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Romantic adult nursing relationship fun Metzger

Romantic adult nursing relationship fun Metzger

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Very free and relationshhip should also be free to pursue a great new friendship. Seeking forward to chatting. If you interested reply with what you want and photos I don't care how she looks like but should be honest in relation, preferably living in Worcester.

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Romantic adult nursing relationship fun Metzger

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) I strive to be the best in everything I do, and I am actually entirely independent.

An Adult Nursing Relationship is a relationship in which a woman who is currently lactating is being suckled by her husband, boyfriend, friend, girlfriend, or some other significant other. This hub is not to glorify this type of relationship. This hub is to help those in a committed relationship try something new to bond and become closer to each other. You can set your own goals as far as if you are already lactating, or if you want to induce lactation, but there are various reasons a woman and her adult partner would want this type of relationship.

There are rewards for the woman and her partner in this type of relationship. A baby is close to her mother during this time, and when an adult couple can also spend this type of quality time together to hold one another is a true deep emotional experience that few can truly say they have ever had the opportunity to experience. This is a physical bonding experience, but it goes way beyond just the time spent nursing. The physiological effects that one can have thinking about spending this type of quality time with your partner helps relationships become strong all over again.

You have to take this type of relationship serious just like any other relationship you have had in the past. You have to be willing to talk to your partner about the joys and pitfalls of what you both want out of an ANR relationship. Some men and women enjoy it for the lactation experience; some enjoy it for the quiet time spent with one another.

If your relationship is already strong, this can only enhance it to another level. It is not something that happens overnight. And you have to know how to separate sex, from an ANR relationship. This is about spending time with the one you love in an old fashion way, which has been done from the beginning of time.

I have had the fortune of experiencing this before and I can personally tell you it is wonderful, and when you let yourself go, you realize you love the person for all the reasons in the world, the good and bad reasons. Some couples who are adopting and infant will try to enter into an adult nursing relationship to aid in inducing lactation.

For those who have adopted an infant, to help the mother bond with her new baby, the couple can engage in this type of relationship for help with lactation.

You are a team, married or not especially if you have adopted an infant, increasing milk production can be tough. Your local hospitals or certified nursing specialist have many options to help you with increasing milk production, but breast massage, nipple stimulation and breast pumping cannot bring you closer in an relationship like ANR.

I personally would prefer the emotional attachment that I would gain by deeply committing myself to helping out my partner, my best friend, my love, my wife, my significant other. I have friends that are deeply committed, to each other but they exclude sexual contact altogether during their nursing sessions.

Quality time and the pressure of the world during those moments can bring the heavens and the earths all to ground level. There are many ways you can bond with your partner. This maybe new to some or it may be taboo to others. Some couples go to counseling, some go workout together, and others watch a movie. This is just another way and reason for a loving soul to interact with another loving soul to come together and help each others thought process fade away while holding each other close and relaxing without a care in the world.

Be open, be honest, be up front, be ready to enhance your relationship skills with the simple request and talk about what you want. An ANR relationship can be for emotional reasons only to achieve both of your goals to become as one and walk as one again.

I have had a lot of people contact me on here and inquire about just a suckling friendship without the goal of lactation. And I have to say, that is a great type of friendship also. There is nothing wrong if you enjoy the stimulation of someone suckling you if you both have an understanding up front. This is not a game, and this isn't a ploy to go any further than the mutual agreement that two adults share to have a strong bond. Again, I have friends, that are married who's husbands or wives do not enjoy it, but they look outside of their marriage.

You have to do what makes you happy. Interacting with another loving soul with the same wants and needs brings joy and calm to the aura around you. I apologize to those that have contacted me, but I am not a dating specialist, this is just a topic about the joys of one type of relationship. Finding someone is up to you. Its not instant, give it time, and the rewards will be worth it.

My advice to those involved or curious Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. For those who are exploring the potential-dry or wet nursing-be open minded enough to at least explore the benefits. I only wish there was a way for interested people to meet and potentially develop this amazing bond. Such a wonderful thing, I crave it again. I only have droplets but would love to share them with likeminded. Have been looking for this for the past 12 yrs Hard to find a meeting of the minds, spiritual, intellectual, physical, respectful, spiritual, humorous, and interesting connection with this as well.

