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The following article comes to us from our friends at Strategic Relocation and has been contributed by well known relocation specialist Joel Skousen. As is usually the case with Mr.

Though this review centers in large part on Northern Idaho, the many variables involved in finding your perfect home are discussed and can be applied to potential retreat locations anywhere in the country. Skousen has been asked to do a weekly column on different places of interest to people looking to relocate for security, both in the US, Canada and abroad —for those interested in international retreats.

Be sure and check back each week for more detailed analysis of great safe places and check out Mr. Sawtooth National Forest, Idaho. As you contemplate relocation to a safe area you should carefully consider what threats you are seeking to mitigate.

I cover the full range of threats in Strategic Relocation —including some very serious ones that few have on their radar a future nuclear world war with Russia and China, for example. In your assessment you need to consider many competing factors, including acceptable climate, distance to town and needed services, neighbors, physical safety from potential refugees and lawlessness, and how to do all this while maintaining your financial lifeline. Both Todd Savage and Nick Matthews of Survival Retreat Consulting SRC and I spend a lot of time with our separate consulting clients trying to balance out these conflicting needs of safety and security with location and convenience during good times.

Others, who need to be closer, or in town for work, should establish a semi-rural suburban residence for convenience and a separate retreat or rural farm for ultimate safety. The more rural you are, the higher the cost of building, maintaining equipment and commuting to civilization—and, the higher your expenses for services including utilities, alternate energy and internet connectivity.

The more your priorities emphasize closeness to a community, the higher your risks will be during a social meltdown, and the more precise must be your preparations to bug out to a separate retreat. My discussion this first week will be limited to the northern most counties of Idaho Bonner, and Boundary counties , which constitute the true narrow panhandle of the state of Idaho.

In many ways this northern panhandle of Idaho is one of my favorite areas in all of the United States because it combines distance from large population centers, good forestation at low altitudes, plenty of water for agriculture, and very low government regulation for building permits.

If there is any downside, it is its far northern latitude that brings very cold winter weather, although there are noted microclimates in Boundary County. The occasional heavy snowfall, however, is clearly a benefit as in all the Rockies , because that provides the reserve of water to grow fir trees, and fills the lakes and aquifers that abound in the area. This area has unique geographic features that determine the weather patterns. The Idaho mountains are close enough to the Pacific coastal areas that the panhandle receives waves of moisture from the Pacific Maritime flow during October through April when the storms are strong enough to push through and over the Rockies—giving northern Idaho constant cloudy and rainy weather—just like the Pacific Northwest.

But during the late spring and summer, those storms are weaker and reach the Idaho Panhandle less often yielding very nice summer weather. The other great feature of this area, and a product of the adequate rainfall, is the predominance of pine and fir forests at low elevations, which is a much sought after feature in my retreat philosophy, not only for beauty but for creating a private homestead.

Sandpoint offers excellent skiing in the winter and spectacular boating and fishing on Lake Pend Oreille in the summer. From a security standpoint, Boundary County to the north is even more remote. The main threat from social unrest and the resulting refugee flows comes from I which will channel people from Seattle into Spokane—the largest city in Eastern Washington, and right on the Idaho border.

Fortunately, there are a eight key tactical points that may slow or stop travel northward to Sandpoint and then to Boundary County, including a number of bridges SEE MAP. Remember, that it is actually beneficial for your safety to have numerous towns between your location and major cities, to absorb refugees. For example, the Paradise Valley bench outside Bonners Ferry is a spectacular spot, for both sun exposure and food production, however there is a layer of silt that can be as deep as feet before hitting the water table.

The local community has tapped into a large aquifer on the bench and built a community system that is fed by this aquifer. These seem to work fine and the only improvement you would have to consider if you tap into the community system is to install a cistern to store water, or drill your own well if funds are available, for back up. This not to say not to look in these areas, just ask your Prepper Realtor or Consultant to pull well logs for the surrounding properties before your final property selection and subsequent purchase.

Not in any order they are as follows;. First, along District Two Road just north and running east of the bridge in Bonners Ferry is some of the most fertile ground in the county along with the North Bench and Kootenai River bottom heading towards Porthill, Idaho along the Kootenai River.

You will have to ascertain your risk level of being about 63 miles down stream from the Libby dam which has had previous seismic issues and the rate of flooding should the dam give way for any reason.

There is a spectacular retreat for sale at the end of District Two Road. It features varied terrain from cliffs to many acres of fertile and defensible ground, and feet of Kootenai River frontage. This spectacular retreat is located 2 miles past a locked gate at the end of the county road. The Point Retreat will meet even the most discerning Preppers retreat shopping criteria. As the Kootenai River runs north the large fertile basin on both sides of highway 95, as it heads toward the Canadian border.

The Eastport area is higher in elevation and the growing season is shorter, although there are several retreats just south of Eastport that have spectacular water and defensibility.

Staying on the west side and going north on Highway 1 to the Porthill border crossing is some of the most spectacular views and property in all of Boundary county.

The growing season on the North Bench near Porthill is better with good sun exposure and abundant water from spring runoff from the mountains. Several such gravity fed springs make up a local community water system in Porthill that is gravity fed to the under residents.

The Meadow Creek Road region just off Highway 2 and heading north to the Canadian border is a wonderful retreat area as well. However, properties are few and far between on both Meadow Creek and Old Highway 2 Loop, and when the good Prepper properties come for sale they go quickly.

Staying north of the Kootenai River in Bonners Ferry is highly recommended, if possible. In Bonner County, the Selle Valley area is a wonderful location known for excellent growing, sun exposure and on most properties, live year round water and some springs, depending upon property location. This is a great area for those that may want to be closer to town for various reasons and enjoy a bit more interaction in the town of Sandpoint pop There are a lot of higher altitude areas that are not suitable for growing, but make excellent high-security retreats.

Be aware that some snow levels can reach over 20 feet plus, so be sure to ask neighbors as you identify properties and pay attention to elevation and snowfall records. The lowest elevation in the County is at the Porthill river crossing at about feet above sea level, which has only slight to moderate snowfall—with allot of rain in the winter, like downtown Bonners Ferry.

Sandpoint offers a wide variety of multi-cultural restaurants and entertainment venues. It has an old town atmosphere and even has a local city beach. Security concerns during good times are limited to petty crimes with violent crimes few and far between, as you would expect from a small rural town anywhere USA. For a post-collapse scenario, there is still the Sandpoint Long Bridge over Lake Pend Oreille and the Newport Bridge to help slow and stop any moving threat. The application does not require the divulgence of your building plans, so your safe rooms and storage will not be public record and subject to scrutiny.

If you are installing a septic system, a permit is also required from Panhandle Health; if you are drilling a well, a permit is required from the Idaho Department of Water Resources; and if you are building a new driveway connecting to a county road, a permit from County Road and Bridge is required. Before beginning construction or installation of a residential structure, it is necessary to make application for a residential placement permit, which is pretty benign.

Boundary County wants to ensure that the parcel meets the minimum lot size for the zone district in which construction is taking place or that the parcel is a legal non-conforming lot of record, that set-back requirements are met, that the property where the home is being placed does not lie within wetland or flood zones identified by the Federal Emergency.

In Boundary County, this is literally a one-man show: Walk in and talk to Dan Studer and chat about the parcel and placement before making the one page application. Subdividing Property, if you need to, is a simple process as well, depending upon the parcels location and current zoning.

A simple subdivision application to divide an un-platted parcel into five or fewer parcels, each meeting minimum parcel size within the zone district and each with approved driveway access to an existing public street or road in Boundary County can still be HAND DRAWN on a one-page application!

