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Old women that want flirt Bellport New York tonight

Old women that want flirt Bellport New York tonight

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Old women that want flirt Bellport New York tonight

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Janet was a fine, highly competitive horsewoman, winning prizes at horse shows throughout the east and at the annual National Horse Show at Madison Square Garden. At five, she and her mother took third prize in the family event at the East Hampton Show; another photograph from that same summer shows her, face set in angry frustration, leading her pony away from defeat at a Smithtown, Long Island, show.

In photographs of the time Jackie appears as a sturdy, dark-haired child, staring directly, even aggressively, at the photographer. Like her mother, she was physically courageous and intensely competitive; when her pony threw her at the East Hampton Show she dusted herself off and climbed on it again. On March 3, , her sister, Caroline Lee Bouvier, was born. Named after her Bouvier great-grandmother, Caroline Maslin Ewing of Philadelphia, the little girl was always known as Lee.

It certainly was to no avail at all and I got lumbered with being called Lee, which was, you know, both our middle names.

It was a relationship that eventually soured, but was important to both for most of their lives. As a small child I think I was probably as annoying as any younger sister. I was knocked out by a croquet mallet for two days-that sort of thing-so we had plenty of those sibling rows and fights. Lee felt this most strongly in their relationship with their father: Black Jack adored both his daughters and was proud of their looks and accomplishments, but his passion for Jackie and hers for him was overriding and semi-incestuous.

My father, the horse and Jackie. What I loved the most was being here with him in East Hampton and he would take me out way beyond those breakers and that was my special moment with him. Janet Bouvier was extremely highly strung, possibly as a result of a tense, unhappy atmosphere in the Lee household. She told her daughters that her own childhood had not been happy. She used to sit at the table with her two sisters and their parents, the mother whom she adored and the father she seems rather to have disliked, who were not even on speaking terms.

And then they separated, and we were never close, to say the least, to my grandfather Lee. He was a very severe man, a miser and a terribly successful businessman. Nor was the Bouvier household serene.

A strong strand of individuality bordering on eccentricity ran through the family, and relations between the adult members were often explosive and fueled by sibling rivalry. The Major disapproved of Black Jack, but grandmother Maude spoiled him. She had a string of beaux and claimed to have been practically engaged to John F.

Davis, also born in , the future family biographer. When his first book on the family appeared, Jackie, regarding it as a betrayal, froze him out.

In any case, Black Jack Bouvier was too much of an individual to fit in with any cozy family scene, even had it been provided. He considered himself and his daughters superior to the rest of the Bouviers, with the result that Jackie and Lee, unlike the Kennedys, never regarded themselves as part of a clan. It was fun being a Bouvier on the East Hampton social scene, on the beach or around the pool at the Maidstone, playing with the cousins and taking part in the East Hampton Shows, but Jack Bouvier always wanted his daughters to be the stars.

On family occasions and at Sunday lunches he would deliberately stir things up by complimenting one of them: Will you look at those eyes … and those sexy lips of hers? For Jackie it meant riding Donny, the family nickname for Danseuse, and going to the station on Friday nights to meet her father on the Cannonball Express from New York, rushing to put pennies on the track before the train arrived.

As Jackie turned seven, her family began to disintegrate. Her parents argued constantly and Janet took out her frustrations and pent-up anger on her children, sometimes slapping them. Black Jack was in the wrong and knew it, although he was unable to give up his pursuit of women. A photograph of the period shows Janet in riding clothes, perched stylishly on a fence, but behind her back her husband is openly holding the hand of a pretty young woman, Virginia Kernochan.

It was published in the New York Daily News the day after it was taken, with the inevitable insinuations, which were deeply humiliating to Janet.

Lee, anxious to get rid of his detested son-in-law, advised his daughter to consult a divorce lawyer but Janet, still unwilling to abandon her marriage, refused.

The incorrigible Black Jack, reckless as ever, was not about to change his ways: An additional cause of friction was finance. As his sense of failure deepened, his pride was wounded. Although there was a temporary improvement in his stock-exchange fortune in , he was being pressed by the estate of M. For her part, Janet was bitterly resentful of his inability to provide the stability, love and affection that she needed to make up for her chilly relationship with her father.

She resented, too, that the children so obviously adored their father, preferring his company to hers. Subconsciously the girls took the part of their fascinating, loving father against their disciplinarian mother. I can see that because you could tell with Janet: At the end of September Janet demanded a six-month trial separation; Black Jack moved out of the apartment to a room at the Westbury, almost a home away from home for him since the Polo Bar was one of his favorite rendezvous for assignations.

The couple were together again for the following summer in East Hampton but on their return to New York after Labor Day they parted for the last time.

She had a lot of grit for a little girl. The Major had fallen in love with an Englishwoman, Mrs. Mabel Ferguson, who lived and worked in New York.

For Jackie, the heartbreak was private, the humiliation public. Then the big news services ran the story and it was reprinted in tabloids and newspapers across the country. In public Jackie developed a protective shell of reserve, so none of her school friends or teachers seem to have realized the hurt that lay behind it. It also enhanced the escapist, romantic side of her nature, her love of poetry and books, a fantasy world in which she could lose herself and hide from unpleasant reality.

All her life she preferred to skim the surface, afraid to probe at what might lie beneath. She found physical release from her demons in riding hard over fences, and was a courageous, competitive horsewoman. Black Jack told her future husband, John F. In , as her East Hampton world was breaking up, Jackie, aged ten, wrote a poem celebrating her love for the ocean, illustrating it with a drawing of herself, head thrown back, hair blown by the wind, standing in front of huge rolling breakers:.

When I go down to the sandy shore I can think of nothing I want more Than to live by the booming blue sea As the seagulls flutter around about me I can run about when the tide is out With the wind and the sea all about And the seagulls are swirling and diving for fish Oh-to live by the sea is my only wish.

Copyright c by Sarah Bradford. This excerpt, or any parts thereof, may not be reproduced in any form without permission. Latest on the nor'easter targeting the East Coast: Trump calls for unity, but then whips crowd into anti-media chant. Trump weighs options on plan to bar migrants, deny asylum at border. Rapper linked to shooting investigation hours after court appearance. Many Brazilians worry that their country is heading toward a military dictatorship.

