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Looking for a friend n maybe more

Looking for a friend n maybe more

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Looking for a friend n maybe more

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I enjoy ultimate frisbee WAY too much, though I haven't really played much lately. I have many interests, some of which includes: dining Looking for a friend n maybe more, dancing, watching, sleeping, a good conversation and listening to all kinds of music. I have been replying and haven't heard back.

I'd like to make you climax as many times as you desire. Just some fair warning: I'm not super tall, in fact, I'm not a large boy at all. I like older married women. Waiting For That Special Lady I'm 33 single and waiting for that special lady to get to know. I am waiting for someone who I can actually write with and get to know.

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reyrose bagyao - Looking for a friend or maybe more

Nice to meet you, I'm Eric, from Taiwan.: Should I eat McDonalds tonight? I work at In-N-Out. We love to make our customers happy. It is very similar though. Nobody really knows what all goes in it. I worked at In-n-Out for 3 years and we all knew what a wish burger was.

Maybe your cashier was new? Is In N Out the best of all time? In-n-Out Burger Thread - Bodybuilding. I wondering if ordering different combinations had their own secret names.

Arizona Scooter Club in Phoenix. In N Out Burger - Leave your diapers at the door Is there anything not made from beef on the secret menu??? Dodger Blues Fan Forum:: View topic - In-n Out Burger is the shit. I love In-n-out so much. What's good that I can't get on the east. I Love LA Part 2. Menu items with pictures of them.

Meet and Greet Jan. I love In n Out!! Your favorite burger joint - Neowin Forums. Between the Pavement and the Stars: Your page is now on StumbleUpon! The Union is trying to kill me. In and Out burger - Sicktracks. But as an associate at In-n-out I can tell you a couple things that were wrong. So whatever makes a person happy within reason… We will try our hardest to do that for you. In Praise of Animal Style. In-N-Out Burger products - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Animal Style, Hold the Muppet. Sean Lynch - FriendFeed. I just went to in n out and my brother order the animal fries and they were really god i wish i order them. Dick's - UW Dawg Pound. This week, I will be eating the fast food of all fast foods. One of the saddest things ever lol….

Taco Bell BellBeefer vs. Fast Food nostalgia - Page 2 - SlickDeals. I am not sure if someones mentioned these but they do exist.

Jalapenos can be added to any burger. My father told me that is the way they were made in the old days with thousand island , so I guess nostalgia plays a role with some people. Ketchup on hot dogs? Best News I've seen in a long Time!!! Angry Rant From a New Yorker: Burgers in Your Jersey Pocket. In-N-Out coming this year to 4 new Utah locations. Love is a Beautiful Thing: Things to do in Long Beach. Where to find the best fast food near Southern California's theme parks.

Inside Out, Upside Down, no Epicuriosity Killed my Waistline: Cool Scooter Shops and things to See? What a blog entry. What happened between and ? Anyhow, when I lived in southern California , I heard rumors about the secret menu, but I never attempted to order from it. I mostly liked Del Taco. Read that in a Little Richard voice. Favorite Fast Food restaurant Hamburger. This was indeed a fantastic article. View topic - Heading to the Los Angeles Store! Twitturly - URL Info: In N Out Burger.

The Official Random Thread. You Want Fries on That? Try one of these twists on the old familiar french fry - CHOW. In N Out Burger or Fatburger? Le forum officiel de RPG Magazine. The Secret Sauce or spread is something you can order by the packet.. Link - Bespoke Fast Food at badmouth.

Guess who is going back!!!!!! Yes, we have solved the reason Americans are fat. Simply to boost my post numbers My Son ate a 20 x 20 in one sitting. Makes me sick to think about it. People that put up with me. Something too look into?? Who has the best fast food hamburger? Might be local basically takes grill scrapings and puts it on your burger..

In Phoenix until tomorrow morning Also monkey burger does not exist. I heard things such as monster style, dirty style, etc. View topic - The Fast Food thread. View topic - i am going to have In N out. Hey just a heads up, you can also order your shake to be extra chocolate or extra strawberry. Apparently they just put in extra syrup. The Freeborn County Shopper Forum. A Doggie Style is nothing but meat between the buns.

What ever happened to small, medium, large? You guys forgot the best one of all: Just bigger about 2 inches bigger. On the Road and guest post: Las Vegas, Part 1. Net - View topic - Razma poll. It was crazy, but well worth it! Saved me ALOT of money. My new favorite restaurant! Shop N' Chomp Daily: Jucy Lucy -v- Juicy Lucy. View topic - I've gotta know in n out content.