If you plan to build a fully sustainable retreat off-grid, alternative energy and wish not to have a state inspector in your home, you can purchase your supplies and then hire a local state certified contractor to do the install and sign-off for you.

This applies to your plumbing and septic as well. Bonner County, Idaho Sandpoint , is very similar in requirements, with several additions, which will impact those of you that intend to build safe rooms and storage in your new home.

First, Bonner County requires a Building Location Permit with Diagrammatic floor plans and elevations of the structure in sufficient detail to identify the size and use of all components and floors of the structure, stamped by Panhandle Health septic permits.

This is an easy solution if you have found a great parcel in Bonner County. The entire region is very beautiful, with lots of mountains, lakes and rivers for recreation like camping, mountain biking, hiking, hunting and fishing. Soils range from sandy loam to clayish, and are of sufficient depth in most areas that building a basement is not a problem.

There are some areas that are very rocky, so be sure to ascertain this before any purchase. I find most of the people in the area open and friendly, generally, with a strong mix of religious conservatives and libertarians, but as in all rural areas, you find a few strange ones.

Although I wholeheartedly disagree with their racist beliefs, I did interview him and his cohorts many years ago and came away with evidence that this was an infiltrated government operation meant to tarnish the reputation of all conservative dissidents everywhere, just like the Ruby Ridge fiasco which also happened in Boundary County.

Butler died in and his followers were run out of the county by a lawsuit and the compound was torn down. The good news is, however, that his attempt is looking like a failure. Realistically, this kind of extremist association, often driven by government agent provocateurs, is something we have to deal with in any highly sought after retreat area—and one of the prime reasons I caution against joining formal survivalist or militia organizations that draw the attention of government.

Build your own informal network of people you trust. Idaho is one of two 5 star out of a possible 5 rated states in Strategic Relocation. You will be surrounded by spectacular beauty, good access to moderate sized cities without urban blight, and be amongst a significant concentration of like-minded people with family values.

Also of high importance—the Pacific Northwest, in general, is very open minded, so their acceptance for quality newcomers is high. Be sure to check out www. Nick brings years of experience to the SRC team as an officer and a Bronze Star recipient from his combat action overseas with the U. Read by 46, people Date: July 11th, Website: This content has been contributed to SHTFplan by a third-party or has been republished with permission from the author.

Please contact the author directly for republishing information. The truly only safe place is OFF the planet. In case of nuclear war this is between 10 degrees north and 10 degrees south of the equator. With society collapsing, extreme isolation like the above article describes as one of the places to go.

With a deadly virus, not only extreme isolation, but also where you can have a lot of natural remedies available in case the virus or bacteria is air borne beyond the host. Talking about deadly viruses. Those smallpox samples that were suppose to be dead, two virals were alive:. I have said this for a long time, a think dead bodies can keep samllpox alive and one of these unearthings is going to prove this. Could be a cemetary being dug up, or even some ancient mummy.

We are living in the end times and nothing should surprise anyone. Amen BI, there is no truely safe place in the planet, that was what I was trying to convey. I do not include Mr. Skousen in this group. The comments posted indicate much of what I think of the Boys from the Redoubt. Unrealistic prices, elitist attitudes, and all is well in the Redoubt until you pull back the thin veneer and see some of the history underneath.

Tickets – Wine in the Woods

With an air of confidence and a bit of ignorance, I went with her to meet her friend. The three girls laughed and asked if I had forgotten my name. I never had a difficult time finding a date or dating girls. Why was this happening to me? As time continued throughout high school, my friends and I became the captains for all of our sports teams, were on executive boards for various student governments and organizations, we supported each other, I dated and had girlfriends often.

I was in my comfort zone and would prove to myself that stuttering would not hold me back from anything. Little did I know that I was overcompensating all along the way. Toward the end of high school my friend and I were driving, too quickly, down a gravel road back from one of our usual hangouts. The car careened out of control, rolled over four times, and ended up on its roof up against a telephone pole. Luckily we both had on our seatbelts, but we had to crawl out of the back window to get out.

I tore my shirt and tied it around his head to stop the bleeding, then called emergency services at SHIT, they hung up on me and my friend is blacking out.

I tried again and was hung up on again. I stood my friend up, got him conscious and had him tell them that I stutter. From then I relayed the information and shortly enough after the ambulance arrived and he was taken to the hospital. My friend ended up being okay after stitches and some time. By the end of high school I was thinking about how to pay for college and tried to enlist in the National Guards then the Army Reserves, but was denied due to my stuttering.

Even though this was a new place with new people I thrived. I became involved in a fraternity, the rugby team, student government and pretty much everything else you could think of. Knowing how I felt that I had to overcompensate for my stuttering, I was on the executive boards of most organizations, became a co-captain for our rugby team, and dated when I wanted. When my instructors informed me that I might not be accepted to graduate school due to my fluency, I took the advice from my current clinician, who was a male who stuttered.

Shortly after, I attended their twelve-day program, where clients were expected to drone their speech throughout their time there. More so, I was exhausted at the end of every day of trying to maintain the persona of a fluent speaker.

Then within a few months, I was stuttering more than I had been when I attended. I was taught to be fluent and to start over again if I was not. So instead of my usual blocks and slight repetitions, I would repeat entire sentences times and was lost in my spiral downward. I started applying to graduate programs.

What, can they do this? Who would have the audacity to sign their name to this piece of discrimination? I thought about fighting the denial and suing, but a bit later on I had finally received a letter of acceptance from a school. I started graduate school and all was well once again. I was making friends, getting involved in student government, softball and of course dating! Over the next year I had started a masters thesis, become the Graduate and Professional Student Senate Treasurer — I maintained this position as the treasurer for the entire graduate student population during four of my six years in my graduate programs.

There, I was told that stuttering is okay and that we can be effective communicators and still stutter. Many experts in the field of Fluency Disorders were advising me and helping me along the way, and then finally during the end of my doctoral program I had finished my clinical requirements and accepted a part-time job as a Private Practice Speech-Language Pathologist.

I recently accepted a job at Idaho State University ISU , who has supported me in completing my clinical requirements for national certification in Speech-Language Pathology. All of us have different roads we must take, different interests and goals that we seek, but determination and perseverance help us achieve all of our goals.

Things can and will get better. Accepting that fact, along with teaching others, that is something I will strive for throughout my career. Your story is a true story of the road you have traveled of determination and perseverance to not let one single thing, stuttering, defy who you are. I commend your strive and applaud all that you have accomplished when others may have thought otherwise.

Is this something that was controllable? Do you think your stuttering was a result of something that was natural to you, whereas fluent speech seemed weird or unnatural? First of all thank you for your compliments. Most PWS have what we call clinic room fluency and with having a clinician who only focuses on overt fluency, we inherently understand what we are supposed to do.

As for your second question, stuttering is our natural way of speaking, as fluency is yours. By adding some sort of conscious control of using techniques regardless of which there comes a degree of unnaturalness. We all hope for some degree of fluency but that is not all that we should be focusing on as clinicians and clients.

Thanks so much for sharing your story with us! It was truly insightful. I found it extremely interesting to read about the level of involvement that you had with your peers and with extracurricular activities. I think this is great. You also mentioned some unsuccessful attempts at speech therapy.

As a future SLP I am wondering why you think there was no success? For the vast majority of PWS who attend therapy there are consistent high rates of relapse. In my personal experiences I believe that it is because my clinicians mainly focused on how I sounded instead of what I felt and experienced.

