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Naughty free chat custody 27 San francisco 27

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It's not fair when a mom or dad works full time but still cannot pay for their families' basic needs. We can do better. Let's make work pay for all hardworking men and women. With whose family should we spend Thanksgiving? Last year, my husband, my mother and I trekked to Roseville to celebrate with my brother, his wife and her family.

Traffic was so bad I thought we should just turn around and order a pizza instead. But, already, questions are flying about Christmas options: Can we squeeze in two places on one day? I get it, poor me— firstworldproblems. Not only do we have shelter, my husband and I are lucky.

We have a home, a family and food. Specifically, California ranks abysmally, at No. According to the study, there are 2. For more information visit www. Our Mission To publish great newspapers that are successful and enduring. To create a quality work environment that encourages employees to grow professionally while respecting personal welfare. To have a positive impact on our communities and make them better places to live.

Contact the editor for permission to reprint articles, cartoons or other portions of the paper. All letters received become the property of the publisher. We reserve the right to print letters in condensed form and to edit them for libel. The advertiser and not the newspaper assumes full responsibility for the truthful content of their advertising message.

I learned the language after the first year. I liked the people. I would go for six months. I want to go to New Zealand and trace some family history. My grandfather lived there for a time.

I would check out some Lord of the Rings sites too. I would go for two weeks. I want to go to Finland. I would take classes at the Sorbonne in Paris again.

I spent a summer there between college and law school. It was a French language and history course. I would love to take classes that are a little more advanced and immersive. I just love the city so much. I want to go to Italy. I want to go and get drunk and fall in love. I would go to Rome, Venice obviously, and somewhere off the beaten path.

I need to do some research first. I want to go to Bali. It looks like one of the most beautiful places. Getting there is very expensive. Good food, beautiful scenery, the ocean. Join our team and create an inspiring career with the company that meets every day with one question: Mayor Kevin Johnson has spent almost six years trying to get himself more mayoral authority and power.

These draft ordinances should then be presented to the city council with the promise that if they are not adopted or are adopted in watered-down versions, then they will be presented directly to the voters for approval at the November election, like they did in Tallahassee this month.

They want to see the city consider entirely converting fast-moving, one-way streets—including I, J, Q, Fifth, Ninth and 10th—into two-lane avenues meant less to serve suburban commuters and more to serve the community.

Supporters of the idea say these so-called two-way conversions would benefit businesses and increase pedestrian and cyclist safety by slowing traffic. William Burg, president of the P Sacramento Old City Association, feels the old-school vision of a properly functioning metropolis, with freeways and massive boulevards conducting streams of busy traffic, has expired.

People today want to live in the city, he says, or stay after hours before leaving for home. This could change, though. Burg points to K Street as a prime model for what a city street should look—and sound—like. The streets are layered with brick, making fast driving unpleasant. The lanes are also narrow—another traffic-calming feature.

Street makeovers are on the surface about cars and traffic, but pedestrians and cyclists experience immediate benefits, too. He says dividing three-lane one-ways into streets with a lane in each direction would leave ample room for a bike lane on either side, and would coax cyclists who habitually use the sidewalks into newly retrofitted streets. Such sketchy traffic dynamics can be eliminated with two-way conversions, advocates say. Some local two-way conversions have been completed already. Parts of N, Third, 19th and 21st streets, among others, have been converted from two ways to one.

Now, activists have more suggestions for what streets to convert next, including Fifth, Ninth, 10th, I, J, P and Q streets. His main doubts are hinged on concerns about how such a project might affect traffic in the surrounding area.

The speed of traffic, and accidents, are a concern for Saalsaa, and for good reason: Three times in his years as manager of the store, a vehicle has careened off of J Street and crashed into the front of the shop.

