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Mares ready to fuck vancouver washington

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Mares ready to fuck vancouver washington

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Navvy Evers Navarone is here safe and sound! Thank you so much for all your help in getting him here. He is in fantastic condition. The service you provide is just amazing! But IRT managed it all so easily! Thank you for another easy, flawless import, you guys do an awesome job! IRT have been a fantastic partner for many years, successfully shipping our horses across the Trans-Tasman for races in Australian and New Zealand.

We are the global market leader in horse transport with experience spanning over 45 years. As a business we are extremely proud of our success which is grounded in trust and an unwavering commitment to our clients and their specific needs. With vast experience in the shipment of all types of equine breeds and a global footprint across five countries, we understand the nuances of global markets; be they diverse customer needs, government requirements or market forces.

Widely renowned as a world class horse transporter, we take great pride in our customer relationships, our reputation for first class service, the rigour we apply to safety and compliance, and our expert employees. As IRT reflects on over four decades in the industry, company founder Quentin Wallace would like to send a message to its supporters across the world:.

Whether it's flying a champion racehorse, Standardbred, Olympian or treasured pet, IRT's commitment to serving the international horse community has stood the test of time.

Before your horses travel anywhere around the world, IRT trained staff are at your service to guide you through the many requirements of International Equine Travel. IRT take care of all pre-flight requirements, step by step, leaving you with complete peace of mind. It could be said that what really sets IRT apart as the best in the business is the in-flight experience. Your horse will enjoy unrivalled levels of care and comfort while in the air with particular attention paid to:.

After the flight, all horses continue to be supervised by IRT staff right through to quarantine release. The post-flight experience is oriented around customs and quarantine protocols and safe delivery of your horse:. IRT can easily organize transport. However, if you particularly wish to deliver your horse, arrangements can sometimes be made for you to do this. IRT - as part of the planning process for each shipment, an IRT consultant will send you a questionnaire.

Once you have completed this and returned it to the appropriate IRT office, all necessary Customs arrangements can be made on your behalf. Depending on shipment sizes, available groom seats and airline policies. No deposit is required, however similar to passenger tickets, payment is required a minimum of 7 days prior to the departure of the shipment.

We advise all clients to contact with their IRT representative regarding upcoming flight dates and possible intake windows for quarantine. Again depending on country requirements, will determine how in-foal a mare may travel. For example horses may travel up to days in foal to NZ however only up to days in foal to South Africa.

IRT advises that all horses are insured therefore talk to your current insurer to discuss adding a transit policy for travel and any geographical limitations your policy may have. IRT Pro Grooms remain with the horses at any stops on the way, and are pre-customs cleared in and out of each country, ensuring your horses are never left unattended.

The horse stalls are loaded on the ground and then raised into the aircraft by lift, maneuvered into place and locked into position. IRT will supply a new head collar and lead when the horse arrives in our care. When IRT organises pre-flight quarantine a loan rug will be provided for this stage of the shipment. If you wish your horse to travel with these, please speak with your IRT consultant.

For the safety of your horse and the people handling it during transit, IRT generally recommend all shoes be removed for the journey exceptions can be made for horses with tender feet or brittle hooves.

Tranquillizer is generally only administered if deemed absolutely necessary on safety grounds. In most cases, PAQ will be spent in an approved quarantine facility conveniently located to the port of arrival. However, quarantine regulations vary depending upon country of import - refer to your IRT consultant for further information. As a general rule IRT will advise you once the horse has arrived at its destination.

However, if your local representative is meeting the horse they would normally contact you direct. IRT takes particular care to make sure horse owners are well informed throughout the shipping process and make staff members responsible for your shipment readily available. All Government quarantines are supervised by representatives from the local veterinary authority.

Depending upon the route, the care of your horse will be in the hands of an IRT representative or their Agent or the quarantine manager. Once you have completed this and returned it to the appropriate IRT office, all necessary Customs arrangements can be made on your behalf both for the departure and arrival customs entries. In the USA, we use these major airports for domestic horse transportation: For over 20 years, Chris has been instrumental in maintaining IRT's edge in an increasingly competitive market.