Best Regards, Dan Hudock, Ph. Thank you so much for sharing your story, it is very inspirational! One thing that I cannot get over is when you were talking about your graduate school application process. My question to you is: As an assistant professor yourself, how would you handle a situation that was similar to yours? It is still quite baffling to me as well. I do not regret taking action.

However, I am torn because I would want to knock down those barriers for anyone else. So there is some regret, but I am in a much better place with the other doors that have opened. While I was interviewing they actually had a student who stuttered and was about to graduate, and they have extremely supportive with me in general and in the completion of my clinical fellowship. Hypothetically speaking though, if that happened I would hope that I would stand up for the student if their qualifications were sufficient for gradschool GPA, GRE, etc.

There are outlets to have people hear your story and garner support. I am interested in your thoughts re: If it truly is OK to stutter, why do speech therapy and speech therapists spend so much time, effort and emphasis on techniques to get both CWS and adults who stutter to stop or change stuttering?

Do I want to become a more fluent speaker, absolutely, do I think that everyone who stutters should increase their fluency, No. I see my job as a PWS, Clinician and Professor to instill a paradigm of decreasing the negative impact that stuttering might have on an individual. Cheers, Dan Hudock, Ph. Kinda contradicting to me as a PWS. Not once did that ever happen. Following that is a paradigm shift that is supported in the last few quotes, which you present, a notion that treating the person as a whole is more impactful and longer lasting.

The middle section is a more cynical perspective. As I review the middle section it is not as cynical as I previous thought. We can reduce the duration and severity of the involuntary block, but it will likely still be present to some extent. All in all, I agree with his quotes that you have provided. All of the quotes come from 4 articles Dr. The articles were titled as follows:. Daniel, your story is a true inspiration not only to other stutterers, but also to Speech Pathologists and those currently on the road to becoming Speech Pathologists.

It takes a lot of strength to share such a personal story with others and I commend you on that. I was shocked to learn that you were not accepted into the national guards and the army reserve due to your stutter. That seems truly unfair to you and other stutterers who wish to serve for their country. What techniques could they use in sessions to achieve such a goal? And lastly, do you believe if your speech therapists pseudostuttered in your sessions you would have benefited from that?

Thank you, it still surprises me as well. I think that you touch on a very important point. None of my clinicians, until my second intensive stuttering clinic pseudostuttered, or even used the techniques they were teaching me to use for the most part. I think that it would have been a much different experience if they had pseudostuttered or used the fluency techniques with strangers in front of me.

Most of the therapists would only ever ask me how my speech was and was I using the techniques in out situations, hardly any of them asked me how I felt about my stuttering or in regard to the emotional aspects, once again, until I went to my second intensive stuttering clinic that specifically focused on emotional and social aspects.

As to your other question, I think the clinician pseudostuttering would have been a great start, and just talking to me about emotional and social aspects would have helped.

This could have been done by writing out pros and cons, watching recordings of myself so I would have a more objective perspective of myself and my stuttering, and having them use the techniques in other environments to show me. Dan, I will definitely take what you have shared with me about pseudostuttering and use it in the future with my clients. Since I can tell from your comment that you value this technique and feel as though it can benefit stutterers in the long run, I will definitely consider using it with clients who stutter.

I agree that talking about emotional and social aspects of stuttering can be tremendously helpful as well. Thank you for your great response! Thank you for sharing your story! As stuttering runs in my family, I always find it interesting to hear about all of the different experiences people who stutter have. I have a few questions for you regarding your article and experiences:. You stated that the school in which you received your undergraduate degree from denied your admission into their graduate program.

I am wondering if you ran into any other obstacles while completing their undergraduate program as a person who stutters. I personally think having first-hand experience with stuttering give a clinician great insight into how to treat a client. You also wrote about what a close group of friends you had and how much you supported one another.

Thank you for your thought provoking questions. Sorry about the rant, and back to your first question. Additionally, all of my clinical supervisors during my internships have seen it as a positive, it was just the clinical faculty at two universities and some doctoral students who were mainly clinicians.

For your second question, this is a great question, because having that social support network is so critical for kids growing up in general, let alone if they stutter. Attending these events and finding comradery in other people who stutter may kick start socialization. Another way is to get the school counselor involved early.

They can build social acceptance or support groups and help increase social involvement as well as decreasing many of the negative impacts from stuttering.

However, that being said, many school counselors are not specifically trained on children who stutter so it might help to have the speech pathologist of child themselves talk about the consequences from stuttering. Hope this helps, Dan Hudock, Ph. Hi Daniel — thank you for sharing your journey. As the mom to a year old, much of what you said sounded familiar.

Our experiences with therapy led us to believe that asking a child to change the way they talk in order to minimize or eliminate stuttering is risky at best and too often leads to withdrawal and silence far more handicapping than the stutter itself. Thanks again for sharing and best of luck to you!

Great quote, he sounds very insightful for his age! It is a pretty enlightening experience to hear about parents who stutter refusing to take their children to therapy because of how negatively impacted they were from their own therapy.

There was something drastically wrong with the owness of blame that we had placed upon us as clients. I actually have read yours, I was one of the conference facilitators and reviewed the all of the submissions. Much of what you said rang true with my own experiences. As a graduate student in Communication Disorders I am curious to know how your own experiences in therapy as a PWS have influenced the way that you provide services for your clients who are working on fluency.

What reactions have you gotten from your clients who stutter, assuming that they are aware that you are also a PWS? I look forward to your response! Thanks for the question. I tend to be very open with my stuttering and more often than not start every meeting with increased pseudostutteirng and or some lack of control to set the stage.

After the first few minutes I switch into using my strategies and use that as a teaching example for the client and caregivers. Being a PWS I focus much more on the feelings and emotions related to stuttering, not just the overt aspects of fluency.

Most of my experience as a clinician have been very positive, especially when treating other PWS. For the most part it is a very eye opening experience for them to see what you can do walk up to strangers with the utmost confidence while stuttering very overtly or with mostly controlled speech. Thanks for sharing your story. I really enjoyed reading about it! I am a graduate student in Speech-Language Pathology right now.

What do you think your therapists should have done differently for you? Do you have any specific things that come to mind that may have helped you feel more comfortable? I answered a similar question under my response to Yelena. Mainly pseudostuttering or using the techniques themselves with strangers infront of me and to talk to me about emotions and social aspects not just about how I sound.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your story, thank you for sharing. I am a second year graduate student in Speech-Language Pathology in California. I found your story to be inspiring and eye-opening, not only as a person but as a practicing clinician.

It was interesting when you mentioned the repetitive, typical, fluency techniques that all of your speech therapists practiced with you i. As a student clinician working in schools now, I am curious to know how you felt about those specific treatments.

I know they are used so often, especially with children, and have always been curious as to how useful they are for the child. Are you indifferent to those particular fluency shaping techniques? Thank you again for sharing your story, you have overcame some tough situations, and I admire your dedication and positive attitude! As a child I had success at using most of the techniques, but none really felt or sounded natural to me. So all of the fluency shaping techniques did help and so did the stuttering modification ones.

I still switch in and out of both styles today. As Andrews, et al. So I tend to show my clients a few styles and ask them what they think sounds the most natural and which are they willing to use around other people. Some people like different ones than others and different ones than I do, the great thing is that most of them work to the same extent, so our clients have that choice.

The technique that I use the most are intermittent vowel prolongations in a preemptive manner. It just sounds and feels more natural to me while drastically increasing my fluency with less effort.

I do however start every session with an activity or discussion focused strictly on affective factors, but after that generalize constantly and after each situation discuss the covert aspects and overt aspects. I hope this makes sense, thank you for the compliments. Daniel, Thank you for sharing your story. It was very inspiring. As a professor at ISU have you came across other students that want into the program who stutter?

