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Mature sex dating Gresham Oregon

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Mature sex dating Gresham Oregon

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Ts Anjelik New York City years personals. Shinas Chennai years personals. Grab the pitch forks. Where did I say she should be lynched? Are those our only options, either completely ignore her outrageous and insensitive costume or KILL her? She has the freedom to express her utter disdain for the victims of the marathon bombing by wearing that costume and I have the right to condemn her for it. America has no shame anymore.

I mean, I still think about the kid that was killed while standing with his family. Blown the F up. And this girl has obviously been told that she can do no wrong with all the pics being dug up.

Anyone who did that is just as big an A-hole as this girl. Beats me…bottom line is that social media is ubiquitous, and common sense should prevail should you not want to be bullied.

If I went out, I might have capitalized on an ability to get in the close range of his arrest picture with makeup etc,. At around the same age, Prince Harry wore a Nazi uniform for Halloween, as a serving officer in the military. Your sense of outrage is way overblown and a fie ample of why reflexive responses are quite often wrong.

You know that word is highly subjective and therefore an arbitrary belief. Losing her job and learning that her insensitive mocking of people who were hurt and died in a terrorist attack is not appropriate is a good life lesson. She does after all have a child to raise. This is an extension of free speech and should be protected without fear of having your voice suppressed. Have you heard something about her being arrested and prosecuted?

So many people have absolutely no idea what Freedom of Speech means. She absolutely has the right to express herself …so does everybody else in this situation. She has the freedom to experience the repercussions of her speech.

How about the people who were outraged by her costume? How about her boss? People do have the right to express displeasure in her decision to wear such a costume. To blindly condemn an action without any inquiry into why it was done or the reasoning behind it is quite dangerous. I believe her boss should have the right to fire her. People who are making the death threats surely are attempting to quell free speech, but so is everyone else that would rather have an individual not express herself, than to express herself in a way that people do not approve of.

Your argument allows for the open disgust of gay couples or interracial couples simply because some people are not comfortable with that form of expression. There was a time when expressing such a relationship in public was grounds for open retribution, but what would we say to someone who acted that way against such a couple today?

I long for that day. You can dress yourself without getting your dick caught in your zipper. Supplying credentials is quite a common method for doing this.

My apologies that my response did not meet your standards. My problem is that openly criticizing a person just for expressing themselves is an open attempt to suppress freedom of expression.

If the public can openly ridicule someone for merely expressing an idea, then in the future people will not want to express any ideas that they believe in, but feel others might be offended by.

If instead of creating a mob mentality against an individual, people took the time to see why she did what she did, and then expressed their opinions in a respectful, if still opinionated manner then we have no problems. With reactions like the one happening here, people will now be afraid to express themselves on Halloween for fear of a public firestorm due to blind and misinformed hatred.

I think your argument is poor. Do you think she put some metaphorical thought into her outfit? There has always been opportunity for people to be attacked for the way they choose to use their freedom of expression. Your thinking is too narrow. But to jump on someone so severely because we find her expression distasteful sets the precedent for this to continue to happen. If she intended to be distasteful and mock the victims, then sure she deserves chastising, but if she just thought it was a smart costume choice, or that she was honoring the victims, then however misinformed she was, she does not deserve the response she has gotten.

Her costume did not harm anyone else. Yes, it may have offended a large number of people, but the normal reaction for such is for those offended to not want to be associated with her.

None of this comment is an endorsement of death threats , they are illegal and not covered by freedom of speech. Someone doing something offensive and provocative is going to result in them offending and provoking people.

Her motivation is completely immaterial. What could we learn by her reason to dress up like that? Care to prove that? The way she is getting flamed online could lead her to harming herself. I simply ignored them. Jake, these people are simply on here to argue. You are right in your statements. They just want to argue. They see the world in black and white. Yeah, I am tired of hearing about PC nonsense, too. Your logic is so narrow..

