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Meeting old ladies for phone Altus

Meeting old ladies for phone Altus

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Meeting old ladies for phone Altus

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An adverse reaction to medication sent the small town teacher and mother of four from Altus, Oklahoma into cardiac arrest. Medical records confirm she flatlined, and she said she experienced heaven in this nine-minute span of time. Crystal's story is more astonishing than other heavenly encounters. Though baptized four times as a child, she said she always questioned the authenticity of a heavenly father. There were two choices.

And I would hold that doubt in my life until the day I died," she said. Crystal's life took a downward spiral of sexual abuse, teen pregnancy, abortion, drugs and divorce. She said she carried years of secrets and shame. Her time with the Lord was cut short by the piercing screams of her grief-stricken mother.

The year-old requested God let her return. Crystal recognizes there will be skeptics, But Dr. Richard Smith says scientific studies on near death experiences support Crystal's claims.

It changes their life. Crystal McVea's life is certainly changed. The book she wrote about the experience is a New York Times best seller. The next time, I don't want to say why didn't I do more for you. At that time I had never heard of anyone almost dying and seeing the tunnel of light. I remember feeling as if I was floating above myself looking down, I could see the anesthesiologist sitting at my head and holding a mask over my face.. I also remember seeing a long wide tunnel that got more narrow at the other end and that end had a very bright light shining toward me.

I awoke 9 hours later and kept thinking about the experience I had. I know there is something more waiting for us…. At the end of the tunnel. More and more people are experiencing heaven. Even without near death experiences. It is very real and God wants us to know how much He does love us. I believe these stories are true. I too lost a lot of blood during birth and felt like I was drifting away.

The Lord kept saying you will pass through the waters but the waves will not consume you. Which is in the Bible. So even though everyone was afraid for me I knew I wasnt going to die. I had such peace! I know many christians from all walks have seen Jesus and been in front if the Lords throne in worship.

There may be more pronounced confusion between the dream and waking reality when the person awakens. All three diseases are called synucleinopathies, due to the presence of a mis-folded protein in the brain called alpha-synuclein. Yes, God loves you unconditionally. The pilots were angels with white flowing gowns and feathery wings!

I saw bright lights and heard hymns!! Listen guys, I am a christian, I believe in prayer and I believe in miracles. My brother was seriously ill just a few short months ago, his survival relied with the dreaded ventilator for three weeks. Upon awakening, he had horrible hallucinations. The head of the team of doctors that brought him back explained to us about the side effects of these drugs.

And that is my summation. Debra I totally agree with you!! Nothing more than hallucination. I think the bright light the patients are seeing is the operating room lights. The only way to get there is tHrough Jesus Christ.

Where will you spend eternity? The brain of a human shows signs of electrical life after death , not all cells die at the same time , and one of the last to die is the brain giving way to memory and what we learned as heaven gtowning up.

The tunnel , angels the out of body experience etc etc are all being played out within you mind in its final moments. Churches was designed way back in the day to emburke fictional laws so man may live life thinking wrong is sin and believing in fairy tales gets you into a magical kingdom.

For all you know is Christ was a person who came forth as the son of god and proclaimed himself The Lord and savior , well so did Charles mansion and like the Romans you cast him aside. And if you believe in fairy tales the church done their job by scaring you into a one lane belief system. As Christians, if we are wrong we lose nothing… As a non-believer, if you are wrong..

Here is what Dan Barker writes on this fallacy:. But if God exists, the believer gains everything heaven and the unbeliever loses everything hell. There is therefore everything to gain and nothing to lose by believing in God. With this kind of reasoning we should simply pick the religion with the worst hell. It is not true that the believer loses nothing. We diminish this life by preferring the myth of an afterlife, and we sacrifice honesty to the maintenance of a lie.

Religion demands time, energy and money, draining valuable human resources from the improvement of this world. Religious conformity, a tool of tyrants, is a threat to freedom. Nor is it true that the unbeliever gains nothing. Rejecting religion can be a positive liberating experience, gaining perspective and freedom of inquiry. Freethinkers have always been in the forefront of social and moral progress.

What kind of person would eternally torment an honest doubter? If their god is so unjust, then theists are in as much danger as atheists. Perhaps god will get a perverted thrill from changing his mind and damning everyone, believers and unbelievers alike. Or, inverting the gamble, perhaps god will only save those who have enough courage not to believe! Pascal was a Catholic and assumed that the existence of god meant the Christian God.

