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Looking for a woman to treat like a pricess

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Looking for a woman to treat like a pricess

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Very new to this.

This is my foot a week after sand fleas had a party on me. No doubt the fleas of the Florida Keys are well fed in that certain others including Supa-stah and her sistah have been afflicted.

Even stranger is that the insect bites did not appear until a week later. The sand flea bites stopped itching after a week, but I can still see the marks on my foot. I never itched these bites either. My best treatment advice is to wear sandals with no socks fortunately, I worked where going barefoot was o.

Also, cortisone cream seemed to work best for me in regards to sand flea bite treatments or remedies. May 26th, at 3: My husband got bit up but so did everyone else. The bites became welts and then the itching started. Called the doctor and he called in a cream for the welts and pills for the itching.

Forward to Memorial Day Weekend, my husband is working the yard. Somehow he got bit again and the welts started again and spread to other parts of his body. Today he went to the doctor and its mites. Once infected it comes back.

Washing all the linens, pillows and mattress cover all in hot water. Facumn everything, cream to be spread all over the body and to be wash off in 8 hrs. I know what works Reply: July 17th, at 8: I have always been suseptible to everything that bites. What works for me is an anti allergy over the counter pill, like Allegra 12 or even the no name from drug stores, together with cortisone cream to relieve itching. I find the allegra works for about 18 hours before I need to take another one.

I also will not directly sit on grass, ground or sand. June 25th, at I came back from Cuba with over sand flea bites on my feet, ankles, hands and neck. I got them sitting on the patio in the evening. I was a swollen mass of flesh. I ended up in emerg and was given prednisone! More like shingles than a bug bite. If you feel a sharp tiny pinch take cover and wash your skin immediately. I have been reading all of these posted comments.

I have just gotten back from Playa del Carmen and now have bites also. Looking at the above picture, I am convinced they are sand flea bites.

I just now tried the cheapest remedy I have on hand, as I am at work, itching like crazy on my hand. My small travel size deodorant in my drawer. It worked right away. Rubbed it on a lot actually , and am itch free. Hi there I just wanted to let you know that I too got bit really bad all over my feet and legs from either sand flies or fleas not sure which one. Its funny because I never felt them bite me at all. I just woke up the one day and the were all over i mean all over my legs and feet.

One of the bartenders at the resort mentioned to use proof rum to stop the itching as that was all I had at the time. March 11th, at I wish I would have thought to go online for answers to this most uncomfortable experience and know that others have been bitten by these invisible fleas. We have no-seeums in Alaska where I live but you can see them here! These from the Island were much worse.

I too woke up with them after 1 day in St. I had over 70 bites from foot to thigh and back side of arms. However, I had no anitihistimine but luckily brought anti-itch cream that helped some during the night. My problem is now that I still suffer from itching and swelling on the upper thigh and upper arm after 3 months! Itching again tonight so husband suggested looking online.

Dermatologist gave hydro-cortisone cream but only helps temporarily. Husband never got bit! All I can do is try to stop myself from scratching. Unfortunately when it comes to an itch I am worse than a three year old with chicken pox and I often wake up with spots of blood all over my sheets from scratching in my sleep. The problem is that the stuff cakes on a disgusting, pink and splotchy look. Well, best of luck. May 30th, at My response to Lisa: The female lays eggs and then dies.

The female might die after she lays the eggs, but the eggs bury and fester, and it becomes a vicious cycle. I still get bites and I went to Puerto Villarta a year ago. They impregnated the clothes in my closet, they got inside my car, my paper products.

I had to take everything I owned out to the patio and have numerous exterminations. I was in a hotel for three weeks, and threw out living room sofas and three one year old mattresses. August 27th, at The deodorant does work to stop the itch! Bites still itching a week later.. Mine are more flat, not blistered as in pic above.. Seems like new ones are coming up… really started itching around dawn this morning — when they are supposed to be active.

February 28th, at 8: My husband just returned from FL with sand flea bites he used new-skin which is for cuts and within a day they quit itching and red spots went away within 1 week. June 4th, at 7: Spent one month of intense treatment of sand fleas including excision of several very deep areas by a surgeon.

Talked with an Infectious Disease Doctor on the phone. Treatment and bites healing after three days. Apply a heavy coat of vaseline over each open area. Cover the area completely with a band aid. The larvae comes out because they cannot get oxygen. They looked like tiny shrimp. The sand fleas are little larvae inside of the bite. You can see them on the bandaid when you take it off. The rest of the treatments listed are remedies and relief of symptoms.

They bites continue to fester and itch until the kill the larvae. THey will crawl out onto the dressing and die. You can SEE them the next day. Take a shower and reapply the Vaseline and dressing until the areas stop itching and festering. June 22nd, at I just made an appointment to go and see an internist to see how to get rid of these no see um bites!!!

