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AP - New Castle County police have arrested and charged a Claymont woman with having sex with a year-old boy. Police say they arrested year-old Juli Faunce of the Overlook Colony Apartments after she told police Sunday that the boy had forced her teenage daughter to have sex. During the investigation, police say they learned from the boy's mother that Faunce had sex with the boy.

Investigators say the sexual contact occurred at least twice in November while the boy was spending the night at Faunce's home. Faunce is charged with four counts of third-degree rape. Vaughn Correctional Center in testified on Friday against four inmates currently on trial for the murder of a correctional officer.

Saturday, October 27 3: Today is National Drug Take Back Day for those who want to properly dispose of unwanted and expired prescription drugs.

There are 23 police barracks in the state of Maryland with drop off sites and 8 additional drop off sites in Salisbury. Saturday, October 27 Saturday, October 27 1: Well, adversity hit Delmar Pop Warner, and now they're struggling to bounce back after one of their concession stands was burglarized. Friday, October 26 9: State election officials have rejected claims by Delaware's Democratic Party alleging that the Republican state treasurer and a high-ranking GOP lawmaker violated campaign finance laws.

Two women were arrested after a traffic stop lead cops to drug paraphernalia. Seaford Police said they have identified two people wanted in connection to an armed robbery at a motel earlier this month. Friday, October 26 7: Friday, October 26 8: Vaughn Correctional Center in Smyrna, Del.

Royal Downs, 53, said d More. Can't find what you're looking for?

All Guys Want Cheerleaders - TV Tropes

After struggling with heroin and cocaine addictions and spending 10 years in and out of prison with a dozen criminal convictions, Marcias said it was the birth of her son, now 10, that made her want to change her life. Homeboy Industries, a nonprofit that assists former gang members and at-risk youth, gave her the tools she needed.

She now works full time on the building maintenance team at the nonprofit, which includes a restaurant and bakery. Through Homeboy Industries, Macias got 15 of her largely gang-associated tattoos removed. She and her son live in the same neighborhood around MacArthur Park where she grew up, and she feels safer walking around with her son now that she looks less like a gang member, she said.

She is enrolled in parenting classes, Criminal and Gang Members Anonymous and a women's self-help group at Homeboy Industries. She and her son go to a group called Double Winners for former gang members and their children. Homeboy Industries also has helped getting her son enrolled in Catholic school and involved in after-school baseball and karate.

Marcias said she hopes that a better education and more extracurricular activities will keep him from wanting a gun. Now that her son is older, Marcias has begun to tell him about some of her mistakes and the consequences. They read and watch the news together and talk about gun violence. They feed the homeless together in Skid Row, and she has pointed out where she used to live in a tent, when all her belongings fit into a shopping cart.

And I have a choice. Arias, 32, sobbed as the prosecutor showed her a picture of Travis Alexander's crumpled body. Martinez, grilling Arias for a fourth day of cross-examination, showed no sympathy.

The exchange was one of many Thursday that left Arias looking haggard and beaten by the close of court. Arias, 32, is accused of the June slaying of Alexander inside his Mesa, Ariz.

She faces the death penalty if convicted. Alexander was stabbed 27 times, shot twice in the face and his throat was slashed. The prosecution contends Arias was motivated by jealousy. Arias told the jury she killed Alexander in self defense after his increasing sexual demands and after she caught him masturbating to a picture of a little boy. Earlier Thursday, Martinez questioned Arias about her activities on June 4, -- the day of the killing.

Who deleted photos on Alexander's digital camera, later found in his washing machine? Later, during a follow-up question, Arias said, "I believe it was probably" Alexander who deleted the photos.

It landed on the mat Alexander chased after her and she ran to a walk-in closet, Arias testified. She said she grabbed a. I was trying to deescalate it," Arias replied. Arias said she ran to the bathroom with the gun and held it out with both hands as Alexander charged her like a "linebacker. Seems that a drunk and drugged-up Johnson tried to throw her teenage son a lewd birthday party at a local hotel, where she offered the boy and some of the teen's friends beer and drugs, tried to perform a striptease, and asked to be spanked.

