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Narcissistic womanizing asshole 49 Pittsburg

Narcissistic womanizing asshole 49 Pittsburg

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Bow job w4m A cute black lady here looking to Narcissistic womanizing asshole 49 Pittsburg a naughty blow job to a white guy. Im a good boy and a real person lol so just send me a response if your interested. Beautiful couples waiting casual dating Sandy Utah boobsboobsins do it from behind w4m i miss the college days of being able to easily fuck anytime i want with any stud.

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Narcissistic womanizing asshole 49 Pittsburg

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I'm in need of a discreet relationship with a classy, WMF, HWP woman.

I got pics:-) It is easy to time by writeing with mans you met on here. I am STR8, but prefer a true BI girlfriend since most couples seeking to swap have a bi-female. Is there a man in Spokane who is 5'10 or taller with big stockynice long and package in his pants hint hint, very sexual, steady income, nice car, house, likes God andis awesome and exciting in bed, romantic, chivalrous, book smart and street smart, someone who wants a real loving monogamous relationship, not a liar or cheater, no emotional mindpatient, understanding, protective of me,mature yet awkwardly funny at appropriate times, ready to experience true like with me, ready to relax in a life with me, tired of drama and every day stresses of life, able to talk about his thoughts and feelings, likes watching sports except golf and (boring), is willing to help me parent my 2 (only one lives with me full-time the other fucks from California on holidays) and set a good example of a male role model for them, someone who enjoys the little things in life and appreciates spending quality time with me, someone who realizes life is too short and is ready to put effort and energy into a long-term relationship, someone who can stick around when times might get mundane or confusing not turn and run away, someone who can accept my or character flaws and sees me for who I am on the inside when I'm not always primped up on the outside, an imaginary man who probably doesn't exist. Want a real women What happened to dating, getting to know eachother, having a connection.

The list is not about revenge or an attempt to slander the few good guys still out there. The Ex-Boyfriend List was created as a reference for girls to report and lookup vital information about a guy they may be interested in. Is he a wife beater? Is he a cheater? Any person putting up false information, or personal contact information about a person is subject to having their accounts closed and your own personal information provided to the public. So do remember that before you post. Biological father murdered his stepmom and died shortly after.

Brother diagnosed with bipolar. A major let down. Do not date at all costs. You will be disgusted with yourself and lose years of your life. Is super nice and charming at first charms and talks his way out of lock downs and getting meds he needs from therapists , so you might not believe me until its too late. He might say I wrote this because I am crazy. I have nothing left to gain or lose by this, just trying to save a fellow sister from going through the same pain I went through.

Jim or James Metzenheim. Imet him on Tagged the dating site. We talked For one month before we moved in together. After living with me for two weeks he got kicked out of my condo and because I wanted to be with him I moved out myself. He is a crack addict and an alcoholic and is high maintenance beyond words.

He is a user, a manipulator and the only person he really cares about is himself. He exemplifies narcissistic personality Disorder!! And of course the addiction and the alcoholism were hidden from me until only two weeks in the living together. This guy is a master manipulator, Alcoholic, Cheat, Lier, Smooth Talker that will lure you in with pretty words, make you dinner, Set the table with candles, Make you Steak and Bacon wrapped Shrimp Seems to be a speciality of his all to lure you into his bed.

He will take anything he can get from you, and while he is texting and calling you, sweet talking you with the baby and honey, be assured he already has another lined up he is saying the exact same things to. Ladies, he is a master at game playing.. He drinks everyday at a bar in Crystal River Fl.

He passed out drunk at my house while his phone was ringing off the hook with his newest victim besides me. This guy cannot be trusted as far as you can pick him up and throw him. I first met Nick on OKCupid. He said he was in an open marriage. I feel disgusted, betrayed, and violated. Nick is, to my knowledge, still dating or trying to date most of the polyamorous people in Duluth.

He is NOT someone you can trust! Jeff Taylor lives in Chicago area now from Boston. He is charming, cute, claims to be so sensitive. He will pull you in but he is a classic narcissist and possibly sociopath.

If you look up those characteristics you will see he fits. He is drawn to attention. Makes you feel stupid when you think you have the connection with him only to find out he has done the same to others. Joshua Hammett of Columbus, Ohio. Went out of way to meet me, put in an immense amount of effort to get to know me, begged for weeks for a first date. Once he got that date, he seemed to be smitten. Then, one day told me he HAD to see me…. I agreed and when he walked in, immediately asked me to be his girlfriend.

Of course I said yes! Things were nice for a while… then he started dodging calls and ignoring texts. Okay, I can take a hint. I asked him what was going on. He said he was just busy with work… okay, cool. Fast forward to my birthday… he literally goes MIA for four days. No call, no visit…. Okay, so this disappearing act goes on, so I just call it off. Says he loves me, yadda yadda yadda.

Then I notice hes all but disappeared from my social media. I do some investigating and his Facebook hasnt been touched in a week, but his ig is hoppin! One girl in particular is liking everything hes posting and I see hes doing the same. I follow her and she immediately contacts me saying shes his gf and has been wondering who I am………………….. We start talking and realize we like each other and do more digging. So, I go to his work to ask and he with a straight face says he doesnt understand what the big deal is.

He should be able to see different people to see what he wants, and that itt wasnt like we were official or anything…….. And didnt he ask me to be his girlfriend? Tell me he loves me? Make these beautiful future plans for us? Long story short, he thought I was nothing and didnt matter at all.

He did this to at least one other girl in the group. I just wish I knew why. Why lead me on? He is very charming, and funny, and generally seems like a great catch, but he will make you fall in love with him, then break your heart, over and over again.

I was his longest relationship. He will also turn every situation around to make it look like your fault, though its not. He makes for a great friend tho if you keep him at an arms distance.

Can also get somewhat physically abusive, not real bad tho. Will say he has feelings for you, will also make up fake emergencies, and then just disappear once you are good and emotionally attached. Current age 33, but turns 34 this year. Appears normal, but likes drama and over exaggeration. This man is a compulsive liar with circular logic. He got me pregnant and promised to be there, but never was, and one day began trashing my things and trying to get me to leave our home while I was pregnant with nowhere to go He even dumped my makeup drawer into the toilet.

He ended up putting his hands on me and getting himself arrested, and that was the beginning of the end. He later lied and said something I did or said caused him to stab himself in the leg and get 30 stitches, and that he contracted HIV from me… this is all a lie… I tested clean when I got pregnant, and again recently, and if he did get stitches his recovery time was remarkable…. He got the idea from me when I told him about Piero Manzoni canning his feces and selling it for the weight of gold.

This man will ruin your life. Always keep him at double arms length. Catholic women, be aware of this man, he pretends to be a devoted Catholic that attends church daily, John Schafer, San Juan Capistrano, Orange County.

He is not an honest person and goes after Catholic women. Be careful, she seems he has slip personality disorders. Jeff Scott Arnold of Pflugerville, Texas. He is 43, has two teenage sons and works in IT at Trend Micro. I am sharing this in the hopes that if you meet him online or in person, you RUN as fast as you can in the opposite direction.

The only woman, if you can call it that, who puts up with this deceitful, shady, manipulative loser, is another deceitful, manipulative loser — a morbidly obese, video game and fast food addicted, pill popping, alcoholic blob named Stephanie Lewis.

Do you remember the humans from the movie Wall-E? Well, two of them appear to be alive and well in Texas,. Emotionally distant, unsupportive and unavailable; Deeply money oriented everything is about money , narcissistic behaviour, intense gaslighting, sexually inept, too adventurous sexually, borderline physically abusive, verbally and emotionally abusive, always has to be right, and have the last word.

I started dating it a year after it was dump by its ex who then got married after she dumped it. That should have been my warning… But alas, I failed to heed it. I was with it for over 2. That should have been my second warning. He gets chicks strung out on heroin, and if they piss him off, he withholds drugs so they get sick as punishment. The last thing he said to her was the night they were going in to detox, he smothered her face in kisses, told her he loved her, held her so, so tight, and told her he was proud of her.

What a piece of shit.

Defining A Modern Masculinity

He is nooooo good. More about John Charles Burtis Jr. He starts cheating with a woman then leaves his current girlfriend for the girl he cheated with. John Charles Burtis Jr. Do Not Go Near Him!!! Ladies, do not go near him.

He is definitely a guy who seems too good to be true, and he holds that image for awhile, but as the old saying goes, anything that is too god to be true probably is. He told me he did not believe in pre-marital relations and then cheated on me with his hussy undergrad co-worker!

He made at the time probably three times more money than I did, yet he was always complaining of being broke and insisted that I buy his groceries! I had to take him to the airport once and, because I work nights, I fell asleep that morning…but I still got him to the airport on time! I even still got him there early! He called me that night and bitched at me for it! He is a liar, a cheat and will only be interested in you for your money.

Also he wont do anything for anyone unless he gets something out of it generally in the form of money or sex. Steven Henri from Bellevue, Ne. I met this piece of work through a mutual friend of mine. Steve came off as very sweet and caring, he had the good looks and all of the right things to say.

We were together for about 6 months, everything was going fine, and we had discussed moving in together this spring. Well, right before Christmas, he broke up wit me because he had been secretly talking to his ex and thought he still had feelings for her. I should have saw the warning signs that he was trouble, but I really wanted to believe that he was different.

