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Manokin MD 3 somes

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Manokin MD 3 somes

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Huntington Beach is a seaside city in Orange County in southern California. As of the census, the city population was , It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the west, by Seal Beach on the north, by Costa Mesa on the south, by Westminster on the northeast, and by Fountain Valley on the east. It is known for its long 8.

The waves are a unique natural effect caused by edge-diffraction of ocean swells by the island of Catalina , and waves from distant hurricanes.

Because of the curve of the coastline at Huntington Beach , the local beach actually faces southwest. In summer, the southwest-facing beach often has very strong surf generally referred to as a "south swell". South swells can be generated from either winter storms originating in the southern Pacific Ocean off New Zealand or from hurricanes off the Mexican coast or a combination of both.

The area of Huntington Beach was originally occupied by the Tongva people, also known as Gabrielinos, whose lands stretched from what is now Topanga Canyon through Aliso Creek in Laguna Beach.

Robert Northam, who raised and sold barley to surrounding ranchers. Stanton formed a local syndicate and purchased 40 acres along the beach with 20 acres on each side of Main Street.

Huntington Beach incorporated in under its first mayor, Ed Manning. The initial growth of the city began with the oil boom in Archival, Standard, AdhesiveMetal Frames: Nielsen Metal, Backloading Wood Frames: Request E-mail sign up: Archival, Solid Core Plexiglass: Documounts specifically offers mats that include archival, standard acid free pH neutral, and economy grade full sheet, pre-cut, custom cut, blanks and fallout matboard in 8-ply, 6-ply, and 4-ply mats in blackcore, cream core, whitecore from Bainbridge, Crescent, Canterbury, and China.

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Please be sure to request online or by phone our catalog and pricing supplement, find the most recent tips and updates through our blog, and sign up for our monthly newsletter or view archives on line. Thank you for choosing Documounts. Surfing Championships were held in Huntington Beach.

The dynamic coastal City of Huntington Beach , with its sunny Mediterranean climate and idyllic setting, is home to more than , residents. Internationally known as Surf City , Huntington Beach boasts eight miles of scenic, accessible beachfront, the largest stretch of uninterrupted beachfront on the West Coast.

Tourism remains a vital part of the economy, as over 11 million visitors flock to the city during the summer, on weekends and for special events. Our parks and recreation features one of the largest recreational piers in the world, public parks, riding stables and equestrian trails, a marina, and a wildlife preserve, and an eight-mile biking, inline skating, jogging, and walking trail along the ocean.

The crown jewel of the recreation system is the wide expanse of beautiful and spacious beaches, where large crowds gather to watch professional sporting events as the U. The quality of life in Huntington Beach is enhanced by its reputation as one of the ten safest cities by City Crime Rankings and the quality of the community services offered to its citizens. The Huntington Beach Art Center and the Huntington Beach Playhouse provide a wide variety of fine arts, and the excellent library system and numerous museums provide a strong cultural foundation.

The educational system, with five city high schools and 35 elementary schools, is excellent. The city is located 40 miles south of Los Angeles and provides easy access to Long Beach and all of Orange county.

The California lifestyle is synonymous with Huntington Beach. Named the "Best City to Live in Orange County" by the Orange County Register readers, Huntington Beach offers residents a charming community with ideal weather, a diversified economy overflowing with good jobs, a wide variety of housing, an excellent educational system, boat marinas, numerous parks, and exemplary health care.

Named for railroad magnate Henry Huntington who orchestrated its development, the city is now an epicenter of activity and entertainment with wide, sandy beaches. Climate The climate is generally sunny, dry and cool, although evenings can be damp due to the ocean breeze.

The mean annual humidity is Ocean temperatures average 55 to 65 degrees. As the third largest city in Orange County and the 19th largest in the State of California , more than 60, people are currently employed by over 10, businesses in the city.

The second largest employer in Huntington Beach , clothing manufacturer Quicksilver, also has its world-wide corporate headquarters within the city. Due to its abundance of beaches; sunny, warm mediterranean climate; local surfing; and casual lifestyle, Huntington Beach has emerged as a perfect vacation experience for both young and old.

Boasting a comfortable climate throughout the year with a temperature that rarely gets above 90 degrees and seldom sees rainfall, visitors can take part in the many outdoor activities and special events Huntington Beach offers. Beyond the beach, the City of Huntington Beach boasts top-class restaurants, shopping, hotels, resorts, spas and a thriving downtown district.

The city is centrally located to all major attractions in Orange County. Huntington Beach is also conveniently located near three airports: Huntington Beach considers its beaches as a valuable natural resource. Huntington Beach sits above a large natural salt dome containing oil. The Huntington Beach community is proud of its educational system that provides learning opportunities for its nearly 50, students of all ages.

