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Sex text chat in Wan Hsa-long

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Un daa symbolaa suivants apparaitra sur la darniira imaga da chaqua microficha. Shoals and Quicksand 5. The Dawning of Love. An Alliance of Hate. Evelyn's New Home II.

An Ally Won '. It was the carriage of the Van Cortlandts, heavy and ponderous, hanging suspended upon straps and bearing upon the panel ot the door the family escutcheon and motto. The coachman, who had been long in the service of the family, was a very splendid figure in his Uvery of pale fawn color, laced with sUver and with sUver upon his cocked hat. From the back of the coach, where he hung on by the tassels, the negro foot-boy peered at this majestic personage.

The foot-boy wore a hveiy precisely identical with the coachman's save that on his head a jaunty, leathern cap replaced the cocked hat. It IS a sweet morning. I cannot rest, in truth, until I have seen them all and heard whatsoever there is to hear about them.

All their amusements were in common, and the comradeship thus formed lasted into maturer years, so that marriages were frequent amongst members of the same Company. There too was the stoepe, with its benches whereon the girls had so often sat and talked of that event wWch was now at hand — the arrival of a new Governor. His coming had been of special interest, because it was believed that, as he occupied an exalted position both socially and politically, he would be lUsiely to restore to the gubernatorial residence some of that state and elegance which had been sadly lacking during the last regime.

It was rumored also that he would bring with him a brilliant staff and many celebrities. Evelyn had often wondered how so gay a dame as they had heard described would fit into the small life of that dorp, which had become a city. The foot-boy sounded the great silver knocker on the door, and the two occupants of the coach, dismoimting, suddenly became conscious of the him- ger engendered by their long drive and the previous sail over the salt water.

They covild scarcely wait till, having divested themselves of their outer wrappings, they heard the gong sound in the hall, answering to the striking of that clock which but of late was a novelty in the colony. It announced in clear, musical tones the hour of noon and dinner.

Her dark eyes stiU sparkled at times with the same light that now danced in Polly's; her shrunken cheeks showed a mottled red where once had been a lovely bloom; her cap, tied under her chin, was of the finest muslin and the richest lace; her gown was of heavy satin, and her long pendant earrings were a priceless heir- loom that had crossed the seas from Holland.

Even the very house in which she lived was an epitome of the annals of Manhattan. She watched the two girls with an amusement that showed itself in just a nod, a twinkling of the eyes or a chuckle. She could enter into their feelings with curious exactitude.

She had assisted at tea parties, assemblies and dances, many of which had been in this very dwelling where Polly loved to entertain her friends.

The old woman's eyes rested oftenest and most lovingly, as was natural, on the sparkling countenance of her granddaughter. But there were moments when they were turned also, with something thoughtful and inquiring in her look, on that other, who was merely a dear friend and wel- come visitor but no part of that household. For it seemed to these experienced eyes that she was of an order altogether different from those who had passed as maids, as wives or as mothers through that mansion, where the observer herself, for two generations, had reigned supreme.

AVherein that precise difference lay. Some- thing in the delicate pencilling of the eyebrows, in the sensitive lines about the mouth, in the haunting depths of the eyes, presaged suffering. Meanwhile old Peter, the negro who had grown gray in Madam's service, stood behind her chair and with a broad fan flicked away the flies, while listening eagerly to the conver- sation. The room in which they sat was all green and gold, with a heavy wainscoting of dark wood.

Its furniture was solid and substantial; the chairs were high- backed, with broad, brocade-covered seats. The silver on the table was likewise massive, quaint but rich in pattern, and bearing with it from overseas, whence it came, something of the character of its first owners in Rotterdam. The viands were rich rather than varied, though Madam Van Cortlandt still prided herself on the skill with which she could make, or cause to be made, all those good things that were dear to Dutch hearts.

Polly, too, was a notable cook. There was, in fact, no branch of housewifery which she did not understand, having been trained under "that incomparable woman," as old Dominie Selwyns had described her grand- mother. The latter's experience went back indeed to pioneer times, when her grandmother, whom she vividly remembered, had put hir hand literally to the plough, procuring by her own hands almost all the necessaries of life.

Through the lozenge-shaped panes of the dining- room window came the noontide sun of that bright day, which was bringing the new Governor to Man- hattan. Deep in Evelyn's heart were thoughts con- cerning him of which the others knew nothing. There IS sore need of it. The office lost all its dignity when the Kmg s representative was seen to consort with smugglers and, as some would have it, pirates. I make excep- tion of the good Dongan.

But it was part of the girl s fasanation that her silences were often full of a meanmg that impressed itself upon those around her. Her face jj-st then had a glow upon it, and there was a hg! When she broke silence, it was to say: Do you know that WiUiam was once in friendly alliance with the Pope of Rome? But there was a note of sadness in her tone as she added: No one at my table shall speak ill of him. And looking full at Evelyn, who was perforce silent, she continued as if in answer to the expression of the young girl's face: Polly meanwhile was visibly bored.

