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Seeking masculine mature for Denmark

Seeking masculine mature for Denmark

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Seeking masculine mature for Denmark

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Found in the Anglo-Scandinavian names Ackeman, Ackemann c. Norse alfr , "elf". The second element -arr has several possible origins. Al-, -arr ; NR s. For the Al- see above. The earlier understandings of this name are recently contradicted by new understandings of pronunciation. Al- ; NR s. Albrikt ; FJ pp. Al- Aldi Short form for names in Ald- see below. Found in the runic nominative form [alti].

Compare with the Old High German name Aldulf. A short form of names in Ald- is Aldi. Norse leif "inheritance, legacy", but as an element in personal names meaning "one who comes after, heir. Skjoldunga saga has a legendary Danish king with a Latinized form of this name, Aleifus. Danish place-name evidence suggests that the forms Alef and Alaf were also current in Denmark, but the usual forms in East Scandinavia were Olaf and Olef.

Found in the runic accusative forms [ a l a ib] and a- in b. May be present in the Anglo-Scandinavian name Allef. Occurs in the runic accusative form alfar.

For the second element -arr see above. Alf-, -arr ; NR s. Alfarr, Alf-, -arr Alfarinn For the first element Alf- see above. Alfarinn ; FJ pp. Alf-, -arna ; NR s. Alf-, -alfr Alfgautr, Algautr For the first element Alf- see above. For the second element -gautr see above. Occurs in the runic nominative forms alfkautr and alkautr. Algautr ; FJ pp. Alf-, -gauti, -gautr ; CV pp. For the second element -geirr see above. Occurs early in Norway, but is rare. Found in Sweden as the runic inscription alfkiR.

May be present in Danish, where it may be included in Alger , which can also be a form of the Latin name Algerus.

Runic examples include the nominative form alfkeR and the accusative form alfkiR. Anglo-Scandinavian forms may include the place-names Algerahge , Algaretoft , Algarlowe , Alfgerriding c. Alfgeirr, Alf-, -geirr ; CV p. For the first element Alf- see above.

Found in the Anglo-Scandinavian name Algrim and the place-name Algrimhou c. The second element -ketill , originally "kettle" but meaning also "helmet" or "chieftain with helmet. Not found in West Scandinavia. Found in Old Danish as Alfkil. Runic examples include the nominative form alfkil and the accusative form [alfkit].

Anglo-Scandinavian variants include Alfcetel c. Alfketill, Alf-, -ketill ; CV pp. Norse verb leika , "to participate in play". This name is found in the runic accusative form alflak. A short form of names in -leikr is Leikr. Alf-, -leikr, Leikr ; CV pp. Found frequently in Old West Scandinavian from the earliest period onwards, and occasionally found in Danish. Appears in the Anglo-Scandinavian place-names Alurestan and Alvestan.

Runic examples include the nominative forms alfrik, alfrikr, alfr-k. Alf- ; NR s. Alf-, -alfr Alfvaldr For the first element Alf- see above.

For the second element -valdr see above. Alfvaldr, Alf-, -valdr ; CV p. May be found in the Anglo-Scandinavian place-names Aluuarestorp, Alwardtorp , Alwariding 's , Alwardethuait 's.

Alf-, -alfr Alfvin, Olfun For the first element Alf- see above. Found in the runic accusative forms alfuin and aulfun. Alf-, -un n ; NR s. Found in the runic nominative form alkisl. Alli may be a short form of names in Al- or Alf-. The names cannot be told apart in the runic inscriptions: One or the other of these names may appear in the Anglo-Scandinavian place-names Aletorp, Halebi, Alesbi, Alsebi, Aletoftegate 's , and the names Ale , Alli c.

Alibrandr ; FJ pp. Almarr ; FJ p. Runic examples include the nominative form almkautr and the accusative form [almkaut]. Occurs in the runic accusative form almkar.

Not found in East Scandinavia. An Anglo-Scandinavian form is found in the name Almod For the second element -rekr see above. Norse as Alrekr and as Olrekr. Runic examples include the nominative forms Aliriku, alrikr, alrikR, al-ikr , Alrik-, Aslriku and the genitive form alriks.

Alrekr ; FJ pp. One researcher considers that the first element in this name comes from Gothic alhs "temple" and that the original meaning thus should be "heathen priest". Runic examples include the nominative forms aluiR, [au]liR, oliR, uliR and the accusative forms alui, a l u in, a l ui.

Olvir ; FJ pp. Alvini ; FJ p. Found in the Anglo-Scandinavian form Hambe. Ambi, Arn-, -bjorn ; CV p. Runic examples include the nominative forms amuit, amuti, [amut]in, [amuti], hamunti , the accusative forms hamnta, omunta and one example for which the case is uncertain, omuta. Found in the Anglo-Scandinavian names Amund and Amundi For the second element -vini or -vinr see above. This form appears only in Old West Scandinavian. May appear in the Anglo-Scandinavian place-names Anesacre and Onesmor 's.

This Christian name appeared in Sweden in the late 's, but it was probably only used by clerics at that point. It did not become a common name until the 's. Runic examples include the nominative forms ansuar, [ansua Ozurr ; FJ pp. Atsurr ; NR s. The origins of the word are unclear. May be found in Old Swedish as Andvidh.

Runic examples include the nominative forms [anituitr], antuetr, antuitr, [antuitr], [antuitR], an u in t r, atuitr, ontuitr , the genitive form antuita and the accusative forms anhuit, antuit, ant[ui]t, anuit, ontuit. May be a diminuitive or pet name from OW. Runic examples include the nominative forms [a]ni, oni. Anglo-Scandinavian forms include Anche , Anke early 's , Anca , Hanke late 's. The derivation of the second element, -vindr or the side-form -undr is also unclear, and several possible explanations are given.

Appears in the Latinized Anglo-Scandinavian form Anandus Norse api , "ape, foolish person". Possibly found in the Norwegian place-name Apnes. Found in Old Danish as Api. May occur in the Anglo-Scandinavian palcename Apedale c. Api ; NR s. Norse as the by-name Ari. Runic examples include the nominative forms ari.

Ari ; NR s. For the second element -bjorn see above. One of the most common names in Norway through the whole medieval period. Norse as Arinbiorn, Arnbiorn. Runic examples include the nominative forms ar[b]iurn, [ar]biurn, [arliurn], [irbiarn] , the genitive forms a nbiarnar and [arinbiarnaR] , and the accusative forms arbion, erbrn, eriibiun, [ernbiorn]. The short form of this name is Ambi.

