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Nasa s next galactic data about earth womens sexual

Nasa s next galactic data about earth womens sexual

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Nasa s next galactic data about earth womens sexual

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Sex in space is human sexual activity in the weightlessness of outer space. It presents difficulties for the performance of most sexual activities due to Newton's third law. According to the law, if the couple remain attached, their movements will counter each other. Consequently, their actions will not change their velocity unless they are affected by another, unattached, object.

Some difficulty could occur due to drifting into other objects. If the couple have a combined velocity relative to other objects, collisions could occur. There have been suggestions that conception and pregnancy in off- Earth environments could be an issue.

As of [update] , with NASA planning long-term missions for lunar settlements with goals to explore and colonize space, the topic has taken a respected place in life sciences. Scientist Stephen Hawking publicly concluded in that possibly human survival itself will depend on successfully contending with the extreme environments of space.

Numerous physiological changes have been noted during spaceflight, many of which may affect sex and procreation. Such effects would be a result of factors including gravity changes, radiation, noise, vibration, isolation, disrupted circadian rhythms, stress, or a combination of these factors. The primary issue to be considered in off-Earth reproduction is the lack of gravitational acceleration.

Life on Earth, and thus the reproductive and ontogenetic processes of all extant species and their ancestors, evolved under the constant influence of the Earth's 1 g gravitational field. It is imperative to study how space environment affects critical phases of mammalian reproduction and development as well as events surrounding fertilization, embryogenesis, pregnancy, birth, postnatal maturation, and parental care. As gravity regulates mammalian gene expression, there are significant implications for successful procreation in an extraterrestrial environment.

Studies conducted on reproduction of mammals in microgravity include experiments with rats. Although the fetus developed properly once exposed to normal gravity, the rats that were raised in microgravity lacked the ability to right themselves. Although both groups resulted in healthy mice once implanted at normal gravity, the authors noted that the fertilization rate was lower for the embryos fertilized in microgravity than for those in normal gravity.

The 2suit alternately 2-Suit or twosuit is a garment designed to facilitate low-effort sex in the weightless environments such as outer space, or on planets with low gravity. The psychosocial implications of in-flight sex and reproduction are at least as problematic as the related physiological challenges. For the foreseeable future, space crews will be relatively small in number.

If pairing off occurs within the crew, it could have ramifications on the crew's working relationships, and therefore on mission success and crew operations. In February , Dennis Tito's Inspiration Mars Foundation announced that they were going to send a two-person crew — a man and a woman — on a day, free-return, flyby mission to Mars and back.

She cited her own experience as being a Biosphere 2 crew member together with her husband Taber MacCallum , who is the chief technology officer of Inspiration Mars.

In June , Pornhub announced its plans to make the first pornographic film in space. If funded, the film would have been slated for a release, following six months of training for the two performers and six-person crew. Short of actual space, the adult entertainment production company Private Media Group has filmed a movie called The Uranus Experiment: Part Two where an actual zero-gravity intercourse scene was accomplished by flying an airplane to an altitude of 11, feet meters and then doing a steep dive.

The filming process was particularly difficult from a technical and logistical standpoint. Budget constraints allowed for only one second shot, featuring the actors Sylvia Saint and Nick Lang. Science fiction writer and futurist Isaac Asimov , in a article "Sex in a Spaceship", conjectured what sex would be like in the weightless environment of space, anticipating some of the benefits of engaging in sex in an environment of microgravity.

When Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins published his autobiography Carrying the Fire in , a contemporary Time magazine quoted the following passage: Clarke in turn was quick to point out in a letter to the editor that he had beaten Collins to addressing the matter in the novel Rendezvous with Rama Speakers were science journalist-author Laura Woodmansee, who presented her book Sex in Space ; [30] Jim Logan, the first graduate of a new aerospace medicine residency program to be hired by NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston; and Vanna Bonta, an American poet, novelist, and actress who had recently flown in zero gravity and had agreed to an interview for Woodmansee's book.

The globally distributed show was dubbed into foreign languages, opening worldwide discussion about what had previously been avoided as a taboo subject. Sex in space became a topic of discussion for the long-term survival of the human species, colonization of other planets, inspired songs, and humanized reasons for space exploration.

The idea of sex in space appears frequently in science fiction. In the novelization of Alien , Parker tells Brett about an episode of zero-G sex that went wrong. A more recent and perhaps more realistic description of the mechanics of low-gravity intercourse is presented in "Sex in Space: The story uses cheating astronauts to describe techniques humans might use to copulate in space without special apparatus. The difficulties microgravity poses for human intimacy were also discussed in an anonymous fictional "NASA Document " in , where the use of an elastic belt and an inflatable tunnel were proposed as solutions to these problems.