I got them over 3 months ago when I visited Costa Rica. It seems that the bites never heal completely…even though some are not red anymore. Do you know if this will work for bites that seem to be healed dark spots but are still raised as if something is there underneath the skin?

The treatments Judy Morris mentions are acurate. What she is referring to is Tungiasis: Tungiasis is caused by the burrowing wingless flea Tunga penetrans Tunga penetrans is also known by the following names: The impregnated female burrows into the upper dermis resulting in a lesion resembling an abscess.

If secondary infection does not occur, the lesion usually resolves without treatment following discharge of the eggs and the death of the female. Complications can include secondary infection and rarely tetanus and gangrene. April 9th, at I returned from costa rica about 3 weeks ago.

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Since then she has become a hot BBW. A lot of you have commented on Heather's 's look. Heather is a huge fan of Bettie Page and it shows. It's great to welcome back Heather. That Betty Page look a like and she really is a Betty Page fan. Some wonderful photos in blue jeans and bare feet. A whopping 55 photos. Happy to welcome this Afro-American beauty and her dirty soles. I met her on the street she was wearing flip flops and I could see her foot print in the flip flops.

Told her about my site and we did a shoot right there. Considering she never did a shoot, she is very pleasant. I am happy to welcome back that girl next door look Lauren with her awesome legs and sweet feet. Its my pleasure to have another 47 photos of the lovely Thick-legged, Gina.

Seems most guys love women with thick legs and sweet feet. Surely Gina fits this with ease. Here are 45 photos of Gina. It's my pleasure to welcome back that BIG beautiful woman with the thick legs. Gina looks so hot in these tight jeans cut off just below the knee Her being barefoot is such a bonus. Its so nice to have back to my site the wonderful mature Ellie.

Most of you loved her soft white soles and the sexy sandals she wears. It's great to welcome back that sweet Asian girl with the thick legs and sweet feet. Here is a set with 46 photos. It's so nice that you love the 60 year old Zoe Zane. To me there are times when mature feet like Zoe's can be just as good as the young one's.

So enjoy this whopping set of 51 photos. I am so happy to welcome back that wonderful mature lady Zoe Zane. Zoe to me is one of the most beautifuland mature ladies I have seen. Being 60 years old she has size 10 outstanding feet with beautiful long toes.

Enjoy this set of 40 photos on the fabulous Zoe Zane. Alot of you just love the way Mia's jeans fit her so tightly and the bonus of her being barefoot. In this set which was taken in the winter we went into the garage and she posed on some lucky guy's car for a few shots.

Also before I did the first photo shoot with Mia she called me up and asked me if she could bring her mom. I told her sure no problem. When she came in with her mom I thought her mom was stunning.

During this shoot I asked Mia's mom if she would like to pose with her daughter for a couple of shots. To my surprise she said yes. Her feet were lovely with her toenails painted red So awesome I rthought.. Love to welcome a sweet young lady Mia with such pretty feet. In this shoot she wears tight blue jeans. There were many of you who asked for photos of Ellie to standing on her table.

Well here you go in this set of 40 photos. A lot of my members think like I do. Mature women have just as beautiful feet as the young ones. And Ellie has outstandingly pretty feet. So here are 40 more photos on Ellie. It's great to have back on my site that wonderful mature Ellie. The last time we did a shoot at least 3 or 4 years ago when she posed on my car. This time she poses on her dinning room table. Wearing an elegant dress and barefoot. She has wonderful beautiful feet. I love how my members look at the total model and not just her feet.

This is the case of Coleen. Her beautiful face just seems to glow. Here are 40 more photos on the beautiful Coline. Seems most of you love Coleen's beautiful face. She has a pair of sexy heels that really show off her feet. And she looks so outstanding standing on the car wearing them. Enjoy this set of 40 photos. I would like to welcome a new face a beautiful face to my site. Such an outstanding lovely lady with an awesomely beautiful face and wonderful feet.

She also has outstanding taste in open toe heels. There is a lot to say about mature women. Their feet and even their faces are just as sexy as younger women. Here are another 40 photos on the lovely mature Margarita. My members think Magarita is one hot Spanish mature woman. This is because of the way she poses and her style of outfits she wears. I Love welcoming a very sexy Spanish and mature Margarita. Sexy as hell with her thick long hair and a talent for sexy dressing as well.

Haiden, I think, has a pair of the most beautiful feet I have seen in years. In this set there are awesome close ups of her feet in those open toe slides standing on the hood of my car. I have photographed many beautiful women. I think Haiden falls into the top ten. With her wonderful smile and awesome sexy feet. Here are 36 photos in this set. Feedback from most of you--Haiden has a pair of very sexy feet. And her awesome footwear shows off her beautiful feet. I am so glad to welcome back Haiden.