In any case, a belief in a deity based on fear is not a belief that produces admiration. It does not follow that such a being deserves to be worshipped. This is why I currently practice 10 different religions. You can never be sure which is true, so your best bet is to practice as many as possible. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. He is the only door to eternal life in the ONE heaven!

We are not saved by good deeds or good works. Actually the spirit is instilled in these people, just like Helen Keller, blind and deaf, yet she communicated to her teachers that she knew Jesus Christ before her they mentioned Jesus to her. I pray that you non-believers will find him before its too late. I consider this point of view perverted and arrogant.

So about this Tunnel of Light… is it connected to our Universe like a wormhole? Does this light consist of real photons or spirit world photons?

How does the gravitational field work as one makes his way down this tunnel? Are you breathing oxygen? Have any physicists experienced this Tunnel of Light and returned? Good grief, some of you guys are just pitiful. How about this one for a story. I had a dream, and in this dream, something or someone came to me in human form and specifically told me I was going to have an accident but you will still be able to take care of your son who is special needs both physically and mentally..

I should NOT have lived, but I did. Today I have a fusion and rods and screws in my back. After about a year or rehabilitation I was able to walk without a walker or back brace and pick up my son and move him, take care of him, you name it I can do it.

All I can say, is there is someone or something watching over us. And I choose to say that someone is God. So thankful you recovered from that. That is awesome you had a dream and you knew you would be ok. Big hug to you and your son!! You have to know Him for who He is and not get jaded from the church. Sadly, its not suppose to be that way. Man does He live us! I have along with tens of thousands across the globe, a very real and personal relationship with Him.

Hampton Inn Altus, OK -

This was my experience today. I understand this is a busy time of year, but I really need these items. Please ship as soon as possible. Thank you, Deana Lichak. The store is wonderful in Marion Indiana. Bottom price all the time. It was clean and no more in your face signs. While shopping for my husband, I saw some cereal bowls by Fiestaware. However, my color choice was not available in the store.

So, a most, most helpful lady, Loretta, took about 15 minutes to get all the info and place my order to be sent to my house. It was not a huge order, but she took such care and concern, even writing the number to contact if I had questions. Thank you, thank you! I did this and never got the certificate.

I then e-mailed within that same time frame and was told that your office would look into it for me.. I never heard back. I run three businesses. If I treated my customers the way that your office has treated me, I would soon be out of business!!

Eastern Standard Time, info jcpbuttons. Thank you for your email. I am so very disappointed in JCPenny. Over the years I cannot tell you the amount of shopping I have done with Pennys. There has always been a JCPenny in my life. Those times have changed. I shopped at the Rivergate store in Goodlettsville, Tn.

The selection was wonderful. Then little by little you began to cut down on the space, pluse the choices. Now the Misses dept. I never shop there anymore.

I started going to the Pennys in Mt. But guess what…I went in there this week and the whole place has changed. Moved the Misses dept. I probably will not be back there also. There are no good selections for Sr. Adult ladies, I found nothing that I would have had, even if you had given it to me. Some of us like to wear our dresses below our knees and some of us like to keep our necklines a bit highter up. Anyway…that is it…Goodby JCPenny.

Thanks for the yester years. What is wrong with your buyers in mens clothes? The Regular fit signature shirt now fits like a slim and no pocket? I can guess who the feella is who is buying these goods. I have never seen so many slim fitted shirts — when I stand in store other normal shoppers can find nothing that fits! Unfortunately most American shoppers are obese and would do well to wear the old executive and signature shirts.

Imagine my surprise when I found out you no longer carry Cabin Creek clothing for Women. The comfortable pants I could dress up, or down, are no more. Please enjoy all your young skinny customers who love garish, tight, short clothes.

We older folks like comfort and being able to mix and match. We spend our savings on our kids and grandkids. You no longer carry the St. I always shopped your home store, and that was just pitiful.

I have purchased towels, sheets, and most all of my bedding from J C Penney, but no longer will I be shopping there. After searching for the Service Desk with my purchases a Sales Associate with a hand held device offered to check me out. With a hand held device. No WiFi service was available. They were asked to wait there.

Upon completion of the transaction I was asked if I want a receipt or it could be emailed to me. Now I am incredulous. Just how complicated can they make a simple purchase? So I waited while the Sales Assistant went to retrieve the receipt, printed in another part of the store. Meanwhile the other customers were waiting their turn. The Sales Assistant was very pleasant. The experience was extremely strange. I did not appreciate this new method of doing business. After a lifetime of being a JCP customer that will probably be my last visit.

