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Our helping hot Abbots Salford

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Legendary Dartmoor includes information on the traditions, history, flora and fauna, legends, the supernatural, the Dartmoor arts, people past and present, places and folklore. I hope you will enjoy your visit to Legendary Dartmoor and come back again.

Hello there, I wonder if you can help me please. Thank you very much for any help you can give me. Good afternoon I found your website very interesting but wonder if you can throw any light on the origins of the name Leeden Tor. My late father, Basil Charles Leeden, former British Army Officer in Burma, born would have been fascinated by the internet but unfortunately, it was after his time. The journey took 8 hours and we stopped regularly outside the same five places beginning with S — Slough, Stockbridge, Salisbury, Shaftesbury and Sherbourne — on our way to Beer, but occasionally detouring to Stonehenge on the return.

The journey was one of open air primus stove 4am breakfast, and home baked picnics, with the occasional treat of calling in for a Little Chef maple syrup pancake! A forebear, incarcerated in Princetown prison, escaped and ended his days gruesomely by committing suicide on Dartmoor Tor, which was named after him. A notorious, albeit dead, ancestor — a prisoner!!! Kind regards Lyndsey Leeden. Sandles, Having grown up in England I have always been fascinated with Dartmoor.

Congratulations on such a wealth of information. I value websites for their information, especially accurate information. It has been the subject of a magnificent restoration. Sincerely and with respect, Nic. Hi Tim, I was hoping you might let me link to your site, and quote an extract from your page on the commons.

What a great site. I was wondering if I could interview at some point during May or June to discus the amazing levels of work and research that you undertake for Legendary Dartmoor?

I also have to mention that I am a long-time fan of your website too, and a regular visitor! Be great to meet up. Let me know how your fixed… Best Regards — Milly. We were recently contacted by someone who has acquired a Wheal Betsy snuff box and wanted to know if we had any information about them. Your information and photograph of the snuff box in New Zealand dates from ten years ago, but if you have any further information, or would be able to pass on the contact details, we would love to have it to help form our collection.

So if you have any information at all relating to Mary Tavy that you would be able to copy to us we would be very grateful. Hi Tim Thanks for linking to us re. Dartmoor Cream Tea Challenge, and nice website. I hope this helps as your site is obviously trying to be as accurate as possible. Regards , Simon Butcher. I have looked it up but there is a lack of detail on it- one piece of info however says it is Iron Age!

Also, apparently, Leigh Tor, just up the hill is noted as a Causewayed Enclosure- could there be a link? Hi Tim We were intrigued with your latest article about the batch loaf after referring to our library of Dartmoor books we came up with nothing so on to Google where we spotted what could be described as a ringed circle of rocks on Rowden Down grid reference SX which is approx.

Never knew this site existed, until today Born in Devon, travelled across Dartmoor many times in the back of my parents car. Walked from Ivybridge to South Zeal and back 70 miles min Feb.

When time allows will study the detail you have provided, have sent small donation as a thanks. Best wishes Chris Green. March is a good time when the wild daffodils are in flower.

Also, I hope to be doing a presentation in the spring at Burrator Discovery Centre combining a site visit and talk on Wembley Walk, so you might be interested in killing two birds with one stone! Thanks for your email and kind offer of a visit to Wembley Walk, I would be delighted to come down next Spring to see your restoration work and also update the webpage on the new developments.

Hi Tim, Thank you so much for all of your information! Our presentation was a success! As I was focusing more on the landscape and the Victorians fear of degeneration, I was able to do some analysis of the Hound and your information was very helpful to do that!

I also showed one of the images you sent me to the class, on the PowerPoint and explained a bit about your site!

I am currently taking a Victorian Literature class that focuses on Gothic elements. My topic in the presentation, specifically, is focusing on the settings of London and the Grimpen Mire as Gothic.? I was just wondering if there is anyway I could use what you say I would cite, of course in my presentation, and what your sources have been? Is there a correlation between the two?

Do you know of any folk books or sources I could use to find information? If you have any time at all, to look into these things or get back to me, it would be much appreciated! Thanks for your time! Also I would be very interested to know if you have published any other books on Dartmoor.

I look forward to hearing from you. You can purchase the book which is published by Barramoor Books, to order a copy call Hi, I read your article with great interest and it would seem that I need to go to the Holy Trinity Church as soon as I can. William Ponsford and I would most grateful if you could please send me copies of any pictures that you might that show anything to do with Rev. Any help would be most welcome, as I seem to have come to a bit of a stop with my family tree!

Kind Regards , Barry Ponsford. Hi Love your website…. Do you have a higher resolution of the Virtuous lady mine Post card you have on your website? If you do, would it be possible for you to put it on the website so I could get a good look. Kind regards, Nick Schemanoff. October 28th I am an American who is the son of an adopted father. I have recently discovered who his biological father was- a Bynorthemore whose lineage traces back to Moretonhampstead.

Your site is helping me to shift gears from being a lifelong Italian and learning more about my Dartmoor roots. Great job and keep up the great work! However, there is a strange lack of it around Bovey, the closest is possibly Castle Dyke up in Chudleigh, or the cairns up at Black Hill- not sure what settlements these are connected to!

But, any kind of history that is nearby, and not modern, still interests me, and I just am wondering, a few things, number one, was there any connection with prehistory to Bovey Tracey, or the nearby area, and number two, is there any connection with Parke House was it a manor house, Norman? Did it have a specific purpose or anything special during the civil war? Prehistoric settlements on site? Locals at the heritage centre tell me that during the civil war there were some skirmishes nearby, in the woods around Bovey, so it seems maybe Bovey Heath was not the only site of battle!

Dear Tim, I have just found your work on Crossing. I write about the lack of memorials to him in my blog post. Please feel free to add your comment and a link across to your valuable page of resources and writing — HERE Kindest regards, Charlie. Hello, My name is Steve Johnstone and I am a dance artist starting a new project which looks at local folklore stories and uses them as inspiration to create a new narrative told through dance, theatre and live music.

I am using the Kitty Jay story as one of three folklore from the counties in South West. Just been reading your information on the website you have and loved it. This email is to thank you and if you are ever in Dorset next week or Exeter the week of 26th Oct then please let me know and id love to buy you a coffee and maybe we chat more?

I look forward to hearing back and hopefully talking in more depth about your knowledge. Many thanks Steve J. It is actually NE of the hut circle about 50m , at SX , m for info. I have no idea how you find the time to devote to it. Thanks , Dave Hamnett. Hi Tim, I love your website about Dartmoor. I take a lot of photos of Dartmoor, and was wondering whether you would be willing to link to my photography website on your page? Sandles, I just wanted to congratulate you on your excellent and very charming website.

I chanced upon it while searching for the L. A lot of work on those pages—a real work of art! Best wishes, Hope Hare. I also make videos of the walks and incorporate some of the history and myths of the moor.

I am currently making a film of the southern moor and would very much like to use the photos in some of your articles. I would of course give recognition in the credits and forward a copy of the video to you. I would also be glad of any information you would consider helpful. The footage for the video is shot in 4k down rated to high definition video.

Best Regards, Bill Sumner. Dear Tim, I have been a frequent visitor to your vast website — Legendary Dartmoor. It has led me to discover parts of Dartmoor that were new to me — and there is still so much to learn and discover! Legendary Dartmoor is such a wondrous website — thank you so much for all your amazing work and research. I have my own small Dartmoor website — photos and musings at would you be so kind to add a link — you may even enjoy a peek!

Kindest regards — Melanie.

Abbot's Salford, Stratford-on-Avon - area information, map, walks and more

Karen Brazil was indeed a little intoxicated when police arrived at the public house following a disturbance report lodged by the landlord. The cops sought to eject Karen, who refused, and she was arrested. At the police station she did comply with officers and emptied her bag and pockets of all contents. She was not aware that being arrested for a breach of the peace allowed a strip-search and lashed out at the officer who suddenly began to strip her.

She was told the search was going to happen, and they introduced the 'defence' of it being necessary to search her for drugs, although the call out had nothing to do with drug-busting or narcotics involvement.

She lashed out again, and after it was done finding nothing she was charged with assault. The magistrates being police friendly in this case, convicted her He also went onto say to the police that she might have a case for sexual assault against the police if she wished to pursue that course. Even the BMA object to the random use of intimate body searches by the police. Lord Justice Robert Goff overturned the conviction and suggested she pursue things by contacting a lawyer for further advice.

Kelly, was subject to a strip-search after officers arrested him. He said they refused to say why he had been arrested and he was kept in a cell for several hours before being released without charge. Mr Kelly revealed to reporters that the same police had arrested him four times previously and that he had been acquitted of charges brought by those police. But on this occasion he said, they decided to humiliate him and conduct a very intimate and embarrassing inspection of his body, and there was nothing I could do about it having about five cops around you ready to force you to bend over, he said.

Kelly lodged a formal complaint and contacted a solicitor to begin a case against the Met Police. Judge Justice Park in his summing up said he strongly disapproved of the 'outrageous manner' in which the police conducted their duties in order to search for imaginary items when they concocted their story to represent the truth!

Mrs George was beaten and had to receive medical attention besides suffering the trauma of her door being kicked down by a Detective Sergeant who said he was in charge of the raid. Seven officers broke in on the pretext of arresting her son for a crime they would not tell her. The Judge said it was plain to see that they immediately opted to invent a false story when they realised she might sue the police.

During the search they pinned her to a radiator while pulling out drawers, opening cupboards and throwing her property strewn over the floor. When she moved she was kicked and suffered blows to the stomach, chest and arms.

The hospital recorded bruising and a black eye when she was admitted. He said the police deliberately lied to him about the incident and awarded exemplary damages.

