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Halloween is here, a liminal time when the boundary between this world and the nether realms can more easily be crossed by all manner of evil spirits. Lest one be carried away by them, tradition dictates that we mere mortals disguise ourselves to fool the spirits into believing we are one of them.

It grew out of a lecture series he held in his home on occult and Fortean topics such as Bigfoot, ESP, carnival freaks, and, of course, black magic and the Devil. Still, the legend of LaVey persisted throughout, largely cultivated by LaVey himself. At various points, he claimed to be a police photographer, a psychic investigator, and a lion tamer with the Clyde Beatty Circus. His pet lion, Togare, reinforced that last claim although none of those claims have ever been substantiated.

Never one to be satisfied with small boasts, LaVey once claimed a licentious relationship with Marilyn Monroe while working as an organist for her burlesque routine at the Mayan Theater. LaVey himself made no secret of his use of glamour and illusion. In the context of psychodrama, he found it a useful aggrandizement.

I lie constantly, incessantly. Groomed as a Marilyn Monroe successor by 20th Century Fox, Mansfield —a natural brunette bleached blonde— affected a Monroe-like manner of speaking and actively played the part of the dumb blonde bombshell for films and the press.

It was inconsequential that she trained as an actor at various universities, reputedly spoke five languages, had award-winning success on Broadway, and claimed an IQ of Mansfield was a publicity hound and took every opportunity to place herself before the media, often inviting the press into her home and staging calculated publicity stunts. Her favorite was the one she invented: LaVey and Mansfield first met in Another version says it was merely a photo opportunity arranged by publicists.

LaVey himself would die twenty years later of pulmonary edema. His daughter, Zeena, would claim his death was also the result of a curse she placed on her father. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, the legends have outlived their creators and in the strange alchemy of their meeting fifty years ago, their stories combined to create an urban folklore people still talk about today.

Intrigued by the strange alchemy is Carl Abrahamsson, a Swedish musician, photographer, film maker, publisher and Satanist who has held a life-long fascination with both Mansfield and LaVey.

Thank you for taking time to talk with Ultra Swank, Carl. Tell us a bit about your background and how it relates to the production of your book California Infernal. So it almost feels like they are coming back to haunt me. Especially having been in that ritual chamber myself at a later date. So when and where did you first encounter these images? How did they influence you? After all, Walter Fischer was a well syndicated photographer.

In the mids I was like a funnel or a sponge for trash culture from all over the world, but mainly from the US. I also had a strong interest in all things occult. So LaVey was like the quintessential synthesis of everything I found cool.

Also, being a movie buff, I loved and still love American B-movies, and Jayne Mansfield has sort of always been the reigning queen. So seeing those images of the two of them together was just like a meltdown. I may have changed in different directions since then but the core remains, as it does in terms of all essential imprints.

Full circles, over and over. And you knew LaVey personally. How often did you interact? What remains most in your mind about him? I went on three trips to San Francisco and on those trips visited the Black House several times, had dinners, et cetera. When I was in Sweden we communicated via fax or letter, specifically when I was preparing for the Swedish translation of the Satanic Bible, which was published in The last time we met physically was in He was very supportive of my antics in writing and publishing.

So he was an initial distanced source of inspiration that turned into a tangible friend and teacher in a way. He had ways of transmitting things between the lines that were very helpful in my own magical process.

To him it must have been weird and also hopefully helpful to have this Swedish brat coming over, eager to listen and learn but also to manifest things and create philosophical tangibility for the future.

Does your fascination with Mansfield come from the same place as your initial fascination with LaVey? What remains most in your mind about her and her public legacy? LaVey fascinated as an actual inspiration, as someone who led a very interesting life and came up with new things within a sphere that was and is genuinely interesting to me.

Her story is more tragic in many ways. But I still like most of her movies a lot. Though I disagree with his philosophy, I find LaVey a fascinating individual, a larger-than-life carnival showman. No other publicly engaged Satanist has captured the public imagination the way LaVey did in the late 60s.

Why do you think that is? Or is it something else? I think the main impact was that it was a double whammy at the time — not only hitting Christianity as such but also the allegedly more open-minded hippie communities. LaVey at this time was both super-radical and traditional-conservative, depending on which camp was looking or being looked at. Although many great upheavals and changes came out of the late 60s, there was also an all-too-human backlash where most people gradually espoused normality on one hand and heavier drug use on the other.

