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Port orchard women fuck buddies

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Little Dan Of Blessed Memory. Mad Max Boys in the Hood. His First Weekend in L. The Weeks After Shay's Seduction. Michael Hines Of Blessed Memory. Miguel Sanchez Of Blessed Memory. Mike Yonge Mikel Yonge. Nexis Pas Of Blessed Memory. Nick Alias Pizza Boy. Enslaved Falsely Enslaved Fighter! Mike Trailer Trash Trailer Trash: Rob Loveboy Of Blessed Memory.

Ronald Jr Fortaleza Ronnie, Keith. United Colors of Benton was worn by kids who were upper middle class to well to do kids when I was in Jr. They were considered the have to have in thing to wear. They had some junk, but they also had some diamonds in the rough too. My mother used to go their fine jewelry department and she would buy 24 kart gold jewelry and other pieces of jewelry when they had big sales and she bought some amazing things at super prices.

R71, by those kids with that hair with a ton of hair spray were considered bland to trashy level when I was in high school. When I went to high school many of the kids used to think kids in the Mid-West and even to a certain degree the East Coast were considered behind the times or dressed playing it safe and dull.

There were kids like that at my high school, but they were usually considered rough and one note. But as a general rule so many were Punk or New Wave kids. They wore their hair in different colors such as, blue, red, pink etc. It was rare but there were guys here and there who wore eyeliner. Most wore black clothes. Vintage clothes and the vintage look was big!

LOL when those kids went out in public, outside of school, they got a lot of stares from the adults. Their looks on their faces was hilarious! They looked like they saw an alien walking past them. Spencer's was super tacky. Now they are scraping the bottom of the barrel selling beyond gross and completely disgusting stuff. This is a store is dedicated to the Honey Boo Boo crowd.

The Sunset Virgin never moved to Hollywood and Highland. That location had been around for quite a few years before the Sunset store closed. But yes, I miss them and Tower as well. It was nice to have other options. They were only a kiosk in our mall, but Ralph Marlin was the closest thing I can remember to a necktie shop. Lots of novelty ties - fish ties seemed like a popular thing for them.

The chain folded years before I grew old enough to appreciate it. It sold the real thing; not the the mega-sweetened stuff popularized by TCBY. My young taste buds recoiled at the sourness and relative lack of sweetness of Dannon's frozen yogurt. I also miss Service Merchandise - I have fond childhood memories of traipsing through various sections of the store on my way to or from the toy department.

But in the Atlanta area, this was not a mall store not that I recall, anyway. I can't believe that it took R's post for me to remember that one. The clothes in the actual "flagship stores" were usually too high for us to buy - but I loved going in those stores anyway even if it was just to browse. That brand sort-of defined late '80s high-end casual chic.

And one might occasionally luck into a nice Benetton item at Marshall's or T. Omg, I had a coworker that worked full time at Wilson's Leather and part time with me at Waldenbooks. We compared experiences with the mall regulars. Another coworker worked part time at K B Toys, directly across the concourse from the store. We could wave hello to him from our registers.

Was Chess King where you could buy color blocked silk shirts and black leather ties in ? I had those things I just forgot where I got them. And, I thought I looked so cool at the time. I begged my parents to buy me that stuff like my life depended on it and, for a 13 year old who had 20 bar mitzvahs to go to through 8th grade - I had to look fabulous. The Wall remember their lifetime guarantee stickers? Probably what put them out of business.

I used to return ruined CDs to their store even if they were from another store. Oh, how I miss the Nature Company. They'd always offer you tea when you went in. And that's where I got my life-sized emperor penguin blow up! R54, Thanks for jogging my memory with Magic Pan. As a 20 year old working in Irving Sports Store I thought the crepes pretty elegant fare. That was where the more well to do customers ate at our new and fancy Montgomery Mall near Potomac, Maryland.

The whole mall was a really big deal, late 70's and early eighties. I worked there for 15 years. I know it sounds like a cliche, but it really was like a big family. I remember the candy area.

Wow, I was just a little kid. That was always the last stop after a long fun day of shopping with my grandmother. Our reward for shopping, well done. Atlantans - and RuPaul fans - may find this YouTube video interesting. One's eyes are treated to lingering glimpses of a Lenox. Relive Atlanta's premier mall as it looked in Wasn't there a few Frederick's of Hollywood stores in some malls at one time? I loved shopping there.

You didn't look at clothes on the racks, the saleswomen would present you with different garments. It felt so elegant. And, at the end of soap operas, they would often announce -'Gowns from Lily Rubin Salons. R meant to finish that there was a Frederick's at my mall up until maybe 10 years ago. Not sure if it's still there or not as I haven't been there since about that time.

That California Pizza Kitchen at Lenox in the RuPaul video looked exactly the same until - when they completely remodeled it. Otherwise almost all those stores have changed hands. I know, R - kind-of interesting that California Pizza Kitchen not only has stayed, but looked exactly the same for so many years.

Change has been the only constant at Lenox. Is that sculpture still in front of Neiman Marcus? I cannot remember if I spotted it during my last visit there. Malls were tourist attractions too. Anytime I went on vacation I would beg my parents to take me to the local mall.