On his arrest he was bundled into a van by officers, and a 'denied' assault took place by the officers. He was so badly injured that he was hospitalised with severe injuries sustained and inflicted by 'ghosts' -- officers said he hurt himself in the van?

The hospital concluded he had been viciously kicked in the groin area and did not accept that a fall in a van would explain it. Staff intervened when Mr Service's Catheter was dislodged during the struggle. Amazingly, at Camberwell Magistrates, the charge of dishonestly handling a stolen cheque was withdrawn on a lack of evidence, and they added a new one of ' assaulting a policeman and doing criminal damage to a police van'.

The brutal attack happened to Mr. Carlisle at a restaurant, Renton was off-duty and not alone; other officers were at his table. Renton did not like Carlisle who objected to his course and objectionable behaviour in the restaurant. Renton decided to deal with him and in the fracas Mr Carlisle suffered a horrible injury that dislodged his eye in the station charge room after he arrested the man on trumped up charges.

Due to the fact the restaurant staff seeing the flare up, a Police Sergeant came forward and told the court that Renton had asked him to to cover-up the incident. The Judge sentenced the cop to two years in jail, with six months suspended. He also suggested that one might be forgiven for thinking that some of the actions by police officers and Renton was to some extent, pre-planned? It is indeed a kind of mockery when one considers that Jack Straw, home secretary in said that the police should not investigate themselves.

He claimed that complaints against police should be done by an independent body. Yet, in the same year he claimed that the police were 'cooking the books'. Crime figures were being manipulated and down-played he said in order to confuse the public and make it seem like crime was being reduced effectively.

Using a dirty cloth to remove the stains only leads to a murky patch that waits to be whitewashed over or ignored as something permanent and part of the design. The Infamous porn squad was disbanded due to the discovery of top senior officers in the unit having links to Soho sleaze bosses who bribed them. A score of other officers were investigated but never charged despite rumours of around officers taking payments from crime bosses being publicly talked about and boasted about by cops in Scotland Yard.

It would be fine if this was true, but it isn't. And what you read next certainly questions that, and it is but a snapshot of the real problem. King was fined for speeding mph.

David Coker, he said that Officer Hepburn had done the assault. Hepburn remained with the police despite the controversy surrounding the assault. TWO un-named officers faced a 'failed disciplinary' hearing over the shooting of Mr. They denied oppressive conduct and misconduct. Sylvester as a result of a police chase. The cop from Helstone, Camelford, terrified the cashier as he pointed a imitation semi-automatic pistol at the female cashier in the robbery demanding cash.

It was said in court that this all resulted from him being very depressed after leaving the police force? She was given 18 months probation and 70 hours community service.

It said an internal inquiry was launched after two police officers came to blows during the get together. A policeman was asked to leave, but then a fight broke out among the party goers. Brian Parsons spent 11 years in prison for the crime, which he did not commit after police on the case constructed a false case. It was suggested that evidence was planted by an over-zealous and dishonest police officer. Whilst with the Devon force he raped a woman, and is now due to face trial in Exeter: It now transpires she is suing the Devon and Cornwall Police because they did not offer her enough help to return to work.

The Police Force declined to comment as they say it is an ongoing legal matter that will be settled in the High Court. Computer equipment was seized at his home after customs officers intercepted a package ordered by the Crime Squad Cop. He was suspended pending further investigations. Baker received a suspended sentence of three months jail after he admitted to charges of deception. He was apparently arrested for failing to appear in a London Court. An arrest warrant was issued and cops incarcerated the man overnight.

He complained of being unwell and was examined and returned to the cell -- he was found dead the following day? It is already a fact that cops at the station suspect a colleague, but anger has provoked them into recording the event as a crime This time when using this 'electronic gun' Andrew Pimlott was engulfed in fire and burned to death. This police force used the taser 34 times in compared with 65 times in Solicitor Sophie Khan who often represents claimants against the police has called for an inquiry Devon and Cornwall Police refused to comment!

Sergeant Gary Watts has been suspended amid accusations that he committed gross misconduct in public office. Mention of his Twitter Posts once available to anyone can now only be viewed by request The mentally ill man who acted as a Church caretaker was arrested following a disturbance in Paris street, Exeter.

He was arrested at 11 am and taken to Heavitree Police Station. At just over an hour later he was rushed to the Devon and Exeter Hospital suffering from head injuries. The man Thomas Orchard was found slumped in the cell and died five days later in hospital.

It was reported that 7 officers restrained him. All four cops from Exeter are not being named as per usual and a file has been prepared for the CPS PS Its not the first cell death in police custody in the Devon and Cornwall area She was accused of intention to pervert the course of justice at Meldon on Dartmoor. She was suspended from duty.

The case was sent to the Crown Court. The offence was said to have occurred whilst she was on duty as a police officer. Scotland Yard once again pledged to rid the force of corruption as they have done so many times before? Commander Hayman vowed that their pals would be scrutinized and backgrounds of the jailed cops. Police Commissioner Paul Condon with his elite anti-corruption squad rooted out twenty detectives after discovering malpractice in the Met.

The activities of these officers included fraud, drug allegations, misbehaviour and impropriety. The case was not even contested so an order was made against the Police Commissioner, but he ignored the court and the money was not paid. Michael returned to court again and took out a garnishee order demanding the police chief turn up at court. The Judge assured Mr. Alt that if the chief ignored the court again, the court would without fail, deduct the increasing amount from the Commissioner's bank account.

It is reported that these three ran a police brutality squad in the city and up to being arrested were completely unchallenged. The called themselves ' the wolfpack ' and all three appeared before Chesterfield Magistrates Court. Court 6 was busy with four un-named cops on trial. Warnes was accused of a plot to plant drugs on a mother so that the husband could get custody of their sons. Wigley was accused of helping Wilson to cover up the crime by falsifying his notes.

They are said to have stopped a motorist late at night and said he was in the bus lane. An arrest followed in which Constable Sams assaulted the man occasioning actual bodily harm.

This latter charge was added to the other charges the constable faced. Had it not been for an independent witness the incident would have not turned out so lucky for the man arrested. The three police officers claimed the man had provoked them. He damaged Lee Scott's teeth with his baton and punched him in the face three times.

In this next session we look at the drinking sessions when cops behave badly and go onto committing crimes. The Met Police launched an investigation and the four officers were bailed to appear in court. Alcohol was banned in the bar for six months. The Nightclub staff alerted the police after seeing them on security cameras. It started after a National Crime Squad Detective abused a girl in the cloakroom and began fighting with security at the hotel.

The other officers, all much the worse for heavy drinking piled in and a huge fight followed. One senior officer of twenty years experience told the Essex tactical support unit to get lost when they were called to intervene. Two Firearms cops had their gun licences revoked because of ' aggressive behaviour shown in the fracas.

He was bailed to appear before St. Dozens of Met Officers were at the party. They assaulted Francis Milburn after they made comments about him and then followed him home. The three officers lied and found themselves at the Old Bailey on charges of ' attempting to pervert the course of justice '. There is much more on this kind of thing so we will come back to it later.

Another report showing that coppers were using their warrant cards to get favours, free drinks. Rudeness by cops and arrogance topped complaints by the public. The report urged that the police tackle the grave issue spiralling out of control, to be addressed.

Another promise to eradicate bad behaviour was issued yet again. He suggested to colleagues his rank held favour in high places and what he did was 'locker-room behaviour accepted by all at the station'. The sexual assaults and bad language was no more than a game he said. He admitted to having sex with a vulnerable woman who he was supposed to check on after she took an overdose.

He crept into her flat and got into her bed while she was still under the influence and decided to have sex with her. The Judge said he would be put on the sex offenders register. A separate investigation was also ordered into his mileage expenses claims -- the IPCC said they were looking into financial irregularities. The woman was awarded an out-of-court settlement and the police officer was sacked.

Threats by officer in love vendetta lead to court case '. She unlawfully used the police computer to obtain her rival's home address and said she would fit her up with a drugs charge and plant the evidence. Begley who worked with the Birmingham police was suspended and appeared before a court in Coventry. The West Midlands Police said they would review the position after the trial. The youth had been picked up on a motoring offence and thrown into a cell. Shortly after three police officers entered the cell and one began questioning the young man.

Things got very confrontational and because the youth did not cooperate, one of the officers slapped the boy across the face. The suspect said he wanted to report this immediately, and the officer pushed his face up against the boy and said ' no one saw me do it, and no one will say I did. Sadly, this kind of thing still goes on despite CTTV as the cops have learnt to work around it and make sure a blow cannot be seen easily enough for a court to determine.

The married police chief was said to have embarked on an affair with a business woman and that this exposure led to his decision to take his own life. The two constables were found guilty of misconduct in public office and will be sentenced after the next trial. The two will face trial for the raping of a drunken woman. The two Surrey Cops from Hampshire were charged with rape, indecent assault and wilful misconduct.

It was said by the prosecution that the patrol officers rushed back to Guildford Police Station in order to fix their stories and get them in first before the woman made her complaint.

One of them admitted to having sex whilst one denied it, only to admit it later. He received 16 months for strip searches and abuse concerning boys at the Lyndhurst station. Detectives from The Hampshire Force's Professional Standards Unit acted upon a complaint from the boy about his treatment. They arrested Inspector Hutchings and accepted the incident wasn't sexually motivated. It was said that Hutchings worked throughout the Hampshire area going to Havant in The above two reports obviously relate to the same cop, Gerry or Gerald, and in doing so throws up either a cover-up or case of misdirection.

The second report says that detectives accepted there was no sexual motivation in how he treated the boy, but in the first report we can clearly see that he was nailed for sexual offences against 11 prisoners and strip searches on boys? The next glaring question is what came first, the dismissal or the jailing? I think not, not by any stretch of the imagination, What we have here is a scandal unexplained. Obviously the Hampshire Police hoped that these two cases and reports might never be connected.