Ex-Trump campaign aide considers withdrawing guilty plea to Mueller charges. Cyber firm claims to have hacked into Democratic fundraising files in Maryland.

Woman injures 14 kindergarten students with knife. Trump will 'take action' to stop caravan of migrants, Pence says.

What we know about the mail bombs sent to former presidents and prominent Democrats. North Carolina is having a 'blue moon' election.

So what's Trump doing here? This nurse wants to become the first black woman to represent her district. Democrats hope candidates with national security experience could reshape the House. Iowa trip offers glimpse of Kamala Harris' plans for , connection with women. Pentagon launches cyber operation to prevent Russian meddling in midterm elections. Republican calls for Kavanaugh accuser, lawyer to face criminal investigation. Man arrested for attempted theft of Magna Carta.

New blow to GRU: More Russian military spies exposed. Death toll in Jordan flood rises to 19 as boy's body found. Colbert slams Trump for congratulating himself on 'behaving' while bombs were mailed. Ryanair seeks to deflect criticism of racist incident. Traders panicky despite robust economy. Dad confronts his son's bully and what happens next restores our faith in humanity. Khashoggi fiancee declines White House visit after Trump comments.

Saudi FM says global outcry over Khashoggi 'hysterical'. Turkey seeks extradition of suspects in Khashoggi killing. Fast-moving nor'easter bringing heavy rain, gusty winds to Northeast. Nor'easter headed to East Coast: What to know about this type of storm.

Julia Roberts talks ageism and gender parity in Hollywood. Meghan Markle's royal tour style: Duchess stuns in magical Oscar de la Renta gown. Megyn Kelly's morning show will not return to NBC airwaves. Hilary Swank on 'What They Had' and returning to acting after caring for her dad.

Sia teams up with students for dance video with anti-gun violence message. Comedian releases novel inspired by his Irish roots.

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In this CraftJam we work with vegetable tanned leather - known for making beautiful and durable leather items. You'll be surprised how simple it is to make your clutch, using our specially created pattern, that requires no sewing.

In just 2 hours you will have created a beautiful, self-styled, custom clutch! It's a distinctive approach, particularly for a debut record, and that it works as well as it does here is a reflection of Nevin's promise as a composer and bandleader. To continue our horticulturist endeavors, we have created a CraftJam where you finally get to create those succulent pots you've always wanted.

You'll leave this class with a new set of pots planted with the most adorable succulents. Succulents are suitable even for people born without a green thumb, since succulents are super easy to maintain and we'll give you all the right instructions. Bring your friends and wrack your noodles with six rounds of clever, fun, HARD trivia. The most experienced trivia hosts in the city will test your mental mettle in areas of General Knowledge, Music, Top Tens, and Visual Identification.

But the real prize besides bragging rights for those who place, and a berth in the twice yearly finals is the time honored social scene of the Quizz-Off crowd.

Give it a try smart guy! And come early for a good table. Do you want to make the ultimate DIY gift for someone? Then our String Art CraftJam is definitely for you! In our String Art CraftJam you get to make a personalized art piece to mount on your wall or in your book shelf using string and hammering nails on a wood board. The results are guaranteed to be amazing.

In the public debate in America is between moving on with the future or maintaining the past. Debra, a single-mother overcome with grief is bound by time as her son's death hangs in the balance.

What happens as the public attempts to repurpose her sons's life, but privately she isn't ready to let go? And no, going to a Gwar show with a white t-shirt on doesn't count. When Bit Brigade takes the stage your mind will frantically oscillate between "Oh!

From thrashing about to live renditions of your favorite stage themes, fingers yearning to the sky in a rock 'n roll parody of sea anemones seeming to silently plead, "Please, feed us more fretboard pyrotechnics!

No matter the outcome, Bit Brigade must play on until the deed is done - which it always is - on the first and last try. Once Noah's NES buzzes on, there's no turning back. Take your seat as a member of the MoMath "jury" and make the best decision you can. Then find out what the math says about your conclusions.

Movies Under the Stars: Now, he must face a dissident who wants to sell the country's natural resources to fund an uprising. Know Before You Go You should arrive before 8: Reservations are not taken; space is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

From a struggling player fumbling through the Minors and finding resilience during disappointing trades to speaking his truth when others wouldn't, Leyritz evolved into the epitome of a 'clutch' player when it came to leading teams to victories when it really counted.

Well beyond a successful sporting career saga, Jim's story is an inspiring example for anyone who wants to pursue a dream or learn life's lessons--both hard and hallowed--from a man who knows what it is like to live is. After which, the act officially transitioned into a four-piece band, later recording their dynamic fulllength debut, One Fell Swoop, in alongside producer, Ed Rose The Get Up Kids.

With much anticipation, the band has jumped back into the studio, releasing their first new music in five years, a three-song collection, Hivemind, this July. The Spill Canvas will be headlining the "Part of the Hive" tour this summer with more new music soon to follow. Don't miss the annual celebration of all things honeybees! The bees are busy in the summer and honey harvest time arrives in August. Sample different types of honey from different regions.

Learn what it takes to make a bee friendly garden. Enjoy Betty's Zip Punch the house punch made from Voelker Orth garden grapes and honey-flavored treats. Modern Dance Open Level - 92Y August 01, - Upper East Side Explore the body's relationship to breath, weight and space through standing and floor work and traveling combinations.

Develop strength and movement flexibility. Move through space with longer, more complex combinations. Movies on the Green: All movies start at dusk and refreshments are available for purchase. Atlas Park is your family's one-stop place for shopping, dining and entertainment. Every audience member receives a menu of jokes, stories, songs, and video pieces. For one hour, the audience orders off the menu for a one-of-a-kind variety show delivered by Shane Shane. At Sid Gold's Request Room 8: Followed by live piano karaoke!

K-von has garnered millions of views online with sketches, standup comedy clips, and a viral 'TED Talk'. Checkout his clips on youtube. This lively get-together is a great place to share, learn and make new friends. A gusty voice with a deep swinging feeling and comprehensive knowledge of the American Songbook. Marion is a jewel. Don't miss this show! Each day will be led by a different faculty member offering their unique perspective on comping, soloing, technique, and much more. Syllabus to be posted soon.