The costume mocks the victims from that day. Still ok to dress like them! Ok, to dress like him! My point here is exactly like I said! You're being Narrow Minded. Everything has to be PC now. What happen to 1st Amendment! How is her freedom of speech being affected? No one has the right to threaten her life, but they absolutely have the right to let her know they think she should be more sensitive and not so self absorbed. Her costume mocks the victims of that bombing.

If you mock someone you better be prepared for some outrage. It makes no sense at all. But lets forget about all of that for now. It has nothing to do with this conversation. There were two nuts with bombs and guns running around my hometown blowing people up and shooting people. She is no different than a comedian making jokes. I want this to be perfectly clear.

The problem is people finding her pictures online and circulating them. The problem is people sending her death threats. The people who have done those things are criminal. They have done something wrong, and worthy of consequence. I would consider the photo circulation a cyber-bullying charge, or potentially more depending on if security measures were bypassed to acquire them.

Accountability and Consequences are like Karma.. You have freedom to do what you want, say what you want etc. Just as the opposite side has freedom to put you in jail, fire you from your job, arrest you. Your opinion is worthless. Trust me Im usually all for speaking your mind, brutal honesty, all that stuff, but this costume along with other things, like saying the N word, It strikes a sensitive chord with people.

If you cant understand that, the you my friend, are a lost cause. The point is is that certain things like that offend people.

Why you cannot grasp that concept is pretty hard to understand. Should her address have been posted and all that riff raff? Shes the dumbass that put it on Twitter. I dont feel bad for her at all. Ultimately, this is the kind of a response she should have expected. If she could not forsee that, then she should just stick to suckin dick.

Just when I began to believe you were halfway intelligent, you make this completely judgement comment… what a shame! It is a judgemental comment.

I guess you dont see the point Im making. I, Had a right to judge. Though as Americans we have a right to say, publish or practice whatever we desire, within the law of course, most of us are not responsible enough to wield that freedom in an effective way.

She unfortunately is learning that lesson the hard way. Thank God neither one of us are Her. Or how likely they are to potentially strike a nerve? Have you studied American History at all?

This has absolutely nothing to do with being politically correct or fat women in yoga pants or army men or cowboys and indians black people and crackers. This is about one woman mocking a bunch of people who were injured and killed through no fault of their own. Wow, what a coward. Changing your name to guest after making dozens of idiotic posts on this subject.

I dont understand it and I am a big fan of many of the same things you are. It is a costume, worn by a fairly inconsequential young lady, that was worn in an example of boneheaded bad taste. All in all, it is no big deal. In contrast to that, in my state Virginia we had an election, where one of the candidates wanted to outlaw blow-jobs and where as a consequence of the election, I will now qualify for Medicaid. I say we as a nation have to cut the stupid girls who are willing to post nude pictures of themselves on the internet a little slack and redirect that pent up frustration on the people who are trying to turn the US into a theocracy.

It seems illogical for us to be any less harsh on stupid people than we are on smart people. There have already been threats, must there be violence over something so trivial? The fake outrage supports the actions of people who would go to such absurd extremes, Jered Laughner comes to mind. Native American costumes are frowned upon, because that is making a mockery of a group of downtrodden people.

Or are they dressing up as a soldier killed by a suicide bomber or something? Similarly, everybody else has every right to disapprove and make their feelings known. Freedom of Speech does not mean freedom from the consequences of being a stupid asshole. I read a story somewhere where 2 girls in England dressed as the Twin Towers and won some prize in a contest somewhere.

Why dont you look them up and harass them, to maintain consistency? You are an idiot. Please feel free to use the search terms implied in my comment, and the story pops right up. Actually I read the same article. I saw the article as well. William is not making it up. But someone can dress like a witch when people were stoned to death and burned alive being accused of being one in Salem.

