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Writer Cally Simpson remembers Florida wild quail hunts and the dogs used to flush them. Lifting a front paw or quartering a field, nothing is as thrilling as watching a good dog on the hunt. Read her story on page Tilett For more information about advertising with Florida Country Magazine, or joining our regional sales team, please contact:.

Reproduction of contents in print or electronic transmission in whole or in part in any language or format must be by expressed written permission of the publisher. All articles, descriptions and suggestions in this magazine are merely expression of opinions from contributors and advertisers and do not constitute the opinion of the publisher, editor or staff of Florida Country Magazine, and under no circumstances constitutes assurances or guarantees concerning the quality of any service or product.

Florida Country Magazine specifically disclaims any liability related to these expressions and opinions. Florida Country Magazine is not responsible for any unsolicited submissions.

The advertiser agrees to hold harmless and indemnify the publishers from all liability. People who turn lemons into lemonade. Families that pass down their wisdom and traditions, generation after generation.

In the country, family values and busting knuckles is a way of life. Run out of stories? I meet people and businesses every day with a story to tell. I know that meeting someone in a country town or on a farm or ranch then leads to someone who knows another someone and on and on. The point is that the well is anything but running dry. Children and guns are on our minds, but for the wrong reasons.

Responsible sport shooting teaches self-discipline and respect for firearms … and for others. Cally Simpson has a great piece on quail hunting and the dogs we use to flush them. For example, Forever Florida is an adventure complex in central Florida that is also a 4,acre working cattle ranch.

It all began with heartbroken parents, Dr. William and Margaret Broussard, building something for their son, Allen, who died young. In the process, Forever Florida has become a state legacy. With that said, Florida Country Magazine will never run out of stories. But most importantly, I choose to work with people who look out for one another, creating a greater sense of community.

In normal situations the teeth of the horse are well equipped to cope with this diet. The top surface area of the teeth contains folds that help the horse to chew fibrous material. The teeth continuously erupt throughout the life of the horse to cope with what they evolved to eat. Horses by age 5 have a full set of very large teeth. Horses need regular dental care if they are to get the maximum benefit from their feed and to perform well.

Horses age 2 to 5 should have their teeth checked prior to commencing work, or at six-month intervals. After the age of 5 years when the horse has a full set of permanent teeth all horses should have at least one annual dental check, more often if the horse is being fed significant amounts of concentrates, as chew patterns and tooth wear are different when eating concentrates.

While some horses show hardly any outward signs they are experiencing extreme discomfort, it is wise to schedule regular dental exams with your vet or qualified equine dentist before any problems appear. Remember that horses need a very highly fibrous diet for many reasons; correct tooth wear is only one of them. Feeding a horse is not as simple as just throwing grain and hay.

Ancient horses enjoyed the great outdoors and grazed for over 20 hours in a single day, thus their GI systems have evolved to digest mostly forage material pasture grasses and hay. By domesticating horses to be used for work or performance, humans have altered the dietary needs and restricted how much time a horse is able to walk outside and graze.

This means it is up to owners to provide enough daily forage to keep the GI system running smoothly and also, perhaps, to feed a commercial grain product based on the needs of that horse.

There are numerous types of high-performance grains available that are formulated to supply enough digestible energy to the athletic horse. However, a low-activity or retired pasture pet horse will typically maintain weight and get all essential nutrients needed from good quality forage alone pasture and hay.

Individual horses have differing dietary needs top , so it is important to consult your veterinarian or equine nutritionist. Above, after the age of 5 years, horses should have at least one annual dental check.

In my family many generations enjoyed the camaraderie and fellowship based around the camping, exploring, tracking and those activities associated with the pursuit of whitetail deer, wild hogs, turkey and other game. I look back with much fondness on those good times abroad in the field— and I'm happy my father and uncles took time to include me in these activities. In the 4-H shooting sports project, young people learn firearms safety and become a better aim learning to correctly handle firearms.

These kids will learn to use firearms correctly and in a safe manner, but they will also learn so much more. Young people who participate in a 4-H shooting sports project, for example, also develop self-confidence, self-discipline, responsibility and sportsmanship. One point of emphasis on every occasion was safety. I am extremely appreciative of the adults in my family who taught and demonstrated safe firearm handling practices to me when I was young.