Combining equine expertise with his passion for problem solving has helped him drive progressive business practices and innovation. With over 15 years experience and a genuine passion for the horse industry, Lachlan understands global market requirements, helping him successfully fulfil his clients' needs, specifically in the Asian and South African Markets. As co-founder of IRT NZ with over 38 years in airfreight logistics, equine disease and in bound quarantine requirements, David has contributed enormously to IRT's success and remains a proactive leader in the horse industry.

Richard combines his passion for the horse industry with many years' experience in global licensing to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction. Richard's operational background offers a keen understanding of meeting client needs.

Matt has been with IRT for nearly 20 years. Having forged his career from the ground up with IRT, Matt is a terrific example of what a relentless drive for success can achieve. Specialising in global logistics, particularly in the Americas, Australia and NZ, Jim's life's work has been moving horses.

As our founder, Quentin has successfully guided IRT for 45 years, expanding and maintaining our market leader position. After 50 years shipping horses, Quentin still places great emphasis on customer service and attention to detail. Lyn has been helping build IRT's success since the very beginning. With experience across administration, governance, compliance and HR, Lyn plays an important role in delivering effective outcomes for IRT, our management, staff and clients.

Tamir has over 15 years' experience in managing IT and software development and has a passion for keeping IRT at the forefront of new technologies, notably implementing our state of the art, customised CRM system.

With more than 40 office based staff worldwide, and our team of dedicated and professional attendants, IRT's ability to provide excellent service is dependent on excellent staff. We have a wide range of opportunities for the very best people in the industry who have a genuine passion and the right level of experience.

If you would like to be part of our team, feel free to email a covering letter and your resume to our Human Resources team at employment at irt. Transporting your horse has been our passion for over 45 years. As IRT reflects on over four decades in the industry, company founder Quentin Wallace would like to send a message to its supporters across the world: News Latest with IRT.

Our Passion Whether it's flying a champion racehorse, Standardbred, Olympian or treasured pet, IRT's commitment to serving the international horse community has stood the test of time. IRT provides the following pre-flight services: Your horse will enjoy unrivalled levels of care and comfort while in the air with particular attention paid to: The post-flight experience is oriented around customs and quarantine protocols and safe delivery of your horse: FAQ'S All you need to know.

Am I responsible for arranging any tests personally? IRT will complete all necessary tests required on your behalf. Do I have to deliver my horse to pre-export quarantine or to the airport?

When is payment of freight costs etc required? Payment will be required 7 days prior to the departure of the shipment. What quarantine is involved? Can I travel with my horse? Do I need to pay deposit when I book my horse on? When do I need to book my horse on to make the next flight i.

How do I make a booking? My mare is in foal, when can she travel? Do I need to insure my horse? Is the flight direct or where are the stops? I understand the horses travel in stalls on the aircraft - how are they loaded onto the plane? What equipment will IRT provide for my horse's shipment? Should my horse wear leg bandages? Should my horse wear shoes during the journey? Are horses automatically tranquillized for the journey? How is the horse restrained during the journey? All horses travel in an airline approved horse stall.

If my horse is a larger than normal horse do I have economy, business and first class options? If the horse has to undergo post arrival quarantine PAQ at the port of arrival, where is this undertaken?

What happens when the horse arrives at the port of destination? In most cases your horse will be met by an IRT representative or their Agent. Am I advised when the horse arrives at its destination? Who cares for the horse whilst undergoing quarantine? My friend has a quarantine property in Sydney, why can't he fly into Sydney instead? Does the horse sit underneath us on a passenger plane? Horses can only travel on main deck cargo freighters.