Johnson allegedly exposed herself at one point, licked the faces of some boys, and, according to the teens, "kept trying to touch them in their pants. About two weeks ago, a Georgia woman, Angelene McAnulty, 25, was charged with having sex with a year-old boy. Last week, Lee Annette Williams, 50, of North Carolina, was charged with statutory rape of a former student when the nowyear-old man was First, there is the obvious: In order for an adult to manipulate an adolescent to have sex, that adult has to have little regard for free will.

What sort of women have so little regard for the autonomy of others? Generally, they are women whose own boundaries were shattered in childhood or adolescence. Women who sexually abuse boys may also have less control over their actions due to illnesses like bipolar disorder or impulse control disorder, sometimes coupled with substance abuse. But there is also a cultural problem here: I would venture that a significant percentage of Americans still believe that a year-old boy who has sex with his teacher is a conqueror, not a victim.

And women who are now 25 or 36 or 50 years old were certainly raised in a culture that promoted that view. Of course, they have no idea what the emotional fallout could, in fact, have been.

Imagine what kind of career he would have now if his film had been a laugh fest about a year-old girl whose male teacher rapes her, repeatedly. Part of the trouble in getting people to recognize the very real damage done to adolescents and young teens who have sex with adult women is that males have to be sexually stimulated for intercourse to occur. In these cases, they must penetrate their assailants. Too many people interpret that to mean that the male in the scenario must be partly responsible for what happens.

A naive person with an appetite can be tempted to eat poisonous food. A young, innocent, thirsty person will drink tainted water. Sexual appetites are just as commanding. The poison conveyed by an adult female authority figure who manipulates an adolescent or young teen into an aroused state is just as toxic. In Berks County A woman has been charged in the fatal poisoning of her 5-week-old granddaughter, authorities said. Police said that Merry Long , 43, poured about two cups of salt into a can of powdered baby formula because she was angry at her son and his girlfriend, who is the child's mother.

The couple and the child were living with Long at the time of the Feb. The mother unknowingly mixed the formula with water and fed it to the baby, who went into convulsions and died Feb. Long fled the area after confessing Feb. Long was charged Friday with homicide, aggravated assault and reckless endangerment.

Authorities have not explained why it took almost five months to file charges. Coincidentally, the grandmother has not been located to be arrested and apparently there is no photo available. Christine Wilhelm could face up to 40 years in prison on both counts when she is sentenced August 27, She had pleaded not guilty by reason of insantiy in the April, drowning of Luke and near-drowning of Peter. Prosecutors said her marriage was falling apart and she decided to kill the boys in their home in Hoosick Falls to punish her husband.

Law Protecting Fetuses Upheld A judge has upheld murder charges against a woman accused of killing the fetus of a romantic rival, rejecting defense arguments that Pennsylvania's fetal homicide law conflicts with abortion rights.

Driving in separate cars, they both pulled off to the side of the road where King began the attack. Of course, if they train for the school team, they often pin their male competitor. It shows a broken cup on the floor and a big coffee stain on the door. Copy reads "As soon as Colette threw the cup, she realized her mistake. She could live without Jean-Pierre. But that was her last cup of French Vanilla Cafe. A Kraft product from a Phillip Morris company.

This is just another example of how violence towards men is such an accepted part of our every day culture he probably said something to deserve it, is often the retort. So, it becomes part of a national advertising campaign for a common grocery product directed to women.

Is there "anything" that a woman could say that a similar response by a man would be acceptable? I don't think so. Some of the other products owned by cigarette giant Phillip Morris. He was not calling for his mother, his sister or a girlfriend. He was calling for himself. They tried to refer me to private counseling.

But Rubick was a student and could not afford a therapist. He had suffered abuse at the hands of his then-wife for years. When he would threaten to leave, he said, she would threaten suicide.

I kind of thought that maybe it was situational, maybe it would be better when we got back. He just looked at me, and he said, 'Those aren't falling-down-stairs bruises. About , men annually are assaulted by a current or former spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, according to a report released by the U. Justice Department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the most current data available. Male victims say authorities refuse to view domestic violence as affecting people of both genders.

True, battered men constitute a small percentage of abuse victims -- more than 1, women were sheltered in Utah last year. But law enforcement attitudes are changing, said Sandy police Lt.

