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Married Trondheim women

Married Trondheim women

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Married Trondheim women

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In the USA, I have my family, incredible job offers, a truck to drive, a garage full of bikes and hiking gear, an incredible professional network, and access to tons of cheap and easy shopping. Yet, life in the States often feels lacking of balance and simplicity. For me, Trondheim is the perfect fit. It is not a huge city like New York or Chicago, where you are surrounded by towering skyscrapers and all you can hear are police sirens and the honking of car horns; nor is it located in the remote middle of nowhere.

With a population of just over ,, the city center offers something for everyone yet remains serene and peaceful without being overcrowded.

Inside the center is a plethora of great restaurants, pubs, and a wide array of shopping centers for everything you need. The prices are often far above average, but then again, so are the salaries. Just a short drive away you can find mountains, fjords, cross country skiing, and plenty of things to do.

The Norwegian culture is notorious for making the best out of any situation and for always finding a reason to be outside. Even just yesterday, while biking into the city center, I pulled my bike over on the side of the bridge to take photos of Nidaros Cathedral and the icy river below.

Although I am new to Trondheim, I have had nothing but great experiences with the people here. Want to open a conversation with a Norwegian? As an immigrant, I have been treated with the upmost respect and have found that many successful business leaders have gone out of their way to introduce me into their networks and to provide job leads.

Whether in the mountains at the cabin or in the local bibliotek where I take norskkurs weekly, the people are always warm, friendly, and helpful. To really connect with Norwegians, it is helpful to have a solid understanding of what drives them and what sets them apart culturally.

Read more about Trondheim's technology scene. Trondheim was the nation's first capital under Olav and remained so until The city also has a fortress located atop one of its largest hills. Kristiansten Fortress was built in the s to provide protection from rival neighbors, including Swedish forces.

Who doesn't want to live in a place with such unique history? In just two months here I have already found countless ways to be involved in the community, including: It makes sense that a city with such a high student population would have many volunteer opportunities 1 in 6 inhabitants are students. But even outside of the college campuses, you will find business and industry leaders of all ages working alongside one another at a wide variety of events.

Community is an important part of Norwegian culture and nowhere is this more apparent than in Trondheim. Admittedly, since I have not yet found full-time employment, I may be wrong about this. However, life feels less hectic and hurried. In the States, I was constantly running from one event to the next and checking emails while eating on the run. It was also common to spend 2 hours in traffic during rush hour on my way to and from work in Los Angeles or to be packed like a sardine into the metro in New York City as people struggled against one another in the race against time to get to work.

Here, it seems that outside of a very busy and focused work schedule, people tend to slow down and relax more once the workday is over. It is very uncommon for people to answer work emails on the weekends or outside of working hours. This allows for some breathing room between work life and non-work life; which I believe is something that we are slowly losing concept of in the United States as technology allows us to work from anywhere at any time. I believe that this balance greatly reduces stress and anxiety and allows people to concentrate more on what really matters in life.

Last Sunday, my girlfriend and I went for a hike in the park as we always do and for the first time I realized that many families actually meet up and hike together throughout the day.

In fact, it was uncommon to see a single family alone whereas most of them traveled in groups of three or more. The idea of a Sunday stroll is not exclusive to Norway but the togetherness, community, and focus on family activities is certainly stronger here than in many other places.

The family is the center of Norwegian life and this can be seen through the number of daycares dotted throughout the city and in the number of mothers out pushing their strollers on any given day. It is not so much that they work and then make time for family but that they are a family and they make time for work.

Trondheim very much reminds me of the small town I grew up in and represents much of what I love most about small-town USA. Most people will consider crime rates and education at the top of their list when determining where to live.

Norway is consistently ranked as one of the safest countries in the world by the Global Peace Index. Trondheim, in particular, is very safe and violent crime is extremely uncommon. Some minor crimes such as bike theft are relatively common but this can be prevented by locking your bike to one of the many bike parking stations located throughout the city.

As opposed to the common view that I have heard of Norwegians being cold and unfriendly, I have found quite the opposite. Almost everyone I have met here in Trondheim has been kind, humble, and good-natured. In general, flaunting wealth, criticizing others, or think of yourself as better than anyone else is very much frowned upon. The culture here is one of togetherness and humility; which is something that I very much admire about the people.

The latter is very similar to the way we view ourselves in the United States which is good in moderation but can be dangerous and pretentious when taken to extremes.

