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Looking for a relaxed gamer or otaku

Looking for a relaxed gamer or otaku

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Looking for a relaxed gamer or otaku

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Otaku come in many flavors, but one thing can be said for each and every one of them. They've each staked out their own favorite thing, and they obsess over it relentlessly. Regardless of other intelligence, an otaku will have an obsessive, unhealthy, and almost encyclopedic knowledge of their chosen topic. There are almost as many flavors of this type of character as there are things under the sun, but a few of the major ones are:. Essentially, someone could be an otaku about just about anything: Neither geek nor nerd is an adequate translation.

Think of the older, more pejorative senses of geek and you're on the right track. The British term anorak and the Internet term neckbeard are also close translations. Speaking of The Internet , in more dickish online communities, autism-related terms get slung around in a similar manner.

The closest troper-speak cognate would be " Loony Fan. One of the first things most Japanese language classes often have to teach people is that calling yourself an otaku in Japan is a very bad thing.

Although it must be said that in more recent years this sense is mellowing out, to the extent that more Japanese are self-identifying as otaku. See The Other Wiki 's page on this for more info. A related term is hikikomori , which refers to a teenager or young adult who withdraws completely from society for an extended period, typically isolating themselves within their parents' house and become psychologically fixated to particular hobbies; hikikomori in media are usually otaku of some sort.

Hikikomori are also critically viewed as lazy and outright creepy, which doesn't help the perception of otaku much - especially after , when serial killer Tsutomu Miyazaki was shown to be both an otaku and hikikomori, leading to a moral panic. Otakuism is associated with men, with the notable exceptions of the Fangirls , Wrench Wench , the Cosplay Otaku Girl , and creators of a certain kind of comic. However, females seem to be either getting more common lately or becoming more relaxed about showing it.

The term itself comes from the very polite form of " you ", which can come off as socially awkward. The best guess as to how the term became associated with obsessive fandom is that the word was an inside joke among the production staff of the anime series Super Dimension Fortress Macross in , and that they would have characters notably Lynn Minmay use the over-polite form of address, even when inappropriate.

Fans picked it up and used it in conversation between each other even well past the point when they would use other forms of "you", such as "kimi" or "Anata" or "omae". A writer for a Japanese magazine noted the meme and wrote an article that cemented the term as being used for obsessive fans.

Loony Fan who are more weird than obsessive and The Movie Buff a similar type of obsession over movies. You need to login to do this.

Get Known if you don't have an account. Graham Aker from Gundam 00 is a Japanese culture fanboy. A VERY badass Japanese fanboy who manages to avoid being an Occidental Otaku if only by virtue of the fact he is totally serious about his passion and has hardly any traits of the Occidental version aside from the fanaticism. Gundam Build Fighters gets pretty Meta about this.

Since the entire sub-franchise is about people building custom model kits and battling them using a simulator-like machine, most of the cast are Otaku for the Gundam franchise itself. Original Build Fighters protagonist Sei Iori is a stand-out example: Staz, the main protagonist from Blood Lad is a Vampire of Royal Lineage, ruler of a portion of Makai, and a self-confessed Otaku who loves human entertainment, particularly Anime and Manga , and is a proud Dragon Ball Z fanboy who idolizes Goku.

Shinji Kazama is however a straight-up version of the trope, specifically a military AS fan. However, Sousuke is still a military nut even though he's actually a soldier, due to the fact he's a clueless moron about anythin NON military and thinks of everything from a soldier's POV. All-around badass Belfangan Clouseau's guilty pleasure is moe anime.

During the climax of the story, he monologues about how he's going to survive so that he can retire, move to Akihabara, and spend the rest of his life translating said anime so that everyone can enjoy it. Keroro, the alien frog protagonist of Sgt.

Frog , is a Gundam otaku. It's one of the reasons why he doesn't blow up the Earth when he gets the oppurtunity to do so. Kaoru's two male friends in Ai Yori Aoshi are a cosplay otaku and metrophile, respectively. Takamizawa is a fanatic when it comes to cosplay figures and has an entire showroom, which includes everything from limited edition models, to one-of-a-kind originals. It's just missing one thing: But since he's unable to add her to his collection for obvious reasons , he does the next best thing, by making a perfect likeness of her in the form of a hand puppet.