Jazz Cruise Aboard the Clipper City Tall Ship - Clipper City Tall Ship August 01, - New York When you step aboard the Clipper City for this two-hour midweek jazz concert cruise, the sounds of the city turn into the cool rhythms of bebop, smoky blues, ballads and other jazz standards with the sparkling city lights as the backdrop.

Acclaimed jazz guitarist Joe Cohn leads a quintet that includes saxophonist Ian Hendrickson-Smith and a variety of other guest musicians booked by Jazz Standard founder James Polsky, as the crew sets the massive sails of New York's largest sailing ship for this music-filled cruise along the Hudson and East Rivers.

Monsters University Atlas Park is your family's one-stop place for shopping, dining and entertainment. It brings together emcees, poets and musicians from diverse musical and racial backgrounds in a forum that is open creatively but structured so that you can have critically acclaimed jazz musicians such as Antonio Hart and legends like Weldon Irvine, performers like the Roots, Erykah Badu, O. Film Lab has an open Officer position and is currently accepting applications for Treasurer.

The Treasurer applies for grants a year. The position is unsalaried, however the Treasurer receives a commission from each successful grant award and works with a fabulous team doing great work to create positive social change through media entertainment!

Film Lab is now accepting applications for the 72 Hour Shootout filmmaking competition coordinator. The coordinator should have some filmmaking experience and must be local to NYC and generally available during May-August ! Open folk dancing with instruction of more advanced repertoire.

BBC Producer Graham Robertson said when he first saw her "She has a voice that sounds like a blend of some the greatest singers of the last 30 years in one person. She has co-written songs with Michael Logen Kelly Clarkson and her first European release reached 2 in the Bulgarian charts in the Summer of He even says that when he made The Source his debut album for Blue Note Records , it was the best recording in his whole life. Coming from Allen, that's not a casual statement: The saxophonist Yann Jankielewicz, who has been playing alongside him for nearly a decade, observes: He's never had as much freedom, never had as much power as he does today.

Blue Note is one of the most prestigious names in jazz and a label that has opened its sphere of creativity considerably wider since its renaissance in the s. The Source manages to represent the label's classic era at the same time as it symbolizes Blue Note's innovative present. The jazz here navigates its way back to the source in Africa, creating a sound that is totally captivating.

Seeking boys and girls ages with at least two years of dance training Dancers must demonstrate their ability to learn and perform choreography One parent or legal guardian must be present at registration to sign a participation waiver Only those auditioning will be allowed into the gymnasium Finalists may be kept until 9: Session 1 — Wednesday, August 1, 6: Tuesday July 31st, ed.

Featuring both established comic veterans you've seen on TV to the up and comers, UG! We've also got tons of drink specials!

So what are you waiting for? Come down and UG! The Legendary Vanessa Hollingshead! The Dream Hakim Coombs! Aspiring musicians, singers, dancers, comedians, rappers and spoken word artists try their best to please the audiences that can make them an Apollo legend.

Get ready to cheer or jeer as you decide who stays and who gets booted off stage. At Amateur Night, you tell the performers to be good or be gone! Amateur Night at the Apollo is hosted by the comedian Capone. Each show begins with a festive pre-party featuring video and music by DJ Jess. And keep a lookout for C.

Lacey, the resident Executioner who sweeps bad talent off the stage. Waaramaa currently studies jazz with master guitarist Wayne Krantz and has played piano professionally for the last decade, playing alongside legendary jazz artists such as Chris Potter, Victor Mendoza and Antonio Serrano. Cusi, a rising Latin-American singer-songwriter in her own right, has been described as "whimsical" and "able to transport you with just a song" and recorded her upcoming single with Grammy-award winning guitarist and producer DJ Afro Los Amigos Invisibles.

Together, this trio combines experience, exquisite musical taste and a passion for sharing the stage that will leave you feeling renewed and inspired. Together, we will examine how these artists evoke interior life through form, content, and presentation, while answering cultural critic Stuart Hall's prophetic call for us all to "live in a more relativistic way. Finally, we will consider our engagements with these works, exploring how the artists stage an encounter between their personal histories and viewers' own stories.

A fascinating mosaic of asphalt adventures, landscape photography, and some of the craziest shit you've ever seen, Kalashnikov's The Road Movie is a stunning compilation of video footage shot exclusively via dashboard cameras in Russian automobiles.

Due to lax regulations, the dash-cam is ubiquitous in Russia automobiles. Tens of millions of videos are created each day, capturing a vivid range of spectacles through the windshield, including comets crashing down to Earth, forest fires raging along the highway, and no shortage of motorists escalating road rage to new and unexpected levels. The video footage featured in Kalashnikov's hilarious and bizarre film is often shocking, but no more so than the stoic commentary coming from the jaded Russian passengers.

It's from these gritty essential ingredients, the "biscuits" of Southern-fried metal like Pantera and the "gravy" of hip-hop like Lil Jon, that Attila was born. Each of these seemingly disparate genres are united in aggressive force; in a shared authenticity; by a determination to keep it real, and with loud dedication to stay true to the game. Fitting, of course, that the sometimes controversial and always incredible champions of Warped Tour chose to name their boldest effort yet after the number one thing Attila will always conjure: After all, these are the guys who costarred on the hilariously tongue-in-cheek named Supervillains Tour, alongside Ronnie Radke's Falling In Reverse and Metro Station, featuring pop culture firebrand Trace Cyrus.

Nothing Attila does is by accident and by far, Chaos is their most confident and self-assured album yet. Make no mistake, Attila is still absolutely nuts and completely in-your-face.

Chaos will introduce that craziness to a much bigger portion of the unsuspecting masses. Brian McGuinness - Q. Joined by their merry guild of funny friends. Prizes to be had as well! A True Crime Trivia Show! Are you an "expert" on all things OJ? This doesn't make you a creep, it makes you a true crime fan, and there's no shame in that game!