In fact, the 4-H shooting sports project is one of the fastestgrowing such programs in Florida and nationwide. All volunteers and 4-H faculty and staff who train youth in shooting sports go through a thorough, multi-day training on firearm safety and proper instruction techniques before they can work with youth.

They also retrain regularly. Millions of Americans enjoy target shooting and archery as a pastimes. If a young person has wanted to learn to safely and ethically shoot a bow and arrow, air rifle, muzzle-loader, shotgun or small-bore rifle, a local 4-H shooting sports. In 4-H shooting sports, young people will learn to identify the parts, uses and care of archery equipment and firearms.

They will learn and practice range commands, learn and use safety rules and safety equipment such as eye and ear protection. Our more advanced participants can participate in statewide archery, rifle and shotgun matches and can qualify to compete in national shooting sports competitions.

Another 4-H student aims his arrow at the 3D target. Olivia executes a shot at the State 3D Archery Match. Perhaps some future Olympians are in the crowd top right.

A group of 4-H students display good sportsmanship while shooting their arrows at the Indoor Archery Competition. In fact, many Olympic athletes competing in shooting sports started out in a 4-H shooting sports club!

And just like in any other 4-H project, young people will learn communication and leadership skills, organizational and other skills that will serve them well the rest of their lives. If you know a young person interested in participating in a 4-H shooting sports club, contact your local 4-H Extension agent.

Kids as young as 8 can participate in archery and air-rifle projects, those 11 and up can participate in muzzle-loader, shotgun and small-bore rifle, as well as archery and air rifle. If you are an avid shooting sports enthusiast, care about positively developing young people and would like to consider volunteering with a local 4-H club, you can also contact the 4-H Extension agent. Distance riding will improve your horsemanship, riding skills, fitness, and communication with your horse.

Completing a conditioning program that leads to the successful completion of a distance riding event is fun, challenging and rewarding. Distance riding events are typically weekend events that are held on public lands. There are two types of distance riding events: In an endurance ride, the winner is the first horse and rider team to cross the finish line and pass a veterinary inspection.

In a competitive trail ride, it is the partnership between horse and rider that is judged. Arabians dominate the sport of distance riding. However, horses of many breeds can successfully complete a distance ride.

American mustangs, Appaloosas, Morgans and Paso Finos are other breeds that make suitable distance mounts. Some individual horses of those and other breeds do as.

Clockwise from top left: Try distance riding if you love the outdoors and enjoy trail riding. Volunteers are often at checkpoints to make sure you stay on the trail.

Before, during and after an event, horses are inspected by a veterinarian. Having good crew during an event allows riders a brief break and lets them put their energies toward the demands of the ride.

I have successfully completed many endurance and competitive trail rides on my Spotted Saddle Horses for more than 20 years! Mules also have a strong record in distance riding. Horses must be conditioned to compete in distance riding events. It can take weeks to months of conditioning to successfully complete an endurance or competitive trail ride. Conditioning should start slow and easy and gradually build until the horse can efficiently cover miles of trail at a decent pace.

This is not only important for successful conditioning but also critical for keeping your horse safe, and for pulse and respiration checks during competitions. For beginners, many rides now offer an introductory distance of 10 to 15 miles. The day before the ride, horses are inspected by a veterinarian to make sure they are fit to compete. After each leg or loop, horses must pass a veterinary inspection and meet heart rate criteria to ensure that they are fit to continue.

After the inspection, an additional hold time is required. Any horse determined not fit to continue is pulled from the competition. Riders are allowed to have a designated crew to help them. The first horse to cross the finish line and pass the veterinary check is the winner. Horses that finish in the top 10 typically compete for the best condition award.

This award is regarded as more important than winning and is determined by a. Endurance riding began in the United States in with the running of the Tevis Cup, a one-day, mile ride over the Sierra Nevada. Endurance rides are races that vary in distance from 25 to miles over a single day, with many rides held over multiple days.

The goal of many endurance riders is to complete the ride within the required time with a sound and healthy horse.

You can blur if you want to. Duties include but not limited to: Hanging out, movies, outdoor activities, music events or staying in for the evening. I'm so seeking forward to spring and summer right now, it's ridiculous.