The offences began in and went until Some of the attacks would take place in the back of his car. He was finally caught and charged with 20 sexual offences including rape, indecent assault and indecency with a child. He was jailed for 10 years. It was described as a revenge mission after Pc. Scannel became annoyed in a personal incident involving her brother. Sergeant Haque was already awaiting trial over a previous incident involving misconduct prior to this incident.

The Sergeant strangled his wife in a furious attack leading to bodily harm. The Hayling Island based cop with 29 years in the force was dismissed after doing two months of the jail sentence. He was on patrol and radioed in to say that he was watching raid suspects , a group of masked men near a shop. On examination of the bomb hoax it was found samples taken from his car matched the making of the bomb. No raiders were ever found. It was just a lie that if not so serious, would have been seen differently said the judge.

He told the court that he was seized by cops who accused him of kerb-crawling. He had been collecting for a charity when police grabbed him and took him to Southampton Central Police Station. Mr Fricker 64, is deaf and medically unable to have sex it was said, at the police station he asked for an interpreter, but it was ignored and not provided.

When Mr Fricker of Botley, near Southampton tried to take the sergeant's number, the policeman deliberately covered it up.

The charge for kerb-crawling was dropped. In a press statement at the time, they said their inquiry was into the disappearance of expensive goods. The Inspector based at Portswood, Southampton, was not named -- all they would say is that a serving police inspector had been suspended in relation to a criminal inquiry.

He made 57 phone calls from the police station it was stated. He was ordered to attend a sex offenders program. The officer of eight years service was allowed to resign? Sean Hodgson went to prison for 27 years based on a false confession probably coerced as around this time, many detectives employed these tactics. He was jailed for murder on the Hampshire police evidence which was held together by the 'confession'. The West Midlands Crime Squad were practicing this at roughly the same time along with other units around and into the 80's.

The real murderer David Lace admitted the crime, but this was dismissed, but now DNA has revealed it was him. The Hampshire police say this is most regrettable and they wish to put things right.

This matter borders on a Major Corruption Probe, a probe that never happened due to 'in-house' police tactics by Chief Constable John Hoddinott in Good cops are hard to find, and easy to set up they say. This charge actively led to his death -- he committed suicide. The young man actually dropped the charges, but this did not help this officer. A fellow officer who was on the Isle of Wight with Graham Cruttenden spoke out about the file prepared against the Pc. He said it was one of the worst proposed cases he'd ever seen and police procedures had not been followed.

The PCA rejected the Hampshire Police Force's findings twice and ordered that a new inquiry be set up by an outside force. It was felt by his wife who lodged a complaint against the force, that they were trying really hard to ruin the officer at the time of the allegation. And why would fellow officers and top brass be willing to do this?

Police Constable Cruttenden gave evidence against six Met officers in He refused to remain silent and disclosed that six officers helped themselves to several thousands of pounds worth of goods at a break-in at a branch of Austin Reed in Fenchurch Street, London. The Squad had been called out on a call. The corrupt officers were convicted in , and were jailed. He was threatened by colleagues and received anonymous phone calls.

However, due to the case being discussed in police stations throughout the Greater London area, it wasn't long before some members of the Hampshire force became aware of his betrayal -- the cops in London made sure of it. Others too said he would be healthier if he did not make waves over the Cruttenden matter and stay out of Hampshire? The case concerned a resident on the Isle of Wight and an ' altered a letter' submitted to the court knowing it had been tampered with, and it contained an additional passage so the court would be made aware of what they thought about him.

They as usual, deny this claim saying 'some phantom policeman' must have done it without their consent. Their lawyer in court claimed at one time that the letter was not sent and it did not exist, yet he revealed that the offending part against the man had been ' cut and pasted' from an internal police report?

He also claimed for the police on examination of two letters, that there had been a 'typographical error' so one question remains - how did he know the unsent and non existent letter had been altered at an official level within the Hampshire Police Force? Unfortunately the judge accepted it being an error and that was that.

On researching our files in similar named 'forged and altered items by police officers' we found that no officers were ever charged or convicted and in just two cases at a tribunal stage judges made the comment that the officers had 'acted unwisely' but it didn't reflect on their honesty or integrity??

The police knew the stated article was altered and what effect it would have but they still presented it through their lawyer who also had prior knowledge that this evidence was disputed by the plaintiff, and that a complete new paragraph had been pasted onto the letter in order to give a different impression, an impression that was intended to reduce the plaintiff's case.

A cop for 16 years, Bayldon. The Judge warned him of a possible 12 months jail sentence which would be considered for pre-sentence options. The officer had sex with a 15 year-old schoolgirl it was said at Lewes Crown Court. One charge of perverting the course of justice was not dealt with by the judge?

Further to the court case, the police admitted they were looking into an internal matter involving the officer that he indulged in sexual activities in a police car while on duty. He is to be placed on the sex offender's register. The suspended officer from Ryde on the Isle of Wight, faced allegations of making false representations and misconduct in public office.

The judge said the prosecution of Mr. Thompson had been malicious and hit out at the CPS. The most serious assault on Mr. Thompson happened in the interview room at the police station instigated by officer Hewes. The judge concluded that the Hampshire Police wrongfully imprisoned Mr. Thompson and violently began assaulting him because they did not like him. The court awarded Mr. Besides sex on offer was spanking sessions, the secret schoolmasters always liked that. These happened oh her off-duty days as it was best to have the spanking and caning sessions in the afternoon.

She was based at Hythe Station in Southampton. Two days were wasted as a result and the judge came to the conclusion that it amounted to a serious misconduct. The Detective claimed he sent an e-mail to the CPS in relation to certain evidence, but they denied receiving it. The accused was acquitted and costs sent to the Hampshire Police. Officers had conducted a full strip search disobeying the laid down rules in the case of a minor by not calling in her parents or having an adult present to oversee that her rights were not violated.

The girl Kerrie Crouch was just sat in the grounds of a Petersfield Church when the ordeal began. Despite having no evidence of any crime two constables insisted that she go back to the station for a search. He said this was a serious matter when lying to the court.

But Hampshire has not laid perjury charges against this obviously corrupt cop. Both officers made gestures in the workplace aimed at her and most of a rude sexual nature. It was said in the tribunal that the all male CID Division except for Evans actively or passively engaged in this behaviour, considering what they did as amusing.

Crowe and Brunt were moved from Hyde Police Station after their three and a half years torment on Evans and the Chief Constable sent an apology? Tango Security the clampers accused him of criminal damage to their property - the sign and four plastic ties valued at around 4p that he had cut. He did say he would recompense them to this amount but nothing else. The Hampshire Police were called by the clampers and they imprisoned Mr Hibbert in a cell for four hours!

The CPS apparently through the charge out, obviously not wanting to have egg on their faces The Police trying to salvage something and not have their heavy hand tactics amplified press-wise backtracked and said the matter was one now of a land ownership dispute between the clampers and him in a civil procedures court.

The police will automatically say they had to act on the word of law, but where was the commonsense and why must they throw someone into a cell without giving the matter more thought? Isle of Wight Policeman Jason Bolwell in the Guildford Crown Court was arrested and suspended and faced two charges of fraud and false representation. It was said in court he began his plan whilst on duty in the Central Police Station in Portsmouth.

He was eventually trapped by his handwriting supplied to the magazine owners. The Hampshire Police Officer was jailed for four months. Hampshire police confirmed that an inquiry would be carried out by officers from the Thames Valley Police? The officer from Havant in Hampshire left three women victims very frightened as he called them from various telephone boxes in the area. He was banned from going near the three women involved and faces dismissal from the Hampshire Constabulary.

Journeying back to his cottage with CPS lawyer Penelope Schofield he hit the kerb in his precarious state, had a puncture and called in at the Bitterne Police Station where he was based. It was there that he was breathalysed and arrested. It was then that lawyer Schofield began a lie to get him off a charge by saying she was the driver.

Eventually it fell apart and Schofield was charged with perverting the course of justice. The cop who did the night patrol conducted a test on himself before colleagues as a gesture to see how fit he was to drive when it registered he was over the limit. They dropped charges later and said there was an error?

His case was initially turned down, but he successfully won legal aid to continue. The incident was hushed up and only came to light when Mr. Prescott applied for a job at a Children's home, and his application was blocked. It was said that he had a similar name to the known criminal? It finally reveals that 22 Police Officers and 11 civilian staff faced an internal disciplinary hearing.

A force spokesman was quick to say these breaches referred to info of a personal nature rather than criminal? The Male cop was suspended by chiefs at the Cosham Headquarters in Hampshire. She specifically mentioned an incident in a police van when male colleagues handcuffed her and made her go face down on the floor of the police van. She said many of the others were involved in the abuse, but only one handcuffed her. He spent a day in custody accused of sending texts to a woman, but he didn't even know the woman's name or do texts on his phone.

He said police on the Isle arrived mob-handed, seized his phone and kept it for well over a week. Hampshire cops arrived with three cars it is said to arrest Mrs Cole when she refused to hand back a ball kicked onto her land by kids -- and not for the first time either. She was finger-printed and had her DNA taken, and locked in a cell for five hours.

And what's more those buffoons at the CPS are to consider the case as theft? Cole only wanted to teach these teenagers a lesson, a lesson of respect for other people, but she cannot do that, and no-one else can when it comes to kids rights, they have been given the right to do anything and have everything, because if you deny them this you are abusing them? She never kicked their ball into her own garden, they did, and probably too many times to look the other way. It appears an eye-witness saw the off-duty cops climbing onto the vehicle.

