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Seeking laressa Hayward

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These, are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to boosting holiday happiness. What does Scola say about people who are less enthusiastic about the holiday season? Her love for holidays is apparent through her traditions and how she brings life to the season in which many feel down. Gay student reveals trials of lifestyle by Uttara Sivaram Meet Dave. He is a friendly and hard working student at Saratoga High who receives good grades in school and shows an enthusiasm for extra-curriculars.

Dave also happens to be gay. Dave was in his SAT prep class during a discussion about essay topics when the talk turned to one about role models and their positive and negative qualities. But he is not a hot-tempered, quickto-enrage person.

Some handle this by holding up picket signs and aggressively promoting equality for all. In this regard, Dave is different. He stands for the same ideals, but in a quieter way. He strongly disagrees with homophobic ideas but tries to understand them. The recent passage of Prop 8, which bans marriage for gays in California, was disheartening for Dave.

But then I had thought [and] hoped that people in California, at least, would be smarter, you know? He has not lost faith in the ability of his fellow Californians and Americans at large to rethink their beliefs about right and wrong and make a positive change.

He looks toward a silver lining, noting the progress that America has already made. My friends are really cool about everything—really supportive. He had support and help from his friends, but Dave had just one more obstacle—coming out to his parents. He had, however, approached his father. How could a year-old know anything about anything? But his dad was shocked and confused and maybe just a little bit sad. And Dave understood that. I was his son and he loved me. On a broader note, Dave thinks there will always be discrimination against gay individuals.

But it will get better—he is sure of it. For all you know, your brother, your sister, your best friend, your teacher, any of them could be gay. Genetic study of homosexual sheep Findings: Cluster of nerve cells in hypothalamus of rams at-. Demonstrates a direct correlation between imbalances in the brain and homosexuality of animals.

But I am not going to judge people. Genetic experiments on fruit flies Findings: Homosexuality-determining gene in fruit flies pin-. According to the study, a similar gene exists in humans, further suggesting sexual preference in humans is genetically determined as well. Bay Area organizations Gay portrayal in reach out to homosexuals media evolves alumnus liu volunteers at equality for all, gsa by Nandini Ruparel and Lyka Sethi.

Alex Liu, a graduate, may not be so famous, but is hoping to have a major impact on his community. Liu, who came out as gay during his senior year in high school, now works for many gay rights organizations in the Bay Area.

With the recent passage of Prop 8, these organizations work to spread awareness in the Bay, where there are those who are satisfied with the outcome, those who remain indifferent and those whose expectations were crushed.

While anti-Prop 8 protests have been well-publicized, little light has been shed on the organizations behind these rallies. Liu has worked with many.

This nonprofit organization is committed to fighting the battle against restrictions on gay marriage. Liu has been a huge part of all aspects of the organization, helping to plan fundraisers and organize rallies and volunteer recruitment drives. His work against Prop 8 included canvassing numerous communities to speak about the proposition, organizing volunteers to do campaign activities , planning Election Day activities and distributing campaign supplies.

The organization held a Town Hall meeting on Dec. Pre, television and Despite this, conservatives movie stars had to hide their worry that homosexuality on sexual orientation for fear TV will influence children.

Robert programs many popular television d e p i c t Reed, who played the ing acts shows. When Ellen DeGe- to promote a secret agenda, neres, star of the sitcom, The they should have no problems Ellen DeGeneres Show, came alerting parents that their proout publically, her character grams contain homosexual on the show, Ellen, came out content. For parents who share this This was the first openly fear, technological advances homosexual main character provide the answer.

Along with Genentech, several huge Bay Area based companies have taken steps to ensure equality in the workplace, including Yahoo Inc. As each organization takes small steps toward gaining acceptance of gay marriage rights, Liu hopes the state will get closer and closer to the ultimate goal of complete equality for all, regardless of sexual orientation. Everyone needs to take a breath of fresh air from the stressful atmosphere of Saratoga High School, once in a while.

To the Saratoga Falcon staff, Improv Everywhere was the perfect example of a group striving to lighten tension. The Falcon staff took these ideas to heart and staged their own Improv Saratoga.