I want to let you know how unsatisfied I am with the new mobil card reader I think that application is for Mobil store and kiosk nog a respectable department Store. It feels like I am risking my personal account information at an online service Not safe! I will reconsider my future purchases after today. Also the girl was on the Phone rechecking info because the purchase was to high. Went to one of the registers and asked the sales associate, if her register is open, while 2 other sales associates were already helping other customers.

So my daughter and I head home and unpack everything we bought, sure enough there is an ink tag on one of the shirts I purchased! I should have checked it before I left the store or why did the buzzer not go off?

Or the question should be, why was she so unattentive and careless from the get go? I have purchased Stafford white undershirts for years and have been willing to pay the extra price due to the thickness and quality of the shirt.

I was extremely disappointed to see that the thickness and quality of fabric has changed. If this is the case, I will just purchase Fruit of the Loom or Target brand because their price is significantly lower. The reason why I have been loyal to Stafford and JCPenny is because of the quality of fabric used and the desired thickness I need and want.

Which, is why I would be willing to pay the extra amount. Why did this happen? Yet, no price change? I am returning the package I recently purchased because the quality is the same as any other white undershirt and that is not what I am looking for.

Even whil I told her which rack I got the merchandise from, and ask her to look for herself or call some one to double check on the price she was planning to charge me for. Do you think I will ever shop at Penny ever??????? I believe I entitle no only an apology, but, some real serious apology. Then I told my husband how your company will be closing some stores due to low sales. I believe it was in ! I think you need to do something about the rewards that we receive. I worked there also…..

While I applaud your effort to modernize JC Penny, what you have done is gutted your stores and stocked them with all the crap you see in the speciality boutiques. Every fall I would go and pick up several of your St. Ditto for summer tees, tops, etc. I do like the idea of one low price, no sales every other day, but you are selling stuff I can buy at Walmart and Kmart, over and over again of course, because there is no quality there.

I have a dispute with J. Love that JCP has brought stores to our neighborhood…. No name brands and quality of merchandise is well below average. Wake up JCP…would rather pay a few extra dollars and have name brands that are available all the time. I spent 45 minutes trying to buy a dress off of the website.

When I finally found one that was, I added it to my shopping cart and when I went to check out, the item was no longer there. I tried to create an account. The online experience was frustrating at best and I am incredulous that a company such as this can be this BAD with their service.

While shopping in your Woodland CA store during the Christmas holidays the Clerk who helped me gave me a pin and said if I went to your website I would receive a free gift. I normally do not get involved in this type of promotion but since it was JCP I thought it would be on the up and up. The free gift I picked was a watch from the company Omaximus ph I was asked for my visa card number for the shipping, I received the watch sometime in December and never thought anymore about it. The watch was cheap looking and I never wore it.

Then in February I received another cheap watch at that point I became concerned and checked my visa account and learned I was charged I have contacted my visa company and filed a dispute but have not heard back at this time. I did call Omaximus but did not get an English speaking person. I still have both watches and have never used them. Thanks for your help and I hope to hear from you soon. Due to your support of programming such as Saturday Night Live, and their anti Christian comedy, I will no longer spend my consumer dollar with your company.

I have unsubscribed from your e-mails. What I mean is this: Can you answer that for me? I am so upset as I had planned to wear these boots alot! I ripped up my JCP card because of their collection practices. One day after a late bill they call you. And are VERY pushy!

Jeez my credit rating is — they want me as a customer! No other card I have does this. My access code is 6. She greeted us with a smile and when we got in a long line, she helped us with her portable register and rang us up and all the time smiling and really motivated. It is nice to see someone like her to cheer up your day. She is an asset to your company with her cheerfull attitude and should be rewarded as such.

Hire more like her!!!! As a customer of jcp i have been very dissatisfied with your company this past year. It started with doing away with coupons. Then you adveritsed with ellen degeneres who, in my opinion, is an elitist snob.

Now i hear you are teaming up with martha stewart, a convicted felon, who underhandedly broke her alliance with macys. I also just read you are color coding employees. I feel the fault lies most with your new CEO. He is ruining your reputation. I wish you would have listened to me last year when i emailed you saying you were heading in the wrong direction. They need to take it offline until they get more in stock so people continue to shop!

No mystery why JC Penney is losing sales and closing stores. So stupid and frustrating. Will be going to another site to order my merchandise.

What has happened to my favorite dept. I most always have to go find someone to help me look for a product. In the past few months I have been waiting for my favorite bra to come into the store. I have found this to be the case too often. I shop mostly at the Kennewick, Wa store. I depended on it so much.!!!

