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Naughty Adult Dating Sex in Frazer

Naughty Adult Dating Sex in Frazer

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I do not want anything sexual or a romantic relationship. Would really like to meet someone iam athletic artistic spiritual i love music of all kinds especially heavy metal i dabble in Frazfr playing.

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Naughty Adult Dating Sex in Frazer

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If you are into fit athletic middle age types, we need to talk.

I dont care how old you are as long as you arent old enough to be my father. Some one i can hang out with, go shopping, talk and play. Enough of that. Meet up someplace, have some quick fun and move on. I am okay being alone. My specific job is to fit patients with glboobses and to make sure they find what they like but withing the budget they have.

In , after he struggling with his weight for most of his life, he realized he needed to change for the sake of his future. This is the story of his weight-loss journey. The Seattle coffee chain released a spooky new drink this week that contains a superfood.

Here's why nutritionists aren't convinced. While Timberlake recovers, experts say that he can't talk or whisper, let along sing, until the vocal cords heal. The 'Three's Company' star shares her breast cancer diagnosis story and why she chose to forgo chemotherapy, along with advice for other survivors. Rapuano, MD — unless they're from your eye doctor. The Environmental Working Group issued a report Wednesday showing that more than a dozen popular cereal and breakfast items contain dangerous levels of a cancer-causing pesticide.

Here's what you need to know. In an emotional Instagram post, Aerie model Iskra Lawrence opened up about the pictures that influencers don't share. When she had her lumpectomy, Khim Owens-Baggett was not quite two weeks pregnant — but nobody knew that until later. I knew I was overweight, but that That was the wake-up call I needed. One new mom who is a breast cancer survivor decided to that a sign would be best to tell anyone in the hospital that she was not able to breastfeed her baby when she gave birth.

Some breast cancer patients describe a bullying-like pressure from their surgeons to reconstruct after having a mastectomy.

Officials in the state — one of 18 to offer vaccine exemptions based on personal or moral beliefs — had hoped to offer a course informing parents about the risks of not vaccinating. A new study from Orlando Health found that more than half of parents with children under 18 believe the flu shot can cause the flu.

Experts explain why that's a myth. A family in Georgia is reeling from a pizza order that left their 2-year-old with second-degree burns. Little Caesars insists that it did nothing wrong.

At 37, Meghan Markle is having a pregnancy officially considered "high-risk. A new report reveals that cesarean sections have become much more common since the start of the century. Doctors and maternal-health experts are concerned. Actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley opens up about the heartbreaking struggle and stigma her late mother experienced with dementia and her mission to help others. In , after his health was deteriorating due to diabetes, he was inspired to change his lifestyle for the sake of his future.

Meghan Markle delivers moving speech at the Invictus Games closing ceremony. Kaley Cuoco addresses body shamers who say she looks pregnant Yahoo Lifestyle Videos. Bride-to-be sends 'essay of rules' to her wedding guests Yahoo Lifestyle Videos.

Celebrities with surprisingly big families Yahoo Lifestyle Videos.

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That was the wake-up call I needed. One new mom who is a breast cancer survivor decided to that a sign would be best to tell anyone in the hospital that she was not able to breastfeed her baby when she gave birth. Some breast cancer patients describe a bullying-like pressure from their surgeons to reconstruct after having a mastectomy. Officials in the state — one of 18 to offer vaccine exemptions based on personal or moral beliefs — had hoped to offer a course informing parents about the risks of not vaccinating.

A new study from Orlando Health found that more than half of parents with children under 18 believe the flu shot can cause the flu. Experts explain why that's a myth. A family in Georgia is reeling from a pizza order that left their 2-year-old with second-degree burns. Little Caesars insists that it did nothing wrong. At 37, Meghan Markle is having a pregnancy officially considered "high-risk. A new report reveals that cesarean sections have become much more common since the start of the century.

Doctors and maternal-health experts are concerned. Actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley opens up about the heartbreaking struggle and stigma her late mother experienced with dementia and her mission to help others.