At the moment, the Hampshire cops are not disclosing why or what these two officers were up to or observing? Both officers are said to be under investigation and face professional misconduct charges, and that the Hampshire Constabulary Professional Standards Department is conducting the investigation. He was found to be twice over the drink limit after a police woman smelled alcohol on him after he left the Park Gate Police Station.

The cop from Southampton has since retired on health grounds. It certainly looks like Hampshire cops are above the law, and this amply shows this to be the case.

It shows one could not arrest a cop in a 'citizens arrest' without the tables being turned on them, even if the cop was bent or up to no good. This kind of thing makes you wonder what they are really up to?

Hampshire police arrested pub singer Simon Ledger for singing ' Kung Fu fighting' a 70's record hit for Carl Douglas in I would suppose the song was aired on the radio for thousands of plays,,,but no racist accusation, Carl Douglas was not charged, nor did he appear in court, and the record was not banned by the BBC. One would think common sense might be adhered to,,,but no, the cops made the claim they have to respond to a complaint made by the public One should be aware that any complaint made about the police is not so diligently carried out, they often ignore and mess a complainant around before making any move to write out a statement It was his belief, of which he had no doubts according to his findings when he headed the inquiry into ' the Isle of Wight alleged child abuse and Paedophile ring and sacrifices' that he had no doubts what he was told by community social workers, were true.

This strange case was one that David Icke featured in one of his books and regularly featured it on his blog. The police headed by Kingman began investigating when it was claimed that a number of businessmen, prominent heads on the island were engaged in secret societies.

We have since been told that Kingman has now retired, and the other matter never resolved. A spokesperson would not comment on allegations that the cops had been convicted of Benefit Fraud, Discharging a firearm, Possession of Cannabis, Drunk and Disorderly, Assault and Theft. Members of the public in Hampshire were not pleased to hear this, and top cop John O Connor formerly of Scotland Yard said ' It is totally inappropriate that these officers have been allowed to stay in their jobs '.

The Recent Murder of Jamie Dack by monstrous killers has not only led to criticism of the way Hampshire police responded to the Southampton victim, but the charge of misconduct on eight police officers: Two Inspectors, four police sergeants, two constables and one member of the civilian staff. The outcome was that these accused all received ' management advice' Graeme Howlett, a holidaymaker from Essex.

It was said by witnesses that the police mondeo car sped through red lights. Howlett was very unhappy with the way police dealt with him after the accident, as the ambulance only took the officer, and his family had to wait for a second ambulance before being taken to hospital for treatment. He said his wife was cut and suffered bruising and the children were in shock besides his own injuries.

Hampshire Police said they would be investigating? In certain profile cases mentioned it has been discovered that police have shredded evidence and strangely 'lost files' even amid an investigation carried out by the PCA and IPPC.

This happened on ' Operation Countryman ' the massive investigation into corrupt cops, and --' The West Midlands Crime Squad Investigation ' just to name two, there are several more on this site. It was confirmed that both officers were receiving 'management advice? Nawrot took his case to the Court Of Appeal against the Chief Constable of Hampshire after confusing evidence dealt him a blow in another court.

At the previous lower court Mr. Nawrot was found guilty of abusing and threatening a police constable. However, the Appeal Court Judges found that the police were seeking to avoid an award of exemplary damages for unlawful arrest and assault by the police constable because the appropriate sum or figure would be extremely difficult to be ascertained without the police constable being able to explain fully his actions.

Nawrot was given leave to sue the Hampshire police for compensation. The ratings by the Audit Commission said the record keeping by the Hampshire Force was poor in respect of the investigations into violent crime, criminal damage and domestic violence. Bosses also added that officers should meet monthly targets of five seat-belt offences, four mobile phone offences, eleven drink-drive offences and two commercial vehicle checks.

Hampshire Police said when asked about their anti-motorist purge - ' It is a minimum expectation of what we expect officers to be doing, we are not saying that at all costs someone must be arrested' said John Campbell. In recognition of his resignation the CPS and Police decided not to proceed with the case? They were asked to produce match tickets in order to proceed along the public highway? He now has little wonder there are wrongful arrests and unsafe convictions, the thuggish behaviour by cops goes a long way to confirming this.

The officer is accused of dangerous driving and making the capture and pursuit of the offenders 'personal' It was stated on a news item that an onboard camera in the patrol car showed the officer taking risks that were not within the authority granted his trial continues. Evans was promptly arrested and held in a police cell at Alton in Hampshire.

Kelly said when he was eventually released the cops advised him not to press charges against his attacker?? What followed was a blunder that led to his name being supplied to the offender, and he was subsequently attacked by a gang of supporters to the offender.

Later after purchasing a field, the man found a 'man trap' set on his property, but the police failed to respond to his calls. CCTV video footage was requested formally to Roger Trencher, solicitor to the Force, but it was not forthcoming, and they dealt with the issue of the coat by paying compensation. Deakin retired amid the inquiries, which were ongoing in , and it remains a mystery as to who at the police station walked off with property not belonging to them, and why no-one was interested in identifying the person who must have been on the station CCTV If they do know, they aren't saying!!

The Crabbe Affair The Force was said to have agreed to investigate its own handling of the case. It was said in court that she had committed the offences during In October a Report in the 'Police Specials' mentions that two female officers were arrested in Southampton -- one of them on suspicion of supplying class A drugs and perverting the course of justice.

Apparently, free speech and a citizens right to complain seems to have been dropped from The Human Rights Act in Fareham. It shows a very 'devious and suppressive' side to the Hampshire cops, which writer Mike Whitby agrees with. Galpin possibly an ex-cop of Fareham tells of a ludicrous dispute arising from casual remarks in a police canteen, which took two and a half years to resolve.

He says that 11 high ranking officers were involved, two police sergeants and eight constables The 43yr old former Southampton Special Cop was arrested by cops investigating incidents involving motorists being subjected to on-the-spot fines. It is stated that officers apprehended him on New Years Eve and he was bailed to appear before Southampton Magistrates.

The Cop who was suspended by the Hampshire Police Force was charged with shoplifting and arrested on August the 3rd. It was said that the three Officers showed a complete lack of respect for their fellow officers. They were found to have used demeaning language regularly and had done so for a long time, as this case started in , a year ago. The Chief Constable said that their behaviour and conduct was detestable Pulling something from the files, we found that a member of the Legal Profession complained about a police sergeant and said that he found their attitude insulting at the Havant Police Station.

The allegations were of a serious nature, but the University decided not to act on it, and neither did the Hampshire Police Now its been revealed that the man accused was found out and fired Amid something of a lock down on public exposure and a mystery forming, news came in on December the 11th , that there had been the arrest of six men on the Isle of Wight in Hampshire, and three of those turned out to be police officers.

Julie Fry the Isle of Wight District Commander said the arrest of the three police officers were the result of a victim coming forward to complain about incidents that have been going on during Luty was arrested on his way home from Park Gate Police Station where he had been interviewing an officer who was the subject of a complaint.

She said she could smell alcohol on his breath during the interview, so she reported him to the station Officer, and Luty was followed home by cops who stopped him and arrested him. He later appeared before Aldershot Magistrates and was said to be twice over the limit when tested. It certainly does no favours for the beleaguered cops of Hampshire and only helps to show that things are going on they'd rather the public did not know.

Ex-Cop Aubry Hendy if actually true says he resigned after almost 18 years of service in the Hampshire Police He says he is now taking the Hampshire Police to Court. He also touches on Freemasonry in the force Citing a second case Citing a third case PS - We shall be watching this site and the Hampshire Cops reaction to this.

The shamed cop was to appear before magistrates and has been suspended. He ran off after being discovered by a citizen who grabbed his coat which yielded a bank statement with the officer's name on it.

He was put on the sex offenders register. The disgraced cop had two commendations for his work in the police. He appeared before magistrates in Staines. Another officer, un-named is also charged with keeping child porn images. They appeared before magistrates at Bury St. It was alleged that he performed sex acts in front of a web cam in close up for the girl and said he wanted sex.

An investigation team seized his pc and found images of child porn with children as young as five. The Policeman appeared before Leeds Crown Court. The Met cop was allowed to join despite the reference on his application form. A spokesperson said there must have been an oversight when the vetting system failed in this particular incident. The former cop was trapped in an Internet chat room sting. His seized computer revealed a stash of photographs showing children in lewd poses.

The cop who won a medal in the police, is charged with indecent assault on a girl of 15 and another aged It is alleged that he used the police computer to contact two 12yr old girls in the USA, gather information on prostitutes, paedophiles and homosexuals, consort with a prostitute and exchanged photo images with with a fellow officer.

The officer who was stationed at Liverpool's Anne Street Station was suspended while further investigations took place. Unluckily for the constable, he was set upon by two other lads who came to the girls rescue. The officer stationed at Wanstead Police Station, London, refused to comment as he left the court. The Met Police said a resignation would be expected. Three young girls have accused him of sexual attacks that took place in the Tameside area of Manchester.

Based in Eltham, South East london, the constable has been bailed pending an appearance at court. The officer was actually involved in tapping the phone lines to catch offenders doing the same thing. He was convicted of making nine malicious phone calls. After 24 years in the force he faces dismissal.

He made a string of vile phone calls over the period of a year before being caught. A Cyber Cafe set up by cops at their Luton based station in Bedfordshire came to a halt as cops tried to hack into porn sites on the Internet. The computers were installed with ' no go ' barriers, but officers tried avoiding these by making attempts to get into the system by a back door method.

Cops carried out a further search in his home later, and found another The cop who is on duty in the house of commons is to face disciplinary action.

The officer of the Met used a Porsche and two other expensive cars while running up gambling debts. Page appeared before Southwark Crown Court along with his wife on charges of fraud, intimidation, and fraudulent trading besides threats to kill. It is said that many other cops are annoyed with the anti-corruption department. He was charged for perverting the course of justice. The owner reported items missing - power tools, a search was made of the Constable's home and his locker.

