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Lust for sex Kennard Indiana

Lust for sex Kennard Indiana

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Lust for sex Kennard Indiana

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Minneapolis will open a series of three games here this afternoon. Damon will pitch for Indianapolis and a desperate effort will be made to regain some of the ground lost during the past three days.

Hutchinson will pitch for the visitors. President Ban Johnson was here yesterday and paw the slaughter. He expected to meet Strothers here, but that erratic individual had pulled up stakes and gore, presumably to Columbus. He will be dropped from the staff very soon. His career as an umpire was brief, but expensive to a number of players, who will not soon forget tin reign of Czar Strothers. He failed in his mission, as Indianapolis has the shortstop for entire season and will not give him up.

He does not want to return to Louisville. Aldiunnlgal would have umpired yesterday's game here had not Ramsev been secured. He has a brother in the East who will probably be appointed on the Western League staff of umpires in a few days.

Brooklyn at New York. Standing; of the Cluhs. Cincinnati M , Ct 2. MS Boston M ' 43 3. Ilnvrley, of Plttuhurfy, Ontpltched the Puzzling Foreman. The Pittsburgers, profiting by the absence of Smith, who was forced to quit the game in the second Inning by being hit by a pitched bajl, won without difficulty, batting Foreman hard in two innings.

Merritt's error and bases on balls account for Cincinnati's runs. O 0 0 1 0 W 14 1 Batteries Foreman and Peitz: Earned runs Pittsburg, 7. Two-base hlts-Merritt 2 , Lyons.

Stenzel, Ely, Donovan, Merrltt. Stolen bases Foreman, Irwin 2 , Davis, E. First base on balls Off Foreman. Hit bv pitched pall P. Struck out By Foreman, 6; by Hawley, 1. The game between' the Droo"klyhs and Washlngtons this afternoon did jiot begin until long after the schedule.

Everything, however, passed off smoothlv; nobody was seriously Injured. It was McJames against Abbey from a pitcher standpoints- So cleverly did both men. It is possible that the game will be played off In Washington, as it was the Senators' last appearance in Brooklyn this season. Brooklyn 0 10 0 0 0 2 1 04 5 0 Washington.

Earned runs Brooklyn, 1; Washington. Left on bases Brooklvn. First base on balls Orr Abbey, 5: Struck out By Abbey, 1; by McJames, 3. The oppressive heat to-day served to make the game between the locals and New Yorks listless, though at times both teams livened up J somewhat and played sharply. The visitors had the better of the fielding, but the Phillies won by opportune-stick work. Philadelphia 0 13, 4 0. Three-base hits Gumbert, Cooley, Deiehanty. Left on bases Philadelphia. First base on errorsPhiladelphia.

First base on bails Off Gumbert, 3; off Sullivan, 3. Close Game for Spider. A long and close game was played by the Browns and Spiders to-day, neither making a run until the seventh inning. The visitors then piled up four runs, while the Browns were unable to bunch their hits and made only three to the end of the game, which was played without errors by the home team. Cuppy, Young and ZImmer. Sacrifice hits Dowd, Douglass. Hit by pitched ball ZImmer. Struck out By Cuppy. Stlvetts Went to Pieces.

After having to-day's game well In hand in the last two innings and by a streak of hard hitting the Baltimores won. Duffy tried his hand at second and was responsible for two of the runs, while Stlvetts, after holding the Orioles well for seven innings, went to pieces in the eighth and ninth. The game itself was dull and uninteresting. Earned runs Baltimore, 1: Stolen bases Keeler, Donnelly.

First base on balls-By Hemmint, 1; by Stlvetts, 7. Klamath Gets n Mark of S: US In the 2: There was plenty of fine sport at the Cleveland Driving Park to-day. The weather was perfect, the track in splendid condition and a large crowd was present to witness the races. Three events were concluded In addition to the 2: The race was very exciting, Splan driving Newcastlf to a sensational finish in the third and fourth heats, when he was chased home by Uassora. Mocking Boy was the favorite with Planet selling for second choice, but the race was easy for Miss Jennings, who set a remarkably fast pace.