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You can read it here if you're not subscribed It has been an amazing year! The weather is resuming its normal ebb and flow of rain and snow and certainly has been interesting including certifying a couple of divers while it was snowing! The dorm has a full kitchen and refrigerator, stove and oven, and can sleep up to 14, but 10 would be a good number and give us a little extra room. I'll be doing lots of cooking between dives or after the day of certification dives so please consider trying some of my specialties.

If anyone else would like to cook, we would love to try some of your favorites as well but anyone can make or bring anything. Arrive as early as Friday, December 29th at 2: I plan to launch some pretty cool fireworks at midnight like you can see in the video linked above. Get away from the big city and spend some time with us at the ocean in a safe and friendly environment. Three students are set to do their scuba diving open water certification dives and one is on board for their Drysuit Diver Specialty.

While the cost of certification, specialties, equipment rentals, air fills, and food are not included, I've priced the event to beat any large city New Year's Eve party and I'll even make you a spectacular offer on certain specialties if you can make it!

Save a boatload, add a specialty to your quiver while bringing in the new year in style! I have an outdoor propane heater and fireplace, but you are welcome to bring blankets, too. There is a covered area but I'll also be bringing my outdoor popup canopy to keep everyone dry if by chance the weather is a little cooler than expected. Friends and family, including non-divers and kids are welcome.

Everyone can dive as much or as little as you want and there will be others to dive with if I am with students, but I will be doing as much diving as possible. If you're planning to stay with us in the dorm, no pets please. I know that they might not be comfortable at home with fireworks going off where you live, but Hoodsport will probably not be any quieter. I'll be collecting cash for the event in the next week to keep the fees from making the event more expensive for us and at the motel.

I can take a credit card if needed, but it will include the service fees that accompany credit card transactions. Happy diving and if I don't see you, have a happy, prosperous, and exciting new year! Test Taking I'm doing research on some of the outcomes students have on several factors within the scuba diving educational process.

Once the statistics are gathered I'll publish the final numbers and see if there are any correlations. The video I made first with my complete argument: The thread where the conversation takes place: Google Alerts sent me a notice that divers are going to attempt to hold hands to form a human chain in order to break a world record. I'm contacting you as it seems that this event goes against the spirit of protecting our oceans. While it would be amazing to see divers in equipment get together outside of a business conference, these divers are not planning to do this on the sidewalk or on the sandy beach.

If divers are planning to enter the water in the same location, not only will this be unprecedented, but it is surely going to be devastating for the environment. I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, and the business opportunities are surely to be significant, but as stewards of the sea, this seems like it's not going to turn out to be as benign as you are planning for. We know how important good buoyancy is, so it makes me wonder how can a leader in the industry sanction this event if everyone will not be neutrally buoyant and off the ocean floor during this attempt?

How are you going to mitigate any damage to the environment, the refuse of divers gathering in one spot, and what will you do about any damage that is caused? Everyone surely wants to be careful about the inevitability of damage, however I fear that some shops or manufacturers that don't participate or even could advocate against participation, might be looked at not being "team players.

While this would be a great opportunity to run some buoyancy classes, there is not enough time at this point Do not risk the success of this event by being under-weighted. Fully deflate your BC and kneel on bottom. You must be negatively buoyant. For this reason we have chosen the sandy sea-floor. We acknowledge it is not the best display of buoyancy but breaking the surface means the attempt becomes null and void.

This means everyone is to be on the seafloor. You must be correctly weighted to do this. I can only say that this is promoting poor buoyancy and being over-weighted This doesn't seem like the kind of world record that needs to be broken when it directly goes against athe foundational tenets of scuba diving!

Another consideration is that this stretch of beach cannot be without animal life under the bodies of those divers While some animals might not be bothered by the effect, what kind of impact study has been done to determine the effect?

I would appreciate your feedback. Although I agree that this is a large number of divers to descend on one site at a time, I assure you that all environmental factors were taken into account.

Divers walked in over a stretch of sand that would have been no different to the hundreds of people playing on the sand bank in summer. They then had a 50m surface swim to where we had a line. This line was placed in the sand parallel to the shore.