He was suspended pending other investigations. He forged signatures on claims of senior officers to get payments authorised. Taking trips to Florida and keeping expensive cars appealed to his greed to live in the luxury fast lane. He was identified out of 12 people the police wanted. He also faces a charge of misconduct in public office. Therefore he was quite surprised to find a man inside the toilet suddenly offering to do things.

Allen was manhandled and bundled into a police car and taken to the station. All the way to the police station Mr.

Allen was told he could leave with a caution. Allen never went to Blackpool again after that. A man was cleared of making threats at Snaresbrook Crown Court, when Mr Natt produced a tape recorder and asked the judge if it could be played as this was his only defence against 'police lies'.

The Judge said he had no objection and on hearing it-- it revealed them abusing him. The Judge immediately disposed of the two charges brought by the Plaistow Police Station, those being threatening behaviour and assaulting a WPC The Court suggested Mr Natt pursue a civil case for damages using the deliberation of this case to support the claim.

The Police declined to comment as they left the court. He was charged with others of assault and murder of Mr. Lowe was with the City of London Police Force. The attack was unprovoked said witnesses at the scene.

The drugs were found to be drugs used in evidence at another trial. Snaresbrook Crown Court sentenced the Officer to four months imprisonment. He stated that the he had found the drugs after another officer left them at a party? He was caught by security cameras which showed him taking the drugs from evidence caches etc. Smith was allowed to resign and walked free from the court.

The Police Officer bribed other detectives to assist him in drug dealing. Sadly for the cop and ex-cop it had all been recorded. The Old Bailey judge jailed him. The four officers went berserk after seeing a two fingered gesture, and gave chase to the two occupants of a car. The officers were also accused of perjury along with occasioning actual bodily harm.

The Met Officers invented a story and tried to have one man convicted, but an earlier jury dismissed the charges.

He said the statements given by the officers in relation to the events contained some 'untruths'. The Met Police Commissioner accepted that the case was not handled properly and that several opportunities were missed which resulted in the attacker to go free and commit 29 more attacks.

The man was handcuffed and detained in a police cell and then later released. It is said the force offered an apology for the unacceptable behaviour and payment for the unlawful assault -- without admitting it of course! But they did nothing and just sat on it, they even recommended to the Home Secretary that the case should not be re-opened? Was this just bad policing or them assisting other officers to do as they liked? It emerged that police made notes after a debriefing session some two hours after the incident.

Doubt was cast on the identification procedures too. Identifications were put together later and not independently, and cops were sent down to the cells to see if they could match the detainees with the descriptions. The court heard that officers met together to discuss identification and that evidence acquired as such could only be described as tainted. The court dismissed all charges and ordered costs be awarded to the accused.

He got a garage to fit it with false number plates after requesting an RAC patrolman of his acquaintance to get into the car and change the ignition key barrel. He was charged with stealing money to pay off debts. Smear tactics were used by police to show the youth in a bad light before the trial.

He also entered a blackmail plot with a relative in order to compromise his relation's foe contrary to criminal law and professional standards. Cop car drives onto pavement -- A police car was suddenly seen driving onto a busy shopping area pavement of Taunton, -- the police driver got out and went to the cash machine. The author of this says that a relative was booked and fined for having her car on the pavement, but the police seem exempt from the law when it suits? Thank you for taking the time to read this email.

If you are able to help me with my query, I will be extremely grateful. With all best wishes, Andrew Davies Dr A. Davies Reader in History. There was still nobody there! Was on my way to the Le Dank quarry to pay homage to Eddystone granite. Strange what one does on a sunny day! Thought the church door hinges quite ethnic.

Thanks for all of your hard work as usual. Hello I was so glad to find your web page describing the events leading up to the closure of the Loop Road south of Okehampton Camp.

I have lived on or near Dartmoor for the majority of my adult life and in recent years moved to live on the northern edge. As age takes its toll, like many people I find it harder to access some more remote places such as Hangingstone Hill, Cranmere Pool and beyond. The Loop Road would have been a valuable resource but I was aghast to find it closed to the public.

That effectively cuts off access for me to places I would love to visit. As I reached retirement, I decided I would use some of the extra time to reach and photograph every tor on the moor. Sadly, that no longer seems possible as the more remote parts are now too far for me to reach. Your information explains eloquently the run up to this regrettable state of affairs and for that I am grateful.

Sadly, I missed your campaign and petition by a few years but I expect that was never going to make any difference to the closed minds involved. No more Duchy originals for me neither! Thank you for your efforts on behalf of lovers of Dartmoor. Best wishes, Graham Brown. Dear Tim, I hope you are well. I came across your website and the Beast of Longaford Tor image — who would I contact if I wanted to use this image as part of a wildlife TV programme about wildlife on Dartmoor.

Inevitably big cat discussion is going to come up and it would be great to have some photographic evidence to refer to.

If you are able to get back to me today, that would be most appreciated as we are filming this week. Hi there, Whilst walking on Dartmoor recently I discovered what appears to be some WW2 bullets and some corroded and melted magnesium.

Maybe parts of an old aircraft? It may of be interest to you. We will soon be visited by relatives from the US, who have indicated that they would like to experience whortleberry pie — which would also be a new experience for us — we live in Somerset. I would appreciate your guidance. Is there anywhere that the berries can be purchased early in August?

If not, where, in Devon or Somerset could we find them growing so that we could collect some? Do you know of any shop that sells the pies? Hello Tim Came across your excellent Legendary Dartmoor website today.

I have a small section on warts and wart charming. I wondered if it would be possible to use the hands illustration below you use on your site in my publication. Many thanks , Kath. Hi Tim First of all, congratulations on the new website page about Haytor Down, brilliant read. I wonder how you would feel about putting a link to Visit Dartmoor somewhere on your own website, for people looking to come and visit the moor, having been inspired by Legendary Dartmoor?

Look forward to hearing from you Many thanks and best wishes, Jen. Dear Tim Your website is a great resource. Re the Whitehorse Hill kist: Unfortunately I read your description after I had done the walk, so location and picture are not as good as they would otherwise have been — picture attached. However, English Heritage do not have it listed as a protected site on their website, but it seemed clear to me that it was assembled by man.

Dear Mr Sandles, I hope this finds you well. Would you be willing to have a chat with me about your favourite stories and legends from the area? Many thanks, James Phillips. The ruin you refer to is that of the old Roundy Farm as you can see from the attached early OS map. There is a lot of information on the Pastscape website which can be found on the following link: Pastscape Record of Roundy Farm Locally the farm was known as Roundypark whose name derives from the fact of their being nearby Bronze Age roundhouses in its enclosures.

The old door lintel from the farm which is inscribed R. June 15th Hi Can you tell me if there is any further information relating to the Bellever Idol research, please? Maybe it was a bit too believable as it has appeared in print a couple of times. We were concerned that the church no longer had a pipe organ, but just an electric one, and so searched for a redundant pipe organ which would fit into the fairly small space available.

We were directed to the church at St Endellion in Cornwall as they were planning to replace their small pipe organ with a new and larger one which would be better suited to their annual music festivals. It was re-built by Peter Bazeley of Tavistock who gave up hours and hours of his spare time to do so. Thanks for the excellent article on the gunpowder mill. Gunpowder was never referred to as blackpowder until the late 19th Century when smokeless gunpowder was introduced.

Regards , Geoff Smith. June 9th Good morning, I hope you are able to help me in some way please, or at least point me in the right direction to find out more.

At the weekend I brought two stamps which I believe they are letter boxing stamps. Is there anything you can tell me about them, if they are and where they are please, a possible age and anything more you might be able to tell me please.

Hello there Tim, I have just been viewing your site online, excellent! So sorry to bother you. Even an old name or similar but not Cow Bridge. Thank you for your time. Dear Tim Just a quick note to say thank you for your extensive work on the Legends website … I love a passion! I am referencing it in my new book — The Linescapes of Britain. Not quite finished yet … to be published next year by Square Peg.

Just wondering if there was a clear indication of what changed to make the likes of Grimspound less of s desirable residence. Rackham says minerals leached from thin soil … but I have also read that the climate became more hostile, which would suggest that it was milder back then in the Bronze Age.. Many thanks again Best Wishes — Hugh Warwick.

Excellent cheers for the reply, Would the mill only have processed corn, or wheat as well? Any record of when it was built? May 30th Hi Tim, I was walking to Fingle Bridge today on the south bank and noticed a large stone structure that looked like a blowing house, located meters down from the bridge.

There were two good size iron wheels that would have possibly been used to power the bellows. It was between 10 — 15 meters from the river.

The structure was not listed on my map, as most blowing houses are. Have you heard anything about a blowing house in that area? Here are two pictures from today of the wall, and iron wheels. I am curious, do you have anything to add? Regards, Greg Thanks for your email, what you came across are the remains of Fingle Corn Mill, you can follow the old leat channel back up towards the bridge. Hello, Dartmoorlander, I please was curious to ask about the original crosses from the Middle Ages — what was the approximate distance between the crosses which were used as pathway markers?

Also, how far apart were the two Abbeys on the pathway which ran between them? My father was a serving prison officer at Dartmoor and would like any information on him that you may hold.

We lived in Princetown in for 2 years as I recall, unfortunately my father died suddenly whilst still serving at Dartmoor in July of … Thanking you. I had read the newspaper reports of the case but your account has filled in the details. You see, I am researching my family history and I am fairly sure that John was my 4x great grandfather.

