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Nice guy just wanting a little fun women looking for sex East Otis Massachusetts

Nice guy just wanting a little fun women looking for sex East Otis Massachusetts

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Nice guy just wanting a little fun women looking for sex East Otis Massachusetts

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Otis by Scott Hildreth. Otis Selected Sinners MC, 3 4. No cheating, no sex outside the relationship, no love triangles, and no club whores, HEA, no cliffhanger. After moving as far away from him as possible, I now must return home for my mother's funeral.

The problem with going home is I'm single Stand-alone. The problem with going home is I'm single and I'm still deeply in love with Otis. Seeing him and not acting on my feelings would be impossible, so my plan is to slip into town, take care of my deceased mother's affairs, and slip out unnoticed. One drink should settle my nerves Determining which of my brothers is the snitch and undoubtedly destined for his grave is my only focus.

My only current love is the MC - I let the only woman I've ever loved other than my mother slip away when I was 21 because I young and selfish. I'm 36 now, single, and plan on staying that way. Not finding the snitch is driving me insane, I need a drink One unscheduled moment between Otis and Sam could prove disastrous. Or, it could rekindle a flame that has always been flickering - a second chance at a first love Being separated and having nothing change between you, however, does.

Be forewarned, the main characters in this book are both agoraphiliacs. They enjoy sex in public places, especially if they think someone's watching. No other book is required to enjoy this tale. The two previous books in the series may be read as stand-alones or together to fully understand the complexity of the ancillary characters.

Kindle Edition , 1st. Edition , pages. Selected Sinners MC 3. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Otis , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Otis is primarily a romance about reunited long-lost love. So, they went their separate ways with Sam moving to New York when they were 21 yrs old. Fast forward 15 ye Otis is primarily a romance about reunited long-lost love.

Knowing Otis still lives in town, she hopes she can complete her business without seeing him, as she assumes he is happily married, a fact she cannot bear to witness. Of course, fate can be a bitch and Sam runs into Otis her first night home. Then when I started to like her, I was shocked about the way she handled a particular issue, especially given her age and the supposed close relationship she had with Otis.

That component of the story felt disjointed to me. In between club business, Otis and Sam manage to get reacquainted with each other in some very sexy ways and places — a movie theater, botanical gardens — they love public sex!!

These scenes were raw and hot! Otis is very commanding and is definitely an alpha! Shit gets real when the undercover agent is discovered and the matter is handled in a way best suited for the benefit of the club. Each brother added personality to the plot, especially Biscuit! The theme of the book underscored the notion of trusting your loved ones and sometimes that involves making difficult decisions.

A copy was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, Scott, for giving me the opportunity to read about the Selected Sinners and to learn about their world. View all 30 comments. In the prologue we learn there is an ATF agent in the club, and that he has been there for several years on what is described the longest investigation in ATF history.

He seems to be the one that everyone goes to for assistance, advice, and to just hang out and drink beer with. When his former girlfriend, Sam, comes back to town for a funeral, they encounter each other by happenstance. Otis and his former girlfriend are agoraphiliacs. Their sexual kink is having sex in a public place while someone else is or may be watching.

The more public the place is, the better. The sex which follows their reunion is breathtaking and beyond what this author has previously shared with his readers. This excerpt precedes a movie theatre scene like no other. Now, do me a favor. Stick your finger inside your shorts and feel that little pussy of yours.

After glancing around the theater nervously, she lowered her hand between her legs. I gazed toward her lap and watched as she slid her finger beneath the fabric of her shorts. After a few seconds, she sighed, raised her finger in the air, and wiped it on the seat beside her. Sparsely populated movie theater. Botanical gardens… Dear lord. He struggles with the concept of having a woman in his life altogether.

But somehow, love seems to conquer all. The ancillary characters in this book, primarily Biscuit, are beyond enjoyable, and in fact I found myself looking forward to their reoccurring roles in the book.

For me, this book was over and above the first two. It was much earlier and it fit the story VERY well. The story, subplots, plot, and climax were not announced by actions, and took me by pleasant surprise. Additionally, the angst was just enough to keep me flipping pages as if I was attempting to put out a fire. And have a change of panties handy.

View all 10 comments. Jun 09, Kat Chadwick rated it it was amazing. I love the first two books in this series, but when I read Otis' book, let me tell you, it made my hormones itch, I.