In , after his health was deteriorating due to diabetes, he was inspired to change his lifestyle for the sake of his future. Meghan Markle delivers moving speech at the Invictus Games closing ceremony.

It is not everyday you find a person who you hit it off with and spend an entire lifetime with. To be accepted in his home, like a brother, was something special. David and I went to college together for a short time, lived together for even a shorter time and experienced life's pleasures and disasters together. I always accepted him for he who was and he of me. I will always cherish that friendship and relationship for the rest of living days. Growing up in Rockaway, I had many friends around my neighborhood in Arverne.

I didn't have many close friends through FRHS, however. We didn't socialize much, we were just good acquaintances in school. I always thought of him as "very cool" and I had a good time hanging out with him at a party back then maybe one that he threw at his house? When I read that David had passed I was surprised and upset because he provided some wonderful memories for me over the years.

He was a great guy and I hadn't thought about him for a very long time. I offer my condolenses to his family and close friends. Harvey was a good friend of mine growing up in Nordeck. We were in the same class from kindergarten through junior high school when they split us all up.

Hung out in the schoolyard of and the sitting areas on our block. Played lots of paddleball. He was a quiet guy. We met at the centennial in He was very thin.

I had heard he was ill but in remission. It was great seeing him and the gang again. Sally, I will always remember the twinkle in your eyes, the smile on your face, and the willingness to always be there when needed.

We shall meet again someday, old friend. You left us much too soon, and you are greatly missed. I cherish the memories. I think about you every day. I can still hear your laugh and see your smile.

You were a wonderful brother; so loving, so kind, so protective. You are always in my heart, now and forever. I know that they are there together, joking with each other! When I first met her in Jr. But when she died in April of she was robbed of two months of summer, her prom and graduation.

But my memories of Erica will never fade away. Erika was one of the nicest people that I knew. A few weeks before she passed away she asked me to tutor her in math. I gave her my number and told her to call me so we could get together sometime. We never got to have our math session because she died three days before the date we set. All I want to say is she was very strong and had the gentleness of an angel After hearing what happened to her I cried like a baby!!!

Even though she wasn't one of my best friends, she made a big impact on my life Larry and I met in the 6th grade and became friends. Through the years our lives took different paths, but each time we would run into each other there would always be warmth and caring. Very often on February 18th I remember that it would have been his birthday and feel sadness for a life snuffed out too early.

A life that at one time was full of potential. Good-bye Larry, I will never forget you, my friend. He died a few days after he went to Viet Nam. I named my third child for him. I hope he is resting in piece and that his family is doing well. Agnes was not only deeply loved by her family but was respected by the friends of her children. She was voted the best Mom on the block. She was a talented landscaper, interior designer, cook, and parent. To this day, I try to emulate her devotion to her family and her kindness to others.

Barry you were a good friend and I will always remember the good times and laughs we had. Too bad you left so soon. I just wanted to say thank you for being such a good friend to myself and my family for all these many years. You will be deeply missed and remembered by your many friends and family that you bought so much laughter and joy to. When I heard that John had taken his own life, I was truly shocked. The John I knew was way too vain to destroy himself. The John I knew would let me come to his band rehearsals and watch and learn how a first class rock guitarist would take care of business.

I was quite lucky to have such a seasoned pro in my home town! I was always asking questions about how do you do this, and how did you do that. He would always give me answers and teach me what I wanted to know. Then of course he would ask for a ride to some girl's house.

I never met a guy that girls went so crazy over. He truly had it all. He let me come with him to Green St. Recording Studio in the city to watch him record some smokin original songs. Of course when they where done I had to give him a ride to some girl's house.

He was so confident, talented and a great businessman, that people just wanted to be around him. I also lived in the "rock-house" with John; he would always give me encouragement. I was blown away at the opportunity to live in the same house with him. I'll never forget, when I went on tour with "The Gary Toms Empire," the day before I left, he told me "this is it man, you are on your way. And it probably should have been!

