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Salem looking for a midnight rider

Salem looking for a midnight rider

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Salem looking for a midnight rider

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I stay in good shape, college Salem looking for a midnight rider, light brown black man who likes to please, I don't drink or smoke anything. I love the outdoors whether itââ¬â¢s hunting, fishing, kayaking or horse back riding. Trust, honesty, and substance are key.

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Midnight Rider Discussion Guide | Scholastic

When she arrived in Salem, she stormed into a church service and warned all of the citizens the British were going to take their arms. Hannah had to reveal her true identity for the Salemites to believe her. The people secured their weapons safely away before the British came.

There was almost a battle when the British came, but both parties agreed to a compromise. Hannah saved Will by admitting to the general that she was the Midnight Rider. General Gage didn't believe her until she tamed and mounted Gabriel, a horse that only the general had been able to ride. Although Hannah and Will could have been killed, General Gage spared them and banished them from Boston.

The two travel back to Salem, where eventually Promise is healed and survives. Hannah receives a letter from Catherine telling her that Caleb died fighting in the war that has begun. The book ends with Hannah and Will living happily in Salem again. One thing I disliked about this book is that I felt that the author told me exactly what was happening. For example, on page the author wrote, "Catherine and Hannah sat near the back of the church with the other women.

The front pews and balconies were filled with men who spoke loudly with another until a hymn brought solemnity to the gathering. The women sit in the back, and the men are talking in the front. I dislike the author's style of writing because she is telling exactly what to picture. In other words, she tells and doesn't show. Also, I found the main character, Hannah, to be annoying at times.

She annoyed me because she wouldn't stop talking and thinking about Promise. To me, it seemed like all she cared about was her horse. Not to mention, she makes really bad decisions that are annoyingly stupid. This is what I feel like goes through Hannah's mind: I'm gonna ride my ride my horse now - I need to deliver an important message to Paul Revere, let me ride my horse there because no one is going to catch me even though I'm wanted.

First of all, she stated in the book that Mr. Revere's house was not that far so the Province House. She even said that she could walk to his house, but then she decides to ride Promise there. Her very poor decision making that makes you want to slap Hannah and go "What are you doing? Why do you make so many stupid decisions? She must not realize that she could be killed if she was caught. I wish the author would have made Hannah wiser.

This book got two stars for a reason. I didn't hate it, but I disliked it. There were some good aspects of this book. However, they were mostly overpowered by bad. I was somewhat pulled in because I did want to keep reading at some points but I was repeatedly disappointed. I would recommend this book to advanced elementary readers, people who enjoy stories about the American Revolution, and horse lovers.

Midnight Rider is NOT for advanced readers, who would be annoyed by this book's bluntness. All in all, this book was okay, but I disliked many aspects. Aug 15, Natalie rated it really liked it Shelves: Ann Rinaldi was my favorite author and I guzzled her books right up. As I grew up, I moved away from historical fiction, preferring to read historical nonfiction. Reading this book, while written at a lower reading level than Ann Rinaldi, tossed me right back to my youth, when I fell in love with history through fictional characters.

Hannah's family dies from small pox and she is sold as an indentured servant to work in the house of General Gage, right on the doorsteps of the Revolutionary War. Hannah has to decide where her loyalties lie and how far she'll go for what she believes. The history is not added in very subtly.

Awkward conversations are used to insert large descriptions of what is happening, historically speaking. I do think, though, that it's written appropriately for the age level. I know it's not the best book ever, but I still enjoyed it and I'm excited to read it with my class. Sep 24, Monica Gabour rated it it was amazing. Amazing read-- read it years ago and I still remember how amazing it was. Would read again and again.

Jun 30, Jaylie rated it it was amazing. I was addicted to this book. The characters were interesting. I highly reccomend it to anybody who wants a good historical fiction.

Apr 04, GabrielleOwens added it. Jun 20, Kristie Stauffer rated it really liked it. This was enjoyable historical fiction. It is a bit juvenile, but I believe that is the intended audience. Nov 14, Beverly rated it liked it. A neighbor brings the horse, Promise, to Boston where Hannah is able to sneak out of the Gage household, dressed as a boy and ride her beloved horse.

During her midnight rides, Hannah takes to harassing British soldiers and eventually becomes involved in the rebel cause. Near the end of the book she rides on a dangerous mission to warn the villagers of Salem that the British will be confiscating their munitions. Many historical figures, including Paul Revere, appear in this action-paced story. It has the potential to grip the reader and take them on a wild ride, yet falls short of doing so.

A story about such a volatile time in American history should keep the reader on the edge of their seat. Somehow the tension of the historical time recounted in the story does not quite come across.

Recommended for Grade 5- 8th. Oct 23, mademoiselle: Hannah's parents died of smallpox and now she must live with her cruel aunt, Pheobe. Aunt Phoebe sells Hannah's horse, Promise,a gift from Hannah's father. Hannah is very upset. She finds out that a young boy named Will, about her age, now has the horse. She and Will meet and Hannah rides Promise a lot.

Aunt Pheobe finds out about Hannah riding and sends her to Boston to work for a british general and his family. Hannah meets some friends at the general's manor. She hates living Summary: She hates living there, though. She tries to fight for freedom as much as she can. She gets involved with the Whigs, a secret group of Americans fighting for freedom, and helps them.

She lets them know about different plans the general has. Also in Boston, she finds Will. Will brought Promise with him. Hannah sees Promise as much as she can. She tries to help Will and the Whigs.