I have no idea why since most malls were pretty similar but the Beverly Center stands out in my memory no doubt. A few years after I visited I could brag to my friends in Texas who had seen "Clueless" and "Selena" that I'd been there. The Hallmark Store in that same mall recently disappeared.

That made me mad. It was a pretty, nice little store. But somebody told me Hallmark stores are biting the dust because greeting cards are becoming obsolete. I don't know if that's the reason why. Anyway, I'll miss the shop. Some crummy pet store has taken its place.

Growing up in the 80s, we were too poor to shop at the mall. We went to see a movie there once in a while but I was never a "mall rat" though they did exist back then. I've heard of Chess King but have never been inside of one. I did buy some cassettes at Coconuts, though. In college I worked at The Disney Store at a different mall in a different state for a few months.

This was the early 90s and already the mall felt like a relic. This was when Grunge was cool so the mall was definitely not cool. I hope the Hallmark Store disappears! My partner, whom I always accuse of being a little old lady inside a man's body, always buys way too many Xmas ornaments and cards from there. I used to spend so much time at the Chicago locations. That's the problem with on-line shopping - you don't "discover" things. You have to "search" for things.

How do I know what to look for? How do I know there's a category that I might find interesting? And with the selection which is a wonderful thing , you can spend hours on Amazon just looking.

Who has this kind of time? Not to mention the fact that it's nearly impossible to appreciate album cover art on a 1x1 thumbnail photo. From my childhood I miss Waldenbooks because, well, it was a bookstore in a mall and I was in heaven as a kid surrounded by books. As has been said, they were a great place to browse and discover something you didn't even know existed.

Another vote for Chess King. I had a sleeveless sweater from them that I agonized over getting rid of 20 years later. Had the soles replaced once. There's a food court at the Westfield Mall in downtown San Francisco. A variety of "ethnic" cuisines, cupcakes and cream puffs. It's in the basement, not on the main mall flow, so as not to allow scary people to scare off customers. I worked at Henebry's Jewelers and my friend, Dawn, worked across the mall at Foxmoor.

This is Dawn, how may I help you? During sales, we had to inject the sale AND the preferred reader part into the phone call. This is X, how can I help you? It annoyed the shit out of customers and many would hang up before I could get through the greeting. I don't think Amazon wiped us out just due to convenience and lower prices. I think customers got sick and tired of being harrassed every time they walked into the store.

I remember being 16 or so working at my first job, and making my first big-ticket purchase - an incredibly tacky leather coat from Wilson Leathers. I had buyer's remorse soon afterward but it was too late to return it. After that, I blew most of my fun money on cds and tapes. He was able to steal tapes from Montgomery Ward yes, they had a music dept. Eventually he did get caught It must be for the benefit of the tourists.

San Francisans don't scare so easily. Another vote for Magic Pan. They reopened a few a while back as mall food court type places but they weren't the same and I think they've all closed now.

I spent years trying to duplicate their Potage St. I eventually found the actual recipe online and I'd managed to come remarkably close. I still love that stuff and just made a batch with the leftover Xmas ham scraps.

Another one I loved was a luggage place that I think was called Deutsche Luggage. My parents were big travelers and my partner was a road warrior so I could always find something there. I bought him a Halliburton brief case many years ago with no clue what I was even buying except that I was pretty sure he couldn't destroy this one like the nice leather ones I'd bought him before. Halliburton is still here as is the partner. I'm not much of a shopper and haven't actually been in a mall for years but I agree that there was something to be said for being able to browse around and usually being able to come up with original gift ideas as opposed to just ticking things off an Amazon wish list.

A nice, relaxed meal or snack at the end of it was part of the fun. Where's the fun in that? The building the homeless guy is sitting against is the Westfield Mall. If he went downstairs to the food court he might score some fried rice or a red-velvet cupcake, poor guy I only miss Orange Julius. Dairy Queen took over the brand.

There are only two DQs where I live, but hey're too far to go for an OJ and both get horrible reviews: Having to fill out that little paper with those shitty stubby pencils. Then wait and wait for your crap to go down a roller ball belt. Thank God they're gone. Not a mall store, but I miss Gemco. Target would be the closest retailer nowadays. I had my first driving lessons in their parking lot when they were closed on Mondays. Target sold Hickory Farms cheese and sausage over the holidays--I bought some to put into a gift basket for my brother.

The "summer sausage" tasted like Soylent Green! If you were on the Disney Store manager's shit list all of the managers were women , she'd stick you in "Zone One" which was the worst job assignment of them all. You were required to stand within 10 feet of the door and say hello to every incoming customer and goodbye to all outgoing customers. But you weren't allowed to stand there like a greeter, you had to look busy!

So you'd have to keep your eye on people coming and going AND fold shirts or whatever. And God forbid you miss someone! My manager had me running out into the mall concourse area to say goodbye if I missed the person while they were actually in the store. All while wearing that ugly turquoise sweater and gray nylon pants. I didn't last there very long. In hindsight the pet store at my local mall was a sad place for many of the animals who lived there waiting to be sold.

I'm glad it's gone. They all pretty much went away. Somehow the original also-ran of mall music stores TransWorld Entertainment became the last man standing. Back in the day they ran Record Town malls and Coconuts freestanding. Even now - being the last man standing, they have fewer stores than when they were the Hertz of the record store world.