John was the one we all were sure was going to make it and as time went on I guess that took a toll on him. Life is tough and does give a beating! But we have to stay strong and persevere. At John's memorial service it was so great to see all my old friends. John's passing brought us together one more time! I just want you guys and girls to know, I love you.

John will always be in our hearts forever!!!! The first time I ever held a microphone was at a band practice at John's parents house in I was auditioning for the lead singer postion. I faked my way through Hey Joe, but when we hit the refrain in Purple Haze I completely blew the line John gently allowed me to back to playing football and basketball and ended my dream of being a rock star.

He was indeed a great musician, and I remember that he was just one handsome guy - the girls loved him. I remember sitting in on some rehearsals with him and Louie Echavarria in 10th or 11th grade. He was a real charmer. Although I recall that John had some difficulties during this time, I had always hoped that given enough time, things would work out for him in the end. As many of you know, John and I were bandmates for years.

John, Louie Echavarria and I made some great music together. Louie and I had great passion but it was always John who got us up if we were down. Before a gig, John was so pumped up that if we weren't allowed on stage you'd think John was going to explode.

And he was a friend. Before I could strangle him he says" no problem I will fix it and make it better" Well he did! As I listen to Van Halen live I realize with great sadness that John Morales was and still is the greatest rocker who ever lived!! We had some wild times together. I played drums behind him for a short time; too short. I always thought we would play together again. Where did you go John???? I'm going to fly! Such was his absolute confidence in himself.

He and I and GC were so close then Life was so clean and simple back then. That smile, that laugh. We fought over Carol Rosenberg one day at But were always buddies.

God, he was such a happy kid I was shocked to hear about his death, and who else played Hendrix like Hendrix in the 70s.. I'm so sorry to hear he is gone. I could go on, but all I hear is a screaming guitar. Before I start I am truly sad today. I have been looking for John for years. What a way to find him! We double dated the girls from the store. I played drums behind John and knew Louie E and had the pleasure to hear "P.

I had an office building studio in Rockville Center soundproofed with egg cartons. We had fun, we played great and now I realize we can only have memories. It was my quest to play with John again. John was the Jeff Beck, Beck should have been. Louie E, please contact me. Steve Sunshine 61jag comcast. Shock isn't the word for the feeling when I heard that Rhea had passed away.

She was always a great friend although we hadn't seen each other for many years. I had the pleasure of introducing her to her husband, Howie, who went to CW Post with me and was my fraternity brother. I also had the pleasure of being the best man at their wedding.

We lost contact after that and years later I received an invitation to her son's bar mitzvah, I called and asked when she and Howie had "adopted" a year-old son. The time had passed that quickly. It was because of Rhea and her dear friend Carol Kahn that I became a journalist and spent my life in a field I have always loved. It was Rhea's joy in writing and journalism that passed to me. We also shared a love of politics and spent many campaigns working at the Rockaway regular Democratic Club.

Those who have inspired are never truly gone. One of our classmates is not with us anymore. I received an e-mail from a friend of hers while on a trip to Seattle. I spoke to her mother a few days before the funeral. Tragically, Michelle battled with drug addiction for many years before her untimely death. Michelle was a true child of Rockaway. Of you, who hardly knew me Hardly spoke to me at all But now I long to tell you Wait a minute Wait a minute! Slow down You lived too fast Grew up too fast Sometimes you moved too slow For me to see how fast.

And now the shock of life's collision with its end Arrests me like a too stiff whiskey on a paltry winter's night You were meant to live forever You were meant to shine forever We were meant to be forever Young. That, oh restless wind, you're bound to be Confined to life's first memories You cannot stray afar from the womb town The eternal county of my dreams Where death alone encounters death. Keith and I were friends before and during high school.

He taught me how to play chess. We lost touch when he went away to school. I was shocked when he killed himself. Waste of a life. Maxine was more than just a special person; after marrying my cousin Ronnie, she became my cousin!