What does a witch costume have to do with a costume mocking real living people? The hundreds of people who were injured and the double digit amounts of amputations? What about them soldiers who died so you can shoot your mouth off? Show me the comments where you protest that!

Why would I be writing comments about American soldiers in a forum discussing a woman who dressed up as a Boston Marathon Bombing victim? Those witches were real living people at one time and still have living relatives and died a worse death that the few here did. So in few years a jew in a deathcamp costume will be ok since anybody that was alive that was in the camps will be dead?

Secondly, if someone dresses as a witch, they are not necessarily dressing up as someone accused of witchcraft in Salem. Those poor people did not wear capes and pointed hats like Halloween costumes. Also, witches were around before Salem. Comparing witch costumes to the Salem witches would be like comparing someone dressed as a marathon runner to a Boston bombing victim. What does the fact that other people die every day have to do with this conversation?

If your brother had lost his legs, like so many people who were there, would you laugh off her costume or would you feel like it mocked your brother? Now think of all those people who were injured and their relatives and loved ones, do you find it so hard to believe that this costume was belittling and mocking to them? Why not complain about present issues like your own government killing millions of innocent people with drones in other countries everyday??

Like I said before.. I gotta call bullshit on that. How long would you say this has been going on, these millions dying? Do you have any idea how many drones it would take to take out a million people a day?

And kind of OT, too. It was an awful decision, no doubt. Threaten her with rape and murder? Go after her parents? Those people are the true monsters. What she did was, as tasteless as it was, protected legally. The actions taken by those threatening her — criminal.

It just is a totally illogical argument. There are thousands of people who dress up as slaves for Halloween. Rarely do you see a black person cry about it. As a matter of fact most of them find it hilarious.

Does a bunch of college students in frats doing this really surprise you that much? People expect more from them than from a little school in southern California that accepts over half. People are offended by a lot of things. You have the right to be offended. You also have the right to be offensive. There was a lot more national outrage over the Rolling Stone cover. All those people missing limbs, did they need to grow a thicker skin? Millions were killed in countless horrors- even children, life goes on.

Laughter goes on, etc. Steve Irwin and Michael Jackson were public figures who spent their lives trying to make themselves famous to make a living. The Boston Marathon victims were private citizens taking part in a sporting event. People joke about tragedies all the time.

Remember the guy dressed as the dirt covered office worker in front of ground zero? Unattractive women hate you, men consider you an ornament, and people take great pride in attempts at humiliating you, like this article. I guarantee you that people dressed as terrorists, pimps, serial murderers, the KKK and Nazis this year, just like there is every year.

Some of the costumes are clever and some are in poor taste, in good faith and in not so good faith. It is a costume and much like comedy, the humor of something is contextual, but one of the problems in this country is the loss of proportion in the pursuit of evaluating context. How much punishment is reasonable for someone who does something boneheaded and legal?

You know what it is? And everyone jumps on it likes its gold. With things like twitter mob mentality is getting pretty crazy. And people have plenty of time to waste sitting on twitter making death threats, its ridiculous. And you sir are what they call uneducated with a response like that!

Trendies I tell ya! Go to the Huffington post. There are literally millions of posts about the government spying on Americans …. Does outrage over her costume somehow negate outrage over other subjects? Nobody reads the Huffington Puffington post. There are ten times more people aware of this stupid costume than the fact that the government is violating the 4th amendment and recording billions of phone calls a month. Everyone is outraged about the government spying ….

Why would I be commenting about Government spying in a forum discussing this girls costume? With people like Alicia Ann putting all of their information for the world to see online, who needs government spying? That said, its probably better people are talking about it; since I would only hope this might inform other stupid, self-impressed people to show some humility and make better decisions.

So yes, Internet, I hope you talk the sh! There are millions more stupid people out there just like her who could stand to learn a thing or two about rational decision-making. We need more black women like you in the community. You all seem to get more angry about a stupid outfit, that the constant degradation of your rights,.

