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Matter of preference

Matter of preference

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Matter of preference

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Look up in Linguee Suggest as a translation of "matter of personal preference" Copy. Whether you choose to wear a golf glove or not is a matter of personal preference. En avo ir de ux pour l'a rm e es t un ch oi x personnel. But again, it is a matter of personal preference. Il a conclu que le choi x de k irpan fait par le. The Assembly considers that women must be able to control their own identities, independently of religions,. The choice between higher and lower gain screens is large ly a matter of personal preference a n d another consideration called the Viewing angle.

Peppers may be either roasted or grilled, the. Since it is a matter of personal preference , y ou r interviewer [ Fusion Stone products excel and look great with standard grey. Turn nine is a matter of personal preference , i f you go outside it is [ It is most ly a matter of personal preference b u t it is recommended that you consult with the facility where your function is [ Ce ci est une question un peu personnelle, ma is je v ous recommand e d'en d is cuter avec la personne respon sa ble de la sa lle que [ It is a matter of personal preference.

It is a matter of personal preference , b or ne of experience. Le jumelage des vins et. This is a si mp l e matter of personal preference. It is strict ly a matter of personal preference. The decision to finance or lease a. Most frequent English dictionary requests: Please click on the reason for your vote: This is not a good example for the translation above. The wrong words are highlighted. It does not match my search. It should not be summed up with the orange entries The translation is wrong or of bad quality.

Thank you very much for your vote! You helped to increase the quality of our service. Mais, encore une [ It found that Mr. Il a conclu que le choi x de k irpan fait par le [ The decision to [ DE Mr President, [ The use of an automatic [ When a full meal is provided, or [ The Assembly considers that women must be able to control their own identities, independently of religions, [ Le choix entre [ Peppers may be either roasted or grilled, the [ Fusion Stone products excel and look great with standard grey [ Le jumelage des vins et [ The device can only have one setting [ The decision to finance or lease a [

Patient Preference and Adherence - Dove Press Open Access Publisher

While utility maximisation was not a controversial assumption, the underlying utility functions could not be measured with great certainty. Revealed preference theory was a means to reconcile demand theory by defining utility functions by observing behaviour.

Therefore revealed preference is a way to infer the preferences of individuals given the observed choices. It contrasts with attempts to directly measure preferences or utility, for example through stated preferences.

Taking economics to be an empirical subject, there is the issue that one cannot observe preferences. In other words "It is not what you say, it is what you do that reveals what you want. Revealed preference theory tries to understand the preferences of a consumer among bundles of goods, given their budget constraint. It is assumed that the consumer's preferences are stable over the observed time period, i. It is assumed that the first bundle of goods is always preferred to the second, and that the consumer purchases the second bundle of goods only if the first bundle becomes unaffordable.

If it is observed that a is chosen over b , we say that a is directly revealed preferred to b. Assuming strongly monotonic preferences, we only need to consider bundles that graphically are located on the budget line, i. WARP is one of the criteria which needs to be satisfied in order to make sure that the consumer is consistent with his preferences.

If a bundle of goods a is chosen over another bundle b when both are affordable, then the consumer reveals that he prefers a over b. WARP says that when preferences remain the same, there are no circumstances budget set where the consumer strictly prefers b over a. By choosing a over b when both bundles are affordable, the consumer reveals that his preferences are such that he will never choose b over a , while prices remain constant. This equivalent statement of WARP can formally and more generally be expressed as.

The strong axiom of revealed preferences SARP is equivalent to the weak axiom of revealed preferences, except that the consumer is not allowed to be indifferent between the two bundles that are compared.

If A is directly revealed preferred to B, and B is directly revealed preferred to C, then we say A is indirectly revealed preferred to C. It is possible for A and C to be directly or indirectly revealed preferable to each other at the same time, creating a "loop". In mathematical terminology, this says that transitivity is violated. Consider the following choices: He does what he wants, no matter what I say.

I wanted to talk to you about a personal matter. Switch to new thesaurus. Medical pus , discharge , secretion , suppuration , purulence If the wound starts to produce yellow matter, see your doctor. African What's the matter? That which occupies space and can be perceived by the senses: That from which things are or can be made: What a speech, piece of writing, or artistic work is about: Something to be done, considered, or dealt with: To be of significance or importance: Materie Angelegenheit Stoff Substanz Anlass.

Shouldn't I be told all this as a matter of course? The entire universe is made up of different kinds of matter. The wound was infected and full of matter. That car matters a great deal to him; It doesn't matter. Is anything the matter? You don't have to ask her — she'll do it as a matter of course. Whether she's clever or not is a matter of opinion.

No matter what happens, I'll go. References in classic literature? In telegraphic sentences, half swallowed at the ends, They hint a matter 's inwardness--and there the matter ends. For the beloved kingdom of God, was first rent, and broken, by ill counsel; upon which counsel, there are set for our instruction, the two marks whereby bad counsel is for ever best discerned; that it was young counsel, for the person; and violent counsel, for the matter.

And are we assured, after looking at the matter from many points of view, that absolute being is or may be absolutely known, but that the utterly non-existent is utterly unknown? On the one hand, many psychologists, especially those of the behaviourist school, tend to adopt what is essentially a materialistic position, as a matter of method if not of metaphysics.

Dear Madam [I wrote], It has come to my knowledge that when you walk in the Gardens with the boy David you listen avidly for encomiums of him and of your fanciful dressing of him by passers-by, storing them in your heart the while you make vain pretence to regard them not: It was through my action in a matter which I understand has been subjected to a great deal of criticism," Thomson replied.

A course to follow in this matter has presented itself to my mind since I received your letter, but my ignorance of details of business and intricacies of law leaves me still uncertain whether my idea is capable of ready and certain execution. Others carry the matter still further, and inquire how many of his ancestors have been citizens, as his grandfather, great-grandfather, etc.

If I made the matter public, I have no evidence but moral evidence to bring forward. For," says he, really with embarrassment, "the matter hinges on a love affair. Elizabetha Prokofievna sometimes informed the girls that they were a little too candid in this matter , but in spite of their outward deference to their mother these three young women, in solemn conclave, had long agreed to modify the unquestioning obedience which they had been in the habit of according to her; and Mrs.

Many translated example sentences containing "matter of personal preference" – French-English dictionary and search engine for French translations. It's a matter of personal preference, and what you will invest for your desired experience. It's the same thing with tanning equipment. All UV. The government said earlier this week that global issues of most types of preference capital will be considered as debt, and will be subject to the ceiling on .