A short form used for names in Arn- is Arni. Arnbjorn, Arn-, -bjorn ; CV p. Arn, Arni ; NR s. Norse bird-names orn, ari "eagle". Different explanations of these alternate forms are given. The name-element might also considered to be identical to OW. A short form of names in Arn- is Arni.

Arnaldr ; FJ pp. Arn ; NR s. A short form used for names in Arn- , Arni. For the first element Arn- see above. For the second element -brandr see above. For the second element -fastr see above.

Runic examples include the nominative forms arfastr, [arnfastr], [erefast], ernfast, ernfastr, ernf a s tr, [ernfastr], irinfastr, irnfastr, [irnfatr], [-rnfastr] and the accusative forms airnfast, arfast, arnfast, [erfast], [ Arn- ; CV p. Arnfinnr ; FJ pp. Arn-, -finnr ; NR s. Runic examples include the nominative forms ark a Anglo-Scandinavian forms include Arnenger and Arngar Arngeirr, Arn-, -geirr ; CV p.

Found frequently in Iceland, and it must have been fairly common in Norway as well. Occasional instances found in East Scandinavia are the names of moneyers, who may have come from the Danelaw. Anglo-Scandinavian forms include Argrim, Arengrimus c. Arnhaldr ; FJ pp. Arn- ; NR s. The second element -hallr is identical to Old Icelandic hallr , "flat stone". Arnhallr ; FJ pp. Arn-, -hallr ; NR s. The second element -hvatr and its weak side form hvati are related to the OW.

Norse adjective hvatr "quick, bold, brave, daring, manly. Arn- ; CV pp. Runic examples include the nominative form arni , the genitive form arna , the dative form arno and the accusative form arna. Arn, Arni, Arn- ; NR s. For the second element -ketill or -kell see above. Appears in one early instance in Iceland and a few later cases in Norway. Runic examples include the nominative forms arkil, arn-il and the accusative forms [arnki Anglo-Scandinavian forms include the place-names Arkelcroft , Archelcroft 's , Harchelcroft 's , Arkelhowe c.

Arnkell ; FJ pp. Arnketill, Arn-, -ketill ; CV pp. The second element -barn means "child, young man. The second elementes -laugr, -laug, logr, -lugr are of uncertain origin. May possibly be related to Old Icelandic laug and Latin lavare , in an ancient sense of "bathing for religious purification".

Arnlaugr ; FJ pp. Arnlaugr, Arn-, -laugr ; CV pp. For the second element -mundr or the weak side-form -mundi see above. Runic examples include the nominative forms [arfuntr], arinmu n , ar m untr, armutR, erinmontr, ermuntr, in rin[m]utr, iri-muntr, [irmuntr], [ir-mut Arn-, -mundr ; CV pp.

The second element -oddr is identical with Old Icelandic oddr , "point, weapon-point, spear-point, arrow-point. Arnoddr ; FJ pp.

Arnoddr, Arn-, -oddr ; NR s. Andor is the only form found in Danish or Swedish. Appears occasionally in Norway after , usually with the spelling Androder. For the second element -steinn see above. Arnsteinn ; FJ pp. Arn-, -steinn ; CV p. For the first element Arn- or Orn- see above. For the second element -ulfr see above. Frequently found from early on in Old West Scandinavian, mainly in the Ornulfr form.

Runic examples include the nominative form arulfr and the accusative form anulf. Anglo-Scandinavian forms include the place-names Ernulfestorp, Einulvestorp, Hernoldesthorp and the names Ernulfus , Arnulfi c. Arnulfr, Arn-, -ulfr ; NR s. Norse bird-name arta , the Garganey Linn. Anas querquedula , a type of duck. Runic examples include the nominative forms [arta]. This name was popular in Norway from the mid 9th century onward. Danish runic inscriptions have usbiaur , cf.

For the second element -diarfR see above. Occurs in the runic nominative form astiarfr. Occurs in the runic accusative form asfast. Runic examples include the nominative forms asgautr, askutr, [askutr], [askytr], a s[nu]tr, [ in sk u tr], oaskut: Commonly found in Norway ca.

Runic examples include the nominative forms [a]skaiR, askeiR, askiR, oskaiR, [oskaiR], oskir , the genitive case forms askis, [in]sgis, oskis , and the accusative forms [asaaiR], [askair], [askir], askiR, eskiR, iskir, osgiR, oski.

Occurs in the runic accusative form [hskis]. Runic examples include the nominative form asi and the accusative form asa. Runic examples of this name include the nominative forms: This name was also one of the most common Scandinavian names in Normandy, as Achitil, Anchitil, Aschitil, Anschitil, Achetil, Anchetil, Aschetil, Anschetil and Latin versions of all of these ending in -us. Because of the popularity of the Norman name forms, variants are frequently found in post-Conquest British sources, however Anglo-Scandinavian forms predating the Conquest also appear: Asketel, Askytel, Aschil, Aschil and others.

Runic examples include the nominative form ays- and the accusative forms asl, osl, usl. For the second element -lakr or -leikr see above. Runic examples include the nominative forms aslak, aslakR, oslaks, [uslakr] and the accusative form oslak. For the second element -leifr see above.

Found in the runic accusative case form oslf. The second element -marr comes from the OW. Runic examples include the nominative form [nsmar] and the accusative form osmr. For the second element -mundr see above. Found frequently in Iceland and Norway from the 's on, and the form Osmundr appears after Anglo-Scandinavian forms include Osmund, Asmund.

Found in the runic nominative form a s[nu]tr. There are a few early instances of this name in Iceland and many late ones in Norway. Runic examples include the nominative forms aosu[l]f R , osuhlfr , the genitive form osulfs and the accusative forms asulf, oslf, osulb.

Anglo-Scandinavian forms include Osolf, Osulf, Osulfus. Runic examples include the nominative form osti and the accusative form osta. Anglo-Scandinavian forms include Asward, Asuuard, Asewrd. Norse -fari is found in compound names, and is typical of people who traveled or were in the habit of traveling to a specific place as indicated in their name; these names are derived from the OW. Norse verb fara "to go, to travel". Occurs in the runic nominative form afari. Identical to the Continental Germanic name Attala or Attila, also found as a diminuitive form from Gothic atta "father", adopted early into Scandinavia from Volsungasaga.

In the West Norse area the name may represent a weak form of the OW. Norse adjective atall "wicked, evil, harmful". Runic examples include the nominative form atli and the accusative forms atla, [atln]. Atli ; NR s. The name has been found in Swedish. Norman forms include Aszor, Adsor, Azor.

Azurr, Ozurr ; FJ pp. Norse Atti is the name of a fictional character. Atti is a short form of Indo-European-derived names such as Azurr see also Andsvarr. It has also been suggested that this name may derive from Gothic atta "father".