Pilgrimage to In-n-Out- secret menu. My brother once told me of a mythical underground menu order… well, not too mythical, he was there when his friends ordered it.

First off people, it is called spread, not sauce. Sauce is for pizza. People started calling it a secret menu, but all it is is a variety of ways to order your favorite menu item.

You can get up to 4 meat and 4 cheese in any combination you wish. When I worked there we would make a burger as big as you wanted. They stopped making burgers bigger then that because it was hard to make them look good. If you notice, the real life burger often times looks very similar to the burger on the menu. It was slang for the veggie burger. On the sal is not real. Does anyone know how to score an associate hat. The ones the girls wear? OT but some not OT: Five Guys or In N Out?

No dice, we can only count to four. You can, however, order it the smart way. They will do it and all you have to do is slap em together. And yes, they do know what you plan to do with it. Badmouth is in Maxim:: The Rickie Miyake Blog: I am as happy as a Thrice not even music? The Trip Down Memory Lane! Oh, health advice from the Brits — the people who invented dieting by creating dishes no one wants to eat. No offense to Arnold. I worked for In-n-out Burger for fifteen years only to get kicked to the curb when I started having back problems.

If people just came in, ordered their stuff and left, there wouldnt be a crowd. Do you people relize how much your paying for that heartattack? UhOh, looks like some tradition going out the window. Mark my words, this company will eventually suck the life out of itself long before the customers do.

But no matter how hard you try in your kitchen, you will never come close. When a grill at In-N-Out cooks to burgers a day they get flavored. To help a little bit make sure your salt and pepper mixture is equal parts!!! You all need to get over yourself. Its a freakin hamburger!!! And that creep from England, get over yourself and stop bad mouthing America. This is why we left your sorry ass all those years ago and formed the United States.

We can eat anything we want!!! For the person that worked at the in and out place for 15 years.. LOL cuz u got kicked to the curb.. You Can Make Burgers. They just opened a new In-N-Out near to us in Mesa. They were starting employees line staff, not managers at 10 bucks an hour…which is practically unheard of in the fast-food industry. The food sounds awesome, heatlamps or not. To all those people who are bad mouthing fast foods, America whatever it is… Ever ask ur self what good comes out of it???

People are going to do what ever they want to do, they are going to eat the food they want to consume. Honestly, u can form an opinion but it will never change anything.

Trust, they will work twice as hard to do the dirty job that most of Americans will not do for a low price. All they want is the opportunity to make a living, something we have here in the States…Most people just fear them, that someday they will take all the jobs.. I highly doubt this country will allow that day…. Employers hire illegal immigrants to do those jobs because, had they hired legal workers, minimum wage laws require that they pay higher wages.

There are two alternatives — either abolish minimal wages or abolish the constrictive immigration laws. Do either of those and you will find plenty of Americans willing to do the jobs in question since they will not be underbid by illegals.

If you have kids, you can order your burger cut in halves or quarters. This comes after numerous photos of monsterous burger that appeared on the web. This ruling has been in effect company wide for about four or five years now. At In-N-Out there are no lazy people, they get rid of them as fast as they can. Also, your right, not every In-N-Out Burger is equally accommidating. Why you all being haters… And for those of you elsewhere than America WTF you doing on this site anyway. And for the haters… Why are you on this site.

The one that got fired.. Why are you even here, miss your job? I love inNout burgers. Fantastic, I have more knowledge about the place than you could ever possibly imagine. Ibet your the type of customer who walks up to give their order wearing the latest In-N-Out Tshirt you put on just to come down and get a burger.

You are not the only one, I saw people like that all day. THe place used to be special, it really did, but those days are gone!!! At the time, it was also a common phrase at Burger King. That latter part is only an educated guess though.

In n out will now only make up to a 4X It was a rule set by the health department. The veggie burgers do not come with extra tomatoes, however, just like with all burgers, each bottom bun must be completely covered by each ingredient, so if the tomato slice is small, it will need another slice in order to cover the bun. So you may ask for a side of lettuce, tomoatoes, onions, pickles, etc, and if you wish you could build your own little salad.

It does not cost extra to get a side of anything, you could just walk up to the counter and ask for those sides, as well as sides of spread. One thing I did not notice on this site was chile peppers. In n out has packets of chili peppers which upon request you can enjoy while eating your burgers and fries. Also, you can request to have chili peppers chopped up onto your burger. You can also ask for whole grilled onions placed on any burger.

