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Go to Making Light's front page. Forward to next post: What does this mean? Here's a quick introduction. May 15, Open thread Posted by Abi Sutherland at Doctor Stephen Maturin scowled at his reflection in the looking-glass and shifted his shoulders uncomfortably inside his borrowed coat. Every turn of my head scrapes my jaw against them, and they sit in the corners of my vision like blinders on a horse.

Why, pray, must we attend this function? Jack Aubrey, already dressed, laughed at his friend. I spent a few days making enquiries here and there. Are we expecting to meet the balloonist in the midst of a country dance, perhaps? Arrange to see the vehicle as we trot through a cotillion? Surely we could call on the aeronaut during the day like civilized men. He was alight with the childlike enjoyment that comes of possessing a secret, and pleased at the game of feeding information out by the ell rather than gathering what his friend let fall.

How does she affect the matter in the least? Who is this precious female? Back to Open thread Continued in Open thread Comments on Open thread May 15, , Surely Felix would have advanced onward and upward to heavier than air vehicles by the time he'd be old enough to own his own balloon? All those stories we read with an even more steampunky Nineteenth Century -- as if the 'real' nineteenth century wasn't implausibly steampunk enough aready -- those are ones where the events described in 'Frederica' took place exactly as described, and allowed the now brother-in-law of the Marquis of Alverstoke to have the funding to really get going, whilst we've ended up in one of the of ones where Charis failed to enter the room at just that precise moment.

The fact that Frederica controls access to Felix is significant. He's still a child here; I thought of the scene as taking place only a year or two after the marriage. It might be overly ambitious to expect him to have his own balloon by then, but he is a mighty skilled wheedle. He might well have moved onto heavier-than-air flight later on. The encounter with Jack and Stephen would certainly do more than give Stephen access to an ideal vehicle for the observation of both nature and the enemy.

It would also put an inventor with a thirst for information into contact with an expert on streamlined design and the interaction between wind and canvas. What if there were vast Merrivilles crossing the land in the early-to-mid 's, huge steam-powered airships aloft long before Count Zeppelin was out of short pants? As noted previously, we've been fighting this one since before the US Civil War! Similarly, it may not be subtle, but it's certainly avoidable for most of the country -- because they don't live there!

The Mississippi problem is conflicted by both racial and regional conflicts. Note that in Katrina, both played a huge part in turning that crisis into a disaster The regional conflicts especially make any such project a hostage to politics particularly to the neocons As for "set-asides" to prepare for the problem Any such pile of money would be an ongoing target for politicos who think the money should be going to their buddies -- and the neocons are working very hard at making America so broke that it can't afford any such "extravagance".

We may have been fighting this since before the Civil War, but I'd be deeply surprised if the Mississippi is still meeting the Gulf at New Orleans in It was long term, but much of that long term has now expired. I am aware of many of the human problems that complicate the hydrological one. Ranting against the latter was, for me, kind of a way of grieving over the former. To the extent that Jack's career continued to track that of Lord Cochrane after his reinstatement in the Navy, he would probably have been as excited about these ideas as Stephen.

Cochrane was a huge innovator and advocate of steam power and pretty much any other technology he could.

I love Frederica, but it's the only mature Heyer I've ever caught in a serious research error - the Soho foundry wasn't in Soho, London, it was in Birmingham. I just read Frederica for the first time last month. No, I don't know why it took me so long either. If anyone is interested in how Jack got invitations to the party, by the way, recall that there is one overlapping historic character between Post Captain and Frederica.

It's someone who could arrange pretty much any invitation that she chose. One does trust that Jack would have the delicacy not to mention to Stephen the name of the mutual acquaintance through whom he obtained an introduction.

The morning-visit in question would be very interesting to write. There are no magic secrets in the mud beneath our feet, but worlds have passed away while it was formed and our own great display marks just a stage in passing drought and flood. Each one of us from hero down to dud knows that we have so little time to stay and yet seems hasty to fritter our day in silly matters that just waste our blood.