Always meet 'leg men' when my interest and assets are above the waist. No rudeness, short fuse, or bad manners, folks like this are not trustworthy.

Has to be a pilot personality.. Never discussed with any partner. I had Never heard of this term or type of "activity" until just recently when a friend of mine asked me if I knew what an Adult Nursing Relationship was. Not having any idea, I looked it up on the internet. I just wasn't at all interested enough to further pursue its meaning. My husband has wanted this,since maybe our second child.

And I have tried, however I have a bad reaction to it. And I have tried distracting myself but I still feel so uncomfortable. I WANT to do this for him , for many reasons. I just have a sexual abuse history as a child. I have nursed from my wife for years. Unfortunately, it has always been on and off as work, kids, and responsibilities have gotten in the way. But we recently made a firm, new commitment to this - determined to nurse several times a day on a schedule.

Yes, you cannot imagine how powerful and bonding this is. It is more intimate and powerful than sex, by far. People say that keeping on a schedule is what makes it hard. But in fact, that is one of the most power aspects of adult breastfeeding - that every 4 hours or 6 or 8, or however you can manage it , you both KNOW that the world will stop, and you will clutch into each others' arms and nurse. That is the true power of it. That on a regular basis, every single day of your lives, you give yourselves to each other.

After all, we go to work on a schedule, eat on a schedule. We make sure that every day we do these things, but yet the most important thing, bonding and loving our partner, we "fit in when we can". For yourself, for each other. For any couple who wants to live in a secret state of bliss for your entire lives. I have a question if anyone sees this and knows the answer.. I'm a 60 year old woman who has done anr for a very short time some years ago and I loved it.

My question is can I produce milk at this age? It's the most powerful form of bonding you will ever know. Far more emotionally and spiritually connecting then even sex. I've done both wet and dry and it's incomparable, soul wrenching. I felt like he was taking from her. I totally get what your saying about the emotional connection.

I look forward to our time together at the end of the day, I love it when he wakes me in the middle of the night to nurse. It just so intimate. It saddens me that there is such a taboo with this.

People have no clue what they are misssing out on. This is a beautiful article on a very interesting topic. I would love to experience this emotional connection with the right person, but it is not mainstream and not sure how to go about it. But hearing your perspective and the bond you can create with someone you love, motivates me to really explore this with my partner.

To Beverly, I understand and wish you success. I too, while not lactating, would love to be of service to those who would enjoy this wonderful experience. It is amazing to be of service to men who desire and wish to experience this. I am in the Northeast and find it hard to locate men who are looking for a non-lactating experience. Hi, I'm a journalist and am currently researching ANR's.

If anyone would like to get in touch, feel free to email charley. I am a widow and and a Nurse, I have always had and enjoy an ANR relationship, within my marriage as well as a service to friends and aquaintances in the past.

I have now relocated to a new area and not sure where to start to not just restarting this service but also to fullfill the need of others. It is a fantastic experience. Speaking from a non-Lactation point of view, there's a bond and special feeling experienced if approached from a non-sexual place. Think ultimate relaxation and connection.

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Anonymous Why does a woman marry a man and then expect him to change? Jul 23, Marisella rated it liked it Shelves: An entertaining and well written Regency romance, with engaging characters and a nicely paced plot.

Each chapter starts with little witticisms "A man looking for a wife has to be careful. This material may be protected by copyright. Read this book on Scribd: Mar 13, Pang rated it it was ok Shelves: Ian, Athena, and her brother are cute!! But this book is kinda boring for my taste. Men rely on reason; women rely on feelings. What your head tells you or what your heart tells you? Women are fragile and flighty, like butterflies.

Jun 14, suzi rated it liked it. The first half was awesome with the duel and what happens after. It gets a bit dragging in the middle and annoying at the end. Mostly because of Attie. She started awesome then degraded to annoying. Well, for me anyway. Some might still love it. I wish there were more Doro and Carswell. Aug 05, Allison rated it really liked it. Very reminiscent of Georgette Heyer's work with just a touch of sensuality thrown in. Aug 18, Karen rated it liked it Shelves: I didn't like it as much as some of her earlier books.