Mark Nosack, who specializes in domestic violence and teaches police recruits on the subject. In some of those cases, police have arrested both parties after mutual violence. Utah's domestic violence law is gender-neutral, said Stuart, meaning shelters must be a haven for both sexes.

If they cannot house a man, they must find him a hotel room or other safe place, just as they would women and children. But the stigma associated with the issue often means men "really do not ask for help," said Kay Card, director of the Davis County domestic violence shelter. Samuel King, a Salt Lake City-based divorce attorney, repeatedly comes across male domestic violence victims. One of his clients was a construction worker, a "tough guy" who was hospitalized four times as a result of abuse at the hands of his wife.

The woman was smaller than her husband, he said, but used weapons such as cast-iron skillets. Victims come from all walks of life. Stanley Green, who lives in Washington state, is an engineer who married a physician in I knew that I would go to jail and never see my kids again. I could do nothing but protect myself and try to leave.

After one particularly brutal incident, which occurred in a car, his wife told police that Green was trying to steal the vehicle. Officers threatened to arrest him if he didn't leave. He called a domestic violence shelter. In some situations, men said their wives claimed to be the injured party once law enforcement arrived or later in divorce court.

Similarly, some battered women's advocates say male batterers claim abuse in order to cover up their own violence. King, the divorce attorney, suggests using lie-detector tests or similar screening.

Other women are using it to control the man. Rubick admits he sometimes resorted to violence himself when attacked. I saw myself taking on a lot of the behavior that she was doing to me. King said larger men are more likely to take physical abuse without fighting back, partly out of fear of killing or maiming their much smaller wives or girlfriends.

After escaping his own abusive marriage, Rubick began a Web site for male domestic violence victims. That turned into Stop Abuse for Everyone, a nonprofit organization www. Green, also a member of SAFE, says the plight of battered men has improved since a policeman told him a decade ago, "You gotta be kidding, buddy.

Women don't beat men. I've never heard of that. Now, officials are "just saying there aren't very many [male victims]", he said. Ashley Estes, Salt Lake Tribune, www. The Country Music TV channel says that "Goodbye Earl", an upbeat song about planning and killing an abusive husband after a two week marriage, is the channel's most requested video.

In watching a re-run of the Dixie Chicks television concert and seeing an auditorium packed with pre-pubecent girls to adult women singing the words to this revenge song with so much glee, I got a chill. Helen Girly Brown once said, "There's a little bit of bitch in every women. The video producers purposefully left in a shot of a man in the audience with a sign reading "Earl was Framed" but the feeling I got was that that was a staged situation that could be used further to incite women and their hate of men.

You think misogyny is a major problem in this country? And, misandry the hatred of men seems to be right along side in some very insidious ways. My favorite technique is to kick him in the groin. When I get a good kick in, I really feel happy that I am married. Justice Department at year's end, women commit about 2. By comparison, men commit about 13 million violent crimes, just over half of which are simple assaults and 70 percent of their victims are males, the department's Bureau of Justice Statistics reproted.

However, there isn't the big interest in keeping American women's violence hidden outside the U. Here's one report from the British magaine FHM. She used a pair of cutters and assorted rocks to torture and murder a year-old girl on the state university campus in Knoxville in January, She confessed to the killing but denied keeping bits of her victim's skull because, she said, that would be "disgusting.

She made a somewhat flimsy claim that each of the murders was self-defense. Mary Ellen Samuels may be the only woman in the history of the U. To boot, the original hit man she was planning to oust had just become engaged to her daughter.

What a nice mother. She murdered an year-old Amarillo gentleman by ramming a lamp pole down his throat. Undoubtedly, all of these women had something go wrong growing up. Yet, they did what they did. It's interesting that when a man commits a hanous crime, nobody bothers to look at his childhood for sympathy. Have they taken 'women's liberation' one step too far - or are they just showing their natural killer instinct?

We have listed all of the programs we could find that provide services for women perpetrators and male victims and well as male perpetrators Alttoviolence. Hopefully, local and county services will be started in the rest of the country to serve the entire spectrum of violent people, regardless of their sex.