Also what courses do you teach and ISU and how do you relate your experiences with teaching? I have occasionally thought about opening that door, but at the current time I have tried to remain moving forward. When I interviewed at ISU there was actually a second year masters student that stuttered and was about to graduate, which I took as a great sign.

The biggest thing I can say and would hope to tell them is perseverance. Of course I would do all I could to help them achieve, but I would hope that I would do that for all of my students as well. I would definitely be a support and advocate for them. I teach the graduate course on Fluency Disorders and will likely soon be teaching Speech Science and or Anatomy and Physiology.

In my fluency disorders course I use many personal experiences and stories. Thank you for sharing your story. It was poignant, powerful and a particularly helpful story for those of us who are currently CSD graduate students. The journey is just as important for us to learn about our clients as is the present state. What would you tell them if you could? Prior to telling them, I would want them to pseudostutter to strangers for a period of time. Thanks for the question, Dan Hudock, Ph.

I find it interesting how differently people who stutter cope with their stutter. I found the reason you were declined from graduate programs very upsetting. From your biography, I am assured you are a very successful individual. Do your past experiences with speech therapy play a role in the way you provide therapy to PWS? In graduate school, you were involved in the Successful Stuttering Management Program.

Would you recommend this program to individuals at an earlier age now that you know the success that can be achieved from it? Being a PWS does definitely impact my clinical practices. I directly discuss stuttering, emotions and social aspects as well as do much generalization.

Additionally, I always begin the generalization process by doing it myself and during the start of therapy without any strategies very overt stuttering. The results are equally as impressive for adolescents as adults. However, I would be hesitant to recommend that anyone younger attend the intensive clinic due to the higher cognitive processes of insight, emotional reflection etc that one goes through.

That being said, that and similar programs are available for younger ages…. Daniel, Thank you so much for sharing your story. It is very nice to hear the perspective of a PWS. When we are being taught fluency generating techniques and therapies I often wonder if the clients would ever use these in the real world.

Some of them sound very unnatural as you mentioned in your paper. I found it very upsetting that professionals that are familiar with stuttering turned you down for graduate school even though you were so involved and passionate about the field. How are we as SLPs supposed to help our clients accept their stutter when we do not accept it ourselves?

Again, thank you so much for sharing your story. I could not agree anymore. The old accolade comes into mind, if you want to know how someone feels, walk a mile in their shoes. If clinicians challenge themselves to experience what we experience or what clinicians want us to experience, I think it would be a game changer. Best of luck with your studies, Dan Hudock, Ph. With all of the negative reactions you have received in the past, have you ever had similar reactions from your clients or their parents?

Hudock, In our class, you have stated that you played sports throughout your life, I was wondering if stuttering caused any respiratory difficulties during practice or games? Stuttering does not cause weakness or discoordination to the respiratory system when not dealing with speech and we may perturb the system ourselves to take it under some volitional control. Daniel — thanks for sharing your story. There are many parallels to my own story and my own career with stuttering.

What do you think? Was your over-compensating a way to be perfect and in control? Do you stutter openly in class with your students or do you employ fluency techniques? Thanks for the great contribution to the ISAD conference. I switch back and forth between using techniques and not using them throughout my class, interactions with other faculty members and students. Hudock, I have really enjoyed learning more about your personal story. As a graduate student, and I think we have talked about this briefly, it makes me feel that the big picture is not necessarily fluency -although some feel it is important- but rather, acceptance.

I mean this in a sense regarding society as a whole and changing or shaping perceptions regarding PWS. History within the last century has brought a lot of growth to our society regarding acceptance, and yet I feel that perceptions related to PWS have struggled to evolve as evident in some of your personal experiences.

How do you feel that we, as clinicians but also as human beings, can help educate, amend or transform perceptions regarding PWS outside of the clinic? Thank you, Kelli S. Grad Student Idaho State University. Societal change and personal change is a day by day choice, which is sometimes easier than others.

I agree with you that the societal perception has dramatically become more accepting in the USA, however other countries might not be to the level that the US is.

The best answer is to be an advocate and educate as many people as you can. With education comes acceptance most of the time. Daniel, Thanks for taking the time time share your story. I often consult with school SLPs who are working with my private clients. They play along in in the therapy room but have no intention of using those same unnatural ways of talking outside of that room. This concept if often a revelation to the SLPs.

So much so, that many are defensive when I suggest we look for other avenues to explore. Thank you for so clearly demonstrating that this is what you did.

I am hopeful that SLPs will read what you wrote and truly think about what you have said. If this leads to an honest discussion with the kids they work with, the time you spent writing this paper will be time very well spent. As and SLP and PWS myself, I often worry that some of the professionals in our field come with a biased perspective- what worked for me will work for others, etc. I hope our paths cross in the future.

Thanks for the compliments and I fully concur with what you said. Hopefully by all of us doing our little part, we can make an impact on the greater good. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I really appreciated your comments about the speech therapist who said that you were her first client who stutters and that you would have to learn together.

You shared that the isolation you felt from that comment was overwhelming. I want to remember how that made you feel as I face a similar situation as a new clinician because I would not want to make someone feel that way.

What do you wish she would have said to you or what would you say to a client with an impairment that you have never treated before?

Something to provide support and hope. Thank you for your wonderful and inspiring story. The way you expressed your journey from your first experience stuttering all the way to sitting in your office treating and teaching those who stutter is remarkable. I admire your determination to never give up in pursuing your passion. My question that I pose to you is, how did your fellow classmates treat you throughout your clinical and graduate experience? I look forward to reading your response.

Thank you for your compliments. My classmates have been very supportive for the most part, there has been a few Ph. Most of the peers from my generation have grown up with increased acceptance and therefore have been supportive and very offended when I talk about my experiences with discrimination.

Daniel, I appreciate your honesty, you have a very inspiring your story. I am currently a second year graduate student studying speech-language pathology. In our fluency class we are learning different techniques that are used for stuttering, but we are also learning the importance of the feelings and emotions that are associated with stuttering.

Based on your story, it seems like accepting your stutter was so important. Did you find yourself stuttering less once you accepted it?

I was very surprised to hear you had difficultly with acceptance into graduate schools because of your stutter, since you truly have the most experience in this area. I believe we need more people like you to help teach other speech-language pathologists the most beneficial goals to address in therapy. With that said, is there any therapy techniques you strongly recommend for people who stutter? For most of us who stutter, once we have come to terms with out mortal enemy our fluency tends to increase when we choose not to let it have as deep of a hold on us.

I would recommend whatever the client feels comfortable, sounds the most natural to them and that they are willing to use outside of therapy. Then of course, therapy procedures that address emotional and social issues. Thank you for sharing your story with us! As a graduate student in communication disorders learning about stuttering for the first time, I love hearing personal accounts from people who stutter because it gives me a greater understanding of this aspect of our field.

First of all, did your parents ever talk about your fluency or were you first introduced to the fact that you were dyslfuent in preschool?

I really hoped I would never have to kill again. Now that seems unlikely also. When the soul leaves the body it is not end times… its transition.

Otherwise, not a bad post! This explains the mass destruction of our planet as in Manifest destiny. The mass pollution of the water, air and land, and there is no other species on the plants that kills its own is such mass genocide as man does.

But I am here to break the news for ya. You me and every living thing on this planet ends up in the same place, meting in the dirt pile as in dust to dust. If there was no such thing as Religion, we would all be living in harmony among the beauty of nature and stewards of the land air and sea. And take only what we need to live and leave the rest in better shape for others for future generations.

