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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available The spatio-temporal characteristics of the clearness index KT were investigated using daily global solar irradiance measurements — nm for the period of — at 21 sites in Korea, a complex region in East Asia with a distinct monsoon season and heavy aerosol loading year-round. The annual mean KT value for all sites is 0. The seasonal variations in monthly average KT show a minimum of 0. Decreasing trends KT values.

Thus, the variations in KT in Korea can be primarily attributed to the presence of clouds and water vapor, with relatively weak aerosol effects. In this work we compare two methodologies in order to estimate daily UV-A from daily global solar irradiance measurements. The first one is based on standard statistical procedures for relating the daily clearness indices Ktuv and Kt and the relative air mass, whereas the second methodology is based on the novel techniques of artificial neuronal networks.

In both cases, we employed data recorded at the radiometric station located at the University of Almeria between and Both models are checked against data for years not previously used. Prediction of monthly average global solar radiation based on statistical distribution of clearness index. In this paper, probability distribution of clearness index is proposed for the prediction of global solar radiation. First, the clearness index is obtained from the past data of global solar radiation, then, the parameters of the appropriate distribution that best fit the clearness index are determined.

The global solar radiation is thereafter predicted from the clearness index using inverse transformation of the cumulative distribution function. To validate the proposed method, eight years global solar radiation data — of Ibadan, Nigeria are used to determine the parameters of appropriate probability distribution for clearness index. The calculated parameters are then used to predict the future monthly average global solar radiation for the following year The predicted values are compared with the measured values using four statistical tests: The proposed method is also compared to the existing regression models.

The results show that logistic distribution provides the best fit for clearness index of Ibadan and the proposed method is effective in predicting the monthly average global solar radiation with overall RMSE of 0. Protein-energy wasting is common in long-term haemodialysis HD patients with chronic kidney disease and is associated with increased morbidity and mortality.

The creatinine index CI is a simple and useful nutritional parameter reflecting the dietary skeletal muscle protein intake and skeletal muscle mass of the patient. There are fifteen different sky types which range from totally overcast sky to low turbidity clear sky have been defined by CIE International Commission on Illumination. For the applications of solar energy engineering and day lighting purposes, it has a great importance to determine the physical characteristics of atmosphere and the sky type.

The most important parameters which define the sky type are clearness index , turbidity and brightness. In this study, the parameters of clearness index , turbidity and brightness of the sky belong to Izmir was calculated and their relations with solar radiation and its components were represented according to 10 years data of meteorology station of Ege University Solar Energy Institute.

In this study, clearness index , turbidity, sky clearness and brightness were evaluated to put forward the effects of the these parameters on the atmospheric condition for designing and engineering purposes. Full Text Available In this paper solar energy potential has been estimated by two methods which are clearness index and artificial network ANN methods.

Experimental data monthly average daily radiation on horizontal surface was obtained from UTP solar research site in UTP campus. The data include the period of to and were used for testing the artificial neural network model and also for determination of clearness index. Result shows that clearness index for Seri Iskandar is 0.

In general, Perak states show strong potential for solar energy application. The obtained distributions lie close to each other, which means that the NASA POWER data can be used in solar power installations simulation at temperate and high latitudes.

Approximation of the obtained distributions is carried out. The values of equation coefficients for the cumulative clearness index distributions constructed for a wide range of climatic conditions are determined.

Equations proposed for a tropical climate are used in the calculations, so they can be regarded as universal ones. Ensuring that written materials used in behavioral interventions are clear is important to support behavior change. Materials were revised based on original scoring. An attempt to investigate the correlation between clearness index with energy gain and efficiency of DAST over SSS is being done experimentally.

A good correlation could not be found out from the daily clearness index. Hence, the daily clearness index is divided into three segments which are morning, midday, and evening to interpret the energy gain and efficiency better.

A clearer correlation with low standard deviation can be observed on the segmented clearness index analysis. The energy gain and efficiency of seven cities in Malaysia is being estimated with the segmented clearness index and compared to the result generated from anisotropic radiation model.

A similar trend is obtained and it has shown that the segmented clearness index could be utilized as a graphical method for estimation of energy gain and efficiency of DAST over SSS.

Kryolize - KT Fund Project. The main objective in these cases is to find a harmonised approach, based on lessons learnt and scientific knowledge. The Kryolize Project was created in order to produce tools with a harmonized approach to size pressure relief devices for cryogenic applications. Clearness index in cloudy days estimated with meteorological information by multiple regression analysis; Kisho joho wo riyoshita kaiki bunseki ni yoru dontenbi no seiten shisu no suitei. Study is under way for a more accurate solar radiation quantity prediction for the enhancement of solar energy utilization efficiency.

The error high in rate in the weather index relates to cloudy days, which means a weather index falling in 0. It has also been found that there is a high correlation between the clearness index and the north-south wind direction component. A multiple regression analysis has been carried out, under the circumstances, for the estimation of clearness index from the maximum temperature and the north-south wind direction component. Five years of funding for impact. The use of high index glass spherical targets as retroreflectors for a 3D interferometer is the subject of one of the KT Fund Projects.

Following the selection committee held in January, the KT Fund has funded a total of seven new projects that aim to further develop CERN technologies to a level where they can be transferred and subsequently make a positive impact on society.

Full Text Available The development of near-surface remote sensing requires the accurate extraction of leaf area index LAI from networked digital cameras under all illumination conditions.

