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Married just another dumb scamming cunt

Married just another dumb scamming cunt

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Married just another dumb scamming cunt

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I am interested in you. That a Married just another dumb scamming cunt should make her guy a meal even when they're cuddling because he's hungry and she just wants to do that for him. We are all 420 friendly and drinks will be served Who is this charmer Marriev you would allow your whistle to be blown by.

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Just wait a few years and you'll be all good and legal for this kind of stuff. Now for the rest of you, Enjoy! I don't want to hear it. Not like this you wont. Please don't do this to me. So what if I'm willing to You don't NEED a man. Haven't I taught you anything?

Have you not learned? It doesn't work mother. All this feminist crap you've been preaching, its all crap! I'm so sorry mommy. I didn't mean it like that. Its just, I cant get a man acting like you want me to. All my life I've done so much to further the female cause. Gone on rallies, given speeches, protested inequality. I brought you with me to all of them for Christ's sake! I thought someday you would appreciate the sacrifices and triumphs I worked so hard to make.

All those things were so that stupid twits like you need not kneel before some man, smiling like a monkey, cooking his meals, and sucking his thingy when he wasn't out fucking other women.

Mom, Billy isn't like that. Billy is so wonderful to me, so loving. He's like my soul mate What kind of a 'soul mate' would want you to give up your job to become his dumb little house wife? There's nothing wrong with being a house wife Tell that to all the women throughout the ages who had to shut up and spread their legs because they were treated like baby making machines!

Finally we live in a time where you don't have to be submissive to get a man. Where you can work and be your own person. Why would you want to throw that all away? Because I love him! Please try to understand. He doesn't think of me like you think. He respects me, and listens to what I have to say.

You went to Yale! You are such a smart girl. How can you be so pussy stupid? My own girl, a pussy stupid twit! Don't call me that, I can't stand it when you call me that. Us feminists hated girls like you. Girls who had all the mental talents to show the men off, but thought with their cunts instead.

I can't believe my little girl, after all I showed her in life, is just another pussy stupid! Mom, I'm a Jr. Executive for crying out loud! And you're throwing away all that success for a man. Your need for that wiggly rod in your hole has you giving it all up. In another few years you could have been in Sr managment! Please stop thinking with your cunt and see what you're risking!

I AM thinking with my mind. I look at you and don't want to be what you've become. I don't want to grow up hating men and despising women who marry them. I don't want to be a bitter old lesbian! Mom enough, I don't want to fight you on this. Janice is a wonderful woman and I am happy for you.

But Billy is the man I love and the man I want to marry. If he wants me to give up my job to take care of our kids, then I will honor that. There's no better job out there than that. Don't make me sick! I can't believe my own flesh and blood would say such a pathetic thing. Do you know how many women cry inwardly every time they say that? Don't become his little homemaker. Resist, I know you have the strength. Don't become just another pussy stupid to a man.

You are woman, now ROAR! Mother that crap just doesn't make any sense. All women like you managed to do was alienate men, leaving you cold and all alone.

Don't say that honey, you just don't understand That's why dad slept with all those women behind your back. They didn't make him feel like garbage for having a pair of balls. They made him feel good to be a man. I make Billy feel good to be a man, and that's why I'm getting married. I WANT to be his loving house wife. This must be a nightmare. Yes that's what it is, a complete and utter nightmare. Or are you trying to get back at me for something? Was I such a bad mother that you would want to hurt me like this?

You were a wonderful mommy and I love you very much. I don't want this to be about you and me. This should be about Billy and I. About me getting married and being happy! And giving up your job, and getting on your knees and sucking his prick on demand like a good little wifey. Will you shut up when he's the one talking? Will you cook him the best meals your college educated brain can think of? Make sure you don't mix whites and colors in the wash baby, you wouldn't want to get the Master of the house angry with pink shirts!