The third heat was won by Mocking Boy on a fluke. Before the first heat of the 2: Derby Princess took the deciding heat of the 2: Following are the summaries: Curry -1 1 G 5 2 Orange Chief, b.

McCarty 11 13 7 3 6 Fred B. Thomas 10 10 10 7 7 King Albert, br. Tyson 12 7 8 9dr Spinaway b. Barnsdall 2 11 9 dr Sunland Clay, br. Goers 9 2 12 Sherman Clay, ch.

Bocock 2 3 3 G Rd Bud. McLean 6 4 5dr Red Silk. Tyson 5 5 Sdr Planet, b. Starr 8 7 dis Kthen T. Macey 4 dis Jim Simmons, b. Thomas Dis Ohio Boy, b. King Dis Time 2: Hills 2 3 4 Bounce, b. Turner 4 G 7 Dan Cupid, b. Hutchinson 2 2 2 Atlantis, b. Peddicord 3 4 4 Quality, b. Andrews 4 5 7 Geddes. Splm S 8 5 Carrillon. Oeers 6 6 6 Riley S.. Clark 7 7dr Time Rocintr nt Mlddletovrn Fair. Mlddletown fair began yesterday with a large crowd attending and - the finest show of stock, poultry and other exhibits ever seen on the grounds.

The attendance to-day is a record-breaker. The races yesterday were spirited, the results being as indicated below: Neely 4 6 5 4 Spmbriel Eastee 6 5 dis.

Gale Cummins 8 5 5 6 dr. Lady Coleridge Estee 7 8 7 8 dr. The event to-day Included a free-for-all pace, 2: Remarkable Time hy a Two-Yea r-Old. Sreclal to the Indianapolis Journal. The event of th season In trotting circles was the sensational mile trotted this morning at Riverside Park by Esther, the two-year-old filly owned by L. The mare has ben under the care of trainer Scott Brennan and has had but four repeats.

After a warming nr job this morning she was given a mile in 2:? Just as the horses went to the post in the Whippet stakes, which was run as the fifth race, as the second was divided, the rain began and no one escaped a drenching.

In the opening race, all but Manchester were afraid of Deerslayer and he might as well have staid out for he had no chance of winning. In the second The Manxman was a slight favorite over Passover and that was the order in which they finished. The talent then went down on Taranto and backed him as if it were all over. There was a good thing, however, on which they did not reckon in Bannon, who took the lead handily with the favorite in the second place.

Sherlock was a strong favorite for the fourth race and fully Justified the opinion of the bettors by winning without urging. The fifth race was a good one.

Sulsan was heavily backed at odds-on before tho rain, while several others had a following. Sulsan Jumped Into the lead and held It to the head of the stretch when Mohawk Prince challenged the filly and try as hard as Simms might, she eould not shake him off, and In a rattlir.

For the fdxth race only three started, with Irish Reel as an odds-on choice, while Hanwell was heavily backed to win. Defender was the favorite in the last race at a mile and a half, and won easily.

Four favorites and two second choices won the six races at Latonia to-day. The Milldale Stakes for three-year-olds and upwards was easily won by the favorite. Track fast to-day and weather hot. Speciil to the Inrtlanapolls Journal. At the Bainbrldge fair, to-day, Nels Randall won the free-for-all pace, Alabama won the 2: The attendance at the'fair. Winners at Other Tracks.

Booking Privileges at Detroit. The booking privileges of the Detroit Driving Club for their running meeting, commencing Aug. Angelina Poopel, a typewriter, and Bert Fish, a clerk In th Nrtkle-plate railway office, were arrested to-day. Miss Poople Is alleged to be the woman bicvclist who ran into William Klink last Tuesday night, resulting in his death. Fish is said to have been with Miss Poople at the time of the accident.