Our larger malls are expanding by adding free standing stores abd restaurants outside the enclosed malls. Before Yankee candle there was a candle shop at the mall that I'm not sure was local or national. But it was where you went at the last minute to get a Christmas gift for your mom or a female coworker or friend. I boosted smurf figurines from the Hallmark store and scratch n sniff stickers from the florist who had made the mistake of trying to sell scratch n sniff stickers.

These were the days before security cameras every five feet. That brings back memories for me! They used to sell crystal in different colors. They had to close because of stupid Target came along.

When Target came many of the little dime stores went out of business. We used to have Benjamin Franklin's dime store and Woolworth's. I miss the dime stores greatly because they were small and you could get odd's and ends and not spend a lot of time shopping. Also, they were fun little stores as well. Now these stupid humongous stores like Target and Walmart are so massive you have to walk a mile to buy a tube of tooth paste! Also the charm is gone. I forgot about the Nature Company! That was a very classy store and expensive.

They sold such beautiful things and they also educated you about nature.. I adored that store. Filene's, of course closed. Instead of turning it into yet another Macy's, Macy's Corporate moved Bloomingdale's Women's store from its freestanding location about a mile away, into the old Filene's location, giving it a stunning remodel.

So both anchors are now Bloomingdale's, women's on the west side, men's and home furnishings on the east end. The old Bloomingdale's women's store was turned into a Macy's apparel-only store, opening in which failed, closing in Don't get so smug.

It's kind of the ugly, forgotten stepsister in terms of LA malls but somehow manages to survive - maybe because it's enclosed and allows TV and film crews to shoot there after hours.

Nordstrom is moving to Century City and Macy's is tearing down their store former Bullock's in Century City and building a new one, which will presumably be a full-line store. At that point, I wouldn't be surprised if the Westside Pavillion is torn down for high-end condos.

I've always hated shopping, but it does make me nostalgic to hear how malls are dying. Where am I going to do a morning walk when I'm retired? I didn't know Nordstrom was moving. That'll be tough since that was the pass-through if you were trying to get from the mall side to the movie theater side over Westwood Blvd. I don't even know what's left to fill the space there - Pennys? It's a huge 3-level space. I guess they could split it up somehow.

Bloomingdale's at Century City is a store that really needs to renovate. Haven't been in awhile but the last time I was there it seemed really rundown. Escalators not working, air conditioning not running, and just a general sense of aging.

I don't remember which one it was, but for a time in the 90s, we were encouraged to not go to Waldenbooks or B. Dalton because they refused to carry gay books. Or maybe it was magazines like Out and XY? As you can see, I forgot to write it in my journal but I have this distinct memory that we had to avoid shopping with one or the other. It sure as hell wasn't us.

Waldenbooks and our sister store Borders, both long gone now was a very gay friendly company. Even our podunk stores carried gay and lesbian books and magazines. And our manager chain was loaded with gay men and lesbians. Our yearly manager meeting was a big sea of homos. I don't miss the retail hours or xmas customers, but I do miss working with other readers.

When the huge shipments came in on Thursdays, it was a real treat to go through the bargain selection. R, Waldenbooks manager here again. I made the switch to Borders for a bit, but then went crawling back to Waldenbooks.

Borders stores weren't as much fun. They made everyone rotate through the cafe, which no one wanted to do, and the stores had much longer hours. The morning people had to come in at 7 6 over xmas and the night people would be in until after midnight the stores closed at And customers left the store a disaster area.

I don't even want to get into what the back room looked like. But--customers aside--it was fun. In the off season, anyway. My favorite thing was hiding away in the backroom receiving and sorting shipment, so I had first pick of new titles and bargain books. R - I spent lots of time in the B. Dalton's and Waldenbooks of my local malls and also Coles - and enjoyed my time in those stores - but I didn't feel particularly compelled to mention them on my list of stores that I miss.

Perhaps the reason has something to do with these bookstores being suitably "replaced" by Barnes and Noble and the now-defunct Borders. Even before malls "died" and the Internet Amazon. Dalton's in favor of of the more "luxurious" book-browsing experience of these bigger bookstores. I also started spending a lot of time at Tower Records for browsing books - the one that used to be adjacent to Lenox Square in Atlanta had a decent book section.

Although I may have some "issues" with Borders and Barnes and Noble - I have to admit that they offer ed a superior book browsing experience. Between Borders, Barnes and Noble, Oxford Books a local chain that was eaten alive by the big corporate bookstores , Tower Records, my local libraries, and the Internet - the mall bookstores have not been all that missed.

R, I totally understant your point and--for me at least--I admit I actually made more purchases at Borders. So I bought more at Borders than I did at my own store. Borders was able to offer a higher discount though, because they weren't paying mall overhead. So that's part of what killed us.

That combined with the fact that they waited too long to get in on the e-reader phenomenon is why they went out of business. I didn't realize that Borders and Waldenbooks merged and were the same company, R Actually, come to think of it - I did come to appreciate Waldenbooks more than I indicated in my previous post. They were the mall bookstore that really seemed to make efforts to upgrade and expand - and I think they always had a cozier decor than B.