This lovely woman has the finest feet. And she knows how to show them off wearing spiked see through heels. So enjoy this set of 40 photos. Most of you love Michelle in her red tight pants and beautiful white bare feet with those spike open toed heels.

So here are a whopping 60 photos on the set. A lot of you love mature Michelle. In her tight red pants and her awesome bare feet. I welcome Michelle to my site.

A very attractive Mature with sweet feet indeed. I am happy to present this whopping set of 55 photos on Christee. Her outstanding feet her curvy shape is a sight to see. I think we all can agree that Christee is so hot in open toe heels. What awesome legs and feet she has. Here are 40 more photos on Christee. It's my pleasure to welcome back Christee. She has such awesome feet and great taste in open toe heels. Great photos of her posing on my car again. My members will love this whopping set of 53 photos on Crystal.

Barefoot wearing sexy shorts and such a pretty face. What a difference when a woman wears shorts and heels and is of course bare foot. Not to mention how Crystal looks so sexy wearing red lipstick. So here are another 40 photos of Crystal. It's my pleasure to welcome back Crystal.

That woman with the awesome legs. Well, here in this shoot she is wearing blue shorts and her legs and feet are sight to see. I don't know how your winter is going but here in the east we are getting slammed with snow this year. And I hate winter. On a good note here is another summery set on Lauren and Natalia in their bikinis. This is the final set on these two bikini angels. This was such a winner of a shoot Natalia and Lauren in their bikinis. So, now in the middle of a dreadful winter here in the east, without delay here are another 40 photos and a bit of summer with Natalia and Lauren in their bikinis.

It's nice to have summer back in Feb don't you think? And with Lauren and Natalia wearing their bikinis, summer is indeed back. I knew when I posted Lauren and Natalia part 1, that they would get great feed back. Everyone on this site loved this photos hoot with Natalia and Lauren in their bikinis. And you all died when they stood on my car in their heels. Well here are another 41 photos of Natalia and Lauren. Hey it's Summertime again. Now in the dead of winter. I bring you Lauren and Natalia both in Bikinis posing on my car.

What a knock out photo shoot this is. Seeing these two beauties in their bikinis was pure heaven and a thrill. This is the first time I have put up 4 post on the same girl.

But with the kind of beautiful feet Haiden has who can complain? One of the things I love about Haiden is her beautiful feet. Her toe are so nice and long. And the footwear she wears clearly shows them off.

Indeed what feet she has. By the way, she has size 10 feet. Nothing like a beautiful woman with BIG beautiful feet. In this set you will see how beautiful Haiden's feet really are. Some really awesome close ups. It gives me great pleasure to welcome Haiden, a beautiful Indian lady with beautiful feet. She not only has beautiful feet, she also has a beautiful face with a smile that would melt any man's heart.

She really got into posing and was so flattered that I told her that she has beautiful feet. I always love reading great feedback on one of my models. And reading such wonderful feedback on Cristee is a delight. It's nice to know that most of you love Christee in her high heel slides posing and standing on my car. She does have legs and feet to die for. So here is another wonderful set of 40 photos. It's my pleasure to have a new hot model with a knockout body and beautiful feet.

I love women who have beautiful feet and have awesome footwear to show them off. This knockout model is Christee. And feet to die for. Well, it's still summer on GM Footography. And yes I agree with you all that Natalia is a sight to see in her bikini.

Seeing her stand on my car as well is so breathtaking. So here now is a whopping 56 photos on the wonderful Natalia. Everyone just loves the set with Natalia posing in her bikini while standing on my car in her heels. Well here are another whopping 49 photos of Natlia in her bikini. I am so happy to have the HOT Natalia back on my site. Natalia in a bikini is a sight to see. While we were doing this shoot men AND. It's nice to see that my members like the innocent type girl or better yet the girl next door type.

That's what Crysta is--really very innocent yet very pretty and sexy as well. This is a first-- some of you like Crystal's very pretty innocent face as well as her legs that go on forever. And feet that are sweet indeed. Here now are another 46 photos on the very pretty Crystal. I met Crystal the street. She had on tight jeans and flip flops.

As I got closer to her I could see her feet more clearly. I complimented her on her feet and she was happy that a guy would compliment a woman's feet. I told her about GM Footography. And that I would be honored if she and her beautiful feet would grace my site. She was overjoyed and we set up a photoshoot for the following weekend. She was a delight to work with considering this was her first time modeling. A lot of people on this site adore this shoot with Lauren in her bikini.

