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New years let me fuck u

New years let me fuck u

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New years let me fuck u

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I thrive on sucking. Married and Bored Professional businessman, flexible, fun loving, seeking partner in.

Looking for a mature woman I'm a good looking 54 year old dwm looking for an older, mature woman, 38 75, for nsa type of fun. This is probably the wrong place to be seeking, but there's got to be -someoneout there that's up this late on a semi-regular basis that wants to hang out, right. Just bored with the scene around here and would like to meet some new interesting people. Im 5'5 and i weigh about 135lesbi. Will respond only to replies with tit picks.

Don't have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Tonight is New Year's Eve, which means that there's all kind of pressure to have a good time and kiss someone and possibly even get laid. But all that pressure means that NYE is kind of the worst night of the year, in some ways, when it comes to your sex life.

Let me just say this: Fuck you, the midnight kiss. If you're single, you're either sitting alone in a corner when midnight hits trying to look like you don't care but choking back tears or making out sloppily with whoever you happen to grab at that moment, only to realize two seconds after midnight that this person is somehow repugnant to you, at which point you spiral into a panic that you've now set the tone for the entire year. If you're coupled, well, gross.

If you're in a relationship, NYE sex feels obligatory, like birthday sex or Valentine's Day sex, and obligatory sex is rarely the best sex. You have successfully signed up for your selected newsletter s - please keep an eye on your mailbox, we're movin' in! Most of the time, during the year, you can just have sex without really worrying too much about it.

But on New Year's Eve, you feel like whatever sex you do or don't have means something about the new you in the new year, when in fact, January 1 is just the day after December 31, and it's hard to become a new person in 24 hours.

With all the pressure to correct everything that is and has ever been wrong with your life in the new year, sex becomes part of the equation. Sitting at home seems appealing, but if you do that and you're single you will not kiss anyone let alone sleep with them. Sitting at home sometimes seems like a fun thing to do on New Year's Eve. But if you're single and you sit at home, you definitely won't get any to kick off the New Year, and that might make you sad come Or sign in with a social account: Ogilvie December 31, 4: If you like this story, consider signing up for our email newsletters.

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She told me that a male co-worker and she had been talking and she admitted kind of flirting and the subject of sex came up.

He told her that he and his wife had fooled around with other women together a few times and really enjoyed it. He half-jokingly told her he'd love to have my wife join them. Over the course of a week or so they started talking more seriously about the possibility.

She even met bothe the co-worker and wife for drinks to test the chemistry. My wife has always been curious about lesbian sex but never tried it. Now, my wife tells me she feels like she'd like to try this three way AND have me there to watch. We talked about this and she promised it would just be once unless I said any more was ok.

She also promised me more active sex at least weekly if I agreed to this. Long and short, this evening we sent the kids for a sleepover at Grandma's and I watched my wife have very vigorous sex with this couple. Afterward she did go down on me for a few minutes and then got on top of me for about the three minutes it took me to cum after watching the whole two hours the three of them went from drinks to their first kisses to foreplay to full on sex.

She hasn't let me cum inside her in several years because she says she hates the feeling of it squishing around in her after. Even tonight after being with them and riding me, she jumped off and left me to cum on my own stomach. There were things, I liked: You watched a performance peice of "you are nothing to me you useless cunt, now watch what I will never give u.

Yea she would have cheated Instead she made you watch enthusiastically fucking her co worker and his wife. Your wife is toxic and if you don't stand up for yourself she will take all over you forever. She probably would have. What do you think will happen when she wants to do it again and you say no? Hate to break it to you, but there is a fair chance she's been cheating for quite some time now.

This is actually valuable information. There is zero chance this will "awaken" her attraction to you. Hope you make the right decision with what you've learned. Tell your wife it's only fair now that you bring a girl home and fuck her in front of the wife. It's going to greatly improve this relationship SO much! This is so sad. The part about her letting him ejaculate in her when she made excuses why you couldn't was so fucking sad.

I begin to tear up a little bit reading this from OPs perspective. I just cant see how someone can do that to another person. And the fact that OP is so naive to what is actually going on. He's being treated like an old faithful starving dog happy to just get scraps. OP have some dignity, and walk out. No one deserves to be treated the way your wife just treated you. Walk out of the relationship and dont look back, and use this situation as the fuel to remind you of the thing you walked away from so you will never miss her again.