It has a great story. It isn't all hotness. But where the first two books had two relationships that had to start off slower, this relationship had started years before, ended, then started up again, therefore, it didn't have to build up, so when Otis and Sam meet again, and knew what they felt for each other AND then add in their li OTIS But where the first two books had two relationships that had to start off slower, this relationship had started years before, ended, then started up again, therefore, it didn't have to build up, so when Otis and Sam meet again, and knew what they felt for each other AND then add in their little kink: I kid you not!

This book is my favorite of the series, so far. Hildreth always seems to one-up himself every time he writes. It must be a goal of his, to always do better.

That is a good plan. It is a great story line, with great life lessons along the way: Sometimes, having a friend or loved one confirm our already one-sided beliefs provided all the reassurance necessary for us to continue believing our way of thinking was just what it needed to be. However, it isn't all wisdom and sex! There is an ATF agent in the mix of Selected Sinners so that gets a little uh well, let's say guns get drawn and it ain't pretty, Folks.

Hildreth takes us in all different emotional directions in this book, with varying characters to take us there. For one, Biscuit, for comic relief. We now have a new Hildrethism: If you have read any of Scott's Fighter Erotic series View all 3 comments. Aug 02, Aisling Zena rated it liked it Shelves: Why did you saddle Otis with the gutless wonder that is Sam?

It started so well and it went so wrong, so quickly! I can't even list and rant about everything that annoyed me without major spoilers. Maybe it was just me.. Now I'm kinda scared to read Biscuits book.

Big Jacks book excerpt, the first four chapters:

Sexuality (and Lack Thereof) in Adolescence and Early Adulthood: A Review of the Literature

I will not go into much detail for the book is newly released and I hate spoilers more than anything, so I try not to put them in a review. I understand that everyone has their own tragedies and experiences, I am simply stating my opinion.

Ok, I am not going to let you think that Sam was so one sided, because I honestly do not think Mr. Hilderth writes characters that way. Sam grew in this book, she changed, she began to realize that she created a lot of the problems in her life, and that she was the only one who could fix them.

She stopped trying to get her own way. As readers we are welcomed into the thoughts and feelings of the characters, but thoughts and feelings are not FACTS. Sam did not ACT on her thoughts or feelings The below picture was one of my favorite scenes, as a reader it helped me understand the joys of riding a motorcycle. Which a ride on one is now on the bucket list Steve Milner, biker name Otis, was a character that I admired and disagreed with which makes him someone I want to know more.

I admired his devotion to those he felt were family and understood his desire to be free. I absolutely loved the scenes with his parents; they are giving the Ripton family dinners a run for the money. Think what you will, I love sex as much as anybody; public domain sex is just not it for me. Sam and Otis had a love for each other that few people find, and what they do to show that love is there business!!! LOL- and they obviously have a thing for cement park benches; my mind immediately went to the scratches that she is going to have on her chest and stomach.

It will hurt like hell to button jeans… just saying. Ok to sum up, this was another wild Hildreth ride. There is still much more I want to say, seriously I have not even mentioned how he incorporates the in and outs of an MC into this book. And Biscuit, oh no to dive into the hilarity of him would make this review even longer. Just read this book, then you can come pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and we can chat.

Lewis That is it, that is all I got…. View all 22 comments. Jun 11, JudyB rated it really liked it Shelves: I loved books the first two books in this series.

Otis has been a favorite character of mine since book 1 and I was so looking forward to his story. Otis still came across as that sexy and, at times, sensitive man. I liked the point of finding a long lost, first love.

The author continues to write erotic scenes so hot they can scorch you. The public sex was put out there in a unique way and was at times humorous as well as outrageous.

But I kind of expected that from Mr. This book covered a lot of things for me, true love, redemption, loss, grief and following your heart even when it seems to be the hardest course to follow. I like the unique way this author writes his characters and the twists he throws in to keep me thinking WTH?

I look forward to the next book in the series. Jun 10, Jennifer rated it it was amazing. We yearn for tomorrow and the progress that it presents. But yesterday was once tomorrow, and where was the progress in it? Or we yearn for yesterday, for what was or what might have been.