About 3 months into the relationship he started to let his nice guy mask slip, and started to show that we was very narcicistic. He constantly talked about how great he was, and began to imply that he was better than me in all aspects. Keep in mind that I am in graduate school, I have a higher position in the company I work for, and I make more money. I implied that he was beter looking than me, even though whenever we went out, all of his friends, guys and girls would talk about nothing else but how attractive I am.

He was vey competitive and hated to be challenged, he was never wrong no matter how wrong he really was. I he has a good story, he will try to gain your sympathy and get you to lower your gaurd by telling you about the tragic deaths of two of his siblings.

I found out that he does this to everyone he dates. He will date them, make everything sound like it is going great, and then just dump them. Be warned, this guy is nothing but trouble. If there are any girls out there that really think that they can change him, just remember that he will never be capable of giving you love, because he is too in love with himself. The only thing that will change after you date him, is how you view men all together in a really negative way.

Jerry Dvorak from Houston, TX. At least for now. Reed Barrow Sissykrystal from Everett,Wa. OMG he was such a great guy, warm caring and considerate. Reed was someone I thought was the catch until I had him stay and watch my home while I was away on business. I returned home sooner than I told him and it was late so I quietly entered my home not to wake him, and to my surprise he was in the bedroom with the stereo loud and standing in front of the mirror dressed from head to toe in the most outlandish little sissy girl outfit I ever saw.

I think he was in as much shock as I was, and when he tried to explain he just made it worse by telling me and showing me he wears real pampers and plastic pants under his petti too.

Unless your into very! It started from when I was 12 and he was 14 till I was 16 and he was He was my first bf and being with him almost kept me from being able to ever have a normal relationship again. The whole time we were together he never met my parents, we never went on a date, were never physical not even a kiss , never talked on the phone, or anything that normal coples have or do. He cheated on me repeatedly. He thought he might be gay and I still stuck with him.

Watch out for this one! He comes off as the perfect guy. He started out as one of my best friends before we started dating. He told me how much he wanted me then started dating another girl.

He dumped her and we hooked up a few weeks later. That was on and off. We split because i wanted more and he wanted to be single. He split up with all the other girls to date some new girl. He cheated on her with me. When people started finding out, he said I made it all up and lied thru his teeth.

She ended up cheating on him and the happy couple is still together. He used me repeatedly, betrayed our friendship, and turned into a cheating womanizing, player. Gareth Grehan from Ireland. He hurts everyone and says he cares.

He says he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, then 2 days later rips my heart out by telling me he wants nothing to do with me and that he never loved me. Cyber stalking alcoholic meets paranoid Christian Bale wanna be.

I should have listened, he knew best! Seriously he has emotional probs and is a master of manipulation. He uses fear to try to control women. Have broken up with him several times he always manages to get me back by crying and getting his way, not this time! He was using that to be deceptive. He was ok at first, I thought he was normal. Then one night he came over to stay and he takes this huge gun out and puts it up to my throat.

I told him I needed his help to get something out of the garage and I got him to go out there. He was really mad. That was the last I saw of him. I was like Look. You need to get your fake Dr.

I changed my number. Calls every few minutes to every hour, even at work always has time for you, blah blah blah. Until he gets in your pants. He has a habit of saying all the women in his life past and present are crazy. He even says his Mama is crazy. Shame on this Free loading asshole and I hope the rest of his hair falls out and I hope someone does to him what he did to me. I hope someone cleans out his bank accounts steals his stuff and takes advantage of him and his family in every single way.

Billy Lee from charlottesville,va. He is an alcoholic with a charming personality. But dont be fooled he is a jerk. Will be at bars every night,no phone call.

He never says he doesent want a relationship, but never answers that he does. He gives you just enough information to keep you on the line. By now he knows how attached you are to him. He sleeps with other women and has some way of making it all ok…after all he is a good man. He maintains a type of mind control and seduction over you and treats you with a mild neglect. He calls just enough to give you hope.

He screws you, screws other women, screws you…after all its okay because you know hes happy being single. Lonnie Ernst from Salt Lake City. He is a free loader that makes his way through life using women.

He does not care who he hurts to get what he wants. It is probably your money. Claims all his exes are crazy. Calls all the time at first. He tells you how much he loves you after week one. He wants you to pay his bills. Paul Mijatovich also known as Pablo from Melbourne, Victoria.

This guy is a jerk! He is a pot smoking, no hope loser who is so controlling, my friend is scared not to answer his phone calls! Be warned ladies this guy is the real defintion of a controlling male. He deserves a good beating himself if you ask me!! Jeromy Coleman from St. I was married to him less then a year. He is in the Navy and moved to Oaklahoma City after he moved back to the states.

I was to move down there with him and my 2 kids but, He told me not to. Come to find out… He had been cheating on me. Saying I was cheating first. He is smooth Ladies. He is sweet, loving and has a past but, he will use you to get what he wants, Lies, has his father lie for him. If you meet him….. He will take all your money, and use you for sex. Watch out for him. He has always been a cheater and a user. Crosby — Alright weman…… Truely stay away from this one.

He loves to have fun, drinks alot, parties…. Known him now for 9 years. He has 2 kids and one with speacial need. Wants nothng to do with him because, as he said it…..

He lies about everything. Cheats on every woman. You think your special….. He will use you and lie to you about anything and everything. You will ask you to marrie him in about 3 weeks time. He talks mad crap about every woman. Stay away from this a-hole! White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Scott Todd Perlman Run! He lies to courts about his income to avoid having to pay and claims he is on poverty level income! Yet rather than try to improve his relationship with them stop controlling, bullying he blames me for being a bad mother.

This man is a cancer walking among us. Thomas John from Wooster, OH. Also known as TJ. I have had two beautiful children for him. He drinks and may even have people watching me. He knows what i do. Where i am at etc. David last name unknown from Oklahoma City, OK. He tried to get into my panties, but I told him that I was not physically attracted to him, and that we could only be friends.

You could show a movie on his wide ass. Works for the city. Drives a red car. Currently lives with his Mama big surprise… NOT. Once you get him started, it is hell getting rid of him for good. He tried to masturbate on my sofa, right in front of me!!! Asked me how much money I had, on several occasions, and implied that he wanted to go to Lucky Star casino.

One morning, he showed up at my house after keeping me up all night, watching a movie till 4 AM, and he FINALLY left and he was in a funky mood because he had just bought a new tag for his car, and he was complaining about the price and throwing the paperwork in my face like he expected me to do something about it. Almost always showed up near dinner time for his freeloading meal. Was always asking if I had any liquor in the house.

Very bossy, at times. Would tell me not ask me to get him some water, soda, etc. I met this guy online, through the Sex Addicts Anonymous Yahoo group. He is, supposedly, a recovering sex addict.

Right after I joined the group, he began to send me perverted emails. Well prince charming turned into a pathalogical liar and a crook. Not to say his sexual games with others ended our marriage before it ever got started good. He owns a welding shop and has all of his family kissing his rear so he can do his dirty little secrets.

It is scary how this man thinks and acts. He has many pending domestic violence cases open throughout the state. Has issues about being manly because he is a pretty boy.

Vindictive, sneaky and a cheater. Terrible in bed, completely selfish. First off i only knew this guy for a week. He automatically decided that i was his girlfriend without asking me. Believes in his heart that a woman should do everything, work, pay bills, clean house, cook, etc. He thought something was wrong with me as I did not share his beliefs!

Big ole looser girls, I should have known better. Aaron Smith from Gainesville, FL. We were together for 3 years and have a womderful daughter together… 3 months ago we both decided to have another baby. I got pregnant right away. Found the condom in a cup in his car…. Ernie Gurke This is a dangerous psychopath, alchoholic and druggie who gets his kicks out of sadistic acts, violence, lies, manipulations, and making fools of everyone — he will say anything to get what he wants and steal and throw away everything you have to hurt you.

Watch out for your kids and friends, no one will stand in his way. Depraved empty man who will steal you blind. Weak little man who cares about nothing but himself and how he will get his next fix. Ernie, Ernst Last Known Location: Whitehouse Station, New Jersey. Jose Antonio from Laredo, TX. Dated him for app. Slept over at my house numerous times. Very recently I was informed that he has a girlfriend with children in his hometown.

This information was confirmed via internet. Anthony Lorick also known as Tony, from Kerrville Texas… Mentally ill,Compulsive liar,violent,emotionally abusive, financially abusive, sexually abusive.

This man was a serial cheater. He had so many phone numbers in his wallet once it took me hours to call all the women. His real trick is the internet. Stay way from this man! He will take everything you have and leave you or worse you might just end up dead! Mark Ashby from the Pacific Northwest…. Con artist…LONG history of incarcerations.

Duane Butler known as BIg D from stephenville newfoundland canada. Beware, he is a con artist true manipulater.

Uses woman for their money or what ever he can get even just a meal. He is abusive when drinking and has been also with kids. Dead beat father per cent would rather support his habits then his kid at present is using yet another woman who is going through a divorce and is waiting for her to get her money so he can take it and run. He loves a woman with a sports car and will try to charm you to give it to him. He is a big man pounds 6 foot 2 inch but really he is only a small man with a very small burnt out mind and a very small private part.