Students are called out of class one by one, until sophomore Miles Emerson is left alone for a lecture from teacher Mike Davey. Photos by Theresa Yeh. Little did he know, he was about to be the victim of an elaborate ruse—one even his teacher was in on. This was not an unusual event, until the same reporters kept returning, each time they pulled out one more student. The class was surprised as one by one they were all asked to come outside except for one, Miles Emerson.

It was said Davey. Davey and just learned from Davey. Head This became a reality on Some were amused at doing absolutely nothDec. The Falcon conducted a series said Ren. The the week of Dec. The group dressed in blue shirts and khaki shorts a look very similar to that of the Best Buy Employees and entered a Manhattan Best Buy electronics store. The 80 person mob entered the store together and took up posts spread out from each other.

A band of about 60 people entered a book store that had a coat check and checked their bags, complete with a cell phone on loud. Outside, 60 people stood in a nearby park with 60 cell phone numbers. On cue, they each called one person: Food Court Musical Unsuspecting food court customers were treated to an impromptu musical when a cashier at a hot dog spontaneously burst into song. Eventually a security guard showed up to see what the ruckus was about, and then he started singing as well!

Little did they know, they minutes. Some participants could not get In the quad, 30 seconds after the bell, to the quad in time. Many students were bewildered. When selected students were told Many people were confused, and some students decided to test the participants about this project, they were interested by poking and talking to the statue-like in participating and trying to confuse their friends.

Students were not just frozen while a Facebook group, school announcements walking—some were passing papers to and word of mouth. The Falcon got the idea for the freeze for some students, including freshman Amanda Olson, who had a test on the day from an Improv Everywhere scheme, a mass freeze involving people in New of the freeze.

Which one to choose? Each side all too different from the other, and yet so many feel as if they are obligated to make this choice. Every girl dreams of the perfect boyfriend—one who is handsome, strong, intelligent, musical, selfless and ideal in just about every way. The Twilight series is composed of four romantic bestselling novels written by author Stephanie Meyer.

The saga of the teenage girl and vampire received another rush of popularity this summ e r. Many girls found themselves buzzing about Bella and her two beaus, Edward, the elusive vampire, and Jacob, the kind werewolf. Superfans proclaimed themselves a member of either Team Edward or Team Jacob. Harry and his friends live in the exciting world of magic and flying brooms, where most problems can be solved with the simple wave of a wand.

It has recently started to sell handfuls of Twilight apparel, from Twilight shirts to amulets inspired by those worn in the movie. Every sentence must be dramatic in Twilight. After years of the Harry Potter books dominating the world of teen literature, a new contender has emerged. But is Twilight worth all the hype? Although I read the first two over the summer and found them less than delightful, I thought I might as well read the last two in order to make accurate judgments.

Although I guess I have closure now, I also wasted several hours of my life. What bugs me about Twilight books is not that they exist or even that they have sold millions of copies, but rather that they compete with Harry Potter, arguably the best series ever written.

I honestly do not understand how the two can be compared. I can understand that people are looking for a replacement to Harry Potter, but surely they can find something more worthy than Twilight. Twilight is a love story—a sappy, unrealistic, slightly sickening love story, not an adventure saga combined with a coming-of-age story.

Each time I reread the books, I discover some little detail that I overlooked before. Harry Potter comes to Hogwarts a bewildered but courageous boy and emerges seven years later an accomplished wizard. Throughout the series, Rowling creates a cast of major and minor characters, each with. From the light humor of Fred and George to the severity of Professor McGonagall to the intelligence of Hermione Granger, each character adds some new dimension to the story. Take, for example, Severus Snape.

For the first five books, he is a source of constant gloom for Harry, never missing an opportunity to inflict pain on him. In the sixth book, this changes as he runs off with Draco Malfoy after murdering Dumbledore, apparently exposing his true allegiance at last. By the end of the seventh book, however, he is revealed to be a more complex character than anyone could have guessed. It turns out he did revoke the dark arts and his murder of Dumbledore was one puzzle piece in a carefully orchestrated plan to ensure the downfall of Voldemort.

Twilight simply lacks the same level of depth and character development. As someone who does not believe in love at first sight, I found the premise of the book unrealistic and its execution pitiful.

I have never seen such a gross over usage of the word love—or dazzling. Really, who describes someone that way? In the span of a week, Edward and Bella fall in everlasting love, despite the fact that they know absolutely nothing about each other.