But as we are yearning, the present is becoming the past, so the past is nothing but our yearning for second chances. When we hope, we hurt, espcially if that hope never comes to fruition. Sometimes hope turns into a second chance. Sometimes, life just works out the way it's supposed to Otis was a tough story for me to read. First, I'm going on record stating this is the first time I've hidden a review due to spoilers. I don't do it because I don't review with them, but I feel it imperative to state my opinion here, as I laugh.

I just kept shaking my head. It was all I could do, because in my humble opinion… WHY? I know it could happen I also know that's the author that this man is. He delighted in the fact that he made me and others cringe. The rest of this story is a beautifully woven tapestry of people from different walks of life.

Each of them holding hope in their hearts. Sometimes that hope was evident and blinding, sometimes no one could really see it, but if you look it was there. Many times a character or two made me mad or annoyed the hell out of me. I disliked one or two of them, maybe even frequently. This was a first for me with this author. Usually I bond with his characters immediatley.

I didn't like some of what happened, but never hated the act or the situation. Even if I couldn't see myself there, I couldn't necessarily see myself not there.

Really think about it. This is a story about second chances, many times over. How many mistakes have we made as individuals, as a society? There are so many underlying messages here that we can all learn from. I know I did and I have. This book isn't about the sex for me. Was the sex great? Yeah, it was hotter than hell.

More importantly for me, it was about the mannerisms of the specific characters that were brought to life as the pages turned and the layers were pulled back. It was about the bonds. The bonds of first loves, the bonds of unrequited love, the bonds of family, and the bonds we place on ourselves. It was about being nonjudgmental, it was about family, and brotherhood. It was just about… more.

This is a story about not taking life for granted. It's a story about accepting who you are, and just I'm attempting to keep this concise as I know I tend to get a bit loquacious. I didn't like where this book took me. It made me uncomfortable on many levels. I didn't like it because it made me think. Waayyy outside my box. It may have even made me hurt. View all 18 comments. Jun 09, Tina rated it it was amazing. I have to just start by saying: I have thought about this review since I finished this book more than 30 hours ago.

I didn't know at first if I loved this book or hated it. Now, I know that Hate is a very heavy word and I don't even like the fact that I am using it. But Sam brought this out in me. I thought I hated her, turns out I just didn't like her decisions or her way of looking at things, the way she goes about something's in her life. As others have stated in their reviews, she is a very I have to just start by saying: As others have stated in their reviews, she is a very selfish person.

I struggled with this I am a giver, always have been. I put people and their feelings before my own, I always have. My mother tells me this is my biggest fault. So when I am introduced to a character like Sam, it brings feeling out in me that make me not like myself. I don't want to give any spoilers away, so I will just leave it at this: Sam pissed me off. It's ok that I don't agree with her choices or the way she went about something's.

I believed she should have been more open with Otis. I believe she should have been nicer to Taylor. I believe she should have had more respect for her husbands memory.

I can't let her consume any more of my energy. And yes people there are tons of couples in this world that have sex outside in public places! The way Otis was so loyal and free, the way he loved his parents and his Brothers I understood why he and Sam broke up. It was hard for me to believe that they would basically just fall right back to where they left off after only a few hours, but hey, I guess it happens. I have a ton of love for this author's writing.

He never fails to make me feel. Usually my feeling are a bit more sentimental, but this book was different. But then again, he did warn us that it would be. I am in love with the fact that Otis has a Camaro! I love my Camaro, if I didn't have her to race, I think I would go crazy some days! I loved that Otis referenced some music in this book, that is another love for me! So to sum it all up: This was another awesome read, but it hurt my heart. Sam, I hope to forgive you someday, but today just isn't that day!

View all 20 comments. Jan 02, Auntee rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Fans of MC romance. He's actually carried a torch for his first love from fifteen years ago. No other can compare to Sam--he won't let anyone else into his heart. When Sam and Otis aka Steve broke up when they were 21, it was because she wanted to start a family and Otis was against it.

There has been no one in Sam's heart since Otis either. Now she's back in town due to the tragic really? She couldn't bare to see him with a wife and family So of course they run into each other in a bar They quickly find out that neither has really moved on, that both were in limbo, just existing.

