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Need some down low action

Need some down low action

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Need some down low action

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Chelsea and Priscilla square off first, with Priscilla showing some unorthodox chain wrestling - mixing Hammerlocks with a tickling assault. Unfazed by Kelly's tactics, Chelsea still manages to score a couple of near falls.

Santana tags in and takes over against TPK. It's not long before Kelly gets doubleteamed and we find out that she actually likes getting her hair pulled. Slowly but surely the chaotic duo builds momentum, isolating Santana in their corner of the ring. Soon both Harley Quinns are being tortured at the same time, and ref Ivelisse has a hard time maintaining order. A double Sunset Flip ends the match, but a couple of sore losers still attack the winners after the match is over!

Lower Quality Sample to Preview the Action! Both wrestlers embody their heroes with Santana tapping into her wild side through ear-piercing screams, illegal tactics and misdirection while Leva exudes controlled confidence as she corrals her opponent with a Crucifix Armbar, double-toed Chinlock and fingerlock test of strength.

This wild battle escalates until both wrestlers are swinging away with baseball bats. Perched on the top rope, it's going to take some doing to get the feline-inclined Amber down to engage. And even more doing for the decidedly un-mellow Latasha to agree with the officiating methods of referee Ivelisse. But once the action starts to pick up, it becomes clear that these two are ready to bring the fight to each other! Amber and Latasha show impressive agility escaping each others holds, tumbling and flipping every which way to take the advantage.

A bridging armhold by Amber is the first major move of the match and things are looking good as she battles Latasha in a test of strength, but Latasha surprises her by biting her arm! You can't keep a good catwo man down though and Amber's resourcefulness soon has her back in control as she scissors Latasha's head before driving it into the top turnbuckle.

Still, it's difficult for Amber to match the physicality of Latasha, who rams her shoulder into Amber's stomach and works a tight Chinlock. An exchange of pins closes this one out, but it's the smarter, more resourceful, and dirtier wrestler who picks up the W with a rope-assisted pin. Shazza is choked across the ropes, Clotheslined in the corner and generally beaten about by the fellow Aussies, who gleefully switch between one being ref, and one assaulting Shazza!

As the bout wears on, Jessica and Charlie turn to Shazza's arms, and whenever she tries to mount any form of offense, she's met with cries of "I'm the referee! Frustrated and utterly confused, Shazza finally throws caution to the wind, hits a split-legged Stunner and sinks in a submission on one of the two ladies, drawing a tap out - but is she the winner?

Or is she just going to be left confused again? Laynie Luck vs Miss Rachel Laynie Luck's middle name must be "bad", because how else would you explain how she ended up getting on the wrong side of Miss Rachel? The British veteran makes short work of Laynie in this one, battering her body with knees and forearms, and driving her down with a Headbutt. Rachel breaks out a Piledriver to crush Laynie, but the blonde battler is somehow able to kick out.

That only motivates Rachel to dish out some more damage, this time in the form of a Camel Clutch, corner punishment, and thigh presses that threaten to render Laynie two-dimensional. The proud wrestler eats another Piledriver, only to beat the count once more. Rachel abuses Layne with an awful standing hand smother, then lands a brutal knee to the face and a throat chop.

As a bonus, this match closes with an instant replay of the last two moves, for those of you out there who never get tired of seeing Laynie dropped on her head. The two methodically trade armwork early on until Clara takes Brandi to the mat with a rear Headlock.

Brandi easily escapes, and lands a couple forearm shots in the process, but Clara will not back down and responds with kicks and forearms of her own, then nails Brandi with a running Clothesline for a 2-count. The two trade submissions, with Clara lifting Brandi into an elevated bear hug, and Brandi coming back with a seated reverse Dragon Sleeper.

When Brandi looks like she has taken control of the match, slamming Clara to the mat, delivering a huge legdrop, and locking on a headscissors, the upstart Clara has the presence of mind to roll back into a pinning predicament and nearly pulls off a 3-count. Brandi starts to take over the match as it rolls along. But when one wrestler sweeps the legs out from under her opponent and applies a Boston Crab, this match is all but over.