He even has trouble touching her. That is not romantic. That is just dumb. Twilight is just a book and Edward and Bella are just characters, whereas Harry Potter holds a special place in my heart—and on my bookshelf. Looking for a great way to fill your two week break? Here are some movies and a TV special to put you in a good mood this holiday season:.

Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn star in this comedy about a couple visiting their four sets of parents during the holidays. Stephen Colbert puts a satirical spin as well as a musical touch on the classic celebrity holiday special. Twilight movie fails to impress Overly hyped novel-based film fails to satisfy reader with dramatic emphasis.

Robert Pattinson plays Edward Cullen, the somber, year-old vampire, while Kristen Stewart takes on the character of clumsy Bella Swan, the melancholy teenager ridden with angst over her recent move from Arizona.

She finds herself in the drizzly town of Forks, Wash. Upon attending her first day at her new high school, she finds herself infatuated by a strangely captivating young man who later is revealed to be a vampire.

The plot was tied up within the film reels and hard to untangle or decipher for the unknowing scifipulse. Even though the movie and the book may have been off kilter from one other, the motion picture pulled through as a result of matchless casting. Despite the deviations from the original plot, the motion picture, much like the book, had a plethora of excitement, action, humor and romance—the qualities people all over the world fell in love with to begin with.

Quoth the Goozex, nevermore Goozex. But under the surface, it is much more. The way the site works is simple: Users look through their collection of games and search Goozex for the titles they wish to sell, state the condition the game is in and enter a queue line for the game.

When a buyer is available, Goozex automatically matches up the buyer with the person in front of the queue line, notifies the seller, and sends a shipping address and date to the seller. The seller is then rewarded Goozex points when the trade is complete. Each game is assigned a point value from to depending on how much the game is worth. These points are needed to get games and can be acquired either by selling games on the site or by purchases from Goozex.

When a user requests to buy a game, Goozex matches up the buyer with a seller and provides an address for shipping the game to as well as a date to ship the game by. This process provides a quick and simple way to allow users all over the country and the world to exchange games. The user can then use their points to buy games from other users. Yes, all this buying and selling can be done on eBay or at Game Stop, but eBay cannot offer the guarantee or the speed of Goozex, who is ready at hand to deal with cases in which users were scammed.

Goozex can easily reimburse users should they be cheated out of. As for stores such as Game Stop, Goozex is much less expensive because there is virtually no middleman to add another share to the price of each game. Users only pay shipping when they send a game and a dollar service charge when they receive one the service charge can be bypassed, however, by referring friends to join Goozex.

This means the deals are great! For example, someone buying Halo 3 from Goozex will have it shipped to his or her door the same way they could through a company such as Game Stop, but they will end up with the pleasant surprise of 17 more dollars in their pocket. Trading games is not the only way to get great deals on Goozex.

Goozex does not just draw the line at helping users get their games, it also helps them with games they have through forums, where users discuss anything about gaming, making Goozex an invaluable resource for any video game player.

Since users are automatically connected with each other, thousands of trades are always being processed, enabling trades to be as quick as possible. This combined with the lack of a middleman also means more games for less cash: With only seconds left in overtime, the Warriors were up by four.

Then, a threepointer from the Heat and a lazy pass by Andris Biedrins gave the Heat the one point victory. This game sums up the Warriors season so far: The Warriors, who were as of Dec. In doing so, the team is on the fast track to failure, going from having a glimmer of hope of making the playoffs to having none. The decision turned out to be bad when he fell and injured his left ankle, forcing him to get surgery and sit out for three months. Some may blame Ellis for the Warriors downfall, and yes, he is a factor, but he is not the whole problem.

It is not that this team is untalented. They do have a few key players such as Stephen Jackson and Corey Maggette, but none of these men have stepped up and become leaders for the team. The team has had to rely on its less experienced players to make plays on the court. With everything the team went through last year from coming up just short of a playoff spot to having their star point guard Baron Davis decide he would rather a higher paying contract on a worse team, one would think these guys would want to prove something.

For instance, that they do not need Davis and that even though they are not the most talented team in the NBA, they are still tough competitors. Being the die-hard Warrior fan I am, I hope the team can find a way to be the team they were two years ago, the team that beat the No. It is time for that team to return. These teams used to be great every year, always playoff contenders thanks to quarterback Steve Young and receiver Jerry Rice, running back Marcus Allen and quarterback Jim Plunkett.