I'm not the one thinking with her pussy! Go ahead and just admit you don't care about being a pussy stupid wifey. Are you happy now mommy? I'd rather be any kind of wife than an angry old lesbian like you! Billy makes me fool good. He makes me feel like a woman. There's nothing wrong with enjoying a man's tool inside you. I'm not betraying some imaginary womanhood. I'm not setting the movement back an era. More than you know. When other women have to make similar decisions, they'll look at you and see how 'happy' you are being a servant wife.

They'll think its ok to quit their jobs, ok to drop out of school, ok to become the second class citizens to men. You have no idea the damage you will be doing. All our hard work! I just don't buy any of that. You're telling me that you're happy? After all the hell you raised, all the men you pissed off, all the times you spent giving speaches on the road instead of being with daddy.

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How could he look his friends and coworkers in the face when they laughed at him? Some of those speeches you gave were in the newspaper and on TV. I remember how proud you were of that, but did you ever see daddy cringe, knowing how pathetic he'd feel when he would go into work the next day? I wont apologies for being a strong woman and defending our rights.

If you weren't the pussy stupid twit you've become, you would be crying to the words you are saying, to me of all people. If you want to call me pussy stupid, then that's fine. I really don't care.

I'm the one getting married. I'm not the one who sleeps with other bitter divorced feminists and plays 'dress up'! I never said anything because I respected your decisions. But compared to what I'm doing, you really don't have much to say for yourself. I mean really mom, dressing up with those outfits? You know nothing about that.

We were, role playing against Knock it off, you were having sex games. Was it Janice who always played the man, or did you ever have a try? Enough, we're not talking about me. This is about you and your pussy stupid decision to quit your job so Billy will marry you. This isn't about me and.. I don't think you ever played the man. I think it's the way you wanted it I bet, in some sick irony.

I thought you hated men so much, so imagine my shock the first time I saw Janice dressed up like one. I couldn't understand why you would be acting all girly when she was dressed like that. So out of the norm for you. Why you would prance around in those ridicules high heels, wearing I'm only going to say this once, but what you saw was only a role play to remind us how horrible it would be to lower ourselves to a man. The humiliation of it, reinforcing our will. That's all it was for. Was the strap-on necessary then?

Seems a little involved for a simple role-play reinforcement? I'm getting very nauseas. I'm only trying to prevent you from making a horrible mistake with Billy. Billy would never have me dress up like a silly little maid and prance around the house doing chores. Billy would never have me lick his office shoes clean. Billy would never pull me over his lap and spank me for being a bad wife.

And this time I'm not forgiving you. You weren't supposed to be around the house when we did that. You were supposed to be visiting your father. What we did was private and between Janice and I. I know that, but it doesn't change the fact that now you have to get your kinks with another woman. Another woman who has to 'pretend' to be a man so you can get a fake cock inside you.

I want the real thing. I don't want to become like you, fucking other women because I don't want to appear weak in front of men. I want to be happy. Your happy walking around the house with a feather duster stuck up your butt? Are you happy cooking warm meals for her in the kitchen? Happy kneeling at her side on the floor, masturbating as she eats the food you made for her.

Happy looking up at a woman dressed up like a man while she smiles down at you and pats her pussy stupid wife on the head?

THAT makes you happy? Either you're happy being a lesbian man hater who fucks dildos or you feel very very sad and pathetic? I am NOT pathetic! But you are still sad then aren't you, maybe even jealous that I'm getting the real thing. Are you jealous of your own daughter? I don't need a man like you You just need a fake one! So what if I want to play a perverted game or two with a friend. Women can do that you know.

We don't have homo hang ups like guys do. We can satisfy each other mutually without officially becoming lesbians. I never said I hated men, I just mistrust them. They're rough, they're domineering, and they're sexist. You don't know what its like growing up in a world where there were no laws to protect you from their sexist behavior.

Women like me had to fight for every right we have today, and if it meant losing my husband in the process then So you didn't care about losing daddy did you? He was right, you did push him away. I'm not saying you had to stop fighting for women's rights.