Useless human being who uses woman and never worked any real time in his life, welfare is his style and the bonus comes from the females he meets who have a bit of money to support him and the habits. He is verbally abusive as well when he does not get what he wants or he will pretend to be depressed so you will feel sorry for him and give him what he wants. He hurt me and my kids many times, my kids hate him and have been scarred.

Beware is all I have to say!!! He is a lying, cheating, jobless, and degreeless loser and waste of space. All the while, he is seeing other women behind your back!

Haris from Spokane, wa. Known as a compulsive liar — Control freak — ask constantly where i was who i was with and what I was doing Liar -would tell me things to me and then something different to my best friend. Then when we confronted him about it he said he never said any of it. WOuld call me when he was outside so he could come over. Even if i was super busy he still demanded i make time for him. If i didnt he would seriously throw a tantrum like a 2 year old. He Lies about shit and is the biggest drama queen i have ever known.

I have never ever ever met somebody so dramatic in my life!!!! He is a fucking leech! He needs some serious Mental help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mario is a user and abuser! He not only used my credit cards, but when I found out he said he would pay it and never did! He told my uncle that I was his overdraft protection. After I had just helped him find a car, get it on the road and registered it for him! He has a nasty temper and can be very violent.

I once had a stapler thrown at my head. He is also a cheater. He goes from one girl to the next, we were together for almost 2 years and knew each other longer than that. After I broke up with him he was with a new girl in 2 weeks, saying he loved her, and she was the one. He is 23 and everytime it seems like the girls get younger and younger. He is an excellent liar and can be very charming, so do not fall for it girls!

Joker from Orlando, FL. Justin is an asshole! Needless to say I have not gotten any money from him. Watch out for this worthless piece of swamp slime! Bobby also known as: He is a lying, self absorbed, disrespectful, arrogant, cocky, self centered, dumb, uncaring, judgmental, cold bastard. He seems to thrive on drama and will listen to any feedback from a third party about you.

He is 38, self employed, still lives at home. He is a commit-a-phob and leery of any relationship. You have been warned, steer clear and save yourself NOW!

I mean, how dare I try to sleep at night! Poor Dan, mean wife divorced him so feel sorry for him. We most certainly were NOT divorced. Harold Edward Roberts II. This is my ex husband. Not only did he cheat on me while I was in the hospital but he was also physically abusive throughout the spam of our relationship including choking me several times. Despite what he may tell you about his past he was removed from the Military for theft and an inability to listen to authority.

His dishonorable discharge from the Navy was because he stole several laptop computers. Doug cheated on his wife more than 3 times in their 10 years of marriage including the day after his brother in law died while his wife lay in bed traumatized. He lies cheats and is an admitted sex addict. This guy is the biggest loser of them all. He tells lies like they most people make small talk.

He is a drug addict alcoholic theif that will burn anyone including family. He will tell you exactly what you want to hear to get what he wants. His word means shit and his apologies are empty. Kim Willis is a liar user and abuser! He has no problem screwing ugly nasty hoes! He will lie to you and manipulate you to get whatever he wants. If you break up with him or deny him in any way he goes completely balistic.

He treatened to kill me break in my house and kill my DOG and all sorts of crazy shit! I almost had to get a restraining order on him when he would call my phone at all hours of the day and night and leave the most awful voicemails EVER! He said the meanest most hurtful things that have ever been said to me.

I would catch him driving past my house quite often. He hides his pyscho-ness well! I would have never ever guessed he was this NUTS he seems so normal when you meet him! I caught him talking on the phone to another girl in my kitchen.

He was saying the rudest things about me and I heard every word… my revenge? A suckerpunch to his mouth. Yeah bad I know. But the jerk had it coming. Also he says he loves to work out but ladies cover your eyes when he takes his shirt off! He is a sociopath to the T. He uses you until he no longer has a use for you then he will move on the whomever he has sitting in the back ground.

I had a boyfriend 4 a couple months and basically he got tired of me. So he got action from another gurl without me knowing. Then I found out so he dumped me.

Then he went out with a bunch of other gurlz to make me jelious. But I found out that he really liked them. We broke up 4 like at least a month. Then we got back together and he like an hour later sayz its over then hangs up. Then the nxt day at school he tells every1 it waz funny when he broke up wit me. If you ever date this guy all I have to say is watch out! He likes to play games and iz not the rite guy 4 any1!!!! He was great at first.

All of a sudden basically was living with me. He got so jealous of my exboyfriend calling me he broke 4 of my phones. Put several holes in my walls and kicked my door in.

I would be sleeping in my room and all of a sudden he would be in my house. He had found a way to sneak in my house. I finally found out he would sneak in my garage and jimmy the lock…OMG psycho. He drove by my house and even sent messages to my new boyfriend telling him not to date me and etc. He bought me a bbq pit worth 50 bucks and he told me he was going to sue me for it…. Treated me like Trash for 5 straight years. Would call me a bitch tell me to shut up get mad if I said no to sex never picked me up from my house said disrespectful things about my family cheated on me after 4 years called me all sorts of degrading names from stupid bitch all the way down to the c word.

Forgot my birthday and picked his video games over me. This guy and his whole family stole my 3 year old son. They are holding for ransom and this is the second ex-wife this family have done it too. They will be extremly overbarringly nice to the point where you wonder if they are all fakes. He knows how to go thru the motions to make it look like he really cares about you but he is not truly capable. So consider yourselves warned. Stan — polish guy. This guy is out for one thing and one thing only.

He took me out twice and then expected me to go home with him. Geeze it takes months to get to know someone well enough to want to sleep with them.

Then after that I never heard from him again. He was abusive emotionally verbally and physically. I finally got out of that relationship and pressed charges against him for assault. There was supposed to be a restraining order for a year but he got off after only 6 months. The bruises and emotional scars he gave me were not worth the 8.

He is immature and has a tendency to be attracted to young girls as in years old Stay away! He decided to tell me yrs later. Leaves me with all the bills…. Good riddance…and sorry for you new bitch. He can be quite the charmer…. We met online and he moved in shortly after. I helped him start and run a bar for over 3 years.

I took a home equity line out on my house to help him with his business. We were very happy and very connected until he started drinking heavily. He broke up with me over the phone by telling me he wanted to drink and party without feeling guilty about his behavior hurting me.

I agree with the other person hwo posted. He still lives with his parents and has tons of women friends. He is not loyal to anyone. I have known him for years and have been smart enough to not fall for him. He is a loser and he is fat and disgusting and he is trying deperately to ake up for his small cock! He will use you for whatever he can get and if you are a man reading this do not do business with him and do not make friends with this false profit!

My male friend was screwed over by him for a large amount of money! Thank God someone else posted here people need to know about this fat waste of life!!!! I agree with the female that posted this at an earlier time..

He is still at his old tricks and is not to be trusted.. When he was with me he was still doing the dating site came to my house drunk I told him to leave and not return then he turned on me in a bad way.. His brother Mark Fradl filled me in on his other bad issues.. I took all that in plus what this other female wrote on here which I copied and reposted and took those words to heart and decided I was tired of his cheap and crazy ways.

He will flash those big brown eyes and lie to you at every opportunity. But during our divorce he took things that were mine ruined things that were mine that he packed kept toys of my four year olds and would not give them back. He then has went on to tell a bunch of people really horrible and awful things about me and continues to do things to harm my reputation. Screw him but warning to all you sisters out there…he sucks!!

The last girl that posted on here about Mr. Shippee just knocked the girls that he has been with but forgot to add herself. He is on about every dating sight out there. He is a convicted felon that says he only committed the crime because of a misdosed medication. He lures girls in with his sweet charm and decent looks. He plays off the he is this reborn christian when he is the worst image of christianity anyone could imagine.

He will promise you the world and produce nothing but lies. He has cheated on me and his just recent ex-girlfriend who is now a very good friend of mine. He used both of us at the same time and tried to use us against each other but it kinda formed a bond between us. If you see him on any dating site stay as clear from him as you possibly can.

He is nothing but a lier and a cheat. Where should i start? He even calls you family and tells them all your deep secrets. He also does not know how to hold a job. The only thing is that i was the dumd ass for staying as long as i did. My Exhusband was the same way. I hope that the next woman that goes with these but heads sees the real person they are b-4 its to late.

Good luck to all of the girls out there. I know for myself that i am just a freak magnet. And rather be by myself. Goo luck to all of you my fellow sisters. I dated this mam for 5months. Prior to that we communicated for 2 months. Then one day he tells me that he got a bad hair cut and was shaving his hair. He said he would call me later.

Never heard from him again. So ladies watch out for this guy he has a smooth mouth and will treat you very nice But beware. He made me feel really bad and hurt me mentally. He is a cheap sob also But to get to a new woman he will spend money for roses and etc. Hes the kind of man that makes women not like men. Will tell you what you want to hear. He just wants in your pants. Basically an asshole made me think he really loved me and I could possibly have a future with him. Major liar and alcoholic.

Talks on cell phone thru date and constantly texting someone. Very all about himself. Living with one girl and sleeping with 3 others. History of cheating on his wives.