I must say myself its a sight that is pure joy. So here are 49 more photos of Lauren in her bikini. Many of you really enjoyed the first set of photos of Lauren. You guys just loved seeing her stand on my car in heels and wearing a bikini, not something you see everyday. Though we would welcome it. So here is another 40 photos on this wonderful shoot with Lauren. Summertime is in full swing. How many of you see so many girls in their bikinis and wonder how they would look posing on some lucky guy's car.

Well here is the lovely Lauren posing on MY car in her Bikini. A sight sure to please. I don't ever remember putting up 4 sets of photos on a girl. So here are 40 more photos on the super Natalia. My members say that Natalia could have her own site. She knows how to pose and has a knockout body. Not to mention she also has a sweet face and sweet feet. When ever I get together with Natalia we always have a great time.

I just love how she comes up with poses that I love. Natalia is a natural at modeling. She can come up with poses that flow into one another. She does stunning poses and knows what will show off her wonderful body. I give you 40 photos in this set. It is my pleasure to have back Natalia. I love working with Natalia because she is such a delight. To me she poses like a professional, though she is new to modeling. Here she poses in short shorts and spike slide heels.

To my mind, Indian women have beautiful feet. That's why I love doing photo shoots with Monisha. So here are 45 more photos of Monisha. I am glad most of my members love Monisha the Indian beauty with outstanding feet. The photos in this set show her standing on my car in her barefeet. I'm so happy to have back that Indian pricess Monisha. Here she is posing in her classic Indian outfit. Her beautiful feet are in sandals.

Sometimes I feel seeing a beautiful woman in blue jeans and barefeet is a sight to behold. This set is of Taylor. Her wearing blue jeans with her soft white soles and pretty toes. She is, to me, so awesome to do a shoot with. I am so happy to welcome back Taylor who graced my site a few years ago.

Here she is posing on my desk in her beautiful bare feet. I think Lauren can have her own foot site with those beautiful feet and awesome legs of hers. Here are 40 more wonderful photos of sweet Lauren. It's nice that my members love Lauren in shorts and heels, especially when she stood on my car in those sexy heels.

In this set are 40 photos of Lauren with a lot of "standing on the hood" shots. It gives me great pleasure to welcome back Lauren. This time she poses wearing shorts and heels. Her legs and feet are outstanding.

I am happy to give you another 40 photos on the BBW Gina. This set has her standing on my car with her heels on. This is a pose that most of you like. Wonderful curves thick legs and awesome feet in strap high heeled sandals.

In this set 50 photos. Here she is posing in a tight black dress with high heel sandals. I remember doing this shoot with Sarina and when we got started she was so nervouse and was not sure if she qualified for being on my site. To ease her I told her which was the truth that she has outstanding feet and legs.

And as a bonus wonderful I remember doing this shoot with Serena and when we got started she was so nervous because she was not sure if she was qualified to be on my site. And as a bonus wonderful headlights. I never heard that one before it's sweet.

As we began she stooped being nervous, within minutes as the shoot went very well and we both enjoyed working together. A whopping 65 photos on Serena. It's refreshing to read that most of my members know what pretty feey are. It's really simple though isn't it? And with Serena pretty feet are so easy to see.

So here are 39 photos of Sereana. I met Serena while I was doing some grocery shopping. She was in front of me on line at the cashier's. She had on flip flops and her feet knocked me out. There was one time I dropped my money on the floor only to get a real close look at her feet which were heaven up close. After we paid for our food, I stopped her and said "do you have a moment" and complimented her on her outstanding feet. I told her about my site and that I would be honored if she and her beautiful feet would grace my site.

She seemed flatterd about it and was happy that I thought she had great feet. But she was uneasy about being on my site. So I gave her my card so she could check it out and to think about it.

She took my card and said with a smile "I'll think about it. But I always make an effort. Anyway months go by and I get a call from her. I did not remember her till she told me we met at the grocery store. Oh yes you're the one wearing flip flops with outstanding feet. So we finally agreed on doing a shoot. Sarena is a girl with outstanding feet and wonderful headlights. Just a quick note: Make an effort cause you never know. It's has happened to me a number of times.

Like in this case. It pleases me to welcome back Stacia. The blonde with the sweetest feet you will ever see. Like most of you, I too think Indian women have beautiful feet. And Monisha has beautiful feet indeed. A whopping 58 photos in this set. She graces my car with her posing and the way she shows off her barefeet. Natalia is one of the best models on this site with her awesome posing, her taste in heels and her wonderful backlights.

So here are 45 photos on Natalia. She is awesome indeed. I knew when I was posting Natalia up on my site that she would be a hit with my members. But all of you have given Natalia a huge thumbs up for her sweet smile, her wonderful legs and very pretty feet.

And of course her awesome backlights. While I was photographing Natalia it seemed that posing comes easy for her. And with that it was cetainly a pleasure working with her.