Pedestrian and bicycle traffic would increase if J Street was slowed and divided, she says, and businesses that rely on pedestrian traffic would directly benefit. He says the city will consider turning one-way streets into two-ways but is currently uncertain whether such measures will provide a net benefit to Sacramentans. A downtown transportation study, to be completed late next year, will analyze what specific changes to the existing street design might best facilitate the patterns of locals.

More than that, Jones even offered to fly to Washington, D. Or at least some way to track? Maybe we should inject undocumented immigrants with GPS-tracking microchips? Two days later, Obama announced executive actions that could protect as many as 5 million undocumented immigrants—mostly permanent residents who have lived stateside five years or longer and parents of U. Read more news analysis by Raheem F. Hosseini and others at our online blog, Page Burner, www.

After all, presidents need Congress to enact true reforms. Bush both failed to shove their immigration reform boulders up Capitol Hill. Violent crime in general and officer deaths. Did you get that?

Jones wants a way to track every undocumented immigrant. So he can tell which ones are good and which ones are evil. A debate coach would ding him for using the tragic deaths of two peace officers to advance a logical fallacy.

He also pointed out that the city was spending hundreds-of-millions of dollars to abandon old backyard water mains and put new ones in the streets. Oh, and he exposed that construction on the project risked explosions because of broken gas lines. This past Friday, City Manager John Shirey, in a private email to executive city staff, announced that the city would be reviewing the install plan. The city will be leaving some backyard mains in place.

It will also be prioritizing low-cost installation of meters. Originally, dispensaries operating in the city needed permits by the end of this year. But the clock is ticking, and city council is poised to extend the deadline until May 31, City code does not allow new dispensaries to open. GEO wants to lease a acre site in Sloughhouse and turn the property into a residential re-entry center for federal inmates serving out the final year of their sentences.

Before budget cuts forced its closure in , the county operated the Boys Ranch at that site for delinquent youth. The county rejected a similar lease attempt three years ago because it still held hopes of reopening the site as a juveniledetention facility. Bogus innovation and false outrage Uber, K. Can companies be creepy, vindictive douchebags? Apparently they can when they are Uber. It is a taxi service. It gives people rides in cars for money. Some call that disruption.

Some call it an unfair business practice. Being a taxi company that avoids being regulated like a taxi company is an increasingly difficult trick to pull off. It helps that Uber has bros in high places. Kemble writes that at the U.

Gates of Vienna

I just made it. I held it for over 24 hours at camp once when I was 10 because it looked like someone shitted all over the toilet. I was at a music festival and there was no toilet paper. It was my first overnight music festival. So, I had to ask some of the neighboring camps for toilet paper. It worked out OK. Yeah, it was a little desperate at first, but ended well. In a hole in the ground. Every student deserves the chance for a Viking Strong education that turns learners into scholars full of selfawareness, talent and creativity Shame on us, if this is our answer.

Hundreds of millions for the destitute basketballers; Sacramentans can be generous to a fault, sometimes…. Have we been cheated?

My job occasionally puts me in close proximity with the. It robs them of the ability to socialize on a competitive level, something we take for granted.

Rounding up people with less than desirable characteristics,. Why no Latin jazz category? I submitted my Latin Jazz Project demo in the Latin category and was nominated for voting in the awards. So where did it disappear to today? I was disappointed not to see a Latin jazz category in Latin jazz did not come from Europe. I say, put your money where your mouth is. Funding science can indeed help America become great and create jobs.

Science is the study of reality, and we want to make reality our friend. On HOusing And rents: The young boy playing piano inside his house suddenly looked up. The man began pounding on the glass, yelling at the boy to let him inside. The yearold raced down the hall in a fit of tears. But even more startling is who was employing these shadowy figures. According to the page ruling from U. And the financial regulations that are meant to protect people like the Sundquists are starting to erode under the Trump administration.

Following a lengthy civil trial, Judge Klein assailed Bank of America for hounding the Sundquists to the point that Erik considered suicide and Renee suffered a stress-induced heart attack. He and Renee set their sights on a more modest dwelling in Lincoln. There was also an all-cash offer from another buyer. A broker working for the Sundquists assured them that they could refinance or modify the loan immediately.