Runic examples include the nominative forms ati. For the second element -finnr see above. Found in Norway after as Odgeir. Found in a runic incription for which the case is uncertain as This name is occasionally found in Norway after Anglo-Scandinavian forms include Outgrim, Ougrim, Augrim. For the second element -hvatr or its weak side-form -hvati see above.

Found frequently in Norway after For the second element -ketill see above. This name is not found in Norway before the 's. The name is common in Norway and is found in Swedish runic inscriptions.

There may be a few instances in Danish as well. Runic examples include the nominative forms [aRrukr], aurik, aurikr, au r in k r , the dative form auriki and the accusative form urik. The second element comes from -vinr. This name is common as a West Scandinavian name from the earliest period onwards, and the short forms Aun and Auni were used.

Found in the Anglo-Scandinavian form Auduid. For the second element -vindr see above. Found in the runic nominative form aunhar. The name is thought to represent a solely Anglo-Scandinavian formation. Aumundr ; FJ pp. Occurs in the runic accusative form [auno]. Aun ; NR s. Auni Aunn Found in OW. Occurs in the runic genitive form aunar. Aunn Austbjorn First element from OW. Norse austr "east" For the second element -bjorn see above. The runic evidence is uncertain: Alternatively, this could be a by-name meaning "out in the sty.

Auti AutiR Of uncertain etymology. Found in the runic nominative form autiR. Runic examples include the nominative forms auer, ouaiR, [ouAiR] and the accusative form [ayi].

Compare with the OW. Norse man's by-name Begla, interpreted as equivalent to the Nynorsk noun begla "perverse and quarrelsome person. Found in the runic accusative form begli.

Found in the runic nominative form beiliR. Norse baggi "bag, pack, bundle" or may also be "beggar, vagrant". Found as both a personal name and a by-name in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Runic examples include the nominative form baki , the genitive form baka and the accusative form baka , although these may instead represent the name Banki. Anglo-Scandinavian forms include Bagge, Baghe. Baggi ; NR s. Baggi Bak Originally a by-name, "back.

Anglo-Scandinavian forms include Basche. Bak Baldi Short form of some name in Bald-. Appears in Sweden as a by-name, where it is assumed to be a loan from Germany. Anglo-Scandinavian forms include Balde. Not recorded in East Scandinavia.

Norse as the by-name Balli. Norse adjective ballr "dangerous, hazardous, risky, terrible, bold, brave, daring" or from OW. Runic examples include the nominative forms bali and balin. Balli ; NR s. Norse adjective ballr "dangerous, hazardous, risky, terrible, bold, brave, daring". Found in the runic genitive form baluks. Found in the runic nominative form balsi. Related to the Old Swedish verb banka "knock, pound, beat" or a name corresponding to the Swedish dialect word banke "crossbar".

Runic examples include the nominative form baki , the genitive form baka and the accusative form baka. Found in Iceland and Norway, with a few instances found in Denmark, for instance the Latin form Bartho. Anglo-Scandinavian forms include Bardi, also appears in the place-names Barthwait and Barthtwayt.

Bark is found as a by-name in Sweden, and Barki is also seen as a side-form of this name. Anglo-Scandinavian forms include Barch, Barc, Bark. Barkr, Borkr, Barki ; NR s.

Norse borkr "bark" , because it is otherwise unknown in two-element names. Barni is a weak side-form of the name. Found in some Danish place-names and as the Old Danish by-name Barni. Runic inscriptions of the nominative forms barni, b ar n in exist, but are thought to be a spelling of Bjarni.

This name may have originated as a short form or by-name for names containing the -barn second element. Barn, Barni ; NR s. Barni Basing "Son of Bassi, descendant of Bassi. Norse as Bassi and in Old Swedish as Basse. Nordisk runnamnslexikon suggests that the derivation is from OW.

Bassi ; NR s. It is found in the runic accusative form baulf. May be related to the Norwegian dialect word bause "magnate; proud, very touchy person". Runic examples include the accusative forms baosa and bausa. Bausi Beda Christian, the same name as that of the Venerable Bede.

Beggi Beigan Celtic GB p. Belgr Beli Originally a by-name derived from Old Icelandic belja "to bellow, to roar. Beli Belli A hypothetical Anglo-Scandinavian formation from either the Old Norse by-name bellinn "bold," or perhaps related to a Norwegian dialect term bell "bell-clapper.

A diminuitive form of Benedikt is Bensi. Benedikt ; CV p. Bengeirr ; FJ p. Beni Bensi A diminuitive form of Benedikt. Norse verb bjarga "to save, to help" compare with the Continental Germanic names in Berg-, Perg- etc.

Norse berg, bjarg "mountain, cliff". Bergfinnr ; FJ pp. Berg-, -finnr ; NR s. Norse where it takes the form Bergr, and appears in Old Danish as the by-name Biergh. The personal name may be derived from the OW. Norse verb bjarga "to save, to help", but as a by-name is derived from OW. Norse berg, bjarg "mountain, cliff," in which case it is likely to have originated from an identical place-name. Found in the runic nominative form [ b irkr]. Bergr ; FJ pp. Berg- ; NR s.

For the first element Berg- see above. The second element -sveinn is identical to Old Icelandic sveinn , "young man," often used to mean "young warrior. Bergsveinn ; FJ pp. Berg-, -sveinn ; NR s. The name is found frequently in West Scandinavian, occurring in both Norway and in Iceland. Also recorded in Sweden. Bergr, Berg- Bergulfr For the first element Berg- see above. Rare in Norway before , but found there frequently after that. Found in Swedish, and in a few late instances in Denmark.

Anglo-Scandinavian forms include Beregolf, Berguluer, also found in place-names Berguluesbi, Bergolbi. Bergulfr, Berg-, -ulfr ; NR s. For the first element Berg- see Berg- above. Bernhardr ; NR s. Originally a by-name from OW. Norse bersi " little bear," and related to Old Icelandic bersi , "he-bear. There are a few instances in Sweden and Denmark. Found in the runic genitive case form [biria]. Bersi ; FJ pp. Bersi, Bessi ; NR s. It is also found frequently as a by-name.

It may also occur in the character named Bildus in Saxo Grammaticus' Gesta Danorum and as both a by-name and a place-name in Denmark. Billi is found in one Norwegian place-name with a few instances in Sweden and Denmark.

Norse as a mythological character and as a by-name in the form Billingr, and in Old Swedish as the by-name Billing. The name is derived from OW. This name is of disputed derivation. It may be based on a name-element derived from OW. Runic examples include the nominative forms biriR. Birgir ; FJ pp. This name derives from a term meaning "commander, leader," compare with the Swedish dialect word bis s e "commander, old man.