Added to that she is also very pleasant and very charming. So here are 40 photos on the fabulous Natalia. I am happy to have on my site for the first time Natalia.

I met Natalia in the street. She was walking towards me and as she got closer I thought "who is this sweet young lady? I immediately stopped and started to talk with her. She was very pleasant and had a knockout body and sweet feet as well. She seemed very surprised at my offer to have her on my site cause it's a foot site. Anyway when we did the shoot she was very easy to pose as posing came naturally for her.

And she poses so well. When I asked her to stand on my car wearing her heels her reply was "this is the first time I'M standing on a car wearing heels this is fun. It feels wonderful that alot of you love BBW women. And Gloria certainly fits that title. Every now and then I post a set without any standing on the car shots. That's what happened in my last set of this beautiful BBW Gloria.

Well there are plenty of Gloria in this set of her standing on the car. She did give my car a workout. Sorry to my members for this mistake about no standing on the car shots in my last update. I did make it up to you in this set of 40 photos on Gloria. I am happy to welcome back that beautiful BBW Gloria. In this set 40 photos. I love when my members really dig a model and give me great feedback on her.

Most of you just love the lovely Lauren and her beautiful size 10 feet. So here is a whopping 55 photos in this set. Its nice to see my members like a pretty face with a warm smile than just a woman with nice feet.

In this case, a woman with a winner of a smile and beautiful size 10 feet. In this great set of photos for those of you who love women standing on a car wearing spiked heels, there are plenty of photos in this set of Lauren standing on my car wearing her open toe spikes AWESOME. So here are 40 photos on Lauren. While I was shopping at the Mall where I live, I saw this wonderful tall blonde girl who had beautiful feet.

She was wearing flip flops at the time. As I passed her I said "wow very pretty feet. I told her all about my site and that I would be honored if she modeled for my site to show off her beautiful feet which are a size I gave her my card because she was not sure but that she would look at my site then decide. It was that same evening she called me to tell me yes she would pose and that she thought that my site was interesting being a foot site with a car theme. We decided to do a shoot that weekend.

So here is the lovely Lauren with the sweetest smile and BIG size 10 feet. There is nothing more beautiful then a woman wearing shorts who has a beautiful full figure, who also has wonderful legs and feet. Anjelica fits that description perfectly. Here are 36 photos of her posing on her desk in shorts and of course barefeet. It's nice to have Angelica back. This lady knows how to pose. Here she poses on her desk in shorts and bare feet. How lucky is her desk.

It's so nice to know my members are true lovers of the female feet. I get this from my feedback on Stefania because most of you adore the way she points her toes. I am in the same boat as my members as far as Stefania. Here are 41 photos on Stefania. A lot of my members love Stefania for the same reason I do. We love the way she points her toes.

Thank the foot gods for ballerinas. She was a delight to work with. She came up with great poses that show off her talent for pointing her toes. Here are a whopping 50 photos in this set.

I met Stefania at a park she was doing a show with her Ballet class. It was not till after the show I noticed her sitting and packing up her things and that she was also barefoot As she was putting her things in her bag, she did something that drove me NUTS - she kept pointing her toes and she did this with no effort.

Being a ballet dancer this comes easy. So I introduced myself and told her how I admired the way she points her toes. I told her about my site and I would be honored to have her model those pointing toes and that she would be the first ballet dancer to grace my site.

She agreed to a shoot and with these 45 photos you can see how wonderful she points her toes. I am so glad that my members love the big and beautiful Gina.

Knock yourself out with this set of a whopping 50 photos. In this set of 40 alot of my members love my If it were only true fantasy shots. So you will be pleased with some on Gina.

So enjoy this great set of I met Gina in the street about a mile or two away from where I live. At the time she had on tight blue jeans and flip flops. I knew from across the street that she had beautiful big feet size I made my approach and introduced myself. I told her about my site. She was so pleased that I thought she had beautiful feet, because she takes great care of them especially when summer comes around.

She was so happy that we made a photo shoot for the next day. It's great to get wonderful feedback on Monisha the Indian beauty. When we did this shoot she wanted to pose on her car standing on it and all. She enjoyed posing on her own car. I thought her car was a sexy kind of sports car. She had decorated it nicely. I am so happy to have back on my site my favorite Indian lady Monisha. Here she wears a pink top and blue jean pedal pushers.

She wanted to pose on her car in her barefeet. What wonderful office girls! Here they are together; Alisa Desade and Whitney. Posing on the desk in their office outfits. As an added bonus they started to pose in their shorts and barefeet as well.

A whopping 56 photos. Its great to have Anjelica back. Here, doing some office work wearing blue jeans and barefoot. Anjelica looks so HOT in blue jeans and she fills out those jeans so beautifully. Anjelica also has wonderful back lights as well. And has a talent for posing on the desk. Enjoy this whopping set of 62 photos.