Erik and Renee took out the loan on the new property while its note and deed came under the ownership of Bank of America. The Sundquists never missed a payment, though they were barely keeping up. For the couple, who had a credit score above at the time, the demand made no sense. That sounded insane and, as it turned out, it was insane. The applications they sent, starting in , were repeatedly lost by the bank or sent back with confusing notes or deemed stale by the time bankers got around to looking at them.

Meanwhile, BofA started a foreclosure process on the family—even as other bank employees were allegedly informing Erik and Renee that they could still modify their loan. A series of vacate notices eventually forced the couple to file for bankruptcy. By law, that filing should have put the foreclosure process on hold. But bank officials admitted seizing the Sundquist house on June 15, , one day after they.

Over the summer of about the host of accusations against , strangers began following them its employees and representatives, all and constantly attempting to serve them of which Klein legally determined had with illegal eviction notices.

They were very isolated. It was fell into a suicidal depression. Renee very much like being in an abusive suffered nonstop headaches and, accordrelationship. The fear in about the unlawful foreclosure. The bank returned the ownership Henderson filed a lawsuit against the of the house to the Sundquists without bank on behalf of the Sundquists that telling them or their attorney.

The ultimately landed in federal bankruptcy Sundquists had already moved out court that same year. And he also failing to provide discovery evidence owed BofA money again. Henderson said what was handed home to discover their cook-top oven, built-in refrigerator, washer and dryer had all been stolen. Even worse, they now continued on page 9. More than people filled the South Sacramento Christian Center last week for a summit meant to address the shocking rate of black child deaths in the region.

One of the keynote speakers was Dr. Cofer reviewed scores of data for Sacramento County and argued that unstable and trauma-prone communities are directly affecting the health of those living in them.

Cofer said this dangerous trajectory is especially pronounced in utero. The veteran organizer said groups have cast a wide, inclusive net themed around workers. The march itself will include stops at the Wells Fargo building and Capitol Mall office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which immigration advocates have accused of stepping up enforcement raids under the Trump administration.

According to the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, monthly filings of civil immigration lawsuits were up However, the judgment is also an outlier, according to Renata Pumarol of the Committee for Better Banks. Henderson even wanted one BofA official fined for perjury and contempt of court. But what did happen is that, after five years of delays, the Sundquists got their day in court.

Sitting below Renee allowed her personal life to be laid him, on one side, are the Sundquists. On the other, bare by admitting her journal into evidence. Erik two BofA lawyers. Today, April 18, is the moment broke down on the witness stand.

Later, throughthe lending titan officially begins to appeal the out his written opinion, Klein noted that he penalties Klein handed down. The settlement reference to its settlement with against BofA was for actions it the Justice Department on behalf of engaged in, along with those of its thousands of consumers.

He looks down at Erik and Renee, What a difference three years makes. Klein says little else. Nandi Cain, 24, of Sacramento, center, is flanked by attorneys John L. Burris, left, and Adante Pointer, right, during an April 24 press conference to discuss his federal lawsuit against the city and county of Sacramento.

Photo by Raheem F. On Sunday, Oakland civil rights attorney John L. Burris filed a federal civil rights complaint against the city and county of Sacramento and named Anthony Figueroa as the police officer who took Cain to the ground and punched him more than a dozen times when Cain refused to be detained for alleged jaywalking. And when Cain was brought to that.

He clenched his buttocks muscles with all his might, in a feeble attempt to prevent an anticipated sexual assault.

The department is also conducting criminal and administrative investigations into Figueroa, a two-year veteran who remains suspended with pay since the incident. Cain, who had been crying with his face turned to the backseat, tries to compose himself.