We shared a very special relationship which spanned over 26 years. Until her death we spoke long distance several times a week every week. I miss her and the sound of her voice very much. How can you describe one of your best friends in high school? Maxine and I were so close that when she had her "nose job" I went with her to Dr.

Silver's office for a consultation. One lady in the waiting room pointed to me and told her teenage daughter that when MY swelling went down I would have a very nice nose.

Needless to say at that very moment I too wanted a nose job to fix my "swelling. Max and I had many adventures together, like the time we climbed out her living room window after we told her parents we were going to bed and walked down Central Avenue to look for boys, or the time we cut school and went to Linda Silverman's house where we sat on chaises, used sun visors and put on baby oil with iodine and sat out on Linda's deck all day, ending up with burns all over our faces.

Actually, my best memory is getting bus sick on Maxine on a Brownie troop bus ride. Her mother just kept yelling at me that I ruined Maxine's coat, but she and I just kept laughing the whole time. So many years have passed since then; my life has surely taken many turns but the memory of a dear friend will always be with me and I shall tell my grandchildren about all their nana's escapades in a very wonderful place called Far Rockaway and especially about the dear friends I miss.

I met Franny Haas he preferred Frank at 12 or 13; he was a year older and seemed even older than that. I don't know how he was tagged with the name he didn't like. He was quiet, but daring. Smoking and petty larceny were part of his mystique. From the Schulken's house at the dead end, five blocks or so to Larry Sirica's at the the east end that boardering upon the strange land of Inwood and Nassau County.

We were guilty of the ususal passionate teenage troubles and had moments of breathless soladirity. But, as way leads on to way, we faded from each other lives. When meeting an acquaintance from the old neighborhood I would ask what was known about whomever.

And, so, I learned some time ago that Franny had died. My acquaintance knew no details. Some people you just miss and Franny is one of them. I met John Sexton in , when my parents rented the first floor apartment in the two family house his parents owned and lived in on B.

Even though he was 7 years older, he treated me like his brother. I remember the wild rides in his Triumph as well as his always calling his sister Pat "Pit. Whatever he experienced there changed him forever. After my parents bought their own house and moved the family out, I lost touch with my "older brother. I will cherish those memories forever. Rest In Peace, John; your torment is over. I will never forget you. It taught me not to wait years before you decide to look up an old friend and neighbor.

It's too late for me, unfortunately. I walked with Alan on the beach the day before he died. He talked about his bright future I often think of his kindness and sensitivity-he was wise beyond his years. It seemed that all of Rockaway turned out for his funeral. He was a well loved guy in his too short life. I always will love and be grateful to her. Unfortunately, I never got the last chance to tell her that. So, Im sharing this with you. He was furious with me.

We were about 16 or 17 years old. I had been to the city, but never that far up. I had to ask for directions, and he did not want to ask anyone. We tried to get the bus that passes thru the park but somehow we missed it. So we walked across the park and he was fuming. I can still see his face. But I got him to the Metroplitan. I do not remember how we got home. He spoke to me even though I got him lost. He was that way, very good natured.

If it had been me, I would have not forgiven him so quickly, but that was the way Gus was. We also had EMT, Art and English classes and we just bumped into each other over the years in different classes. I also remember walking home. He would turn left toward his house and I would continue straight to mine. He wrote the following in my yearbook: I will miss never having that chat I had envisioned in my mind for so long.

You are remembered with great love, Gus. May you rest in peace, dear Gus. His brother Manuel would like people to remember his older brother this way, "Through all the obstacles he had to overcome throughout his life there was always one constant Gus was always Gus.

Sadly, Jean and Anthony succumbed to cancer within 14 months of each other during the mids. Not a day goes by where I don't think about both of them. I miss their friendship, their kindness, and their love. John's, passing away there 85 years later, always hoping Rockaway would return to its glory days.