A lot of my members agree that Gladys has the most beautiful soles. That's one thing I noticed about her. And of course she is barefoot as well. So enjoy this wonderful set of 52 photos. Well as promised, Gladys did do another shoot the following weekend with her hair down and the heels she wore were sexy as hell.

It was not as hot as it was from last weekend so it was very confortable to shoot in cooler wearther. In my opinion I think Gladys' soles were very beautiful especially when she stuck her beautiful feet out the car window. While walking home I noticed this woman walking in spiked high heel sandals. So I stopped to talk to her and told her about my site. She was happy I stopped her and that I complimented her on her heels and her very nice feet.

She had awesome soles that I would see when she agreed to pose. Sadly she said her hair was VERY frizzy cause of the extreme heat. She added if we get together to do this again ill have my hair down for you.

Besides she added I have another pair of heels that are very sexy. With that I let it go. Here are 45 photos on Gladys. And we did get together the following week for another shoot and as she promised her hair was down.

Thats the next update. I am happy to have back that great BBW Gloria. Which makes her a very special lady. Most of you just love Anjelica's full knockout body. As we did this shoot Anjelica really got into posing. As you will see in this set she came up with posing on her side in such a sexy way. A wonderful model who really looks awesome in blue jeans and barefeet.

A whopping 68 photos in this set. Whenever I do a shoot I will always do standing on car shots. That is unless we are using the model's car and she doesn't care to stand on her car. So here are 45 photos on Anjelica with plenty of standing on the car shots in her blue jeans and barefeet. I met Anjelica while I was vacationing in Florida. She was sitting in the lobby talking on her cell with her beautiful feet up on the coffee table.

What beautiful feet she has. When I approached her and told her that she has some really awesome feet, she smiled and said you really think so? I then told her about my site. She said that she would be interested in posing but then added she was leaving in two days and her plans were very tight. So I said ok what a shame you would be grand for my site and gave her my card just in case. Well a day went by when she called and ask if I still wanted her.

I told her of course I do. When we met she wore these blue jeans that she filled up so beautifuly that the jeans themselves were smoking. Not only does Anjelica have beautiful feet but a body that any women would love to have. Alot of you just love Stacia with her long golden hair and outstanding barefeet. In this set are some wonderful shots of her standing on my car in her barefeet.

As she puts it "this is fun posing standing on the car. It gives me great pleasure to welcome back the blond with the awesome feet - Stacia. A lot of my members loved her sweet look and her wonderful barefeet. Here in this set she poses in black shorts, flip flops and of course barefeet. A lot of my members loved Ellie and her beautiful feet.

But at least half of my members wanted more on the giant but beautiful Uglia. So here are another 40 on Uglia. I promise the next set will be of Ellie. Here is a lovely Mature BBW. When I first saw Ellie in the street she had on tight blue jeans and flip flops. When I introduced my self and told her how beautiful her feet are she was delighted because as she puts it she takes good care of them. And then she added "my husband loved my feet; he passed away many years ago but I still get a pedicure every week and I make sure my toenails are painted even in the winter.

I told her about my site and we talked about guys who were into womens' feet for about an hour. She could not wait to do a shoot for GM Footography.

So here are 40 photos on Ellie. Alot of my members love Uglia. Here are 39 more on Uglia. It is my pleasure to welcome back Uglia. You all remember her being a giant female goddess. Well in this shoot Uglia is wearing shorts to show off her legs that really go on forever. Most of you just love Zoe Zane. Yes, she is outstanding mature, with outstanding feet. The thing about her sweet feet is that she has very L O N G toes.

So here are 46 photos on Zoe Zane. Its my pleasure to welcome back Zoe Zane. Yes that sexy mature with size 11 feet with toes that go on forever. In this set Zoe poses again as a sexy secretary.

And what a sexy secretary she makes with her business skirt and high heel sandals while posing on her desk. But it's when she removes her heels that makes life worth living as she points her long toes and decorates her desk with herself posing barefoot. Here are another set of 35 photos of the lovely Whitney as a sexy secretary.

See how she poses on her desk in her barefeet showing off her pink soles; not to mention how she has a talent for pointing her toes. Its my pleasure to welcome back the lovely Whitney. This time we did a shoot where she poses as a sexy secretary. When we first started the shoot she put her hair up and put those sexy pumps on. What a HOT secretary as she talked on the phone and put her barefeet up on her desk.

Then she posed on her desk in her barefeet. What a winner of a shoot. Its great to see that most of my members love BBWs. I myself love them too as long as they have outstanding curves like Gloria. While I did this shoot with Gloria there were times when guys in cars were passing and had to go around the block to see this BIG beauty posing on my car again. Had it been me seeing this I would do the same thing. Here are 40 photos more on the beautiful BBW Gloria.

