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Nsa see what happens kind of night

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Nsa see what happens kind of night

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What's happening now in online privacy, from pop culture to law to personal stories. What can regular people do to stop NSA spying? Read on to learn about them.

Once the private sector collects personal data, three main things can happen to it. Look at the LivingSocial breach as an example: Facebook is a champion of this kind of misuse by constantly changing its privacy policies and eroding default protections. Cricket Encrypt an email account you already have: Ixquick and DuckDuckGo Mobile calls: RedPhone, Silent Circle Android proxy: TextSecure Online tracker blocking: Adopt the mindset of only giving out the personal data that you absolutely must—for example, at checkout or when signing up for an online account—to significantly reduce your digital footprint.

Just as one bad actor can induce a privacy scare, one good actor — like Edward Snowden, or you — can take the necessary steps to reduce your exposure and strengthen your sense of privacy. And realize that powerful web services like Facebook offer zero protection.

Most of the recent stories about big data collection and breaches have a central theme: You should be concerned about the lack of privacy today, but not pessimistic. You already have tools and services that give you a say in the matter, and the best is yet to come.

Asked if I had their attention and gave them my full blown opinion of their behavior. I use FB to stay in touch with my granddaughter 18 now , and people I knew back east in high school 40 years ago. I have never ever used Facebook and communicate with friends and family just fine.

If you use Facebook and shit goes down as it did with my nephew who had to start facets of his life from scratch , then you are to blame. Most of this is in the privacy act of — which state and feds are currently conveniently ignoring. There are case after case of people being hurt!

Head in the sand perhaps? I agree it out of hand. Rich trying to control middle class and poor and using us as guinea pigs.

Just know after reading this that whatever you may go looking in on my background will be the weakest invitation to seek me out. However you may find me do as you please I just needed this off my chest to tell the truth. They want to entrap people so they can justify their existence and keep getting massive budgets.

They think they are cool because people in intelligence are portrayed as sexy heroes on mainstream TV. But these people have very weak-egos and inferiority complexes. They need to identify with a large power structure, to completely subsume themselves in it. Strangely, many of them are very smart in a technical sense but they are fundamentally brainwashed people who think they are right when they are VERY wrong.

Most of them have no understanding of the humanities no matter how intelligent they seem to be. The government is 10 lbs of shit in a 5 lb bag. They are not really interested in every single word you write or say!

They want your statistical behaviour to interact an manipulate you! But what they produce is: Ask the people here in Germany: They start hating USA and laughing about the system what can only stand by beeing brutal in any way.

USA is not a democratic state union an will never be if it goes like that! By now I nearly cut off all contacts. Greets from east side of atlantic. I know that there are massive but somehow unheard protest rising. And always the same things for reason: That is the main problem — those who believe in a god-like system! Not the geeks and libertines are the problem. But those who closed their eyes for such a long time.

Now everybody is caught in a system of opression. War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes; and armies, and debts, and taxes are the known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few. No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare. They seperate me from my wife, country nicaragua , and my family here in hawthorne ca.

They re flash an you would not notice a difference and if things get worse they will make the battery drain. I remember in highschool when i first saw how computers worked i knew how they would be used. If you can compile it then you can decompile it. To take from the eagles life in the tech lane, faster, faster the leds are telling all. I enjoy reading and receiving the valuable information provided by Albine.

I must take issue however with your characterization of Edward Snowden as one of the good guys. I do not believe the narrative we have received to date concerning Mr. Snowden and his activities are accurate let along reasonably complete enough to make such an assertion. With regard to the security issues concerning telephone Meta data I disagree with those that believe the content of a phone call is constitutionally protected, but the fact of a phone call is not.

The publicity generated by Mr. General Wesley Clark is the Man! He states that he attended a meeting where top brass of the US stated they were going to invade 7 Arab countries in the next 5 years. I believe that was If all their operations are illegal why would he realize this and then go bring this to his superiors who are running the show? This entire situation is about criminals wanting to keep their crimes private and willing to murder and throw people in prison for life to continue to do so.

You have to remember that the government has tools to post as many different people to make it seem like common citizens are leaning a certain way such as Snowden not being a hero. Then, the vast majority of people do their best impression of sheep and start following these beliefs. I personally think he is a patriot that has done an amazing thing.

It is up to us to follow through and try to fix it. Is there anything honorable or noble about continuing to bow to the demands of the United States government when they are in fact a corporate entity?

A corporate entity which almost everything on Earth sadly is — including States, Countries, Nations, Persons cannot make rules over any living soul. Article here — http: See how you feel about Oaths to corporate entities who break even their own code and regulations ALL day long.