Religion teaches Hate, Greed, Slavery, oppression, destruction all because your god you pray and obey is a jealous God. And even says so in your Bible.

He will destroy them; he will subdue them before you. And you will drive them out and annihilate them quickly, as the LORD has promised you. His love is so great that he refuses to share me with idols and lusts. What a great love!

What a perfect jealousy! I have yet to see a single winner who made it to Heaven or Hell, and hold up a sign saying I made it. If you know of any, let me know. Jesus loves you anyway. No, the definition of faith is believing something without actually thinking about it or weighing and measuring the data yourself.

And by that definition, science is a faith-based institution. Have you personally studied all the papers and research related to evolution? No, actually, faith is the substance of things unseen, or something like that. Basically, you have never had a spiritual experience, and therefore, you assume no one else has either. Its sort of like not having ever eaten a mango. Yep all crammed into one book written by humans, one of the dumbest and most ignorant creatures on the planet.

Yep the world is still flat, and the moon is made of cheese. Look a cow just jumped over the moon. You are in the great majority of people who reject Christ. Only a relative few accept him. I pray that Jesus will intervene in your life, when you are at your lowest. WWTI, why do you come here and bash posters who have a vision different from yours, oh I forgot, you think your dung does not stink.

That is scientific fact. Jesus is invisible and at the right hand of the God the Father who is the Lord of Hosts. If first starts out with setting the Con in place when you are about 2 years old when your parents tell you.

A child brainwashing is further enforced with cartoons and shows showing Santa Clause, and you can even go sit on his lap at the mall for proof. So by the time a child is about 5 or 6 he believes that if he is good and obeys, he is rewarded. And it is a total Con Job of Lies and deceit right from the beginning, creating a Gullible child. Like the Nazi Swastika which Hitler found to be very powerful, and gives him sense of belonging or a symbol of protection, like the propaganda movies like if you hold up a cross the Vampire runs away in fear.

Its all symbolism propaganda. Yes after years and years of brainwashing, it is a struggle for one to simply give up this belief system he has been conditioned for for decades, it is painful to admit you were gullible, or have the feeling of being deceived, like how did you feel when you found out that there was no Santa Clause. Well Jesus is never coming to save you or anybody else. Its all a myth. The cruelest part of this myth is that many brainwashed souls enter politics and leadership positions and create laws and wars around this myth.

In my live I was raised Lutheran, went through the confirmation brainwashing. And there are more religions out there than just Christianity. And my mind opened up and and witnesses that Religion is so hell bent that it will make mind controlled brainwashed people do anything including flying airplanes into tall buildings. And strapping bombs on their bellies and self sacrifice so they can get 70 virgins in a make believe heaven.

Even Christianity tells and promises you just like being good that Santa Clause will come. Christianity promises you ever lasting live is you believe and donate a portion of your income to keep the myth Ponsi scheme going.

But then if you are given everlasting life, then why does the church then solicit you to donate all your estate to the church upon your death? Connect the dots folks. Its all BS, and when you die your body shrivels up and turns to dust. And all you will be from then on is a past memory for the remaining living. Its the only way we are going to save this planet from the Religious Genocide.

Who gives a shit where Abraham was born. How is man creating pollution? Everything on or about the planet is a natural thing. And since you cant make something into nothing or make something from nothing..

And for every action their is an opposite reaction. Its all a wash. Glowball warming is a myth superstition religionto some folks. The fact is these earth changing events would be happening even if man had never walked the planet. However, have you ever bothered to research the topic, read a bunch of books from the library about it? You may think what you like. The fact is, God is real and so is Global warming.

Old Guy- If Pollution is so natural, how about go out and start your car, then put your mouth and lips over the end of the tail pipe for 20 minutes, and see how natural it is for you. Temperatures always vary over time. The temperatures are changing because the weather is changing.

The weather is changing because the Poles are moving. Three million years ago, long before the advent of man upon the earth at least in any numbers Greenland was free of its ice pack and had been ice free for more than 50 million years before that. It could be argued I think that the natural state of Greenland is ice free. The Ice Age may still be ending.

They are the one constant upon this planet since its birth. I have been watching since I was a teenager. The formation of the NAU which is happening right now or they are attempting to form it is a major sign. How long will it take?

It could be a bloody ten years…five years…who really knows. He should also bomb drug super labs and the homes of drug lords. Yes, They will be roasting marshmallows over the coals left from your burned up skull and smoldering skeleton, occasionally stirred with a fireplace poker. Your days are numbered Whowudda and they are coming for you. No quarter here on earth. Think about how well they can read a license plate detail from a satellite floating in space.

There are only places somewhat less safer than others. Complacency can get you killed quick. PO,coffee is a survival tool for sure. My better half is more concerned with running out of coffee than actual food. With Yellowstone waking up and all the earthquakes happening on the ring of fire — yeah the north east sounds like a good place to die in.

Instant burial or incineration free of charge. This is like relocating to the slopes of MT. I think though, once we get through the bad times, it will actually be better in the long run… IF you can survive the transition! That is the ticker— trying to survive the transition! Absolutely, As a Prepper, all you need to do is have all of your preps in place to sustain you and your family for one full year. So just have at least a year of food, guns ammo and drinking water capabilities when SHTF.

Stop trying to force prepping on others. So if you believe Jesus is coming to save you. It will make all our knees bend! Have you not realized, wwti is a poser?

Who knows it all? And his shit does not stink? This time we live in and the time of trial about to come upon the earth to test everyone will be worse than all the wars combined. The very gates of hell will be opened. Any number of scenarios can happen that will ruin your drinking water, food, etc.

What is coming is beyond what you can comprehend — physically, mentally and spiritually. My qualifications are im not hindered by religious superstition. Mosty its my mental fortitude. I have the stones to do whatever I deem necessary. I myself have a hard time with forgiveness, so many humans have screwed me over, and forgiveness is KEY….

We have no idea what is the true truth, but it does make one think outside the religous box…. Cool heads will prevail for sure. He ability the see the big picture as best as possible and think clearly, acting decisively will save ones life.

A Colorado man is infected with the rarest and most fatal form of plague, an airborne version that can be spread through coughing and sneezing.

It is the first case of pneumonic plague seen in the state since , said Jennifer House, a spokeswoman for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. He may have contracted the illness from his dog, she said, which died suddenly and has also been found to carry the disease. Plague in all of its forms infects only about seven people yearly in the U. The disease occurs when a bacterium named Yersinia pestis infects the body, according to the U.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The difference between the pneumonic and bubonic varieties is that the bacteria take hold in the lungs in the first case, rather than underneath the skin through insect bites.

Both types are treated with antibiotics. Colorado has had 60 cases of all types of plague since , and nine people have died, the state said. Untreated plague is fatal, and antibiotics have to be given within 24 hours of the first symptoms to reduce the chance of death.

Symptoms of the disease include fever, headache and chest pain, along with a pneumonia that develops rapidly causing shortness of breath, chest pain and bloody mucus, according to the CDC. There is no vaccine available for plague in the U. The bubonic form is the most common, best known for its outbreaks in the Middle Ages. Colorado officials recommend that residents keep pets away from wildlife, especially dead rodents. The plague can spread from animals after a large die-off of prairie dogs, when fleas with the bacteria seek new hosts, according to the state.

And could it double or triple in price? Then would it be worth selling to find another? Too many varibles in the equasion…. Eppe, I just hope I can bugout to north GA before anything happens. It will be a totally different world. Just curious, RB, if everyhing went dark, would you still try to make it to N GA from Memphis, would you stay put, or try for somewhere closer? If you decided to strike out on foot, what items would you consider essential to take with you?