If you are a male victim , refer below to important information you should know. As late as November, , the bomb threats showed lighted bombs ready to explode and 'Lesbian Avengers' as the source. These bomb threats and other lesbian graffiti appeared in front of Starbucks formerly Pasqua on 18th near Castro Street, the restored and historic Castro Theater, and other locations popular with males.

They gave four sources of information and to date we have been able to talk to three of the sources and the only verification we have been able to make is that there is a group called Lesbian Avengers in San Francisco, they do spray graffiti, and that their logo includes a bomb.

There is no substantiation for other claims that they made any bomb threats, nor called for "death to maleness" or urged the "castration of all males" as the release goes on to say, either through graffiti or their speeches at the "Dyke March" in June of It went on to say that reports had been released by a San Francisco commission stating that "1 out of 3 lesbians have been sexually assaulted by another woman. Furthermore, we can't find any resource that can substantiate an advertising campaign to reach out to "women raped by other women.

The press release went on to claim, without support, that the "Dirty Dyke" group and NOW members who support and organize the parade regularly spray graffiti on "male turf". The release also made a claim that "The FBI made no comment about investigating "female supremacist" groups.

That isn't their charter under the law. The release claimed that "the parade carries signs urging death to maleness and hate speech against men. While we know that many women and men carry the same cultural traits that cause them to lean toward hate, violence and revenge, and we have confirmed some of the information about the Lesbian Avengers, as stated above, this kind of unsubstantiated information that many women and men's groups knowingly release to elicit public support, is wrong.

We hold up the Lesbian Avengers as an example of what some women do, and we hold up the same for the person who mailed us this release whether a gay, lesbian or het.

Until the information can be substantiated, it remains that unidentified person's opinion. The reason we have it here is so that other's who may see this and have seen the press release or the publication of the press release, or heard rumors, would have a better position in which to make a decision or take their own personal action.

False image that men are violent, women passive, has negative effects , Kathleen Parker, "I'm reading Ann Landers, who reprints a list of warning signals to help women figure out whether they're married to a batterer. Not to diminish the value of lists, perish the thought, but here's a clue: But Landers' column and list aren't about he or she; they've about him. For as everyone knows, men are batterers. Everyone knows that "the most dangerous place for a woman to be is in the home. On the other hand, not everyone knows when she's being battered, according to Landers.

Hence, the list of warning signs "to help women determine if a mate or date is a potential or actual batterer. Item for item, the warning signs could as easily - even more easily in some cases - be associated with female behavior. I'm certain you've never known a controlling, jealous woman or one who, in a flash of anger, has thrown or broken something.

Why are these warning signs only of male batterers? Or is it that batterers are guilty unless proven female? With only one exception having to do with foreful sex - rare is the woman who can rape a man - not one item on the list is more likely to be associated with men than with women. No one wishes to trivialize the horror of domestic violence, nor to suggest that women and children haven't suffered grievously at the hands of violent men.

But domestic violence, like all stories, has two sides. Are we willing to examine the whole cloth of hard data, or is it easier to piece together anecdotal scraps for greater effect? The truth of domestic violence is that men kill and cause serious damage more often than women, according to the National Family Violence Survey. The truth also is that women iitiate violence as often as men. Which is to say, batterers come in both sexes, and warning lists, if they're to be meaningful, should be gender-neutral.

What's discomforting about Landers' list and similar messages is that they continue to feed the public perception that men are violent creatures and women passive victims. Such perception not only is false buy poses serious, far-reaching cultural and policy repercussions, not the least of which is the demonization of all men. Domestic violence is an individual problem, not, as feminist theorists have championed, a patriarchal manifestation. By telling half-truths based on ideological dogma, we merely reduce the likelihood that the story of domestic violence - potential or actual - will ever change.

The letter was titled "Misused stats" and provided two important pieces of information that I have never been able to get from calls to MAWS or their Men's Program, or ever seen as a resource in any Pacific Sun article, or found anywhere else in Marin, for that matter. When using "archival data" from the U. Department of Justice, it is clear that more women than men are victims.

The same report Beth uses shows that of the 2,, reported cases of spousal abuse, 1,, women were abused by their significant others. The much maligned Suzanne Steinmetz, tried to point out the level of women's violence back in , when she wrote "Violence in the Family" and her follow-up study "Behind Closed Doors: Violence in the American Family," but it wasn't politically correct to point this out back then.