LaVey was for indulgence, and neither abstinence nor compulsion. He was the man in the controversial middle in extreme times, just as he would have been extreme in lukewarm, safe times — the perspective of the Third Side, the Adversary etc. And he enjoyed it. All of these can be studied and used independently of Satanism. I think all of those things. And later on he was very active in concocting his own concepts, which I guess is what happens.

First you make a splash with a synthesis that has made you tick. And then you evolve and crystallise your own gems. The same was true for Crowley pre-sex magic insight, which was Golden Dawn-infused, and post-sex magic insight, which was decidedly more Taoist and cosmic.

Eventually, all magical systems boil down to an empowerment of the individual. The public is clearly more interested in the legend than the actual truth. Or is there something else going on in the folklore? Ventilation for the disgruntled. The figure of the jester comes to mind.

Anger used a language directly inherited from Louella Parsons and similar women at the time: The film about Jayne is an attempt at doing that. In the sphere of celebrities, whether something is true or not is besides the point. They are just targets for projection. The lore says that Mansfield was a card-carrying Satanist. Why do that when the legend is more useful to Satanists and the public is more interested in the legend?

Was he a member? Was he not a member? They are interested in individuals who are interested in themselves. I understand why you needed to make California Infernal for yourself but why does the public need this book? It pops up out of an in-between area which is fascinating. Is it PR and pop?

Or is it just California Infernal, which could mean all of those things. Most of the Fischer photos are typical photojournalism of the day. For me, the mere phenomenon of both these proto-American individuals and the relationship between them is mind-boggling and transcending.

Walter Fischer simply facilitated a documentation of the phenomenon and the people involved. The art in question is the actual sum of LaVey and Mansfield together. How difficult was it to edit down the Fischer-Wahlgren collection to a publishable form?

The book contains pretty much everything we wanted. Fischer, as most photographers, shot multiple images of the same scene, happening, or moment. We just picked the best of the best. Why a second edition? No, it was simply because Alf had more images of Mansfield in color. We changed our mind after the first edition and just wanted to include another eight pages.

And so we did. Jayne and Anton together, and him holding her Chihuahua. Roman Gheesling aka Baron von Swankenstein, is that swingin' mad scientist who celebrates Halloween year round. Honoring Jayne a tad bit more. Thanks, Carl, for your time and insight.

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If things are so bad, how do we explain the fact that social indicators are, for the most part, on an uptick over the past decade? In fact, the evidence is thin that a woman should be concerned that giving out a "sample" will make a man less prone to marriage—or a future husband less likely to want to stay with her.

Second, engaging in premarital sex with the partner you eventually marry apparently does not make you more likely to get a divorce, according to a study cited by the National Marriage Project. Kass complains that "the elite, those who in previous generations would have defined the conventions in these matters, lack a cultural script whose denouement is marriage.

The majority of "elites" still get married, according to recent reports. And if they get married a little older—as Kass complains they do—this only seems to make their marriages more stable. The National Marriage Project reports that getting married after the age of 25 reduces the chance of divorce. Fears of sexual anarchy and uncurbed licentiousness afflict every age. But the supposed sexual anarchy we live in is not as nihilistic and free of "family values" as these sorts of pieces make it out to be just as the golden age of s marriage wasn't as golden as it is retrospectively made out to be.

A study conducted before Kass wrote his piece found that 79 percent of Americans between 25 and 29 had had zero or one sexual partners over the past year, and the same was true for a significant often larger majority of Americans of all ages. It also found that the majority of marriages are characterized by fidelity and do not end in divorce. Another study found that this is especially the case among white Americans who are educated and get married over the age of 25 a category the majority of Mansfield's Harvard students fall into.

A recent study of teen behavior actually found that intercourse was down and oral sex was slightly up—which suggests, in fact, that students are listening to sex ed messages that advocate postponing full intercourse. Of course, there remains important stock-taking to do, and Mansfield and Kass assume with good reason that the results of the sexual revolution are imperfect.