The name elements Bjarn- and Bjorn- both meaning "bear" are derived from the same Primitive Scandinavian language roots: Runic examples include the nominative form biarngaiR and the accusative form biarnkir. For the first element Bjarn- see above. This is a short form of masculine names in Bjarn- or -bjorn , and is found as a side-form of Bjorn and Arinbjorn. Runic examples include the nominative forms barni, b ar n in, biarni. Anglo-Scandinavian forms include Berne.

Bjarni ; FJ pp. Bjarni ; CV pp. Biarni Bjarnlaugr For the first element Bjarn- see above. For the second element -laugr see above. Found in the runic nominative form [biarlaukr]. Norse adjective bjartr "light, bright".

Runic examples include the nominative forms b artr. An extremely common name in West Scandinavia, originally derived from a by-name meaning "bear. Norse as Biorn or Bjorn. A diminuitive form of Bjorn is Bjorsi. Bjorn ; FJ pp. Bjorn, Bjorn- ; CV p. Biorn Bjornkarl From a nickname meaning "bear-hunter" or else a compound name from Bjorn see above and the second element -karl. The second element -karl is identical with Old Icelandic karl , "man.

Anglo-Scandinavian forms include which derive from either this name or from Bjornkarl include Berkil and the place-names Barkedale, Barkendale. For the second element -olfr or -ulfr see above. Appears early in Iceland, but is documented only in place-names in Norway until late. Runic examples include the nominative forms [biarnulfr] and [biaurn u ] Bjornulfr, Bjorn-, -ulfr ; NR s. Runic examples include the nominative forms [biur] and the accusative form bior.

For the first element Bjor- see above. Runic examples include the accusative case forms biurstain, byrst a in. Bjorr, -steinn ; CV p. Anglo-Scandinavian forms include Blacher and the place-name Blaketoft. Blakkr, Blakki Blanda "One who mixes his drinks. Anglo-Scandinavian forms include the place-name Blandebi. Found late in West Scandinavian and Sweden. Found in England in the name Randulfus Bla de Scitebroc.

Anglo-Scandinavian forms include Blasse, Blase. Norse as Bleikr, occurring in each of these areas as both a personal name and as a by-name. Norse adjective bleikr "pale, white". Runic examples include the nominative forms bel[e]ik[r], [blikr] and the accusative form bleik. Anglo-Scandinavian forms include Blaic, Blayk, Bleik. Bleikr, Bleiki ; NR s. Found in the runic nominative form [blesa]. Blesa, Blesi Blesi Originally a by-name meaning "white spot on a horse's forehead, blaze," derived from the OW.

Related to the modern Icelandic blesa "blaze, mare with the blaze on the forehead" compare with Blesa. Appears in one Swedish runic inscription in the nominative form blisi and possibly in some Swedish place-names. Used as an Anglo-Scandinavian personal name which appears in the place-names Blasebi and Blesebi. Blesi ; NR s. Anglo-Scandinavian forms include Bleyn. Boddi ; CV p. For the second element -olfr see above. Anglo-Scandinavian forms include Batharar.

Anglo-Scandinavian forms include Boue. Boggvir ; FJ p. Bogi ; CV p. A few instances are found in West Scandinavia in the s. The Old Danish personal name Bole seems to be a Continental loan-word. Runic examples include the nominative form buli and the accusative form bul in. Nordisk runnamnslexikon suggests that this name from OW. Norse bolli "little chubby man.

Norse as Bolli both as a personal name and as a by-name , and as the Old Swedish by-name Bulle. This name is fairly frequent in West Scandinavia.

Danish place-names in Bolle or Bulle are thought to be derived from this name. Bolli ; FJ pp. Norse nautr "person, mate, fellow. Found several times in West Scandinavian.

Found in the Anglo-Scandinavian place-name Boltebi. Found in one Swedish runic inscription. Very common in Denmark. Norse verb bjarga "to save, to help. Norse borg "castle, fortified place". Runic examples include the accusative case forms borkeR, burkaiR, [burkeR]. Runic examples include the nominative forms borfas[tr], [b]or[f] For the first element Borg- see above. For the second element -ulfR see above. Runic examples include the nominative form bur[kulfR] and the accusative forms borkulf, burkulf.

Borkr ; FJ p. Anglo-Scandinavian forms include Besy, Besi. Found in the runic nominative form [botbiern]. Found in the runic nominative form butfus.

Found in Old Swedish as Botgher. Occurs in the accusative case in the partial runic inscription For the second element -hvatr see above. Found in the runic nominative form botuat r. Runic examples include the nominative forms butmuntr, [b]u[t]muntr. Norse adjective reifr "friendly, happy. Runic examples include the nominative form butraifR and the accusative form botraif.

Found in the runic nominative form bot[ulf]. The name may also occur in some Danish place-names. Anglo-Scandinavian forms include Bote. There are a few other occurrences in West Scandinavian where the name is used for fictional characters. Found in the Anglo-Scandinavian place-names Bragebi and Brahebi. Bragi ; FJ pp. Related to Old Danish and Old Swedish bram "pomp, extravagance, overabundance;" compare with the Nynorsk verb brama "to be resplendent". Found in the runic accusative form bram.

This name is a weak side-form or pet name for Brandr , or is derived from the same root-word. Found in the runic nominative form branti. Brandi, Brandr Brandr Originally a by-name meaning either "sword" or "fire. Norse brandr "log, pole, fire, torch, sword-blade. Norse as Brand, both as a personal name and also as a by-name. Common in Iceland from the s onward.

Not found in Norway in the early period, except perhaps as an element in compound personal names. This name was common in Denmark.

Runic examples include the nominative forms brantr 6 occurrences and bratr. A pet name for Brandr is Brandi. Brandr ; FJ pp. Brandr, Brand-, -brandr ; CV p. An Icelandic settler was named Brondulfr. Occurs in Norway in the s.

Anglo-Scandinavian forms include Brandulf, Brandolf. Found as a by-name in West Scandinavian. Appears as a personal name and as a by-name in Denmark and Sweden. Bresi Bretakollr A hypothetical Anglo-Scandinavian name. The first element Breta- is the genitive plural of Bretar , "the Welsh". The second element -kollr is identical to Old Icelandic kollr "head, shaven crown", which has the extended sense of "man.

Frequent in Norway after A few instances of both the strong and weak forms are found from Denmark. Anglo-Scandinavian forms include are found in the place-names Brichesuuorde, Brodesuurde, Broddeswrde. Broddr, Broddr ; FJ p. A few late instances are found in West Scandinavia. The name is common in Sweden and Denmark. Brosa Brotulfr A hypothetical Anglo-Scandinavian formation. The first element is from Brot- , "breaking.