Unless you're into being cuckolded then you need to end it right now. Other wise I suspect you know exactly what you're getting into. I want to make a joke that HE opened Pandora's box but I guess not the time for humor. She did promise it would be one time only unless I ok anything else.

You're pretending you have any power in the situation Your wife just went dominatrix on your ass. You either get to buck up and tell her to fuck right off or you get to live like this.

I think you and his wife were included as a technicality and he and your wife are going to continue fucking behind your backs. I'm not sure why you think your wife would stop simply because you ask her to.

You don't need to bargain with her for the sexual favors that you now are equally free to pursue with a girlfriend -- just like she now does with her boyfriend. Maybe he doesn't want that, or maybe he has just been so focused on getting her to open back up to him that it hasn't yet sunk in that she isn't the only one entitled to get first-class enthusiastic sex out of this situation.

And if she tries to tell him he isn't 'allowed' to seek enthusiastic sex from others when he isn't getting it from her -- that is he isn't 'allowed' to get for himself what she gets for herself while refusing to provide him -- that above all is a dumping offense. She let another guy go inside her but not you. She's into the other guy, perhaps other girl as well, but not you.

This is making me sad. I don't know if this is legit or not but it's depressing just thinking that there's people like that out there. She will not care and continue sleeping with this coworker with or without your knowledge.

Your wife is consistently turning you down. Now she approaches you and asks if you want to be cuckolded. You dident watch a threesome she cuckolded you. And not for your benefit. She wanted to fucking turture you by making you watch another guy railroad her. I'm sorry but you need to take charge of your life. Your wife promised if you watch her get banged by another guy she will have more active sex with you weekly So she pretty much just said that she had been giving you dead fish sex forever and will now kick it up a notched Forget all the times you probably had the talk about your sex life being on life support.

I'm sorry but you seem like the type of guy who has BEGGED her to be more active in sex somewhere in your relationship.. But don't worry she will just turn on the sex because she's been denying you good sex forever. Let that sink in your supposed life partner has been giving you shit sex because she does not feel your worth the effort of the good sex You get a quick Blow job and 3 mins of sex They flirted, fooled around, and fucked for hours But you got 3 mins of sex.

His dick was bigger then yours and your wife fuck him with more intensity and effort then you have seen in years.. During sex did she scream how much bigger his dick was? Because I find it hard to believe she did not shame you.

She let him CUM in her YOU aren't allowed to cum in her and had to on your stomach Pal please don't take this the wrong way but your wife did that just to hurt you. She did it to make you feel pain She wasn't trying to make you feel better That type of hurt your wife just made you watch is borderline evil. Everything you want to do she did with another man right in front of your eyes then made you cum on your own stomach.. You dident make a mistake because it was never a choice.

She was going to fuck that guy regardless and if you think she cares about you at all your wrong. She can hardly complain about you making her ladybits all "squishy" when she is already swimming in someone else's come -- but there she went anyway, and made you pull out and ejaculate on your own gut. Yeah I've got to agree with this. You were deliberately excluded from the main events, she went way further with them than she does with you - and she made sure you saw this , and then you got a quick pity fuck at the end of the night.

It certainly sounds like you got cuckolded and she wanted to rub your nose in it. How would she feel if you reversed the roles and you got to have awesome, vigourous sex with some other woman while she watched? Fundamentally, she isn't attracted to you, or you simply don't turn her on.

Sorry, but that is the basics of it, though from what you say that has been the situation for years now anyway. However, you say that you were really turned on by watching this. Fundamentally, you need to see if you enjoy this. There are men out there who get off on the idea of their wives having sex with other men and I'd say a pretty huge amount like the idea of her with another woman.

And if you find that you like it, then more power to you. You shouldn't feel guilty if this is something that makes you happy. It's only a problem if you don't like it and you completely have the right to say stop or if you are being unsafe letting him cum in her is pretty dangerous.

Look around online, you will find a whole community of people who are into this it's called Cuckold fetish. See if you want to continue along this road, but know that this isn't going to be a normal sexual relationship if you need this to get her interested. I doubt this is real. Personally, I would have started my exit plan if she even brought this up. Years of nothing and then she asks for this? I'm not into cuckold stuff, at all.