Oct 23, Saral rated it really liked it. That was sooo funny. Apr 05, Alexa rated it it was ok Shelves: Light, sometimes amusing fluff. For some reason just doesn't resonate with me. May 16, T rated it really liked it. Athena makes a great antagonist to Ian and I enjoyed their spats. However, I feel once they get together, the story drags on. Jul 25, Annie rated it it was ok. My favorite character in this story was Roma, the deaf dog. She was just wonderful.

Jul 22, Linda rated it it was ok. Mar 18, Taylor rated it did not like it. Sep 25, Sylvia rated it it was amazing. Aug 06, Jessica rated it really liked it Shelves: This book contains a scene involving cross-dressing that had me laughing harder than I have ever laughed reading a book. Kelly rated it liked it Mar 02, Beatriz rated it liked it Feb 22, Betty Lou Stoneham rated it liked it Oct 05, Ljl rated it liked it Apr 07, Bebe Four rated it liked it Jun 26, Alka Vardhan rated it it was ok Apr 07, Margaret rated it really liked it Jun 18, Bookworm rated it liked it Dec 10, Somebody rated it really liked it Jul 27, Barbara Metzger is the author of over three dozen books and a dozen novellas.

A shocking letter from her wastrel stepbrother Jasper Riddley reveals that he has been involved in running a backwater country inn, smuggling, highway robbery and someone has been committing treason at his inn and wants him dead.

Jasper has gone into hiding and begs Lyndell to take care of things. Though exasperated by her Lyndell Markham is bored with society. Though exasperated by her relative's spinelessness, Lyndell seizes the chance for adventure. She disguises herself as Jasper Riddley's frumpy middle-aged spinster sister turned innkeeper in hopes of catching a spy.

Lyndell enlists the aid of trusted servants to help her run the inn. Lyndell didn't expect to encounter a savage dog, a shy stable boy, and a bar maid who serves guests more than just food and drinks. Nor did she count on playing chaperon to a beautiful dimwitted heiress fleeing an arranged marriage to a rakish Marquis and neither lady ever expected the Marquis of Cheyene to show up at the inn!

After returning from the wars two months ago, Cheyne has been living life to the fullest: However, Cheyene has one last bit of business that the war office has asked him to take care of. This business takes Cheyne and his cousin Willie to a certain inn where he encounters a stuffy spinster, a beautiful maid and a dazzling damsel who may or may not be the woman for him, depending on what he's interested in. This mad cap adventure brings Lyndell more danger and excitement that she ever bargained for as well as new feelings she's never encountered before.

This novel is a hybrid of a traditional Regency and romantic comedy. I love romantic comedies and I enjoyed this one a lot. Metzger's heroines are always independent and appealing to the modern reader, even if they probably aren't very realistic for their time.

Lyndell fits the bill for an engaging heroine and even Cheyne is likable and charming for all he's a rake and I couldn't help but root for the unlikely pair. The secondary characters were amusing and good foils for the primary characters, though they were rather stereotypical for the genre. This book is funny and romantic and a little bit sensual without going overboard. It's definitely one to read. Nov 27, Susannah Carleton rated it liked it.

Romance, suspense, laughter, and intriguing characters. It was the first book by Ms. Metzger I ever read, and while it isn't my favorite of her books, it's a very enjoyable read. Aug 25, Vivienne rated it liked it. An Insalubrious Inn 3. These scathing words are uttered by twenty-four year-old Miss Lyndell Markham.

What a great opening line that is! This exclamation was in response to a letter Lyndell had received from her step-brother, Jasper Riddley, who has bought a less than salubrious wayside inn only a short distance from the Markham estate. It appears he has had trouble with spies, one of whom is an aristocrat from London name unknown An Insalubrious Inn 3.