Norse as Broddr; the name is found as both a personal name and as a by-name in all locations. Norse broddr "broad, thick". Runic examples include the nominative form brutr and the accusative form [burut].

Anglo-Scandinavian forms are found in the place-names Brutherwrthe, Brudeford, Bruddeford. Derived from the OW.

For the second element -karl see above. Nordisk runnamnslexikon shows the name with a first element Brun- is a side-form of Bryn in - , which comes from the stem in OW. Norse brynja "byrnie, mail-coat. Found in Old Danish as Brunkil.

Runic examples include the nominative forms brunkil, brunkitil. This is a Norse name from the Danelaw. Found in the runic nominative case form brunman. Recorded in some Norwegian place-names. Recorded in Swedish runic inscriptions, and in both Swedish and Danish place-names. Runic examples include the nominative form brusi and the accusative form brusa. Anglo-Scandinavian forms occur in the place-names Brusegarth and Brosehou.

Runic examples include the nominative forms birynhiifR, brunulfR, bryniulfr, b [r]yniulfr and the accusative forms bryniulf, brynulfr. Brynjulfr, Bryn-, -ulfr ; CV p. Norse bryti "steward, bailiff. Fellows-Jensen has an etymology for this name of "fat man," while Nordisk runnamnslexikon relates this name to the Nynorsk word bugge "powerful man. Norse as the by-name Buggi.

A few late instances are found in Norway. Possible instances are also found in Denmark and Sweden. Found in the runic accusative case form [buka]. Buggi ; NR s. Found as a by-name in Denmark and Sweden. The form Bukki is found as a personal name in Danish but is a loan-word from Continental German bucco.

Found in the runic nominative form bulti. The Old Danish byname Bolde is unrelated. Found in the runic accusative form buri. Norse as Borr or Burr, in the names of mythical or fictional characters. Bursti Buskr, Buski A hypothetical name-form. Originally a by-name related either to Modern Norwegian busk , "tuft" or the Shetland dialect word meaning "lump. Appears in the Anglo-Scandinavian place-name Buschebi. This name is related to Old English Beowulf. Norse dagr , "day. Dagfinnr ; FJ pp. Runic examples include the nominative form takh and the accusative form tak.

Dagr ; FJ p. DagR Dagstyrr For the first element Dag- see above. The second element -styrr is from OW. So men today must pay for the sins of the past. Not all men are abusive and oppressive. Not all women felt they were abused or oppressed. This quote is about 50 years behind the times. Men have experienced at a visceral level the power of women full blown in the world for over 40 years now. Especially in schools, families, the military, and sports.

Lastly, we have this: I agree with Lucia on this. Men have been wounded deeply by the radical feminist assault. Men also need help to reclaim the energy of the heart. That help can only come from a nurturing, loving, compassionate woman.

And that, my dear Elf is the conundrum. I do this in part through daily prayer and meditation. I want to be in a constant state of spiritual awareness. How to get through HIS walls.

This will provide the needed balance, clarity, and understanding between the sexes instead of the disconnect that persists now. This will help men and women walk the path of love, the most powerful and divine path. Divine love is the one and only true reality. All the problems of the world are due to men.

No matter how badly the men behave the women raise the children. This is why no political system works. Money and power is the God of the West and the God of the East. Our mother showed us the miracle of being nice, of being kind.

We only need to act like our mother, our grandmother. We need a grandmother revolution. Video interview with Patch Adams on the end of capitalism.

Women are more sensitive to pain or suffering of others. Hunter, praying and meditating every day is probably the best you can do now. Thank you for your comments. They provide yet more of the women are good, men are bad claptrap.

There are some advantages, there are some faults. Patch Adams is man who colluded in his own humiliation. I see a lot of self-loathing there. Look at other economic models in Europe, Venezuela, Cuba,and North Korea and you see widespread misery. To replace it with what, a Matriarchy that systematically discriminates, devalues, and hates the masculine?

Neither is blaming overly dominant men for all of womanhoods ills. It adequately illustrates the other points you make — they seem not overly informed by a reality that an ordinary and rational man can follow. Socrates came to this conclusion: This change agent [a woman] is good for men. Thanks again for your comments. There are a number of things to respond to. Especially since I mentioned that both sexes have certain advantages.

I disagree with your premise. A radical feminist at that. She believed she did her gender proud, in reality she did it a great disservice. It remains in continued use because it exposes the dark side of feminism so well. Allow me to introduce Narcy Novack. Regarding scene you quoted from Mark Gungor, I can describe that in two words: If a woman feels like she has to change a man into her perfect image, she should just find another man. Are women these perfect beings that need no changes whatsoever?

Yes a man should love his wife, NOT put her on a pedestal. With leadership comes accountability. Most people in leadership positions understand this. If a woman is held accountable for her actions if she climbs behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated, she should also be held to the same level of accountability if she climbs in bed to have sex with a man. Yet all to often the man is held responsible for both sexes in the feminist era.

Equality prevails if double standards are done away with. That goes for everyone, including me and you. Gerhard Roth on the male brain.

Real men rogure women. Guys who worship women get ignored for more rakish blokes. There are only so many gates open thru hard work, respect, love , commitmment; the traditional factors passed down to me by grandparents, church teachings, and society at large.

Perhaps, it is missing the worship factor. We learn to worship the deities of our religion whatever that is , and putting women in the same pedestal seems too much. I am not living with a God but a human being with many imperfections after all.

If I change some words in you article Bible words , one would think you are talking about Jesus. Jesus and women at the same level? All a man has to really do is be vulnerable enough to allow these gates to open in love. BUT there has to be love for this to unfold. I appreciated your post. If she is a good wife you will be happy. If she is not, you will be a good philosopher. But I am idealistic enough to keep trying. I think you would find Deep River by Shusaku Endo a satisfying read.

Profound… My wife is truly worthy of worship, yet I find my masculine ego raging at the thought. Why do we, as men, find it so hard to humble ourselves, even to our worthy wives? My wife has stuck by me through the worst, she has bore me a beautiful son and given me a life and love I never thought possible, and yet I still find myself painfully cold and distant. Maybe it is not hard for me to worship my truly fantastic feminine goddess, but it is hard for me to see myself as worthy of entering through those sacred doors.

Namaste and Thank you. He realizes that he can only unite with me if he allows himself the inevitability of touch, as a servant of the universal work of Creation. Teilhard worshipped not a woman but the Goddess in creation himself and found that inevitably the monster is being revealed. Arjuna, What a beautiful tapestry you wove with your writing. Indeed it is time for our Brothers to connect more deeply with the Divine Feminine, both inside and out.