Got a girl pregnant while married to wife 2. Lies all the time. Always needs to borrow money. Tells you everything you want to hear. He could have told me that 4 years ago…. He told me he was single and completely unattached.

Later when I got pregnant he admitted he was actually going out with someone who was away at college. He abandonend me and told me never to tell the baby or anyone he was the father or he would make my life hell because he is a cop. A few months later I had a miscarriage and he took me for the surgery because he said felt bad because he heard I was so upset. A week later he told me to never call him again because while all that was going on he asked his girlfriend to marry him and she said yes.

He is a pathological liar and a chronic cheater. Later I found out that a nurse he was also sleeping with was breaking into my medical records for him I had changed my number and told him to leave me alone and she gave him the new number He is a complete and total pathological liar.

I should have known he was no good because he pulled me over to get my phone number what a jerk off. He only stays with the girlfriend because her family is loaded. He is a cheating jerk who will sleep with anyone and lie to your face about it. If by chance you meet him run and dont look back! I have to admit I am a little bitter but men are a dime a dozen so next!

I started dating this guy and he was wonderful. I was very hesitant at first because I had just gotten out of a two year relationship two weeks prior to meeting him. He works on the docks here at my work.

Things were great we had our kids involved. The only issue we ever had was his ex wife. I could understand some of her feelings but she tried to talk bad about me to her kids which I feel was immature and childish. I guess a few weeks before we had ended she had a break down. He went and visited her daily and then picked her up and took her home.

This was all in his head! I never made it that serious. I am not made that he hurt me. I am maddest about how he hurt my kids. I miss his kids! I have found out since then that he is back with the ex wife and I hope they are miserable together! Where do I start. Stares at himself in the mirror even when he is driving!!!! Freaker aka Herve aka Jake Chifor. Black male with a thing for kids. Has a very so-so penis and skills but thinks he is all that.

He has bumps on his dick too. Randy lies about being divorced. Since he travels a lot and has a second home he got away with it for a long time. He has even posted profiles on internet dating sites. His mother is a total bitch and he was so controlling about what i wore.

He was the biggest doucheface idiot! AND gets angry when I make suggestions and try to work around the things that prevent him from seeing me. Argues about every little thing. This man is married but goes online to find women so he can cheat on his wife. I have never done this before. He is truly a manipulator and a pathological liar. He will live off of you until you rid yourself of him. And guess who pays if you ever want to have a social life? In hindsight I definitely saw it all coming.

He becomes increasingly controlling and jealous. No drinks with the girls for you. Although his increasing violence made it very difficult to actually remove him physically from my apartment. It ended very badly and very violently.

And he harassed me for quite a while. Literally 73 phone calls in one day. Then I found out that he had accessed my cell phone account email account even my voicemail and was tracking everyone I was talking to.

He then proceeded to call several of my close friends incessantly. And he called a few of my male friends and threatened them. I have a Psychology degree and can tell you his behavior qualifies as psychotic. And I was scared. So I went to the police and eventually he tapered off. As it turns out he has been in a great deal of trouble before and since although not during. He owes many people a lot of money.

There are a ton of these creeps out. While together he cheated on me with two other women one which was my roomate for two years! Then he would make me think i was crazy when i would confront him! He took me for every cent i had and then when i needed him most he left me!

Girls be on the look out for this loser!!!!! And to top it off he does truly suck in bed! What was i thinking wasting three years of my life and the sucky thing is that i gave him not only everything i gave him my heart! He is controlling manipulative and uses woman.. Has done jail time for stealing now a felon. Failed a cavity search in jail. This man has completely unwarranted delusions of grandeur. Will come across as charming and caring at first but once you care about him turns into a complete prick.

If you have the misfortune of meeting him turn and run the other way as fast as you can. He is an egocentric commitment-phobe. He will date you for about a year and be really good to you. He also smokes pot daily and this guy is 57 years old! He is only interested in what he wants to do and will not make much effort to come in to your life. He is extremely immature and pretentious. He also is very shallow and has nothing but women friends who use him… and he lets them. Pass on this guy!

You can do much better! This guy is not a man he played around when we first had children with some young whore while I was raising his children. He came back I let him stay should have said NO. Wanted nothing but to satisfy his own needs now he will not see his children again. I told him not to hurt me. This guy is the worst kind of player! He will start off telling you how he used to be a player and since he had a terrible battle with cancer he has found the lord and changed his ways. He started out talking about the bible and praying with me and before I knew it he was sending me dirty text messages and wanting to have phone sex.

Not the real thing because he was afraid of God. What kind of crap is that. Things progressed and he would come by my house unannounced and was always trying to get my kids to like him side note: Well what does one say about this asshole? We communicated for their sake and this worked well for us and the kids. That is until he started screwing the ugly bucktoothed whore next door to his house.

Obviously the best thing I ever did was divorcing his sorry ass. Together nearly 4 years. Love of my life planning on marrying. Compulsive Liar for the last year. Told me he needed time to himself and moved interstate. I completely supported his move. Found out via his email account that he was living in a completely different state with his new GF. They had been together 8 months. Broke up Xmas eve. She is also 5 years older than him in her 30s.

Complete and utter loser. Still so hurt however. I broke up with him in November then was stupid enough to go back out with him later to find out the whole two months we went back out was just to break up with me and get back at me for breaking up with him the first time. Avoid at all cost. He is a habitual lying sociopath who is suspected of being married. Oh…and he will get you pregnant and dump you like a piece of garbage without a second thought after he accuses you of being a whore.

He is a manipulator and a user! He will cheat on you lie to you and all the while telling you he loves you and wants to make a home together. And he WILL rip your heart to shreds. He is a closet homosexual with a very low sex drive.

He needs to stop being scared off his mum and come out of the closet! Dont believe a thing he says. All he does is lie cheat steal drink do drugs hit women doesnt work and doesnt take care of his kids. A short stubby little loser! Hes not very tall either! He will be sweet as pie and a dream come true for about the first few months even cook you dinner and be romantic and get you drinks etc… then his true colors start to show.

He is looking for a mother not a wife. He wants a slave that will cater to his every need but expect nothing in return. He is very immature. He does not know how to hang out with a woman as a friend. He only ever makes plans with his male friends. However what I do know for sure is that to him A woman is only there to cook him dinner clean the house do his laundry and please HIM sexually you get nothing in return and that is it.

He is also very emotionally abusive. They include Ayn Rand , who while libertarian in her political beliefs demanded followers adhere to strict ideological purity without question, as well as Marlene Dixon , who headed up the socialist Democratic Workers Party. Except for possibly Koresh, all of these cult leaders were well-known addicts.

Many if not most of the top brass in the Klan were alcoholics, Jim Jones was an alcohol and amphetamine addict and Hubbard used a potpourri of drugs. His mother cohabitated with a violent drunk until he was 4 years old, when she placed him with her mother for three years. The creation of a cult seems to nearly always require addiction in the cult leader, or at least serious and un-treated codependency—living with and, therefore, being subject to psychological, emotional and often physical abuse by an alcohol or other-drug addict for an extended period.

All were alcohol or other-drug addicts. On numerous occasions, I have pointed to the likelihood that terrorism is nearly always rooted in substance addiction. In my article on terrorism , I argue for addiction in Osama bin Laden. The possible role of Khat in fueling terrorism is hypothesized in TAR The mindset of the granddaddy of all political terrorists, Karl Marx , is best explained by his obvious alcoholism, for which the case is made in the review of the month in TAR By no means were the men, women and children who followed Jim Jones to Jonestown, Guyana and then committed suicide, all addicts.

However, Jones was one, which gave him a need to control others, which helped him to sell dangerous ideas to those who were susceptible. These, no doubt, included many who were deeply affected by extremely abusive alcohol and other-drug addicts, as well as others who themselves were such addicts for periods of time. On a different scale, not every German was an addict, but Adolf Hitler was. I doubt there were more than a relatively few barbiturate addicts among the Chinese, but Mao Zedong was one.

Similarly, not every person in the territory now controlled by ISIS who wants to live under Sharia is an addict, but based on the fact that addiction can be proven in nearly every despot in recent history and even many long ago, in whom addiction is much more difficult to prove , the self-proclaimed caliph of ISIS and cult leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is probably heavily using one or more substances addictively.

They include stoning women to death for committing adultery. They include engaging in slave trade. And, they include using chemical weapons such as white phosphorus which, by burning from the inside out once the chemical enters the bloodstream, leads to a tortured death. While there is no direct evidence of addiction, the extreme violence, hatred and other behaviors suggest addiction in at least their leader. Such barbarians would certainly be capable of mass murder on a much larger scale—they even proclaim that is their intention.

Hitler would have launched nuclear warheads if he had the capability. Given the fact that followers are often reduced to non-thinking automatons or, as in the case of North Korea, families are threatened with certain death, they would certainly carry out an order to launch such weapons or, for lack of technological capability, smuggle them into the United States. If there is a high likelihood an addicted despot—usually if not always, a cult leader—has access to weapons of mass destruction, such a leader and his followers need to be taken out.

As pointed out in Drunks, Drugs and Debits , we cannot predict how destructive an alcohol or other-drug addict may become, or when. Recovering addicts admit they were, when using, capable of anything—which means, anything. If a cult gains access to WMD, there is little doubt it will use them. Recent articles have pointed to the presence of WMD in Iraq albeit, older, less stable ones.