After some pre-match banter we get to the action, as both women look to take control early on in proceedings. At first, the two wrestlers are evenly matched but soon Karlee gradually begins to assert some dominance over Violet.

A Chinlock and a lengthily applied Full Nelson put Karlee firmly in the driving seat - and a subsequent choke on the ropes only adds to her control before Layne brings her to order. Violet does battle back and refuses to submit and as the match approaches it's conclusion, it's still hard to call a winner. However, whoever you think is going to win this match, we're pretty sure you're wrong. Because it might just be the last person you'll be expecting!

Ivelisse responds with a kick to the gut and a quick Full Nelson on Layne, and plants Layne to the mat with a Stunner as an escape of a Hammerlock. Layne is unable to mount even the slightest trace of a comeback. The best she can do is a sneaky rollup that nets her a 2-count, but Ivelisse quickly recovers from the near fall and continues to attack Layne on both feet and on the mat, using a nifty cloverleaf rollover to make Layne tap out to end the match.

After holding her upside down for what seems like an eternity J spikes her with another sickening Piledriver that has Darcy seeing stars. In this 1 fall match against Kaci, Chasyn adopts a tactic of relentless offence and it proves to be very successful. Right from the outset, Kaci finds herself being clubbed to the canvas and suffering in a Surfboard hold.

Chasyn continues his assault, never giving Kaci a chance to get her Bearings and turn the tide. Strikes and Suplexes keep Kaci down and painful submission holds, many targeting her back, soon take the fight from her. With the added disadvantage at least, from Kaci's perspective of no referee, Chasyn makes the most of this by utilising the ropes and turnbuckles on occasion. A painful submission hold actually leads to a knockout for poor Kaci - although even this is not enough for Chasyn, who applys a final torture wrack on his already well beaten opponent.

Aja takes control early and targets Sin-D's belly. Elbows and a seated Bearhug are just the start as Aja goes to work on Sin-D's midsection. Sin-D digs in and endures more pain holds including belly claws and an Abdominal Stretch that leaves Sin-D's stomach far too tempting a target for Aja to ignore. Aja continues to search for a submission victory and another Bearhug almost brings it.

A small comeback from Sin-D gives her a glimmer of hope. But can she win? You'll have to watch this video to belly-ve it! Nova really gets her engine running with a creative turnbuckle strike, brilliant headscissors takedown and cross body off the 2nd rope, is it enough for the upset or can Kay Lee hit that elusive Gory Bomb?

Taking full advantage of a poorly schooled ref Evans is relentless in her arm abuse and earns a surprisingly easy 1st fall, so easy she wants to do it again and decides it should be 2 out of 3 falls! They open with wristlocks, which get a lot worse with noogies to the elbow.

Aerial opens the 3rd fall right where she left off, completely owning Charli, but once again she acquiesces to a plea for sportsmanship and a reset…. Flapping her jaw got her in trouble and that seems to be what Aerial wants to punish, and a corner choke, a trio of leg drops, and a Dragon Sleeper with scissors and several brutal knee strikes do just that. Complaining about the headache earns her a couple Headbutts and Bionic Elbows, not to mention a sleeper she narrowly escapes from thanks to some ref-less ropes charity from Latasha.

Ivelisse quickly regrets not staying down after a pair of surprisingly effective corner splashes and other core work soften her up for a crushing Bearhug. Tesha Price vs Cruz If it's one thing a wrestler hates, it's being kept waiting - a mistake Cruz makes in facing Tesha. Worse yet for him, he makes an even bigger mistake - disparaging Tesha and her trainer, "The Radiant" Rain!

He's kicked around the ring, has his face smashed into the top turnbuckle, is choked across the bottom rope, stretched out with a Boston Crab and elbowed in the face, all the while Tesha takes verbal digs at him at every chance she can.

A modified Lotus Lock draws Cruz's submission, ending this slaughter, but Tesha leaves he and Rain with a parting note, locking Cruz in a Camel Clutch: Sofia Castillo vs Chasyn Rance Fists taped up and ready to wrestle, Sofia lets Chasyn know that she is here to take his championship belt, not be his valet. He doubts that she's even worthy of holding the belt, and he taunts her by letting her touch it before taking it away.