Format will follow your traditional bar trivia game, except more humor, a few surprises, and all the categories will be true crime related — think unsolved mysteries, serial killers, criminal justice factoids and more. Programmed by Rooftop Films. Irene lives in a crumbling house in the outskirts of Rio with her husband and her four sons.

Irene gets her high-school diploma, finds a new job and pushes forward with plans for a new family home. As she flourishes, things begin to look up for her family as well.

Irene understands that while some things come to an end, new things start and the future is bright as long as they stick together. Network amongst your industry or with whomever you choose. Eat, drink, take a head shot photo, hear inspiring words and practical tools on how to grow your business on LinkedIn.

In his first year of business, he generated over a million dollars in sales for his video commercial production company using LinkedIn alone. Ephraim Arnstein - CEO of Bitbean Ephraim's vision is to develop software that transforms businesses in the twenty first century and beyond. He designed an innovative process called Shifting Perspectives. This process reveals the maximum potential of your business, uncovering possibilities that lay dormant or were beyond the initial scope.

Whether you're aiming to upscale, drive higher conversions, streamline operations, or expand to new markets, Ephraim and his team will work with you to uncover solutions that are right for YOU! Celebrating the legacy of Louis Armstrong! Presented in association with Brasil Summerfest. During the summer they will present their original, topical, lively dance works created under the supervision of founder Alice Teirstein.

Live at the Shoppes: In addition, their music has appeared on many TV shows including E! The Como Brothers will keep your family entertained and leave you with a memorable performance! Bring your own chairs or blankets and relax on the lawn! No pets, outside food, drink or alcoholic beverages allowed. It's said that Adaawe's musical "kaleidoscope" offers a "high-octane" sensation of "pure joy"!

Adaawe comprises gospel choir direction, modern dance choreography, actors and arts educators, in addition to showcasing with an extensive variety of world-class artists.

Based in Los Angeles, CA. Today, intercultural understanding and delight in diversity is more exciting than ever.

Adaawe's exhilarating djembe drumming, inevitably, brings audiences to their feet! Their educational school shows captivate the next generation with fun and excitement, offering you "Performance Art" at its best. In the Adaawe tradition of Ghana, West Africa, women gather in the moonlight to create music and songs about life's joys and sorrows.

This spirit of celebration and strength is the fire igniting Adaawe. Adaawe's captivating performance is a manifestation of the power of authentic sound to elevate and inspire audiences everywhere, across all boundaries of age and demographics. Julia Claire is a comedian, writer, and large-boy-sized lady based in New York City, by way of her hometown of Boston. Pedaling her sharp, almost always self-deprecating jokes, she quickly became a staple in the Boston comedy scene, performing at bar shows, clubs and colleges all over the East Coast and beyond.

With songs ranging from rock to funk to soul, mixing in pop hooks and improvisational jamming, it is difficult to put a genre on the band. The group takes pride in this liquid identity, molding and morphing around the inspiration of each of the musicians. The Gold Web is Chicago's art-glam monstrosity.

Known for their highly theatrical stage shows, the group doses audiences with blissful grooves, dramatic songwriting, and an outrageous visual performance. After a woodsman tells Snow White to hide, she finds herself escaping to the forest where she is met by friendly animals and the seven Dwarfs. Tickets will be sold at the door. Tunes are those that are typically suitable for contra dancing or other traditional fiddle tunes. This group is intended to provide a musical home for folks interested in playing tunes with other musicians, learning to play by ear and overall increasing their own musical skill.

While we won't play from sheet music, you can certainly use this as a reference on your own! All acoustic instruments e. The songs will typically follow the AABB format two "A" parts followed by two "B" parts and we will simply play it over many repeats and if you know it, great! We'll play tunes at a slow to moderate speed so that they are accessible to a variety of levels. It's fun and can be challenging, but is a great way to improve your playing. You don't have to be a great player, play in tune, or know the songs to give it a shot.

If you want to suggest a song, you should either know the song well enough to play it on repeat or we can see if anyone else does! On summer evenings the High Line transforms into an open-air dance floor. DJ Rimarkable kicks off each night follwed by live performances from local salsa legends. Grab your friends and get ready to dance!

A virtual United Nations of women, the members of Cocomama hail from five countries on four continents. Playing their own kind of World Latin music, powerfully virtuosic yet elegantly musical.

When Howard was in her early teens, her mother moved the family to Los Angeles. Already aiming at a career in music, the year-old Howard received her first break when she participated in a teen beauty contest.

Augie Johnson, leader of the group Side Effect, happened to be in the audience; impressed with Howard's singing talent, Howard also joined the lineup of Side Effect in when another singer departed. She sang with Side Effect until Toddler Art Adventures - Elite Minds Montessori Through August 01, - Columbia Street Waterfront District Budding toddler artists will explore paint, crayons, oil pastels, collage materials, air-dry clay and recycled sculpture in this process-oriented art class.

Themes for projects include NYC, outer space, animals, opposites and much more. This curriculum is a great introduction to a structured class for young artists and will help strengthen their fine motor skills and ability to represent the world around them. Giant mobile construction blocks that children can use for creative play. Held in the Arthur Ross Terrace and Garden.

Enter at 90th Street entrance. Lava Lamps - My Gym Fresh Meadows August 01, - Fresh Meadows Kids will create their own lava lamps, non-electrical and watch how oil, water and food coloring create magic in a bottle. But so is The Family Crest itself. John and I were actually planning on leaving music at that point because we wanted something that in ten years we could be proud of.

So we put ads everywhere," says McCormick. From that a band emerged, at the urging of the guest musicians, who wanted to hear the songs performed live. Just with its previous recordings, the San Francisco band set out to capture a plethora of instruments -- including bassoon, vibraphone and French horn -- in unique places, such as living rooms, churches and cafes across the West Coast.

The Native Howl - Mercury Lounge August 01, - New York Lead vocalists and guitarists Alex Holycross and Jake Sawicki had been friends and musicians in the same area for several years before venturing into what would result in the current lineup of The Native Howl.