We worked not to far from each other in downtown Manhattan and we met for lunch every week until the tragedy that happened on Sept 11, Ronnie died at the age of 34, way too young for someone with so much love to give. Her son was only 7. Allan's sisters Cynthia and Deborah and his father Gerald miss him deeply and welcome words from FRHS alumni who remember him and would like to share his memory with us.

Sincerely, Cynthia Shapiro Yaakovi yaakovi netvision. You were a wonderful big brother and uncle. I remember when you were a teenager you loved to hang out at Rockaway beach with your friends. We were all fortunate to have had you in our lives. We miss you and your fabulous smile and laugh. Richard and I grew up together in Far Rockaway. We lived in houses down by Jamaica Bay.

I remember his big collie, Prince, his brother David and his parents. The last time I saw. Richard was when I returned from college in Minnesota for a visit and Richard and I decided to go to Green Acres Shopping Center, we were walking in the parking lot, on our way to the movies when suddenly I stopped and looked at Richard and said "Richard, what are you doing in Minnesota? Now they call this New York. Soon after this trip we lost touch.

At our th Year Reunion. I was shocked to find out that Richard had died. But no one had any idea of his life or details of his passing. Myrna-Sue would be delighted to hear from Larry's former students and fellow teachers. She can be reached at ms2son aol. I remember many great days running through the halls with Janis, hanging out together at parties and sneaking out of school together. Always running around the projects, having lunch in her apartmemt with her mom and constantly taking that Green Line Bus to meet up with her.

Miss you Janis, but know that we'll meet again. He was the most sweestest boy I ever was friends with. He never gave me attitude or even got mad. He always had a smile on his face. I miss him a lot and if I could, I would bring him back. I will always remeber him and his beautiful smile. My heart goes out to his family, and I hope they can see that his warm smile touched everyone and he will be missed and loved forever on in time. I wish I could tell him how I felt about him back then, now its too late.

I liked this boy and I never got the chance to tell him, and now he's gone. I hope that some day I can see him in heaven and tell him then. Frank White was a very intelligent boy and still is. The one thing that I loved about Frank White was that he was smart. He had the cutest smile. I feel that what ever happened to him was very wrong.

It wasn't meant for him nor Delano. But now I understand someone called for him and told him he had to come in a hurry. Now he's gone up above us, where he belongs, where it's safe. Frank White will always be here with me no matter what happens. I love you, Frank White, and always will. I think of her often, although more than thirty years have passed. I know Lorraine is in a better place and at peace. I will always miss her! Ira was a friend of mine since I met him when I was in Kindergarten in He made me laugh then and continued to make laugh till his passing in Ira was a true and caring person who kept in touch with everyone.

Ira, everybody that knew you misses you. Rest in peace my friend. Mom lived on Rose Street. There have been so many times that I thought everyone in the world had some family from Rose Street because I have been asked if I knew where it was. I have many pictures of there too.

I will be scanning them so if anyone doesn't have them I will be glad to share them with you or your families. Please let me know. Take care and call your kids every day.

I miss those calls dearly. I too am a FRHS graduate and had many of the same teachers. Susan Amelkin Lipton itsmenc netscape. Their mother was a favorite of the school. Her name was Tillie Chakin. A lot of the teachers and students remember her as Mama. She owned the candy store by the train station at 25th Street. If you were sitting at a table not ordering any food, or were supposed to be in school, she would grab you by the ear and throw you out of the store. I asked my Uncle Bob about Mr.

Tietze, because when I went to school his name was like God. I knew my mother had him, and so did my Uncle. He was a strict and fair teacher, and when you weren't paying attention a piece of chalk was thrown to get your attention. Jan Fuchs janfuchs juno. For some reason, I decided to skim the memorial pages, and to my shock, the name Phyllis Linderman, once again, popped off the page. Through teary eyes, I stared at the letters forming her name. Was her life happy and fulfilled?

What I do know, is that after years of thinking about her and searching, I finally found her and I will miss her, that I also know. I had heard rumors of Jimmy's passing but was unable to substantiate them until now. I laid blame on Ilene for introducing me to such dangerous people and things and she laid blame on Jimmy.

