see money.

They see how their life can be changed. Moreover, it probably also depends on the men in these countries. Temptation might be all around us, but a man who is morally sound, and has values will not cheat on their life partner love or no love and a woman who finds out that their man has cheated on them deserves better.

It was then when a beautiful woman came next to me saying: So I also was about to leave,when I met here at the exit again. We spent 3 days together,I fell in love with her because of her personality and,of course she was good looking ,but she really was somebody I would have liked to start a relationship whith.

Finally it turned out that she was hopelessly in love with a french guy whom,I think, will never join her-why else would somebody prefer to be in Bali,if there was a lovely,intelligent and independent woman waiting for him? So,she left me,I gave her my number anyway,not asking for her number which is another story Me,who loves lonely unspoiled places Power to you CC!!

Really man, life is not just about sex and money - I believe there's something more to it ;. If you have the looks and especially for Indonesian girls very important the height you will have shitloads of hot, sexy indo girls chasing you, NOT for your money.

On the other hand if you are short and not handsome you should not expect that Indonesian girls will even look at you. Wow, this is a hot topic.

I am quite sure many expats whom worked and lived in indo have at least one "experience" with indo girls. Maybe this expat need to know that many of their wives has also cheated on them. These expat wives will also have access to gym, socialising and also hv sex with local dudes.

At one time, I saw my friend's wive in a hotel with indo man and they are quite intimate. So it was a matter of time when the wives will realize that they can too having sex around with indo guy.

Especially, when they have the luxury of time to spend around without the hubby. So think about it, if you found ur wive humping other guy in bed then u shouldn't be upset. If you're married and your relation is not so strong enough and you let your husband go to bars or night clubs alone quite often, of course he could see the "beautifuls views". I agree that Indonesian women who come to the clubs try to make them look so pretty, it's very natural for the women.

Try to look out of the bars or night clubs, there are many of Indonesian women who are not interested to have a relationship with "bule", because of too many differences cultures, religion etc and they prefer to choose "the local one". I lived in Paris for 5 years and I can tell there are not a few men who cheat on their wifes, not all of them likes to go the bars or night clubs but it happened. And if some people think that the level of "prostitution" in Jkt is quite high, don't forget that Jakarta is quite a big city also and the population is more than London, Tokyo or Paris.

I believe many Indonesian girls are not attracted to expats. I see the one that most Expats get is social climbers. I think they are ugly. They are more flirty and aggressive towards expat, willing to trade sex to improve their life style. I can see why expats is likely to cheat in Jakarta because they are lonely, go to bars and meet these social climbers girls who is young and aggresive.

Most Indonesian girl don't choose bars as hang out place. To see beautiful indonesian girl you should go to pals senayan and plaza Indonesia. These girls have money and don't need to seduce expats to improve life style.

You seldom see them walking with expats mostly they are with locals. It is very sad that these social climber and gold digger Girls has become the faces of Indonesian girls for expats. Fact Of most Indonesian girls 1. Mostly bars and clubs are not their favorite place of choice 2. They are much more beautiful then what expat think beauty is, because they like to go to body treatment , cream bath, lulur and salon.

Without provocative sexy n luring dress and make up, they are a natural beauty. They make sure not to be sexually exploited. If they decided to sleep with you either because you are decent human being whom she comfortable with 4. They don't screw around with other women's men. It is their code of ethict. They rather walk away then jeopardize someone established relationship.

They like to hang out with group of closed circle. They dine and lounge together. They don't like to go alone and meet random stranger guy. That is the truly faces of Indonesian girl, which sadly expat seldom find.

Indonesian guys are lucky because expats seldom breaks enter this closed circle. Ive been there in Jakarta for 3days. Ive went to all the clubs like Stadium like Zouk ,Club36 but nothing compere to Alexis in my perspective. You got to pay about 4 million Rupiah to bring out the girl back to your hotel. Its up to you to choose which nite club to go.

Are there lots of lonely girls out there? : AskWomen

She may be genuinely happy for her friends becoming engaged or married; however, that also serves to remind her she is still alone and the things that she is missing out on. She may have a hard time calling those names back as those are words way beyond what she is familiar with. As soon as he leaves, she will be reminded all over again that she is alone once more. She may appear like she has her life set — graduated or attending a prestigious university, working full time at a decent job, well travelled with impeccable manners and physically attractive.

Yet those things do not guarantee a relationship. She wants someone to just listen to her — and try to understand. Those nights where she is sleeping alone and feeling more lonely than usual, she wishes there was a guy to wrap his arms around her, kiss her hair and pull her in close to him during the night. At least experience that just once. We see less posts about lonely girls than lonely guys here on reddit, and there are many reasons why that could be.

What do you ladies think, is it just that you don't post about your loneliness woes on reddit, or are there actually less lonely girls than guys? Hmm, I didn't think about how negatively reddit would deal with posts by lonely women, but I can definitely see that happening here.

