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Looking for a girl the morning or afternoon

Looking for a girl the morning or afternoon

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Looking for a girl the morning or afternoon

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January 24, By justagirlabby Comments. And one of the most important sets of habits that affects how my day plays out is my morning routine. If I am able to be intentional about my mornings, though, the rest of my day tends to go more smoothly as well. Click here to subscribe to our Abby Organizes YouTube channel! This post contains affiliate links. For more in formation, see my disclosures here. I realized a while ago that having my phone plugged in right beside the bed on my nightstand was way too big of a temptation for me.

I would end up staying up later browsing social media aimlessly, and the first thing I would do in the morning was grab my phone and start browsing aimlessly again… not the best way to start or end my day. To break this habit, I began plugging in my phone somewhere other than by my bed. I finally came across this alarm clock , and it has been working really well for me. It has several soothing sounds to choose from to wake me up gently in the morning. It also has a ring of light around the outside that pops on dimly 30 minutes before my alarm is set to go off and slowly gets brighter and brighter, mimicking the sun.

This helps me wake up gradually, rather than just being jolted out of bed by the sound of an annoying alarm. When my alarm goes off, I quickly put on my workout clothes and head into my office. Before I actually work out, though, I sit in my cozy chair in my nook and start out my day by setting a positive focus.

For me this means reading my Bible, sometimes writing in my journal, and praying before I do anything else. Next I do some sort of short workout using the big, open space in my office. Right now I am loving BeachBody OnDemand because it gives me access to a bunch of different workouts right on my computer.

I am not a BeachBody coach, just a bit of a home workout junkie, lol. I am a creature of habit, so I typically have the same thing each day— a chocolate Shakeology shake. Breakfast time also gives me a few minutes to chat with the boys before we all head our separate ways for the day.

This was a little trick I learned recently that has helped me remember to take my vitamins, of all things! I was always forgetting them, so I needed a way to make sure I took them every single day.

Since I was already consistently making myself a shake each morning, I simply put my vitamins in the drawer with my protein powder to automatically remind me to take them while I was making my shake. It has worked like a charm ever since!

After we finish breakfast, I head upstairs to grab a shower and get ready for the day. This process goes a lot more smoothly if my makeup and hair tools are organized and easy to find. My little makeup station in my closet is still working really well for me, and I keep my vanity drawers organized with these little bins so I can find everything I need to get ready.

The last thing I do before I take the boys out to the bus stop in the morning is make our bed. It only takes a few minutes, and it starts off the day on the right foot. I run the boys down to the bus stop, then head home to get to work. I have typically made my to-do list and planned out my day the night before using my Intentional Life Planner.

I use time blocking to assign all of my tasks to a certain time of day to help me stay on track and not get distracted. Why is it SO easy to get distracted?!

Now, does this routine happen perfectly every single day? But if I slack off or get out of the routine, I give myself grace and restart the next day. Are there things you do each morning to set yourself up for a productive day? My morning routine is pretty crazy as well.

I first wake up anytime between 2 and 3AM because my puppy has to go to the bathroom. I am loving following this series you are doing! This is just what I needed! Thanks for the post Abby! Kids make it sooooo hard to be a morning person, right?! If she is, bless her! Hope all of you guys are doing well!! I find that getting my quiet time in really shapes the rest of my day.

Sounds like an awesome morning routine! The biggest thing that helped me not feel completely wigged out on weekday mornings is putting my kids 10 and 13 in charge of making their lunches.

Everything is easily accessible to them, so they can choose what they want and throw their lunch own together quickly no complaints or uneaten lunches , and it gives them some responsibility. I love that idea! And wow, that is early to be at school! Good for them for making their own lunches and taking responsibility! Have a great day, Natasha! Starting out productive makes a huge difference for me too!

Something about getting moving in the morning just makes the rest of the day so much better! My days have not as smooth, and I need to get back to what was working! My day starts at 5: Thanks for the guidance and inspiration! You really do get a lot done before 7! Have a wonderful day, Trish! Everything with my morning routine stayed the same when we had our first child, but when our daughter came along sleep became my primary focus.

All this to say…. I never knew it was possible to have a morning routine, twin! A horrible, horrible way to start the day! I look at my phone way too much as well. It was actually pretty nice! This is a great idea. I too have changed up my routine, I get up before the kids. Get myself dressed and ready for the day.

Then I make the breakfast. Not pancakes or anything crazy. But oatmeal with fruit, or toast and eggs. I found I was just giving them the sugary sweet cereal because they ate it quickly. Now that they actually eat a good breakfast and we all sit down and eat it together my mornings feel less rushed. And I send my kids off to school with love, hugs, and full bellies instead of rushing and tears. Love this so much, Abby!!

Thanks for the gentle reminders and for your honesty! Your boys are adorable and you look amazing! Oh man, this is speaking to me! I think I managed one day this week. The gym thing sounds lovely! Such a great post! I make sure that an hour and a half before bedtime I finish up everything I need to do on the internet or any electronic device Candy Crush is my weakness!

Then I read a little before bed. It definitely helps to unplug before bed! This was just the little boost I needed to hear to help get my mornings rolling! I have been wanting to get up and read by Bible… Thank you! Abby, thanks for this! I love getting things done in the mornings, but the mornings can also be a black hole. When I get up now I tend to try to check into new link parties, but the I get sucked in to all of that and end up wasting time.

When I was in college I used to get up immediately when my alarm went off, throw on exercise clothes, jog a mile, shower, eat a healthy breakfast, and then leave to class. I do need to get back into a routine that makes sure I get all the things done again. Also, I wanted to invite you to the Retro Re-Pin Party link below that began last night and ends tomorrow, Thursday night at 8 p.