Special to the Indlanapelia Journal. In the morning a parade was given by the club. In which wheels participated, fully one-half being ridden by women. There were nine events, diamonds the prizes, and entries, being from twenty to forty-five entries tqr each event. Between two and three thousand peple gathered at the track, much enthusiasm being manifested by reason of several champions being entered for several of the races.

The races began promptly at 1: Keck, of Indianapolis, acted as" starter. At the end of the second race and while the riders were on their wheels for the third, lightning struck the hop pens on the grounds, to which a number of horses were hitched, killing three and injuring a number of others, and run down a dead wire connected with the amphitheater, in which was seated 1, people, severely injuring Cornelius Ayers colored , coachman of Mrs.

Dan Stewart, of Indianapolis. Louis Eward, who was sitting in a buggy, was thrown some distance and received severe injuries: The stroke of lightning cracked like a pistol and many of the riders m'stook it for the sound of the pistol fired to start them and started and had to be called back. During intermissions Thomas Hause, cf Wcstport, made an unpaced' flying start race in 1: He also made a one-third mile race to beat his record of 1: In the tlrst heat he met with an accident, falling backward from his bicycle.

In the ninth event Gorbey. One Mile Novice Masquelett first. Time Half "Mile Open Fitchner first. Craig third, Robbins fourth. Mile Opeji Willis first. Levy second, Leathers third, Dald fourth. Stout third, Deweese fourth. Two Mile Open Mitchell first. Fitchner second, Goff third, Gobln fourth. Heller second, Schryer third, Runyon fourth. Eighteen Years and Under. Granger third, Huler fourth. Collier thjrd, Williams fourth.

The total membership cf the L. Forecast for Indianapolis and vicinity for the twenty-four hours ending at 11 p. General Conditions The low barometric area having moved eastward with its cenJ ter to the New England coast. The temperature rose on the Atlantic coast and tho south half of the sountry and it fell in the north half.

In Indiana it fell IS degrees. Local rain fell in the upner Ohio valley and eastward to the Atlantic ccast. Very warm weather continued, with the temperature above SO degrees south of the Missouri and lower Ohio valleys. For Ohio and Indiana Fair: For Illinois Fair; possibly thundershowers in southern portion Friday afternoon; probably slightly cooler; north winds.

Maximum temperature, 95; minimum temperature. Following Is a comparative statement cf the temperature and precipitation July O'i Departure Flnce July 1 1!. Ga 7S K 52 Bismarck. Y 7f S6 75 Calgary. T 5S 75 75 Cairo. SO M M Cheyenne. Wyo 02 SO 2 Chicago. Ark SO hJ Minnedosa. Mich C2 70 Memphis.

Trnn W 10 K Moorhoad. T 4 T4 72 Rapid City. Mo 82 is St. Mo 7S 54 Vieksburg. Miss 51 ' f Washington. To the EMltor of the In. Some chronic kicker bad the audacity to communicate a false statement to an Indianapolis paper yesterday in reference to the sermons preached by the Methodist minister of this plaee last Sunday. It Is true that the band boys had advertised a picnic Sunday, Inviting everybody to come. Not miraculously, but scientifically, by first rcmovlcs tho germs cf disease and then supplying healthy nerve food, increasing the appetite, bclplcg digestion and strengthening tho entire system.

Rccd, of Delta, Iowa, who writes: Miles' would have throbbinjs In xny chf. Forthreo months I could not plcep and for three weeks did not close ray eyes. Miles Rf iterative Nervine and the second night slept two hours and from that tlmo oa rny health improved; slowly at first, but steadily and surely. I took In all 40 bottles, and I canncr express how grateful I am, for I am now perfectly well, and havo taken no medlclna for over four months.

Riles Nervine U sold by dru?: Book on heart and nerves free. Warren on "Bunday Desecration" were to the point and were unanimously indorsed by citizens of Jamestown. The picnic proved to be a failure. Warren's sermon in the evening ws not along the line of "advising everybody to vote acalnst free silver. Warren is not "being severely criticised.

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