Jimmy and I were friends from the time I was 11 or 12 through the time we both moved to South Florida in the early s. Despite his penchant for the "unsavory," LOL, who didn't have one? My family loved him, too. I hope he found joy in Spirit. We miss you so much. It's hard to live these days without seeing your lovely smile. You were an angel on earth as well as is heaven. You had work to do down here and you still have work to do in heaven. I have known you for the past 8 years, and within those 8 years we have become real good friends.

Now that you are gone I believe things are going to be so different. I really can't believe that you are gone. I am really glad to say that I had a good, nice, caring friend like you. Now that you are gone I have so much to say to you, but now I can't say them! I want to be mad because you are gone but I can't because God say that he was coming back one day to get us and March 1 of was your day to go home and be with the Father. You will truly be missed! Most of all I want to thank God for allowing you to be able to be a great friend to me for the past 8 years!

Delano and my brother Tony used to always play along with his brothers Daniel, Corey, Steven,and Jonathan. My little sister Brittany and I use to hang out with them as well and go to the bay to pick up little crabs. Delano used to call my sister, "Brittany Houson" and laughed because of the way he said it.

One day all of us ran around the area putting crabs inside of our neighbors mail boxes and we laughed like crazy; it was so hilarious. I had a dream that someone I knew passed away but did not have a clue who it was.

I was scrambling through phone numbers and I had thought of Delano. Then my brother, whom he grew up with, came into the room and told me that Delano was shot. I was hurt because Delano was like a little brother to me and I loved him dearly.

I thought that I was bugging when I heard God say that he is in "Glory. The annointing of God was very heavy upon him that he hit the whole 10 for the Lord Jesus Christ and he went home. Delano was a very good friend of mine. I knew him for about a year and a half.

He had a cute smile and always was proud and kept his head up. I really started to fall in love with him. I was going to ask him out soon but I took too long. I bet if I dated him this would have never happened.

I am very sorry he had to leave. Now I feel very good cause I know Delano is in a very safe and loving place. The Lord was calling him and telling him it was time to come home. Delano is home now, safe and sound. I just want you to know, Delano, you will never be forgotten.

You will always be in my heart. You will always be in our hearts: All of us truly love and miss you. Remember as these days go by, you will always be here with us always. I would like to wish Delano Samuel rest in peace. He was a good friend. I first met him when I was in PS He was always fresh and cool. Delano, it's me again, Twuana. I am writing because I can not believe you are gone, it has been two years and the hurt is still in my heart and will never leave because I love you as a brother.

You are truly missed by a lot of people whom you brought joy to. I am waiting for Tony to come with me so that I can have someone there with me in case I cry. I really miss you, and if I was there, I would have pushed you away from the bullet that pierced your heart. You had a sweet heart that will last for an eternity, now you have a new body and I hope and pray that I will see you in Eternal glory along with Selena, Left-Eye,Martin Luther King, and hopefully, Aaliyah.

Your everlasting smile will always stay in the photo album of my heart. You'll always be in our hearts and we miss you dearly. You'll always be remembered as a wonderful person and a great friend, sweet and kind. Doris' life was about love and devotion. She gave her love generously, and was adored by all who knew her.

Doris was a dedicated psychotherapist for 27 years, specializing in the treatment of eating disorders. Along with lobbying in the US Congress and contributing to national news publications, she had a successful private practice. Through her commitment to helping others, she helped to make Plantation and the world a better place in which to live.

At a memorial service in Florida, friends and family expressed their love and shared fond memories. A scholarship fund in her memory has been established at Nova University. I always wanted to be my sister, she had the blonde hair and hazel eyes and i had the brown hair and brown eyes, she had all the cool friends who at the time probably couldn't stand me because i was the BABY sister whom she had to take with her when she wents to her friends house.