Which Janteloven do you like better? It is quite clear that I very much enjoy the life, culture, and nature here in Trondheim and that I am very fond of the people and institutions. In the meantime, there will certainly be many more adventures, friendships, and new opportunities. He is an avid adventurer, backpacker, and volunteer with travel in over 40 countries. Dave moved from the USA to Norway in December to pursue a serious relationship with his beautiful Norwegian girlfriend.

Dave, this is a wonderful article. The content and visuals resonated with me. Use the same philosophy that allowed you success on your mission trip and go forward. Thx Dave, For those kind words about my hometown. I get so proud. So good to hear that you enjoy our city.

It is not about equality, but rather about jealousy and envy. So glad you like our city! Interesting to hear an American perspective of my hometown. I was born and raised there. Married an American and now live in crowded Bay Area, California. Trondheim will always have a special place in my heart.

So beautiful and yes more laid back. Luckily I get to visit often. Best wishes with your job search! Sounds like a nice town. If I want to be a jerk, I want the freedom to be a jerk.

I cant really say these guidelines are deeply rooted in our culture. Every Norwegian probably heard about them, i remember us reading about it in school but i cant for the life of me remember a single one of them. We have jerks here too, like everywhere else.

You are certainly making me homesick! I have lived in the United States for 21 years now, but Trondheim will always be my favorite place on earth, whether or not I ever move back to live there again.

I was born and grew up a few hours north of the city, but my maternal grandmother lived in Taraldsgaardsveita, right by Ravnkloa, and spending time with her at her house was my favorite thing to do. Most of my formative experiences in life took place in Trondheim…I fell in and out of love there, had a child while living there, learned many, many life lessons, and experienced the most devastating and wonderful emotions during that time. Exactly how I feel.

I fell in love of Trondheim, to the people, the lifestyle, culture. I live in Trondheim too!: It is great that you feel so welcome! Good for you guys. Not everybody are treated as well as you have been though. Makes me wonder what you do? I am Norwegian but my partner is from another country. We have spent about 15 years living abroad, but are now back in Trondheim for work for a little while.

The average Norwegian considers foreigners to be less than them. Since Norway made their oil money, the country is just so different. And mostly it has changed for the worse. There is no work-ethic, food culture or service. Young workers are lazy, not relaxed.

The reason why Norwegian business sometimes fall behind on a global scale is that a lot of people simple take half the day off on a Thursday and start their weekends then! It is utterly impossible to get a hold of anyone after lunch on Fridays, then you have to wait until Monday morning. There are 3 companies that run the grocery business. This often means that you can choose from expensive or slightly less expensive garbage. Luckily some independent shops and markets are still around.

It is difficult to get used to after living away for so long. Most of the service industry are made up of Swedish people, because any job in this sector is concidered to be beneath a lot of Norwegians. The only people who tip their waitress are those who work in the industry themselves. There is no such thing as equality.

Getting married |

But the proportion is especially high in Norway. She has recently completed a research project on fertility in Kenya, where she interviewed both men and women.

Of course, all of them want to have children. Anything else is unthinkable. The purpose of being a man is to become a father. Most men can biologically become fathers nearly their entire lives. Everyone has heard of Bruce Willis or other celebrities who become fathers for the first time at an advanced age. Read the Norwegian version of this article at forskning. A quarter of Norwegian men never father children May 9, - Nearly one out of four men in Norway are childless at the age of Childlessness , fathers , Gender and society , gender differences , parenting.

Women in Norway are productive, in jobs and in having babies. But Norway is also a country where many men never become fathers.

Percentages of childless men [menn] and women [kvinner] at age The increase is much stronger among men than women. This graph, from Statistics Norway, covers the years to Most men and women consider children to be an essential element of their lives.

Few make a conscious decision against having them. My husbands already lived in Norway for 3. Years and playing like professional in handball club Runnar and Viking. Unfortunately because of familly member get sick we had to come back home 4 years ago. Do you think my profession is wanted there?

Do I have a chance to find a job? I would love to have a Coffey and chat with you if I ever come in T. A Master in Aquaculture could be very useful here. Norway is one of the fastest growing aquaculture sectors in the world. In , Norwegian aquaculture production amounted to approximately 1,3 million tons, 99 percent of which was Atlantic salmon and trout.

It seems like a good education to have here, so I wish you good luck! Greetings, Dave — I am so happy to have found this site. I plan to immigrate to Norway in order to basically save my skin as the conditions in my home country, Serbia, are getting worser and worser with each day passing by.

I have meticulously gone over the ads on EURES and similar sites but so far had no luck in finding a job vacancy as an English teacher in a private school that would be my preferred choice of work. What else could I possible do in Norway pertaining to my profession? There are lots of skilled English speakers here and I would imagine that most private schools are looking for someone fluent in English and Norsk.