After some haggling over the rules, it's decided that this will be a first to 3 falls, 10 count match. Don't let Chasyn's tiger print tights fool you- he's more prey than predator in this one. It doesn't help that the seemingly sweet Sofia kicks things off with a knee and a low blow, rendering Chasyn helpless. He's tossed by a Suplex, busted by a wishbone split, and stomped repeatedly. A knee below the belt sets up a facebuster and it's not long before Sofi scores her first 10 count with a fancy La Magistral pin.

She is literally walking all over him! The second round is somehow more dominant than the first as Sofia subjects Chasyn to a seemingly endless sequence of Atomic Drops, then flattens him with a Neckbreaker. Slams and submission follow, and a brief comeback attempt by Chasyn is cut painfully short. Sofi rocks him with a DDT to set up an incredible Figure Four pin variation that has to be seen to be believed. A Bearhug has Chasyn submitting, but in this pinfalls-only matchup that means nothing and Sofi is free to continue the abuse.

Another low blow leads to the final 10 count and Chasyn is forced to hand over his belt to Sofia. However, that's not enough to save Chasyn from one last post-match cheap shot. She proceeds to toss LT to the mat and seems determined to keep him there. The hard-hitting Miss Rachel keeps Falk grounded with Headbutts and elbow drops to the back, and there's not much he can do about it.

Every now and then LT tries to fight back, but every single time Rachel makes sure he is stopped dead in his tracks, treating him to an all-round pummeling. She then spikes LT's head into the mat with a gigantic Piledriver, which would no doubt have been enough for the However, Miss Rachel decides there's more fun to be had and pulls LT up before the 3 count. The beatdown goes on and LT still has to endure a wishbone leg splitter and a low, low Dropkick before falling victim to yet another Piledriver for the inevitable in this total squash match.

Kimber Lee vs Rain The Radiant One starts off aggressively here, clubbing Kimber Lee and immediately dropping her across the ring ropes throat-first. Rain continues to push the advantage, and does so while openly breaking the rules. Which isn't much of a problem, because there's no referee present for this match. Rain utilises a single-leg Boston Crab after some more punishment, leaving Kimber with no alternative but to submit. Rain doesn't seem to care, and continues the assault on her victim.

There's more illegal use of the ropes, and a clear focus by Rain on her adversary's legs. This bout can only be summarised as complete and utter domination by Rain. Dynamite Didi vs Tesha Price Tired and hungry, Tesha starts this match with plenty of attitude as she prepares to face off with Didi.

Frustration builds as the pair battle back and forth exchanging armlocks, Headlocks and Wristlocks. With neither wrestler able to hang on to the advantage for long, the match turns into a brawl as both wresters desperately look for an opening.

guitar - What is the downside of ultra-low action? - Music: Practice & Theory Stack Exchange

Do you think this could have had any effect on the neck relief? Makes me wonder how bashed about it must have gotten in transit. Ordered online from a store in Newcastle, too far for me to pop up there and get it set up, but I've sent them a message so we'll see what they say. I have dealt with them in the past and they have been good at resolving problems, so hope they are good for you, if that's who you bought from.

If you have ordered online then as long as you complain immediately then they should be happy to send you a replacement rather than try to fix this one. I have never seen one straight from the factory with no clearance at all like in your picture. I would think it buzzes when playing open strings and it gives you no leeway to lower the action at the bridge without the strings choking completely at the first fret.

They've been good to deal with so far so we'll see how they are now. I'll post an update as to what happens. Your guitar needs a setup.

Neck relief truss rod adjustment , Bridge adjustment, and maybe Nut adjustment. This is not uncommon for most guitars out of the box. Many are set up very conservatively when you get them - opposite of your problem but just as unplayable. As it's a new purchase I reckon they will offer a replacement if they have one in stock as that will be the quickest and easiest solution. As far as set ups go its not usually a service we offer on mail order guitars as sending the guitar.