If ISIS is able to access and use these weapons, do not doubt that many will die. Even otherwise non-interventionist libertarians—who believe the purpose of government is to protect us from thugs, foreign and domestic—should support this.

Runner-up for top story of the month: From swimming in the Olympics to swimming in booze, the most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps , 29, arrested on charges of driving under the influence at excessive speed 84 mph in a 45 mph zone.

This comes a decade after he was first arrested for DUI. A second DUI increases the odds of alcoholism to near-certain; he will need to deflate his ego to get sober, which is not something that can be learned. In the meantime, the Michael Phelps Foundation focuses on growing the sport of swimming and, ironically, promoting healthier lifestyles. Tip of the hat to Glenn H. Violence is nearly always associated with alcohol or other-drug addiction.

Nurse Kaci Hickox , 33, defying quarantine orders, threatening legal action and going about her life as if there is no danger of infecting others after returning from treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone. Hooper , and astronaut Buzz Aldrin who was on a bender until two days before lifting off to become the first man on the moon are also well-known heroes with alcoholism.

She left for Maine after only two or three days. Hickox objects that she has no symptoms and all tests have been negative. However, the same was true for Thomas Duncan, who later died of the disease, and Dr.

Craig Spencer, who exhibited no symptoms until he woke up one morning with a Hickox—you were a hero in Sierra Leone, but your actions could have put lives in danger in the U. Your arrogance, haughtiness and self-centered behavior indicate alcoholism. This would explain, but not excuse, your behaviors. Gavrilo Princip , one of six assassins recruited by Danilo Ilic. The commission of murder nearly always requires substance addiction, but proof eludes in this case.

Alcoholism is often the best explanation for all manner of tragedy, and WWI is no exception. Codependent of the month: I have identified a spouse as an alcoholic seven times only to discover I pegged the wrong one I finally gave up trying. Alcoholic retrospective of the month: Puente, unfortunately, appears to have no clue. But what about Plath? Alcoholic side dish of the month: Alcoholic scam of the month: Eric McLean Slighton , 53, arrested on suspicion of public drunkenness after allegedly posing as an airport security screener for the Transportation Security Administration at San Francisco International Airport.

Slighton, an apparent partner with a private equity firm in Singapore and, before that, managing director of Barclays Capital in Hong Kong and Deutsche Bank in Hong Kong, steered two women into private screening booths used to pat down passengers.

Child alkies of the month: The year-old was driving without headlights when pulled over at Grown-up child alkie of the month: Former child star Amanda Bynes , 28, getting her second DUI and, again, put under the conservatorship of her mother. Two years ago, she sideswiped a police car and was charged with DUI; separately, she was charged with two hit and run incidents. In another incident, a DUI charge was dropped only because she pled out to reckless driving; after that, she was cited for driving with a suspended license.

Off the road, she was arrested for criminal possession of marijuana, tampering with evidence and reckless endangerment for throwing a bong out the window of her 36 th floor Manhattan apartment she claimed it was a vase.

Two days later she accused the arresting officer of sexual harassment. Codependent journalists of the month: Journalists, informing readers that Amanda Bynes has a mental illness, when they should instead point to her behaviors and suggest she has the disease of addiction.

They are welcome to say she may have or, more likely, may have triggered a mental disorder, but we cannot know this until she is clean and sober for at least several years. Alcoholic passengers of the month: Alcoholic hero-villain of the month: He wound up in another apartment in the same building and encountered the woman, who had never seen him before. Alcoholic sportsman of the month: Abdiel Toribio , 42, was observed driving a vehicle with long-expired tags and pulled over.

Toribio was going to have none of that and drove off—with the deputy partly inside the vehicle. After slowly pulling himself into the car, the deputy convinced Toribio, who had numerous priors, to stop and face new charges, including resisting an officer with violence and driving while license is suspended or revoked for DUI.

Alcoholic untruth of the month: Lawrence Goetzman , 30, rolled his SUV on an interstate ramp and, landing right-side up on its tires, drove away. Officers found a debris field of broken glass, clothes, tools and paperwork on the ramp, along with skid marks and red paint from a vehicle on the road.

Police charged him with DUI, driving without a valid license and failure to maintain control of his vehicle. He also qualified for the next category: He not only reeked of alcohol, but also of urine because he peed on himself and, in an apparent attempt to dry out, had his pants down when he was arrested.

There are plenty of partially clothed alkies, but a partially clothed DUI is rare. Alcoholic blackout of the month: He remembers drinking and pill-popping the night before. Alcoholic law enforcement malfeasance of the month: Jansen , 29, clocking in at 90 mph on Interstate 70, igniting a police pursuit. After evading spikes, Jansen drove into a soybean field, where he drove in circles for 40 minutes as law enforcers set up a perimeter, blocking all exits.

Jansen finally surrendered to deputy sheriffs and was charged with fleeing and eluding, obstruction, reckless driving and speeding. Alcoholic law enforcer of the month: Smelling alcohol and observing slurred speech, the officer gave her sobriety tests; she failed. I worked hard for 25 years to be where I am today. Longoria adjudicates both criminal and civil cases. Because alcoholics have poor judgment, Texas residents will be well served if Longoria steps down or at least steps aside for a few years while she works on her sobriety.

Polite alcoholic criminal of the month: Mark Williams , 37, arrested for trying to rob one business, robbing the clerk at another business, running literally—on foot from a hit-and-run car crash and then breaking into four homes, all in the space of less than 40 minutes. He apologized to the neighbors at the fourth home, where he had surrendered, for being high and for interrupting their night. Alcoholic chutzpah of the month: Ria Buford , 32, charged with public drunkenness, robbery of a motor vehicle and disorderly conduct, when she helped herself into an unmarked police car after the driver had stepped out.

One of the officers got out and raced around to the other side, trying to pull Ms. After a couple of knee strikes to his back area from another officer, the two were arrested. Surprisingly not , the arresting officer wrote that Ms. Alcoholic medical analysis of the month: Therefore, Lane showed up at work with a. Instead, Lane was fired and could lose his medical license. This seems to have created enough pain to inspire in Lane a real need to get and stay sober: After that program ended, he checked himself into a day treatment center and followed that up with a six-week outpatient program, regularly attending AA meetings.

Keep it up, Dr. You now have a shot at getting a real life and really helping people. Alcoholic dads of the month: Mark Allen Hughes , 35, catching his year-old son drinking alcohol and deciding to teach him a lesson: The learning experience landed the son in the hospital, on a ventilator. Hughes has been charged with aggravated child abuse. He was reportedly glassy-eyed and incoherent. Just what were you teaching your daughter in the hotel room, Mr.

Joshua Delong , 28, charged with child neglect after leaving his three children, ages 5, 7 and 8, in his car for four hours, with the windows up and the key in the ignition, while he drank beer at a bar. The kids may be learning the connection between drinking for hours, child abuse and lying. Vontrell Hines , 25, arrested for child endangerment after shoving and then running from officers after being pulled over—leaving behind his month-old daughter and 15 bags of marijuana in his car.

Pot can make people act really badly! Alcoholic aunt of the month: Tansmore , 48, accused of abandoning her 1-year-old niece in a bid to avoid arrest for alleged theft of laundry detergent and Miracle Whip from a Walmart. Tansmore was also charged with—are you ready? Alcoholic uncle of the month: Hairston , 58, arrested for DUI, endangering the welfare of children and numerous other counts after taking his two nephews out for a joy ride.

While his 8-year old nephew steered the vehicle while on his lap, a 9-year-old jumped around the back seat unrestrained; Hairston held a ounce can of beer and an empty ounce beer can was found in the center console. An officer had noticed the car moving erratically, stopping in the middle of the road, then accelerating and then braking, before striking a parked car. When the car stopped, Hairston got out, beer in hand.

Codependent mom of the month: The mother of the kids who Clarence W. Hairston had in his car. Alcoholic parents of the month: Michael Pierce , 41, and his wife Melanie Pierce , 34, arrested after passing out from a heroin overdose in their car in a restaurant parking lot, with their 4-year-old and month-old sons in the back seat. Alcoholic grandma of the month: Cynthia Ann Watson , 51, arrested after allegedly putting methamphetamine in tea that was later ingested by her 2-year-old granddaughter.

Alcoholic son of the month: Dwight Ridgeway McGinnis, Jr. She was found at 6: Sometimes, it takes an addict: John Anthony Walker , Soviet spy, dead in federal prison at age 77 of causes related to diabetes and throat cancer. Walker specialized in communications during his time as a United States Navy Chief Warrant Officer; this expertise allowed him to create a spy ring that deciphered more than one million encrypted American messages, likely resulting in more damage to the U.

Even more shocking was that close family and a friend made up the spy ring: This spying allowed the Soviets to track every U. Secretary of the Navy, John Lehman, admitted would have resulted in huge losses of American lives in the event of war. At age 17, Walker was arrested on charges of burglary. The court offered him a choice between jail and the military, and he chose the latter.