They simply take a whole slice of the raw onions and put it on the grill before placing it on your burger. Along the same lines as the fries well done or light, you can have your meat patty cooked well done or medium rare where they will pull it off the grill early.

And you can always as for no salt on your meat or on your fries if you wish. Also, you can ask for ketchup and mustard on your burger instead of the spread. I think that about sums it all up! Thanks for all the additional info. Wondering though, do you really mean chili peppers or yellow banana peppers? Would be great if they have the latter. The in and out I went to in Santa Barbara CA serves the neopolitan shake in a clear cup and layers it to look like the ice cream.

I always order a Double-Single two meat, one cheese and get extra lettuce, extra tomato. I worked at In-N-Out for three years. I am a Brit btw! A hairy burger is when they have Big Sid press out the burgers under his huge tattooed arms. Hence the hairy burger. Reminds me of the burgers I used to eat after a late night out in London in my youth! Secret menus at restuarants Thoughts and Whatnot. I am an associate at an INO in Arizona… This website does show you many of the things that we can do to a burger… Most of them are just changing the condition to make it more enjoyable for you, i.

Unforunately, INO no longer makes any burger larger than 4 meat and 4 cheese, yes you can get just 4 meat which is a double-meat with two extra patties…. We love all of our customers and will do all that we can to make your INO experience and amazing one, but there are limits as to what we can do!!!

Hopefully you all have had an enjoyable experience and if not… I hope you come back for a second try maybe at a different store and ask what we can do to make it better! I worked out a golf course, and they are VERY popular among the golfing community. They call it the John Daly. If you like arnold palmers its a great alcoholic version. The word usage here is wrong: Hi all at in n out.

Been eating ur burgers since I was 12 now Remember Harry yelling at us to either order somthing or leave. To which we would order fries over and over again. Last thing to order was the dbl dbl. This seem to keep Harry happy. All the kids where not born yet or were babies. This was from to Great era great time and great food. All the best to all the employees. Ooh dang i just typed a big comment and as soon as i hit post it come up blank! Please please tell me it worked properly? I dont want to write it again if i do not have to!

Either the blog glitced out or i am an idiot, the latter doesnt surprise me lol. I just got this response from them. Although we have no immediate plans to change our menu, we are always looking for ways to enhance the quality of food and service we provide.

With this goal in mind, we are happy to share your suggestion and comments with our Management Team. A book about my favorite place! Its just a bun — and it does print out on the receipt. I was once in line behind a fellow that asked for green chilies on his burger and the kid rang it up, no problem.

Obviously this got me quite excited, and I ordered the same. It was slightly disappointing, but still a tasty surprise. Aric Gardner foucault 's status on Tuesday, Nov I was born on the west coast and ate In-N-Out for years. In-N-Out is still my favorite burger joint and will always be.

I actually work at in n out and there are still a few things that we have that arent on here. I used to live in So. So, it is basically two cooked patties covered in cheese?

What a novel idea. And what the fuck happened to the Flying Dutchman? She left before I could ask her what that was called. Can anyone help me out?

Ya if you want it ON the burger asked for chopped chilies. If you want them in the package on the side ask for a side of peppers. Apparently the counter guy misunderstood me last week when I ordered. It appears to consist of a spicy version of the sauce, chopped chillies and a whole onion slice 1st time raw, 2nd time cooked.

Actually, easy is just a way of putting a meal into the computer. It automatically adds the burger and the fries at the same time. Its just a way of communicating in the kitchen. So if your reciept said Easy 3 that would be the burger that comes with a number 3 and the fries. Just make sure if you order it again, give the cashier a reciept.

What is the in n out secret menu? Here are some more great ways to order. Those are some of my favorites. No, sorry no chicken here.

Just the worlds best burgers! We leave the chicken to Chic-Fil-A they leave the burgers to us! Im origionally from northern california…. No In n Out and no Jamba Juice. I live a sad life now. The Flying Dutchman was a totally new one on me. Oh, and reading the Wikipedia article makes In-N-Out look like a walk-in restaurant. I am guessing it worked better in Southern California…. In N Out does have great Burgers and it would be great if they put one here in Oklahoma. But when I lived in Carson City Nevada one of the issues that the company had was if it was possible to delivere the fresh cut Ground Beef to the stores each day.