Dalton's though I didn't mind the more more austere decor of B. Dalton - at least at first. At a certain point, Waldenbooks at Northlake Mall in the Atlanta area moved to a much bigger space in a different part of the mall - and I think that I did spend quite a bit of time in that store even after the rise of the fancier bookstores.

And there was even a free-standing Waldenbooks that I visited on a few occasions - I'm not exactly sure when it opened, or how long it lasted. That Waldenbooks was quite a bit smaller than the typical Borders or Barnes and Noble.

Although the discounts offered at Barnes and Noble and Borders were appreciated - what I liked most about those stores over B. The size of those stores contributed to the feeling that you were "losing yourself" in the world of books and magazines the design of Media Play was also good for this.

I admit to practically reading entire books in these stores or at least as much of a book as I wanted to read. At times, I was a bit surprised that the stores didn't do more to discourage this behavior, because I'm sure it may have contributed to lost sales. I wonder if this may have even contributed to the demise of Borders - the fact that the store design encouraged people "hanging out" in the cafe or spending hours in those chairs reading books that they no longer had to purchase since they could read the entire book in the store.

R, what a gorgeous image of Bloomingdales' glass reflecting the sky. I would like to DIE gazing at something so beautiful. I associate so much of my childhood with shopping malls.

I was gay, although I didn't know it yet, and lived in such a hicky hillbilly-infested small town that the closest "cultural" experience was the fucking MALL, thirty miles away. It, along with television, introduced me and kept me connected to the world I wanted to live in. Well, it was originally a Broadway, which opened in and got a pretty quick remodel when Federated took over Broadway's parent company in I know all you DLers saw "Scenes from a Mall.

A lot of the malls in the DC area are being refashioned as "town centers" with storefronts now facing the parking lot. Still the same old mall connecting them in the background but it seems to be helping the one in Springfield, at least. Of course, the Tyson's Center malls seem to have never lost their appeal for some reason, proving that the mall concept doesn't have to die. I think "Ridgemont" was in the Sherman Oaks Galleria, which used to be a regular mall with department stores but is now quite different.

Actually, only the exterior scenes for 'Scenes from a Mall' were filmed at Beverly Center. You can see The Sharper Image store in the background. Sharper image never had a store in Beverly Center. They were around as standalone stores and in the case of Hickory Farms as a catalog shop long before anyone ever heard of a "mall. In the 70s and early 80s, I preferred B. Dalton over Walden Books. Both were good, but B.

Dalton just seemed to have a better selection of titles that appealed to me. So, I gravitated to B. Dalton first when I was in a mall that had both. But in the mid to late 80s, something changed. Dalton seemed to loose its mojo and Walden surpassed it. Dalton's selection just went downhill, while Walden was carrying so many titles and knickknacks I was interested in.

Walden definitely had a "sensibility" that appealed to me more. By the early 90s, I just automatically went to Walden and often would skip B. Again, Borders just had a selection and sensibility that appealed to me more. Sherman Oaks Galleria -- that place's dive was the worst of all.

All LA malls were facing problems, but SO became a hole in a matter of a year. Santa Monica Place, which was designed by Frank Gehry, was completely demolished and rebuilt as an open air mall that takes much better advantage of its location adjacent to the promenade. And the Expo Line light rail will have its terminus nearby in a few months. You all must be talking about malls in flyover county because I haven't head of some of thee chains.

Reizenstein 's high end gift shop, china, etc. Magnin was super snobby. The sales staff were just common people who acted like they came from high society.

My sister had a friend who was very wealthy and a super nice person. Also, she never stuck her nose up in the air when she was around lower class people. My sister's friend had to go to a party one evening and she had to buy an evening gown. She had to rush because she had a lot to do that day so she ran into I. The sales staff would not wait on her, and they were super rude to her. She blew up and said, well I was going to spend hundreds to possibly thousands of dollars on an evening dress ,but you are too busy and too rude to wait on me ,so that is alright I will go to one of your competitors like Sachs or Neimans instead!

They ran after her saying wait, let us help you find something! She just kept walking and left. Another time my aunt always dressed beautifully and she went to I Magnins and they just looked at her up and down and gave her a bad time.

Remember, the sales staff were just people who made small wages an hour and who lived in common environments so who the hell were they? I come from a common background and I would be embarrassed to act like I come from a wealthy background. Eventually they went out of business because I think Federated bought them. I remember going into the Chicago North Michigan Avenue store in and seeing a row of Halston black velvet sportcoats when I was a kid. There's no way I needed nor could have afforded one, but I was just mesmerized by them.

I also remember going into the Bonwit Teller store in the John Hancock Building to look for a new jacket. I am sure something similar has been said up-thread about the conventional supermarkets circa that were inside malls rather than near them. Mall shopping wasn't as conducive to grocery shopping as had been expected. Not too many years after its opening, my state's biggest mall saw its IGA Supermarket replaced by a Woolworth's.

I want to get Steak Tips and a baked potato at the York Steak House, with chocolate pudding for dessert. Then I want to sit on a tiled bench and throw coins into one of those kitschy clock-fountains that malls had in the early seventies, with their rotating color wheels and modern, minimalist appeal.