Would you use some type of cart to carry more? Would you travel overland or by the roads? I ask because I frequently travel on business and this is a subject I think about a lot. Graph,not RB but I do in car always have my hunting pack which keeps growing! I also have a basic self defense item. That said,some defensive items depnding on state ect.

I actually think a travel SHTF plan bag might make for a good article topic if anyone is game. Just shows the importance of coffee as PO mentioned,yep,have a small pair in hunting pack,sigh…. I figure 30 — 40 days to walk that far, camping along the way. This increases as cold weather comes on Extra shoes Katadyne water filter.

Would you carry a tarp or small tent? Would you try to carry a. Would you travel by road or risk crossing private property? Any ideas on a month-long hike would be appreciated. Bear in mind that after an EMP everyone I meet would be afraid at least, hostile at most.

Grafique, absolutely have some sort of. Things could remain pretty fluid out on the road and you might have to divert around trouble which will extend your time. Definitely carry a pack in the car. You tailor make what you need or choose to carry.

I will not travel by road, but use road as a guide, because the need may arise to cross water by bridge risky, I know, but each situation will need the odds weighed carefully.

I have a Savage Mark II. I have also included a CampMor poncho which is a heavy vinyl and has built-in space for a backpack. Right now I have a small tent 6 lbs in there. I figure I could strip naked, spread out my gear on the float and slip across at night. Graph,in regards to tent? Your lower post shows you have a pretty good setup as you are car travelling. I suppose a breakdown. I really appreciate these replies.

The tent weighs 6 pds. Only you know the areas you travel ect. One good thing about northern Georgia, its close to Cherokee, North Carolina and national forests… beautiful water falls out that way. But also, lots of snakes as well. My daughter lives in apartment complex in Georgia and constantly sees snakes— even poisonous ones. Just curious eppe…what kind of banking system will there be when an emp hits..

The actual truth is…nothing will have any appreciable worth simply because no economy will exist. Find a BOL, build it up, and keep it. Trying to wheel and deal at the last minute is a good recipe for getting burnt. To everyone who has questioned me about selling a BOL. It is shaped like an arrowhead. Locals did not even know what was there. That leaves me with 25 acres with 2 metal homes, well, barns, springs, wildlife everywhere, more timber than I could ever burn, and decent rural neighbors.

I would not condsider it flipping, since I have owned it 7 years now, but thinking along the lines of surrounding my family with like minded people. I work fulltime, and have a business in the same realm on the side. My wife has a business recycling kids clothes in consignment setup. If we moved there, after selling my McMansion, getting set up would be a breeze.

I have done better in real estate than others, and still play the stock market and commodities to a small degree. But since yall asked, now you see where the question came about. The purple pill goes to my brain And tells me that I have no pain. The capsules tell me not to wheeze Or cough or choke or even sneeze.

The orange ones, very big and bright Prevent my leg cramps in the night. Such an array of brilliant pills Helping to cure all kinds of ills. Is what tells each one where to go! Eppe, keep them coming. RB, you are on track, if it is not a natural herb, it will kill you in the end…. You shall have them for food. I witnessed two french canadians do exactly that, they dank a 40 oz of everclear in about an hour.

I actually know the great? Hey Eppe, I did a study on Humor in Poetry a while back. Here are a few of the best —. Tax his land, tax his wage, Tax his bed in which he lays. Tax his tractor, tax his mule, Teach him taxes is the rule.

Tax his cow, tax his goat, Tax his pants, tax his coat. Tax his ties, tax his shirts, Tax his work, tax his dirt. Tax his chew, tax his smoke, Teach him taxes are no joke. Tax his car, tax his grass, Tax the roads he must pass. Tax his food, tax his drink, Tax him if he tries to think. Tax his sodas, tax his beers, If he cries, tax his tears. Tax his bills, tax his gas, Tax his notes, tax his cash. Tax him good and let him know That after taxes, he has no dough.

Tax his coffin, tax his grave, Tax the sod in which he lays. It has been circulating for months and has been sent to over 25 million people. The liberals are asking us to give Obama time. Order anything you like and the guy behind you has to pay for it. One is filled with tax evaders, blackmailers, and threats to society. The other is for housing prisoners.

If Nancy Pelosi and Obama were on a boat in the middle of the ocean and it started to sink, who would be saved? Then I will be free to do what I want, but the real question, where are you in the game of life??? Money is just a situation you put yourself into, I have made enough to set myself free, where are you?

And why do you even question me on where I am? I tell jokes to free myself from the bullshit yall put yourselves in, so you can have a laugh and see the situation you are in, and why are you worried with my life??? I am already set up, but you think you can question my life???

I will be setting pretty, when most of you are struggling just to keep your head above water??? It is people like you that have set yourselves in your own situation. Why do you care anyway??? Not wanting to be an asshole like others, but why did you even comment????? It takes time to get where you want to be, and I have placed myself in a situation that within 2 years time I am set up for 40 years… Where are you in the place you want to be???

Do you even know??? Or are you just floating around figuring out what you need to be in??? Why did you even comment on this??? I will be in my BOL by the first of the year , and where are you, estimating out what is up or down? I do not have to explain my actions, only trying to wonder why people like you have not gotten ther shit together to get a life????

My jokes make many people smile, what do you do to make others smile??? You are the type of people who downgrade others to feel big, but I do not care, my pants are put on the same as yours, just mine are better fitted. By the way, what makes your shit not smell, I know mine does, every morning that I take a dump….. Eppe I agree with you. Cracking jokes is something my wife and I enjoy doing. Too many folks take little things too seriously.

So we joke about it. We becoming aged so We like to make jokes about when you lose body functions. Like You know your getting old when you can no longer trust a fart. And hurray for you for becoming debt free. I have been debt free and Beholden to no other man for many years.

Dave Ramsey has a raido program that touts the debt free concept. Did anyone see the news articles about the damn road melting at Yellowstone, just a few days ago? Something is going on there. Looks like were not alone. We are Appalachians, by location and heritage. We are around family, family long gone and old neighbors where some would say theyre friends.

Blood is thick in our clan and we stick together. We are where we need to be for many reasons and heres where we stay.

The west is a vast open area but the culture is different than ours. Water and mineral rights are vastly different too. There are large missle defense installations out west. Too many negatives for us just to have a low population density. We dont want to be around either much less have to live by the rules they say.

In my book theres too much doubt to relocate to the redoubt. So itll be a vacation destination if our retirement ever allows that. Love to visit out there again and weve been to all the states but HI and AK. But were staying put and our small farm is our BOL.

We know how to garden here. We know the seasons and the soil. We know the waterways and how to get lost in the forest.

We have some bush skills and can camp primitive. So its our place or no place. What weve been building is a BIL and thats where we invest our time, energy, money.

I am invested in ERBB.. We know it will happen, all 50 states will be in the game, so I have placed myself to be there, since it is happening now, soon to be in all 50 states. I notice that they fluctuate in a very narrow range and are most likely market manipulated by short sellers day traders. I do not have any other holdings…but I do my DD from this site http: It remains to be seen on many fronts if American Green can deliver on numerous agreements with other MJ partnerships it has formed and some acquisitions it has made as of late.

I hope you and I as well as others who take risk profit hugely…the question is.. With all due respect to the authors of these bug out locations, they are geared toward the yuppies from the cities.

The prices of the houses they advertise and their access to the amenities of the modern world are not to be confused with roughing it. Going off the grid is not a game. If they are going to give it a try they will find out that their one lone job skill that sustained them in the city will be wholly inadequate to keep them going in an isolated environment.