In the last two years, a remarkable four Huntington Beach schools have received the prestigious National Blue Ribbon designation. Four districts educate Huntington Beach elementary and middle school students: District wide, the Class of had over 3, graduates who experienced a rigorous level of preparation and were well prepared for future goals. Huntington Beach Union High School District makes it a priority to increase student participation in college admission testing, giving more students the opportunity to attend college and successfully meet their professional goals.

Recent graduates also earned scholarship offers of over seventeen million dollars. Huntington Beach is also home to two community colleges. Golden West College was founded in , and is proud to house the only nursing and police training programs in the District.

Located in the northern part of Huntington Beach near the Freeway, its innovative architecture and attractive landscaping define the acre Golden West College campus. The college offers a wide range of career, transfer, certificate programs, and community service events.

The City of Huntington Beach is a full service city. Since its incorporation, Huntington Beach has made a name for itself through open, responsive city government. The residents of Huntington Beach are represented by ten elected officials: The elected city council adopt laws, sets standards, approves contracts, determines municipal policy, and appoints a city administrator to be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the city.

City Council Members are elected to four year terms and subject to term limits that restrict them from serving more than two consecutive terms. The largely ceremonial posts are determined by seniority on the City Council and the number of votes a Council Member is elected with. The City Council meets the first and third Monday of each month.

Unless otherwise announced, the meetings are held in the City Council Chambers and typically begin at 4 P. The televised portion of the City Council meeting starts at approximately 6 P.

Council meetings are web cast live and also archived on the city's website. These three elected officials also serve four year terms, but are not subject to term limits. The City Attorney represents the City in all legal matters and before administrative bodies.

The City Clerk is the City's official Custodian of Records and preserves and maintains, in protective custody, all documents certifying City Council actions. The City of Huntington Beach operates with 15 departments.

The other 12 departments report, and are accountable, to the City Administrator. The City Administrator's office is responsible for the city's day-to-day operations and oversees city departments. Huntington Beach 's City Administrator directs and coordinates the city's day-to-day operations, and works with the elected City Attorney, City Clerk, and City Treasurer to effectively manage the city. A total city budget for each year is approved by City Council. The general fund makes up about 50 percent of this budget figure.

Projects and services are budgeted from these resources. Sales tax is one measurement of the City's economic vitality. Car sales and the sale of auto supplies comprise the City's largest retail segment contributing to the City's sales tax base. Huntington Beach is fast becoming a destination resort area. This revenue source is expected to increase further as proposed downtown hotels and conference facilities are completed and operational. The Huntington Beach Fire Department is a modern, well-equipped force that specializes in fire fighting, emergency medical, ambulance transport, fire prevention, and environmental protection.

Fire prevention is crucial in a city with major oil production facilities and ongoing commercial and industrial development. Professionally trained Fire Department firefighters and paramedics respond from all eight fire stations, helping make Huntington Beach a safer, more secure community. The voluntary FireMed Program, available to community residents, has over 26, households as members.

FireMed provides part of the critical financial support for paramedic and ambulance services. The City sponsors a Community Emergency Response Team CERT and has classes for volunteers to help citizens provide aid in their own neighborhoods in the event of a disaster.

The Fire Department also has a cadre of volunteers including a senior's home inspection program SHIP that provides fire safety education to senior citizens. Law enforcement is provided by the Huntington Beach Police Department.

Huntington Beach is fortunate to have state-of-art communications and operations equipment to support the City's law enforcement efforts. Each patrol vehicle is equipped with a mobile data computer. Modern, turbine-powered police helicopters patrol the City day and night.

The Police Department is staffed with well-trained, well-educated officers, and has its own full-service crime laboratory that allows for quick processing and evidence analysis. Huntington Beach is regularly included among the 15 safest communities in the United States , according to FBI statistics. The city's lifeguards are recognized as some of the best in the world with a top notch safety record.

Lifeguards patrol the 3. Marine Safety Staff provides public safety through a variety of functions and responsibilities.


Their compromise was to split the Delmarva Peninsula; however, they disagreed as to whether the boundary line should be drawn at the location of Cape Henlopen or at Fenwick Island. There were few settlers in the frontier on either side to take issue. That boundary would finally be settled in when surveyors Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon incorporated the Transpeninsular Line Mason—Dixon line as the definitive boundary between Delaware and Maryland.

The territory continued to attract new settlers, primarily from Virginia, and by , the territory had met the requirements to become established as a county in the province with its own local government. On August 22, , Lord Baltimore issued a proclamation establishing the new county, including the establishment of a complete civil and military organization.

The proclamation established a sheriff and a military commander for the county, and five surveyors charged with laying out a highway to serve the county.