Grocery stores inside of malls are still common in Europe at least in Germany. I think the concept can work in an inner city type mall, but they are less practical for suburban Americans who can easily drive to a large supermarket on the way home from the mall.

A lot of malls have Targets or Walmarts attached too. Even with Wal Mart and other big chains opening in the next town 15 miles away, these local emporiums hang on. And it's still the building Frank Gehry designed. They did, however, tear the roof off to make it into an open air mall.

Magnin was never really a 'mall store'. They had a few branch stores located in malls Northbrook, White Flint, Vallco but their clientele was not your typical 'mall shopper'. Magnin, Bonwit Teller, B. Siegel, Bullock's Wilshire were all wonderful stores, but IMHO, their demise wasn't due to the fact that malls fell out of favor, but more due to the fact that their customers were dying off and they were unsuccessful in sufficiently updating their image to appeal to younger shoppers as has Neiman-Marcus.

My first bf was a salesman and he said the best run retail operation in the land was H. Wilson, a catalog showroom chain. Taken over by Service Merchandise, low rent jewelry pushers, in It always looked like the inside of a urinal to me, with its stream of yellow against the shiny white and black tile.

I think I ate there twice. Wasn't service merchandise the provider of those tacky prizes winners were forced to purchase on the early seasons of the wheel of fortune? I recall watching the wheel as a gayling in the early 80s with my granny when it was a daytime show.

I think my favorite thing about Waldenbooks was being hounded about that fucking store loyalty card every time I visited the store. The poor clerks would get so exasperated that I never wanted one. I'm not signing up.

Now shut it and ring me up. That would coincide with the sale of B. Dalton from the Dayton-Hudson Corp. Barnes and Noble specifically bought up that chain just to close it down and cannibalize the business.

During the 80s, you would see Waldens and B. Dalton both in the same mall. Over the 90s, the B Daltons disappeared, leaving only Waldenbooks. Contrarty to what most think, Borders did not "own" Waldenbooks. So they were all separate subsidiaries of KMart. It eventually ended up bankrupting the company, as the market was already oversaturated with bookstores. Then came e-readers and downloading books. I sometimes think Waldenbooks would still be around if they hadn't made all those bad decisions.

The problem will be the same problem my son and I have with the wood bees: Not going to defame it. They have to simultaneously weary the people and the military so when they attempt to turn the military against us, we will have lost patience and so will then. Keep pushing oathkeepers and helping our military people understand who and what they are. Sebastion T I made 2 quarts of homegrown oregano oil last weekend, from your recipe.

One quart in grape seed oil, the other in olive oil.. The central issue across years of Russian history has been organizing a relatively small population to defend a large area. They have been invaded scores of times. The Mongols and others occupied them. Understood through Russian eyes, their armed forces exist for defense only, and have no imperial ambitions.

Even if we discard absence of imperial ambitions for the sake of arguments, the one question remain standing VERY tall. I mean, good or evil, no government are acting on emotions, without clear advantage acquired after executing the act. Especially when it comes top such a costly act as a military action, especially again!

To launch such an action whoever authorize it should have absolutely crystal clear objective… which MUST outwheight distinct possibility of therrmonuclear obliteration. Not even funny, Russia i literally largest country in the world, with population roughly half the size of that of US. See above, Russia had every conciveable natural resource on its present territory.

Not valuable enough in the first place, with present rapid rate of US deindustrialization, plus major part of them could and would be destroyed during the war. No thanks, we have our own migration problems with FSU countries already.

Not even close, contary to what US MSM spew out current power structure or rather its top man, Putin is stable and populr enough to start a war for distraction purposes, esp. Besides Russians are NOOT warmongering people in general due to scar of past wars left on virtually evey family and starting a war of aggression would turn people away, no propaganda will help it, checked by history not once, So, whats left?

Alleged hate of US on part of Putin? First off, its way more alleged than hate, and even if not, Putin is a pragmatist. He never been seen actiong on emotions in big ppolitics, especially international one. Sure, Russia feel it necessary to keep US in check which is barely possible at the moment and wouldnt mind to acqure some of US technologies but none of these objectives requre war — costly, bloody and dirty business whuich is quite difficult to explain to people who already experienced it en masse mere 2 generations away.

Case of Chinese invasion seems more realistic since they are overpopulated and short on rare metals but it isnt likely. Use of economic and political tools are way more likely.

I hope you are right about Russia not attacking us. I would certainly rather be friends with the Russians than enemies, but they have two reasons to attack us: Second, many Russians feel that Alaska was stolen from them and want it back. You miss the scale by a parsec or two. Those reasons are not big enough to start a war. But, again, for the sake of argumeent, lets assume they are. I mean, lets assume US is invaded and after a bloody losses, its cropfields are taken under control by Russian military.

You think Monsanto et al care a squat about being US registered corporations? This corps have enough fund for it. Law of that land wouldnt be a problem for them see funds. To squash GMO you need to stike at the corporations, not the country that officialy houses them — especially when it comes to transnationals. And Alaska isnt even funny.

Or rathere it is, in a way tha Russians joke about it being returned. There is no serious grudge about it. There is NO serious talk abouut it. Again, why risk nuclear war over desolate enough piece of land? Hard to extract and see above, we have all ther same resources in all the same conditions for extration elswewhere on our own territory. History isnt lost on us.