I think you have made my day. We are having a new website made and I was wondering if you would permit me to use some of your text from the Legendary Dartmoor website about Ordulph The Great to add to our page on the history of the Ordulph Arms. I would of course credit it to you. In each episode we use an old railway tourist guidebook published in to visit different places by train and learn about their history. The series is very popular and is broadcast in prime slots on the channel BBC2 here in the UK, where they rate very highly with millions of viewers.

They are also broadcast worldwide, including in the US. This year we will be travelling from Birmingham, through the West Country and finishing by the sea in Devon. Along the way we will highlight the engineering achievements of the area, key industries, pioneering companies, notable people and important social and cultural movements.

This journey will be split into 5 x 30 minute episodes. I found your website while researching into Victorian fiction set in Dartmoor and thought I would get in touch. Would it be possible to speak to you about Dartmoor in fiction? As a Devonshire lad I have long been fascinated by Dartmoor and reading your material brings back happy memories of stories told while camping for Ten Tors and letterboxing.

Is it associated with the military range or is it part of a more ancient feature? I would love to know more. Many thanks for putting my pictures on your website over the years. I recently did a major overhaul with a new website of my paintings, so my old website address has now changed to www. I have added new images of the moor to the site so if you need anything for your website in the future feel free to use anything you require. Hi Tim, Just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for the Legendary Dartmoor website.

Could we possibly have a chat about it, as I thought it could make a fun piece for the BBC, who would have thought that skunks were bred on Dartmoor in the s!

If you could give me a ring on my mobile number below that would be great. I would be most interested if you could point me in the direction of any internet or other sources for anything you might have published on this, or if you can give further details yourself:. I am also very much interested in checking the alignment of the stones. Do you have a figure for this? Anyway, I have seen the ghost of a lady there a few times, as has my barmaid Katrina and daughter Charlotte. Footsteps have also been heard.

I was inspired to write this poem during October , following a walk on the moor with my father and a drive home past Bellever and Princetown. The ballad tells the apocryphal tale of a prisoner who escapes Dartmoor Prison and attempts to seek refuge in the rocks atop the tor….

I appreciate that the style of the poem in particular the knowingly-contrived wordplay! I was just looking through and you have saved me a massive amount of time and effort trying to locate all the legends around Dartmoor … I wondered if you had any further reading to recommend,.

I teach film and photography at The Small School in Hartland and some of my students want an isolated, moorland telephone box for a short film they are making. Ideally it should be one of the old red boxes and must not be near any houses. I look forward to hearing from you, Paul. From what I can recall they are both the old style. Hope this is of some help. Hi, I wonder if you can help? If you know of anyone, grateful for a contact.

Hello, My name is Oliver and I am currently conducting research for a screenplay I am writing set on Dartmoor, concerning two escaped convicts from Princetown prison in If yes, thanks in advance.

My question is thus: Any help you could offer would be most appreciated. Hi hope this finds you well? Sadly I have to report although I am sure my good friend Ian Pitchford may already have done so, but we visited the Northmore Cross late yesterday to find that some words fail me here idiot has broken off the cross and removed it.

Is there anything that can be done? Do we need to inform anybody else? Thanks for your email, various folk have reported that the small cross had disappeared much to their annoyance. I suppose it would be possible to make a replica as there are enough photographs of the cross in existence. I am sure the DNPA are aware of the situation. First of all congratulations on your excellent site on Dartmoor — I have been reading it for a number of years and the footnotes of my own research often refers to Legendary Dartmoor.

Can you please tell me when this will be available. So as you can imagine I would be fascinated to look at your list and pull out the names concerning water. Keep up the good work. We have just had a look at your website on the church and was curious as to the significance of the giant Owl image you have suspended over it. The first time was years ago about not being able to find the Fairley battle crash site on Lower White Tor still not found it!

This would make an old ish man very happy and I can get off for a run somewhere else for a change! I have finally identified one of my prized possessions, a Dartmoor Piskie inkwell. I have seen several similar pictures on the net, and like mine, they seem to be listening to flowers, or at least holding flowers to their ear. Could you please give some insight as to why? I have had him for about 35 years and have always wondered!

Tim you might have already seen this petition if not you might be interested in signing it, I found it through the megalithic. Will you sign it too? I expect you might know of this one — but just is case.

Anyway, a lovely old girl came in this week and we got talking at the bar. Her late husband used to farm up near the Cherrybrook Bridge so naturally the conversation turned to the infamous hairy hands and I asked if he used to believe in them. They had tried to run him off the road one foggy night about 25 years ago. Another customer, a moor man through and through, nodded in agreement.

He too was convinced by the tale. I found this website by accident when looking for the story about Lady Howard as I lived at Sourton for 14 years and her coach allegedly drove past our house every night. I came across your page whilst researching books about Dartmoor folklore.

My great grandfather Samuel Charles Wesley Casely was involved in the original hairy hands story. He was the prison Pharmacist and was called out to the motorcycle crash in which Dr Helby died. Samuel pronounced Dr Helby dead at the scene. Is there a list anywhere of all the Dartmoor folklore books published? She would have been ideal to talk to if she were still alive. I have looked through all the Dartmoor specific legend books and can find no mention of your great grandfather.

Went in search of the above tethering rock but unable to locate it at the grid reference given. A very interesting development with regards to the Tor with No Name page on your web site. A friend of mine recently read it and came up with this, which is a portion of an OS map from his Army days.

I will ask him when the map was dated. What are the best places to visit? You could also drive down to Houndtor which again is supposed to be linked with Sherlock Holmes and is where some of the recent TV series — Holmes was filmed. I have my bivi bag at the ready if Mary—Ann Ochota goes walk-about again on the moors. Please find attached photos of Sally Satterley.

The other picture is of Crossing I think outside of Jolly Lane. I own the glass plate negative of this. Sorry for the delay in replying, a big thank you for the photos and for taking the time to send them — much appreciated. The son was a murderer. I told them about your work and showed the landscapes in Dartmoor, so it was really good for everyone in the class.

They did not seem to find the story tragic enough, the want more horror tales as if life did not give us enough of them! Well, I am very grateful about your help and send kind regards to you and your beautiful Dartmoor surroundings. We recently visited Powdermills near Postbridge and in the shop there are the remains of an old wooden frame with 2 x mm iron wheels with teeth on them both, attached to one of the wheels is an iron bar with a square end to it.

The owners think it is a water wheel, our thinking is there was a wheel attached to the square drive which was then driven by water possibly via a belt. The two iron wheels with the teeth on them, or they could be cogs, was that used for grinding and the making of the gunpowder? Attached are 2 photos to give some detail. Would be interested to know. Your work is very good and one can see how much you love those open lands and all the mysteries it brings.

The drama occurs in Dartmoor and there is a prisoner who has escaped his cell, so I looked at Dartmoor and found your work. Could the drama have been inspired by some real facts? Thank you for reading this mail, keep up your beautiful work. Is the northern Dartmoor ring road still open now or not as would like to get to Cranmere Pool.

I rode my motorcycle around it a few years ago but somebody recently said now NO access. Oddly enough I am just updating my Cranmere webpage, sadly the ring road is closed as according to the conservationists the traffic???? I wonder how many of these sort will actually walk out to OP15 to see the dark skies??? We would like to reproduce your article on Moss Gathering under your Legendary Dartmoor, this will of course under your Copy Right with your kind permission to use within the exhibition.

This will be for people to read and will not be for sale or further reproduction. I visited the moor in and , and noticed some square stone posts with letters engraved on them, like the one pictured below, and I wondered if you could tell me what these are for. What you saw was one of many stone boundary markers which mark such things as parishes, mining setts, the military ranges, etc, they come in all shapes and sizes and are found all over Dartmoor.

I have acquired some W R GAY postcards but are having a problem with a couple, Paul has many suggestions, some not printable, but no definite answer. I have recently re-read your very informative page relating to sphagnum moss collection. The Duchy of Cornwall are going to examine their archives, but any ideas, help, or information you could give would be greatly appreciated. I would like to point something out about this page.

Michael the Archangel Church Chagford. Hi, I have just stumbled across your wonderful website while looking for things to do with tide dials. The print is full of mystery and has a number of different objects scattered around it, one of them being what looks like a sundial on top of an hour glass. The pointer is hanging down and has another slightly curved pointer going underneath the dial.

There is no shadow being cast onto the dial for some reason. I know the very early dials, mass dials, scratch dials etc. The print has in it a bell on the right hand side of the sundial and an hourglass underneath.

I just wondered if you could maybe have more of an idea as to what kind of dial it may be. I have sent an attachment of the dial cropped from the print, if you have the time to look at it I would greatly appreciate any response. Last weekend, with my partner, we undertook the Dartmoor national park Postbridge circular walk, part of which included the above.

No easy access, no apparent water supply yet the east dart not that far away. What suitable ground was there for potatoes? Why did the Hullett brothers even consider it, and how far did this enterprise go until they gave up? The remaining building is of fine design and construction, an obviously well considered project.

We just find the whole enterprise fascinating. I had planned to look in the following volumes at our local library in order to find out more; High Dartmoor, land and people, by Eric Hemery — , Devonshire Antiquities, by John Chudleigh — Guide to Dartmoor by William Crossing, illustrated by Philip Guy Stevens — You have obviously researched this topic.

Is it worth pursuing this further? I am simply curious as to why the Hullett brothers decided to launch this enterprise, and what caused them to abandon it. Or would any pursuit simply lead to blind alleys? Thank you for taking the time to read this. Hoping you can help me with a question I have. Back in my husband and I stopped the car in Dartmoor near some large boulders and decided to go for a walk.

There were no real walls left and the door way was just 3 large stones with the top stone having roman numbers carved into it. Inside the once room was a stone that had been used to grind corn etc. Outside of the structure was a stream and in the stream was another stone that had been well worn as a washing stone maybe.