What was your probable cause for pulling me over, huh?! Tony Turnbull said the department was aware of the accusations against its jail staff. That point remains unclear. Standing not far from where it all happened on an overcast Monday morning, Cain stared at a bank of modest homes as his attorneys described to reporters, in vivid detail, the worst day of his life.

He also said he has trouble remembering the actual confrontation, which one of his attorneys said was because of his concussion. Wyant has begun teaching urban bicycling In , a bicyclist was killed on an unlit section classes often to less experienced riders to raise of Marconi Avenue while riding against traffic, at awareness of these laws, such as bicyclists currently night, without lights or a helmet.

It was the sort being allowed to ride on all sidewalks. In 61 percent eight pedestrians were killed by vehicles in , Production: Those numbers side of the street. This tended to result doubled last year, with eight bicyclists Morissa Rubin in slower-speed crashes by turning and 18 pedestrians killed.

City ever get to zero. Klinker speculated generate countermeasures that diminish the greatest jaywalking may have been largely responsible. The fifth recorded fatality of occurred during heavy rains when a helmeted suspects the drivers may have been under the influbicyclist collided with a pickup truck after they ence. The other crash occurred because the driver turned into a lane at the same time.

Both parties was on the phone. All three put the driver at fault. In a phone interview, Wyant humans are steering their transportation. April 27 inside City Hall. Guaranteed prizes for every new member who swipes to win. Swipe at kiosk to see what you won. Must be a new Backstage Pass member to participate, membership is free. Some days I think I have problems.

But last Monday, at the Transitions Clinic, I heard about the difficulties of going through drug withdrawal and the challenges of living on the street with no job and needing a massive amount of money for a drug habit.

After hearing doctors, addicts and homelessness advocates speak for a couple of hours to elected officials about the challenges facing homeless addicts, I had a different perspective. Located in the unrevitalized part of Oak Park, the Transitions Clinic building is like a car with more than , miles on it. It may need a lot of repairs, but it is still running. We met on Monday in the waiting room. There were two tables. At the first were three Sacramento elected officials: At the other table were the experts, including Dr.

Neil Flynn and Dr. Flynn began the meeting by explaining how poverty and homelessness breed hopelessness. The number of homeless people struggling with addiction has increased dramatically. But now there are new, more effective drugs available to treat addicts.

Flynn is a big supporter of Buprenorphine, which is more familiarly known as Bup, or Subutex. Most experts believe it is more effective than other drugs in treating addiction. It is less likely to be abused and easier to take, but it is also more expensive than methadone. There are challenges to overcome. One is the limit on the number of patients a doctor can prescribe this drug to, and another is the fact that only a limited number of doctors are qualified to prescribe it.

To make things worse, the pharmaceutical company Reckitt Benckiser, which. These problems seemed overwhelming. Then a middle-aged guy, Steve Hanzelic, stood up and told his story. He had never taken an opiate before he suffered a shoulder injury and began taking prescription pain pills.

In time, he became addicted to them. Later, he switched to heroin because it was cheaper than illegal prescription drugs. His life went to hell. Supervisor Serna asked why it was so easy to prescribe opiates but so difficult to prescribe medication to treat opiate abuse. Steinberg talked about his plan to find more housing for the homeless.

Unfortunately, for the bill to pass would require twothirds of state legislators to stand up to the pharmaceutical companies. I also heard about a plan to buy houses that recovering addicts could stay in. This program would be run by Sacramento Self-Help Housing.

There is a lot to do. Those of us at the meeting gained some understanding of the opiate addiction and homelessness problem here in Sacramento, and we heard about some small steps that could be taken toward a solution. But even small steps would mean so much to the people helped. The internet reacted beautifully: That said, we think Sacramento and Baltimore would make beautiful babies together.

You down, Charm City? Yes, demanding that facts dictate our perception of reality is a controversial belief these days. The man responded by allegedly challenging the employee to a fight, but then walked off into Southside Park, where police found and booked him for public intoxication. Tobacco companies promptly responded by offering coupons with the intent of off-setting the tax and keeping their customers hooked.