Thirteen years later, in , he became distraught over financial difficulties and walked into the Soviet Embassy in Washington, D. He negotiated payments and a weekly salary for spying. North Korean forces seized the USS Pueblo one month later, likely at the behest of the Soviets, who wanted to study equipment described in the documents although there is some debate over whether the seizure was coincidental, I would suggest such events rarely simply coincide.

Walker and his wife Barbara divorced in She tried several times to contact the Boston office of the FBI, but either hung up or was too drunk to speak. In , she drunkenly confessed that Walker was a spy for the Soviet Union. When the NIS began asking how Walker could afford luxury vehicles and three residences, they broke the case wide open. The last seven of these are classic behavioral clues to addiction, elucidated in How to Spot Hidden Alcoholics.

In opposition to the hypothesis that addiction explained his behaviors, Walker never got sober in prison. His self-serving autobiography claimed, among other delusions, that giving secrets to the Soviets helped to end the Cold War by convincing the Kremlin that it could never match our military superiority, causing them to simply give up.

Many convicts, even those who stop drinking and using, never deflate the ego. To an addict, a psychotropic drug is a psychotropic drug; addicts can nearly always fall back on any available substitute. Make one drug illegal and either the addict will find a way to get his hands on it, or find another drug.

Current prohibitions do the same, and as before it allows really bad people—nearly always alcohol and other-drug addicts—to become obscenely wealthy; illegality results in immense mark-ups. The legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington State and soon, due to recent election results, Oregon, Alaska and D.

However, while creating some bad results, they are arguably not as negative as those caused by criminalization. Still, bad side effects can be reduced by allowing business-owners, landlords and others to discriminate against pot users. This includes those addicted to marijuana. We addictionologists have a unique tool to ferret out such addicts before or shortly after hiring someone: However, if we err it can be catastrophic to our pocketbook and sanity, and we can make mistakes because some addicts can make themselves appear normal for extended periods.

Worse, non-addictionologists have no such tools. Therefore, employers need to be able to test and give employees who test positive one chance. This is especially crucial for employers of law enforcement personnel and other government employees. Landlords need to be given similar rights. Although this may result in occasional errors, such tough love would create far more sober addicts in the long run, which will be a net good for everyone.

While pot users may not engage in the reckless risks that alcoholics take, they may instead make stupid errors. Behaviors vary, just as they do with other drugs. Potheads may not work as hard as they would when sober. Some may be less focused, while others especially long-term users may suffer short-term memory loss.

Their judgment may be impaired. A correspondent from Washington State writes that he is seeing the effects of legalized pot in the workplace after only ten months of decriminalization.

Assembly-line workers are missing key steps and incorrectly installing parts. In Colorado, reports are trickling out of poisoned dogs as a result of eating pot-laced food and children getting high by eating pot-filled candies.

Obviously, to reduce the number of such horrible accidents, strict controls and stringent enforcement is essential. And, no-nonsense consequences for such foul-ups need to be imposed. The good news out of Colorado so far is, contrary to the expectations of many who do not understand how addiction to pot creates vastly different behaviors than addiction to alcohol and certain other drugs such as methamphetamine , violent crimes are down click here for a complete six-months-in analysis and click here for a more critical discussion.

I suspect this may be a result of many alcoholics moving towards weed, which leads to less violence than does booze in addicts just as alcohol use by addicts leads to less crazy behavior than does methamphetamine use by addicts. When violence occurs, I suspect drugs other than pot are usually in the mix, in which case those other drugs may be causing the other-destructive misbehaviors. Further, very few deaths occur solely from marijuana use; most of the time, such deaths occur in conjunction with the use of other drugs.

Self-destructive results from pot pale in comparison to those from the use of other drugs, both legal and illegal. The focus of the War on Drugs should be narrowed to creating certain consequences for those people exhibiting misbehaviors as a result of use. This is true for both guns and drugs. My husband and I are both well-educated, own a home and are ready to start a family. My mom is less than enthused, however. Other columnists might point out that those who drink heavily often make inappropriate remarks.

They would suggest you ask what she really meant. Perhaps, they might surmise, she was thinking of your brother and sister-in-law and the pain they are experiencing because of their inability to conceive. Good intent should never be read into anything an alcoholic says or does.

A blackout is so frightening, non-addicts never have more than one; they never again drink so much. And you do not want to have a baby whose grandma is a practicing alcoholic. Hence the long list of occasions when Beethoven unfeelingly hurt those who loved him and whom he loved or imagined he loved.

Hence the stupid puns and incomprehensible jokes—not to mention the fits of paranoia—that make his letters read, on occasion, like the meanderings of a madman. Mostly drunk, Beethoven was notoriously mean, abusive and suspicious of everyone. Beethoven hated all of his servants, thought most of them stole from him and thought some were even plotting against his life.

An infamous womanizer, Beethoven also moved 71 times, indicative of an alcoholic. The world, if not friends, family and business partners, got lucky: Biographers have long known that Beethoven was an alcoholic. Knowing is not understanding. Only by understanding addiction can we understand the alcoholic subject of a biography. And a bonus myth-of-the-month: As a teenager, Sean began drinking and smoking pot. On tour, Costello could be a stay-up-all-night party animal.

He was described as manic, staying up for three or four days. But mania rarely occurs without benefit of external injections of chemicals; he always did drugs. While Emerson gets it partly right, acknowledging Costello began drinking at an early age, he fails to ascribe cause and effect. Once we know someone has the disease of addiction, they can be coerced into stopping the use and, only then, will they have a chance.

Then what was she doing in the garage? The difference is alcohol and other-drug addicts act out on some of those thoughts, some of the time. And conversely, when we see someone acting in a way that causes others harm, substance addiction must be hypothesized as the most likely explanation.

The principal and school police officer investigated, and Kathleen Jardine, 57, allegedly admitted she had been drinking the night before, that morning, and during lunch at school; her blood alcohol measured. A half-empty, ml bottle of vodka was found in her purse, along with an empty wine bottle. The night before, Jardine was arrested for drunk driving on her way home from school. It was about an hour after she left work, and her blood alcohol was. She passed a background check before she was hired in Arizona.

Maybe background checks should also include a quick Google search. A diagnosis of alcoholism in a teacher—and a. With ankle bracelets and other technology behind it, this would result in far more sober teachers.

The recent hiatus from the Thorburn Addiction Report was not due to a lack of stories—alcoholism is always in the news—but rather due to a dearth of twists and hidden gems in the stories that others overlook.

I also like to be thorough in reporting. But that could require a book. Additionally, I detest pathological lying. I would love to be able to prove that such lying is nearly always linked to substance addiction. Despite having spent an inordinate amount of time the last six months studying many of those currently making history—for better or worse—I cannot prove that Harry Reid or others like him are addicted to alcohol or pills.

Not every misbehavior can be proven to be caused by substance addiction. We never know what might pop up from the archives, suddenly becoming relevant due to current events. I will also show that the principles of AA are libertarian ones. And, while Major Crimes a spin-off of the excellent The Closer is really good, Tyrant is, simply, extraordinary television-making and story-telling. Whether alcoholics are directly or indirectly responsible for catastrophes, the lies they tell can lead to many forms of tragedy, especially when politics is involved.

The Iraq war and current ISIS disaster in Iraq is a classic example of a series of catastrophic events initiated indirectly by one alcoholic. These problems include everything from auto accidents and domestic violence to war and genocide. While statistics for road fatalities show the cause was a driver under the influence in only about a third of cases, many instances of addiction are missed. In others the addict was between using episodes, when behavior is often worse than while under the influence.

Other cases involve accidents for which the precipitating event was an alcoholic driver who drove in a way that caused other, unrelated parties to crash. How to Recognize Addicts and Avoid Financial Abuse show domestic violence crimes are nearly always rooted in alcoholism.

Only about half can clearly be traced to an addict. This figure is misleading because in order to plan, keep a clear head and commit the crime the addict, who can exhibit extraordinary self-control over use during the early stages of the disease, may intentionally stop using for a period of time.

This is probably less true for unplanned crimes of passion, which can be more frequently traced to an addict. Ann Rule wrote an autobiographical-biographical true crime book about serial killer Ted Bundy , after working alongside him in a crisis hotline center. Rule never considered the possibility that Bundy might be an alcoholic; when I asked her if she thought it relevant, she blew me off. Anthrax killer Bruce Ivins TAR 42 could be identified as an addict in only one news article of a dozen I read after his suicide—in the 28th paragraph.

Other than my work, especially TAR , little has been written on the link between addiction and war—authorized murder on a massive scale. Josef Stalin , arguably the worst murderer of all time, was not identified as an alcoholic by most of his biographers. However, James Graham demonstrates in The Secret History of Alcoholism that his behaviors were in fact fueled by alcoholic egomania. Heston and Renate Heston show his amphetamine use, which caused his Parkinson disease-like symptoms, to be the best explanation for his increasingly reckless and destructive behavior.

Mao Tse-tung aka Mao Zedong , who was responsible for the deaths of some million Chinese, was outed as a barbiturate addict by his personal physician, Dr. There is no direct proof that Pol Pot , who was responsible for the murder of about a third of his Cambodian countrymen, was an alcoholic; however, his horrific behaviors are consistent with the diagnosis.

On the other hand, he clearly influenced and was buddies with Fidel Castro , who was probably an amphetamine addict try giving seven-hour speeches on just caffeine! Castro, in turn, sent his henchmen to foment violent revolutions throughout Africa and Central and South America.