By getting rid of the catalog you have lost most of my business. I worked for JCP for several years many years ago. I am very unhappy and regretful with the purchase with JCPenny.

After two weeks, I called the store and the staff said they will call me back. And they did not call me back and explained about the delay. My purchase was planned for a certain even on a special day.

And because of the unprofessional service, I could not wear my ring on my special day. What a disappointing service!!! Not only they did not keep their service day but also how they handle my claim was very poor. I will never have business with this company.

The staff on the phone was helpful at all. This is the worst shopping experience. I am not surprised that your company is struggling. I do all of my shopping online and experience no difficulties anywhere but JC Penney. Your site is so confusing that I can never complete my order and am forced to give up and find what I want somewhere else.

You really need to fix this problem. It does not have to be this difficult. I sent in an online order, and got no response to let me know if the order was received, usually I get a response giving order number etc.

If I try to email, I am asked for order number etcc, I do not have one!! What do I do to get this info!!! I am really upset at the customer service I was given today by one of your managers at NorthStar mall. I was their for a return and practically accused of shopplifting. These itimidation tactics might work on other folks but as a 2 time war veteran they will not work on me.

Please contact me so we can discuss this matter. I work and live in this community. This is not right. This store was one of my favorite stores for a long time, Over a year ago I saw major changes that were not for the better.

I finally quit going into the store at all. I visited it today and it was even worse than the last time. The upstairs was in complete disarray and so many of the items that they once carried were no longer there.

This is a major disappointment to me as I remember the times I shopped there and came away very pleased. It has gone from bad to worse and I have given up on it.

The merchandise and displays were awful. I was excited that JCP was getting an update, but the clothing looks cheap, the store sparse and cold!! Where are the trendy gathering spots?? People were coming in and leaving within 5 minutes!!! I am a customer of jcpennys and often shop in there alot!

Since the items I initially put in my cart were still there and it worked previously, I tried the code again. This happened repeatedly throughout my shopping experience. I did not enjoy my online shopping experience since it was tedious and I was overcharged. Maybe some companies should become memories. I have shopped at jcp a lot this year at the St Mathews Mall how ever I recently went to the mall in Clarksville Indiana and was very disappointed by the service.

Well I made a purchase in the amount of U. After that I did not know what to do because this manager took my money and more customers began to join and take notes and compare to see if they were really fake. I was nervous because I am not in my country and am a right and not a falsifier and should be treated with more dignity because I leave my country and come to the U.

Then when I got to the hotel researched on the internet and saw that some stores were not accepting U. In summary I was sad and I write this rant so employees concerned are advised to treat certain matters with discretion and education. I will no longer shop at JC Penney to pay 53 million to a man that ran a company I worked for close to 10 years into the ground. If you still had St.

Rhonda at JC Pennys Serramonte Daly City was so friendly, took care of all my shopping questions, and helped me to have the best day ever, shopping at Pennys. She was in Home World. She took the time, to help me find everything that I needed. She was just awesome. Not only did the department appear messy and disorganized the styles offered were far less attractive than the misses department.

It felt as if the little corner reserved for plus sizes was not important. After 40 years of shopping J. I dressed 5 kids out of JCP.

Now as a grandparent, I shop for 13 kids. I spent 45 minutes looking for a register to check out. How can that be? After all the times I kept quiet about the stupid changes that were done-liketake away the catalogs,or have very few service counters in a store, or spend a fortune on those color ads that said nothing, today takes the absolute cake.

I ordered a bathing suit top and bottom from jcpenney online. The top arrived promptly however the bottoms were back ordered. They were supposed to have been shipped by or before the 30th of this month. Well today I still had not received any notice of shipment and had not been notified as to why my bathing suit bottoms had not shipped.

I called customer service and the woman acted like there was absolutely nothing that could be done for me. I have signed by toddler daughter up for a swim class and have already had to miss the first one due to not having proper swim wear for the pool. Now I will probably have to miss her second class as well. The woman said they were not supposed to ship now until June 3rd. Why was I not informed of this?

I would have never ordered the bottoms if I had known it was going to take this long. I did not want to have to make the trip to jcpnney to find these. I feel like I have been lied to about the shipping dates and have been offered no kind of apology whatsoever. Making it go from 22 to I worked at Jcpenney for 3 years and this is not the kind of service that we gave our customers. Jcpenney is definitely not what it used to be.

I will no longer be ordering anything from this store. I used to buy a lot of clothing at pennys. The new marketing sucks. Just hate your flyers. Wonder how many other people think its a waste. I just throw them away when they come in the mail. Go back to the old ways. I also miss the casual St Johnsbay shirts I used to get.