Last year, Innovate for Impact matched professional engineers with concerned students to improve the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary for rescued and disabled animals. On April 24, Folsom High School students helped install eight new improvements, including a woven bunk bed made out of fire hoses for cougars and a puzzle box to keep highly intelligent macaques from getting bored. Unconfirmed sources say the bears lobbied for a passage to and from the honey bee exhibit, but were denied.

They were traveling from Los Angeles to Sacramento to lobby for more money for a grant program that taught English as a second language and provided other services to immigrants seeking to naturalize. The two community organizers were in their mids and itching for new experiences.

He was now, after a period doing odd jobs, starting a stint as an organizer with the One Stop Immigration and Education Center, a Los Angeles-based group that helped immigrants prepare for the citizenship application process.

A few years earlier, in , Republican President Ronald Reagan had signed a sweeping immigration reform bill, granting amnesty to some 3 million undocumented residents and creating a pathway to citizenship for these men and women.

One of the requirements was that they learn English. For a young, somewhat idealistic activist, it was a sobering experience. San Francisco is full of sexy singles, and Livelinks is the perfect way to get out there and meet them. When you want to make real, instant connections with someone looking for flirting, friendship, and fun, Livelinks can connect you with the right fit for you in a matter of minutes.

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Simply record your hot, sexy greeting, and browse messages from other people on the line to find your perfect fit. Earlier negotiations with Wind Youth Services to do so ended when the homeless youth provider closed its drop-in center in May.

When the center opened in , it tended mostly to communication problems between parents and their kids. By the time it folded, staff was confronting escalating mental health issues, physical abuse, sexual molestation and dysfunctional home lives, the Justice Cabinet report states.

All of this has manifested in several ways. Five years ago, a signed consent decree promising reform settled the matter.

A halting culture shift was already underway before then, says Shores, with probation officers who envision high-octane fieldwork pressed into the harder toil of junior psychology. Nowhere is this more evident than in the special needs unit, a secluded dormitory with its own shower and classroom facilities.

But they do the. First detained at the age of 12 for stealing beef jerky, Ashley Drake, now 22, is struggling to escape the juvenile hall-to-prison pipeline that inordinately impacts psychologically troubled youth.

When the hallucinations got bad for a schizophrenic girl in the unit, for instance, Parker would enter her cell and shoo away the apparitions. Officers once commanded Arturro to back away from a youth he appeared to be threatening. Arturro retreated to his bunk, balled up his hands and pummeled his face until it bled. To an abused child, it may have seemed a sensible response. But the behavior made him the toughest charge in a unit that specializes in hard cases.

Arturro went two weeks without a write-up. For maybe the first time, adults were proud of him. He liked that, and has become one of the better behaved kids in the unit.

Intake officers got better at noticing mental illness cues during the booking process, and redirecting youths to programs instead of detention. Recognizing the need for more intensive services, the county created the Juvenile Justice Diversion and Treatment Program in using surplus money from the voter-approved Mental Health Services Act, which taxes million-dollar earners for community wellness programs.

The River Oak Center for Children is the main source of JJDTP services, but the program also funds probation supervision and behavioral health oversight, so that eligible families are helped one overwhelming step at a time. There is a catch, however. The criteria for participating is that there is an intact family to reunite with the juvenile. Three state senators, including two leading voices on mental health issues, declined to comment for this story.

It also repeats a recommendation from for additional community resources. Hooking up the Xbox to coax the kids, lethargic from their meds, into physical activity. Then, a thrumming, soft at first, but unmistakable. Ben, getting down on himself for dropping passes. In and out of juvie in his home county of Nevada, the glassy-eyed boy was picked up in Sacramento seven days ago on a warrant. He loves dirt bikes and insists that his mother will arrive to pick him up soon.

Edgar, looking lost as he wades into center court, unsure where to move. A lanky kid with low-level autism, he threatened a classmate and has been here a few weeks.