A mission patch and other documents were determined to be hoaxes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the study of sexuality as it relates to geographic space, see Sexuality and space. Free Daily News Group Inc. Archived from the original on November 10, Retrieved June 12, Archived from the original on April 25, Archived from the original on May 11, Retrieved January 3, Humans Must Spread Out in Space". Archived from the original on June 12, Concerns for human reproduction".

Archived from the original on 9 August Retrieved 25 January Public Library of Science. Archived from the original on February 17, The International Journal of Developmental Biology.

Retrieved January 25, Archived from the original on March 22, The Human Dimension revised ed. University of California Press. Archived from the original on July 10, Archived from the original on 20 June Star Trek, Sex and Space". Archived from the original on 6 July Sex in Space by Laura S. Retrieved April 10, Levin, RJ August Journal of the British Interplanetary Society. Corrosion Debris Dust Weather. Near space Outer space. Retrieved from " https: Human sexuality Human spaceflight.

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Starstruck: the best space images of | Science | The Guardian

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Have an idea for a newsletter? Here's what our subscribers say. While brain structures are too individual to be male or female brain activity is actually weakly gendered… And the most convincing research on this is the research that shows trans people have activity patterns that match their gender, not their sex. One final important detail. That research is interesting, but we need to be really careful in drawing conclusions from them. For one thing, they seem to rely on the idea that these kids are young enough not to be culturally influenced, but old enough to know what a truck is.

Would fewer women than men choose computer science careers, even without the constant harassment women in comp-sci face? Women calculated the data for the NASA before computers were a thing and NASA still employed one of the calculators for a while to check whether the computers were doing it right.

Both jobs were highly mathematical and required highly analytical and logical brains, but were done mostly by women in the past. That means science, mathematics, or logic are not something women abhorr by nature.

And areas where they are used are often full of harrassing or demeaning colleagues and superiors, driving away even those women who still dare to choose those fields in the first place. Oren, you are absolutely right that we need to draw conclusions cautiously, this is more true in sociology and anthropology than in any other science. But it also means that it is reckless to draw conclusions from a lack of evidence, as Teetengee attempted to do. Even if we were to ignore the research of Dr.

Baron-Cohen and other scholars Feingold, A. Trying to draw a conclusion from an absence of evidence is always foolish. Claiming certainty about biologically determined sex differences or absence thereof is an especially easy trap to fall into, as there is just so much literature available on the subject presenting so many conflicting findings.

This process can be clearly seen in the kibbutzim in Israel. These are probably the closest that modern humans have come to making perfectly egalitarian communes. Starting around , kibbutzim sought to actively dismantle patriarchy. Formal marriage did not exist at all, only cohabitation. More importantly for our purposes, children were raised communally, apart from their parents, so that they could not become dependent on their fathers Spiro, Melford E.

Despite this, gender roles emerged on the kibbutzim. After a generation or two, the kibbutzim remained egalitarian by law but tremendous social pressure made the gender roles on many kibbutzim more restrictive than in Israeli society as a whole. The kibbutzim are the clearest example of biological sex differences contributing to the emergence of more restrictive socially-constructed gender assumptions.

But it does imply along with other studies cited above that male and female populations could be predisposed to choose careers or lifestyles in different proportions. Therefore, it is not appropriate to conclude that a society must be patriarchal because it does not have a near-even distribution of men in women in every field. What we have is some questionable evidence than in a friction-less environment, a society without social discrimination, there would still be statistically noticeable differences in outcomes based on sex and gender.

Meanwhile, we have a mountain of evidence for the way cultural discrimination creates different outcomes based on sex and gender. There is a temptation to order evidence into a narrative, and then to apply this narrative in every situation rather than addressing situations individually. There is value to ordering evidence into a narrative or paradigm when all evidence suggests the same thing this is how science works, we accept the absurd-sounding paradigm of quantum mechanics only because ALL evidence points in the same direction.

The tedious but necessary alternative is to look at every issue case-by-case. Meanwhile, there is almost no media attention to the shortage of male nurses http: It is interesting to note that the nursing example is a clear example of what Mythcreants frequently and correctly and laudably identifies as cultural discrimination.

After all, there is no stereotype against male doctors or male EMTs, so the stereotype against male nurses must be socially constructed and arbitrary. The problem with trying to fit this example neatly into a narrative is that there are two conflicting narratives; that men are conditioned by patriarchy to look down on caregiving, and that female nurses emboldened by feminism discriminate against male nurses see the articles I linked.

Unfortunately seeing everything through a narrative makes it easier to miss nuance and harder to empathize with people whose story does not fit your narrative. Unfortunately, social gender norms can be quite the opposite of each other in quick succession.