Get rid of the people who came up with this way of marketing. Do you really wonder why sales may be off, received the new catalog for fathers day, I go on line to order shoes,St Johns boat shoes only 1 size available an 8.

Why would you ever advertise something you do not even have? A really big turn off to ever shop with you again. First, my daughter and I were looking for shower curtains. We asked in the home department, near the towels, where we would find shower curtains.

We found them on our own 5 minutes later in that department! After standing in line for 5 minutes, the lady told me that I would have to check out on the other side of the kiosk, because she was only there for draperies. You lost that and all future sales from me! You really, really need to work on customer service! I ordered apparel from jcp that i needed for a wedding on june 15 Well ups never delivered order,so i gfet credted back to my account my money that is good they ask me to re-order why the wedding is in 2 days.

I will not use jcp online shopping for any future purchases i will go else where. They could of offered to re order and send items next day free but they did not. I was in the sikeston missouri jcpenneys on June 15 around 7: I was wanting to purchase some earrings for my daughter that got her ears pierced the day before.

We stood at jewelry counter for at 10 minutes if not longer waiting for someone to come wait on us. No one ever came over. Finally I just left. This is not the first time for this particular store. The last time I left all the items on the checkout counter and left because I could not get checked out. It was a long time before I went back there and now once again. Your quality on all the items in your stores are very poor. I want the same ones you sold for many years.

I have been a jcpenny customer for over 20 years never in my life have treated so poorly. There was a misprint on jcp. I call in to customer service spoke to a superviser who told me she was sorry about the mix up and now the jacket was sold out like magic in all sizes to call back in the next day and speak to some one in customer relations. When i went on the site the next day it was now in stock and the price was changed. Im very upset about the way this was handled not even about the priceing,its now about being lied to.

I have had alot of people tell me that they dont shop at jcpenny any more and now i know why,just add one more customer to the list. Please tell me why all of the companies that have dropped Paula Deen in their stores can do this as long as she is making your co moneyshe good but one thing goes wrong and you drop her were is the support. Any court that allows crap to go though the court like this needs to relize that this is a greedy person after Paulas money and thats all.

I am 73 years old and probably done the same thing. Paula Deen said she would work hard to change. She has a good heart. Jimmy Carter said she should be forgiving as she has done much for the down and troden in her community. You need to make amends with her and I will be back in your store until then, will buy on the internet. I have a double stroller that is smaller than a typical wheelchair. I had about five outfits that I wanted to try on and I was unable to find a fitting room that I could fit in with my double stroller.

I could not fit through the dressing room door. Well, I was unable to try on anything and therefore bought nothing.

Since my double stroller would not fit it has fit in every fitting room and every door in every single other store that means a wheelchair would not fit either. That is not right. I also had a very difficult time getting into your store. It was very difficult to enter with a stroller while trying to hold the doors open on my own.

I will never be able to shop at this location again. It was a bother to get into the store and I was unable to find a dressing room to fit my stroller. As I stated earlier, I have fit into every single door and dressing room in other stores.

This was literally the first time in two years I was unable to fit. Besides being a challenge for me, what about a person in a wheelchair? Your store at this location is completely unaccessibkw to people in wheelchairs, which is not right.

I was just getting used to your positive change. In the past I have been a great customer, shopping more at your store than any other. You have treated Paula Deen with great disdain, unforgiveness,jumping on the ignorant bandwagon,like sheep, to dismiss her! You bunch of cowards! So you can forget about getting my money back in your store. When will your executives get their act together? Jesus forgave every one who asked for forgiveness.

Your certainly not better than Jesus Christ! This is still a free Country! I hope Paula Deen sues your Bigoted pants off! Went to your Aurora Ill. What a huge disappointment! If I wanted Ikea shopping I would have gone there.

What happened to the variety I have come to know? I have always purchased my draperies from you and have to say the selection was poor at best.

Same is true for bed accessories. I will not be back. What on earth have you done to your Home Departments? They are now difficult to shop in and seem empty and uninviting. Please bring back your old format! They are always dirty and they smell. I was there at 4: I will make it a point never to use those bathrooms again. After waiting for two months for my sofa to be delivered the call finally came! My sofa was to be delivered Thurs. I was so excited! I removed my old sofa and chair from the living room and told my son to bring it to Goodwill if he did not want it.

It took 2 men and a truck to remove the pieces but my space was ready for the new sofa! The day the sofa was to be delivered all my coworkers were excited for me.

