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Looking to have fun on my weekends

Looking to have fun on my weekends

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Looking to have fun on my weekends

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We can use our utilities, of course, but nothing extra such as a rented online movie. Meanwhile, many readers have asked for a master list of all of these ideas. Another productive way to spend that time is by working on your own business. Stop in and check out what they have to offer. Many towns have community sports fields where both youth and adult sports leagues and activities are regularly going on throughout the weekend.

Stop by, watch a game or two, and if something intrigues you, look into joining either as a participant or as a volunteer. Podcasts are perhaps the best free entertainment out there: Here are some more board games that are great for groups. Ever wish you knew how to juggle? Once you know how to juggle, you can always win a smile. All you really need is an old pan to catch the used oil and a funnel to refill the oil tank and pour the old oil back into the canisters for later disposal.

Go through your cupboards and find any items that might have slipped to the back over time. Invite some friends to do the same, then get together for a potluck dinner prepared from only these ingredients and whatever else you have on hand.

Spend some time thinking about what you want to happen to your personal assets when you die, particularly in terms of the personal mementos that you want others to have and where you want the value of your estate to go. Do you want it all to stay with family members? Do you want to remember a charity? Go through your home and look for any little maintenance tasks that need to be done. Do filters need to be replaced?

Are there any burnt-out light bulbs? You can go to Yahoo! Pack a lunch in your backpack and have a picnic on the village green or in the park. You can easily turn this into a full day if you live in a compelling area.

Learning to knit requires two needles a dollar, or probably free if your closet looks anything like ours , some yarn extremely cheap and also a potential back-of-the-closet candidate , a lot of patience, and an instructional video or two.

Take your phone or digital camera out with you and take pictures of anything you find interesting. And if you want even more long-term exposure for your work, sign up for a free Flickr account, then upload some of your most interesting pictures to share with others. Spend the time to title them appropriately, add interesting captions, and allow them to be used under a Creative Commons Attribution license so your images can be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

Not only can it be a ton of fun, it also helps you improve your communication skills, reach out to others, and perhaps earn a bit of income down the road as well. Get permission from the city to do this before you try it — ask if you can block off a street for a block party on a certain date. Then throw yourself into organizing it. Go door to door, telling people about the block party, and inviting them to bring something. Then, on the day of the party, set out the tables and chairs you borrowed and dig in.

Many cities and colleges have free educational attractions, such as museums or zoos. Make an effort to enjoy these free attractions. Local libraries sometimes loan out museum passes for the day as well. Some great suggested starting points: In fact, you can get a college-level education on virtually hundreds of topics for free online. If you already have a bunch of basic food staples on hand, spend some time cooking some meals in advance to store in the freezer.

Missing some ingredients but have an abundance of others? Team up with friends and make it a social event — share ingredients so that you can all take some casseroles or other dishes home for the freezer. Once you have it set up, updating it is easy, and it can provide a great snapshot of your financial situation as well as show off your progress. All you need is a bunch of spare cloth old shirts will even work, as will old curtains, old sheets, and so forth , some needles, thread, scissors, and some friends.

Just get together, cut out squares of interesting cloth, and start sewing. All you need is some scrap paper and a bit of time. Just create a video to demonstrate how to accomplish something interesting and useful. Spend a few hours trimming your monthly expenses.

Think about what monthly bills you can completely eliminate, then do the footwork to get rid of them. When you think about it, soccer is perhaps the simplest, most adaptable game in the world: Designate whatever is available as goals, then kick the ball around.

Find a small box, and then walk around your house gathering items that represent the reality of your present-day life: If you have a digital scanner at home, put it to use and scan that pile of old prints you just dug out. If you have a rotating screensaver of pictures , scanning in old prints and adding them to the rotation will make your screensaver all the more amazing.

Then just settle in with some snacks whatever you have on hand and burn a lazy afternoon and evening just watching movies together. Really, is there any way to have more fun than that for free?