Some people just have manners man. I dare you Say the N word really, really loud in the middle of Oakland, Ca and see if your train of thought makes sense. Dare you to say Cracker in the middle of Portland, OR. Thumbs up, You operate with contrary-mind. I am beginning to believe that you argue for the sake of argument. Do I have the right to get 3 white female friends of mine, throw some chains on them, throw on my best Kangol and walk around on Halloween teling everybody Im dressed up as Ariel Castro?

Would that choice of costume probably piss people off? Of course it would! Yeah man we all have the right, but in good taste my friend. Bitch is hot, that is all I care for. There will be other bombings and shooting. But none will care. How does this make it okay to dress up and mock them?

How does this have any bearing on the situation at hand? Nobody is forcing you to be quiet. Nobody is passing laws to silence you. All they are doing is expressing disapproval of what they see, which is completely within their own rights of self-expression. YOU are demanding they stop having an opinion, or at the very least, to stop expressing it. Are some people taking things too far with this girl? With the death threats and harassment of her family? There is no constitutional amendment protecting your ego from criticism.

Dial back the melodrama. The bottom line here is that we would all be a lot better off if we were more capable of stopping for a minute, and thinking. Everyone who died, everyone who was maimed. These people have suffered enough, what in the hell does doing something like this accomplish, other than showcasing just what an idiotic, self-centered piece of shit one is.? Thank you Steve P. By the way, love the pictures. Except a couple of course. Not into the bestiality Like most Americans now-a-days.

Do YOU even realize people were grueseomely killed and many lost their legs??!!!!! How would YOU like it if it happened to someone you loved???!!!! Seriously, WTF is wrong with you???!!!! If only I could give you 20 thumbs down for your insensitivity, you FKN idiot!!! Was what this girl did shitty? This was a terrorist attack on defenseless people.

This costume was in poor taste, as well as your brilliant comment. I suppose you would support somebody dressing up like the Sandy Hook shooter. On one hand, a competition do do stupid things and get attention. On the other hand, a competition to puff up your pretended indignities and prove yourself the most eloquent or enraged in your being offended.

Behind the curtain of both, you find a lonely little troll. Make a really good joke when someone in your family pass away on that day ya!!! I disagree, I think the world is starting to get used to sick jokes and horrible content.

Also Steve P, if your friends or family died in the Boston boming im pretty sure your comments would be different. Just as her employer is free to fire her most jobs are at-will employment on both sides and people are free to mock her on the Internet. As an example, if you took out a billboard stating incorrect facts about me, you can be sued for libel if they are false statements.

So it is not an umbrella to say or do whatever you want. Read my post where I go into detail and explain the exact meaning of my comments as well as list examples of my meanings. Why are you so offended that we are offended? Why you all offended that people posting photos of her nude that she already posted on internet for all to see her nasty whorree pictures of her saggy breast and stretch marks.

I thought she thinks it is funny when people get murdered. If her family was murdered or got their legs blown off would she make a custom of it and laugh about it? Evil selfish heartless bastards only care when it happens to them. She is beyond evil and mean cruel. She is the worst kind of bully and devil to make fun of people that died and got their limbs blown off. What is this world coming to if this behavior is consider ok and acceptable. She is a evil monster and horrible human being you really have to have no soul think of something like and want to do that to the victims and hurt them.

I am not saying people should give her threats but tell her about her disgusting evil self, I am surprised she did not laugh at the threats since she thinks death and maiming of innocent women, men and children is so funny. This hurt the victims so bad and so did it when some people stood up for her and said it was ok for her to make fun of what happened to them.

You all think this is ok what are you going to do next make fun of rape victims and children that get abused by pedophiles. I guess anything goes now and no one has a heart expect for standing up for and condoning evil.

Funny costume, people are way to serious. Alex Jones says terrible things about false flags, our own government hurting us. Leave this pretty girl alone.