So they pick up where they left off. What was it that they had in common anyway, you ask? Nothing turns these two on like a little exhibitionism! The hotel swimming pool, the movie theater, and oh yes, the botanical gardens Just how did these two never get caught, or have a complaint lodged against them, or been arrested Of course, Sam had a thought or two about Otis's new life in the Selective Sinners, and what it would mean for them as a couple, but seemed okay with the path their renewed relationship was taking.

But then, a curveball I have to say I lost total respect for the character of Samantha at that point. I just didn't understand her.

Did she have such low self esteem or more importantly, did she even know the man she claimed to love? Couldn't she see that he wasn't the boy she left behind 15 years ago and was now a man? Why didn't she trust him enough to TALK to him? So Sam and her crazy decisions almost ruined what was a pretty good read for me.

I hope there is one female lead in this series that I can admire besides Avery Jun 10, Sunny Rowe-markley rated it it was amazing. Ok so let me just say first off that I am writing this review like the second that I was done with it which is unlike me since I like to think over my reviews before I just start typing away.

I knew Otis was going to be the perfect biker! He is everything you dream of in a biker those of that fantasize about them. He is controlling yet loving to those he cares about, loyal, strong, tattooed, sta Ok so let me just say first off that I am writing this review like the second that I was done with it which is unlike me since I like to think over my reviews before I just start typing away.

He is controlling yet loving to those he cares about, loyal, strong, tattooed, stands by his convictions regardless of the results, and man oh man the sex. So beyond the ATF drama etc. I think we got to see the real Otis which I thought was wonderful. The whole story a depth to it that made you sad to see the end even if it was a HEA. For my second observation with this book. I am beginning to think we see a little more of "Scott" in this book so I think we might be getting more than we originally paid for.

I thought in the beginning that was true with Erik and Karter that maybe there were just a lot of "Scott thoughts" that came out through them. This time with Otis I think I am on to something based that I am a facebook stalker. So this makes me think that maybe we need to afraid for his beautiful other half or jealous as hell. So all in all you get to read about an awesome guy, debate some current events with imaginary people, read about HOT SEX in public places and learn to love Biscuit a little more and now hope his book is next.

You have no excuses not to let go of your cash to experience this ride and if you don't enjoy it Jun 09, Debi Price rated it it was amazing.

Well I am not really a fan of MC books but Mr. Hildreth changed my mind long ago with this Series. Otis was full of surprises if you have read other Hildreth books you will know what I mean by surprises. Otis had me laughing, crying and loving the antics of these characters. I don't want to give spoilers but I was truly humbled to be included in the Epilogue heehee.

Otis is definitely a must read book. Hildreth's books so you know all the characters. Scott is truly a gifted writer, he has his own writing style and I am anxiously waiting for more five star reads in the future! Jun 09, Donna Sweeney rated it it was amazing. They just keep getting better!!! I really cannot ramble on enough praise for this author Scott your a friggin genius!!!

In all honesty these MC books are a breath of fresh air. They have all the angst and drama that I look for in a damn good read and then some. There's just much more to these stories. I have no idea how Scott thinks up these fabulous stories with these gutsy characters Ple They just keep getting better!!! Please try and see.

I desperately hope there will be more in the series!!!. Well done Scott xxx Roll on hopefully Biscuits book Jul 28, Tami rated it really liked it. Another great addition to the Selected Sinners series. The lack of BS and unnecessary fluff keeps me coming back for more and wanting to check up on the guys.

Oh and the sex was ramped up and hott in this installment. The ending seemed a bit rushed especially with Sam's behavior, which was a bit over the top, and the nonevent it turned out to be in Otis' response. Otherwise a solid read and finally Biscuit is next! Jun 21, Adoore rated it did not like it Shelves: I have to say I was looking forward to reading this book, I love the reunited love stories but this book was horrible. I hated how she treated the cat and how she acted when she found out she was pregnant.

I don't think I will be reading any more books by this author. Jan 07, Megan Fall rated it it was amazing Shelves: His first and only love returns to town and they immediately get back together. The sex is hot, Biscuit's stories are hilarious and the characters are amazing. I loved this book, it's definitely a favourite. Jul 12, Ashleyjo added it. I Fing Hate Preachy Whether it be politics, religion, or social issues, I DO NOT want to be preached to by an author and made to feel like I'm trying to be spun on a real life incident - vs - a fictional book issue.