Janie passed away from brain cancer, she was not only my sister but my BEST friend. Her ashes were spead on Beach 9th St. Karen Heller Madison suntannedaz aol. I have known Chris since age eleven when her family moved to Wavecrest. We lived on the same "terrace" and instantly became friends. It's a friendship that has lasted over thirty-five years.

It's been quite a number of years since we saw each other. Though time and distance didn't matter. We continued to share our lives through letters and phone calls.

In recent months we talked often. There were days when the phone calls were brief. But no matter how ill Chris felt, she always spoke to me. I will always cherish this memory and forever be grateful for the opportunity to say goodbye. As days flow on through our lives, the memories and faces will change. I'll remain your friend under sunlight and stars, thinking of you close to my heart. I was deeply saddend to read about the untimely passing of Ellen Fox and Christine Hess. I grew up in Wavecrest on the same terrace as Christine.

I went to school with Ellen's brother Neil Fox. My hearfelt sympathy goes out to the Fox and Hess families. If anyone knows how I can get in touch with the family please e-mail me at YRW aol. It had been at least 35 years since I had last talked to Chris. She was my first girlfriend and she was a ton of fun to be around. Lloyd and Gail were a "couple" at that time. We were probably 14 and we had fun. When her family moved to Wavecrest I starting hanging out with her brother Danny.

Turns out that Danny and my brother Gregory became good friends, but in the process I got to be friends with Christine and Gail. I can still see her skipping across the terrace with that cute smile on her face. Even though it was over 35 years ago that I last spoke to her I was terribly heartbroken when I attended her wake. I was one of the lucky few that was touched by such a kind soul.

Her smile and friendly personality will always live on in my heart. Happy 23rd birthday and my special mother's day present, Bossman, we all miss and love you forever in our hearts. Your loved ones you lose every day and there are no words to say. We all love you with ours hearts, and we will never be apart.

Days go by, even though it gets harder to let go, but we know you're in a better place, and right now you are our 'Guardian Angel" in heaven watching over us forever.

We love you Boss, and you will always be in our hearts like we are in yours, R. Our mother was a beautiful woman, inside and out. She was voted the most beautiful girl in her graduating class and remained beautiful until the end.

She will be missed greatly by her family and her many friends. Hey Todd, did you do that girl? I remember asking Todd that question hundreds of times. Todd and I were like brothers, and I can't sit here and write about Todd's legacy without feeling a great sense of loss.

I haven't been close in the last ten years with Todd, but that doesn't mean I didn't think of him. Todd will be missed Hey bud, I know there is a little more fun in heaven now. Todd, you were the single most funniest person that ever lived people could not speak your name with out laughing.

Thanks for all the laughter and the jokes. Your memory still makes people laugh. Todd was my cousin and more like a big brother.

He was a total crackup whom I always has a blast with. I truly miss not talking to him. Todd, or Toddy as he was called by me and my whole family, was my friend; my best friend, along with Michael Schwartz. Toddy and I lived on the same terrace in Wavecrest. He used to call for me by playing his trumpet out the window. My mom, may she rest in peace, would always say, "Why doesn't he come up and ring the bell? I remember running into Toddy at a Long Beach street festival.

I introduced him to Ed, my husband. And, as usual, Toddy's first remark to Ed, "Oh, lucky you. You got her after she got boobs. I'll always love him. You were somewhat of a loner. Other than a great friendship with Sam Rosen and me, you pretty much kept to yourself. Thanks for all the high times and great memories. Sam and I will never forget you.

I was shocked to hear of Gary's passing. He was a classmate of mine back to JHS We were friends in school, and we always had lots of good laughs.

Gary had a great sense of humor and certainly made an impression here Gary was tall and quiet, that is for sure, but beneath that shy veneer lived a personality brimming with verve and sophisticated wit. We had known each other from home room.