Halloween is a day of offending people and getting a rise out of others. You violent people are treating her like she actually physically hurt someone. Just another slut looking for attention. Nice role model for children out there.

You got what you deserved. First, Please stop yelling, Second, she did not do this privately, she did this publicly, then posted a pic. It was a public act, and a public post, and the public responded.

As another commented pointed out, freedom of speech is a two way street. She is free to be a douche bag and I am free to call her a douche bag. Now the other douche bags calling for this girls rape and her family to be murdered, those dudes are big douche bags!

I knew people who were injured in that bombing and my neighbors son was killed. Dressing up like one of the victims is tacky, insensitive and just mean spirited. You sir are a fake. Go crawl back under your rock. With that being said, if a family member of mine was killed in the boston bombings, I would have a hard time letting this one go.

Especially since this just happened a few months ago. What happened to free speech and rights to your beliefs? Has she been arrested? She has every right to say and do what she wants. How about her employers freedom to not be represented by this balloon head? How about the victims and friends of victims who are outraged by her costume? My neighbors son was blown to bits in the tragedy and others were injured.

Good to know that if she wore that in your neighborhood you guys would kill her. Wonderful neighborhood you have. U should read b4 u make a dumb comment. How retarded are you people? That IS a death threat. Actually its NOT… you are interpreting what you think he said. Maybe she would have crawled out…. Hey Kevin, ever have a real tragedy happen in your neighborhood?

Ever have some loonies literally running around and tossing bombs, blowing up little kids and injuring several hundred people? If someone walked around that same neighborhood dressed up in a costume that mocked the victims do you think it might inspire some REAL anger? In what way did you idiotically interpret that in some other way? Guesses are not facts. Guesses can be based on past occurences, or based on nothing at all.

Second, Jason is correct. She could ride out in a police car after enough angry callers report her wearing a tasteless costume and pissing people off. Take the dildo out of your butt and put your glasses on. Then read it again. I never made a threat, I was discussing probability. How was that a threat? Believe it or not no one here has much of a sense of humor about that day and someone walking around in a costume mocking the victims would inspire some real anger.

She got fired from her job over her first amendment right. And I doubt you even live in Boston. What about her employers rights? Why do you think I would lie about living in Boston? But i will make one on behalf of my neighborhood without actually saying I would do it. Does anybody know where she worked?

If nobody knows where she worked, than please tell me how her company was effected. I hope she sue the hell out of the company for wrongful termination. Clearly she was allowed to wear the costume at work. So, I fail to see how the company was adversely effected.

Yeah, cus everything you read on conspiritard sites is true. Are you guys serious? As someone who lives in Boston and experienced this, this girl was making fun of a terrorist attack. She knew how disgusting it was, and she deserves everything she got. Anyone who thinks otherwise is an embarrassment. Everyone involved in this story is an idiot—Lynch is an idiot and the people making death threats are idiots. I can absolutely understand the outrage and every person making an angry comment or even sending her an Email denouncing her as an empty headed little unfeeling twit are just as well within their rights.

Freedom of speech and expression Americans say this all the time. How can you be so hypocritical. Bad taste for sure,but this is what freedom to chose allows. The ppl who make the threats are no better than the guys who planted the bomb. Is it tasteless sure but is being tasteless a reason to receive backlash like this and be fired from your job the answer Is an astounding NO. I find it amusing that people get more upset over this than they do about things that actually matter.

We need to get term limits and demand doing the right thing by us peoins,LOL. Well you seem oddly fixated with her. But come on, she is nothing special. Ok so you find her stretch marks on her abdomen; thighs; breasts and a small saggy ass to be hotness lmao. Your standards are REAL low buddy if she got you hard over that. Sizz, you are the most desperate guy I have seen on here.