However, I hope that your big desire is to bring value to the people you will teach in Norway, not just to escape Serbia. It is the same as you have described here also. However I am seeking a change and it has proven difficult: I have sent many applications, initially my cover letter was written in English, now I manage it in Norwegian, no secret I am foreigner but it shows willingness to learn and to fit in.

In two years not a single interview. Then again I also agree if you have a degree or work experience that is in need here all these may not be relevant: Vets also are needed as I read there are few universities that offer that path. In general science degrees, I agree, are much preferred. Also mechanics, plumbers, electricians and in general skilled technical professions are sought after. Last comment, are norwegian better educated? I love it here, all great living conditions etc but one huge disappointment is the school system I have 4 kids in different school years: To end on a good note: That provides good insight on the hiring and employment in even smaller cities.

I am sure it can be rather difficult for foreigners to find work in such small, tight-knit populations. However, keep networking, keep trying and best of luck!

I accidentally stumbled upon your blog after reading https: I too am a foreigner living and working in Trondheim but my experience from my mother country also confirms what you wrote in the soccer article. I am from an English speaking African country. I think your article is spot on regarding work and settling in Trondheim.

Only you can choose where you want to live and work. Moving to Norway is difficult and finding work can be difficult. If you can get accepted to school here, it would be a great opportunity and should give you time to find a job. Hi Tifa, if by any chance you decide to choose Oslo keep in mind to try applying to Aker Solutions f. They have English as a work language so it should be easier language wise.

I know they also have internships that you can find announced on their website in good time if you want to apply. I am currently 16 years old and living in Belgium. To prepare myselve a bit i started to learn Noregian Norsk since 3 months. I am currently taking school at a technichal school and nearing my degree as an electrician with a specialisation in Offshore and Land Windmill technology.

Do you think i have a chance in finding work in the county where Trondheim is situated? Hey Elian, sorry for the late reply. The benefit on your behalf is that as a youth, you will have much more flexibility with where you live and how much money you need to get by.

You also benefit that as a EU citizen, immigration policy is much easier on you. We are skilled professionals, and our work experience was mainly in electronics and semiconductor manufacturing. In Trondheim, there is Nordic Semicon where we would like to apply for a Job. Moving here without a job lined up and without a place to stay would be very risky and difficult. There may be some jobs within Nordic Semicon or one of the others… but I would highly suggest applying for the job and even flying here for the interview if needed before you move your whole family.

Norway is very expensive and for many reasons difficult to find employment. So, my opinion on what you should do is stated above, but whatever you choose I wish you the best of luck. As much as I liked Norway as a tourist — I must say the prices here are ridiculous.

There is no reason to pay x more for the SAME product as in your country. The very same brand chocolate, or gum or soft-drink… 5 times really? With NOK 50k euro you will struggle to achieve the life you can have in many East European countries. If you have your own business or income — maybe that is different. But to live on salary — 50k euro in Norway is nothing. I agree it seems very pricey as a tourist. In a reality, living here is not bad at all.

In addition, average salaries and median income are higher here than they are in most other places. Hi Dave , I enjoyed your article and most of it i enjoyed your response to all of them who writed on you.

Im an architect bachelor degree, do i have a chance to find a job and live in Norway , bedsides i am married and have two little kids. But there is a problem that country I coming from is not accepted in EU.

Thank for sharing your great true story with us. I suggest you contact the UDI. Thank you for your reply, Last question; What if i find a job and somehow someone send me a job offer by Norwegian embloyer, and work for him and pays all taxes. For how much long i can take my family in Norway and beings like Norwegian citizen.

I arrived here in mid October and am down around the Drammen area. Yes, things in Norway tend to be a bit more expensive.

I thought I was happy before, until I got a taste of Norwegian lifestyles here. Eric, I have a ton of respect for paramedics and first responders. I hope that everything continues to go well for you here. I wish you all the best of luck! Very helpful from you Dave. Please I need you to assist me on how a black african hoping to survive in Norway for a year.

Hello David, can I please get your email. If a person who has been granted a residence permit under the rules for family reunification with a spouse stands, falls residence permit basically away if he has no other basis to remain in the country. A foreigner who stay through the rules on family reunification will therefore normally lose residence basis if the spouses move apart until at least three years. The fear of being sent out of the country may be the reason why women remain in marriages where they are exposed to violence Paul To remedy some of this, was immigration regulations changed so that women who could demonstrate that they had been victims of domestic violence were given the right to stay, even if they did not meet the requirements for permanent residence.