Their lyrics embody a folk-like storytelling style; the music shines through with a rustic and clean sound. Their sophomore effort "Inukshuk" was released in They are currently working on a new E. With a high-paying job, a Manhattan apartment, and a boyfriend about to propose, all she and Ethan have to do is make it through the last couple of weeks of grad school.

But when, on a romantic weekend trip to Sonoma, Hannah is spontaneously offered a marketing job at a family-run winery they visit and doesn't immediately refuse, their meticulously planned forever threatens to come crashing down. And then Hannah impulsively does the unthinkable--she takes a leap of faith. Crackling with humor and heart, The Shortest Way Home is the journey of one woman shedding expectations in order to claim her own happy ending.

Taking inspiration from the Civil Rights Movement through today, create your own protest poster to inspire change for an issue that you wish to see improve.

Join Prospect Park Alliance the first Wednesday of each month for this introduction to the Wednesday Woodland Corps, a dedicated team of volunteers who care for the Park's acres of forest.

Volunteers who have attended an Introductory Session may attend additional Wednesday Woodland Corps events throughout each month. Made with Love - Floral Park Library August 01, - Floral Park No instructor is present, but participants help each other to make items for charity.

At the same time, they have the pain of not being sure they themselves deserve to be trusted. That is what consultants Nancy Huntting, Karen Van Outryve, and Carrie Wilson will show, with illustrations from their own lives, and from literature, film, and painting. Some people think that he's totally awesome. He started out as a trombonist but couldn't take the derision.

He thought chicks would dig him if he played the bass. He had it confused with the guitar. He is a redneck from the State of Indiana. He was born in Muncie. His parents went to college there with David Letterman. He grew up in Bloomington. Not far from there is a town called Raccoon, and another one called Needmore. He played a lot of music there.

He met many of the musicians that he works with to this day. He met his future wife. He wrote some music. He won some awards.

He drank lots and lots of coffee, smoked lots and lots of cigarettes, ate bad pizza and didn't sleep much. He's much healthier now. He currently resides in Brooklyn, New York with his beautiful and talented wife Akiko. He makes a lot of great music with amazing musicians in New York City and abroad.

He occasionally makes mediocre music with mediocre musicians, for money. If someone gives them some money, they may make another one at some point. He has another band, called "The Horns Band". It is kind of like the first band but the music is different.

And there are horns including him on trombone from time to time. And they perform more frequently, at Smalls and other places.

Soon they may do another. All of your favorite characters - Aladdin, Jasmine, Iago, Jafar, the Genie, and more - are here in a musical adventure filled with magic, mayhem, and flying carpet rides. Ranky Tanky - MetroTech Commons August 02, - Brooklyn Charleston-based quintet Ranky Tanky performs a bone-deep mix of spirituals and gutbucket blues of the Gullah, a culture born of slave descendants on the Georgia and South Carolina coast.

Cracked Mirror - The Tank August 02, - New York Before pig-fucking prime ministers, murder bees, and immortal queer ladies in '80s beach towns, there were other stories about new developments that frightened the world: Come laugh at the fears of the past, as our descendants will surely laugh at our own meager fears!

Cast and writer list to be announced. These are the best comedians from New York City with special guests from all across the country. NYChillharmonic - National Sawdust August 02, - Brooklyn This concert will feature the group's signature blend of pop and orchestral soundscapes in a set of richly-layered, wildly arranged, all original songs. Radium Prototype - The Tank Through August 02, - New York Radium is first discovered in , and immediately hailed as a world-changing scientific miracle.

Thirty years of widespread public obsession later, five gravely ill ex-radium workers successfully sue their former employer. Eventually, these Radium Girls will inspire similar lawsuits and prove a watershed for labor rights, but first, they make headlines as the first diagnosed victims of radium poisoning. After three decades of the elements ubiquity. What was going on all that time? Josh and I Claud have been best friends since our first day of college, so not only does he understand me as a person, he understands my writing and knows exactly how to compliment it with production.

We work really well together. We're a perfect musical match. The song is dedicated to this very precarious time in our lives- moving out of our childhood homes and the start of college, where everything is a 'first. It's about figuring out how to cope with feeling like you're being misunderstood or not heard. As a queer person, I deal with this a lot, especially at such a big university.

It's so difficult to find your voice. Featuring the comedic talents of: Comedy Central, National headliner direct from Ireland! Plus A Surprise Guest comedian too!

At least that's the conclusion they came to after a period of real life challenges that left the band splintered and unsure of their forward trajectory. Internal tensions were simmering. A new album was scrapped. A major move from Brooklyn to North Carolina added to the uncertainty. For a band that seemed forever on the verge of a big breakthrough, the future suddenly seemed cloudy.

That's what I was writing about lyrically in the new songs and it became kind of a catharsis. We didn't have to relate to it in the third person.

We were living these circumstances, and that gave us the impetus and inspiration to share our sentiments. Ultimately those setbacks and difficulties led to new opportunities and allowed a little light to shine through.

There is no identification required to pick up your supply of food. Part concert, part lecture, part seance, Folking Lessons invites audiences to explore the power of music — its ability to transform, heal, or just like, help you zone out and forget you have a body.

Pulitzer Surprises takes advantage of that horrible idea. Then they interview a real-life Pulitzer Prize winner who has actually done something good. At the end of the show the audience will cast their vote on who deserves a Pulitzer, and then it will really be submitted for a Pulitzer Prize.

That winner walks away a "Pulitzer Prize Entrant. For additional information, to purchase tickets, or to bid on Silent Auction items, visit https: Portion sizes for both children and adults will be discussed along with tips on how to plan healthy meals. Participants will learn how to prepare a healthy and simple snack. To Register call- Herbal Lore Scavenger Hunt - Grounded Goodwife Farmhouse August 02, - Woodbury Enjoy an herb garden scavenger hunt with plenty of tastings and hands-on tea brewing.

My blossoms, steeped in water or wine, were said to ease gout, strengthen the memory, and soothe inflamed eyes. These remedies, called "golden water," were so highly valued that they were stored in gold or silver vessels.

Women, lacking rouge, sometimes rubbed their cheeks with my leaves to make them glow. I'm sometimes known as "Quaker rouge. Live at the Archway: Plus, get up-close with a live art experience led by artist Pasqualina Azzarello.