I saw her walking in the city. I introduced myself and then gave her a big compliment on her feet. I also told her she has a knock out body. She was so delighted to hear my words that I could tell she wanted more.

So, I gave her what she did not expect. When I told her about my site and I told her she would be great to model for my site she got so excited about it. She was proud to tell me she takes care of her feet and that she gets a pedicure every week.

I told her that that was grand to hear. We did a shoot that weekend and it went so well that she will grace this site again. A lot of you guys just love Stascia beautiful feet. She is one of the women I have photographed with outstanding feet. Plus she has great taste in heels which shows in this shoot. I might also add such awesome clean soft soles. Here are 75 photos on Stascia. I met Stacia on the street in the city. She passed me by wearing flip flops. When she passed me and I got a closer look at her feet I thought to myself WOW what great feet she has.

I stopped and turned right around and caught up with her and intoduced myself. And I told her what great feet she has even though she was still a hot blonde. She was flattered that I complimented her feet because as she says I get a pedicure everyweek.

With that I told her it sure shows. I told her about my footsite. She was most delighted and could not wait to do a shoot. Here are 40 photos on Stacia. Most of you just love Svetlana as a sexy secretary. With those see thru heels and her being barefoot on the desk, she certainly wins playing that role. It's a role that certainly suits her to a tee. Here are 37 wonderful photos on Svetlana as a sexy secretary. I knew that alot of my members would love Svetlana's sexy heels in this office shoot.

Those are the heels I first saw her wearing and trying them on in a shoe store in the mall. Here are 50 more photos of Sveltetes as a sexy secretary in this wonderful shoot.

Its my pleasure to welcome back that sexy blonde mature Svetlana. In this shoot she is the sexy secretary wearing those sexy heels I first saw her wear when I passed the shoe store at the mall. She is the perfect sexy secretary with the awesome feet that are so beautiful. In this great set she wears blue shorts and flip flops and of course barefoot. When I first saw her in this outfit I thought Holy cow what a stunner. Alot of you just love Kathy's thick legs and dry soles.

Its hard to come by an oriental with thick legs. So here are 50 photos on Kathy. It is my pleasure to welcome back that great oriental lady with the thick legs and beautiful feet, Kathy. Yes she is back to grace this site 40 photos in this set. Yes she is quite the big girl with size 12 feet. So here are another 50 wonderful photos on Uglia. She will be back to grace this site wearing shorts. I stopped her and told her without hesitation how outstanding she is.

I ask her what her name is and she replied Uglia I said ugly what? I then said you look nothing like your name. I told her all about my site and said I would be honered if you were on it. I told her my site is a mild foot site with a car theme. As I said how tall are you? Oh I am a tall girl 6 '3 she said. My word I said. Please what is the size of your feet? She then said size 12 or With that I told her you are a sight to see. I mean you being so tall but you also win at having a beautiful face as well.

As she smiled so proud. I gave her my card and hope she would call. An hour after I gave her my card she called me. And we arranged for a shoot that weekend. Its been awhile since I put up a two girl shoot.

So here is Whitney and Alisa De Sade. They look beautiful posing on Whitney's car. Both girls are outstanding with beautiful legs and awesome feet.

And together they made and awesome shoot. She has the same facial expression Jolie makes all the time. And yes, she is definitely hotter than Angelina Jolie. If this is what it takes to be a genius I feel like the god damn king of the universe.

Not funny, just petty in a sad "trying to make up for her new unemployment" sort of way. She quit her job on the spot with no backup plans. That's the dumbest thing you could possibly do. Even worst she smeared her previous employer all over the internet. If you were managing a business would you want this potential timebomb on your payroll?

Besides the reason she quit was fucking dumb. Any straight man would find her physically attractive, and because she overheard her boss said "Hopa" a term which she ASSUMES means Hot Piece of Ass to a third party she's going to just throw her career away?

Um, who's the dumb one here? Did you catch the photo where she shakes the letters into place? It's all part of the narrative my dimwitted friend. Agreed, and most likely to be hired by someone who appreciates a person with a bit of balls. Actually she didn't send this to anyone other than the people she works with. In case you don't realize what this means, Peter, this means that you're wrong. What she did was both clever and bold. Whether it was the best move for her I cannot answer to, but her boss sounds like a major tool.

Just because none of you have the balls to do something similar or are afraid of your employees acting out against you because you yourselves are a huge douches does not mean you have to get your panties all in a bind over it.