We walked up stream a way and came across an avenue of stones to a mound. I know this may be a mad question but as you seem to now all the monuments etc on Dartmoor I was hoping you might know which one I am referring to as we would like to visit there on our next trip to the UK from Australia. Would love to know as much information as you might have on this structure.

Many thanks, Sam Parry. He believes they are for the Spooner family. We informed the staff at the information office who seemed very interested, looked at the photos and said they would pass on the information. Just thought you might like this information.

Many thanks for this information and I have updated the webpage, shame the NT staff did not act on their promises. Thank you very much for your swift reply. We are trying to get as much evidence as possible to present to the council so if any thing crops up it would be much appreciated. Thank you for creating a wonderful website.

Please take heart that thousands of people enjoy browsing though it — including me! Firstly, may I just say that I have been following Legendary Dartmoor for some time now and I must congratulate you on your efforts!

I love your site as I love Dartmoor itself. I was born and raised in Plymouth so Dartmoor has always been a magical place for me; especially now that I live overseas. I am writing to ask your opinion regarding a possible project; I am a composer and I am intending to write a series of pieces based around the tales of Dartmoor.

I have a two questions that you may be able to answer before I start my endeavours: Would you be looking for some music that plays upon opening your front page? Would you be willing to host the pieces somewhere on your website? If you want to listen to some of my compositions you can find them on my website my latest piece was inspired by the Brecon Beacons -http: If you are interested in either of those options please let me know.

Otherwise, keep up the great work! Dear Tim I was wondering if you could help? My wife and I live in the hamlet of Lettaford. We have only lived here since but every local resident have never known the route go anywhere other than through the yard. We plan to appeal this decision and are currently gathering as much written evidence and descriptions of the mariners way. Do you have or know of any written descriptions that would describe the route through the hamlet? Thank you in advance, Simon Channing.

I love your Tavistock badger story, and a while ago, I included it in a radio programme about badgers, which I made for our community radio station. I credited you of course.

Well done shame it is not true — Helen. He has his Australian Weapons Licence. I know it would mean the world to him to shoot a rifle, etc where his dad shot one. Is there any way we can make this happen? Thank you so much in advance, Kate Rogers. I would like to thank you for the continued hard work you put into your website Legendary Dartmoor. I must have read, and re-read your site many times over and it continues to keep me informed of so many varied aspects of the moor.

I work offshore as I type I am bobbling about the North Sea and as the shift drags on I keep up my spirits and plan my next Dartmoor adventure using your site. I live in Brentor and have been on Dartmoor since I was a kid. When I am not offshore I can be found out in all weathers as a callout member of Dartmoor rescue or exploring with the dog.

Your website always delivers somewhere else for me to re-visit in a different light knowing a little bit more about the history and legends that weaves together the character of Dartmoor. Its always nice to read about a place so close to home when I am far away, If our paths ever cross on a high and mist wreathed tor I will be sure to buy you a beer to say thank you for your commitment and devotion to such a wonderful place in the world.

I have been to Scorhill stone circle and want to bring some of my friends however, I do not know exactly how to get to them by car. Someone drove me the first time. I am going to be coming from Exeter and would love some directions. I have a gps but I would need some sort of address or postcode that would take me to the Dartmoor National Park. I know it is near Chagford but that is it. Any chance you could help me out with some directions? I am not sure whether or not you received the map I took the time and trouble to send as you did not reply, hope it was of some help?

Many thanks for your website article ……. Your article refers to a last sighting of the Indians head in August We had quite a difficulty finding it because We were taking our directions off a second viaduct approx half a mile down the flow of the leat.

This one is of granite construction and We were intrigued as to why it was known locally as iron bridge!!!!! For the benefit of equally dim souls such as us you may wish to point out in your article that the viaduct they are looking for is actually made of iron.!!!! One other point which could help others is the ref to John Robins directions.

We hope you will find our suggestions for minor improvement to be useful. I am writing this on behalf of my husband, John Grant, the founder of the Pot, who is unable to contact you himself due to ill health following a stroke. I know he would be so interested in hearing any news regarding the Pot. It is several years since he has been able to go out on the moor and he is now 84 years of age.

Sorry for the delay in replying but work is quite busy at the moment. Maybe if you put your question on the Letterboxing Forum somebody will help? Do let me know if you think you can join us. Hello, I recently came across your website and found it very interesting, thank you for sharing the information. I was wondering if you could please add this query to your Visitors book page. I understand that for some time he lived in Totnes and was involved in these works. Perhaps their is a family link in Devon?

I understand Davy is a common name in Devon? My project that I am writing at the moment is about British conservation and I will be needing photos of badgers and many other iconic British animals I was contacting you in hope of you revealing one of the setts to me I completely understand if you will not. It was especially useful as I am teaching literacy to Y6 children — thank you. I wonder if it could be removed? The site is a bounty of information for children but I hesitate to recomend visiting sites that contain inappropriate language.

I hope you understand. Many thanks for your email. I was looking at your article about Beatrice Chase as I have several of her Dartmoor books. This is Top Tor, not Wind Tor. Thanks for your email, I definitely agree and if you see my later webpage there can be no doubt that Dream Tor is Top Tor.

I loved your Hoggy song! My friend came to Cornwall last week and bought two fine hog puddings to take back to Kent as presents…but alas left them behind in my fridge! I came upon your site to learn how to cook them and think I will whack them in the oven for 10 minutes but at what temperature? Why does it have to be extra-Dartmoor?

We had and still have very good pottery clay deposits on Dartmoor — at Bovey Tracey where therew was a once thriving pottery. I worked red clay taken from deposits near Brimley, Hemyock a bit off the Moor! It was good for throwing, and well suited to coiled handwork. Can be proved where it came from if the correct analyses are carried out.

I recently came across your website whilst carrying out research for a new, prime-time ITV documentary series presented by the actor, Richard Wilson. The series will see the actor exploring the counties of the UK by car.

I am currently carrying out research for the Devon episode and am looking into a possible story about pixies on Dartmoor. There are many references to Pixies and how to save yourself from being pixie-led in the original Devon guide so it would be interesting to explore this further.

Any help you may be able to give me would be much appreciated. Vixen Tor — Hope to climb it again one day. Was there a couple of years ago and got to the top. Best tor on Dartmoor. Also with Royal Marines who did some mega climbing routes there. Trespassing is ok as long no damage is done. I am trying to discover more actually anything!!

It is just upstream from the packhorse bridge Hisley Bridge where the weir once was. It was only about 4 acres according to the tithe apportionments.

Have you any knowledge of this sad and deserted little place? I would be really grateful if you know anything about it. I spent some time on your website recently — and assure you I could have spent many hours more; what a fantastic site!

I live near the moor and work for a charity that runs two Dartmoor churches: I attach information on each church just in case, and hope this is useful. My girlfriend and I would like to know the origins of the name. The name Dartmoor, Detremora, Dartymoor simply comes from the fact that it is an area of moor on which the river Dart rises and flows through.

Happened across your website and I was wondering — as a local historian — if you might be able to help me regarding a family matter? He was then an active peace campaigner, jailed for pacifism in the Great War and then ousted Churchill from his Parliamentary Seat in Dundee in The Dartmoor connection is that he was living in Aller House or Mill in and had a fatal heart attack as he walked up Easdon Tor.

He lay against a rock to await help that arrived too late, and his many supporters then engraved the rock on which he died on the back, some reports say. Where is that rock now, and can we find it? I was wondering whether you had any information on this, or might know where I can find any? E D Morel was my great grandfather, and Dartmoor to this day still has many Morels and Richardsons kicking around.

Alan Watkins here do hope you remember me. Would you have any objection to me hinting at the more obscure legends, without of course entering into any blatant plagiarism?

Should you be agreeable then I will mail a draft to you in due course before submitting the article to Paul and maybe add a credit too. I have used your site a few times now to gain answers to questions about Dartmoor as all geocachers have for answers to puzzles for caches on Dartmoor.

Hi, I am a geocacher, and a question has foxed me, the answer of which will allow me to solve a puzzle, which in turn will allow me to find a geocache. I was just wondering if you have come across the author and could possibly help me, with the answer. Have you got any information about George Leaman Lark, born ? He sounds a bit of a character: From the Western Times, Thursday 25 July George Lark, road contractor, of Widecombe, sent a note pleading guilty to using bad language outside the Vicarage, and was fined 13s 6d inclusive.

There is also an interesting article about my great-great-grandfather: William Bray, of Widecombe, thatcher, was sent to the House of Correction, under the Criminal Justices Act, for stealing a woollen scarf from the house of Robert Bearne, the prosecutor.

Not a very clever move! Thanks very much for a great website. We were wondering if you had any more information about the subject that you could send us or perhaps some of your sources? The only aspect of university human geography that ever appealed was historical geography, much of it aka landscape archaeology, so I have some fellow feeling with you.

But did you know there are at least 2 others upstream on private land? Sickert, top Brit Impressionist painter painted Rushford Mill. The Wanson Manor ghost story ought to carry a health warning as the residents have a local reputation for being, shall I say, defensive.

I put something about him in a parish magazine and got a phone call from a bloke in Colorado with some good stuff! The ground around Statts House, and nearly all the hill tops to Wild Tor had the peat completely removed by the carbonarii [see Helen Harris etc], with meilers near Wild Tor.

These are a few thoughts which might interest you, or you may be aware of. Anyway keep up the excellent work, its a gem. Hi Tim, Good to see your unique web site in good health. Please feel free to use this link if you wish. Love the site, but thought we could help with translation of one of the entries in the visitor book…. Hello, I am sorry to use French language in this message but this is all I know. Could you tell me how old is the legend about the giants of Torridge and Tavy?