But if the men who assume they have their pulse on the female experience were really paying attention, they might realize they could entrust some of this work to women themselves. Mansfield is making his gallant argument at a moment when there are plenty of women raising concerns that he might well appreciate, among them Ariel Levy in her recent book Female Chauvinist Pigs.

Levy argues that we do live in a culture that celebrates—in its magazines, TV, and movies—an unbridled sexuality that hasn't served women well. And she claims that the proliferation of pornography has posed some intractable problems. But her proposed solutions don't presume that experience follows a tidy script of wanting to get a ring on our finger right away.

She takes into account lesbians who mostly can't get married and women who aren't looking for long-term commitment. I'm easy going enjoy a night out nice meal or bar but enjoy a nice evening cuddling on the sofa Lottie , 34 y. I am Capricorn, cm 5' 8'' , 65 kg lbs. Can hold a conversation and enjoy the finer things in life.

I am Aries, cm 5' 6''. Hi I'm quite musical playing piano, learning gituar and just starting to mess around recording stuff. I own my own home and have good friends and family. I'm quite happy with my life, I guess I'm just looking for someon..

Are you looking for a serious relationship in Mansfield? She began to take refuge in nostalgic reminiscences of their childhood in New Zealand. By the remembered stream my brother stands Waiting for me with berries in his hands Sister, take and eat.

At the beginning of , Mansfield and Murry separated, [3] although he continued to visit her at her new apartment. Woolf and her husband, Leonard , who had recently set up the Hogarth Press , approached her for a story, and Mansfield presented " Prelude ", which she had begun writing in as "The Aloe". The story depicts a New Zealand family moving house.

In December , Mansfield was diagnosed with tuberculosis. For part of spring and summer , she joined her close friend the American painter Anne Estelle Rice at Looe in Cornwall , in the hope of recovering. There, Rice painted a famous portrait of her dressed in red, a vibrant colour Mansfield liked and suggested herself. Mansfield wrote in a letter to Murry about being Rice's model:.

I painted her in my way as she painted me in hers: Then, rejecting the idea of staying in a sanatorium on the grounds that it would cut her off from writing, [5] she moved abroad to avoid the English winter.

Her health continued to deteriorate and she had her first lung haemorrhage in March. By April, Mansfield's divorce from Bowden had been finalised, and she and Murry married, only to part again two weeks later.

During the winter of —19 she and Baker stayed in a villa in San Remo , Italy. Their relationship came under strain during this period; after she wrote to Murry to express her feelings of depression, he stayed over Christmas.

Mansfield followed her first collection of short stories, Bliss , with another collection, The Garden Party , published in Mansfield spent her last years seeking increasingly unorthodox cures for her tuberculosis.

In February , she consulted the Russian physician Ivan Manoukhin, whose "revolutionary" treatment, which consisted of bombarding her spleen with X-rays , caused Mansfield to develop heat flashes and numbness in her legs. As a guest rather than a pupil of Gurdjieff, Mansfield was not required to take part in the rigorous routine of the institute, [18] but she spent much of her time there with her mentor, Alfred Richard Orage , and her last letters inform Murry of her attempts to apply some of Gurdjieff's teachings to her own life.

Mansfield suffered a fatal pulmonary haemorrhage in January , after running up a flight of stairs. Mansfield was a prolific writer in the final years of her life. Much of her work remained unpublished at her death, and Murry took on the task of editing and publishing it in two additional volumes of short stories The Dove's Nest in , and Something Childish in ; a volume of poems; The Aloe; Novels and Novelists ; and collections of her letters and journals.

The following high schools in New Zealand have a house named after Mansfield: She has also been honoured at Karori Normal School in Wellington , which has a stone monument dedicated to her with a plaque commemorating her work and her time at the school, and at Samuel Marsden Collegiate School previously Fitzherbert Terrace School with a painting, and an award in her name.

There is a Park dedicated to her in Thorndon. A street in Menton , France, where she lived and wrote, is named after her. The six-part series included adaptations of Mansfield's life and of her short stories. In , a television biopic titled Bliss was made of her early beginnings as a writer in New Zealand; she was played by Kate Elliott. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Katherine Mansfield Mansfield in John Middleton Murry m.

Maata Mahupuku Ida Constance Baker. Archived from the original on 14 October Retrieved 12 October

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