Jealous of what lmao? I am established and I gross well over six figures. If you saw me in person you would just eat your words. I am very attractive, in fact, I look ten times better than her with a physique that women envy. I know some women right now that are having a breast augmentation procedure because they want their breasts to look like mine lol. The funny thing is my breasts are REAL. I earn and spend my OWN money. I will not waste my time with you so if you reply to this comment then you will be ignored.

OK Bad decision on costume ok…mistake move on. Love them large nips and natural boobs! Unfortunately in this country we cater to the minority and let their voices rule over that of the majority. So because America does unethical things its ok to mock other American citizens who were killed?

So hypocritical get another a job Stephen. Someone perhaps her parents maybe even a co-worker or boss shouldve pulled her to the side and and explained to her that her costume will offend many people!

We are all held accountable for our actions and the choices we make. Its not cool to mock a terrible event where peple lost lives and are emotionally scared for life.

Most companies have a code of conduct policy and you can be fired for violating it. Mocking a terrorist attack would qualify at most places of work as a violation of code of conduct and most places would have fired her…and rightfully so. Funny how the people most outraged by things like this are always the most evil, conniving, devious, back-stabbing hypocrites ever to get dressed up for church.

My colleagues shared them on break, even the management did. During the blitz, joking about it was how many people kept their moral up. Hell, if a tragedy was far enough in the past — the Titanic, for example — you can joke about it and not even get a dirty look of the stuck-up snobs who call for blood every time they get a little offended.

Be mad at the people that caused the bombing not at someone who picked a bad Halloween costume. Its ridiculous that she was fired from her job. Tasteless, classless, bad judgement whatever- its not that big of a deal. I get it now. Meanwhile the US government attacks civilians through pointless invasions and drone strikes yet the general public treats that as a joke.

People need to lighten the fuck up and learn how to laugh at anything and everything — some of the greatest humor is and has always been crude, tasteless and tactless. Hit me up, Alicia! She likes to show off those tits. I wonder how she would feel if they had been injured in the bombing.

With the expansion of technology in human life and daily activities, many people are getting away with violations of the first amendment. Death threats are in violation of the amendment plain and simple.

This is a case of stupidity and immaturity. She is young and it was Halloween. She threw judgement out the window to have some fun.

That is all it is. You know what is also stupid and vile is the fact that some human beings believe that they are honoring those victims who were killed, by calling death and grievous bodily harm. That is hypocritical and down right disturbing that someone would type such a thing, review it, and submit. The worst thing is that they get more than a hundred likes. I support all the Boston community as a whole however this is some distasteful revenge. She has the right to express her 1st amendment but that only goes so far.

Death threats and harassing of her parents should absolutely not happen. She seems to enjoy showing of her tyts deliberately misspelled. I wonder how she would have felt if they were injured in the bombing. Obviously what she did was tasteless, but does her life deserve to be ruined? She should have dressed up as Trayvon Martin and then nobody would have cared.

And part of being an adult is being accountable for your actions and suffering the consequences of poor decisions. Id love nothing more than to tie her to a radiator and rape her until she is covered in my cum and spewing my cum out of her vagina. Alicia ann lynch…I can make you huge amounts of money…. Hey VividCorp naughtyamerica pornstartweet Sign this lady up http: The first step for her is to accept her apology and allow her to continue with her life as she is now a wiser person for her mistake.

Let us not forget, far worse outfits are worn by others without consequence every year. The ones that truly concern me are those who wrote the death threats and the insensitive comments. Alicia will recover from this and be a far better person for the experience versus those who made the insulting comments. Apparently these social media sites are not doing a very good job at teaching social skills and their parents are too concerned with themselves to do anything either.

But you are correct about one thing…minus the tattoos not something I find attractive , she is a very beautiful young lady. I think it was funny, even tho she coulda picked another marathon maybe… too late, get over it jerks.

Good thing she has one hell of a body. Look at her boobs, look at her ass. Please people forgive her for being stupid. We are all stupid at a certain point of our life. We would rather go and make love to this beautiful innocent girl. To the parents of children how would you feel if your child was being threatened? They make movies on the pain someone would feel for pursuing anyone of my loved ones…. Take into consideration how easy it was to find her just as easy to follow an IP address to find you….