She could not help wondering how Evelyn, who so keen- ly enjoyed the gaieties and harmless frivolities which the town afforded, and was the centre of many a social gathering, could be thus vividly and passion- ately interested in those dull subjects which her grandmother and the old people discussed. Even with them such discourses were only occasional, for the female portion of the community preferred to talk amongst themselves of the number and quality of their slaves or indented servants, of recipes for the making of cakes or confections of various sorts, or to hear or retail the latest gossip of the town —the weddings and births, the marriage feasts and caudle parties, the latest betrothals and the most recent deaths.

For even the deaths afforded topics for much conversation— the number and distinction of the mourners or of the relatives to whom the aan- sprecher or death herald made funereal announce- ment. Alldetails were of interest: Madam Van Cortlandt, though capable when op- portunity offered of conversing on any subject, was deeply mterested in all local affairs.

PoUy on her part, was glad when dinner was over, especially as she had found the trend of conversation distasteful, and feared that Evelyn, who was a great favonte with her grandmother, might say something to offend the latter. It was a relief to escape to her bedroom upstairs, where the two made such addi- tions to their toilet as the occasion demanded.

The grandmother remained musing after the voune people had left her: J- s "These Papists," she said to herself, "for I make sure this girl is one, though she has never admitted so much m my hearing, are like to have a hard time If aJl I hear from England be true.

Evelyn's father used to attend the Popish worship in Dongan's time or so I have been informed. That will teU against him, and he will be, in truth, a marked man. And this girl — ' She paused and sighed deeply. Then, as if wishing to drive the matter from her mind, she arose from her chaw and, with a step that was still light con- sidpnng her vears, went to inspect the jam cupboard, taking a pc-. She also gave orders that the coach should be at the door at a quarter before two to convey them all to some vantage point where the arrival and its attendant ceremonies might be witnessed.

The town wore an air of expectancy. Flaes were pnvtte residences. Only the few who had travelled as far as England, or had corre- spondents there, knew anything about him. Be- cause of the disturbances of the Leisler period, which had divided the town into warring factions and still left its traces, there was unusual anxiety in the breasts of many. For no man could tell what side Lord Bellomont might espouse. The Van Cortlandt coach drew up at a point where a fine view of the proceedings might be ob- tained, its occupants differently affected by these moments of suspense.

The grandmother both felt and displayed a certain philosophic calm. She had seen many pageants in her time, governors coming and governors going.

And the excitement and joy- ous mterest which had heralded the coming, had very often with more reason marked the departure. But the girls, different as they were in most respects, felt the same heart-beats at that moment, though Polly more openly showed her agitation.

The thrill of excitement that ran through Evelyn's brain, bring- ing the tears to her eyes and causing her to grasp convulsively her companion's hand and press it, was displayed by PoUy in a series of exclamations: The grandmother's dim eyes, catching sight of it re- membered with a sudden flame of wrath how the tyrant s stem face had looked out from it.

There was no delay at the Fort, for it had been deemed expedient that, since there might be mal- contents about, the coach should drive straight on to the Stadt Huys, where the oath of office would be administered. Madam Van Cortlandt recalled with a shudder— for the old are always more engrossed wth the past, when they were in the fighting line?

It was in the dead of night that time, for the Leislenans were on the alert and had made a determined resistance to the landing of his Lieu- tenant Nicholls. Then had ensued that tragedy- two tall gibbets had been erected from which had swung two awful figures— the erstwhile, self-con- stituted Governor of the colony, Jacob Leisler.

But neither Polly nor Evelyn gave a thought to what was past. They were absorbed in that page- ant, brilliant and engrossing, in what they saw and what promised to be. They craned their necks eagerly from the carnage windows, watching 'n decorous and somewhat ponderous tread of lue pikesmen and train-bands and the military company serving as escort.

Both girls — but especially Evelyn, whose imagination was the more vivid — felt a swift pang of disappointment. For there was my Lord BeUomont, resplendent in- deed in his military imiform, but stout and thick-set, with hair cut short and a coimtenance which, to Evelyn at least, was distinctly repellent. The small eyes, she thought, had something fierce and sinister in their expression. That face and its expression, indeed, stirred the deeper depths within her, so that for a moment she forgot the glitter of that passing show.

But Evelyn's attention was distracted by the sight of that face at his side — a face proud and petulant, and with traces of other emotions and experiences which the eyes of the yoimg observer were incapable of reading. But the countenance thus revealed brightened with sudden interest into an animation that lent it a certain charm, as my Lady BeUomont, leaning slightly forward, let her gaze pass over the wrinkled visage of Madam Van Cortlandt and rested it upon the two girls.

In truth, he has turned sixty, so thev say.

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