Right you are Outwest, Sandpoint and Coeurdalene are so kalifornikated it is pathetic. I was building the bridge in Dover a few years ago and watched the traffic for 4 months while there and it is a bunch of long grey hairs driving BMWs.

The same people that fvked up their state fleeing into and fvking up another. This is not a response just my case, move anywhere where there is no gangs or many cultures. Being white Id move to the midwest where the towns are smaller and your away from mass highways and traffic etc but still have water and food resources. Many will live in south to grow food year round, but Im in the midwest under Minnesota.

We have low crime and good people. Cedar Rapids Iowa is not bad. Clean air and water. Only one Nuke plant thats north out of the way and one of the cleanest in the USA. We have freezing cold temps in the winter but most people will try and help each other. The smaller gangs will end up dead in our town without a doubt. I really think at night when I read this about all of you. Some are single females older in age but live in small towns as well and I believe people will try and help each other without trying to restrict peoples motives.

Many will be very nervous with people carrying guns around but guess what this is America and you have to take a chance. I can see the feminists in groups trying to help getting very very nervous or even acting out with anger with people having weapons in a collapse. These people are die hard liberals and not the nasty ones. But they still might get a bullet to the head. Lived and worked in Minneapolis about year , and studied it pretty carefully. Think the s and s. Also liked the Coulee Country of western Wisconsin.

The area in Coeur has polluted waterways, from mining. Dont know about the rest of you but Id rather have metals in a shiny stack not in my body killing me. Nice properties, but priced way the hell out of my league.

They are priced crazy, which is why they write articles like this, and sucker Mac into publishing them. I can fit in almost anywhere, where they respect decency and morals. Where or what happened to JayJay, she seems to have disappeared, but she is welcome too, age is wisdom in my book… I have always thought that the older people have knowledge that is priceless, and cannot be replicated by anyone else….

On a similar note, I just got involved in an argument with some young naive fools on one of the Anarcho-Capitalist groups on Facebook. I asked them, do you REALLY want to be an American foreigner who just showed up in a foreign country to crowd these people off their women and land, during World War 3, when trade is shut off, resources are limited, and people are starving?

Not only would you be in danger from jealous local men, but in the highly likely event that a power like China or Russia were to invade that country, you will have a big target on your back to be imprisoned or executed. You should have seen the whining from these ignorant assholes who called me every name in the book then banned me for daring to shit on their fairy tale dreams.

They will become fixated on some idea like north Idaho or Montana or whatever, and no logical argument you can possibly make will help them to see the flaws in their plan. Your safe where you make yourself safe. Who the hell has the money to move to some other location to be in a better, safer state? Learn how to survive where you live. Say, down in the Little Egypt area? Makes me think about bayou country.

No shortage of water or food, and damned hard for outsiders to access. Of course, if you try to move there now, you better already have family in the area. Where I am at there are Plenty of Bugs that bite the shit out of you. Then the bite itches and burns. You swell up like a watermelon. If you not careful you can catch all sorts of germs that can kill you.

Yellow flies and spiders, gnats and mosquitos as big as a quarter. Alexander the Great tried to invade India, but his army died of disease. Never have eaten a snake. Plenty of rattlers where I am from. Some of them big enough to puke up a full grown deer. Do them like crawdads, boiled with a touch of your favorite beer in the water, then dipped in garlic butter…. Sling shot , Sounds a lot like southern New Jersey , the misquito is the state bird!

Best place where I live , Dense Cedar Swamps wet nasty , bug infested , snakes , just inland from the salt water marshes. Get yourself a Clark Jungle hammock and your good to go in the summer for bug out. On the subject of bugs. I was introduced to hog hunting about 30 years ago. Being on private land we hunted them all year round because of the destruction they can do. You could catch them on a road sometimes but mostly had to go into the wetlands to get them. Being a Tenderfoot at the time I quickly became familiar with ticks, chiggers, spiders, scorpions and mosquitos.

Those Asian Tigers are bad but there is a new boy in town which about the size of a quarter. There is also another Recluse Spider that is more poisonous than the one we have now. Step on one of those fire Ant hills or pick up a log with carpenter ants in it and see what happens. How many would know what a saddleback caterpillar is?

I do poke fun at people about all the bugs. I do not know how many times I have looked down at an insect and said, What the hell is that? It is not an ant but a ground Wasp. Unfortunately, bugs and diseases are going to get worse as the climate heats up.

Humans do not fare well in hot climates; unfortuantely, insects proliferate during hotter weather! I once took a stick and pinned one down to the ground.

It made some very nasty loud grunts until I let it loose. Pissy insects, and I heard if they bite, very painful…. I have even seen a female one with wings, scary looking critters… Try it sometime, see what I mean….

Got Rocky Mountain spotted fever last year from a tick bite. Still have some lingering joint pain. BB, Take all the natural herbs that detoxify and clean up your blood, sasafrass, enchichina? Living here in FL, there is something crawling everywhere. And I would not want to be sleeping on the ground, where it is all crawling. Hang it as high as you can and still crawl in at night. I also have a smaller day net hammock to hang just below and under my Jungle hammock, to set my bug out bag or rifle on to also keep it off the ground in case it rains or critters.

And hang my separate food pack suspended 20ft in the air, with a rope off a tree 20 yards away when sleeping at night. See ya in the end zone!! WWT, Sounds like you got the same model as mine NX , got enought room to toss my pack in the foot with me. Around here our most worry is rabid skunks and Ticks. The hammock can be used for 4 seasons , I prefer in winter when nothing is out and about to use my Kifaru Paratarp with annex and Kifaru Parastove I have used it down to 15 D.

F with a MSS system and have remained toasty , total weight 5. It never gets that cold where you are so you are good to go. You can set up anywhere there is support and can be put up and taken down rapidly , I use a carabiner and two rappelling rings for the suspension and with python straps by kammock as tree wraps. You can fasten a funnel to the tarp corners to drain into platapus bottles to get rain water for filtering, henessey makes. I agree with hanging the food with cord in a dry bag , do not want to become a bear taco.

I always keep my weapon on me on safe in hostile territory and I keep the PVS in the inside hammock pocket with a red photon mini light suspended on card above. Hanging is definately the way to go in the warmer months. I have even weathered a severe thunderstorm in the Clark with a tarp canopy and remained dry. Quality gear and worth the price. Slingshot , I think I saw one of those mosquito you are talking about and I learned at an early age not to pick up those Velvet ants!

He Ended up spending the night in the infirmary , learned a lesson by observing others then LOL! Nt Breaker — Sounds like you have a well thought out plan, and gear set up.. Yes, in the wild in Florida you need a hammock, and hang it higher than an alligator can jump. I also do a lot of back water kayaking in the back bays and mangrove swamps and mangrove tunnels through and under the canopy.

You can walk on the mangrove roots, pull the kayak up into tie if off for the tidal flows, and hang a hammock in the mangroves. With a little camo cover, one could hide back in there for years. Lots of food supply with snaring raccoons, birds, collecting oysters, trapping blue crabs, fishing for snook, spotted sea-trout, hang those Yo-Yo fishing reels on branches over hanging the water with fiddler crabs that climb all over the mangrove roots. I have no doubt I could survive back in there for years.

The negative, is Noseums come night time will eat you alive though, so a slightly smokey fire may keep them away. For good survival in a Bug Out you want to go where nobody else will dare, like the back rivers where the Gators sit on the banks watching you go by. Find some high ground and hangout. I have been scouting out some great places in my area in the back bays and remote navigable river country.