This incredibly high number of violent women -- to their children and to their significant others -- is no surprise to Patricia Pearson, who has recently published "When She was Bad: A closer look at women, violence and aggression" nor Alice Myers, author of "No Angels: Women who commit violence" nor Gini Sikes author of "8 Ball Chicks: A year in the violent world of girl gangs.

As long as organizations like MAWS make statements that women cannot be perpetrators, they are denying these violent women important services to deal with their violence towards children and significant others. We've found hundreds of men's alternatives to violence programs around the country but have found only 36 programs outside the prison system that help female perpetrators and Marin Women's Services is the only organization we know of in the greater bay area that provides anger management programs for violent women while most other communities continue to deny the need for such services or blame the male victims for causing the women to be violent.

A simple reference of the acceptance of women's violence that draws no outrage from the male-bashing groups, is television. Virtually every week shows from Melrose Place to Suddenly Susan show women slapping and punching men. If these shows depicted men slapping and punching women in the same circumstances, I'm sure they would draw the wrath of these same groups. Beth also suggests using emergency room data as an accurate depiction of violence in the household.

This would be great, except for the fact that the medical community has been trained to look for signs of domestic violence only in women. The American Medical Association's own guide to emergency room doctors called "Diagnostic and Treatment Guidelines on Domestic Violence" basically says, in all of their reported statistics and references, that men are the perpetrators and women are the victims. Everything you need to know" only presents men as perpetrators and women as victims of domestic violence, how trustworthy can the "archival data" be?

Furthermore, women are told that Physical Violence is slapping, hitting, kicking, burning, punching, shoving, throwing things, locking out, and other acts designed to injure, hurt, endanger or cause physical pain and that Emotional Abuse consists of doing or saying things to shame, insult, ridicule, embarrass, demean, belittle, or mentally hurt another person.

This includes calling names like fat, lazy, stupid, silly, ugly, unfit parent, withholding affection, etc. Did your mother ever do any of these things to your father? The culture must be reminded that these are acts of domestic violence, regardless of the sex of the perpetrator.

However, until the time when emergency rooms check both sexes regarding this diagnosis, until family violence programs, and shelters, and alternative to violence programs understand this and stop giving abusive women excuses for their violence, I'm afraid that "archival data" isn't any more valid that "survey information.

Brandising a scythe, she is surrounded by fragments of human bodies and dead creatures. This idiosyncratic depiction of the Grim Reaper is both macabre and playful. As a celebration of the power of women, it is characteristic of Niki De Saint Phalle's work. Painting top left of page. Presidential Assasins Lest we forget, or do you remember. Two women tried to kill President Gerald Ford. She was a police and FBI informant who claimed "it was kind of an ultimate protest against the system.

Actress Tawny Kitaen was arrested by Newport Beach, California police in April and charged with spousal abuse and battery on her husband, St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Chuck Finley. However, charges against the "Baywatch" star were eventually dropped. Lizzie Grubman was photographed in October at the Suffolk County Jail, where she surrendered to serve a day sentence.

The year-old public relations princess pleaded guilty to felony and misdemeanor charges arising from a July incident in which she plowed her SUV into a crowd, injuring 16 people waiting outside a Hamptons nightclub. The Ohio woman was busted for allegedly giving her year-old son money to buy her crack. According to the Akron Police Department, Fowler, 30, threatened to beat the boy if he didn't come home with the illegal booty.

Fowler, who acknowledges a long history of drug use, is facing misdemeanor child endangerment charges. The child has been temporarily placed in the custody of Fowler's mother. Tonya Harding , need we say more? Andrea Yates was convicted of drowning killing her 6 children in Noah, 7, John, 5, Paul 3, Luke 2 and 6-month old Mary. She had called them into the bathroom and drowned them one by one.

She claimed to be overwhelmed by motherhood, considered herself a bad monthers and had attempted suicide and been hospitalized for depressoin. Women's groups had harshly criticized prosecutors for pushing for the death penalty. How come Hate Crimes don't cover people who hate fathers? Adrienne Samen , is a Connecticut woman who went bonkers at her wedding reception. Turns out the story is better than we thought. According to this just-released South Windsor Police Services report, year-old bride Adrienne Samen spat on her wedding ring, called a fellow inmate the N-word, and queried cops on how much time she'd serve for "killing a Marine" Samen's new hubby, a Leatherneck, had just returned from a tour of duty in Iraq.