It is so easy to get sucked in to the internet in the morning— I totally understand! My morning routine is terrrrrible. Thanks for the reminder!

Oh lordy I do the same thing with the phone! That is hilarious about jane. Thanks for the confession!

My Morning Routine: Organizing My Morning for a More Productive Day - Just a Girl and Her Blog

Morning workouts certainly have their benefits. But plenty of people like to exercise at night as well, and surely science backs that up to some degree too. The real factor to consider is that consistency is key, no matter when you choose to work out.

But studies have shown that different fitness goals are better achieved at certain parts of the day, and this is where working out later in the day comes into play. Strength and endurance are both higher in the afternoon, while the likelihood of injuries is decreased.

Exercising when body temperature is lowest, which is typically later in the day, around 4 or 5 p. At this time of day, muscles are more flexible since your body is more warmed up than it is in the morning. Your reaction time is likely to be quicker, while heart rate and blood pressure are low. Protein synthesis peaks at this time of day, as well. Based on this, intense workouts such as weight training or hard cardio should take place during the late afternoon or evening.

Not only that, but the calories provided by the small meals you have packed in your meal management bag are the perfect fuel for a nighttime workout. A study conducted at the Clinical Research Center of the University of Chicago found that those who hit the gym after work are more likely to achieve a higher degree of fitness than early bird exercisers. Blood samples showed that levels of certain endocrine hormones cortisol and thyrotropin significantly increased in those working out at night.

Chalk this up as another reason to engage in more strenuous activity at night. It turns out that the question "Is it better to work out in the morning or night? You can make a case for either time of day, especially depending on your own status as a morning person, the type of workouts you prefer, and where your other responsibilities fall during the day. The important thing to remember is that as long as you work out consistently and stay nutritionally focused with your meal management bag, you'll achieve your fitness goals in no time.

Their swole watches are a must-have for any swoll mate. Check out their Zx ad Zx digital watches. They are as serious about the looks as about the quality watches. They are truly badass watches. Morning Work Outs Many people find morning workouts to be their preferred choice for a variety of reasons. Afternoon And Night Work Outs Strength and endurance are both higher in the afternoon, while the likelihood of injuries is decreased.

June 16, at 3: My question is I workout at night. So working out in the morning better or night. July 1, at When i work out At night my energy that comes after is solo high that unfortunately I can't sleep until 1am. So working out at night doesn't tired me up to go to bed early instead puts fuel in my body to continue a whole day.

June 25, at 1: If most of my workouts are strength orientated, is it better to do them in the morning or afternoon? July 25, at 5: I usually workout in evening, but since a week or two I am exercising in the morning.

Getting better results though, but after my morning workout I feel very tierd all day long and sweat like hell all daY. Can you please help me out of this problem. October 18, at I found an answer I was looking for because am not a morning person and I have school to attend so that makes it that much easier to figure things out. April 10, at 9: I tend to sleep better after working out at night. I wonder if that's why Kansas wrote dust in the wind? April 12, at I work Office Job.

I have no choice but to workout in the evenings. Studies found the longer and deeper a man has slept, the higher his testosterone levels.

As both sexes get ready for the day, levels of the stress hormone cortisol rise to help them wake up — and help dampen the effect of sex hormones. After this initial surge, if the body keeps producing too much in response to stressful events over the day, studies have found it lowers the sex drive of both men and women.

As the day goes on, men will keep steadily making testosterone in their testes. The hormone is also needed to trigger muscle growth and sperm production. An attractive colleague wanders into the workplace.

Sex hormones take longer to increase. However, when confronted with a sexy person, a man who naturally already has higher testosterone levels is likely to be more flirtatious with them. Men with more testosterone are also more likely to be found attractive by women, according to researchers at Wayne State University in Michigan, US. The tests were given two weeks before they saw their partners, the day before, before sex, the day after sex and three days after the pair were separated.

However, an after-work gym session can boost the libido of both genders. Research by scientists at the University of California, San Diego, found men who exercised had a boosted libido. Levels of sex hormones also spike in women after exercise.

According to a study by the University of Texas, women who had 20 minutes of cardio exercise were more aroused by seeing an erotic film than women who had not exercised.

Researchers believe the reason is that music may make women feel more relaxed, bonded and in turn more sexual, while in men it calms their aggression and in turn reduces their levels of testosterone. Not good news for England fans, then! By contrast, women are more likely to be affected by actually playing sport rather than watching it.

In one study of women athletes, their testosterone levels significantly increased after long runs. But the more attractive a woman feels, the more likely it is that she will want to jump into bed with him. When the levels are lower, her climaxes are less intense and centred mainly around the sexual organs. The release of oxytocin after sex also explains why men are notorious for falling asleep after making love. In one study, Swiss researchers gave 47 couples a nasal spray containing either oxytocin or a placebo.

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My morning routine can make or break the rest of my day, so I've developed a little 'morning routine checklist' that helps me get organized and be more productive! I've been on a little habits kick lately. I feel like the older I get, the more I'm realizing how much my habits determine how I spend my time and whether or not I achieve my goals. good afternoon interj. Used to express a greeting or an acknowledgment of parting in the afternoon. good afternoon sentence substitute a conventional expression of greeting or farewell used in the afternoon ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: Switch to new thesaurus Noun 1. good afternoon - a conventional expression of greeting or farewell. Watch An Afternoon with the girl of your dreams - Professor Gaia Monroe on, the best hardcore porn site. Pornhub is home to the widest selection of free BBW sex videos full of the hottest pornstars. If you're craving big boobs XXX movies you'll find them here.