And do you have references about it? In books from the 19th century found on books. I did read somewhere else that it was a recent legend. And does Great Torrington on the Torridge is part of Dartmoor?

Thank you for your response E. To explain — I am the estate historian for an estate here in northwest Wiltshire and I am currently researching the development of fields associated with the estate. I am also one of the volunteers working to index and catalogue the enormous archive from Lacock Abbey that the local History Centre has just acquired and, in one of their new boxes, I came across a Management Agreement for an area Northmead that lies in the estate I am particularly focused on, hence my interest.

In it the tenants of the area agreed. The most obvious form here would be either bridge or maybe road, but neither of these sits comfortably with the fascinating possibilities you discovered. I just wondered if you have any more information on this uncommon word or any comments? Probably I am grabbing at straws here lol but it did give me an opportunity to congratulate you on a magnificent site, I was extremely impressed.

Where did you get it from? Any help gratefully appreciated. Keep up your excellent site — I always look for information there. Congratulations on your interesting and informative website. Many thanks for a great website. Just one observation having walked to Langstone Moor last weekend. Langstone Moor lies on the eastern edge of the Dartmoor National Park. I have been a regular visitor to your website over the years.

So I was wondering whether you would consider putting a page together? Hello and greetings from Australia. I was wondering if you have the origins of the Hawson Cross? A very interesting Site. I am also a confirmed Dartmoor obsessive. IMHO, if you have spent even a little time there it is difficult to be unmoved by what you see. I have contrived to visit over the years as often as I can — My sister now lives near Newton Abbot — and she feels the same as me.

About ten years ago, I made tentative steps towards creating some sort of website — to announce what I felt. I was surprised and delighted to get the occasional email from people I had met 30 or 40 years ago and I developed the Site to include a Photo Gallery.

People started sending me photos which I uploaded. More people came on board — and I took the next step and created a Forum, so they could converse and relate memories in a more immediate way. If you go to my Portal here: My personal page is about me, and the the other link is to the Website. The Website has a link to the forum. By all means, pop in and look around. It will better explain what the Site is about, than I can describe here. Spooky goings-on have already cropped up in the Forum — so I shall be posting a link to your site in due course.

When you read my signature you will not be surprised why I visited your site. I found it very interesting. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading articles on your website, many memories of places that I used to visit in my youth have come flooding back as well as many of the late night ghost stories we used to tell while camped out on the moors.

I forget the time of year but as I was training for Ten Tors at the time, most certainly springtime , but I can still vividly remember the surprise of seeing a large male bird being startled as we approached it. Having spent a lot of time hiking and birding in Scotland, I was very familiar with black grouse and knew exactly what it was straight away. The record was accepted by the county bird recorder and the Dartmoor Study Group, and appeared in the annual Devon Bird Report for that year as I recall the entry was about a paragraph, including a description of my sighting followed by speculation that there may be a very small population, as every few years one gets reported.

Anyway — the really interesting thing is that I saw the bird on Kitty Tor, which is where you mention that the most recent sighting was in Indeed, if the Kitty Tor sighting is right, then it could well be the very same bird that I saw over a half a decade earlier. Black grouse are known to usually live around 5 years, are very territorial and tend to stick around close to where they were born. It is therefore quite possible that at between the late 90s and that Kitty Tor was the best, and possibly only, place to find black grouse.

If there is a small breeding population remaining on the moors, then that would be the place to look for it. That said, however, I still remain sceptical of the possibility of a small breeding population as much as I want it to be true and wonder if the bird was released or escaped.

I was researching for pleasure when I came across your site and saw the picture of the round houses of Dartmoor. I live in the state of Utah in the USA. At one time, thousands of years ago, this beautiful desert land was inhabited by a nomadic tribal people dubbed the Fremont Indians.

I was struck by the unique similarity between their dwellings and the Dartmoor roundhouses. The rock art of these pre-columbian people is still visible on the sandstone cliffs in Utah and speak to us today of these people and their connections to the earth.

They derive their designation from the explorer John C. Fremont known to Americans as the Great Pathfinder. I recently went up to Fernworthy stone circle, a favourite place of mine. When I got back I surfed the net and came across your very interesting site.

I went up there with some friends, maybe thirteen years ago, my friends bringing a greyhound with them. As we were standing admiring the stones, the greyhound suddenly began racing round the outside of the circle over and over again. Was it something magical in the stones or do greyhounds do that anyway?

It seemed strange to me. I have a picture of it! I have really enjoyed reading your website! And am really impressed by your in-depth knowledge of Dartmoor.

I have recently returned to Devon having lived in London and several other places! I am exploring the possibilities of setting up a tourism business in and around Dartmoor. Would you be interested in having an informal chat about being involved in such a venture? Let me know and perhaps we can arrange a meeting. Just to let you know that love your site — being an avid letterboxer came across your website from links on a letterboxing site.

My only criticism is that would love to see it in print as a book so that I could read at any time! Is your previous book a pilgrimage to Dartmoor crosses still in print?

Thanks for your email, my book is no longer in print but can be found on ebay etc. Several other people have suggested that a book should be published based on my website and I must admit it is now something I am considering — just need to find a publisher willing to trawl through the pages and select the content.

It does mean that you can only access them on a computer or tablet but can save a fortune. I am now looking for information and cases to be featured in my latest book. So I would like to enquire if there is a possibility that I could reference your fantastic and informative website Legendary Dartmoor in my latest book.

Specially focusing on the Beacon system. I want to specifically talk about how the Beacons were used in the Armada. I have often seen articles on your website that I think would be of great interest to many of our readers. A local resident, Howard Barkell, has written an article in which he makes a fleeting reference to wort picking. When I was researching worts I came across your fascinating piece on hurt picking and I wondered if I could reproduce part of it in the newsletter.

I will of course give a full reference and anything else you would require. Thank you for that — very interesting and enjoyable. Our common ancestors were William Martin who married Jane Champernowne. Id just like to say how much I enjoy reading your website and its become a daily activity of mine!

I am also interested in history and mythology. I am grateful to have recently found your site with such abundant information and stories! Thanks a lot, Jade- Newton Abbot. My name is Melissa Westwind and I am writing a short book about some of the pre legends which could have inspired modern ideas of the Beasts of Bodmin, Dartmoor and Exmoor. At the moment I am looking at some hound folklore, and I came across your fantastic page about the Deancombe Weaver. I wanted to ask special permission as technically my book is a commercial project although I certainly do not anticipate selling very many copies or making vast sums of money!

I am a journalist working within the air conditioning and refrigeration industry yes, really! A romantic story and one that was also always doomed to eventual failure with the development of mechanical refrigeration. I was wondering whether I could pick your brains and undoubted knowledge of the history of Dartmoor for a project I am looking to put together about the Ice Factory.

I would also be intrigued to know whether you are aware of any photographs, illustrations or other archive material from when the ice factory was operating? Let me introduce myself before asking a question about Teignhead Farm. I was born and grew up in England until I emigrated to Canada in and started working in the oil industry.

The following year with the Senior Scouts, we did a one-week hike on the moor, with minimal equipment and carrying all our food. Our Scout master was an ex-commando and believed that Senior Scouts should be treated like Marine recruits. We thought it was great, but the parents forced him out.

They thought he was too militaristic! During the week, in miserable weather, we chose to stay one-night in Teignhead Farm to get out of the rain. I vividly remember it had walls and a roof and a flagstone floor, which was very uncomfortable to sleep on. So I was very surprised when I looked it up on http: Do you know what happened to it? There is a recent post by someone looking for information about two Westland Whirlwinds twin-engined fighters, not the more modern helicopters that reputedly crashed in Fox Tor Mires in There have been a few responses, including one from me as India Four Two , but no definitive information.

Do you know anything about this or do you have any contacts that might know something? To the best of my knowledge the Duchy demolished the farmhouse early in by which time it was in a dire state of disrepair. The ruins are still used as a popular campsite by many people although obviously the farmhouse does little towards providing shelter.

On your website you mention a German reconnaissance plane crashing at Holne Moor in , do you have any more details about this aircraft. For instance was it an ME, and the crash date 7 January I have been reading with interest your website on crash sites. You may be interested in reading a bit more of what led up to the tragedy. If you are I will be happy to email to you a link. Hameldown Tor certainly took its toll of victims as revealed in your item.

I wonder if the deterrent tall poles had any part in the tragedies as well as bad weather. My interest focuses on the Hampden crash of 23 — 24 March The pilot was Hon. I am currently building a website for my photographs, which are taken in woodlands and Moorland over Dartmoor and the south of Devon. This brings me to the reason of contacting you.

Mainly to provide everyone who visits my site with information they may be interested for study or if planning a holiday in Devon. I believe that out of all of the Dartmoor sites out their to view Legendary Dartmoor is the most complimenting site for my site. I look forward in receiving your reply. We had booked ourselves for a few days at the Mill End Hotel just outside of Chagford, and as it happened, the Mill End was directly adjacent to the Rushford Mill Farm and Rushford Barton was just up the road a bit.

I will tell you it nearly gave Cheri and me the shivers to stand on the very land my direct ancestor, Robertus Hore lived and died on in the s. We toured around Dartmoor, in general, and only wished we had more time.

Your section on Jolly Lane Cott contains an error which I am sure you would wish to correct. My findings are taken from church records which must surely be the ultimate proof. We are currently working on a new Health show focusing on interesting or unusual home remedies.

I found your website, Legendary Dartmoor, and saw a post about home remedies for warts. I would also be really interested to know of any other home remedies that you have used for other ailments. It would be great to speak with you about this if you have the chance? Just a little note by a tourist from The Netherlands. Me and my girlfriend visited Dartmoor almost 4 years ago and fell in love with it immediately.

At this moment we are visiting Dartmoor again, but now I visited your website several times. And you know what?

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