It would show how incompatible we are and how foolish I have been assuming she just wasn't sexual. As soon as my spouse brings this up and then confirms that that's what she wants I'm handing her papers. This attitude is why she probably thinks she can away with something like this.

Maybe you meant to direct this to the whole cumming inside her part, but since you didn't specify, it sounds like you're not even going try to hold her to her promise.

This has to be one of the saddest things I've ever read. I'm so sorry for you. A million other posts here have already spelled out why. I can't believe I am saying this And this is the first time in my life I am making such a recommendation.. But here it is. You wife is an evil bitch and she deserves hell. Sounds like it affirms the whole some-people-suck-at-monogamy thing. She can't find desire in the context of a monogamous relationship. Maybe have an open one? If she can get it on with strangers, so can you!!

Imagine all the hot women you'll be able to fuck now. Honestly, the idea of being with other women doesn't interest me. Not sure about an open relationship because I do want to be in the room if this ever happens again.

Don't knock it til you've tried it. Wouldn't you like to be the one on the receiving end of the two hours of enthusiastic fucking, rather than the 3 minutes? Yeh this post just made me feel physically sick. He's been manipulated on levels he dosnt even understand.

Now, I wasn't there and I missed how things were said and all of that Naughty teen Kiley Jay loves getting smashed by a hung stud super hard right up her tasty tight hole. All performers on this site are over 18 years old. We are not responsible for any third link parties. All content appeared on this site is the property of its owners. If you come across any questionable porn pictures or xxx videos please report to the webmaster immediately!

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Without even thinking I bent down and opened my mouth. I took is semihard cock and started sucking. I love the feeling of it getting hard and going deeper down my throat. The next thing he did was put his hand on the back of my head and force his cock all the way in my mouth. As soon as he pushed me down on his cock I came. It was the best orgasm ever.

If it wasn't a cock sucker before, I sure was after that. My first time was a buddy in high-school. His mom spent weekends out of town with her boyfriend, so we hung out, played games and read porn. One night, after raiding his mothers liquor cabinet, we were reading and came up with the idea to duplicate what was in the letter. We flipped a coin to see who would play the girls part I didn't know it till later, but he had a double headed coin he used for this sort of thing first.

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I was not forced. However I went there a horny straight 19 year old looking for a fag to suck my cock and inside of 10 minutes I was on my knees sucking cock like a natural. He was 50 and he used my desire and inexperience to show me where I belonged with a fat cock in my mouth. Teddeb1 7 years ago. My first time was a 11, see my profile. MNsissyslut2use 7 years ago. Little did i know that 30 plus years later id be a complete sissyfaggot!

I started at age Me, my friends, their sisters and sisters friends would play truth or dare. This gradually became just dare and I would get dared to suck their cocks. I loved it but would act like I hated it which made them dare me more so I enjoyed it more. Wish I could get some good cock now! Rickin2briefs 7 years ago.

No - I knew I was bi early on - there were just too many hot guys and cute girls out there for me to settle on one sex! Anyway, at 14 I had a friend and we would go hang out at his house after school. We started looking at his dad's and older brother's girlie mags and soon we were stripped to our white Fruit of the Loom briefs, rock hard and stroking in front of each other.

That led to giving each other a hand, which led to us sucking each other's cocks. I believe I just bent down and took his dick in my mouth one day and that was that. We also loved to However, later in life, I was forced to suck cock. Although forced maybe too strong a word, since i loved to do it! But my ex would bring guys home, have me suck them to hardness so they could fuck her, then I would have to lick them and her clean!

Manfromla 7 years ago. We were up in his bed room. Just shooting the shit and he ask me if I would give him a blow job. He was setting on The side of his bed. I told I would if he would not cum in my mouth.

He told me he would not. He took his cock out and made me get down on my knees. I started to put it in my mouth and he told me to suck it and to run my tongue around the head of his cock.

He went wild as I did that. He was calling me a cock sucking fag. Witch made me very hot by the way. As he started to cum he took me by my head and held me so I could not get away as he cum in my mouth.

He was laughing then as I then went into the bathroom and pretended to spit it out. I did not tell him that it taste very good to me. When I think of my first cook I get all hot for cock.

Edited by greasy duck member 7 years ago. My first time was forced a black man ordered me to get on my knees and he took out his cock and ordered me to suck it.