Time was we might have made some sort of stand against the forces that push down so hard to turn our efforts into so much smoke but we are left with only a weak hand remaining on what seems the final yard and sense enough to understand the joke. Me, I should have liked to see a cosy chat over tea between Caroline Herschel and Sophia. For that matter, I wonder what Caroline Herschel would have made of Stephen. Year in, Year out, the work to deal with what will be a sudden event goes on.

When the Atchafalaya does capture the Mississippi, it will be over. It won't take days for the new river to settle down to it's bed though it won't want to be quite as rigid as we would like it, it also won't want wander quite as much as it did before. Sherwood 12, it was Caroline who taught Jack to grind telescope mirrors. I don't recall from my admittedly imperfect memory of the books her having met Stephen. Dreamed last night of a book that was about the size of my First Folio reprint, with small type in several columns, reprinting blogs with comments.

I wanted to buy one — seemed like the greatest thing since sliced bread, or Warhoon Since it's an open thread, and since I'm typing on my phone anyway, I would just like to throw out some sincere love for Jane Yolen's children's books.

It's a harder balancing act than I used to think. Speaking of crossover fic Man's wife, while watching 's "Rome", says that he looks better than Ciaran Hinds. Well, this comes as a bit of a relief. Classical music isn't irrelevant after all. Some day maybe they'll make a movie where the hero surprises everybody at the stuffy rock institute by improvising a four-voice fugue and winning his girlfriend back from the obnoxious shredder.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a man in possession of post rank, must be in want of a distraction. But what of an officer who doesn't like music or dancing? Harriet agrees we have never in our lives seen a man look so uncomfortable at a ball! But he is darling in his way and his stories are dashing. His last ship was even named after me! For that I will find a way to amuse him whether he likes it or not.

Even if I must follow him around the world to do it. It's a dumb movie but kinda fun as I recall. Of course nowadays the battle is increasingly whether rock is relevant in the age of rap, so you'd have to have - hmmmm - an opera singer in training who really wants to be a freestyle rapper. It's a dumb idea, but it could be good enough for Hollywood. Just got back from "Thor", which was a hell of a lot of fun.

Maybe not quite as good as "Iron Man", but damn nearly. Casting was incredibly good, Stan Lee had his usual amusing cameo, Loki stole the show. Go see it, it's fun. My youngest would accept no comfort during his painful teething episodes except "Iron Man," the concert recording, turned up LOUD. I can't understand what makes any of these tunes less relevant to our lives than any other.

Speaking of even more very short crossover fic For the benefit of those of us who are fluent in only one side of this equation, would you mind identifying the overlapping character in question? But on further research, I see that the timelines don't match up.

Alverstoke's friend Sally was the daughter in law of Diana's hostess Frances, who was mistress to the Prince Regent. Another good crossover gone west. Unless it takes place later than I'd planned it originally. I saw those a week or so ago. I've since found out that that version of "The Importance of Being Earnest" - with those actors- is one of the films being shown at the Seattle International Film Festival. Speaking of movies,I've just come back from seeing "Cave of Forgotten Dreams," which is about the discovery of the Chauvet cave art.

Herzog has some silly moments, but they pale in significance: I do wish there had been more cross-analysis with the Lascaux art: I thought there was a lot of stylistic similarity, which conjured speculations about traveling shaman exchanging technique tips, cave painting workshops and the like!

Even with, I couldn't find out who Felix is. She married at 16, very young by our standards. Noooo, Felix isn't a cad though I do see what you did there And the following five pictures. I saw Thor this afternoon too.

Making Light: Open thread

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He tied Joe Smith for the longest streak of consecutive free-throws made in school .. A four-time all-conference selection and a three-time all-area pick by the also involved with men's and women's basketball, as well as women's volleyball. Don Johnson came to Oklahoma A&M from Chickasha, Okla., and. You are asked to pick a book or books off the list that haven't already been just killed several people and blown apart buildings in nearby Chickasha. Stefan Jones @ Free viewing is putting the left eye view on the left and on one side, and a weapon against her age and gender on the other. fred Shannon, assistant professor of Pix Race Pleases . day to draw up details of the ban-dents were not required to produce to fill the post of sergeant-at -arms. oranization. of Chickasha, and Altha Maude Bright men and women.