The newlyweds are reportedly now honeymooning, presumably enjoying the peace and quiet missing from their wedding night. Samen, an pound dynamo, is scheduled to appear in Manchester Superior Court on August 28 to answer misdemeanor criminal mischief and breach of peace charges.

Robin Hibbard MTV, always on the cutting edge of reality television programming, probably can't wait to air episodes of the next "Real World" series, which is now filming in southern California.

That's because one of the show's female participants--a year-old Florida bartender--just got arrested for assaulting a Marine! Cops busted Robin Hibbard after she allegedly punched and scratched Derek Porter, a year-old Leatherneck, during the bar altercation.

Porter, who refused a police offer of medical treatment, suffered several six-inch scratches, said Bill Robinson, a San Diego police spokesman. Hibbard, who told officers that she was a "Real World" cast member, was charged with misdemeanor battery and spent about nine hours in the Las Colinas women's jail before making bail.

It is unclear what triggered the altercation between Porter and Hibbard, who is pictured above in action at Tampa's Coyote Ugly. Robinson, who told TSG that Hibbard and some friends came to the bar with a camera crew and told patrons they were filming for the popular MTV program. She's serving a life sentence. Many women wanted to hold her former boy friend responsible because he broke up with her.

Creed's lead singer gets smashed - in the face. The year-old Orlando, Florida woman is the former wife of Scott Stapp, lead singer of the rock band Creed. According to the Orange County Sheriff's Office, Hillaree was just arrested for allegedly smashing her ex in the face with a cell phone during a November 14 argument at the singer's home cops were called to the scene by Diana Ivey, the year-old performer's assistant.

According to the below sheriff's report, the Stapps were squabbling among other things about child custody matters involving their son Jagger. The Stapps were divorced in June after 16 months of marriage. In a March People magazine interview, Scott spoke glowingly of his ex: She gave me one of the greatest gifts in my life, my son. His wife, a year-old television producer, was booked into the Clark County Detention Center, which she departed after 12 hours, according to Kelly Bush, the couple's spokesperson.

The teaser for this article read "A Texas high school teacher threw a rollicking house party Saturday night, complete with porn and beer. That's usually not a problem--unless your guests are all minors, some as young as 14 and The year-old high school English teacher was throwing a rowdy little house party early Sunday morning when neighbors called police with a noise complaint.

When cops arrived at Lowery's Texas home, they found seven teenagers including kids aged 14 and 15 partying with teach, whose living room was strewn with open beer cans, according to this Brenham Police Department report. And, in a homey touch, a pornographic video had been playing on the television.

Lowery, who was hit with misdemeanor charges of furnishing alcohol to minors and displaying harmful material to her underage guests, was released from the Washington County Jail after posting bond. Not surprisingly, the local school district has suspended Ms. Lowery, though she will continue receiving a paycheck. I'm guessing that you thought it was a man, from the teaser.

Most men and women do. I find it so interesting that, when it's a woman, you have to read the article. When it's a man, it's usually stated in the headline. Following a traffic stop, cops detected the smell of booze on the year-old performer, whose eyes were watery and dilated.

Judd, who told officers that she couldn't recall how many drinks she had polished off, agreed to a Breathalyzer--and promptly blew a. If you meet someone in a bar and forget their name, it's always permissible to call them Baby or Darlin'.

However, it is never permissible to call them Babycakes or Honeypants, OK? And lastly, all bartenders everywhere, can always be called Joe.

Nineteen-year-old Tiffany admits to being a bully. She says her main goal is to "piss people off. She's gotten into physical altercations with girls at school and with her boyfriend. Tiffany recalls the fight with her boyfriend: She was screaming and cursing, and came at me and pulled my hair. This girl belongs in prison. On several counts of felony assault againsts other kids and against her mother and physical domestic violence against her boyfried. She deserves it but I doubt that Dr.