As the boys exit the ward, they automatically hew to the right wall and file toward the gymnasium in a straight, shuffling line. They all need haircuts. A stout probation officer is waiting in the balmy gym when the small procession enters. Despite some early grumbles, the boys are soon sprinting across the hardwood. One of the boys squeezes out a fart mid-run, crippling the others with laughter.

The inhabitants of this gritty institutional setting have a way of reminding you of their age. Three months ago, it was the schizophrenic girl, terrified of ghosts. Last summer, it was a cognitively disabled boy who toted an imaginary lightsaber made of cardboard. Arturro, a natural athlete, has racked up the touchdowns but his teammate Ben keeps carrying his receptions the wrong way.

As the clock ticks down, the probation officer sails the pigskin toward the rafters. Ben backpedals into enemy territory and unwraps his palms. He lurches when the ball first punches his gut, then gathers it close like something precious. On the sidelines, an audience of officers, assistants and volunteers point in unison, screaming at Ben where to go.

Just once, dear Lord, can the poor kid grab a win? Ben juts out a leg. But then he twists and steps true. The crowd goes wild.

Arturro, celebrating a touchdown with a silly dance. Who knows if it will last? Local prosecutors opened up a fresh criminal petition for the group home molestation, a felony allegation that could brand him for life. In midSeptember, a judge ordered Arturro to the county where his original offense occurred; the court there volleyed him right back.

It may seem like an old-fashioned anomaly but the Sacramento 6 is actually pretty modern. And business is doing great. The theater, open year-round, was built in and originally had five screens. Its last-standing competitor, the Sunrise in Fair Oaks, closed a decade ago.

Back then, drive-ins increasingly appeared to be a thing of the past, a dying piece of American culture. Today, filmgoers can choose from copious entertainment options—via Netflix, the Internet, multiplex theaters, etc.

And around here, there are no plans to sell, close or demolish the West Wind Sacramento 6, says Tony Maniscalco, vice president of marketing for Syufy Enterprises, the company that owns it. Drive-ins all over the country have experienced a resurgence of sorts. Syufy owns seven drive-ins making them the largest drive-in chain globally and Maniscalco says they are seeing increased attendance at all of those theaters.

Of the plus drive-ins currently open in the states, most are independently owned and operated and typically located in small, rural towns. Many of those small-town indies are also enjoying better attendance. Take the 99W for example, a drive-in in Newberg, Ore. He says he noticed fresh interest in the theater in the early s. People flocked to the 99W for a chance to try the car theater experience firsthand, he says. This is a big, sprawling city with excellent weather.

The film also spotlights an old Elk Grove drive-in church. Drive-in culture, Rudy says, had a big influence on his art. His film company, Desperate Visions, which makes. By then, drive-ins had become the home to many low budget B-movies and exploitation films depicting sex and violence. They still held an appeal to certain audiences, however, he adds.

In , drive-ins sales were more substantial than sit-down theaters. By , there were roughly 5, drive-ins in the country. The advent of VHS and cable TV created a more lucrative market for B-movies and that, combined with a rise in property values and multiplexes, meant that many outdoor theaters were forced to shut down. The ones that lasted found other streams of revenue by hosting flea markets and swap meets. Not that everyone cares about catching that latest blockbuster outdoors. As strongly as this indicates the resurgence of drive-ins, this popularity could be its downfall too, because for a lot of drive-in fanatics, the appeal exists in their uniqueness of character.

Izakaya Daikoku S Street, , http: I gave up years ago. I decided that she would be the perfect person to take with me to Izakaya Daikoku, the newest Japanese eatery to spring up locally.

Izakayas are to Japan what pubs are to England: The purveyors behind I. HHH Upon sitting down and getting our menus we found ourselves drowning in options Dinner for one: The epIc ebi shrimp was delivered overcooked and under-seasoned. Yet, the grilled chicken livers tasted pleasantly sauced and the chicken hearts hid a fervently gamey flavor. Agedashi tofu was the true hit of the night: We sampled two soba bowl specimens: The other arrived with a side of vegetable and shrimp tempura that was tender in crunchy armor.