This is the sound of The Alarm that has been heard around the world ever since with 17 Top 50 UK singles, a host of successful albums and over 5 million sales worldwide. Sponsored by Ridgewood Savings Bank. Inspired by the euphoria induced by connecting through music, the shamanic, techno-fueled dance routine is a ritual of healing and emotional release.

Alberto builds her cocoons through traditional weaving methods, using ropes repurposed from the MoMA PS1 exhibit Weaving the Courtyard. Modeled on sensory pressure vests—weighted vests designed to have a calming effect on individuals who are overly stimulated—the cocoons give the wearer a sense of both protection and liberation. Cocooned from the surrounding environment, users are able to let go and move freely, without fear of judgment. The result is a wearable piece of art that, far from being an untouchable object, evokes a sense of playfulness, reflection, peace, and escape.

After the performance, visitors are invited to interact with the cocoons and engage in their own healing and release. Beginning cross-stitchers will learn the basic stitch and create a bookmark with their new skill. More seasoned stitchers can continue working on their bookmark or branch into more complicated designs — make a handcrafted gift for someone!

Younger kids may also enjoy coming along and contributing to our community weaving using recycled fabrics and ribbons. You will graduate from cocoa lover to chocolate artist while making one dozen one-of-a-kind sweet masterpieces. Melt, dip and sprinkle… we have the tasty toppings ready! This class is beginner-friendly; no experience necessary! And we've got all the materials you'll need, including different kinds of chocolate melts, decorations, and cute packaging supplies.

BYOB — crafting is paired best with your favorite drink of choice! CraftJams are hosted in an intimate setting with twelve attendee maximums. Make sure to purchase your ticket before the event is sold out! This FREE exercise series returns for our 20th Anniversary season, giving you opportunities to get fit in your Park all summer long.

Healthy on the Hudson is pleased to offer outrigger sessions throughout the summer, in partnership with NY Outrigger. Get on the water while working out! Transit Tots - New York Transit Museum August 02, - New York Join us each Thursday for stories, art exploration, and hands-on investigations of fun themes like animals underground, the people and buildings of New York City, colors and shapes, and, of course, our subways and buses!

For ages and adult companions. For a detailed listing of all family events, visit nytransitmuseum. Sign ups at , music starts at ! You won't only be pleasantly surprised, you'll be blown away. Do you hear with your ears? A shark hears using its entire body! Discover why sharks are the top predators in the ocean, thanks to their amazing super-senses.

Get your bite on as you touch a real shark jaw and excavate a shark tooth to use to embellish a necklace. For students entering 1st through 4th grade in September. Modern Dance Open Level - 92Y August 02, - Upper East Side Explore the body's relationship to breath, weight and space through standing and floor work and traveling combinations. Consider joining us, or tell a knitter that you know!

The talk lasts roughly thirty minutes. Light refreshments will be served. He'll have special guests and an invitation-only jam session. Body of Art presents: The concert also includes? Songs of Laughing, Smiling, and Crying?

Voyager using artificial intelligence technology. Blind as the Mother Tongue. Hiwa K has shown in numerous group exhibitions, including documenta 14 , the 56th Venice Biennale , La Triennale, Paris , and Manifesta 7, Bolzano Recent solo exhibitions include S.

The student body is comprised of students with language processing disorders such as dyslexia, nonverbal learning disabilities such as Aspergers, and executive functioning difficulties such as ADHD. Key to the development of each student is the focus on assessment-based remediation, the daily one-to-one Focus Program, a skill-based curriculum, small homogenous class groupings, an expert faculty, an emphasis on social-emotional development, and a supportive community.

We invite you to learn more about our school and sign up for an upcoming Open House at www. In Jazz Queens, vocalist Emilie Surtees pays homage to these musical powerhouses with a tribute concert that highlights the amazing work of these artists and showcases Surtees' tremendous vocal abilities.

Nicole Zuraitis - Birdland Through August 02, - New York Vocalist, keyboard player and songwriter Nicole Zuraitis blends bountiful songwriting skills, an effervescent presence and dazzling vocals in a consummate package that has thrilled audiences across Manhattan and across the world. She is the vocalist for the world famous Birdland Big Band in New York City and has been nominated in all three jazz categories in the International Music and Entertainment Awards.

Great for all ages with adult supervision under 7. The night kicks off with a DJ set by Swami. Cocktails and light fare for purchase. Children under five are free. Held rain or shine. Cocktails at Cooper Hewitt ticket holders may enter the museum starting at 5 p.

She has been on TV in nothing you have seen. You can catch her performing in tiny basements around the city and using fitting rooms to just sit for a little on her phone and look at herself in the mirror for a few minutes.

Lacey is a known witch. Kristen Buckels is a comedian, writer and producer based in New York City. She is the co-creator with Lacey Jeka of Between Two Bushes that features their sketch comedy and duo stand up that is currently opening for Colin Quinn on tour. There will be a snack and story every day. No Ashes in the Fire: Beginning with his childhood in Camden, NJ and encompassing formative experiences in Philadelphia, his current life in Bed-Stuy, and activism in places like Ferguson, MO, Moore's story is interwoven with the broader narrative of life in the margins of American society: Grammy-nominated saxophonist Patrick Bartley, Jr.

Now recognized among the most important and influential recording in jazz history, this concert recreates them with impeccable period authenticity and affords a rare opportunity to hear this music note for note as it was recorded close to a century ago. Business in Sustainability - Nap York August 02, - New York For one night only, we are bringing experts in sustainability from very different backgrounds to talk more about what it is like to start a sustainable business and the efforts it takes.

Come meet Rob Laing, founder of Farm. Stacey and Alan Schulman: The couple - both on and off stage - have made a name for themselves for their imaginative re-expressions of 20th century song classics.

AS IS takes audiences on an intimate journey through the world and words of songs long-forgotten - but newly created - with both the soulfulness and swing that's accessible, memorable and highly musical. Combining influences of modern jazz, rock and improvisational music, this band finds its unique voice in the exploration of grooves and colours from the tribal to the avant-garde.