Let me give you three examples of female gander norms from Germany and neighbouring countries during the 20th Century:. Germany in the s: That is her natural calling and the only way she can be happy. This took women out of employment and lowered the unemployment rate after the Nazis took over.

This freed up more men for the army. This took women out of the workforce and freed up jobs for the returning POWs, lowering unemployment rates again. This provided the necessary workforce to deal with huge losses in reparation since the soviets took a lot of machinery and other industrial resources. This kept mothers at home for three to six years per child minimum. This kept well-educated workforce at work, instead of taking half of it out of the equitation for years.

For example, how is it that someone who is biologically male can be a woman in every aspect psychologically? Or how is it that someone who is biologically female can be a man psychologically? Even before horomone therapy, many people who are transgender behave exactly as the gender they identify with without any relation to their physical body. In fact, many people who are transgender hate their body immensely because it does not line up with their perception of their gender identity dysphoria.

How can this occur if gender is related at all to biological sex and not purely societal influences? Specificaly differances in brain, that are inborn. Differance between biological and neurological sex was, in this case, only matter of inborn neurology. Other study was on specyfic genetic dysorder, which prevented male characteristics from emerging fully until puberty. Enough to say it caused lot of confusion and some boys ware rised as girls and it did not have great effect on their genders.

I appologise for lack of sources. I can not remember exact studies about brains, but this is link to article about gender: This is not meant to bash, troll or insult anything.

There are a few things I find a little strange about the cases described in the article you linked:. They knew just as well what was expected from boys as what was expected from girls. Their bodies developed into a masculine form during puberty when their true genetic sex became visible.

They knew they were supposed to be men from then onwards. In a society like the one described above, this was out of the question for a girl. Perhaps they took the offered chance. Football in this case, I would like to add, is soccer for an American, not American Football. Something which, I believe, a lot of girls in the US play. Boys will be Boys. In most societies with a strong divide between men and women, one gender has more power, influence, and freedom.

And in most cases, that is the male gender. Imagine reaching puberty as a member of the more restrained gender and suddenly developing into the one with more freedom. The girls were already engaged at the age at which they turned. Becoming men probably also meant freedom of choosing their life partner. It meant freedom of choosing their future life plans. Honestly, I think ninety percent of girls in such a situation might take the chance.

You are right, evidence shows that when a biological male is psychologically female in ever aspect, they actually are psychologically female. Some studies demonstrate that brain or neural features typically considered to be sexual dimophisms may actually be more strongly correlated with sexual orientation or gender identity.

One of the best understood sexual dimorphisms between men and women is in size and lateral connectivity of the amygdala which relates to emotional responses to stress and decision-making. Men tend to have larger amygdala Goldstein, J. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory. I found a researcher who published two studies suggesting that homosexual men have highly connected left amygdala, similar to heterosexual women, while homosexual women have highly connected right amygdala, similar to heterosexual men Swaab, D.

Other studies have similarly found that certain dimorphisms in the brain are less correlated with sex than with sexual orientation.

PET and MRI show differences in cerebral asymmetry and functional connectivity between homo- and heterosexual subjects. L S Allen et al. There are far fewer studies on transgender individuals, but one similar study found a relation between the male and female hypothalamus a brain structure that is related to hormonal activity that was more strongly correlated with gender identity than with sex at birth, even after for controlling for hormone supplements Garcia-Falgueras, A.

For an opposing view, see: The brain is formed from your experiences, every structure, every connection, dependent on the environment within which that connection forms. Every single thing you learn is due to the brain undergoing semi-permanent changes in structure.

I saw must, not necessarily because it is logically required, but because it is morally necessary, particularly in a society where it is fairly obvious that sexist standards exist. There is definite harm caused if we err on the other side, but little to no harm caused by trying to open up opportunity to everyone.

As for drawing conclusions from a lack of evidence: We have evidence of low differences in brain structure. The variation within a given sex is vastly larger than the differences between sexes in every structure I am aware of being studied. Remember that those data are from a sexist society, and suddenly it becomes scientifically irresponsible to suggest that these differences are likely to be due to innate sexual dimorphism. Furthermore, the claim that males and females have naturally different brain structures which is the claim you are making if you think that their preferences are going to be significantly different naturally is a positive claim, which means the burden of proof is on the claimer to prove.

This implies that we need to assume that sexism causes the dearth of women in computer science, politics, senior positions in large companies and to act accordingly. Assuming that gender disparities are caused by sexism also means assuming and addressing the following:.