In January , the county administration laid out the five initial districts, designated as " Hundreds ", into which the county would be divided. Additional hundreds were added as additional knowledge of the area was surveyed. Settlement of the county generally proceeded from the Chesapeake Bay eastward, and from old Accomac County northward. The original settlers in the first two settlements were Quakers and Anglicans ; and both groups continued to grow from ongoing immigration from the northern portions of the Virginia colony.

In the s, Scottish and Irish Presbyterians began to immigrate to the county, some from Virginia, some from the British Isles. In December , a prominent member of the county and professed Anglican, William Stevens of Rehoboth settlement, sent a request to the Presbytery of Laggan in northern Ireland to consider sending a Presbyterian minister to Somerset county; and the first Presbyterian Reformed minister, Reverend Francis Makemie, arrived in early , quickly followed by a growing list of additional Irish Presbyterian ministers and missionaries.

The work of these Presbyterian ministers and missionaries eventually led to the organization of the Presbytery in Philadelphia in , the forerunner of American Presbyterianism. The "Protestant Revolution" of in Maryland overthrew the Roman Catholic government, resulting in the reversion of Lord Baltimore's proprietary charter. The Province was converted into a Royal colony with a later government controlled by the king and his ministers. The capital was moved from the Catholic stronghold at St.

Mary's City in southern Maryland to the more central, newly renamed Annapolis on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay, opposite Kent Island. In , the Provincial General Assembly established the Church of England as the "established church" of the Province. This put pressure on the Quakers and Presbyterians, who were excluded from political office for a period.

Their numbers in the county began a slow decline until the American Revolution. For more than a century, the county and much of the colony were developed by planters, with the labor of enslave Africans, for tobacco as a commodity crop. For many years they prospered, but tobacco exhausted the soil.

By the early 19th century, after the American Revolutionary War , some planters turned to mixed farming. The Eastern Shore remained primarily rural and steeped in slave society culture. Other parts of Maryland had an increasing proportion of free people of color , and more than half the blacks in the state were free before the Civil War. As the English colonies expanded, they encroached on Native American land. The coastal areas were occupied primarily by Algonquian language -speaking tribes.

The population of the latter decreased, due to disease, warfare and social disruption. Some of the tribes migrated west to the Ohio River Valley or joined with neighboring tribes to the north, such as the Lenape. Some of the descendants of the tribes of Maryland remained. They intermarried with colonists, including white indentured servants, and African and African-American enslaved workers. Children of Native American mothers were generally absorbed and grew up in their culture, even if mixed-race.

In the late 20th century, many groups of Native American began to reorganize, noting their community continuity. Several tribes have been recognized by the state. In , Worcester County to the east and the ocean, was organized as the thirteenth county of Maryland by separation from Somerset County. By , portions of Somerset and Worcester counties were ceded to create a 22nd jurisdiction, Wicomico County.

The state in created a 23rd and final county in the far mountainous west, named Garrett. The county has a number of properties on the National Register of Historic Places. According to the U. Great for both boys and girls and their parents. One seating at 11 am. Ring in in downtown Princess Anne with Marshall P. Starting from a block of wood and using only hand tools, learn to carve, paint and finish your own bird. The class is geared to all skill levels and provides individualized instruction to every participant.

For more info, visit the link. April , Delmarva Birding Weekend Website: The Delmarva region possesses an extensive variety of environments including barrier islands, coastal bays, tidal wetlands, cypress swamps, upland fields and primeval forests. More bird sightings have been recorded here than in any other region of the state. The weekend combines boat trips, canoe treks and expeditions by foot.

While you participate in the activities, you will be helping birds by promoting bird and habitat conservation. Opportunities to view wildlife, both migratory and indigenous, abound in Somerset. Dennis Williams Handicap Accessible: ADA 10 am-2 pm. Grab a bite to eat and absorb the local culture at our many small and large events throughout the year. Discover the colorful Chesapeake Bay and its isolated islands while learning about its cultural heritage, fascinating history and coastal maritime traditions.

Savor local meals in a variety of restaurants featuring a variety of seafood, including crab and fish. For more information, visit their website. May 11, Somerset Strawberry Festival Address: Somerset Co Arts Council Email: ADA Sat 9 am-4 pm. Strawberry will reign over the event, parade, arts and crafts vendors, local strawberry history, children's activities. Strawberries waiting to be dished up at the Somerset Strawberry Festival in Marion.

Plus, visit museums and the Chesapeake Bay. We found great results, but some are outside Princess Anne. Showing results in neighboring cities. Somerset County Visitors County. Historic Sites , Gardens. Bordeleau Winery Eden 5. Great Hope Golf Course Westover 6. Pemberton Historical Park Salisbury 9. Historic Sites , Parks. Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art Salisbury Chesapeake Ghost Walks Marion Station

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