As some of the women replied, it takes two to create this Divine Dance,Leela. That is the only way we will draw that Divine Reflection to our sides. My work in this field is through Biodanza. Helping each of us to connect with the Divine within,and without.

We men often make the mistake of confusing devotion with enslavement. We always retain the power to honor our Truth. And when we honor our Truth, the Goddess smiles with love, tho she may have tears of sadness welling in her eyes.

Women, taken as a group, are—at least nowadays—vapid, selfish, narcissistic, self absorbed, monumentally stupid, and often just plain nusiances! Have you even observed women talking? Women, if raised to please men, tend to children, and keep a nest, can indeed be enjoyable, and perhaps even indispensible.

If they are socialized to enhance and cultivate their femininity and allure, they may indeed be both useful and delicious. But modern women, as they are today, and have been for the past several decades, are a curse and a burden, a plague on the male sex, and the human race! Dear David, I attempt to speak for all women here and I can understand your view and frustration. Yet you need to understand two things before I begin. Firstly all the women you speak of above in your comment are just projections of your lost, suppressed and subjugated feminine self.

As a great master once said.. So with that in mind and as the fingers points out with three pointing back at you, time to look at the lost and disowned feminine part of you. We have forgotten our power and instead tried to find it in a masculine way and in the end just competed with ourselves to the point of destruction and a severely fractured society.

God help out children through our ignorance. It is what every man on this planet is looking for, yet cannot find anywhere because most women have forgotten.. I feel very fortune to know how to do this and it is with love that I thank my dear brothers Arjuna Ardagh and Padma AOn for their guidance, for they have exceptional wives called Chameli and Anaiya respectively who have birthed their husbands into this new reality waiting to become commonplace among many willing to travel this amazing path.

Anu, our society is already utterly pathological with feminist he-women and shemales trying to psychologically and sexually impersonate the other sex! You should regain contact with your feminine side and the more womanly and nurturant parts of YOUR personality.

Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it-Santayana. I found my wife in SE Asia and she is exactly that: I never even considered a western female for a wife. Her attitude makes prefect sense in that caring for her husband, in her culture, is a matter of survival. This is not about economic opportunity as she was a successful businesswoman and did not need a husband.

When she is in good spirits 29 days a month she is a slice of heaven. All I can do is tell her to obey her husband, or worse, threaten to call her mother and tell her that her daughter is not being a good wife. She is a fantastic cook and spends a lot of time in the kitchen.

She took a photo of me warshing the dishes to send to her family: Her sisters said they were jealous when they saw me showing affection to her in front of her family.

We womben have a power we are not even aware of using. It is the power to stand as women as our true sovereign self. It takes, guts, devotion, perseverance and it is not at all threatening to the masculine or indeed other women.

We have forgotten how to be women in a patriarchal society and yet we are the ones we have been waiting for. I have sacrificed a relationship to teach this work, helping women and their wombs remember their power. I salute Arjuna for this age old truth, Yes men, worship your women and see what happens. Try something radical and new like this and watch as the gates of love unfold to birth you into your masculine, your essential divine masculine… All it takes is commitment and trust, very simple yet hard to do.

Love to all men of this world and an apology from all the women in the world who have forgotten themselves. This is my second post to your article, Arjuna. As I read the comments, some touching, some confused, some from fear- my heart goes out to all of us struggling to find our way in this new world we live in. Let us awaken and rejoice— and listen carefully to voices like yours speaking to the deep truth in all of us.

When I say that all my woman are dazzling beauties, they object. The nose of this one is too large; the-the hips of another, they are too wide; perhaps the breasts of a third, they are too small. But I see these women for how they truly are… glorious, radiant, spectacular, and perfect, because, I am not limited by my eyesight. And then they cannot avoid their desire, to release that beauty and envelope me in it.

Arjuna, I feel so deeply touched by this piece of writing!! The upmost love, gratitude and blessings to you and your sacred union with your wife!

For me writings like this, what you have shared here, are a light on a cloudy day. To worship the divine in all beings and live that on a daily basis with ones chosen love …. Yes or no…it is one that I hope and aspire to attain or at least regularly touch on in this lifetime. From the highest in me, to the highest in you, I give thanks, for your sharing here!!

I ask but one thing of you, only one, That always you will be my dream of you; That never shall I wake to find untrue All this I have believed and rested on, Forever vanished, like a vision gone Out into the night. Alas, how few There are who strike in us a chord we knew Existed, but so seldom heard its tone We tremble at the half-forgotten sound. The world is full of rude awakenings And heaven-born castles shattered to the ground, Yet still our human longing vainly clings To a belief in beauty through all wrongs.

O stay your hand, and leave my heart its songs! Thanks for this beautiful reminder. She responded by showing me a depth and love and beauty I could not have imagined.

I have gotten sidetracked lately and needed to be reminded of this lesson. Dear One, Thank you for such an inspired piece. Now would you please write on how to worship a man. Even unconditional love seems unable to penetrate his armour…his sadness and frustrations and fear…. That was just what i needed to read at this moment in time and is filled with gratitude for you sharing your gifts the way you do for people like me to be inspired by.

I felt both as the man and the woman in your blog, actually….. This message comes with a mixed emotion. When I read this piece I was so happy that a man wrote such beautiful, meaningful, and insightful words to help other men. I was so taken by it that I printed it up for my boyfriend of 9 years to read.

Then the fateful day came when I handed it to him to read and digest. The outcome came 2 days later with a crushing and unsuspecting decision to end our relationship. He attributed his decision to what he read in the article. Needless to say I am upset, emotional and devastated being broadsided by this. I thought it would bring us into a deeper level of intimacy, commitment and love for each other.

Why and how could this do the opposite? I welcome any response you can give. I am so sorry, Cinni. It is hard to understand why you man would react in this way. The thing is to love and worship him, as an act of devotion and the exercise of your own glorious love. And see what happens. Just stay with I love you, you are a beautiful man, thank you for your gifts. And see what happens! And giving any kind of material to your friends to read IS a statement that, like any strong statement, does have consequences.

God is so much bigger infinite than my finite being and yours. I see how powerful it would be. In fact, I have known in my gut that it is not in my nature to give her what she wants and needs. I am clear now that this is not the right relationship for myself or Cinni. I will stand up, be the man, and end this as simply and cleanly as I can. There is a reason that most men do not worship their partner like this. It is because they cannot handle the power of the feminine.

They are neither trained to harness it, nor emotionally prepared for the psychic consequences of truly unleashing it. In unconscious recognition of their limitations, they keep the relationship at the level that is appropriate given their development and values. I encourage you to use this story of worship to refine your sensitivities, and find a man who has the capacity and desire to give you this. At the same time, pass gently over those men who are not clued into this game.