Set them up to send en masse on Monday morning. All you need is some floor space and a blanket to do most yoga poses. Try out a basic yoga session to see if you like it. It increases flexibility, improves concentration, and holding some of those positions for long periods can be a powerful workout.

Pick one, add the coordinates to your GPS or just use the app on your smartphone , and head out the door, letting your device serve as a treasure map. Geocaching is part outdoor adventure, part treasure hunt. No need to organize a formal activity. Just walk through the shared spaces in your neighborhood parks, sidewalks, etc. Not only is it a pleasant way to get your blood going, it also beautifies your neighborhood and the surrounding area, not just for your own enjoyment, but for everyone.

If you want to really get into it, invite people that live near you to get involved as well and make an event out of it. Design and build a bunch of different paper airplanes, then have a competition in the back yard to see which one flies the best.

This is a great way to use up some scrap paper, particularly old newspapers. Try moving the couch to a different wall, then moving the entertainment center elsewhere. It can completely refresh the look of the room and give you a good workout to boot. Look around your house for a fun book to read, perhaps something loaned to you by a friend or something you received as a gift, and curl up and let yourself be sucked into the story.

If you have kids, there are few things more fun than an afternoon spent building and playing in a gigantic fort in the living room. Use chairs, blankets, and tables to make an enormous hidden structure, then hide in there and play games and read books. In other words, spend some time in nature collecting items of interest like particular rocks or making observations of things.

Whatever it is, get your hiking boots on, get out there, and see what you can find. All you need is a barrel or a large bucket or, if you live in the country, some open space. On occasion, scoop in a bit of dirt from the ground. Move the contents around regularly and keep it a bit moist. Over time, the compost will turn almost black. Doubt this can be free? There are a lot of ways to learn a foreign language online, from podcasts that teach language skills, to apps like DuoLingo and Language Zen , to YouTube videos and many other free language learning opportunities.

Getting that room pristine will subtly add to your enjoyment of that room for quite a while. This means going the whole nine yards — moving everything out, scrubbing the walls, thoroughly cleaning the floor, cleaning all of the items in it, and so forth. You might also want to have some other creative printed materials on hand — I like to keep old New Yorker covers for purposes like these.

Use your pictures and other elements to create unique greeting and holiday cards, then save them for the appropriate occasion. Here are some tips on what to write on the inside. Most people do not get adequate sleep during the week. Why not just kick back and take a snooze for an hour or two? Clean up the house. Dust the front room. Sweep the basement floor. Fix that old toaster.

Take a peek at Genealogy. If your family has been in the area for a long time, your local library can help you track down centuries-old birth certificates and other records. Try to assemble a family tree, and see if you can link to any distant cousins or long-lost family members. Doing this can give you a much clearer picture of your heritage and help you get in touch with your family roots. Spending some time with your partner discussing goals can go a long way towards getting you both on the same page in your relationship.

Find out what your partner wants out of life and what you can do to support it, then share your own desires. Doing this can only lead to more clarity in your relationship. Here are some tips for getting started. Just kick the ball around or throw it and make up rules as you go along. I enjoy doing both sudoku puzzles and crossword puzzles.

Weekends Away Retreats

Become a Dog Walker: Check locally to see if any busy neighbors need any of their pets walking, or put up an ad to be a dog walker. Volunteer at a Race Track: Motor sport tracks always need marshals for their events. Volunteer to keep track safety at a premium. A very easy, fun, and delicious cooking experiment.

This is how to make Popcorn. Organize a Budget Food Contest: Mark the results and reward the winner. Sign up to watch amazing shows such as Breaking Bad and Arrested Development. Free Films on YouTube: Go On a YouTube Marathon: Play Free Online Games: There are hundreds of free online games you can play.

Knowledge seekers can take advantage of this incredible free encyclopedia. Pick a random topic and you can spend hours finding out fascinating facts. Search your local Craigslist or Freecycle for information on free events.