It appears he has had trouble with spies, one of whom is an aristocrat from London name unknown , and has, therefore, hidden himself away. Lyndell does what any step-sister who loathed her brother would do. She disguised herself and went to run the inn herself to try to get to the bottom of the trouble. Probably not a book I will read again, but a light read for Metzger fans.

Aug 19, Amy rated it liked it Shelves: Jul 17, Smc rated it liked it Shelves: Sep 10, H2bourne rated it liked it. This was a delightful romp. There wasn't too much suspense or tension either to really engage the reader though the author did try to add an element of danger. A well-paced, entertaining read but not the most engrossing story ever told.

Aug 7, Breathe. In the shore town of Sea Breeze, Sadie discovers that fame is nothing in the face of passion. A steamy read from bestselling author Abbi Glines. Since her mom is pregnant and refuses to work, Sadie will be taking over as a domestic servant for a wealthy family on a nearby island. When the family arrives at their summer getaway, Sadie is surprised to learn that the owner of the house is Jax Stone, one of the hottest teen rockers in the world.

Everything about Sadie fascinates Jax, but he fights his attraction: Relationships never work in his world, and as badly as he wants Sadie, he believes she deserves more. Can their love overcome the disparity in their lifestyles?

Even though Sadie is supposed to be the child in the relationship with Jessica, she found herself acting like the parent more often than not. That is what got her into the predicament at the Stone resident. When she arrives at the Stone residence, she has to prove to Ms. Mary that she is not going to be some crazy teenager when the owner and rock star heartthrob, Jax Stone, show up.

While working at the Stone mansion, Sadie makes friends and catches the eye of Jax. She and Jax start spending as much time together as they can given their schedules. She knows as soon as she starts things with Jax that it is not going to have a happy ending.

He will go back to his world and she will only have memories of the time she spent with him. What will happen between Sadie and Jax? How will Jessica deal with their relationship? I have read a lot of books by Glines recently and really like her writing style. She just thinks that she is not as pretty as her mother and that is the ending of her thinking on the matter.

I liked that she is not stuck on her beauty like some of the girls her age that you read about. Sadie has some other qualities that are admirable. She takes care of her pregnant mother.

Sadie has been doing it for a long time. Jax is a rock star; a teenage rock star that has oodles of girls fawning over him. When he first sees Sadie, he thinks that she snuck into his house to get his autograph or just get close to him. I like Jax in this story. Even though he is this big star, you learn how grounded he is. This book was a fun read. It seems like a fairy tale, like a modern-day The Prince and the Pauper. I like the way Sadie learns to rely on other people. Aug 5, Guest Post: Ten Stories about Wishes.

Mike Welles had everything under control. But that was before. To figure out who he is again. If only Mike will listen.

It's a question writers often get asked. Some find it hard to answer, because ideas can float around in your head for a while, or several different entirely unrelated things may have to combine to create a story. Phil' show on eating disorders. The two-part series features several girls with bulimia and anorexia.

Sue Roberts' year-old son, Justin, the article said, "almost starved himself to death after several doctor's visits missed important signs. At first, Justin's parents complimented him on how good he looked, how disciplined he was. Then they noticed he was dropping weight too rapidly, that his personality had changed. Within four months, Justin, five feet tall and originally pounds, went down to 82 pounds.

He wore baggy sweatshirts to hide his frail body, but he couldn't conceal the malnourishment evident in his sunken eyes and hollow cheeks. Justin's mother couldn't prove to her insurance company that her son needed hospitalization, so finally she had him admitted on her own.

He had zero body fat. His body temperature was 92, and there were patches of hair growing on his stomach and neck. It was his body's way of trying to keep him warm. He was days away from death. During his brief hospital stay, Justin "saw an emaciated girl walking in the hallway, talking to herself.

In less than a year, he grew four inches. Talking of his present state, he could say:

Apr 12, The relationships of two couples become complicated and deceitful when the man from one . Not Rated | 85 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance. Romantic adult nursing relationship fun Metzger Just dirty looking for horny women. My initial reaction was almost gushing relief to have finally found a halfway decent (and generally clean) Regency romance. It is fun, too, with a strong heroine.