Save both yourself and them the grief. I wanted to live vertically and go deep and slow down. But I wanted — I wanted to go deep into life. And I wanted to really — he was a man that I wanted to show up for. I had been afraid of intimacy all my life. And I worked real hard on myself to get over that, and to get over the disease to please. And I wanted to bring my whole self to the table with this man that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. The Institute of Noetic Sciences, California Dean Radin and Marilyn Schlitz and universities of Washington and Edinburgh did three dozen double blind randomized studies on couples to find an involuntary connection between couples.

When one partner focused on the other with loving intention his or her blood flow and perspiration level raised within 2 seconds. Chances for this to happen are 1: Just for a moment wondering what a gay version would look like?

Now, what does considering that thought for a moment or two do? Does it make the iconography stand out awkward? It also strikes me that many responses show a Hollywood-like understanding of relationship, and the strong desire to deify love and turn love-making into a transcendent activity. And it is my understanding that this is true of you as well. Because as I read between the lines I feel a deeply exploring person that has expressed his fascination with the Divine Other.

And even though I would spin a different story around love, sex and relationship, yours really struck a cord and brought out all these responses, which gave me an opportunity to speak my piece. You can regard this to be my version of the story. And as there are no better or worse truths, so there are no truer and untruer truths.

Everything true is written in manifestation of one kind or another. You might call that last sentence the punch-line of my story. Hi Elf again; presence and presencing — or authenticity of presenting — goes with any style you prefer.

Avatar is a fantastic example of that. That strikes a deep chord — and that is how myth informs our style…. So how authenticity and make-believe come together? And in many ways authenticity is another modern myth, a legitimate answer to the pre-fabricated, massproduced reality we also live in.

This came for me, as for so many others at the perfect time and is already having a profoundly deep effect on my life, and the lives of both men and women around me.. I loved the piece and avidly started reading the comments. Unfortunately they took my happy glow away so I stopped. The feminine is a very introspective thing. Women waging emotional war over the masculine view and trying to subjugate it, only makes the matter worse.

The whole world would be much happier. The gist of this article, or at least what I got from it was a man stating the benefits of a deep appreciation and union with the feminine that actually brings the masculine into wholeness.

External relationships with the opposite sex have the capacity to mirror our internal relationship between our masculine and feminine energies regardless of our gender. To have a deep, loving and expansive external relationship aids us in becoming internally whole and integrated, it is a sign of spiritual maturity.

Incidentally there is also no indication of any control or manipulation of the masculine portrayed in this article. It just goes to show that we always see the world through our own stuff. It is rare to actually see something as it is untainted by our own past wounds and programming. I read your comment today, and I really appreciated what you write.

I loved the article. Men are pretty clear on dealing with the masculine and have some trouble dealing with a different paradigm. Adoration is not a button on the default American male. Serious research into experiencing pleasure can open the male to inquiring abouthe benefits of adoring a woman.

Women could use some learning, too. This piece has had a powerful effect in my life. On the very day that I read it, I was listening to one of my lovers telling others about how to give a great sensuous massage. She was saying that appreciation was the key to her heart.

It seemed significant to me. Then, I took on that it was my job that she felt appreciated and acknowledged. The payoff was worth it, and man did it pay off. I am now convinced that deeply appreciating the feminine expression in front of you is actually the way to call forth the Divine Feminine. I began to play in my life, to see what I could bring forth. On another night, soon after that, I tried it again, with another woman. Son of a gun, it worked again. And what I mean by it worked is that I had direct experience of her unfolding into an extremely innocent and intimate state of being.

The atmosphere was vibrant and alive. She became everything I have ever wanted in a woman. I mean, like there I was with the perfect woman. No more perfect than the woman I had first experienced this with, but no less.

I imagine it sounds weird that I could say that about three different women in a week, but that is my honest report. By the way, I am polyamorous and all three women know this and knew about each other, so there was no cheating going on. My invitation to any guy reading this who is willing to give it a try, is to just open the floodgate of your appreciation.

Be sincere because she will probably sense it if you are not and let her know what you appreciate about her. If you can go that far, let her know what you love about her. Then see what happens. WOW, I can not believe that a man can think in this way…. As I sit at work if you want to call it that reading this thread I have no profound truth to add just some observations I have made….

Interesting That God chose the women to be a portal of body and soul for new beings, to give life and sustain it… quite a task..

Women are tender hearted Men are matter of fact…. I wonder if a plant looks at a bee and says you need to express your plant like nature get some roots and forget your predisposition with flying…. Oh, yes, I feel I must say; there is no greater mistake, any of us can make, than to believe that men and women, are different. But, the simple truth is, men and women are exactly alike. We fear the same things, we doubt oiurselves, the same, we are so alike brothers.

And, when you have opened yourself to real love, you will know perfectly, that we are truly, One, brothers. Where do we meet men who understand this concept? Or how do we teach regular guys about the importance of the divine feminine? Arjune, I felt deeply touched, seen and honoured as a woman when reading your post. I can feel the devotion in your writing and am so grateful that men are responding. They see the color, creed, religion, discrimination, social status and living condition of her.

We pull your attention, we make you desirable, we are the reason for existence of love, and our presence is in every where. Thank you for sharing. As a man I can also say that discovering and worshipping the feminine is loving a part of ourselves, as we have that ingredient as well. Thank you Arjuna Tears are welling up when I read such beauty. I feel this must be potentially very liberating to those men who dare understand. Humility would have proved much wiser in you and your statements,, especially given the feedback form readers, who clearly have gotten also a message that women are actually SUPERIOR.

The other aspect of wisdom and knowledge of love is that maturity is the issue. Maturity has to with knowledge and wisdom, and it is RARE!! I do not assume that you or anyone truly understands that,, it would be unwise to assume that.

The truth is what it is, love demands it. Romantic love is different than other types of love , by definition. I hope you agree. Femininity is not better than masculinity. Masculinity is not better than femininity is it?? We also are unique in our awareness or ignorances, we also may be subject to karma, the will of god, and higher wisdom beyond our present understanding. The subject of that which is associated with gender , masculine and feminine continuum is very important in understanding and being aware of identity,,this is why it matters and i commented at all, it is n important subject for self-awareness.

But it is easy to perhaps mis-communicate or speak of it in a way that it is easily misunderstood and thereby reinforces in many people impediments to this true self-knowledge etc.

When that happens, its unhelpful, and increases or ads to blockages and confusion, or wrong beliefs, etc, That is why humility in speaking of the deepest truths is so so primary and a sign in itself to wisdom or lack thereof,, degrees of.