Ed Snowden has done nothing wrong whatsoever. What oath did he make? If any, as a 3rd part operative of a US government agency, the oath should have been made to the US constitution, that is what ALL intelligence officers should be making an oath to. If the constitution is being violated, then what is left to protect? While I have been keeping abreast of the Great Snowden Reveal so many articles, so little time , I know I am short on some details.

Just imagine if our foundling fathers thought like you…we would still be speaking in the queens tongue. I also have placed some serious question marks at the alleged prevented attacks. Thanks, Abine, for helping me with that. First, DNTMe blocks tracking by default right when you install it. With Ghostery, you have to go in and turn blocking on. Second, DNTMe safely blocks and rebuilds social buttons, so you can still share if you want to; Ghostery does not.

You can read more about that here: It lets you give out masked, alias information online when websites ask for it, like email addresses, phone numbers, and even credit cards. It lets you use the web and sign up for things without giving away your real personal info.

You can read more about that in this blog post by the people at Tor: So what you are saying is the n s a selectively turns the head when it comes to constuents and actively pursues the completion in the criminal world under the veil the n s a cares? I know what it is to be human as a behaviorial expert. How does your garden grow?

Even innocent interactions which are encrypted will require more resources then unencrypted — So encrypt everything you can and maybe Big Brother will break! If one wants to speak adversley of China about freedoms, one would naturally use a set of US devices, and if one wants to speak adversely of US rapidly growing lack of freedoms, one might is a set of NON US devices. There is no reason on earth to do any business with this company for any reason. The name is a lie, for starters.

From there it is all down hill. Please go to the nearest Federal building and turn yourself in. These are nicest things one can say about them.

NSA Hacking Chief: Internet of Things Security Keeps Me Up at Night - MIT Technology Review

Tech companies have denied giving the agency direct access to their servers, but the NSA paid them millions of dollars to cover the cost of complying with its requests. Yes — at least the phone spying is, according to a judge on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. We have learned that the NSA has the capability to read our emails and monitor our phone calls, but based on the disclosures to date, when this has happened, it has been inadvertent.

But civil liberties group say the programs are unconstitutional. As Eyder reported over at the Two-Way blog last month , documents leaked by Snowden revealed that the NSA has the keys to crack most Internet encryption methods. There's no court that oversees the NSA's activities on foreign communications. The leaks have indicated that the agency not only spied on countries such as Iran, but also allies like France, Brazil, Mexico — and even U. A key European Parliament committee approved new rules this week strengthening online privacy and outlawing the kind of surveillance the U.

Although foreign citizens may be angry, their governments' responses have been more muted. Snowden said it's likely some EU leaders knew about the operations. An alleged cocaine smuggler might have thought he was relatively safe aboard a yacht in the Caribbean.

But he failed to take account of the fact that his partner, also on board, was chatting on Facebook, providing valuable information about the boat's location and planned landfall; information intercepted by one of the NSA's intelligence partners. Nor is the Iranian leadership beyond reach. In , the NSA was was able to track almost every move made by Iran's supreme leader, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, on a rare visit outside Tehran to the mountainous Kordestan province.

A NSA file, called 'State of the Enterprise', is typical of many of the spy agency's documents which list wartime successes.

Other intelligence agencies such as the CIA complain privately about the degree of co-operation from the NSA in sharing intelligence, but in the end, like most other intelligence agencies, it is generally thankful for it. There are complaints, too, from soldiers in the field that live information is not always transferred to them fast enough, but they, too, express gratitude for snippets passed on about potential Taliban attacks. The NSA, according to one document, overheard a Taliban figure, Mullah Rahimullah Akhund, known on the US military's kill-or-capture list by the codename Objective Squiz Incinerator, instructing an associate to buy and organize components for a roadside bomb, suicide vests and a Japanese motorbike.

The appreciation of Americans and their allies in Afghanistan for such information is summed up in this letter back to headquarters: It really does help us get our enemies off the playing field, so to speak. When the NSA, the CIA and other parts of the intelligence community spied illegally on American anti-war protesters, civil rights leaders and trade unionists in the s, there was at least a technical limitation of their actions.

The difference today is that technological revolution allows them to spy on almost everyone. And this growth has not been matched by any corresponding reform of the legal framework or political oversight.

While there are frequent warnings in the documents reminding NSA staff of rules for protecting the privacy of Americans, other documents show repeated violations. Such violations are almost inevitable given the way the NSA collects so much, the technology and analysts unable to distinguish between data on foreigners and American citizens. The NSA says in public it only collects a tiny percentage of internet traffic, smaller than "a dime on a basketball court".