The fact that you used the phrase "this side of Tinsel-Town. You are right about one thing though Peter, quitting your job without a backup is stupid. I mean, that's like leaving your wife without a girlfriend or two. Of course I am. You'll most likely prove this point by responding with some idiotic dribble in a vain attempt to regain some of the self-esteem and ego you're certain to have lost after reading this reply. Peter I'm just wondering… Have you ever heard of Sexual Harassment?

Perhaps you missed that class, I'm pretty sure most jobs give it so employees and employers understand how to treat the people they work with. With that being said, by calling her a "Hopa" or as he meant a "Hot Piece of Ass" that is considered sexual harassment and she had every right to quit, in fact she can sue him.

All because she heard him say it and it made her feel uncomfortable. You can find a woman attractive without making a fool out of yourself and calling her lame acronyms to someone else on the phone. Its called respect and he and you should learn some.

It is also obvious she only sent the pictures to her co-workers, which means one of them could've posted it on the internet. Oh and PS he deserved to get smeared… he's kind of a tool… you should get along great!

That is the point of picture 16…she is rearranging the letters into their correct order…it was the boss who doesn't really even know what he is saying. Mike, of course you are correct, but sadly not everyone can be smart. To think, we have to share the road with the Troy Gliddens of the word. They are perfect poster children for the Dunning Kruger effect. Good for you, Jenny! Not only attractive, but smart, witty and funny!

Smart except for the "assistant's" part. Sorry, my inner grammar Nazi couldn't resist. He did nothing more than say it was good which it clearly is , that she IS attractive, obviously very smart, and witty and funny, which ARE good qualities. Unlike most of yours, your posts show bigotry, judging at face value never a good thing and intolerance. You assumed he's trying to gain favor with that post — highly unlikely for several reasons: Yes I am sure she will be just fine as well.

I only wish I could meet her to see what she is really like, so far I think she is awesome doing what she did. Of course she'll be just fine. She should have filed a sexual harassment suit with the company before doing this, would have either solved the "Spencer Problem," or gotten her something compensatory staying or not.

Nobody should have to feel uncomfortable in their working environment! Girl…move to LA and hit the beach. Oh yeah, hit some casting calls while you are there. I am assuming she changed to prove a point. Work attire while quitting, and then a casual outfit as she is leaving for good. I think he was wanting to see her change, not wondering why she actually changed. We can see you're using Adblocker. Block everybody else, but we thought we were friends. Please click Yes below to whitelist us, so we can keep doing our best to show you half-naked ladies and funny Internet memes.

It's what any friend would do. I have read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. You are precisely right with this blog.. They need help to educate them about business and protecting their livelihoods. Thankfully some bloggers can write. My thanks for this blog post!!! Wow the most commented post I've ever seen on the chive. I say she has a talent. The story is priceless!! Friends of the Ypsilanti Freighthouse.

And that girl could easily be in porn. I mean that in a good way. I'm pretty sure I love her. Jenny is my HERO. I hope she sues the pants off that dude. She can sue my pants off anytime. Do some research; it's FAKE. Almost as good as the guy from Jet Blue! Yeah, but the guy from jet blue is going to be more popular in jail.

But now I want to know about the guy from Jet Blue! Emme, actually, when you say it out loud it is pronounced "Hoh Pah. Have you ever stood up for yourself?

Perhaps a little introspection is in order….. I agree… a toast to HOPAs everywhere and also to smart, funny and intelligent women. She really should be in the movies! I'd hire her in a second. I'd hire her in a half second…. I'd hire her all night long. After this stunt, everybody's gonna want her, i'm sure. I play Farmville way more than I should too, man. I think I love her. I also think I love her. I definitely love her. It's OK… I've just married her. She's already had my babies.

Rebound for the win, bitch! I know I love her. My wife heard me say 'I love her' at picture 32 from downstairs. Me too and I'm a middle-aged, straight woman. She is such a HOPA lol! I'm pretty sure she'll have no problem now finding work. Marc, shoe meet mouth as she spelled it HOPA in a few of the frames. I love her facial expressions! I was just thinking the same thing… mmmmm facial. I think aLOT of us are, Lucas… even the ladies!

Maybe you should actually do what you are paid to do then? Ever think of that? Wallace Shawn wuz robbed! Sounds like a Pricess Bride fan.

I would like to see another 20 reasons why modern women are so unstable and miserable, this article alone doesn’t do the subject enough justice. A married man was being unfaithful to his wife, and giving another woman pleasure with his hands, but he lost his wedding ring. he tried putting a finger up to see if he could find it, but couldn'y, so he put in his whole hand, still no luck, so he tried deeper, until his whole arm disappeared, he still had no luck, and eventually he climbed all the way inside. . Sand flea bites tortured my foot, and self, as pictured after a recent visit to the Florida Keys. Also known as no-see-ums, these fleas can eat!