Phil would even pose such a solution, though that would be what would happen to her boyfriend or brother, if they acted in that manner. Laura Faye McCollum was convicted of repeatedly raping an month-old girl and trying to suffocate her with a pillow. She admitted to sexually assaulting 15 children - mostly girls between the ages of 2 and 3. That's when, for no apparent reason, Johnson allegedly bit off about an inch-and-a-half of her year-old boyfriend's tongue.

The man was treated at a local hospital and released and Pamela was arrested for assault. Andrea Stover was a sex offender. See the warning poster. She was a pornographer and was convicted in May on charges of disseminating sexually-oriented material to minors. She was found dead on January 14, According to a harrowing police report, officers found the man covered in blood and crumpled on the grass.

With his pants at his ankles and his face swollen, the victim was found with "a twig inserted into his rectum and there was false teeth laying in the grass next to the male," according to police. A witness told investigators that he heard a female attacker yelling, "put it in his ass, he wants it in his ass.

Debra Lafav 's husband, year-old Kristian, has finally filed a divorce petition in Hillsborough County Circuit Court FL saying that his marriage to wife Debra, 23, is "irretrievably broken.

Debra Lafave is facing a variety of felony charges for allegedly having sex with a year-old male student from the middle school where she taught reading. She told the boy that she was "turned on by the fact that having sexual relations with him was not allowed.

Senorita Walker , a year-old Chicago high school teacher allegedly paid three teenage boys for sex and plying them with pot and booze.

One 15, the other two Boudin was last denied parole in May and is currently locked up in the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility. In My Hero Academia during the School Festival Arc, Mineta and Kaminari manage to trick their female classmates into wearing cheerleader uniforms by claiming it's one of the events at the festival. The girls get pissed off when they find out, except for Haga kure , who gets into it.

Otogi No Machi No Rena: Ogata, Jirou, his brother and the guy that works at the gym all want Rena, a cheerleader. In All-Ghouls School , two of Becca's friends at her old school state that having a cheerleader's uniform lets you get away with anything.

At first it seemed like May would join the school cheerleading squad, and one cover even showed her in the outfit, but it's becoming increasingly unlikely with each new issue of Spider-Girl.

In Young Justice Superboy refuses to go out on patrol with Impulse because he'd rather watch the televised national Cheerleading finals.

Sucks to be him as that's where Impulse ends up to stop a robbery and saves the day! In the Archie Comics , multiple covers have Archie and some boys showing interest for cheerleaders, often Betty and Veronica, or being easily distracted by them during the games, as in the trope image. Might be an aversion, but maybe not. Rumors circulate that the writers originally meant to reveal that Aaron was gay and was not interested in any of the supposed love interests, but fears that the strip was not popular enough to survive this scrapped that plan.

In Precocious Crush when Mindy ends up on the cheerleading team, she starts getting more attention from guys. Apparently averted with Dave, who doesn't seem to care. Inverted in Shinra High Soldier , where multiple characters wonder why Sephiroth would want to date a cheerleader.

In Weres Harry , Sirius meets the veela Kalina who he will later marry at the Quidditch World Cup, where the later is one of the veela dispatched in support of the Bulgarian team. She mostly did it to show off to Cody to see if he thinks shes hot, and was pleased when his reaction showed that, yes, he does. Mitch is gay and has no idea Courtney has been trying to flirt with him.

Played with in A History of Violence , where Tom Stall's wife decides that since they didn't grow up together, he deserves a night with a cheerleader. Turns out she can still fit into her old cheerleading uniform, or had one specially made Played straight and subverted in American Beauty.

Kevin Spacey's character becomes infatuated with his daughter's cheerleader friend, Angela to the point of having weird fantasies about her in the middle of her routine. However, one of her classmates pointedly ignores her in favor of depressed, introverted Jane.

Jane, ironically, is also a cheerleader, but so far from the stereotype that she doesn't really count. Parodied in Animal House. Budding playboy and future gynecologist Otter subverts the main cheerleader's romance such as it is with the college jock by cheating with her and getting further than he does. True to her archetype, she casually blows him off and dismisses his performance, the only blow to his persona that occurs. He consoles himself by seducing and satisfying the wife of the Dean of the college.