The okonomiyaki is I. Each is buried under mayo, katsu sauce and bonito. Of course, that may well be the point, as the sake menu is staggering. Prepare to explore and get your drink on. A sushi menu reminiscent of Kru and Mikuni is also available.

None of it is bad, but if you want sushi then go to a sushi joint. Squishy pillows of flavor. Must present coupon, cannot combine with other discounts. Lighting and sound are issues. At one visit we all broke out the flashlights on our cell phones in order to read the dark menus encased in frosted plastic covers.

Noise levels are epic in the cavernous space, so expect to shout over the din. Still, we would call the night a success. And our Japanese cuisine expert? But consider the tradeoff: No highly intelligent animal had to have a lifetime of sad factory farmness for your one meal, and the California-made product really does taste good, and kindness tastes even better. Enjoy our full line of Native Grains products, including breads, cookies, muffins and other baked goods.

Try ordering a custom pizza with toppings such as Tandoori chicken and tikka masala. There are also more conventional offerings including a vegetarian pizza and one with pepperoni. Or, skip the pizza altogether and order samosas. Here, crunchy pastry shells filled with potatoes, onions, peas, beans and spices are served with a side of delicious, bright green coriander chutney.

The Waffle Experience A whole menu of waffles—sounds heavenly, no? Open for breakfast and lunch, the menu offers choices that include breakfast. All are packed with flavor. The rich cheeses are well balanced by the greens and slightly acidic confit. Or get the Hot Blonde. A chocolate crepe is huge and could make for an entire sugary meal itself. A Nutella filling option would also be nice. With crab meat, spinach, garlic and a cheesy French Mornay sauce, this is rich haute cuisine at a bargain price.

Field House American Sports Pub Launched by the same team that raised Shady Lady Saloon, this spot brings a bit more culinary hope to an often forgotten part of Sacramento. The whiskey burger is a mighty sammich of perfection with smoked Gouda cheese and bacon that serve as excellent counterpoints to the achingly sweet maple-bourbon glazed red onions.

Fries-slashchips arrived pencil-thin and fiercely crispy. There are Spanish tapas, for example, including bacalao, a buttery mash of potatoes and salt cod served in a mortar with toast and Spanish olive oil.

Argentineanstyled empanadas are exquisitely flaky and crisp, encasing juicy shredded beef and chopped hard-boiled egg. A garnish of cilantro puree adds the perfect balance of fresh herb. Elsewhere on the menu, a generous portion of cubed raw tuna is gorgeously presented with fried rice crackers dusted with chile and Szechuan pepper. This year, there are two good runs with same-day registration options: That numbness in your hands and freezing cold face? My boyfriend and I are in 10th grade.

For five months everything was amazing between us. But after five months, he started hanging around another girl. Then, without any warning, my boyfriend stopped talking to me.

He never said he wanted to by Joey ga rcia break up or anything. He literally just stopped talking to me a s k j o e y ne w s re v i e w. Today at school I found out was nominated for a that he had sex with this other girl Pushcart Prize! Would that really have made a difference? Yes, that means you made the right choice. Give your name, telephone number for verification purposes only and question—all correspondence will be kept strictly confidential.

Write Joey, Del Paso Blvd. If your mind wanders into fear and tells you that you failed to make the smart decision, remind yourself that he did not cherish you. He did not love you and he does not deserve you. How do I know? If he loved, cherished or cared for you, he would never have given you the silent treatment. If he loved you but knew the relationship was not what he wanted, he would have ended it by telling you it was over, either faceto-face or by phone. But the young man you describe lacks respect for himself or for you.