We must assume that the dearth of male nurses and male teachers is caused by sexism see articles I linked in an earlier comment , and we need to put as much effort into encouraging male nurses as encouraging female engineers. We must assume that the educational decline of boys from elementary school through college is caused by sexism, especially since this is supported by scholarship http: We have to assume that the overwhelming presence of men in prisons is due to discrimination, which again is backed by research https: We have to assume that sexism causes the much higher workplace fatality rates https: And finally, we have to assume that sexism is responsible for the physical abuse of men by women, which appears to be about as frequent as violence against women http: The hidden side of domestic violence 2nd ed.

Statistics Canada January. Family Violence in Canada: A Statistical Profile Catalogue no. We have to assume that sexism is why female abuse of males is socially accepted as humorous http: AbuseIsOkayWhenitIsFemaleOnMale ;; just for a taste of popular opinion , that sexism is why there is only a single abuse shelter for male victims in the entire country http: And assume some families would be more ready to support a daughter who fails than a son who does so.

You are right, sexism is just as bad for men than it is for women, just the ways it shows are different. It makes me so happy to see people who acknowledge that men also suffer from sexism. It implies that men are expected to be okay with suffering or worse, that they are immune to it.

That is not equality. That is an example of individuals not allowed access to the help and care they need based on their gender. People are people, and the expectations for people based on a trait they were born with is just unfair. This was a great and in many ways cathartic read to simply see someone else laying out these point sand so well!

Apparently there were some changes in other cultures but they all seemed pretty distant from where the story focused. Seriously it grates on me so much to see settings like this spend so much time lavishing humanity in undeserved praise while ignoring or minimising all the other cultures and species who frankly feel way more interesting in my eyes. Honestly that initial summary gave me the image of a tv series where human recently joined some galactic republic and then on an alien world or ship some politician or general bursts in on one of their allies ranting about humans being mavericks, and too imaginative and dangerous.

Also all these fantasies and sci-fi series built around, generally american or western culture grates on me and is bleh, similar with fantasy.

And why are all species of the same culture? Not all monarchies are unjust. It just depends on what type of monarchy it is, because there are different types. The key ingredient that makes them different is the power that is higher than the monarch: It is very important to point out the difference between a monarch and a dictator. Monarchies are less susceptible than dictatorships to the rebellion-repression-more rebellion cycles that have occurred in contemporary Libya and Syria, cold war Guatemala, Pre-Kagame Rwanda, etc.

Each new dictator is forced to create a foundation for the legitimacy of their power; new monarchs can rest on tradition and focus on domestic affairs. In worldbuilding justice is relative. In its own time the Magna Carta was a significant step forward for human rights despite leaving the overwhelming majority of the English population powerless and voiceless. It is difficult to have a functional republic when the world is turbulent and almost no one is literate or educated; if a novel is set in a premodern world then an unstable republic Commonwealth of England, First French Republic may be a far worse place to live than a stable monarchy with legal rights Restoration of British Monarchy, Restoration of Bourbon Monarchy.

Thank you for supporting my argument further. If you have criticisms of those arguments, I would like to see them. Some interesting stuff about monarchies: Elective, non-hereditary monarchies exist.

For example, the Pope is actually considered an absolute monarch, but he [yep, always a he so far: Some have seriously claimed that the U. President is a monarch because the office has gained far more power over time than the Founders originally intended it to [their limitations were supposed to prevent a monarchy! I read an article last year about how there is no scientific explanation for the chin.

Actually, humans are one of two predators on earth who hunt in a very specific way, too: We heal extremely well and deal very well with physical trauma. Our instinct is to escape and seek help with others of our kind, theirs is to just lie down and die.

And our scar tissue, while not very pretty, knits over wounds extremely fast, which means even severe wounds can be healed without too many lasting effects. Of course, living in social groups where a weakness like a missing limb or eye can be covered by others also helps. Our heel, I would guess, however is built like this, because we stand on our hind legs. Our foot is bigger than the paws or hooves of other land-dwelling animals to make us more stable in an upright position same goes for our differently-shaped pelvic bone, which makes birthing more difficult, but holds our internal organs when we stand upright.

The stability the heel provides us with, however, is certainly useful in a fight. They write up how aliens could think we humans are strange for instance: We Are Space Australia: What if Humans are weird?

Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. We send comment data to outside parties for spam filtering and other services. See our privacy policy for details. Blog Comics Podcast Editing Search for: Most worldbuilding mistakes we see over and over again come from lazy storytellers who create worlds as an afterthought.

These are mistakes of oversight: Leaving Culture the Same Battlestar Galactica: Humans have lived for untold eons in a distant system, but by coincidence, they have a Secretary of Education that can inherit the Presidency.

Umm… oh hey look at the pretty dragons! Humans have colonized the solar system. Spaceships are still piloted by humans, though, because using super accurate computer systems in life threatening situations is just no fun. Despite having countless worlds to choose from, the big bad Reapers make Earth a high-priority target. Human potential is just so frightening!

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