Yasir Arafat , whose behaviors and pupil size in numerous pictures indicate amphetamine addiction TAR 4 , acted similarly in the Middle East.

A head of state inflicting massive pain on his own people or committing acts of aggression against others, or both, is most likely an undiagnosed addict. Such acts may also be committed by people who are not themselves addicts but instead profoundly influenced by addicts, even when well-intentioned. Along these lines, I believe George W. Because Saddam Hussein and his sons, Uday and Qusay , were alcoholics, if there was any chance they had access to WMD or if there was a chance they committed even a third of the killings ascribed to his regime, all three should have been taken out.

Only when the U. This arguably has helped keep the peace in these countries, so far, for more than 60 years. Brent Scowcroft, the national security advisor during the first four years of the George W. Saddam, a Sunni Muslim: Bush, a recovering poly-drug addict, spear-headed a war intended to take down the alcoholic Saddam.

The great irony is Curveball is also an alcoholic. He told the German intelligence apparatus that Saddam had a secret program to churn out germ weapons. This was deeply embarrassing to Germans, who could suffer political ramifications if German companies, after building a poison gas factory for Libyan ruler Muammar Qaddafi and providing all sorts of components and expertise for Saddam before the Persian Gulf War in , were again found to be providing anything that might be deemed similar to modern gas chambers.

This could spell disaster to the intelligence experts working under the German national coordinator of intelligence, Ernst Uhrlau who admitted to controlling underlings via tirades for which he became infamous and under whom, as a result, morale plummeted. Curveball described a technically feasible system of mobile germ-brewing big-rigs, plausible for a regime bent on rebuilding a WMD program. There were many kernels of truth wrapped inside his confabulations. Curveball supplied his German handlers with the answers they wanted.

The Americans were impressed with the reports they read. It made sense that a megalomaniacal dictator would reconstruct what he could, when he could. Bioweapons were the perfect instrument because of their seemingly innocuous civilian applications, from medicine to pesticides.

The Americans were desperate to fill a void that Curveball was seen as being able to do. Recognition can be important for bureaucrats, even when they are geeky scientists. Clarity of recall can evaporate or reformulate in unexpected ways. So they ignored his denials, his backsliding and memory lapses. He was irresponsible both with money and with his life.

Yet, he could switch to fawning charm and a great smile to get what he wanted. During his stint as an informant, one American was allowed to meet with Curveball. The Germans tried to verify a story in which he may have witnessed an accidental leak of anthrax. Because he would have been vaccinated, he could be tested for antibodies in his blood. Of course he was an alcoholic. Therefore, he should not have been trusted. Disbelief was suspended partly because other alcoholics—the German station chief and Uhrlau, the German national coordinator of intelligence—destroyed trust between U.

Saddam previously had WMD and everyone knew he was a murderous despot. Why would he stop? Moreover, there was ample evidence of a British-trained microbiologist directing an Iraqi program to research anthrax and other deadly agents before the war.

The pieces of the puzzle all seemed to fit together, thanks to confirmation bias and an extremely convincing alcoholic, along with other alcoholics serving to stifle open communication.

Without any obvious contradictions, the passage of time served only to cement this view. When happened, German intelligence was close to pulling the plug on Curveball.

Bureaucrats and intelligence personnel looking for fame and recognition got in the way of sound analysis. Despite concerns by many in German intelligence, they knew if they pulled the plug those at the very top would have to admit to a mistake.

The skeptics would have walked the top guys off a cliff. They studied at technical colleges and formed an al Qaeda cell. By the time Colin Powell gave his speech in February on the reasons for invading Iraq, nothing was going to stop the momentum.

Rhetoric rose in intensity. The report, which would normally take up to ten months of drafts and rewrites, took only 19 days to complete. The rivalry between intelligence sections served only to push us inexorably to the brink, even as doubts on the intelligence increased. Alcoholics in power often directly cause war. Curveball demonstrates that addicts can also indirectly cause war—likely from their convincing lies. And right or wrong, Iraq would not be in the mess exacerbated by, as Brent Scowcraft warned against, U.

While President Obama is likely not an alcoholic—even if he is the child of an alcoholic father and alcoholic step-father discussed in TAR 43 —the addictionologist must wonder how many of his close advisers might be compounding alcoholic lies with alcoholic incompetence. I have no problem with allowing our citizens to help take out other despots overseas, ventures for which are currently a state-enforced monopoly. I wrote in my client letter at the time pp. Pills may have largely taken the place of booze.

Elliot Rodger , 22, who slaughtered six and wounded 13 before killing himself in a Xanax-fueled bloodbath on the streets of Goleta, near the University of California at Santa Barbara. His page manifesto exhibits extreme narcissism, twisted fantasies, weird obsessions, rage and confabulated thinking. In classic alcoholic fashion, he blames everyone but himself for his problems. This may have been the horrific result of doctor-enabled addiction, as Xanax is a highly-addictive benzodiazepine.

Codependents of the month: Most of the people posting comments on a US Weekly report about U. Solo, 32, had well known anger management issues. Her father, a Viet Nam War veteran, was in and out of her life as a child and teenager, reconnecting with her only during her college years until his sudden death when she was But, odds are odds: Typical comments include with my thoughts in parentheses: Probably needs anger management classes.

And while money enables—it allows addicts to continue using without appropriate consequences for longer periods—money does not cause addiction. Tanya sic Harding went to the Olympics and she is still trash. She was, no doubt, drinking when she conspired to have fellow Olympian Nancy Kerrigan attacked before the Olympic Games. She appears to be in recovery, and is actually quite amusing as a commentator on Smoking Gun Presents: Stevens has been charged with DUI twice and convicted once, among numerous other alcoholism-related offenses.

In fact, the intent is quite the opposite. Enablers of the month: Goodman pleaded guilty to DUI and felony eluding in connection with a drunken chase at speeds reported by his terrified passenger, Henry Griffin, in excess of mph through downtown Olympia.

The judges should both be locked up with him and a bottle of vodka. I think one overnight would help them to understand the issues. When she accused him of being a bad father for not spending more time with their two children, he allegedly threatened to kill her while pointing two knives at her. Their son then watched him fetch a red gas can from the backyard, bring it inside, throw fuel on her and their bed, take a lighter from his pocket and try to light the gasoline while winking at the boy.

Disenabler of the month: The judges enabling Shaun Goodman could learn a thing or two from Judge Hurley. Felix Dennis , dead of throat cancer at Dennis was a British publisher who pioneered computer and hobbyist magazine publishing in the United Kingdom, and more recently published Maxim and The Week.

He undoubtedly was a full-on addict. Every addict has their stories of craziness or pure dumb luck. The convictions were later quashed on appeal. He launched Computer Shopper , a pioneering magazine he eventually sold to Bill Ziff. He insisted on focusing on subscriptions as opposed to newsstand sales, insulating his magazines from the sharp declines that wreaked havoc on the newsstand-dependent rags.

The bulk of his wealth was created by co-founding MicroWarehouse in , which pioneered direct IT marketing via high quality catalogues. The company went public in and sold to a private investment group in In addition, were he not an addict he may not have been able to tap into the emotional needs of others. Lucky addicts can get immensely wealthy and, in fact, may impel addicts to get wealthy.

My only complaint is one I have with nearly every biography or history: Hence, the insanity of everything that came next. Because our family lives across the U. The trouble is, one family member responds by posting only negative remarks: She is void of anything positive. She finally annoyed me so much I deleted her comments from my page.

This was a spur-of-the-moment reaction and probably rude. Has any etiquette evolved in regards to Facebook posts? Is there a positive way I could respond to her?

I would suggest another possibility: Addicts must inflate their egos to perpetuate their addiction and stave off the late stages of the disease, when all they care about is access to their drug. They do this by wielding capricious power over others.

Other columnists might point out you can either block her comments or block her access to pictures unless you specifically allow it. They would suggest you might call her and ask whether the two of you can fix the problem.

Until she gets clean and sober, you cannot reason with her. John Martin Novak, 48, of Buhl, Idaho, said he needed sinus surgery to fix a snoring problem. He decided to do the surgery himself. Police were brought in after he allegedly threatened his sister with a rifle. Officers called in paramedics, and Novak was hospitalized to bring his blood alcohol level down to safe levels — he was at 0.

The damage to his reputation, however, may be beyond repair. Alcoholics experience confabulated thinking and reasoning, which often affects others adversely.

This is one instance that affected the addict far more than others, but only initially. Consider the medical costs and who pays them. All of our insurance and tax rates increase because of idiotic medical waste created by the non-thinking of alcohol and other-drug addicts. The solution, requiring addicts to pay for their own care and fixes when addiction is the true cause of the injury, would do a lot to help addicts think before using and doing awful things, yet again.

By the way, lethal levels for the drug alcohol are much lower than for drugs like heroin. While alcoholics can get up to a range of. In that sense, at least, alcohol is by far the more dangerous drug. Mass and serial murders are blamed on many things: Trevor Grant Thomas, at the often interesting American Thinker blog , debunks the myth that guns are to blame, pointing out that of the ten worst mass murderers in American history only three used guns as their primary means of killing Seung-Hui Cho , Adam Lanza and George Hennard and the four worst Gary Ridgway , Andrew Philip Kehoe , Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy never used guns to kill.