We shared friendly chats with each other, yet nothing more. The other girls and I nicknamed him "Joe Cool" for his mature style and dignified comportment. In other words he wasn't a jerk like the rest of the boys. Yet one day, moments before the H. He suddenly sat so close to me, sharing my desk chair. His proposal was crafted almost as a riddle. I was taken by his wit and taken by the compliment, but didn't take the question seriously. We laughed about it for a moment and then the bell rang.

For some reason I only dated boys from outside of Rockaway. Gary, Godspeed and please accept my broken heart as testimony to your very real coolness in H. You will be missed by all of us. You and friends like Sheila and Fern were a part of our group and we will always remember your bubbly personality and warm heart. Again, you will be missed by us all. Gail- You were one in a million. We shared so many memories over the years, all of which I will always treasure. I will always remember your great smile and the amazing ability you had to light up a room just by walking into it.

My heart goes out to your two wonderful children Adam and Jamie, always know that you live on through them, I love you and miss you. We haven't kept in touch, I know, but that doesn't mean you haven't touched me. I have many great memories of you and I talking about life, the opposite sex, and Nehru Suits and Chunky Mama's.

I'm sorry to learn of your passing, but know that you're in a much better place now. Michelle left us on Oct. I did not know her during my High School years, but met her when I was in my early 20's.

She was 5 years older than I, and I thought that was the coolest thing! She wore "expensive" makeup and wore stylish clothes! I wanted to be like her, or so I thought. Later I would be her Maid of Honor at her wedding to Jeff, and later on we lost touch, by accident or design Maybe a bit of both, when one decides to take the road to life.

She was certainily a beautiful woman and left a daughter of 23 behind. She never lived to see her 50th birthday, so I lived to see it for her. We gather threads and pieces from all of the people we meet and somehow grow our own personal piece of cloth.

Michelle did not have a happy life, but we did share lots of laughs together. I know now that when you called me in the Fall of , you were ill, but did not tell me. I spoke to your brother today, and he agreed that you were probably getting nostalgic and going through your old telephone books to contact old friends.

I know now, that you were really calling to say goodbye. You, Peter, Shelley and me. Arletta will always be remembered by family and friends for the beautiful woman she was. In our hearts forever. She was a beautiful person both inside and out. It's a lifetime ago.

She deserves to be remembered fondly. I will miss you. Gail was my first love. I remember in third grade winning a prize on the boardwalk and choosing a wedding ring that I gave to her. I also remember being separated in the sixth grade and walking into the principal's office demanding we be in the same class. It was great to see her at the reunion at Tavern on the Green. I will always remember you. Howard Matthew Rosenberg hrosenberg allcomm1. Tommy and I shared the same birthdate.

We played football together through the "Glory days" of Seahorse football. Tommy was a great teammate who would have done anything for his fellow teammates. We had a connection that transcended teammates, color or religous background. I will always remember him on "our" birthday. I read that Tommy passed away in Alan Cohen's memorial. I too remember Tommy as a fun loving, handsome, special guy.

We were on the JV Football team together. I was his starting center Alan was better than me but he played Varsity and we became close friends. I always admired his easy going nature. We were in Geography together too I will always remember you Tommy and think of you from time to time. He was a champion person. Tears came to my eyes. I was a cheerleader when you played. All the cheerleaders loved you and so did I.

I just wanted you to know that. Unfortunately, another of our Far Rockaway brothers has passed on way too soon. Lonnie was always so full of good spirits and thoughts for his extended Rockaway family. We always enjoyed just hanging out and remembering the privilege of growing up in the "Rock ". I love and miss my Dad; he is so special to me.

I know he's somewhere with me. And I know that when I get married I won't walk down the aisle alone. I know that my Daddy will be walking with me. I want to thank everyone that I've seen recently, you are so special as well, and I will keep in touch. We lived on the same floor on 17th St.

You would always come talk to me sincerely, while visiting with my brother. I have great respect for you. Lon, you were one of the good guys. I wish you peace and know that we will never forget you. You will always be in our hearts. My sincerest condolences on the loss of Lonnie. Although we were not related we share the same last name. Lonnie and I grew up in Arverne together.

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