Like I said people should move on…. I hope to hear of arrests and the family suing. Also the employer should sue too. They lost an employee due to lynch mob actions.

Bad judgment on her part, but why are people so damn sensitive these days? Some people are truly bored. It was ONE shitty move. She made a dumb move. Until then, though, move the fuck on and stop being so over-dramatic about it. However, some people will probably agree with me too. Perhaps the entire Congress should get to doing their job so people are not so uptight.

It is all the upsetment that the political spectrum has put forth that has the citizens upset so they scape goat the woman. A product of the entitled generation Buffalo Wild Wings, Milkshakes, burgers, high-calorie lattes, etc. NONE of them look as thick as she does. One way to stop the death threats… the rape threats though might increase. Why she do it? Oh yea and post it! And all you guys on here sticking up for her.

She obviously did it to get attention and got more than what she bargained for. Be careful what you wish for. That is the best revenge. Post naked pictures of her online for the whole world to see.

That will teach her. She is probably now gonna get tons of offers to star in porno movies. I would sooooo watch those movies! Your comparison is uninformed and inaccurate.

No such thing as bad publicity as they say. The distasteful costume was just a vehicle to get noticed. Well, at least these stolen pics can help her get a new job…in porn. If she had just appeared on the Howard Stern Show with that costume it would have only ignited bursts of laughter and never gotten any press. Congrats to this girl for getting lots of free press. Maybe now Larry Flynt will offer her a deal.

Very attractive and clearly just a playful and creative girl. She is not a sicko, she just has a different way of dealing with crap. Everybody has different coping methods.

Death threats are less classy than her outfit. I have seen much worse than this anyhow! Wishing death on someone is way worse than dressing up as an injured person.

You need a complete morality reset if you want someone to die for as little as this. Yep, you sure sound like an expert. The girl has a pretty face BUT she is only She will be kicking those knockers around like soccer balls in a few years and pushing pounds.

I got a lot of disgusted looks at the party I went to…. Twatters stuck in social media land deserve to get offended… if you stare in your neighbors window you might not like what you see…. Last time I checked we were living in the UniteStates where we have the right to speak how we like, write we like and dress how we want. A costume based on current events, not an endorsement of terrorism.

I cant believe how insensitive people are. This stupid ass made a joke of something, and now is paying the price of having her head totally up her ass. I am no angel and have a sick sense of humor but, I know that some things have repercussions.

Posting something, and knowing she was going to get a response for being so cute, well that blew up in her face. Threatening her and her family is not right, her parents are innocent by standers who probably wish they pulled out. She can, and will, sue. These pictures created national controversy. You get fired for that sort of thing. Now based on the pictures above that she took, I do see Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler or another adult magazine giving her a call sometime in her near future.

She has a tattoo of a happy tree friends character which is a cartoon about animals dying in horrible ways and South Park which makes fun of everything. I just find it funny. I did not know that. Now you all know how I feel. Every year for the past 40 years I have seen countless insensitive children dressed up as ghosts happily running through the neighborhood having a good time. We should ban Halloween right now before any more people have to endure the trauma of being offended! What a great Halloween costume!

Yes, It was in poor taste. We all make mistakes when we are young and hopefully she learned from this. She is hot thought LOL. People are to PC today. Who can still be mad after seeing her naked? Shame on you; do you want to let the terrorists win?!

It deserves many more. I get all the anger, she made a bad call on the timing of the costume. As a Bostonian, I can understand being offended, but death threats to her and her family??

She pulled a public bonehead move, she heard about it almost globally , now let her lick her wounds and move on.

Despite the stupidity of the move, she seems to realize that it was not the best of ideas. Interesting that the only part of the comment that resonated was about her looks.

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