While broken homes and sexual deviancy are common in the lives of horrific murderers, Thomas confuses cause and effect and utterly fails to identify the commonality that likely causes most of them: Cho, whose story is recounted in issue 29 of TAR and who appears to have had a good family, may have simply been mentally ill. Hennard, Ridgway, Bundy, Gacy and Dahmer were clearly psychotropic drug addicts.

Thomas also mentions Juan Corona , who likely relapsed into known alcoholism before murdering 25 itinerant laborers in , and Aaron Alexis , whose alcoholism-fueled shooting spree at the Washington Navy Yard is recounted in issue 75 of TAR. If mass murders are to be minimized, the root cause of such murders—usually addiction—needs to be identified.

Thomas, correctly debunking the myth that guns murder people, links sexual deviancy and bad families to horrific murders. While prevalent, they are not the common thread. We hope you find it, as always, timely and stimulating! Worse yet, the man in charge of the country—and the nukes—is an alcoholic and, therefore, capable of anything. So how does a totalitarian state pay for a nuclear program when its citizens are starving?

In part, by drug trafficking. To sell drugs for export, government chemists became adept at producing high-quality drugs, especially methamphetamine. According to the U. State Department, production has recently shifted from drugs for export to drugs for internal use. North Koreans themselves have become some of the most voracious users of drugs, especially meth. Contrary to popular belief, meth is like any other psychoactive drug in its potential to create addicts—those predisposed to addiction become addicts, while those who are not can use it recreationally.

Even in its milder form, amphetamine, the drug can compel the addict to commit erratic and horrific behaviors. Suicide bombers are reportedly fed a cocktail of amphetamines and tranquilizers.

Adolf Hitler became progressively more reckless after , when he became addicted to amphetamines. Meth addict stories stand out as the craziest and most erratic. The idea of an easily-available drug like this in North Korea is troubling. Further, North Korean escapees say there is little stigma to meth use in the totalitarian state.

Reportedly, many North Koreans take it for colds or as an energy booster. While there is currently no proof that the North Korean dictator is addicted to methamphetamine, several behavioral indicators suggest it is possible. First, Kim Jong Un , 31, is a known alcoholic. Second, those predisposed to alcoholism are almost always predisposed to other-drug addiction. Third, the drug is a pervasive, ubiquitous and accepted part of everyday life in North Korea. Regardless, his recent behaviors alone are very troubling.

The alcoholic Stalin may have engaged in such purges feigning paranoia, his excuse to shed blood. Alcoholism is bad enough, but meth is much more virulent. Long ago, I was a non-interventionist libertarian, like Ron Paul.

However, a world in which alcoholics—and possibly methamphetamine addicts—have access to nuclear weapons is not safe. While interventions abroad should be narrowly focused and the exception to the rule, I would suggest the risk of taking out alcoholic despots is less than the risk of allowing them to remain in power.

Kim Jong Un, an addict with nukes, would be a good start. They become brain-addicted almost instantly, which is not true of non-addicts. Physical addiction takes at a minimum months of heavy use, even for drugs like heroin.

Decades of heavy use is required for alcoholics to go into the delirium tremens in withdrawal, while they are brain-addicted almost instantly. The North Korean government controls nearly everything, including production and distribution of food; starvation and undernourishment is, therefore, rampant. Libertarians believe in free trade across borders, while non-interventionist libertarians believe in avoiding foreign entanglements unless attacked.

Interventionist libertarians vary in the degree to which they would intervene; I would go only where alcoholic despots are believed to have access to WMD.

Justin Bieber , 19, pop superstar to the under crowd, self-destructing before the world. Only this explains an arrest for DUI with medical prescriptions and marijuana found in his system, drag racing at 3 a. Hopefully rather than being sentenced to deportation, a wiser judge will require regular and random drug testing, along with an ankle bracelet for many, many years. But political operatives get high on winning. They get full of themselves. And they think only winning counts, because winning is their job.

Political operatives get high on winning—alcoholics use winning to inflate their egos. They think nothing can touch them—alcoholics think they are invincible. They are full of themselves—alcoholics develop an inordinately large sense of self-importance, ending up with hugely inflated egos. And for political operatives, only winning counts—alcoholics must win regardless of the cost to others. And that explains much of the state of the country: She was later found outside the unoccupied house next door.

And with cold so severe, that can be a death sentence. But alcohol alone would not have turned hundreds of usually peaceful workers into a belligerent mob. Show me a riot NOT fuelled by booze.

Of course the riot would not have occurred without the alcoholic trigger. Alcohol compelled alcoholics to wield power over others which, given the setting and circumstances, manifested as violence. This influenced others to engage in violence, which they ordinarily would never consider.

The idea applies not only to riots, but also to war and cults. Consider Jim Jones , an addict who got men, women and children to commit suicide. Consider Adolf Hitler , who got a nation to wage war against Jews and everyone else. Consider Josef Stalin , who got his henchmen to steal food from Ukrainians, starving as many as 7 million. Not every follower of Jones, German or underling to Stalin was an alcohol or other-drug addict, but at least one was essential to get the ball rolling. She did all the things people do before they quit for good.

She made solemn vows to cut back. She kept drinking diaries. She went on the wagon for weeks at a time. She tried the geographical cure by moving to another city. Meanwhile, life threw her a bunch of wrenching challenges, both professional and personal. Wente, by her own testimony she was a full-on drunk the entire time. Nine others were injured, including two of his passengers, one of whom suffered a severe brain injury and is no longer able to move or talk. Because they are likely alcoholics, too.

Assistant district attorney Richard Alpert predicted future tragedy in his closing arguments: Society had already earned the right to put an ankle bracelet on Ethan and to subject him to regular and random other-drug testing; if it had done so, four deaths and nine injuries would never have occurred.

When supply is constricted for one drug, the demand and supply increases for another. When the war on cocaine was at its height, methamphetamine supply and use exploded. Now, opioids are restricted and opiates take their place; in the meantime, the percentage of the population addicted to such drugs remains the same. Rolling back HIPPA, which allows addicts privacy in medical affairs that serves only to kill them see below , would be a start.

He and his brother, Phil Everly , performed as The Everly Brothers while addicted to speed, alcohol and other drugs. A decade later they again began to perform together, despite a mutual hatred that was so vitriolic their contracts required separate dressing rooms and stage entrances.

As part of the birth of rock and roll, they hold the record for the most Top singles by any duo It quickly became obvious Steffi had natural talent and Peter, as many put it, over-guided her early career. Peter was hard-driving, which helped Steffi win the German junior and-under championship when she was only She turned pro at 14 and nothing stopped her.

This holds in Hollywood, on the field and on the court. And so long too to Philip Seymour Hoffman , dead of a drug overdose at age 46 with at least 50 bags of heroin found in his apartment. If the rumor proves true, and if there were no plans for rehab after any essential short-term treatment, the prescribing doctor should be charged with manslaughter.

Recovering addicts should never be given psychotropic prescription drugs unless there is no other course of action, and then only with planned rehab, because this is precisely the sort of tragedy that can easily occur.

HIPPA needs to be relaxed so that doctors can ascertain whether their patient is an addict. Instead, many do everything they can to protect the addict from the requisite pain, making these news events possible. Michael Shermer is the founder of the Skeptic Society and editor-in-chief of its magazine Skeptic Magazine. Shermer provided what may be to this day the most glowing testimonial of Alcoholism Myths and Realities.

Despite this, the magazine he edits and often writes for has recently published several pieces that completely miss the obvious connection between the subjects of the articles, the behaviors described and substance addiction.

Chagnon himself believes he was controversial in part because he was among the first anthropologists to challenge the myth that native peoples are pacifistic and altruistic. Because their use arguably causes horrific behaviors, we refer to it as addiction. False accusations are nearly always made by alcoholics, which suggests that Tierney and those complicit in the AAA could be addicts. The most egregious omission of alcohol and other-drug addiction as the best explanation for horrific behaviors is found in a Skeptic article about mass murders volume 18 number 1 He fails to mention the crucial fact that the third bomber, Michael Fortier , introduced McVeigh to crystal meth.

No, they are not; substance addiction is almost always the key feature, which in turn causes violent delusions in some addicts, compelling them to commit mass murder. Additionally, Lanza, whose non-lethal behaviors alone indicate addiction, may have gotten sober only long enough to be more sure-footed when committing the atrocity.

In his attempt to predict who might be pre-disposed to commit such violent acts, Shermer points out that millions of people could have the requisite gene complex—a set of genes that might be required for such violence—yet never act out on such tendencies. However, substance addiction catastrophically increases the odds of such horrific behaviors. Shermer points out we might be able to screen for a propensity to commit violence, but this would result in numerous false-positives.

However, perhaps a good follow-up screen to a propensity to commit violence, after confirming addiction, may have been able to predict heightened risk in her case, as well as others. I showed this to the board and told them there was no way should we pay for this. Looking at past records, I found authorized reimbursements of over-the-counter drugs, candy, cigarettes, party supplies and pet food. The management company claims the board authorized all these purchases and, therefore, they must be proper.

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