The result was innocent civilian lives lost, hundreds of MC members arrested, cops and media say I Fing Hate Preachy Whether it be politics, religion, or social issues, I DO NOT want to be preached to by an author and made to feel like I'm trying to be spun on a real life incident - vs - a fictional book issue.

It's distasteful to me because this is a tragic real life event, but if the author would've just moved on, I could've chalked it up to a blip in personal tastes and never even mentioned it in my review. Don't use this kind of stuff to convert me on some social issue or preach to me your personal views! Westboro Baptist Church is also mentioned briefly. While I personally hate the f'rs, bringing the name up wasn't pivotal to the story.

It just feels like another PC, hot button social subject the author included just for the sake of including. Confusion The prologue is interesting.

An undercover apparently has Stockholm'esc syndrome from being undercover too long. Let's see where it goes. It's odd for it to be the prologue and then just disappear for that long. Chapter one starts with the author immediately throwing the reader into a room of bikers. Names are being thrown out in dialogue and random people are just speaking. I don't know who these people are and the "I", "he", "she" and "they" are lost on me.

It's hard, sometimes impossible, to even decipher wtf is speaking and whom they're speaking about? By the time chapter one is over, I'm not even sure who Otis is and can't remember his MC role without going back and rereading. It's info overload, but with sparse actual meaningful details. But, the blurb clearly states this can be read as a standalone without any confusion. So, I dont know?!! Chapter two starts and we've completely switched gears again to Otis thinking about his past and current love life.

I'm immediately noticing the that the flow and subject jumps are jarring. There aren't a lot of errors, and the caliber of writing is above average for style and sentence structure for this genera.

That said, there is just a shit load of plot devices, themes, characters, and overall scheme of things that aren't to my taste. The transsexual slamming and dialogue was unnecessary. All the legal jargon and battle of wits between the lawyers seemed intrusive to the story I wanted to read That is the MC erotic romance this was blurbed to be?!?

The writing feels aggressive. I know "aggressive" sounds like a crazy description, but I just feel like the author is shouting a lot of the narrative and dialogue at me. I'm not connecting with the characters. The characters do not feel authentic and there isn't anything distinguishing between any of the voices; they all sound the same.

How many bikers do you know that use terms like analogy, humbling, skittish, mingling, semantics, etc.. There's too much random and unnecessary musing. Otis, for example, is driving along and randomly starts describing some farmer on a tractor for three paragraphs before he associates the farmer with having a woman waiting at home for him and thereby Otis having thoughts of a woman in his own life.

It's not exactly fluff, but it isn't necessary either and it slows the pace to a crawl. Once she does make an appearance, I instantly dislike her and want to bitch slap her! She kicks an mf'ing cat. I'm not a cat person, but I wouldn't f'ing kick my recently deceased mom's cat just for being lonely and rubbing against my leg.

Well, a couple minutes later she tells Otis how she was relieved when her dead husband of only a year was killed in attacks because that meant that she could move on with the memories of Otis without any guilt. What a self-absorbed bitch! Was I the only one that found it a huge leap to make that Sam would be celibate for 15 YEARS but immediately be so in tune with her sexuality that she immediately initiates exhibition sex and talks like a mf'ing porn star?

Ehhh, just ain't buying nor liking it none of it. It's a DNF for me - personal taste. View all 6 comments. Jun 14, Laurie rated it really liked it Shelves: Scott sent me a copy of Hung to read and I realized I never read Otis.

This surprised me since I really enjoyed the first two in the series so of course I loaded it up on my Ipad and dove in. I was a fan of Otis after the first two books. His parents had me in stitches with their antics. No wonder Otis was so laid back but with a sense of humor, he had to be with those two for parents.

Part of it, was her attitude towards her late husband. If it was that bad she should have left. Her lack of loyalty really bugged me. Add in her crazy theatrics toward the end, plus the decision she made on how to handle a situation she found herself in, I lost what little remaining respect for her I had.

The repercussions of that shootout, no matter who actually fired most of the bullets, will be long reaching in the biker community so it was good to see it acknowledged in a biker romance. The public sex was steamy, I loved all the characters except for Sam, and the cover was a huge improvement over the first two. Jun 09, Debbie rated it it was amazing. We All Have Needs,Right?

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