If someone in our governmemnt is really hell-bent on destroying US I dont see why — weaken — sure, but destruction isnt good, counterbalance for China will evaporate and than we have a problem. But lets assume there is reasons methods would be more likely economic and geoplolitical, not military.

Most of it from my POV is defensive measures. US goesc downhill pretty much by itself. Protective measures would hasten the procewes, but noone cares in the end. On a sinking Titanic everyone is on thier own. And everyone wants to jump the ship quet enough to not stir the panic and soon enough not to sucked into ensuing vortex. If military would be used, itll most likely be used as cordon-sanitaire along US borders after economic crash.

Amount of refugees that will follow the crash will be HUGE and no country with sanity present wouldnt allow them in all at once during economic crisis — its a death warrant for economy. So most likely, in worst-case scenario, foreign miliotary would be used to filter outward movement of US population. But its very worst case, I hope it wouldnt come that far. Likely the only nukes that happen in the US will be from the US, perhaps already in place maybe been in place for years the usurper is not the first NWO thug this nation has seen.

You are freaking insane. What da think we will be doing? Watching the mind bending and hypnotizing Obama? Then all of a sudden a Mexican shuts off our tv and bam, they got us. Until then, much must happen. Will the current action in Syria spread? Will Israel launch a First Strike against Iran?

Maybe, but it does not have to be Nibiru to initiate the Changes. The Poles are moving at an accelerated rate. When the Poles move 35 to 40 degrees from its original position when discovered, the tipping point is reached. Rodster, one has to ask themself, why has an EMP never been used against a country before? Maybe the all powerful, mystical EMP is not as all powerful and mystical as suggested? Its pretty clear, though, it will take out the grid.

Know how to conserve power? In a highly technological society it has more ramifications than an N-Bomb. Stuff you think is vulnerable might not be. The reverse is also true. Also, the same piece of equipment might be burnt out one place and fine a few feet away. That was a long time ago, though.

Today an EMP could have a more devastating effect as opposoed to a Nuke going off, because those are more localized. Delays most people do not begin to think of are the true dangers. The Russians have used their EMP technology, and have been very public about it. That does it Net Ranger! I'm going to buy a large framed picture of Obama staring back at me just like we saw in the movie ''.

Pictures of Big Brother everywhere. Paint his lips to circle the hole at the bottom. It would be the only time you pulled the lever that gave meaningful results.

No, really, he has done us great favors. Sometimes a good enemy is the best blessing one could ask for. Years ago my sensibilities were shocked when one of the guys I was working with had a very strange picture hanging on the wall next to his desk.

He would pick his nose and wipe the boogers on the framed board. After several years it contained quite a bit of booger graffiti and was quite disgusting.

You know, camera in the eyes, and working eavesdropping in those dumbo ears too! And how do you tell an anti-Communist? If you are interested, below find a link, a great collection of Lenin quotes Read more at http: Prep and prepare you and your families both with stores and a the mental ability to deal with the changing world and what she throws your way…If you are busy with true prep and such the who, what, and why fades to stupidism, and when is not as important…As it should…Just be ready…Then you will be better off….

But later he began to persecute them. His words did not translate into deeds. POTUS is a man just like us, and he got the election and is now driving the most broken runaway bus from the fleet, good points, thats the thing about SHTF, you really never know when or where, Life happens, if you live in tornado alley you might get hit by a tornado some day if you live in florida or the gulf coast or eastern seaboard you might get hit by a hurricaine some day, if you live in a big city you will most likely be exposed to way mor violence than if you live say in Wyoming or somewhere like that, Being ready for ANYTHING is just prudent and something that our just in time system has made obsolete in the eyes of many, when I was a kid having guns and being ready to have your own food and water etc for a month or more was just normal, now people feel like they are cut off if they cant pull up the menu for all the restauraunts in their town.

To take your last words a bit farther, If your busy and prepared as much as possible you can go about the rest of your life without worrying about the details of SHTF and know that no matter what short of life ending circumstances you will be able to eat and get by.

Huge load off your head, It really doesnt matter at this point about WW3 or spying or IRS or any of the other crap, that stuff is all just static, not much any of us can do about it, but its fun to sit and rattle the box commenting and reading this stuff rather than watching the tube,. I post on here but you have to walk a fine line and examine what you post , make no statement that can be officially construed as policy.

The ABC agency needed us spent to much money on training they could not fire all of us do not mess with former MIL we got moxy. This is our politically correct hostile workplace atmosphere working for. It sucks , the pay sucks but in this economy money is money , but some things you really do not look away or compromise on. James Rawles had a disclaimer on his web site about.

Mac there are a lot of. Do not be afraid , if you are they have won. We spend too much time perpetuating distrust, we speculate, exaggerate base on fear-mongers who live in a fantasy world. What is scary is that it potentially becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

Think about it people, what would be gained by the government…I think we watch too many apocalyptic movies, and are allowing the content to take over common sense.

When the economy crashed in , guess who profited? Where did it go? The other statistic shows it:. Any fool should realize they want it bad because when its bad for us, its good for them. The statistics you quote, do not accurately reflect thr realty of the consequences of the crash. I would suggest you do a better job of analyzing the data.