Connection has been writing and performing music steeped in influence from the American singer-songwriter tradition and New Orleans blues. New this year, Disney on Broadway will take over Laugh It Up, Astoria - Q. Before Seliger's musical career began, however, he established himself as a world-renowned photographer.

Previously, he was the Chief Photographer for Rolling Stone from to It was during that period Seliger also began writing his own music. Jakob Dylan heard Seliger's material and was impressed enough to invite him to his studio to record and write. It's been quite the journey since Seliger wrote Never Going Back" with Dylan, but the hard-earned collection of songs that comprise Luck's Changing Lanes speaks for itself.

Even Seliger is a little in awe of the accomplishment. Originally available as a limited release under the title Broken Promises, this debut album has been expanded and thoroughly re-imagined as Luck's Changing Lanes, giving Mark Seliger's songs and unique American imagery the presentation they deserve. Fashion Design Art Camp - St.

Sculpt a different animal each day in sculpey clay. A comedy band that perfectly reflects the absurdity of current day USA, they are the country band for a dumb nation in decline. Triggered yet New York Liberal Elites? Eager to make a change, a group of local children band together with the help of Mickey and Judy to put on a great show and re-establish Happyville as the bustling, optimistic town that it once was.

In Jazz Queens, vocalist Emilie Surtees pays homage to these musical powerhouses with a tribute concert that highlights the amazing work of these artists and the excellence of Surtees' voice.

Come out to Club Bonafide and enjoy an evening of jazz standards that showcase the greatness of these queens and the music they created. Forming in mid December of , the band has quickly developed an unbreakable chemistry that is quite noticeable on stage.

Their seamless grooves and segues, combined with mind shattering peaks—make Fungkshui one to look out for! The Lesson GK started a collaborative weekly jam session in which has become the cornerstone of the NYC underground hip hop scene. Soul Inscribed flows seamlessly between crafted songs, improvisation, and human beatboxing. Soul Inscribed members are also arts educators and have brought their music to young audiences across the world.

For their for their Southampton Arts Center performance they will be joined by Hip Hop dancer Ken Fury, who has won over thirty of the top dance competitions and has had the honor to judge some of the largest dance events worldwide.

We've got the grooves for your moves, the rhythm for your system and the beats to give you heat for a hot Wednesday night. Get loose, give it up and give a FUNK. We just want to Funk You in all the right places. For years, she has catered to her two grown sons.

One day, after picking up her grandson at school, she stops alongside the river to watch some ice swimmers. When a man named Bron? Her dip into the icy water just might change her life forever.

Fruit Tree Pests and Diseases Part 2 of 2 - La Plaza Cultural August 02, - New York Do your fruit trees have spots, leaf curl, or other tricky issues preventing your garden from an abundant fruit harvest? Learn about common pests and diseases that affect fruit trees in NYC and what to do about them. This is Part 2 in a two-part series. Garden groups that attend both workshops will receive a book on fruit tree care. Maimonides Medical Center in partnership with Prospect Park Zoo, Healthfirst and By My Side Birth Support Program, Healthy Start Brooklyn fully understand that preparing for the birth of a baby and developing healthy parenting skills require a great deal of support and assistance.

In an effort to provide expectant and new mothers with educational information, resources, access to medical professionals, and gifts essential to help them with motherhood, we have teamed up to host a Breastfeeding Fiesta: Partying For a Milky Purpose at the Zoo. Tales for Tails - The Field Library August 02, - Peekskill Reading with a therapy animal can help reluctant readers, new language learners, and anxious readers gain confidence and develop a love of reading.

Children in 1st grade and up are invited to read to a specially trained dog. He gets caught in a blizzard that he didn't predict and finds himself trapped in a time warp. He is doomed to relive the same day over and over again until he gets it right. Each title serves as a concise summation of the concept guiding each project. Each album showcases Keller's comprehensive and diverse musical endeavors and functions to provide another piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is Keller Williams.

Keller's collaborative and solo albums reflect his pursuit to create music that sounds like nothing else. Unbeholden to conventionalism, he seamlessly crosses genre boundaries. The end product is astounding and novel music that encompasses rock, jazz, funk and bluegrass, and always keeps the audience on their feet. Let's have a musical lunch together! Filling for the sandwiches-- we will be using: Patrons will mix the filling in the library using softened cream cheese. Served with potato chips and lemonade.

Is he a keyboard wizard? Or a keyboard demon? This is the only question. These guys take you all the way there. Based on her inspiring book, Motiv8, Sheira delivers a dynamic, interactive, multimedia based program that helps moms and their daughters reduce stress, boost confidence, improve communication, and ultimately feel better in their own skin. Nice Gay" on Totally Biased with W. That means he's watched the Grammys at Joan Rivers' house. Guy has also written culture and political commentary for Slate.

Guy's debut comedy album, Effable, was 1 on iTunes and Billboard charts, and The New York Times called it "a contender for the best comedy special of With its digital and acoustic sounds, heavy drums and bass, and ambient harmonic textures, OSHUN uses music to connect with ancestral spirits to manifest a sweeter tomorrow for us all.

Since the release of its debut mixtape Asase Yaa named for the great female spirit of the earth—Mother Earth as recognized by the Akan of Ghana , OSHUN has amassed a social media presence of more than , followers. Their first studio album, bittersweet vol. Face of a Nation: The film asks important questions about the country's role in the world and perceptions of the American image.

With our diminished presence at World's Fairs, have we lost sight of what it means to be American? Larry Carlton - The Clayton Opera House August 02, - Clayton Combining his roots in blues and jazz with a crossover pop rock sensibility, Carlton's unmistakable sound is marked by his signature warm tone, bright melodies and soulful guitar solos. Four-time Grammy winner, Titan of Tone recipient and legendary guitar great, Larry Carlton is one of the most influential, prolific and original guitarists in the industry.

Larry's musical story began in Southern California when he picked up his first guitar at the age of 6 years old. From to he performed with The Crusaders on 13 of their albums, often contributing material.