I was so proud of what my mommy did when I was growing up. I felt like I had the bravest mommy around. But I loved daddy just as much as I did you, and having a family is just as important as spreading female freedoms. You could have done both, but you chose women instead of daddy. And now your alone and pathetic, sucking a fake cock when your not licking pussy!

You have no idea how hard I tried to juggle both. I wanted to keep your father around. I am still a woman you know, and I know just how wonderful it feels to have a man inside you. A warm hard man. But he wanted so much. He wanted me to go down on him, he wanted me to try anal, he wanted me to message his feet. I wasn't his fucking sex maid, I was his wife.

I couldn't live with myself doing all those things that I preached shouldn't be done. Then why do you do all those things for Jessica now? I ran when I heard you squealing like a pig pushing your rear back against her strap on Do you enjoy pretending to be the exact thing you fear the most? A pussy stupid feminist? Its not that you were too strong to submit to daddy, it was that you were too weak.

You couldn't be the wife you wanted to be without betraying yourself. And now your making up for it with Janice aren't you? Submitting to her like you wish you could have to daddy! Its ok mommy, let it go.. Do you now wish you still had his cock around to make you feel like a woman? Does my mommy wish she hadn't been such a mean angry feminist, so she could dress up as a maid for a real man?

Doesn't she wish she could have cooked for him, and cleaned for him, and sucked on his cock, and squealed her ass back to him, and shined his shoes with her tongue, and pranced around the house with a feather duster up her bum after every silly boring feminist speech she made?

Say it mommy, it's the truth! I wish I were a pussy stupid feminist! You know that's not true. I were a pussy stupid I wish I could be like you, marrying a man, having his cock near by, making me feel like a woman. Does Janice make you feel like a woman? No, she just makes me feel pathetic.

But she's the closest thing I can get and she knows it. I play her good little pussy stupid house wife because she knows I'm too weak to be one for a real man. That's right mommy, you ARE too weak. I am strong enough to admit I want Billy to be my husband and he wants me to be his wife. And not his pussy stupid wife, but his equal. I'm marrying a man who will respect me and love me. You had your chance, but you've settled for a plastic cock and a bitter lesbian.

Speaking of which, isn't she due to come over soon? Your 'man' will be expecting food when 'he' arrives from a hard days work. I believe you still keep that silly maid outfit in your closet dont you? Hurry along mommy and dress up like the pussy stupid wife you are and get ready to serve your lover when 'he' arrives. I'm going home, I just hope Billy will be there! Your encouragements keep me going: This work is copyright c by Phoenix Arrow. You may download and keep copies for your personal use as long as the author's byline and e-mail address and this paragraph remain on the copies.

Please do not post this story to any web site without permission from the author. All other rights reserved. No alteration of the contents is permitted. I think that everybody will get what they want The daughter will make Billy a fine wife, and be a great mother for their children, avoiding the mistakes that her feminist mother made with her.

Mother can continue to play lezzie games with her girlfriend Janice, until Janice get bored with her, and finds someone else, and where will feminist mom be where life, old age, and companionship are concerned?

Oh well, somewhere there are stray cats who need a home! Dang Phoenix that's some hurt expressed on a grand scale. I found the references to 'daddy' distracting, perhaps if it was 'steven' or 'your husband' it would work better for the narative. Title of your comment: Please type in the security code You may also listen to a recording of the characters. If you would like a response, enter your email address in this box: Feedback sent successfully - click here to write another. Login or Sign Up.

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Bruce has been married for 35 years and now he thinks it is time for min / Sun porno / Married camgirl gives her husband the best blowjob of his life. Watch Just another dumb cunt - 10 Pics at! If anyone knows her name leave a comment. What kind of a 'soul mate' would want you to give up your job to become his dumb little house wife? In another few years you could have been in Sr managment! Please stop thinking with your cunt and see what you're risking! I know you have the strength. Don't become just another pussy stupid to a man. You are woman, now ROAR! Mother that.