Hannah must do all she can, before it is too late. I would recomend this book to anyone who likes to learn about American history in a fun way. I would recomend it to anyone who likes adventures, horses, and history. This is book is a great book, and it mixes with your emotions. When you read it, at one point you'll be crying another you'll be laughing. This book is about a girl who works for the British General Thomas Gage. She is sent away by her selfish aunt after her mother dies to work for him.

Hannah the girl loves her horse promise, she rides promise dressed as a boy so she has the right to ride at night. At night Hannah pulls pranks on the British. Her friend Will, who had bought the horse after he This is book is a great book, and it mixes with your emotions. Her friend Will, who had bought the horse after her aunt sold him, is about to get punished as the owner of the horse, because now it seems he is the midnight rider. Read this book to find out if, and how, Hannah helps Will.

At the same time of all this Hannah had been bringing messages to Paul Revere about what the British were planning, and when Paul runs into a trap, set by the British, Hannah had to ride to Salem herself to bring the warning of the incoming British.

Sad things happen in this book, as well as happy things, funny things, and just plain old unpredictable things. Follow Hannah's story when you read Midnight Rider. A book about the Revalutionary war. All the things you will learn in this book will tye up all the facts with a young girls life.

She really doesn't mind too much on how peopel treat her because she knows no one can bring her down when she really puts her mind to it. When that company was gone unobserved by the Germans, but not by all present , the stone was taken away before the next came: Despite the fact that Dawes played a pivotal role in the midnight ride of April 18th, , he has been almost entirely forgotten by historians and completely overshadowed by Paul Revere.

Why should I ask? The reason is clear — My name was Dawes and his Revere. The shadows of night fell cold and gray As I rode, with never a break or a pause; But what was the use, when my name was Dawes! History rings with his silvery name; Closed to me are the portals of fame. No one has heard of me because He was Revere and I was Dawes. Sadly, not only have historians forgotten about Dawes but even some of his own peers forgot his name, according to an article on the History Channel website:.

Dawes died on February 25, Even the real location of his grave has been forgotten. Holland , Henry Ware. John Wilson and Son, Legend of the Third Horseman. Oxford University Press, Thank you, Rebecca, for your excellent article. Much better to share this work, he thought. It made the night seem less perilous. His esteemed friend in Boston would be worrying about them. Here they were, working well together, each beforehand having worked well separately.

He studied the hands in the moonlight. He thought, A blessed tranquility swaddles the land. Weary toiler, rest your head, all is safe. He and Dawes violated that dictum. Dawes heard first the cantering horse. Seeing Revere and Dawes hunched in their saddles, the rider slowed his horse to a walk.

He stopped ten feet away. The man was cordial. Which explains my presence at this hour. Transferring his smile, the doctor regarded Revere. I too am a son of liberty! Though admittedly not … Concord is astir because of you! Of the message you so recently delivered.

Would that I have you hiding behind the door! The young doctor was engaging, likable. Revere lengthened the pause. The cordwainer repositioned his large, flapped hat. They watched him swallow, grimace. Amused, Revere thought again of his doctor friend. Joseph would want to know everything about this fine young man. But I must warn you. Our work entails risk.

You accompany us … at your peril. Revere had decided he would return to the Clarke house immediately after he had alerted Major Buttrick. He wanted to know what Adams and Hancock had done to protect themselves. After that, … events, not preconceived intentions, determined more often than not his actions.

The young doctor and Billy Dawes had stopped at the door of another farmhouse. Revere rode contentedly ahead. The stillness, crispness, and clarity of the night braced him.

Catherine says that Hannah is the best friend Meg ever had. Why is Hannah such a good friend to Meg? Give four or five examples. Being far from home and somewhat isolated because of her station, Meg does not have many friends. Meg's eagerness to acquire Hannah as her personal maid comes from Meg's desire to be around a girl her own age. Some signs of Hannah's friendship to Meg include: They have both lost their mothers and feel trapped in Providence House.

Hannah stands up for what she believes in. Showing her true feelings to Meg could be seen as a sign of closeness. Why does Hannah feel like a traitor to the Gage family? To whom else might she feel like a traitor? Because she sides with the Whigs but works for a Loyalist, Hannah feels like a traitor. What would you say to Mrs. Gage where the mistress reflects: Gage to support the Whigs' cause by: She even refers to the children herself on page This story is told from the perspective of a young servant girl.

During this time in history, much of the wealthier class did not. They did not expect them to be intelligent, nor did they inquire into their free-time activities.

On the other hand, Hannah has trouble convincing people to believe her because of these same factors. Explain the significance of the name "Promise" to Hannah and to the story. The name Promise first and foremost ties Hannah to her beloved father, whom she lost to smallpox. Hannah and Catherine each have one prized possession from their homes. Hannah and Catherine have both lost loved ones to smallpox.

It probably reminds Catherine of all her family members who are no longer with her: In chapter 2, we learn how difficult it was for Hannah to chose just one item to take with her when she left home.

When she is angry or frustrated, Hannah sometimes mimics people's voices. How else might Hannah have used her talent for mimicry in this story? Gage's voice to fool Miss Lydia into being nicer to the rest of the servants. Imagine Hannah is a student in your school. What classes, clubs, and activities might she be interested in? Pick one other character from the book.

What school activities would he or she be interested in? Hannah would be interested in anything relating to animals. How might Hannah's actions have helped the Whigs' cause?

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