Don;t know if that is true But I do miss them. Sorry, the picture is actually at http: They also have a Root Beer float. Its just vanilla shake and root beer. It tastes like the real thing, although they charge you the price of the shake.

Also is true chopped jalepenos are available as a burger topping? The beef patty on the animal fries is just too disruptive to the flow of biz, it has been tried before though. Hey is their something called the grizzly style burger when they take your order and put a handful of fries on it? My friend said that he used to get them at a place in northern California. They are pretty dang hot.

I like to bite off the end and pour the chili juice into my ketchup! Absolutely love it all.. Every burger you could possibly thing of is just right there.. Named after the Golfer. There were a couple of people at the LAX store who would always hook me up without needing extra instructions. Hey darling, great website! I genuinely like this post.. I was curious about this for a long time now. This cleared a lot up for me! Do you have a rss feed that I can add?

Its so good… and its the same cost as a Regular Shake!! They make the spread themselves. Get your facts straight. On Off and Beyond: Back of the Cereal Box: Nice grilled taste on the outside and crunchy on the inside. Pulled the dupe receipt out of my hand, before I was given my meal that I had already paid for.

What in line that I was. But those 2 above, being my controversy. That the "Corporation" all quotes being actual; serious first says "Should be given back. In that my "invoice" was not given back to me, once it was asked for so to be seen. So what if one, a customer like me, later needs the data. So to make a comment. Be it negative, neutral, or positive?? In my intro of chat —- I already had revealed the location of the eatery. Perhaps the problem was in communication.

Not that there is anything wrong with either… as long as you are ok with the lack of understanding that you will have to endure from the unenlightened, non-Yoda or Klingon speaking masses.

A definite way to increase the size of the panda belly The Sexy Panda. Your post was everything I wanted to say but much more polite and eloquent than what I would have been able to put together! Ever been hit on? Part 2 - Page 63 - MiceChat. Could you eat a year's worth of Grand Slams -- if they were free?

I always order fries well-done. There is a difference. They are very crunchy. Sometimes they do not cook them long enough to be well-done, but for the most part they do. You should try ordering them again. Sometimes they can even taste like potato chips. Calling All Faith Baristas! Would you guys please move a restaurant up to Sequim Washington? This place is about 2 hours west of Seattle washington. Its about 15 miles east of Port Angeles. This place would totally rock for an establishment like In and out.

Please oh please oh please. No need to pray because I would know my prayers have been answered. Those InO boys are hot! INO no longer makes burgers larger than four patties.

Sorry, You Already Decided. Never needed to; I love the regular menu. I can also get my burger no-salt no trouble. In n Out rocks. You missed the Root Beer Floats. Der Fast Food-Thread - Vielfliegertreff: Fast Food Porn… Ya might feel a lil dirty afterward. Well i work at In N Out and you missed a few things.

We make no salt burgers and frys, and we make root beer floats too…. Tweets that mention This may be helpful to you. Can anyone confirm about one I heard of once but have never ordered? The doule double animal style is my favorite! I am excited though to ask for a whole grilled and extra toast. You can order extra crispy, or well-well fries as well. My friend always orders them. Texas on its way to being civilized - Soy Chicano Forums.

I need an in n out in Houston, texas!! I am dying for one! Pendleton Underground - heart and soul of our Camp Pendleton community. It seems looks like they had done the burger pretty well. Do not pass go. First order of business after I arrive in Las Vegas from Kwajalein on my annual home leave is to drive to the nearest In-N-Out Burger for a Double Double, extra toast and fries animal style!

Things to do in LA. You can ask for jalapenos also. Chimpomatic News Home of the Hamburger. A Weekend in Los Angeles - Find. It also does not come with double tomato… rather just enough tomato to cover the whole bottom… which as with every other burger is sometimes one and other times two.

In-n-Out Burger - Fantastic Deal! I have a request for a new Burger. On tomatoes and IN a lettuce wrap. I know of 18 wheeler. Crackdonalds - Page 9 - Okinawa Japan Forum. The House of Mini's. The Road Trip Plans.

Ghosts on Ferries and Sticks. Five Guys Burgers and Fries: Listen up, Stuart Davis: Not to spicy but you could tell they were there. I ordered mine 2X2, animal style, with chopped peppers, and no tomatos.

The iPad Report [and more]: Quality you can taste. The old In n' out. The tyranny of choice. Sonoma und Napa Valley - Jan unterwegs. ANy suggestions for good eating establishments in Phoenix? The Tea-Ade is actually called an Arnold Palmer.