Search for your localized version online. If you want to write digitally you can start a blog free on sites like WordPress and connect with the world. Have a Board Game Day: Want a break from the internet? Make a Homemade Pizza: Make a Paper Fortune Teller: Great fun for all ages, this simple activity creates you an amusing fortune teller.

Follow this free guide and experiment away. Play Pen and Pencil Games: Noughts and Crosses tic-tac-toe , Hang Man, Battle Ships, and other classics can be easily played with a pencil and some paper. Play the Sentence Game: Take it in turns to write a sentence on a piece of paper.

You can make some hilarious stories this way. Build a homemade kite to fly somewhere! Have a Go at Origami: This traditional Japanese art form involves paper and skill — learn how to master it with websites such as Origami Instructions.

All you need is a pencil or crayons and some paper, then let your imagination run wild. Letter writing is a forgotten art. Pinterest offers a myriad of ideas for design work.

Have a look and see what you can make out of trash or cheap supplies. Volunteer at Your Local Theater: You can see if they take volunteers, such as ushers, for some additional experience.

A computer, or pen and paper, is all you need to be a writer. Play Hide and Seek: Teach your kids how to play this classic game, or relive your youth by having a go again. The chances are you have a duvet or sofa. Cardboard boxes are also useful. Construct a mini-fort for yourself and your family and enjoy being childish for a day. A 20 minute sleep can do wonders for your day, restoring energy and waking you up. Fix a wonky shelf, clean the flat, or wash your bedding.

It burns calories and provides a feel good factor. You can go about this in different ways such as buying a solution from a store , although you can make bubbles with household products. Listen to the Radio or Podcasts: Reading is a great accompaniment to your life. Learn a Foreign Language: Nothing is stopping you from taking up French, Japanese, Italian etc. Try Babbel or Verbalplanet for a wide range of language courses. Take an Online Course: You can learn anything you like at Coursera and Teachable.

It expands your viewpoint. It gives you new knowledge you can use to improve your life. Even if you discount the worldly benefits, the act of learning can be a source of enjoyment. The only things learned are those that need to be. Everything beyond that is considered frivolous. Even those who do appreciate the practice of lifelong learning, can find it difficult to make the effort.

Find a "U-Pick" spot to gather some fresh strawberries, blueberries, or other fruit and then Use the freshly picked fruit to bake a homemade pie!

Need help with the pie crust? Organizations like these are always looking for volunteers. This will be one of the most rewarding things you could do this weekend and can possibly make a difference on your resume! Translating Volunteer Experiences to Workplace Credentials.

With today's busy pace, it seems harder to get to know our neighbors. Invite them over for dinner or dessert and make an effort to know more about them. Hit the sandy shores for a little rest and relaxation. Just don't forget to protect your skin!

Ways to Protect Your Skin in the Summer. There are many benefits your local library has to offer besides just books. You can rent movies, page through magazines, or surf the net. Invite friends over for a movie marathon featuring all the classics you remember from when you were growing up.

Or, host a money movie marathon! My wife and I did this last weekend. I love the new look and feel of our living room now!

Rearranging furniture doesn't cost anything and adds a new flair to your place. Brainstorm ideas for all the things you want to do in life , and pick one to do this weekend. I know many parents who would love for someone to offer a chance to take a break from the busyness of life.

Many single parents hardly ever get a chance to get out and unwind. Go through your closets and declutter. Find items you can donate to your local Goodwill or another thrift shop.

Go on a star-gazing adventure. Grab a blanket and head to a park to lay and watch the stars. Here's a meteor shower calendar to help. Bike to a location you've never been to before. Or, bring your bike to a town or city you're unfamiliar with and create your own bike tour.

Just be safe on your bike! Bicycle Safety in the City. There are plenty of free online classes you could take to improve your skills in a certain area.