Then the call came. My son phoned and said mom did you order a different fabric and color chaise with your sectional? And why did you get a chaise on the wrong side? My excitement quickly turned into disappointment. After waiting 2 months, getting rid of my sofa…they brought me the wrong order!

Needless to say, I cancelled my order and had my son bring back my old couch. I have been a faithful customer of JC Pennys and I really am surprised that I did not receive a phone call from a customer service representative with an explanation of what happened to my order. Your newest website is terrible. I think you may consider me a former customer. I am pleased and impressed with some of the changes in the stores in and around the Tulsa area.

The sales representatives in the stores are awesome! Although the above are only a couple of instances that you have improved, there were a few more noticeably different improvements. I stopped shopping at JCPenneys for almost two years…. I am now going back! However, I was not allowed to use my coupons due to the employees and register not recognizing the meaning of apparels.

It was very busy and I was not feeling well so I left without seeking a manager. My two coupons exoired the next day. I checked the ones I had to make sure I was getting the same ones as i loved the old ones.

I got to the store and found the same sheets or so the tags said. I got home and as I was making the bed I thought this does not feel like the old sheets I checked and low and behold they are not the same. I have plain old cotton sheets. I am very disappointed and as I have to spend a lot of time in my bed because of an illness I will not be as comfortable as before.

JCPenneys was losing me as a customer before but this seals the deal. The cashier returned the items, we had the receipt, and then told my daughter to come back because she thought the items were old when they are EXACTLY what is sold NEW just the worn look.

Then, she came to shop with me. She wanted to go to the car, so I said fine. My daughter turned around and Pillar told her she was Never allowed back in the store saying she was a thief and a criminal, was never allowed back in the store or she would be arrested, etc. Plus, I was still in the store when she came back in telling everyone she stopped a thief and the other cashier- Julie B.

My husband is a doctor and I am an RN. We have four children who are great kids. So sorry they did that to your daughter. What happened to JCPenny?

Like I was in the kids shoe department and the women did not know anything about shoe measurement and mind you there was this mat with prints of sneakers in different sizes and she did not know how to use it, smh…And to my dismay, How come other jcpenny stores had their uniforms on sale and the jcpenny in Bay plaza in the bronx did not have their school uniforms on sale, and to top it off the last weekend before school started the machines were down for 2 days, unbelievable if this store was in Manhattan this would had never happen.

There were alot of people frustrated because most of us consumers do not carry cash trust me alot of people left the store. I am going to Manhattan to shop, and tell my friends about JCpenny. Would you please carry them again? I spend probably a good hour or more, going through the website and picking out items that I wanted to purchase.

I go to pay for my stuff and it wont take my JCP card. SO, I call customer service, I gave her a item number and she was able to put it through the system fine. She said she saw no problem. I figured it may be a system error a I try the next day. Yesterday again, it wont take my card. I log in and all the items that were in my bag are gone.

I am so annoyed. This is the type of thing that makes me want to close my account. What is wrong with the card? Can you get the things back in my basket that I originally wanted? You need to go back to selling bean bags. I am so disappointed in Penneys,that jerk they put in that they finally got rid of as the head of the company really screwed up the place. Johns bay which was one of the brands that was affordable and put all the name brand expensive brands.

Start thinking of the middle class and lower class that are on budgets. Today I decided to cancel my account. I call JCP and I was told that in order to get this I have to go back to the store with my receipt and ask for it. I went into the spanish fort,Al. I really did appreciate it and i will absolutely be going back to this store. But now I do remember. Now I remember that this happens all the time. And that is why go to Kohls.

Pedro in the photo department in Jersey City, NJ needs to be rewarded for providing the Jensen family five years of amazing photos, professional service, and for treating every single customer who walks through the door with respect and an amazing level of customer service.

We moved far from this location but return year after year and often in between for our photos because of Pedro. You could not ask for a better representative of your brand than Pedro. I am in customer service as well and I understand that it takes a lot to stay positive, especially when working with small children and somehow he makes it seem effortless.

We will be back year after year as long as Pedro is part of your team! I had a bad experience in your store at the oxfordvalley. I had purchased a shirt and pair of pants.

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The associate was very nice. It was the manager associate had to call 3 times that would not come help. I was there for 45 minutes. Without making any eye contact she told me to go get it and pointed. Then when I came back there was a long line, and was told to wait in line until it was my turn.

Have never been treated with such disrespect. Very sorry to hear that you plan to have J C Penney stores open on Thanksgiving. I plan to try and buy our Christmas Gifts at stores that have not been open on Thanksgiving. It saddens me that retailers have decided to further hurt families with these kinds of policies. Folks who make minimum wages should not be punished by having to work on a day they should be able to spend with their families.