But there is a gulf between what the NSA says in public and what it says in documents, in which technicians and analysts express their glee at finding novel ways of cracking into electronic communications and expanding their reach in ever more imaginative ways.

The question critics of the NSA raise is: One document shows the NSA engaged in a massive snooping operation targeting a United Nations climate change conference in Bali in Ban, speaking at the conference, which attracted thousands from around the world, described combating climate change as "the moral challenge of our generation".

However, the NSA's Australian base at Pine Gap was less interested in combating climate change than collecting the numbers of Indonesian security officials in case of a future emergency. This effort-filled collection of the cell phone number falls under the category of information that spies have always gathered.

The counter-argument is that Indonesia is a friend of the US and might be expected to share information in the event of an attack, so why does the NSA devote grand resources to harvesting such numbers?

One of the biggest criticisms of bulk data collection is that the agency cannot look at, let alone analyse, all the data it is collecting. An officer, after checking some messages that might have been from a terrorist group, admitted: The NSA operates in close co-operation with four other English-speaking countries - the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand - sharing raw intelligence, funding, technical systems and personnel.

Their top level collective is known as the '5-Eyes'. Beyond that, the NSA has other coalitions, although intelligence-sharing is more restricted for the additional partners: The exclusivity of the various coalitions grates with some, such as Germany, which is using the present controversy to seek an upgrade. Germany has long protested at its exclusion, not just from the elite 5-Eyes but even from 9-Eyes.

Significantly, amid the German protestations of outrage over US eavesdropping on Merkel and other Germans, Berlin is using the controversy as leverage for an upgrade to 5-Eyes. Documents suggest the British contribution is significant. In a random selection of NSA documents monitoring weekly reports, the British agency is frequently listed alongside the US agency's biggest regional bases such as Texas and Georgia. GCHQ operates a vast internet tapping operation based on partnerships between the UK government and telecoms companies based in the UK and overseas.

Given the UK's location, this is a huge proportion of the internet: Each day, a quarter of all internet traffic traverses the UK. The information collected and stored by the programme, codenamed Tempora, is stored by GCHQ for up to a month, with NSA analysts granted direct access to the intelligence. The NSA — in theory at least — operates inside a legal framework that requires warrants to target Americans. But the Fisa court turns down few such requests. GCHQ operates in an even looser environment.

So far they have always found in our favour. A GCHQ legal briefing suggests some of the distinctions stressed in policy documents and public statements by staff of both agencies may not be so rigorously enforced in practice.

A lengthy legal training slideshow includes several slides explaining the often-complex differences between content and metadata, which requires substantially different handling, especially under US law.

However, the notes for the presentation say: The blurred boundaries are acknowledged, too, in NSA documents, one of which states: For example, are email subject lines metadata or content?

What about an email's signature block or telephone numbers within a message? Questions like these are not necessarily clear-cut. Gaining access to the huge classified data banks appears to be relatively easy. Legal training sessions — which may also be required for access to information from Australian, Canadian, or New Zealand agencies — suggest that gaining credentials for data is relatively easy.

The sessions are often done as self-learning and self-assessment, with "multiple choice, open-book" tests done at the agent's own desk on its "iLearn" system. Agents then copy and paste their passing result in order to gain access to the huge databases of communications.

The NSA, once the most secretive of the 16 US intelligence agencies but now embarrassingly penetrated as a result of Snowden, is facing more scrutiny that at any time since its founding, even more than during the domestic spying scandals of the s.

It is being challenged in Congress. It is being challenged in the courts by an unholy alliance of the liberal American Civil Liberties Union and the right-leaning National Rifle Association.

It is coming under pressure from the internet companies to be more transparent. And there is review panel announced by Obama in August. There is also pressure from Germany and France, Mexico and Brazil.

In spite of the furore, reforms may prove modest. The agency is hardly likely to easily relinquish its new-found capability of snooping almost everywhere. The official happily embraces this: It is the world we live in — navigating through continuous whitewater.

Much of what we know about the NSA's surveillance comes from Edward . Google knows what kind of porn each of us searches for, which old lovers we you wake up in the morning, and what time you go to bed each night. The Senate refused to extend the NSA's mass surveillance of phone At least that's the view of the Second Circuit Appeals Court, which of millions of innocent Americans just in case one of them happens to be a terrorist. . the government to obtain certain kinds of information without judicial oversight. Leaks by Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency From The Top · Jazz Night In America · Mountain Stage · Piano Jazz · The but based on the disclosures to date, when this has happened, it has been inadvertent." and outlawing the kind of surveillance the U.S. has been conducting.