It was not placed on top of reefs and specifically placed with the reduction of environmental impact in mind. Being negatively buoyant does not mean being overweighted. For safety of the divers, and to minimise disturbance of the environment, it was important that divers were on the bottom. As divers lowered themselves down to the sand any animals would have been able to move themselves. This event was conducted taking into account many factors.

We prioritised safety and the environment in all of our workings. I commend all of the organisational committee and the divers who took part in the event for their diligence and taking these two important matters into account. Dive adventures and the other sponsors had nothing to do with the organisation of the day.

They generously gave their time and donations to help the Victorian Dive industry. For their generosity we cannot thank them enough.

I thank-you for being an ocean advocate and hope that my message helps elevate your concerns. I am more than happy to discuss this further if needed. I will private message you my number should you want to use this. My response to her. I appreciate the response. Your answers are logical and appropriate, but you've missed the crux of the concerns I addressed.

The first is that kneeling on the ocean floor was necessary. Impact to the environment is minimal during an open water class, but still problematic. Increase that to , and it's worse, it's a precedent.

Every certifying agency believes in the premise of as little impact as possible. With that said, while it may have been impossible to get divers to be neutral at once, being neutral is the outcome of all programs, among other skills. Even if we conclude that the same amount of impact would occur standing on the beach, we are terrestrial beings and standing on the beach is appropriate.

As guests in the ocean, standing, kneeling, and kicking up silt is unacceptable. DIVA acknowledged that this was not the best use of buoyancy in the literature. You know that's an issue but temper it with it being an acceptable price to pay for the success of the event and it justifies it.

Furthermore, proper weighting wasn't as much of a concern as much was kneeling on the ocean floor, but DIVA voiced that if the diver was not properly weighted that the attempt could be jeopardized. This statement would be more likely to sway inexperienced divers towards being heavier than they need to be. But that too is not the greatest of my concerns. I didn't mention it in my post, but, one particular instruction was. It had to do with divers that might need "assistance. DIVA's plan stated, "If you have a problem that cannot be immediately rectified without breaking chain, please back away from the line and surface, heading towards the beach.

Waving your arms is NOT a call for assistance. It's the call for help! It made me wonder if the event would have continued while safety divers attended to the diver that requested "assistance"? What if it was a real emergency? How would one differentiate between "assistance" and "help" since the same signal is being used?

Think about this for a moment How would those divers have felt if they later learned that they did nothing while someone needed more than assistance but actual, real help? That gives credit to instructors that didn't teach this to their students and only exemplifies a huge problem currently present in today's training. There are numerous videos of divers who's skills are already in critical need remediation or retraining. Proper skill execution being naturally buoyant and off the ocean floor is ALWAYS necessary, and I think that's what's been lost in the final outcome of this new world record.

I don't believe it should have been necessary for me to have to try to convince the organization that the actions were wrong -- they should know better! So here we are I'd love to continue this conversation, but in my opinion that would mean that everyone would have to start by admitting they didn't quite give enough thought to the bigger picture.

I'm not going to get into a message-a-thon. The event was conducted with dozens of qualified professionals and rescue divers, ensuring that all divers were taken care of. Safety of all divers was paramount and the event was well executed with this in mind. I'm unsure if you were on the beach when the briefing to all divers started. The first thing that was said that the safety of the divers is paramount.

Not getting the record. Not settling the divers on the bottom would have impacted on safety and the environment greatly, so although I understand your intent, what you say would not be possible on this day and would have been greatly detrimental to the environment, as well as the safety of the divers attending.

Common sense and the briefings given stated that settling on the bottom was a once off suggestion purely for this event. Everyone was placed on sand and well away from the reef. I have been teaching for over a decade and was a diver on the event. There was no damage to the environment and you would be hard pressed to find anyone who attended that would now change their diving to 'sit' on the bottom of a normal dive.