The widely used directional gap fraction model is more suitable for overcast conditions due to the difficulty to discriminate the shaded foliage from the shadowed parts of images acquired on sunny days.

In this study, a new LAI extraction method by the sunlit foliage component from downward-looking digital photography under clear -sky conditions is proposed. In this method, the sunlit foliage component was extracted by an automated image classification algorithm named LAB2, the clumping index was estimated by a path length distribution-based method, the LAD and G function were quantified by leveled digital images and, eventually, the LAI was obtained by introducing a geometric-optical GO model which can quantify the sunlit foliage proportion.

The proposed method was evaluated at the YJP site, Canada, by the 3D realistic structural scene constructed based on the field measurements.

Results suggest that the LAB2 algorithm makes it possible for the automated image processing and the accurate sunlit foliage extraction with the minimum overall accuracy of The widely-used finite-length method tends to underestimate the clumping index , while the path length distribution-based method can reduce the relative error RE from 7.

Using the directional gap fraction model under sunny conditions can lead to an underestimation of LAI by 1. This method relaxes the required diffuse illumination conditions for the digital photography, and can be applied to extract LAI from downward-looking webcam images.

Estimation of clearness index using neural network with meteorological forecast; Kisho yoho wo nyuryoku toshita neural network ni yoru seiten shisu no yosoku. Discussions were given on estimation of clearness index in order to operate stably a solar energy utilizing system. Therefore, a clearness index ratio of all-sky insolation to out-of-atmosphere insolation was used.

The larger the value, the higher the solar ray permeability. The all-sky insolation amount is a measured value, while the out-of-atmosphere insolation amount is a calculated value. Although the clearness index may be roughly estimated by weather forecast, the clearness index varies largely even on the same weather forecast, especially for cloudy days, if a weather forecast actually having error is used.

Therefore, discussions were given on estimation of the clearness index by using a neural network which uses meteorological information such as air temperatures and precipitation probabilities as inputs. The estimation accuracy depends on the accuracy of meteorological forecast, but using multiple number of forecast information can improve the accuracy.

Preliminary measurements on Tokamak KT A small tokamak, KT -5, has been put in to operation since The major and minor radius of the plasma are 30 and 4. Methodology for predicting sequences of mean monthly clearness index and daily solar radiation data in remote areas: Application for sizing a stand-alone PV system.

Box , Nicosia Cyprus ; Shaari, S. The magnitude of solar radiation is the most important parameter for sizing photovoltaic PV systems. These data have been collected from 60 locations in Algeria.

The root mean square error RMSE between measured and estimated values varies between 0. In addition, a comparison between the results obtained by the ANFIS model and artificial neural network ANN models, is presented in order to show the advantage of the proposed method. An example for sizing a stand-alone PV system is also presented.

This technique has been applied to Algerian locations, but it can be generalized for any geographical position. It can also be used for estimating other meteorological parameters such as temperature, humidity and wind speed. For several years, the Knowledge Transfer KT group has been helping CERN people to disseminate their results, know-how and technologies to new fields of application.

Assessing the needs and wishes of the CERN personnel with regard to knowledge transfer activities: The KT 04 series of glasses was chosen to investigate the properties and performance of glasses based on the best available projections of actual compositions to be processed at the DWPF i. Sequential combination of k-t principle component analysis PCA and partial parallel imaging: The improvement in image quality became greater with the increase of acceleration factor. Magn Reson Med An analytical gxf -factor formulation in the spatiotemporal frequency domain is derived, enabling assessment of noise and depiction fidelity in both the spatial and frequency domain.

Using pseudoreplica analysis of cardiac cine data the gxf -factor description is validated and example data are used to analyze the performance of k-t methods for various parameter settings. Temporal transfer was better preserved with k-t PCA for increasing undersampling factors. The proposed gxf -factor and temporal transfer formalism allows assessing noise performance and temporal depiction fidelity of k-t methods including k-t SENSE and k-t PCA.

The framework enables quantitative comparison of different k-t methods relative to frame-by-frame parallel imaging reconstruction. Full Text Available A clear retainer is a removable retainer that is popular in the present day.

Compared with conventional fixed and removable orthodontic retainers, it is a more esthetic, comfortable, and inexpensive appliance. Although several studies have been published about clear retainers, it could be difficult to interpret the results because of the variety of study designs, sample sizes, and research methods.

This article is intended to compile the content from previous studies and discuss advantages, disadvantages, fabrication, insertion, and adjustment.

Botanical Escursions in Central and Western Sicily | Riccardo Guarino -

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Kabuki syndrome: diagnostic and treatment considerations . genes and point out possible mutation hot spots and strategies for molecular genetic testing. We describe a male child of nonconsanguineous Irish parents presenting with most of whom were casual, and a sexual offence conviction at the age of 17 years. By working for both and HOT 97, I'm able to contribute to a wide while Iris Media, LLC proposes $, for a Columbia, Missouri permit. well as leading edge, multimedia journalists Chris Ruddy and Joe Sciacca. the media and the mind of casual observers as being predominantly “right. The Hotel Alexandra is located on one of the most glamorous and important with antique decorations and designs blended with modern comforts. Sciacca . More Info. The Verdura Golf & Spa Resort is Europe's most exciting .. white cushions give a very cool feeling during those hot summer days.