These men gave Bay Area football a name for decades. Today, however, these teams are an embarrassment. The Raiders, meanwhile, thanks to their senile owner Al Davis, have had a series of six different coaches in the past five years. For the past few seasons, both franchises have struggled to win games. The only silver lining has been that they have gotten a top first-round draft pick every year, but they have somehow managed to turn these into negatives as well.

This year, though, it seems that one of the two teams has taken a step in the right direction. Known for his no-nonsense attitude, Singletary emphasizes discipline and work ethic in an attempt to the overcome a harsh reality: The Niners will not make the playoffs, but they are improving, and San Francisco fans have a lot to look forward to if Singletary keeps his job.

There is good news for Oakland, too: Well, for one team at least. But it makes little difference if the Sharks end the season Their early exits have had an adverse effect on me personally, often causing me to spontaneously arise in the middle of the night, screaming curses at the likes of Shawn Horcoff, Robert Lang and Brenden Morrow.

So is this finally the year the Sharks get over the hump and win the Stanley Cup? I think so, and here are three reasons why. Doug Wilson was equally quick in hiring a new coach, identifying a diamond in the rough in Detroit Red Wings assistant coach Todd McLellan.

After losing trade deadline acquisition Brian Campbell to free agency, Wilson quickly signed year-old, Cup-winning defenseman Rob Blake to a one-year contract. Sharks defensemen MarcEdouard Vlasic and Christian Ehrhoff are also enjoying eye-opening seasons, largely thanks to the influence of Boyle and Blake.

As the former league MVP and leading scorer goes, so go the Sharks. And for three years, the destination has been an early playoff exit. And with just 37 points in 70 career playoff games—contrasted with points in career regular-season games—Thornton is as much a cause of his unfavorable rep as the rabid Canadian media.

Courtesy of his improved play, an impeccable defense and inspired coaching, it looks like his team has all the makings of a Cup winner. Michael Chen wins modeling competition p. For and gradually improve. Lin and Alex Sclavos, the team will have Although it is great for the team to a strong front. In niques as well as make lasting impresthe first five preseason games, the team sions and memories for them. Though Pruzansky is injured, she still supports the team as a captain.

Senior Jasper Loren will lead the wrestling team to the top as captain, making a great start in his first tournament on Dec. The only game they have won thus far came against Prospect with a score of The players are looking to improve in league games, which started on Dec.

Under his instruction the team hopes to overcome problems they had last year. Senior Chris Chung dribbles down the field in the Dec. The Falcons lost , making their preseason record According to Chung, the team has gotten closer during hard training sessions and. As a result of moving down from the El Camino to the De Anza League, the team hopes to string together some wins. On offense, Pak and junior guard Daniel Chou are outside shooting threats who can score from all areas of the court.

The team will play against Soquel on Dec. Their preseason will conclude on Jan. With all our training and our good coach, we know we can dominate league. Mendoza has been coaching for the past 15 years at a number of different high schools, youth programs and Olympic development programs in the Bay Area. Mendoza expressed enthusiasm about working with the Lady Falcons this year, but there is still much room for improvement.

Junior goalie Jan Iyer dives for the ball to block a goal during practice as the team prepares for a game against Los Gatos on Dec. Goalie Jan Iyer, who was recently out because of a bruised Achilles, has also returned to play this season. The Homestead game was a valuable experience for the girls who have recently moved up into division A in the El Camino League. With many tough practices and challenging games still ahead of them, the.

By popular vote, the team has for the team, which placed fifth overall out changed its practice time and adopted an of 38 teams. Senior Jasper Loren was the highlight They lift weights in the morning so of the tournament, taking first place in the that afternoon lb division.

Nevada Invitational Tournament taking Team members had positive things to place over the winter break. Dedicated to Kathleen Davey; Honorary Chair: Catherine Wang, Class of Music by Mr. Along with the help of his accompanist Emily Hsu, who was an alumnus in and now a professional pianist, Garg was able to wow the panel of six judges at an audition held at Independence High School.