Patlabor has Noa Izumi and Shige. Noa is a huge fan of Labors, which is the reason she signed up for duty with the newly formed second Special Vehicles Unit - in hopes of being able to pilot one of her very own. She had even chosen the name "Alphonse" for it, before ever being accepted as part of the division. So, for her, being a Labor pilot is literally her dream job. The same can be said in regard to Shige. The difference being, whereas Noa wants to pilot Labors, Shige is a gearhead who wants to study them in order to better understand how they work, so he can optimize their efficiency.

Which is why he became a mechanic at the SVU. During the "dinosaur" episode of Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi , Sasshi is briefly depicted as the ultimate negative Japanese stereotype of the otaku: Paranoia Agent features an otaku who patronizes as in, he pays the hookers for sex, not treat them in a condescending manner hookers that play to his cosplay fetish.

It turns out to be a plot point later on. Traumend features Micchan, a double rarity: The protagonist of the show is not only an occult otaku but obviously a hikikomori, although this isn't said outright.

Houshakuji Renge in Ouran High School Host Club is so obsessed with the fictional Dating Sim videogame Ukidoki Memorial a rather transparent allusion to the real Tokimeki Memorial games that she decides to redesign the personalities of the Host Club members to better match the characters in the game.

It's more insane than that. When she first saw a photo of one of the members he bore a very close resemblance to her favorite character , she instantly declared she was going to marry him and transfered to the school. Keep in mind the school is in Japan and she lived in Paris. Patricia Martin is a parody of the typical American weeaboo, knowing nothing about Japan and its culture besides what she learned from anime, manga and yaoi. She learned most of her Japanese from subbed anime, only listens to Japanese bands whose songs have been used as anime themes, and believes Akihabara is a more important cultural landmark than anything else in Japan.

Needless to say, she's way geekier than even Konata. Yamazaki Kaoru from Welcome to the N. Although he comes off as slightly less severe then some of the other characters, he's treated with the same humorous objective criticism as everyone else. In the anime version of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch , the serious and sensible Rina is given a rather ridiculous vice: This is used without fail to allow the writers to dangle a TV in front of her and ignore any situation where she would take the Idiot Ball from her friends and punt it somewhere else with her good sense.

The main protagonist of Kekkaishi is a cake otaku. Another person lampshades this. This is made funnier when his feelings for an older childhood friend and briefly gaining a Stalker with a Crush of similar age to said childhood friend has given him a reputation for being fond of older women , which other characters have also pointed out.

Nagi from Hayate the Combat Butler is a manga otaku, and has been drawing her own ever since she was six years old. She's also a Gamer Chick. Gotta do something with all those hours inside, right? It's arguable that Hayate himself is one, seeing as he's been in many positions that other otaku would kill for. And the fact that he redrew Nagi's manga chapter into one that would appeal to many otaku. Then again, he might just be too dense to be one.

Gym teacher Kaoru is given his own chapter, titled "Lost in the Path of the Otaku". He is a Gundam otaku, his room filled to overflowing with Gundam models he built them himself , but the main focus of his character isn't about this part of his life. Tama and Rin in Bamboo Blade are also toku fans, and eventually become Promoted Fangirls when they get a chance to go on the set of the Blade Braver movie.

Fuu from Magic Knight Rayearth loves video games specifically RPGs , and uses terms such as "experience points" and "treasure" when she and the other girls receive their first mission from Presea. Sailor V the manga that would eventually give birth to Sailor Moon actually has a one off character called Takurou Ootaku, whose name is a pun roughly meaning "wandering otaku". He's a Game Otaku who refuses to believe a girl could be better at games than he is. He flips out at the idea of Minako even going to an arcade which he considers a "castle for lonely boys" and accuses Minako of being a man in drag when she beats his highscore.

He even demands she take off her clothes. When she tries to fight him as Sailor V he tries to look up her skirt, so she kicks him. Tokyo has a sight gag panel in which Count D turns down a stereotypical otaku's request for a Catgirl Meido.

The titular character of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu. Being an infamous Ojou , she had to hide the fact that she's also an Anime Otaku, otherwise people will look down on her This is an in-anime example where people do look down on anime Otaku, if it gets blown out of proportion Eitarou, Professor Stein and Agaliarept in Magician's Academy are all otaku in the purest sense of the word.