That may have nothing to do with whether you are available for sex. And it has everything to do with his deficiency. Stop texting and calling him. A high school is essentially a small village. Everyone may not know your name but they do know your tribe geek, jock, stoner, etc. Although the opinion of your peers may seem important, I encourage you to lengthen your perspective.

Consider your next incarnation as a college student. What positive choices could you make now that would support the person you want to be in college? Let yourself dream into life after college, too. What choices can you make now that would make your life as a young professional easy, focused and fun?

Try to adopt a long-range view of your life. Remember, too, that most romantic relationships have unhappy endings. I thought I was totally in love with this girl, ready to move in, get married, the whole thing. Is there any way to bring this up to her so she stops?

Oglesby focuses on Mowgli the wolf boy as a perpetual outsider, in the jungle or in town. Yet he aptly conveys such gentleness later on that we are willing to believe his conversion is a genuine one. Throughout, the ensemble takes on multiple roles and provides tuneful interpretations of Christmas hymns and carols.

The set, designed by Shawn Weinsheink, includes a Victorian street scene and a number of sets that roll in and out or drop from above, but never feel weighty or slow down the production. The Jungle Book, 7 p. Saturday, and 2 p. The Unexamined Life of Katharine Hepburn.

She seems to truly be reveling in the remembrance. Students from all backgrounds are the primary dancers and choreographers of this biannual program led by professor Debi Worth, who has taught and danced in New York, London and Japan. Mosaic Dance Company, 6 p. A Christmas Carol, 8 p. Friday and Saturday, 2 p. Oglesby also brought a lot of wit and insight to the project. Jungle plants are made of plastic water bottles, painted green.

A buzzard puppet utilizes a black umbrella and red clay flowerpots. A huge python is made from a long, flexible plastic air duct. And on and on. All told, Big Idea has crafted a thoughtful-yet-active and entertaining all-ages family show, with enough cleverly inserted jokes to keep the grownups on board. Mockingjay Part 1 is a bit like reviewing a preview trailer. The movie is a cheat. How do you keep a turkey in suspense?

Fire and spirited away to the secret depths of District 13, which was supposedly wiped out in the previous rebellion but has merely been forced underground.

There, under the leadership of President Alma Coin Julianne Moore , District 13 plots to continue and expand the rebellion that they never considered lost. This brings us to the best scene in this stunted little blockbuster, as Katniss is stage-managed in her first propo, outfitted for war in front of a phony backdrop and given a rousing speech to stir up the spirit of revolt.

Plutarch carefully coaches her, she tries again— and is even worse. Moved to defiant rage, Katniss speaks— shouts—from her heart, giving Coin and Plutarch exactly the kind of propo they were. As with the first picture in the series, Jennifer Lawrence saves Mockingjay Part 1, but for a different reason.

The Hunger Games was poorly written and directed even more poorly by the appalling Gary Ross; Lawrence alone made it worth watching. And why is that? Because Mockingjay the novel is so complex that it called for extended treatment? Not at all; the book might well have made a riveting three-hour movie. In Mockingjay Part 1, the ones who are being mocked are the audience. A rising young pop star Gugu Mbatha-Raw , stressed out by the pressure from her driven mother Minnie Driver , flirts with jumping from her hotel balcony and is coaxed back from the edge by a cop on security duty Nate Parker.

The incident is passed off as an accident and the cop wins his 15 minutes of fame—plus the heart of the grateful star.

Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity. Find stories, updates and expert opinion. As a follow-up to Tuesday’s post about the majority-minority public schools in Oslo, the following brief account reports the latest statistics on the cultural enrichment of schools in Austria. Vienna is the most fully enriched location, and seems to be in roughly the same situation as Oslo. Many thanks to Hermes for the translation from Naya Marie Rivera (born January 12, ) is an American actress and singer. She began her career as a child actress and model, appearing in national television commercials before landing the role of Hillary Winston on the short-lived CBS sitcom The Royal Family at the age of 4 (–), for which she received a nomination for a Young Artist Award.