First, the woman claim that she because of the separation will have particular difficulties in their home country. In some countries it is so divorced women have great difficulty, they are treated as honorary solve, they are undesirable and in some cases they may be exposed to violence by family. By the sixth paragraph, last sentence states that a residence permit shall be granted if the woman or her child has been abused in the relationship. Apparently this rule looks as though it admits abused foreign women without residence permit further.

It requires, however, that the woman must demonstrate that she has been subjected to mistreatment, which in many cases is very difficult. In Guidelines for the treatment of matters relating to a new residence permit for foreign women after divorce Circular UDI soda , states the following about the requirement for substantiation: Her statement about the abuse should be applied unless there are clear grounds for believing that this is not right. Her own explanation will be the basis for assessment.

As a general rule it is not required that the woman must prove that abuse has taken place. Basically the immigration authorities shall not take a statement from the woman's spouse or cohabitant, but it can be done for a specific assessment. In practice, however, it has been shown that it is very difficult to obtain a residence permit on this basis practice for an identical circular from the Circular UDI There is considerable evidence related problems to fix, women have difficulty in meeting the requirements of Immigration in the clinical setting of probability, which means that there are relatively few women who have been granted residence under the provision.

It is also stated in the regulations that it should normally not obtained a statement from the woman's spouse or partner as to whether abuse has taken place. In practice, however, it has been shown that the immigration authorities in some cases ask the man if he has abused the woman, something he usually denies.

In the Committee's judgment should be from the highest political authority get an order to the immigration authorities on how the provisions should be applied. If this turns out not to be sufficient to change their practices, make the wording of the immigration regulations and the circular change, so it is stated explicitly that abused women should be granted a residence. Earlier, the Committee pointed out that women who are victims of domestic violence have a particular need for legal aid.

For foreign women, the need for legal assistance acute. Such rules are today, it is classified a liberal practice with regard to the granting of legal aid in cases of this type. Applications for renewal of residence after divorce because of allegations of ill-treatment will generally be granted, and it should therefore generally be no need for legal assistance except by appeal.

In the latter case, free legal aid should be granted. The rules should be amended so that women who are victims of domestic violence given the right to free legal aid in connection with any legal questions arising in connection with the violence issue. The right to free legal aid shall also cover legal expenses in connection with the subsequent immigration case.

Even in reading that I still feel she has a good case, I mean let's be honest for all we know she could already be affected by what is mentioned in the bulk of that document or be getting close to it, who is to say and indeed I'm not sure here in public is the best place to air it.

I would certainly encourage her to seek legal aid and discuss the matter in detail with them as it seems like a problem that is not going to go away. We can speculate all day on the outcome, but sooner or later a solution will need to be found, which can only be via this route as far as I know unless she meets a new husband sorry not a nice thing to say under the circumstances and it was not meant badly.

Thank you winmcp for the support. I have been doing some researches and apparently it seems like i can apply for another type of permit as long as i meet the requirements. I'm in Melhus kommune by the way, outside Trondheim. Crossing My fingers and hoping for positive result; if not, well i tried. While it is clear that you can APPLY for another type of Residence Permit if you are suffering from abuse, there is absolutely no guarantee that a permit will be granted.

That is something that is judged on a case-by-case basis that will most certainly require proof of several different things. The abuse - there will need to be substantial proof of the abuse i. The authorities are not simply going to take anybody's word for it that they've been abused. They are also going to want to know as much information as possible about the nature and gravity of the abuses.

Previous efforts to resolve situation prior to separation - Authorities are going to want to know if you and your husband made any efforts to resolve your differences other than just separating.

They're surely going to want to know if you've sought marriage counselling, therapy of any kind, spiritual guidance, anything that would indicate you have at least made some efforts toward reconsiliation, otherwise they're probably going to look at your situation as though it were a "marriage of convenience" from the outset. The law is clear, only individuals who have been married for 3 years qualify to renew the Residency Permit. The authorities are well aware of all the ways that individuals try to get around that rule, there is nothing that they haven't seen before, nothing takes them by surprise.

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women aims to create awareness of the fact that violence against women is a human rights violation that impedes progress in many areas. Domestic violence (also named domestic abuse or family violence) is violence or other abuse by one person against another in a domestic setting, such as in marriage or may be termed intimate partner violence when committed by a spouse or partner in an intimate relationship against the other spouse or partner, and can take . Background Oneofthemostcommonformsofviolenceagainst women is that performed by a husband or an exposition-universelle-paris-1900.cominstarkcontrasttothe situation for men, who.