Do not accept, verbatim the arguments of those predisposed to bias! The argument that the collapse was manufactured has no basis in fact, it was primarily due to increase in energy costs. Similar percentage increases in all renewable forms of energy. Driven primarily by the exponential growth of the economies of China, India, Brazil and Russia. This resulted in an increase burden of Trillions of dollars on th US economy.

The failure is that Economist, The Fed, and Congress did not see this happening because of the unprecedented speed of the increase. Please study the data objrctively. As I see it…. They just react, kick the can, and retire with a fat pension or go to K Street. What the fuck does Obama know? This is like a bad dream.. How can the people of this once proud nation be so freaking stupid. And want to turn in our guns!

What is this, a mutual suicide pact? I guess these stupid kids will get what they deserve. Our country is generally a mess no doubt. But the idea that the government is collecting data so that all anti-Obama types will be rounded up is total crap. But oh they whine like little kids every time something happens……. I take care of business. Government is too big, too stupid, too slow and too inefficient. One drop of blood at a time. We are starting to get a good dose of our own medicine, and it tastes like shit.

People like me who have a Turnmaster lathe and a Bridgeport will begin the proces of rebuilding the manufacturing base from the ground up.

We planted a 24 tree orchard and built a huge fenced garden area that includes the grapes and berries. We sunk a second well and added a watt solar system with a shielded inverted for low RF nose pollution.

We plant a couple acres of non-gmo soy and corn for seeds to distribute. With my machine trades background and self-sufficiency I can assure you that at least one of us out here will begin bulding shit again. This happened where I live in Raleigh nc. WRAL viewers reported hearing multiple loud booms or explosions in Johnston, northwestern Wake, southern Nash and northwestern Wilson counties around 5: I would like to suggest an alternative.

I have heard a similar noise during a meteor shower. One in particular made a sizzling or hissing noise. Several people that heard it also mentioned hearing something like this.

The entire house shook. I talked with my parents in Clayton approximately 15 minutes later who are at least 20 miles from here, and they heard it also and their house also shook. I went outside and dogs were barking all around us.

I saw nothing that could cause it. We thought someone had crashed into our home! It shook the house like a car had hit the house. All the neighbors came running out.

My son lives six miles away and he heard it as well. It was clearly an explosion. The house shook alright — from behind us. Sounded like a bomb exploding! Everyone in the subdivision came out of their homes to investigate but unsure of the cause.

Felt as though a tree had crashed into our house. No smoke, no fallen trees, no car accidents. It sounded like an explosion or crash. Our dogs went crazy. We ran outside only to find nothing but, heard a jet in the distance. We think it was a sonic boom! Not one of the long rolling earthquakes, but a shorter one. I live in Selma, and we heard the same booms. It emptied every house on our street. Many people came outside to see what was going on.

Local volunteer firemen were apparently called to duty, as we saw several of them quickly left the subdivision. We felt the shock while swimming in the neighborhood pool. We saw no smoke or other evidence of fire.

It seemed so close that I thought something had fallen onto the roof. Scared me so bad. Was looking for smoke but saw none.

What is going on?!?!?! She ran in talking about it. The sound sound was reminiscent of the sonic boom that occurred when the space shuttle was landing at Edwards Air Force Base a few years ago. We only heard one boom. I know military aircraft fly above frequently and from my military experience it sounded like a sonic boom. It shook the entire house and neighborhood! Neighbors came outside to ask each other if they felt it and what it was?

We heard four loud booms. We did not feel any shaking. Plus the brick house shook. Sounded more like an explosion and felt like an explosion. We heard 1 loud initial boom, followed by another short sharp, louder boom, followed by another longer boom. I ran outside, as did everyone in the neighborhood we could see, thinking a tree had fallen or something had detonated.

We have NO reason to trust. We need to ALL stand behind the brave young people who are exposing us to the truth. It is time to put a stop to those who will lie, cheat and steal to put us all under a boot. Are we going to take back our country or are we going to be soft and spineless?

Are we going to laugh over the graves of the brave men and women who laid down their lives so we could live the good life? If this is the case we deserve what we get. Hand over your weapons and we will take care of you. We have a FEMA camp nearby, that can ensure your safety.

The Gov wants the folks to strike.. IF you know what I mean. Does anybody remember Benghazi at this point? Really makes you wonder what is going on. Appears to me the gov is stoking an atmosphere of confusion, mistrust and bewilderment amongst the citizenry to keep our heads spinning.

But for what is the question…. Nothing to wonder about….. They create the crisis so they can come to the rescue. I would like to be placed on paid administrative leave. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Last day of school is Monday. All we could do is laugh. When the dust settles, no one will be fired.

No one will be jailed. No one will loose their pension. Maybe you are self employed due to being fucking nuts? The 11 year old may have grabbed a girls boobie?

Why not ask your funny buddy who calls himself a father? Perhaps if you read the post above talking about an 11 year old getting tossed out of school.

Rick supposes it was for a finger gun. Rather than supposing why not ask? Could be his little shit is a pervert. The other comment about the kids dad was in response to laughing when the kid gets tossed. Not how it would have been handled at my house. Glad to explain but seems like a simple response. OBL was dead years ago, who killed Seal Team 6? Gadaffi was going to dump the dollar. Ah, the Arab Spring.