I enjoyed reading this. I am curious if the two of you are still together and if so if the love is deepening even more or if you have reached some roadblocks or detours 7 years later from writing this. Not worship of an abstract far away deity, no he wrote about why it is wise to worship women. He wrote mainly for men, but I think it is an important read for both men and […].

Shivani July 20, at 6: Arjuna Ardagh July 20, at Ramnath December 14, at 9: Shioura July 20, at 9: Ann July 20, at Shachar July 20, at Margaret July 20, at Oh Arjuna, now I better remember who I am. Beautifully written, true, and very helpful. I wrote it for you! Margaret July 21, at 2: Toni King July 20, at In Light and Love Toni King.

Thank you Toni for the kind words. Please feel free to share it with whoever may benefit…. Morgine July 20, at Arjuna, As always, you are a true master at painting words across the page infused with enough magic we can engage in the visions you share with us. So sweet always to connect! Morgine July 21, at R Evolutionary, Life is a reflection.

HRH Devi July 23, at 1: HRH August 5, at 2: Dearest HRH Devi, again, really the best I can do is bow, and look into your eyes with recognition… I think we ought to know each other, if we do not already well, we do, but you know what I mean.

Mikael July 20, at Thank you so much for this post. It really hit me deep! Nadine July 21, at Joe in Maui July 21, at Mushin July 21, at 1: Djuna Van der Borgt July 21, at 1: Thank you both for your wonderful example! I happened to run into this appropriate quote: Nicole Lawrence July 21, at 2: Hi Arjuna; This is a lovely article — thank you!

Sanjoy July 21, at 3: That was a great post!! Much food for thought and action!! Thanks for sharing so lucidly. Maybe the same holds for the Divine Male. Clinton Callahan July 21, at 3: Nushin July 21, at 3: Arjuna, thank your for sharing your wonderfull thougts with us!

Thank You a lot! Love to You, Nushin from Hamburg. Max Browne July 21, at 3: This gift has come at a perfect time for me. Janet July 21, at 5: Jan Lanning July 21, at 5: Dear Arjuna, Thank you for expressing what men need to hear.

The timing of receiving this is perfect, an answer to an unspoken prayer for guidance Thank you. Michael Golzmane July 21, at 6: Many Blessings to you! Linda Savitz July 21, at 6: Tom Cau July 21, at 6: Dear Arjuna, Wonderful article.

Michaela Albrecht July 21, at 6: Dear Arjuna, I thank you soooo much for that wonderful article! I deeply thank you. Jonathan July 21, at 6: Raven July 21, at 7: May all men realize and awaken to this Divine Power—she is indeed rising. Arjuna — This beautifully written and heart-felt discussion led me to sit here for a long while this morning, reflecting on my experience in loving David for so long most of my life — 45 years out of 63 years of life, including two recent years where we were separated and quite sure we would never be together again.

Angelika July 21, at 8: Elf July 21, at 8: Thank you, Arjuna, for sharing your thoughts. Alex July 21, at 9: Tulear July 21, at 9: Linda MS Enos July 21, at Aloha Arjuna, I wept long awaited tears of joy. Suzona July 21, at Bob July 21, at Thank you so much Beautiful. Rene Remington July 21, at Andrea July 21, at Linda July 21, at Deb July 21, at Morrighan July 21, at Lenn July 21, at 1: Tony Scott July 21, at 2: Joseph Tany July 21, at 3: Dear Arjuna; this is obvious, and good for you ;.

Allan July 21, at 7: Where is a woman, ANY woman!!?? I love you, woman! IN gratitude, Allan Hardman. Lindsay July 23, at Kevin July 22, at 4: Anu Sophia July 22, at 8: In love Anu Sophia xxx http: HotLips July 22, at 9: Sahina July 22, at Lois Low July 22, at Geoxroma July 22, at 8: Ample make this bed…make this bed with awe Neruda said, Sea oh Sea! Elly July 23, at Devi July 23, at Dear Arjuna, Thank you for writing this initiatory instruction for men, brilliantly and beautifully.

Constance Demby July 23, at Talma July 24, at I was thinking the same thing myself! A reverse of the process would be nice! Sam July 23, at Very interesting site and blog post! Arjuna Ardagh July 24, at Maureen July 25, at 1: Andy July 25, at 5: DiosaNegra67 July 29, at 8: Sharon Birke August 3, at 6: Rose Marie July 25, at 7: Karen Wilhelm Buckley July 25, at Michelle July 26, at Suzie July 27, at 4: You are a STAR!

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I honour you deeply. Hunter July 30, at I encourage all to walk the path of love. It is the most divine path. Elf August 4, at 6: Hunter August 9, at 8: Dearest Elf, Thanks for your response and realizing that men are in a very difficult place. Elf August 14, at 1: September Hunter, praying and meditating every day is probably the best you can do now. Elf August 14, at 7: Hunter August 26, at Elf, Thank you for your comments.

Mushin August 30, at 3: Elf August 26, at 1: Hunter August 28, at 9: My Dearest Elf, Thanks again for your comments. Hunter August 28, at Elf August 31, at Elf August 31, at 3: Uncle Elmer July 31, at You people are a laff riot! Al Rivera July 31, at Anu Sophia August 3, at 7: Dear Al, the man is in control here, the gates to the feminine crucible open to the different qualities of love that comes from a mans heart, pure and simple.

Havelook July 31, at TysonPursley August 2, at 9: Altair de Almeida August 2, at With love and blessings, Altair. Booster August 2, at 5: Meller August 3, at Anyone with an IQ above his shoe size better find somewhere else to go!

As for over-educated nominally intelligent women, hold on to your privates! In deepest love and understanding to you. Meller October 18, at I have a better suggestion: Uncle Elmer August 4, at 8: And your comment about surfing the web; took me 5 minutes to find her on the internet. In love, power and wisdom.

Allan August 4, at IN gratitude and respect, Allan Hardman. Sagar August 4, at 4: Amy Lowell August 5, at 7: Craig Cerney August 5, at 8: S August 6, at Thanks, Are you guys living full time in the states these days? Arjuna Ardagh August 13, at 4: Mushin August 14, at 3: Hi Cinni, a boyfriend of 9 years, or even 19 years might simply not understand. Elf August 14, at 4: Mushin August 14, at 4: Elf August 14, at 5:

He seeks self-mastery. He has let go of childish shame This is one description of mature masculinity – the New Warrior. This list not complete. between fertility and masculinity among young Danish men. intentions or fertility awareness between men pursuing short or long term educational feeling mature, having completed education, and being employed. Most. One thing that I've heard time and time again from Danish women is that their male counterparts are hopeless at flirting, or at least at flirting well.