I understand you are trying to go back with some of your old sales policies, etc. How about going back to keeping certain days of the year about something other than the bottom line? I have waited to write you hoping the problem would take care of itself. As they had to be special order due to the width and length delivery was delayed until November.

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Life at Camp A. Humphreys did not consist solely of military training. Considerable attention was paid to maintaining troop morale. These groups offered social and recreational events for both enlisted men and officers. World War I trainees could participate in inter-installation athletics; improve their basic reading and writing skills; learn to speak French; watch movies and vaudeville shows; visit Washington, D.

Troops at Camp Humphreys suffered severely during the late Summer and Autumn of during the world-wide Spanish Influenza pandemic.

Humphreys became a demobilization center where troops were prepared for their return to civilian life. By the close of , more than 14, men had been demobilized at Camp A.

The camp retained a small garrison after the war. In , the 5th Engineer Regiment from Camp A. Humphreys was called to Washington D. Humphreys remained active and continued to expand.

By the camp had grown from its original 1, acres to approximately 6, acres. The Army's commitment to the post was demonstrated by the official relocation of the Engineer School from the Washington Barracks to Camp A. Although the school had been utilizing the area as a training site since , it was not until that the camp became the "home" of the Corps of Engineers. Following the Engineer School's move, Camp A.

Humphreys was designated a permanent post in and renamed Fort Humphreys. Throughout the inter-war years, the Engineer School trained new engineer officers in the technical requirements of their duties.

Programs offered included forestry, road and railroad construction, camouflage, mining, surveying, pontoon construction, photography, printing, and cooking.

The school also provided compressed courses for National Guard and Reserve officers. The four-week ROTC Reserve Officers Training Corps camps, which drew would-be Army Engineers from universities across the country, continued the facility's pre-World War I tradition of using the original 1,acre site as a summer training camp.

ROTC cadets received basic training in standard military tactics through such courses as bayonet drill and target practice; military administration and military law, first aid and sanitation; and two levels of engineering courses in such specializations as bridgebuilding, demolition, reconnaissance, and railroad construction.

Of course, ROTC camp experiences were not all work; the camp had a yearbook, an orchestra, and an organized program of athletic competition. The camp hostess also made certain that the would-be officers socialized with acceptable young ladies from the surrounding neighborhood.

Another addition to Fort Humphreys during the inter-war period was the Engineer Board, which relocated to Fort Humphreys in The Engineer Board, forerunner of the Belvoir Research, Development and Engineering Center, was founded in to test engineering equipment.

At Fort Humphreys, the Board's mission was to develop specialized engineering equipment. Its establishment marked the beginning of the installation's role in military research and development. During the inter-war period, the Board developed numerous items to make troops more effective and more comfortable in combat. Among the many innovations were assault boats, portable steel bridges, mine detectors, and even portable bathing units. One of the more dramatic changes to Fort Humphreys during the inter-war period was its physical transformation.

By the s, the installation's original temporary buildings had deteriorated, as had most of the Army's other temporary training cantonments that were hastily built during World War 1. In , the Army initiated an ambitious, nation-wide building program designed to address growing concerns over the deplorable living conditions reported at the nation's military installations.

The program aimed to replace World War I temporary wooden buildings with permanent buildings. The program was financed through the sale of 43 military installations; money received from the sales was deposited into a special fund designated the "Military Post Construction Fund. Standardized architectural plans were developed by the Army's Quartermaster Corps to carry out the construction program effectively and economically. These plans included designs that adapted to local climatic conditions and that reflected local architectural history.

The Georgian Colonial Revival style, characterized by red brick facades, strict symmetry, and pedimented central pavilions, was used most often in the eastern areas of the country, where English settlements were clustered in the colonial period. The Spanish Colonial Revival style, characterized by stucco walls and clay tile roofs, was favored for posts in the south and the west, in areas of traditional Spanish influence. Many of Fort Belvoir's most important buildings were constructed as a result of the nation wide rebuilding program.

Most of Fort Humphreys' temporary wood-frame World War I buildings were demolished; in their place, new permanent masonry construction buildings were erected. At Belvoir, the new buildings included officers' housing, barracks, and a hospital, all designed in a Georgian Colonial Revival style. The landscape plan adopted for Fort Humphreys also exemplified Army efforts to improve the quality of life for its personnel and the aesthetic beauty of its installations.