And I guess a lot of guys will find other lonely guys here who will confirm their experiences. But sexual interaction is really easy for women, no? At least I imagine this working: Make a post on some of the available subreddits with the title "I'm a woman, I like X and am playing with myself, wanna chat? You'll get a couple of pms from guys, photos of their genitals, videostreams and other stuff as you wish.

I don't want to start the pity olympics, but as a lonely guy, I envy you for that option. I wouldn't call it being used when you enjoy it as well, but I agree that it's no cure for the underlying problem. Enjoyment is not a given for women when it comes to sex.

Just because men exist who would have sex with a woman posting on a subreddit doesn't mean those men are attractive to her, respectful of her or attentive to her sexually. Since when has sex had anything to do with loneliness? Being lonely is about wanting companionship, not about knowing how many guys would like to cum on your tits.

And first of all, I'm not claiming that every woman can get real sex easy. The answer given in the FAQ is really poor though. What has slut-shaming to do with that. I'm not claiming that sexual interaction can cure loneliness, that's why I've written the first sentence in my original message.

My only point is that you have easier access to sexual interaction with another individual assuming you're straight than lonely man. That also weakens your points about random penises, because I have access to random vaginas as well, but you can have the interaction with the individual and therefore it's not random anymore! I and I think other lonely men too, envy you for that. I've been single for a couple years.

I'm lonely all the time. I've mentioned it a few times on reddit, but really the response isn't always worth posting it. A lot of guys on reddit do not seem sympathetic to women being lonely. Just ask any dude and problem solved!!! Why are you complaining?

I bet there are actually more lonely women than there are lonely men. It's how the two genders process that loneliness that you are observing.

Men tend to lash out , possibly because men are expected to pursue and after getting over the embarrassment of being rejected, they get mad. Also, younger men tend to have a harder time processing their emotions than older men. Women tend to internalize and ask what's wrong with themselves. I tend to think that getting upset as opposed to just going off the handle can be productive.

It demonstrates that you are engaged and willing to do better. I also think the notion that losers get enraged unfairly because they pursue stunning women is incorrect. I largely see regular guys get rejected by regular girls. After a while they get kind of worn down and start looking for clues that the next girl they ask out is going to say yes because being rejected really sucks. Why do you think there are more lonely women than men?

And what do you think is the reason for that? All women have to do is open their legs and men come calling. They just sit back and have men do all the work. How could they possibly be lonely? Women definitely never go through periods where they feel disconnected from their friends and family.

They never spend time with their coupled friends but go home alone at night and feel cold and empty about that. Women talk about it less on Reddit because there are less women here. They are also more likely to kvetch to their friends, because talking about your emotions isn't as taboo among female friends. They're also likely to internalise it because they're told by others they the dating world is set up in such a way that they haven't the right to feel lonely - their loneliness is not legitimate, how dare they feel lonely when men have it so much harder?

I wasn't suggesting that at all. The other thread left me with the impression that women were more able to talk about this sort of thing with their friends and I wanted to see whether any women could confirm that as the case. Of course, there could be other factors as well, but I never meant to imply that women "just sit back and have men do all the work". Been all about the world Ain't never met a girl that can take the Things that you been Through Never thought the day would come Where you would get up and run And I would be out chasing you Cause aint nowhere in the globe I'd Rather be Aint no one in the globe I'd rather see Than the girl of my dreams that made me be So happy but now so lonely.

So lonely so lonely I'm Mr. Lonely I have nobody I have nobody For my own to call my own girrlll. Never thought that I'd be alone I didn't hope you'd be gone this long I just want you to call my phone So stop playing girl and come on home Come on home Baby girl I didn't mean to shout I want me and you to work it out I never wished I'd ever hurt my baby And its driving me crazy cause I'm So.

Lonely, so lonely So lonely, so lonely Mr. Lonely, so lonely So lonely, so lonely So lonely Mr. Lonely I have nobody For my owwnnn I'm so lonely Yo, this one here, goes out to all my Players out there man, you know They got to have one good girl who's Always been there like Took all the boolshit Then one day she can't take it no more And decides to leave I woke up in the middle of the night And I noticed my girl wasn't by my side Could sworn I was dreaming For her I was feening So I had take a little ride Back tracking of these few years Trying a figure out what I do to make it go bad Cause every since my girl left me My whole life came crashin' and I'm so So lonely so lonely , I'm Mr.

Lonely I have nobody I have nobody For my own to call my own girl Can't belive I had a girl like you And I just let you walk right out my life After all I put you thrue You still stuck around and stayed by my side What really hurt me is I broke your heart Baby you were a good girl and I had no right I really wanna make things right cause Without you in my life girl I'm so Lonely so lonely I'm mr.

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