I was scared shitless but did what he said As I opened my mouth and took it in it felt strange but good. As I sucked and slobered it he ordered me take it deeper because he was about to nut. I clamped my mouth tighter and soon got my reward a mouth full of his tasty cum which I swallowed It seemed like it was never going to stop squirting and the more he shot the more I loved it. I even beged him to let me suck him off again but he refused I tried to meet him again at that location but he never showed up again to my dismay that was when I was 18 I am now 60 and will go to any extreme to suck black cock in chicago area.

My uncle took me to the cinema then while the film was showing he pushed my head into his lap and forced me to suck him. Never forced just did for first time, I am 61 should have started a long time ago. Hope to do more with the same person soon. He is shaved and has nice balls and just enough to get all of his cock in my mouth at one time.

Will let you know what happens soon. When i was in college an older woman picked me up at a bar and took me to her house. Her boyfriend was there and he told me i could fuck her if i sucked him. He was 50 at the time. Told me to get on my knees and unzip.

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He stated that he was going to fuck me while I sucked the other one. Needless to say I was sacred but excitied. I ended up with 2 more loads in my pussy that day and 5 down my throat. I was a happy and well fucked. SeekingBlack 7 years ago. As the male have of this couple I have not yet sucked my first black cock but if one of her lovers asks that I do it I will accept his request.

You tell your story so well. Get a real sense of how hot you were. Kyle LegLover 7 years ago. My first time had nothing to do with being a cuckold, but it truly opened the door to it! I was a freshman in college - my roomie was a closet crossdresser.

I discovered her secret by accident in the first 45 days of school. We talked about it - made our peace - and everything was cool. About a week or so later she called me from a nearby pay phone saying she was in trouble because it was after curfew and the only way in was through the front doors - which meant blowing her secret as she was out at a local tranny club dressed and had no access to her "male" clothes.

I snuck her in a back door off a loading dock. Just as we were about to make our way across the hall and into our dorm room, the Resident Adviser walked out and I did a quick spin move, pushed her into the shadows, and kissed her deeply to make it look like we were making out and hide her face. After the RA passed by without incident, we scurried across the hall and into our room. She thanked me, then thanked me even more properly by going down on me and draining my cock dry.

A few more nights of this took place before one night I got up the nerve finally to perform my first blow job on a cock After that, things heated up over the course of the rest of the fall and then spring semester as we moved from oral sex to anal and finally into her actually dressing me up sometimes for "lesbian sex" in our room.

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Edited by easy marble member 6 years ago. The first time that I sucked a cock was whenI was 16 and it was a neighbor he was 16 also we had need liftting weights in the basement of my house when he was bench pressing. Then he suck me and I was the first cock that he sucked. My frist time I was 16 and was forced by my 22 year old sister and her husband and well I still to day at 56 love lt I'm bi bottom a sub a widower love the feel of cum being sprayed all over me or driped on me and just being used.

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I was not forced I was in my mid 20's abd had been getting head from older men for years, I loved to get head, but I wondered, what did they get out of it? Pierzeddick 7 years ago. I didn't have to be forced. I put on a show for my girlfriend, sucking a thick, 12 inch cock that was about 2. I kept nursing on the head of his cock after he exploded, getting him hard again so he could fuck my ass while I ate Kim's pussy. After he filled my ass, he slipped into a 69 position with me and sucked me off as Kim fucked my already tender ass with her biggest dildo, causing me to cum again and again down his hungrily sucking throat, and leaving me completely spent.

I was in my teens and very naive. As I did not drink alcohol he gave me an orange juice, what I did not know at the time was that it was laced with vodka. After a while he stated to take to pics and as I took more of the orange juice I lost more of my natural shyness and my cloths until I was naked. He got randy but I was being to feel sleepy and told him no, at that point he said that if I did not shag him he would give the pics to my friends and family. I told him I was a virgin, and he said that was even better, and then I told him I was on.

Thankfully he gave up on screwing me but said I would have to suck him off. I was so naive and I only had a vague idea what to do, but it was better than my religious patents seeing my pics and I had to ask him what to do. I felt horrible doing it and thankfully he was inexperienced and cum very quickly, but it happened so quick I swallowed his cum. Either because of the taste or the vodka I threw up.

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