As for hand signals, again this is for a situational dive. Having someone wave their hand in the air if they need assistance when there are divers on the surface is a sensible thing to do as they could potentially get lost in the sea of divers. You are entitled to your opinion and I would encourage you to give me a call or an email at Kat academyofscuba. Sponsored by Diving Industry of Victoria Association on December 2, guinessbookofworldrecords ryepier perfectbuoyancy overweighted divingindustryvictoriaassociation worldrecordevent diveplanning stewardsoftheocean.

Saturday, November 25, Year in review for Lots of great dive, trips, amazing animals, and As of November 23, I've logged dives This includes the certification card as well! To sign up for this course, please follow the link in the description. Click here to sign up for the Nitrox Program: Wednesday, November 22, Hand signals for scuba diving are important, but so is having a little f Hand signals for scuba divers.

Saturday, November 18, "Who's the barber, here? Just because someone has been doing something for 30 years is NOT a reason to follow them blindly just because they are more experienced, a professional, never had an accident, or because of the number of students they have taught.

Think about it this way Program standards have changed over the last 30 years Equipment has changed over the last 30 years Educational requirements have changed over the last 30 years Students' abilities have changed over the last 30 years So, why would you give someone a 30 year old program?

Now, that doesn't mean that one will accumulate experiences and continue to learn over a 30 year period and take that amalgamation of all that knowledge and experience and use it to make scuba today, an amazingly robust program. But, which is it However, it took me over 2 and a half years to get my black belt and I had to take 2 classes a week, 2 hours at a time, and had to test at each belt, spar, and practice at home.

What you're saying is that in another 5 weeks and 10 dives I will have the skills necessary to put people's lives in my hands and deal with emergency situations adequately I have never seen a diver in 5. My Divemaster program takes a full year to complete if the student worked every weekend on it! If anyone is going to offer you advice about one of the most dangerous sports in the world, DO NOT listen to them!!! He wants to continue his scuba diving education. I told him about my program and what I'd offer him and if he wanted a mentor in diving, and would help find me business, I would compensate him all the while he could learn for free.

He had an appointment at 2pm so had to leave and right after he did, two women started to ask me what I was selling? I told them I wasn't selling anything. I started to pack up my stuff immediately while telling them they had no idea what they were talking about. Someone else that was in that area heard what they were saying to me and as he was leaving said to the two that they had no idea what they were talking about, either!

Before I left, the last thing they said was that they have family who dive! I've finally found out what the secret to scuba diving is that I've been without for the last 11 years and 1, dives! I shouldn't have spent my money on training, experience, travel, and put my life in the hands of students, divers, and dive professionals, rather, I only had to KNOW someone who dives and that would have satisfactorily been all that I needed to know.

Where the hell have those two been all my life? Just imagine all the things I could have done if I had only known more people that did the activities that I've always wanted to do Skydiving, flying an airplane, astronaut, Olympic athlete, recording artist, movie star, etc All around, ready to finish!

Other Color or Markings. Yes Partial trade for reined cowhorse saddle and tack. Horse Skills, Disciplines, Attributes. Please feel free to contact for photos or Facebook search Blueflybi. Sorry for the inconvenience. Blue Fly Bi is a Ready to finish in any direction. She is started in gaming, loping the barrel pattern, currently doing drill and has gone trail riding, cow sorting and dabbled in English and jumping. Grace can get hot, so would need a confident intermediate rider.

She lunges, stands for shoeing, loads and hauls well. Her biggest vice is she sometimes pulls back. I use a blocker tie and it seems to help a lot.

Most of us don't like to think about a disaster, much less spend time and money Below are links to disaster planning and response information. Family · Horses. A true frequent flyer, 'More Than Ready' has travelled beautifully under the care Before your horses travel anywhere around the world, IRT trained staff are at. Horses rescued from death about to get new home . Posters have gone up in downtown Vancouver advertising the city's “first sex doll brothel.