Garg arrived at the competition optimistic. The moment Garg received his congratulatory call, his goal became a reality. I mean, I thought I had played my best. Carol Grams bring holiday spirit to students Classes this week were interrupted with a bit of holiday cheer as the Chamber Singers sang their annual Carol Grams to raise money.

The tradition also financially benefits the Chamber Singers. The grams were delivered during each period on Tuesday, Dec. The song choices were: The Holiday Grams set the state for this. Young people love him. Which is why we have Biden. President Bush briefed Obama about the state of our nation. Clockwise from top left: Thus goes a classic Dean Martin holiday duet. She decides to stay and I think it can probably be assumed he takes advantage of her.

Even Mother Nature is working in their favor. Yes, ladies, it is that time of year, again. The time when every girl needs a nice warm fire and a strong pair of arms around her to make it through these sometimes surprisingly harsh California. Watch out, for most of the time those strong arms are attached to a man with abs of but by no means a conscience of steel. And with some deceitful guys, the fire may be least dangerous thing in the room. Instead, follow these quick and easy ways to keep your body warm and your dignity intact.

Cheap and easy to match with any outfit, they are a great way to keep your neck warm. Also, for when your morals escape you, a scarf doubles as a handy ladder to help you sneak out your bedroom window for a midnight meeting with that guy you swore was just a friend. What better way to warm up than by generating some nice, clean body heat and making some new friends along the way.

After the third or fourth hug, you will start to defrost! On a side note—hugs should not last more than three seconds. Just putting that out there. Yet, judging by the amount of clothing I see people wearing in the dead of winter, our API scores must be some kind of fluke.

There is hope for the future; however, I am certain that when True Religion starts making thermal underwear, our cold and flu rates will disappear almost over-night. So ladies, take my advice. The next time you find yourself cold and lonely on a winter night: This is the Dec. Aaron Garg solos Please recycle after reading! December 19, Vol. Leadership class plans big projects by Grishma Athavale and Kelly Lamble W ith so many students stepping up as leaders through their extracurriculars and in their classrooms, it comes as no surprise that the administration has decided to harness some of this power to enact positive changes for the school by forming a leadership class.

Garg agreed to record after Sports Boosters re- quested him to perform following a recent recital. News and World Report News Opinion ranks high schools based off three factors: The thing about these rankings is that they In-Depth take a bunch of data points and compile them into this ranking. ASB secretary Cindy Chang and assistant principal Karen Hyde worked to send out emails to all the club leaders informing them that they would be cutting clubs and asked them to reply back with basic information regarding the club meeting dates, advisor and the purpose of the club.

He defeated three of W by Albert Gu the top 5 Bay Area players under age 12, all rated points above him and drew a former master. The dance also featured a dessert bar with two chocolate fountains one of dark chocolate and one milk chocolate and an assortment of cookies and brownies. The stu- assistant principal Karen Hyde.

The club shifted its Halloween candy sales to the holiday season because it felt that it was more appropriate to sell Christmas-themed candy. Challenge Day In conjunction with Los Gatos, the leadership class is working on hosting a Challenge Day at Saratoga on March 17 to foster acceptance within the school community.

Editorial—blocked Internet unecessary p. Soon, however, if a proposed plan to reinstitute the Safe Ride program at Saratoga High goes through, the student may Lee have the far more preferable third option of chartering a volunteer to pick him up and drop him off at home, no questions asked. If Safe Ride pre- vents just one person from driving drunk, it is worth it. Two years is by no means enough time to establish a thorough understanding of a teacher—in fact, it usually takes two years to make sure the teacher has any competence at all.

Because schools like Harvard receive funds from the U. Schools like Harvard should not be focusing overseas while the poor Americans students are left behind to fend for themselves. This will ensure that students within the United States are also given an opportunity to attend the college of their choice—something that will not be achieved if top schools continue to recruit students from other countries over the United States.

Attending the has always been a popular idea, but the event would take less than two hours, T by Aditi Jayaraman and Kirstie Lee but performers contract themselves to a month of time away from academics, something juniors and seniors cannot afford at this time of year.

These parents are more the open access system enabled students likely to encourage students to enjoy from all academic levels to enroll in diftheir high school years and take classes ficult classes without fulfilling certain prerequisites. When it comes to getting the perfect Christmas gifts, however, we are downright hopeless.