The last thing you want to do is cling to the masses of refugees wandering around on the highways with no destination. That will be a death sentence. Within walking distance from my house, I can tow my kayak with wheels on the bottom to the salty brine water of the Gulf of Mexico in 3 minutes. I could take off at nighttime, with my BOB and gear, and be off to some remote island or mangrove spoil island in a few hours.

Also pick up those camo pattern mylar thermal covers that will block out heat sensitive IR Thermal imaging and attach that to the roof of your hammock. They are sold with camo print on them. As the LEO choppers want to own the night, with spotting refugees trying to hide in the woods. Camo is not enough, as People need to understand their heat signature footprint.

Right now I will have to stick with my 1st Gen Night vision. Speaking of ants… my brother used to step on ants when we were younger. I used to think he was mean.

When I was grown, I got bitten a lot by ants at this one house I lived at. Now I step on them too! Killed the ants and put chips marks all over the walkway. NB, been through the southern marshes portion of NJ. Took that route home a couple of years ago after staying a couple of days in Cape May. Reminded me of where I live.

I once watched as two of them gang raped a turkey while I was hunting one spring day. Even here in Florida, the key is to get to high ground and away from the moisture of water, which will greatly reduce your exposure to mosquitoes and noseums.

Noseums are small and can get through regular screen and bite like a muther. I did learn a good trick when camping in the FL Keys, by the water.

Noseums are attracted to light. I would use and turn on my battery Coleman lantern in the tent, wait 5 mins, till the noseums covered the lantern light, and then slowly carry the lantern outside the tent, then turn off the lantern, as I just escorted many noseums out of my tent.

Then go back in the tent and repeat. Want to practice your bug out plan? Just go camping, make the mistakes during practice, so when the real SHTF, you are already dialed in, and can focus on what is necessary.

Yes, and not only that, the prick has nothing to do all day but post his stupid comments here. I must partially disagree. Certainly, you are only as safe as you make yourself, wherever you are.

However, some locations are inherently less directly affected by happenings. I would MUCH rather be in a more sparsely populated area that has many natural resources available, than be in a heavily populated area lacking in these resources when something major occurs.

The chances of me having to forcefully defend myself and family, or having to deal with refugees from an event, drops in direct proportion to the distance from the more heavily populated areas. Who the hell has the money to move to another state? Well, the people who have the money to move to another state, I guess.

I just checked out the site. I see properties less than K and properties in the millions. Do people think houses are free? LOL , A dream come true for the fed gov! I wonder how much people consider that the biggest threat to thier well being isnt from Russia or China , the biggest threat is the US government.

Look no further than the importation of disease infested south americans , But i guess they cant get a bus ticket to idaho. All the Jews congregated in a gated community called a judefed. With all the earthquakes firing up and the Yellowstone going hot — everything west of mid-Texas is either going to be covered in ash or bone dry from drought. My pick for the safest location would be east of the New Madrid fault by a few hundred miles and south of the Mason Dixon line.

If you do not know anyone living in that area already — make friends with someone who does and form a plan to get there and help with planting and opsec on a long term basis — over a year or two. Also check out where the nuclear plants are located for they will probably go hot from unattendence and lack of backup fuel in the chaos causing melt downs. There are nuclear power plants across the U. Seriously consider all these variables and the future of what will happen when and after the balloon goes up.

I got news for folks. I see part of the problem with people in general is that they always think the grass is greener over the fence. Survival, happiness and life in general are what you make of it. The Lord puts us in a place for a reason.

Look around you and think about how blessed we really are. Make the best of what you are and have now. I give credit to my lovely wife of 30 years for helping me to figure it out. We can make our areas safer, but life has no guarantees at all. Not trying to be cynical or on a rant, we make or break where we are. No place is safe, because there is no place to hide from our own government.

Yep, only way to do it, Sixpack, is practice what the frenchmen did during the French Revolution: When it comes to Liberty and Freedom…who cares about labels or whom you look like.. Coach,seems they are a advertiser as they are on top of page with other advertisers.

I give Mac full credit for letting us post as much criticism as we have. Needless to say that site is not getting my eyeballs anymore. When the Guy that writes the Article also has the same last name as the Survey Rater who gives it a 5-star rating. No conflict of interest there eh? Ever go to one of those vacation time share seminars just for the free TV? Maybe you should have stayed on Duval St? Surely an improvement on your part.

Yes I have been around and am quite adventurous, and never shy away from a challenge to better myself or learning. This is what this blog is about. Your profile name explains you quite well as you offer nothing but babble. Everyone is out to make a dollar on this relocation thing even to the bitter end…. Money is truly the Root of All Evil. Money in itself is not evil. And that pretty much pertains to anything you put before God. What if you are an older woman not old! Does it mean your goose is cooked?

You can keep on being self-employed. Both of these income benefit curves intersected at about the ripe old age of 87 years old when the payouts were equal.

If you plan on living way longer than 87 year old, it may be to your advantage to wait till 70 or later to start drawing.

Other wise start drawing as soon as you can, even if it is a lesser amount. I calculated all the males in my family and went back 5 generations to see what the average age was when they died, or lived to, and it came in at 87 coincidentally.

However, as we see our Government going bankrupt I figured that I would start drawing right at And if you have been married to a spouse who dies before 62 Yrs old, the surviving spouse should start drawing on their spouses Social Security benefits and let their own personal SS benefits max out over 70, then switch over when it Maxes and start drawing off your own benefits.

Lots of people do not understand how this works and you could be cheating yourself out of the best SS benefit plan payout. The Government will always try to convince you to wait longer to collect, and hope you die before you collect a dime.

None of us are making it out of life alive. The act of living is simply an eventually futile attempt at staying alive. I like high risk exercises. I see it as, I already know I have to die at some point…may as well do something worthwhile before it happens. Will draw a line in the sand for better or worse in the hampster,left my birth state due to govt. Me dad on the other hand is seriously considering out of country,while I respect his decision,once again,have been pushed as far as I am going to go,push and find my back is against the wall with nothing to lose and a attitude of a rabid weasel.

People, world wide are under estimating the extent and volume of geographical earth changes that are upon us. I would not relocate to another country, well….. Does anybody have any idea how much the world hates us since Obama came into office?

It seems really odd to me that many people equate the issue of global warming to Al Gore. Its as if that is the first time many people ever heard of it. Is that all the experience you people have on global warming?

Poor old Al Gore was trying to do something positive and everyone hates him for it, and laughs at him for it. Global warming was not invented by Al Gore!!

Algore was trying to do something positive for his bank accounts. He invented the carbon credit scam. He keeps pushing the global warming scam in spite of all evidence to the contrary. Global average temps have been pretty level since the s. The hottest summer on record was back in the s. They were talking about global warming back then.

The tide turns about every 40 years. There was cooling in the s, warming in the s, cooling in the s, and warming in the s. They said the oceans would rise three feet and flood coastal cities, including New York City. Actually most of New York City is way above the three-foot level. Precipitation increases and it decreases. We could actually grow more food if the average temps did increase some.

You can check the records and see that there were many extremes, but we never heard much about them. Of course, the national news was only 15 minutes long, including commercials. There were many records set then that have yet to be broken. We also had some record cold weather.

One February night in had a record low for my area that has never been broken. I can remember when I was younger just sitting still in the house and sweat was running off of me. Seasons have to do with weather. Ignorance is not applaudable! Golf clap, clap, clap…. You probably are an Al Gore believer…. Show me where a tropical climate has become temperate. Show me where an arctic climate has become tropical.

Show me where a desert has become rainforest or vice versa. Show me where any climatic zone on the earth has changed from one climate to another. That is called weather. Weather is not climate.

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