Producing fret buzz that usually indicates that the set up was correct in the first place and your lowering. Anyone can see there is no clearance at the first fret and that means you will get buzzing just playing open strings because there is no space for string to vibrate and lowering action is out of the question as the strings will just buzz and choke. As for the bridge end, I think it is obviously higher than standard action. You will end up with a very playable guitar set up perfectly but you will have to commit to keeping it.

So I took the guitar down to Moran's guitar shop http: The owner's recommendation was to send the guitar back: Not sure what to do or where I stand now. I'm no expert on guitars and this is the most expensive guitar I've ever played so I don't know if my expectations for the action are too high. I don't think I can start quoting distance selling regulations as this is now the eighth day I've had the guitar. Also regarding asking for a partial refund to cover the cost of a professional setup, I purchased the guitar on finance so that's probably not an option either.

I'd ask for exchange. You have enough reason based on the condition of the bag alone. Beyond that, I think the least a dealer can do is to make sure a guitar is playable before the sell it. Of course, the least they can do is nothing, I suppose From the pix it looks to me like the nut is too low. That is not a difficult adjustment to make.

If the neck is straight and the guitar is otherwise fine you might want to get it set up properly. I agree that you should not receive a guitar this way though. You have 30 days in which to make up your mind whether to keep the guitar or not.

If there is anything about the guitar you don't like or are not happy with then distance selling ensures you can just ask for a refund or a replacement. The torn bag is not acceptable and is good enough reason for an exchange.

You should not have to quote distance selling as Soundslive own policy will allow a refund or exchange within the first 30 days as long as you have not damaged the guitar. Just phone them up and tell them you are not happy because the guitar is not playable with the supplied action and that it is impossible to lower it because it is at it's lowest point based on the slots cut in the nut - it can't go any lower. Looking at your pictures again, and comparing with a couple of my guitars, I now think that the 12th fret action is about standard height, however, the first fret looks like it is touching the string which is incorrect - you should be able to see slight movement in the string when fretting at the first fret.

If the string is already resting on the fret as it seems to be in your picture, then the nut slot has been cut too low, there needs to be a slight gap to allow the string to vibrate when it's played in an open position. You can easily test that - just press down at the first fret and see if the string moves down to the fret but it doesn't look like there is any room to play with there.

I would call Soundslive and explain the situation with the guitar at the first fret - I would be surprised if they do not offer you a replacement. BTW - how much did your local guitar shop say they would charge for a setup? Or did they say it was impossible to fix and if so exactly why it would be impossible to fix?

Or did they just say "send it back" and if so did they give a reason why it should be sent back rather than just be setup professionally? If they gave you a very good reason for why it could not be fixed then you can quote that back at Soundslive as a reason for exchange or refund If it is just a problem with the nut slots cut too low that is easy enough for a luthier to fix, that is if you want to keep the guitar, and don't mind paying the extra to get it fixed.

I agree with pretty much all the suggestions, you can get it setup, either have the nut replaced, or have a luthier take the strings out add a few dabs of super glue where needed and then file to the correct height I also am interested as to why the shop said it was impossible to set up.

Are they saying the neck is warped or frets severely out of whack? The guitar is currently getting set up by someone who was recommended to me. He seems to know his stuff and reckons he should have it done tonight. I'll post an update when I get it back later. I got the impression he was reluctant to work on the guitar, and basically said that for the price it should have been setup properly in the first place. The neck isn't warped and the frets are okay perhaps one is a little out, but nothing major.

Well that is good news. The retailer really should double check the setup before dispatching it - just for their own peace of mind - and also to avoid issues like this - however - that is often not done in the UK because obviously it saves a few quid and they hope the customer will do it themselves. Most shops I have bought from offer at least one free setup in the first year to allow for guitars to settle in if you take it back to them but online retailers can't afford to do that as you would have to ship guitar back and forth and it's not practical,.