Except they're also all powerful mages, mad scientists and hold positions of at least some power at the Magician's Academy. When magic and fandom combine, all that can be said is Hilarity Ensues. She's passionate about manga, has friendly arguments about certain pairings, and is familiar with the Seme and Uke terms.

Winry of Fullmetal Alchemist is an automail engineer and a "gear junky". Edward lampshades this, and is promptly accused of being an "alchemy freak".

Dragon Ball GT features a deceptive cult leader , Dolltakkii, who is creepily obsessed with dolls, even turning girls into dolls for him to coo over, and his cult revolves around bringing a giant killer doll to life by sacrificing his followers.

His very name is even a pun on the term doll otaku. Highschool of the Dead: As such, his expertise makes him invaluable to Takashi's group as he often lays down cover fire , during engagements, and even begins teaching the others how to use firearms. Kimi Satou and her best friend, Akaza Chacha, first met through their mutual love of manga and cosplay. Chapter 60 delves deeper by featuring them cosplaying as Alena and Manya , from Dragon Quest IV , at a schoolwide manga convention, during which, Kimi tries to sell some of her own doujinshi.

Fumio from Saitama Chainsaw Shoujo prefers reading Manga to insignificant things like studying, making friends, or not going Axe-Crazy.

Anime Virtual Worlds - Virtual Worlds for Teens

It is especially known for its many retro game shops selling used games from days past. The Tokyo Anime Center features various anime -related exhibitions from popular series.

Of course, there are plenty of manga to be found, both new and old. Real manga otaku can enjoy seeing authentic Japanese up close, and even if manga is not your preferred fandom, the cafes are a great place to relax, offering semi-private rooms with internet access and typically a free drink bar we recommend the neon green colored melon soda!

We recommend that hardcore otaku consider our picks that are considered to be local favorites. Mandarake is an excellent choice for character figurines and other anime related merchandise, while Toranora is a great choice for obscure manga titles you might not easily find elsewhere. For retro gamers, look no further than BEEP, for old school games that will give you a blast to the past!

If you have an eye for gadgets, then the so-called Akihabara Electric Town Akihabara Denki Gai is sure to be right up your alley! In addition to being known as having one of the largest number of electronics shops in one area, Akihabara is also home to the largest electronics shop in the world! Directly connected to Akihabara Station, the legendary Yodobashi Akiba stands nine floors tall, with the first six being devoted exclusively to computers, cameras, AV devices, and other electronics, as well as toys, video games , and bicycles.

The seventh floor includes casual fashion, shoes, CDs and DVDs, books, eyeglasses, accessories, and a travel agency. The most unusual thing about this electronics store , however, is that the top floor features not only a golf goods shop, but an actual golf practice range and also a batting center. Whether you want to shop for gadgets, buy some clothes, enjoy a meal, or practice your golf swing, Yodobashi Akiba has you covered!

While the concept may seem odd to those who have never seen such a restaurant, the spirit of these cafes is all in good, clean fun. Both men and women are welcome to enjoy the novelty of chanting a magical incantation while getting their drink mixed or a ketchup character drawn on their omelette. While the trend first appeared in the early s, there seem to be more maid cafes than ever before, and the sheer variety among them is staggering! While Akihabara is still home to many classic-style maid cafes , a number of them are specially themed.

There are maid cafes with themes such as military, pirate, ninja, and even ones devoted to cross-dressing. With so many to choose from, visitors wanting to relax in one of these kawaii cafes can find the perfect match for them. One of the things we love about Japan, and particularly Akihabara , is that is not uncommon to go out to eat, visit game centers, or even do karaoke completely alone.

One activity that is perfect for the otaku singleton is taking an anime pilgrimage. There are quite a few anime that have used Akihabara as a backdrop, so why not see the actual sites of your favorite series in person? Some would say that the inherent shyness exhibited in Japanese otaku culture has shaped the Akihabara atmosphere that allows people the freedom and comfort to do their own thing, without feeling out of place.

Akihabara is known for its massive, multi-storied game centers around just about every corner. From retro titles to the newest releases, with a selection that touches just about any genre, there are games for anyone who has ever enjoyed playing. Gamers can find fighting, rhythm, simulation games , and others. These arcades do not only offer video games , but other amusements as well. Some of the dishes that fall under the umbrella of B-grade cuisine include Japanese-style curry and rice, okonomiyaki , takoyaki , along with several Japanese noodle dishes, such as ramen , yakisoba, and udon.