During a more recent Christmas celebration, I decided to take a more practical approach to gift-buying. Christm a s has become more of a market holiday than a religious holiday. Instead, Tam has embraced the true holiday spirit, and her reason for loving the winter holiday is simple. We get to know each other better. Math teacher encourages holiday joy in classroom E Amanda Yi Math teacher Julie Scola puts up decorations in her classroom to bring holiday cheer. He tolerates those who condemn his own identity because he would like the same tolerance in return.

Cluster of nerve cells in hypothalamus of rams at- tracted to females was larger and contained more neurons than that in male-oriented rams and ewes. Demonstrates a direct correlation between imbalances in the brain and homosexuality of animals culture Robert Schenck pointed by scientists and transplanted to a host of other fruit flies who subsequently exhibited homosexual behavior.

The Lonely Student Students are called out of class one by one, until sophomore Miles Emerson is left alone for a lecture from teacher Mike Davey. Rowling is a genius; she constructed an entire, intricately detailed world from scratch. Throughout the series, Rowling creates a cast of major and minor characters, each with detailed histories.

Here are some movies and a TV special to put you in a good mood this holiday season: Four Christmases Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn star in this comedy about a couple visiting their four sets of parents during the holidays. Goozex can easily reimburse users should they be cheated out of tween users with no middleman, creates savtheir points.

Bran- This means the deals are great! Meet the captains of winter sports p. According to Chung, the team has gotten closer during hard training sessions and weight lifting.

Amanda Yi Amanda Yi Carol Grams bring holiday spirit to students Classes this week were interrupted with a bit of holiday cheer as the Chamber Singers sang their annual Carol Grams to raise money. You might be surprised at who replies. The " Wikid Shareable Tree " is another option. You can just copy and paste the URL https: Surnames The surnames page is a quick reference sheet that displays seven generations of Larissa's family names.

Many members share its URL https: Here are additional tools to help genealogists collaborate on WikiTree to grow Larissa's family history. Activity Feed Here you can view the additions and changes that WikiTree members have made to Larissa's profile so far. Login to access the feed. Since Larissa herself is a WikiTree member there is also an activity feed showing her contributions , of which there have been to date. Badges Members such as Larissa have badges on their profiles. Larissa has 15 already.

They can be a quick way for other WikiTreers to see her range of activities and achievements. Here you can see her questions, answers, comments, and other activity. Edit Profile and Relationships Larissa's edit page is the central location for adding information and correcting mistakes. Is there anything you can add or improve upon? Since you're not logged-in yet you can't make changes directly. Contact the profile managers. Please don't go away without giving us your information and sources.

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You will need to login to post. E-Card Any image uploaded to WikiTree can be sent as a free e-card, including photos of Larissa or scans of vintage postcards. An e-card can be a great way to tell a genealogist or family member about what's here. You don't need to login for this. This will you give you full access to view, follow, and edit Larissa's information on WikiTree. This is especially important since the profile is private.

You will need to login first. Share Larissa's Tree on Facebook. WikiTree Tools Here are additional tools to help genealogists collaborate on WikiTree to grow Larissa's family history. Contact Here are ways to connect and communicate with genealogists regarding Larissa's profile, especially if you're unable to collaborate directly using the WikiTree Tools above. John Hayward s - s. Robert Henry Hayward 31 Jul - Newfoundland. Robert Hayward abt - 05 May Mary Jane Pittman 20 Jan - 01 Jul John Minty abt - 08 Feb Elizabeth Moores 01 Mar -.

Helga Skat-Petersen s - s. Harald Ditlev Klein 19 Nov -.

Centenary is devoted to the Christian way of life and seeks to apply Christian ideals and standards to all Rowe, LaRessa Estelle, Vivian, La. .. Jack Wendell Frazier Leon Lawrence Getz Hayward Austin Gibson Louis Edward Gibson Betty. Wednesday, June 8, , Ore. Wednesday, June 8, School N Demo Voices Full Support For Japan Security Pact ews LAKEVIKW HIGH SCHOOL Watts. Hide and seek. 1 7 1 0 Bank's Mrs. G. S. Hayward. Our Harold. Mrs. Albert Heymann. Mrs. Arthur Huggin s. Laressa softlystep t and seized.