Ford, planning adviser to the War Department during the s, encouraged installations to turn away from more formal, traditional planning practices, particularly the use of straight lines and rigid geometric patterns. He advocated creating useful and aesthetically pleasing environments that took advantage of natural vistas and used irregular lines. Nurse, also influenced Army planning at this time.

Like Ford, he advocated the integration of natural topography in the design and layout of streets, especially in residential areas. The results of Nurse's and Ford's philosophies are most apparent in the configuration of the officers' housing sections at Belvoir today.

These new planning concepts were implemented at installations nation-wide, including Fort Humphreys. The elaborate new layout for Fort Humphreys called for separate functional areas united in a formal plan. Administrative and instructional buildings were arranged along one side of the parade ground, with barracks, theater, gymnasium, post exchange, and post office in two squares on the opposite side of the parade ground.

Non-commissioned officer housing was arranged in two blocks behind the barracks area, while the officers' housing was placed along a picturesque, curving road in a park-like setting, Warehouses and support buildings were located at the edge of the new post plan.

Another development at the post during the inter-war period was a renewed interest in the history of the area, particularly of William Fairfax's Belvoir Plantation.

During the s, two lieutenants at the post, Karrick and Kohloss, surveyed and described the ruins of the old Fairfax mansion, and attempted to reconstruct its historic appearance and layout.

At about the same time, Fairfax Harrison, a locally-prominent historian and President of the Southern Railroad, sponsored the construction of the monument obelisk that today marks the graves of William Fairfax and his wife. In , Colonel Edward. Schulz, Commanding Officer of Fort Humphreys, initiated the first archeological project at the plantation ruins. Vegetation was cleared, and excavation revealed the foundations of the large mansion, its outbuildings, and the outline of an elaborate walled flower garden with two garden houses that overlooked the Potomac River from the foot bluff.

While Schulz' excavation techniques were somewhat primitive by modern standards, the archeological project generated a tremendous amount of public interest. There was some talk of reconstructing the manor house to serve as the commanding officer's quarters, and, in , the name of the installation was changed from Fort Humphreys to Fort Belvoir.

It is said that the name change occurred after President Franklin D. Roosevelt's visit to neighboring Gunston Hall, whose owner informed the president of the post's historic past. World War II Period: As in World War I, Army engineers would be needed to provide critical support to Allied forces by building roads and bridges, clearing obstacles, providing maps, and engineering demolitions.

To prepare engineers adequately for their wartime role, Fort Belvoir once again became one of the Army's primary engineer training sites. Fort Belvoir again expanded. To accommodate the influx of draftees after , an additional 3, acres north of U. As in the past, numerous local families were displaced from their small farms by this acquisition.

It was during this phase of Belvoir's expansion that the small historic African-American community at Woodlawn disintegrated. The new Army housing complex known as Young Village was constructed on the site where the community's school, church and Odd Fellows Hall had stood. Originally, the ERTC program was designed as a week course, but its duration was shortened to eight weeks early in , when the demand for troops escalated dramatically after Pearl Harbor. Recruits were schooled in reconnaissance, unit coordination, road and obstacle construction, and demolition.

After mid, Belvoir began training engineer specialists in operating construction machinery, carpentry, drafting, and surveying. Instruction also was offered for such non-engineering specialties as truck driving, cooking, and baking. As the war progressed and new weapons were developed, specialized courses in weapons operation were added to the curriculum.

Engineers learned about tanks and their uses, flamethrowers, and anti-aircraft guns. One of the most innovative troop training strategies developed during World War II was the obstacle course, invented by Brig. William Hoge, who later commanded the Engineer School A Fort Belvoir invention, the course was designed to teach recruits how to handle themselves and their equipment in simulated field conditions.

Belvoir's obstacle course incorporated walls to climb over, hurdles to jump over, barbed wire to crawl under, ditches to swing over, and pipes to crawl through. The course was put into operation at the ERTC during the spring of , and was replaced in November with a more rigorous one designed by Major Lewis Prentiss. Proven to be a highly effective training exercise, the obstacle course was adopted at Army installations throughout the country.

The demands of the global conflict created personnel shortages, and various strategies were developed to overcome these shortfalls. During the course of the war, EOCS commissioned over 22, new second lieutenants. The Engineer Board, responsible for the Corps' research and development activities, also grew dramatically during the war years.

In , the organization moved from its original location off the Parade Ground to the southern end of Gunston Road. The latest title was the U. Army Research Development and Engineering Center. Members of the WAAC communications, clerical, and service platoons worked as post office clerks, telephone operators, stenographers and typists, motor vehicle drivers, and mechanics.

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