Arizona Iced tea along with a couple other companies sell this drink and to say it wasnt good it just your personal opinion. This article is stupid. In-N-Out only keeps its menu this way because that is how it started in The fact that INO has applied its own nomenclature merely serves to make it quicker and more efficient for both the restaurant and the customer.

They indeed acknowledge these secret items. It shows up on the receipt and here it is, on their site:. The secret menu only adds to the dedication of their patrons. I guess you just learning about this has you all butt hurt. Maybe nobody thought you were cool enough to tell so you had to learn about through this article. Sounds like your more a Mc Donalds man.

Nick kinda has a point, no? These things you order, and have names. They are just like, say. Imagine people love the animal style burger, right? They order it a lot, only.

What Nick is saying is that these items are merely faces for popular custom burgers! If say, you asked the for a sandwich that had hald a veggie patty and half beef, they would make it. If enough people got it, they would come up with a name for it, so that people could easily order it time after time! Left Coast Vacation Day 5 - In-N-Out Burger.

Best fast food french fries. I love the quantity of cheese applied on each sandwich, and the cheese is amazing, it just adds that super juicy flavour the meat! September Meeting on the 3rd at 7PM. Jon Hein Is Wrong.

In and Out coming to Dallas As I tell my out-of-town friends when they go to in-n-out for the first time: Yes, they have a secret menu. The Juggernaut Journal - Page 20 [Forums]. Five Guys vs In-N-Out. I find two fatal flaws with them:. I do not approve of tossing your religion on people no matter how subtly you sneak it in. Despite the seemingly innocuous subtelty, the family are described by those who know them as NOT casually faithful.

Just know that some of your money is gonna be donated to conservative political causes. To here many enthusiasts discuss them, it would be impossible to find a better burger using items found on this particular planet.

The key to the brainwashing, as I see it, is the Secret Menu. No one does that at Burger King. I maintain that the Secret Menu gives those who use it, the keys to an exclusive club… Which is in no way exclusive.

Yes, I said An Animal. Figure it out for yourself. I would not call the family religious zealots, but they are faithful. High school students have to show their semester grades to maintain their work schedule hours…. If you are in college they work around your schedule. If you have a family they work around family obligations. They promote from within. The food is high quality and always fresh.

You sell it often enough and eventually people call it something and a fad is born! Its the meat the service. I heard they use Harris Farms Angus beef, that says it all. Keep on doing the best!!!! I think these photos say it all. I am vegetarian but their french fries can not be topped. The Double-double and the fries are by far my favorite options at the In-N-Out. Do I eat there every day? No, but when I want a burger they are number 1 on my list!

The fact that they are Christians only adds to their reputation for me! What a great testimony and beacon they are in the fast food world of scuzzy places, sullen employees and ill prepared food. Ok so there is one more that i kno of and alot of people havent tried. A Biz Blog For Entrepreneurs. So i started reading it and i came to the conclusion that an ins and outs should come to the netherlands.

I think it would became a massive hit. I hope this successful company stays here!! In n out should not expand nor should try change. The first two times I ate there I did not know about the secret menu so I could not figure out what all the hype was about. Thanks for the break down of the secret menu. In-N-Out vs 5 Guys theblanchard [dot] com.

A meal at Five Guys is roughly double the cost of a meal burger, fries, and soft drink at In-n-Out. In-N-Out protein style, and 5 other fast-food tips - Healthy Living: The Orange County Register. Hey, thank you your writing style is amazing. Coming from a southern girl from arkansas that was just recently introduced to In N Out while visiting her fiance on a navy base im hooked. I love love LOVE this place. I dont eat all day just so i can pig out there one day people one day a week lol but 5 Guys Burgers and Fries still beat them out.

I wish i had both in one city. Id be in burger heaven. As a former In-N-Out employee, I can attest that everything mentioned on this site is accurate, with a few minor errors. The few minor, and I mean minor, errors are: You can tell by the ring of onion shown.

The onions would be chopped if it was Grilled Onions. It does get the spread, cheese and grilled onions, but it does not get the fried mustard or pickles. So, if you are ordering a burger and want only fried mustard and no pickles, make sure that you specify that.

You even went into the drinks and the fries. Hey did you update the pictures. Everything looks incredibly delicious since I last check out the secret menu. Actually well done fries are not as good as they sound ive gotten them.