While everyone has their own opinions on what is the tastiest B-grade food, for beginners, we recommend ramen. If you already consider yourself a ramen maniac, however, try the savory tonkotsu pork bone ramen at Tanaka Sobaten, or if you are really daring, the Italian-fusion shio salt ramen at Motenashi Kuroki. In addition to shops where you can sit down for a bowl of ramen or curry , there are also food stands selling kebab, takoyaki , onigiri, and other grab-and-go options if you want to eat in a hurry.

The prices are about as cheap as you can get for some incredibly tasty food. Akihabara is one of the best places in Tokyo to try out many kinds of B-grade food, so make sure to bring your appetite! Japan is known for their large number of vending machines, and Akihabara is where you find some of the most unusual! However, possibly the most iconic vending machines in Akiba are those that dispense gashapon also called gachapon , which are small capsule toys.

In fact, there is an entire hall in Akihabara that houses various gashapon machines containing toys, phone accessories, and other mini-sized novelty items. Many of these feature familiar figures from anime , games , and other characters from Japanese pop culture.

There is a wide variety of prices and quality, so anyone can find the the perfect vending machine to suit their tastes! Otaku that want to take their fandom to the next level have the chance to transform into the characters they love! Akihabara is not only a place to buy anime -related goods, but a place where you can live out your otaku dreams by trying out some of your favorite anime fashions. Take a visit to cosplay studio, Studio Crown, visited by everyone from first-timers to dedicated cosplayers, for a costume and makeup experience.

After help from professionals who will get you into character from head to toe, take part in your very own photoshoot where you are the main character! While the regular anime merchandise is plentifully represented, the game center also offers an irregularly large variety of plushies and Disney character goods. Also, make sure to try out some of the many rhythm and music games , or beat up your friends virtually of course! We highly recommend to check out Showa Yakuhin, a drug store with other 8, items, including medicine, cosmetics, and daily necessities, but also some handy Only in Japan goods.

Especially Japanese cosmetic brands like Shiseido and Kanebo are highly sought after by many a tourist, as the selection is naturally bigger in Japan and lots of bargains can be made as well. Showa Yakuhin Kanda deals in a lot of sample products that are sold particularly cheap, so for all of you looking to go on a bit of a shopping spree while exploring Akihabara , this is a must-visit!

Make no mistake, however — these maids know what they are doing and are perfectly capable of giving you a proper massage! Another recommendation is the Detox foot bath 5, yen that seeks to flush all sorts of toxins from your body! Naturally, the maids tend to be quite the otaku themselves, so feel free to chat away about your favorite show or character while being massaged for both fun and relaxation!

With so many things to do and buy in Akihabara , you might find yourself running out of cash at some point. Worry not, though, as a shop called Adores Exchange Akihabara will supply you with all the cash you need, easy and just outside of Akihabara Station. It is open every day until 9: The staff is able to speak both Japanese and English.

The crane game specialty store Adores Akihabara shares a building with the exchange, as well as Karaoke Adores Akihabara. In this day and age, staying connected is important, no matter where you are. With rental Wi-Fi, traveling around Tokyo and Japan becomes so much more comfortable, as route guidance, sightseeing tips, and more is at your fingertips. You can make an order for a rental Wi-Fi router before even coming to the store, eliminating basically any waiting time.

You can even have it delivered to your hotel or an airport for maximum comfort and instant connectivity. From game centers to maid massage parlors, one day might not be quite enough to explore the bizarre, fun jungle that is Akihabara , but we hope that our list gave you some ideas to enhance your trip!

Adventure Tour of Akihabara: Strike a Manga Memorabilia Bargain! The Rarest of Prizes. Step into the World of VR! The Fusion of Classics and Novelties. Get a Foot Rub from a Japanese Maid!

As one of the most common genres, slice of life anime tends to focus on a cast of a student society to share his hidden thoughts on manga, anime and gaming. Kosaka (a hardcore otaku despite his extreme eccentricities and good looks). As avid gamers and anime fans, we were certainly no strangers to Akihabara culture. From exciting game centers to kawaii maid cafes, let's take a look at ten the cafes are a great place to relax, offering semi-private rooms with internet. “It would be good if you could go with him to game or anime events, but you but don't look bored even if he keeps droning on and on about his infinite From our end, we tend to think that taking a relaxed, open stance and.