He has been constantly featured with stars from every imaginable genre, ranging from Sammy Davis, Jr. Larry has arranged and produced projects for Barbra Streisand, Joan Baez and Larry Gatlin, as well as produced and co-wrote the theme for the hit sitcom Who's The Boss and co-writing with Michel Clombier and arranging the acclaimed movie soundtrack for Against All Odds.

With more than studio sessions under his belt by the early s, Carlton had picked up four Grammy nominations and won a Grammy for the theme to Hill Street Blues a collaboration with Mike Post. His 2nd special Relatable is currently airing on Netflix. The plays are divided into up to six different programs. The Audience will vote for best plays. Those scores will be averaged to insure that everyone has a fair chance regardless of audience size. As well, those plays in the Finals will be offered a chance to be non-exclusively published in The Secret Theatre's Anthology of Short Plays.

We also intend to invite the finalists to have their play published in a short play anthology. This would be a non-exclusive deal, which doesn't prevent the author from pursuing a deal with Samuel French for example and is not mandatory. We will be using the theatre's standard lighting plot and will provide you with a light and soundboard operator.

In addition we will offer free 4-hour rehearsal space to each show from July 2nd - 8th, which is subject to availability and on a first come first served. Each play is responsible for providing their Director and Actors for their production. Equity Showcases permitted but acts will obtain their own code; The Secret Theatre will provide Equity compliant Insurance to the productions.

Mzansi Heat and Naija Beats: Afrobeats' finest DJ Tunez will be bringing his banging mixes, designed to keep you moving all night with his massive tracks like "Iskaba" and "Too much" while South African producer, DJ Maphorisa, will get you dancing to his melange of Afropop and house music.

Dan Abraham is a stripped down echo that rings of loss from start to finish. A powerful, dark, and genuine slice of modern blues. Our Little Racket is her debut novel. A Tribute with Marissa Nadler, U. Developing a Web Series - BRIC, August 02, - Brooklyn Join us for an enlightening panel discussion where experienced TV, film, and web series producers give invaluable advice and guidance so that you can develop your own successful web series.

She flits between mommy groups, playdates, cocktail hour, and dinner parties, always with her son, Dylan, in tow. Meanwhile, in a cave in the mountains just beyond the limits of Herot Hall lives Gren, short for Grendel, as well as his mother, Dana, a former soldier who gave birth as if by chance. Dana didn't want Gren, didn't plan Gren, and doesn't know how she got Gren, but when she returned from war, there he was.

When Gren, unaware of the borders erected to keep him at bay, ventures into Herot Hall and runs off with Dylan, Dana's and Willa's worlds collide. They recorded at a furious pace after forming in , releasing six albums in five years; their first, BBNG, was laid down in a single three-hour session, setting the tone for the spontaneity and confidence that has marked their career ever since.

Another product of Toronto, she produces much of her own work—a fact often overlooked as critics swoon about her singing. Eventually those skills can help you make interactive websites, mobile apps and even robots.

This meetup requires no more than a computer and a web browser. We will go over Javascript fundamentals, such as data types, variables, loops, conditionals, and functions. Consider this day one of your new programming adventure. This dedicated team of volunteers perform a variety of different projects throughout the Park.

The group meets at a different location every week helping in a variety of landscape and horticultural projects.

Regardless of physical ability, there's something for everyone to do. No wigs, no backing tracks, no gimmicks, just five musicians recreating the music of Fleetwood Mac to perfection with note for note renditions that no other Fleetwood Mac tribute on the touring scene today can come close to duplicating. Co-edited by Paul Raffaele and Barbie Bertisch, Love Injection has quickly established itself as a critical platform for celebrating the constantly shifting cultures of dance music.

Featuring in-depth interviews with DJs, musicians, artists, and promoters; profiles on record labels, record stores, and nightclubs; alongside record reviews and DJ charts, 'Love Injection' is an essential monthly read for anyone interested in dance music and dance-floor culture in all its manifestations, past and present.

As DJs spin, the photobooth flashes and mixers mix, enjoy delicious selections from the Lobby Bar and high fives from our friendly staff. For seating reservations, hit up our events team.

He studied privately with Gene Stewart and Roy Brooks and later attended Oakland Community College for courses in music theory, piano and composition. Hollander moved to New York City in and Europe in He is also the leader of his own group which has been in existence for over twenty five years.

El Pais, Madrid wrote: Rick's signature drumming style has been featured on over 50 Lp's and CD's. The jazz trumpeter played professionally in New York for 21 years. In the late seventies and early eighties came recordings and tours with the bands of Buddy Rich, Lionel Hampton and Mel Lewis. The group performed in NY, up and down the east-coast, and recorded three highly-acclaimed albums.

Battle your friends in giant games on this fun-filled Friday night. Snacks will be served. For students entering 5th and 6th grade in September. He was selected as the Best Trombonist by the Washington [D. He is well versed and feels equally at home in various styles of music and is always eager to contribute with like-minded musicians.

He continues to show his vast knowledge of music and love for reaching people regardless of the style. He is currently based out of Brooklyn, NY and freelances all over the United States as a musician, composer, and arranger. On November 17, Dylan will headline the inaugural Bayou Stock in Sterlington, Louisiana, to raise money for Christmas gifts for kids in the area where he grew up. It was an amazing experience, and I think it took it to a whole 'nother level.

Or I wore like a suit, I think," he recalls. I think the music always takes me back to that warm, fuzzy feeling. Posted yesterday at 9: Posted yesterday at 5: Just in time for its November 3 anniversary, the "Legends" hitmaker is releasing a new, expanded edition of her second album.

She tells ABC Radio what fans can expect. On Monday, Kelsea will also share the never-before-released studio version of the concert favorite "We Were Like" with her fans. Among other songs, White wrote the classic "Rainy Night in Georgia. There wasn't anybody else I could've captured that with.

Let's write about it. You need to hurry, though: The contest ends at The six-date trek kicks off January 17 in Glasgow, Scotland, and wraps up a week later in London. Morgan will join them on the first leg of their U. Can you name it? The North Carolina native's overwhelming success started with a very devoted group of fans who came to see him play the bars in his home state.

Luke says lots of those folks are still coming out to see him today. And they've kinda formed their own community around coming to shows and meetin' up with each other. ET on Wednesday, November

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