Walked in looked at limited menu, walked out. Used to go to Hemet in-n-out for 10 years then moved to Washington, sadly no in-n-out in WA or Oregon.

Then by all means, go there. If there is a location that could be called gay, California would be it…. Was craving in n out so bad earlier so i got some! Hey just fyi- the mustard fried automatically adds pickle to the burger also. I work there and just thought people should know! But I decided to look it up since you brought it up. Is it the toasted bun, or something else.

It helps to make the burger. Each time I dined-in to eat. I had to put up with their entering the business, only to use the restroom. Now I know where to live near, if I become homeless. LOL, you can also get hash browns and fried eggs on your burger. Wifey and I are really disappointed with this. Hmmm… living here is Las Vegas, though, we got some pretty good hamburger joints.. They were sued for serving undercooked patties and causing E-coli. If you want MR or R , make it at home Just a tip!

Some people need to just get a life. In n out is one of the very last great american businesses, in an age where you cant even understand the tech support on the other end of the phone. Too many people are way too sue-happy and are just out get a free buck anyway they can without having to work for it.

Istill think they are the are the greatest burgers made. Have You Seen This Body? Then your burger was made wrong. I love my cheeseburgers with both kinds of onions and extra spread!!! I like mine without the special sauce, but ketchup and mustard.

Wish there was a catchy name for this. I was flummoxed too, but in retrospect, good for them. In-n-out burger should get their records corrected or give me my monies worth. Thank you for a frustating experience. Back in the s there was a group of guys that would hang out by the original INO and always start fights, everyone called them the animals and one of the guys always ordered his cheeseburger they didnt have double-doubles back then the same way: And i believe the flying dutchman came because its how one of the snyder family owners ordered it for their dog.

I had a buy 1 get 1 free coupon for the bacon western burger from carls jr, so i got the burgers and they were so nasty! I think they made of them and kept them in a warmer. In and Out burgers are so fresh……jeez i luv em! Had my first experience with SmashBurger last week in San Diego. I was disgusted by the limp, soggy, barely half-cooked bacon on my burger. I picked it off. I love bacon more than the next guy, but not at the risk of Trichinosis…. Had my first Five Guys while in Oregon..

Heard a lot about them and I was looking forward to it.. Must of caught them on a bad day We were their first order of the day Not good at all.. We tried Five Guys and all we got were sloppy hamburgers and greasy fries. And I do mean sloppy! The people at the next table to us were also from California and no surprise, they were saying the same thing we were. In-N-Out definitely beats 5 Guys, hands down. I live in Orange County, Cali.

We just had a Five Guys open up in HB. Went there…laughed at the deco all posters of quotes of how excellent their burgers were …ate half my burger…and threw it out. The only thing redeeming about the place: You can literally feel the grease in the air. In-N-Out smokes Five Guys. Why did they have to limit the meats to 4!!???!? You must have a large mouth. It goes against everything I thought In-N-Out stood for. Rapuano, MD — unless they're from your eye doctor.

The Environmental Working Group issued a report Wednesday showing that more than a dozen popular cereal and breakfast items contain dangerous levels of a cancer-causing pesticide. Here's what you need to know. In an emotional Instagram post, Aerie model Iskra Lawrence opened up about the pictures that influencers don't share. When she had her lumpectomy, Khim Owens-Baggett was not quite two weeks pregnant — but nobody knew that until later.

I knew I was overweight, but that That was the wake-up call I needed. One new mom who is a breast cancer survivor decided to that a sign would be best to tell anyone in the hospital that she was not able to breastfeed her baby when she gave birth. Some breast cancer patients describe a bullying-like pressure from their surgeons to reconstruct after having a mastectomy. Officials in the state — one of 18 to offer vaccine exemptions based on personal or moral beliefs — had hoped to offer a course informing parents about the risks of not vaccinating.

A new study from Orlando Health found that more than half of parents with children under 18 believe the flu shot can cause the flu. Experts explain why that's a myth. A family in Georgia is reeling from a pizza order that left their 2-year-old with second-degree burns. Little Caesars insists that it did nothing wrong.

Yahoo Lifestyle is your source for style, beauty, and wellness, including health, inspiring stories, and the latest fashion trends. Looking for Life on a Flat Earth What a burgeoning movement says about science, solace, and how a theory becomes truth. Friends is an American television sitcom, created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, which aired on NBC from September 22, to May 6, , lasting ten seasons. With an ensemble cast starring Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer, the show revolves around six 20–30 year old friends living in Manhattan, New York City.