We have no real news media. Please be good enough to read my recent post in the article right before this one as it totally applies here, thank you. Is this the same guy.. For crying out loud folks.. Hagmann, however is usually correct.. He never gave a date. I recall the original post. And it would slolwy deflate back to less bad and hang out there a while. Long term… fuck it really depends what happens next. To predict what will happen wih gold is to predict what will happen to Earth in that sense.

My guess is up. Possibly quite a bit up. But this guess is not educated,this is flipping a coin. Anyway my point is predicting a downturn in metals was fairly obvious IMO. Just imagine a bunch of commies busting down our doors.

I bet every NRA member has at least 1, rounds ready to blaze. They have made it impossible to run a business. Some things are solid. Yeah…we all know about the Jews who turned in their guns.. Funny, I was in a meeting and sitting next to a lesbian dem. She looked with horror at my NRA mug. See how brainwashed these fucks have become. We are the threat that keeps our country together. Business owners and organizers. We are the real people who run this country. Joining our ranks are the newest members….

Nice black gents, asians, and many other races. We are already there. We live next to you. Everyday you drive buy our homes…with our hidden armories. Yeah, we keep an eye on the fema camps. What they really are …They are the future cities for Agenda All connected by rail. So even if we ran out of ammo… a car leaf spring cross bow would do the job just as well. The foreign invaders would never see it coming. Just a middle aged rant here.

I love being middle aged. Shaved head…I walk by a bunch of punks in the mall and they all get worried looks on their faces. They know the deal. WOW… Hit it on the head.. I have several ex libtards yunins that I now mentor. They pulled up thier pants, have jobs, and are learning skills. Some of these young ones do get what is coming and if for anything else but self preservation they are starting to listen. Command Presents and a look em in the eye works very well. And there lady folk like the fact they are become Men.

I think that it is not 10Million but closer to 30 Million. Keep preeping and get ready cuz a shit storm is coming and when the US hits bottom it will take a lot of other counties with it and then the fun begins.

That lesson s probably saved my life on various occasions , being middle age does have its benefits , you gain enought knowledge to be useful.

Funny… once the country has been converted to commie-ism…. Thats why this middle aged, liberty minded white guy is slowing down the business and refusing to fund this crap, have actually been told im selfish to not be thinking of the greater good.

What are you going to do? Everyone here seems fed up for years. Gonna type longer, harder, and in all CAPS. That will show the gubberment, fuckers will listen now. I may be old and my back and knees are about gone, but my mind is still there and I remember, do you? Been there done that. Doom and Gloom Doom and Gloom your site is starting to lack any positive stuff!!!!

Really world war when! The collapse is on going. Its the end of the middle class. WW3 will be agains the population…not country against country. If not this year then next year. Just have the Fed stop QE. Then interest rates will go sky high, food stamp cards will fail, and then the chaos will begin.

They just want to be fully ready when it happens. When they consider themselves fully ready, watch out. You must eat some good mice. Because the wisdom of your all natural diet greatly shows! The time is near indeed. Actually, I will be surprised if there is a national election.

There is plenty of time for some very serious things to happen. That trend can be observed now. I hope that I can observe the changes rather than being involved because I am a builder not a fighter. Somebody needs to be around to make a try at picking up the pieces. I think such can only be done on a local basis.

Obama is a Muslim. He has members of the Muslim Brotherhood in high places in the administration. What if the trigger for martial law is having 10, jihadists killing police and government officials, blowing up buildings, starting wildfires, poisoning reservoirs, and committing other acts of terror?

There is a whole piece on the links between the muslims and administration on project chesapeake, scarry shit if its true, i am definitely an infidel and will light anybody who crosses me on that subject with fuckin gasoline. If these assholes want to bring their back asswards dark ages religious crap down on the rest of us they will have the most violent fight in history, free men wont tolerate that backwards crap PERIOD.

And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: Obama is a Muslim? Are you that retarded? Yes, They will crank up interest rates on variable rate debt to kill the economy.

All spending will stop. Barn Cat — I think it could be as little as the food stamp cards not buying the amount of food they are used to getting due to inflation. This govt will always give the lazy and worthless priority over the working.

All those hi tech systems require mountains of support. Drones need more than an operator, etc. Ask the people coming back from the ME. Once every week I have to upload my work computer of private health information to a federal data base link, or I cannot continue with my job. You know some federal fuck has programmed in a file scanner to flag email and posts with this phrase. Like what your saying, if enough people would do it.

Might could be an irritation to those prying eyes just not sure with a system that stores 3 billion ph. As I said in a post or so ago… I see this every week… They are preping… You best be to… Stay low and be ready…. And now you see the state of things when you take the level headed middle aged men out of the equation.

All hell will break loose. See what you get! Let it all collapse. Some African Americans saw the Revolution as a fight for justice, but their own liberty and freedom from slavery. Are they not ourselves?

Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man against his own bosom? Congress shall have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birthright of an American … The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the People.

Let them take arms…the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure. A good place to start NOW! So pray and ask God for help and guidance and to stop infiltrators …it works!

There are plenty of Judas-Goats. Remember King David and how he survived in the wilderness…Saul never touched him.

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