He doesn't show much interest in Meg at first, but they end up together by the end of the movie. Eddie Murphy's main character keeps getting in trouble for exposing himself to the LA Lakers cheerleaders. It's how they blackmail him into doing the movie at the end. Most notably Cliff from the first movie, but a lot of men across the franchise. This is the reasoning behind the bikini car wash as a fundraising effort in the first movie.

In But I'm a Cheerleader , Megan is a cheerleader and is dating a football player. When accused of being gay, she uses her being a cheerleader as proof of her heterosexuality.

Subverted in that she actually is gay although in denial about it and seems to quite enjoy being around the other cheerleaders herself. Can't Buy Me Love from Main selling point of Cheerleader Camp. In Dead Poets Society , Chris is a cheerleader, and while this doesn't seem to make a difference for Knox , it probably has something to do with why she's with Chet, a football player.

Played for laughs in DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story: It's subverted, however, that the cheerleader is clearly in love with him as well, but he's a little too geeky to actually realize this. Fired Up plays this for comedy. Two of the most popular guys in school ditch football camp to go to cheer camp, originally for no other reason than to score with all the female cheerleaders.

In the end, they end up enjoying being male cheerleaders, and for one of them, lust is replaced by love. A Face in the Crowd presents the s version of this trope when Lonesome Rhodes returns to his hometown of Pickett, Arkansas to judge the local high-school girls in a baton-twirling competition. Near the beginning of this scene, the drum majorettes are doing an old-fashioned Scatting-like cheer with some not so old-fashioned bumps and grinds. Lonesome makes a corny introductory speech extolling baton twirling as "an honest-to-God American art form" and knowing "just how hard it is to do it right.

Played with in The Gals Of Galaday in that more attractive girls aren't cheerleaders to begin with, but still get most of the attention. Somewhat lampshaded in Grosse Pointe Blank , as the character played by Jeremy Piven confesses that despite all of his successes, he feels worthless without gaining the attention of the Alpha Bitch from high school.

Averted in High School Musical. There aren't any major cheerleader characters until 3, and even then, the only reference we get to a date with a cheerleader in this case, Jason wanting to date Martha, the hip-hop loving nerd is in a deleted scene. Dorothy immediately becomes the most popular girl in school when she joins the soccer team, gaining her a lot of attention from the boys, much to Gregory's frustration.

Heather from John Tucker Must Die. Kate later joins the cheer leading squad in order to get John's attention. This is perhaps wishful thinking from Juno, who is an oddball girl herself.

Although it's pretty understated, Steve the cool kid is seen staring at her a couple of times during the movie. In Little Giants Kevin exploits this to convince Becky to become one instead of a player in order to attract his attention. Subverted in My Best Friend is a Vampire. Blonde cheerleader Candy is nowhere near subtle about being interested in Jeremy, who is completely indifferent to her and fascinated with Hollywood Nerd Darla. The New Guy has this, with a few twists along the way.

Shane falls for the gorgeous head cheerleader for the Sentinels but in his defense, she's sweet, funny, and probably knows more about football than he does She's also a cheerleader who owns a sports bar.

That has to be a Geeky Turn-On for sports fans. The less nerdy nerd in Revenge of the Nerds finds a compatible girlfriend, a quietly pretty girl-next-door who shares his love of computers.

However, the Chief Nerd will not rest until he has had the Chief Jock's Cheerleader, who also happens to be the Alpha Bitch of the story. Breaking not only the trope but also a few laws of the universe; he actually wins her over in the end.

Averted in Sky High with Penny. Nobody in the film seems to consider her particularly attractive, at least not in comparison to the more "preppy" Gwen. Averted by Mox in Varsity Blues , who actually turns down a cheerleader because he prefers his girlfriend. Averted in 17 Again. Neither Scarlet nor Maggie are cheerleaders despite the fact that they date the captains of the basketball team in their respective decades. But then of course there's Alex who does want a cheerleader, and actually gets her.

Averted by Ethan in The Caster Chronicles , who couldn't want a cheerleader less. In the first book of Diary of a Wimpy Kid , Greg wants to be elected treasurer so he can use his power to do favors for the cheerleaders. Petula's endless number of admirers as revealed in ghostgirl: Men who don't stop violence against women are "cowards " ". Archived from the original on October 13, Morrison , U.

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