Try your hand at investment classes if that interests you! This one will take some thought but will be well worth it. Here's a great resource from Michael Hyatt for helping you think through your life plan. Related to the life plan is setting three new goals you'd like to accomplish in the new six to twelve months It's not always wise to give money to a homeless person , but you can buy food.

Listen to their stories, and if possible, direct them to an organization that can help. Many elderly folks have great tales to tell. Listen to their stories and see what you can learn from them. You can make a garden box or even an herb garden if you don't have much room.

Small Space Garden Ideas. Take your spouse or loved one to a craft store and each purchase a few crafts for a creative project.

Or start a pine cone project! Invite a few friends over and challenge each other with some creative games based on the hit TV show. When is the last time you sat down and wrote a letter? There's something magical and nostalgic about the written word on paper. Send a letter to someone you haven't talked to in a while and tell them how much you love them.

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I love the scavenger hunt ideas, especially the one where all you have to do is take photos. And I was already planning to bake a pie this weekend! I love the scavenger hunt idea also, and did that a few weeks ago. My church has a new youth director and she organized the hunt as a team-building activity for the kids and adult volunteers like me.

The best part was the look on the adult's faces including mine I'm sure when the director told us about taking photos of The photos were very funny btw.

I am bored at home all the times so I'm going to actually do something fun like this next week!!!! Our cheapish romantic thing to do is take a really nice bottle of champangne to the beach and order a pizza and watch the sun set. I actually like the beach and ice cream idea. Put that together with a chair to sit on the beach and that sounds like a good weekend. I am like always bored and it is getting cold out. Can you put up things to do at home when it is cold? These things may seem "boring" now, but in a couple of years you will look back and think 'that was pretty amazing'.

I'm 22 and used to do these "boring" things in my teens. I look back now and wish I could go back to the days of laying in my car, stargazing with my friends eating ice cream! Cherish your time now. It's funny how all these adults think teens actually have a lot of free time.

I'm not even a teen yet 12 years, eighth grade and this is one of the only times I have ever looked up things to do! Half of the week I leave my house before dawn and don't get back until after the sun has set. Find a way to make them into teen things. I'm 15, and rather than 'taking a picture with a walmart employee,' my friends and I went to our local park and did things like "You balancing a tennis ball on your nose.

It's good how this list includes lots of indoor ideas. And you touch on creative projects which is great - but I bet you could come up with a whole blog post of these! You began this post the perfect way, this interaction happens to me almost every weekend! I love your idea of finding a place to pick some fresh berries, and then baking with them. When I was younger my sister and I would go out with our grandmother to pick fresh blueberries, and then we'd spend the day making muffins and pies.

You can get a heaping basketful of delicious berries for cheap! Omg , we used to do that same thing. It was so fun. I like taking my kids to a park and going hiking , or having a picnic while playing basketball.

I love the outdoors. Buy little plastic medals or trophies and do fun crazy stuff! You could even add dogs to the mix! Make your own agility course and have a neighborhood competition at the end of the summer! Thank you for all of these awesome ideas! I grilled something for the first time at our new house yesterday we previously lived in an apartment complex and it was a fun experience. Thanks, just what I was looking for. These are not for everyone but when "There's nothing to do. Just my opinion on a silly matter, However I know that I will be putting a couple of these ideas to good use in the near future.

If you really want to have fun and you have the lawn space. I found an e-book on amazon. The book didn't cost me a thing and it gave very clear instructions and multiple options. I used it with my family all weekend. I couldn't get the kids to take a break!

It was a royal celebration 10 years in the making filled with fairy tale endings at the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend presented by Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. You’ll meet some great people. Our guided walking weekends and holidays are great opportunities for meeting like-minded people. Explore the UK, make friends and enjoy the social side of . The time is almost gone to register for sept 28 weekend in Lake Geneva. There will be about 40 women having a grand ole time at this beautiful hotel right on the water.