I hope the guitar gets set up nicely for you - and hopefully you will enjoy it when it is buzz free with an acceptable action. I like to do my own setups if they just involve adjustments. I don't have the tools to level frets or replace them. From the Pix here I would say that the nut is too low relative to the first fret. That requires removing the nut and shimming it - or making a new one. I normally set the action height with a capo on the first fret.

The nut height should be just a bit higher than that so that the strings don't buzz on the first fret when you play them open. The nut height was perfect on my JTV I had to fiddle with the saddles to get the action the way I like it but that was all.

Neck relief was fine with 10's. Okay so I got the guitar setup and I've been playing it for a few hours. The action is still higher than I'd like around the 12th, and very low near the nut but I'm able to live with it. Perhaps in the future I'll see about getting the nut replaced to make things a little bit more even action wise. If your guitar is now playing well on the lower frets, but still seems high on the upper frets, why not have your luthier look at the possibility of installing a shim at the neck joint.

The JTV is bolt on, and this could very well solve your problem. I've had to do it with some Fenders, and actually one of my Strats came with a "micro shim" adjustment built into the guitar, accessible through a hole in the neck plate. Just my two cents. I'm more inclined to think about saving up for a new neck rather than spending time messing around with this one. Just noticed another small error in it today. I would guess probably 7mm and 5mm, maybe more.

It was making it quite difficult for him to play connected phrases, because the strings were so high off the board that there was always a perceptible fraction of a second of silence as one finger released a note and the next finger came down. Yet when I suggested he lower the action or have it lowered , clearly I was speaking blasphemy to him.

Many years later, I saw the same fellow again. He'd given up classical, and was playing jazz on a Gibson archtop -- one with extremely low action! Somwhere there is an optimum, soundwise. Getting the action even higher could overdrive the top with sound detoriation as a consequence.

With an action that is too low for a given guitar the torque could be too week to drive the top properly. Lowering the action can be partly compensated by a higher string tension, but this has it's own consequences in terms of sound and playability.

Also an action that is too low might introduce some unwanted buzzes when played at higher volumes Music is a big continent with different landscapes and corners. Some of them I do visit frequently, some from time to time and some I know from hearsay only My Youtube Channel is: It is easer to play fast with less ,fretting hand , finger movements and pressure.

The down side for some, is a less clean note ,bit more buzzing. It is not difficult to lower the action and normally only involves adjusting the saddle and nut hight. One danger to lowering the action is discovering you finger board or frets are not as level as they should be. For a given string height off the top the action will depend on the neck or fingerboard pitch, which is pretty much built-in on traditional classical gutiars.

There are are a number of makers these days Brune is one, and I'm another using various versions of removable necks, which can be re-set relatively easily to correct for improper pitch. Some 'historical copies' use the Stauffer adjustable neck, which gets around the whole issue, and I have seen 'modern' guitars by Stanul and others with removable and adjustable necks.

It's entirely possible to make a guitar that has the correct neck pitch when it leaves the shop, and have that pitch change later. If it changes very quickly that's generally the builder's fault. ALL necks will pull up over the long term, though, no matter how stiff and stable the neck material, simply because the body of the guitar distorts over time.

Traditionally this was taken into account by the use of a thick fingerboard, that would allow for some adjustment by planing it thinner at the nut.

You get to do this once, or maybe twice, and then the fingerboard needs to be replaced, or wedged up. Altering the neck pitch itself requires 'slipping the heel' on a guitar that was built on a solera. The back binding is peeled away to about the wide part of the shoulders, the glue joint between the back and the heel and sides is carefully loosened hope they used hide glue!

This is not a repair for the faint of heart: I've never done one myself, and don't look forward to my first one! Unless I am missing something, slipping the heel will result in a gap between the heel end and the back, unless it gets clamped down, which would make a nasty dip in the back; or, a wedge can be glued on the heel, but that would be quite tricky with the back in the way.

Also, the back will become slightly longer than the body and the body will get wider. The upper binding will need to be trimmed down - uneven thickness binding is aesthetically horrible. There will also be a bit of a gap forming towards the wider part of the upper bout, and a lot of stress added towards the waist area. You'll need to re-cut the binding rabbets.

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