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The way Joe hunts yells volumes to the inexperience and and lack of reverence he possesses. I like Matt, but it makes me question his ethics that he decided to work with the idiots at Discovery and not stand beside his sisters and brothers in protest of the smearing of the knowledge and arts.

Just that guys voice is enough to make me want to not survive. Keep shining bright Cody! Rick I agree with you and felt the same way and still do. Passing along this YouTube Video from one of the most respected outdoor survival instructors living today, Mors Kochanski.

In the video he speaks to using wool socks alone in a winter emergency. Thanks Chris, very well done and interesting experiment by Mr. He seemed to indicate it as an emergency measure only and I am interested in those socks now.

He was wearing the appropriate outer wear for the conditions, pants. Any quality WOOL socks should work, just have varying sizes. I usually get by with two thick pairs, one large, one XXL. And I will let one particular pair serve as the outside letting just that pair worn out by the brush, saving the other pair s for insulation. WHy is everyone making such a big deal about no shoes…. I live in the US South and have my entire life.

I know because I live in the North! It bad teaching and its wrong. If I had to pick someone, from the list of TV survivalists, to survive with he would be near the bottom of the list. He can start a fire great though.

What is your reasoning behind the idea that you would be doing most of the work? While the majority of us could not go bare foot or wear less clothes as he does it is a way of life for him and he is conditioned for it. With all the places they have been I never saw him with cut up bruised feet. If I recall correctly he did one time make something to put under his feet so he knows his body and when he needs to do something different in certain conditions. And was able to come up with a way to make something work.

He did not come across as a know it all. He has skills and there is nothing wrong with him stating he has them. Most of us are good at something and say so. Cody wears shorts and goes barefoot because that is what he has done for over twenty years. He teaches winter survival in the mountains of Arizona and wears the same thing. He goes on to say that you shouldnt because he has trained for it on a cellular level. If anything It shows how tough and smart he is. How can you call Cody a know-it-all when you admitted in your second line that your a know-nothing.

Obviously anyone who knows anything would seem like a know-it-all to you. Get your facts in order before commenting. Rick, You said it all in the second sentence. Rick , read between the lines — you are amazingly stupid and wrong on ever point you made. The shows called dual survival not dual survivor, that above all else shows how little you are paying attention.

Rick is just another Teti pseudonym look it up in a dictionary Joe trying to defame Cody again, and failing again. Everyone sees him for the fraud that he is. Where has responsibility gone and being held accountable for ones actions especially when lives have been lost?!?! Amen to that, he strikes me as a prima donna that must always be catered to because of his self importance. The only thing dangerous or unhealthy I have seen him do is eat worms, grasshopper and raw fish, the danger being parasites.

Dave did everything the first 2 seasons and I am sure Joe did the next season. He has threatened to sue Discovery; I hope that he will, I would love to see all the outtakes they have of Cody showing the petty man he is.

The last posting I read that read as this one does was a ghost post by Joe Teti. Cody comes across with an arrogance of one who is an alpha type, and who has knowledge within and of themselves.

What he shows is a give-no-quarter confidence on his principals, and a knowing that he can back up what he says. Ever read an interview with Bruce Lee? Not an actor talking, rather a doer. I could easily see going through 25 military people to find one who I could get along with in a difficult situation. The military mentality and survival mentality are very different things.

Dear god Chris learn how to spell. If you are going to misspell a word then at least misspell it wrong the same way. Dear god that was some distracting reading. Grammar and spelling not withstanding good interview, on a 4th grade level. Geez, this guy is ridiculous. He literally thinks his word is the only word. I like also to see Cody with led strowd they would make a great team. I think dual serviced be came too militaristic and lost sit on what the show was about I like bear grills times better than Joe title bear is way more knowgable than Joe is bear know plant invests and animals be ar has a etomogist degree with rentokil and was in the British secret device and special forces her majacies top servival person.

Rick…you are by far a complete knucklehead who people can tell by that comment…your just talking outta your ass. So…im guessing the surgeons performed a full labotomy and not a frontal labotomy??? You are def the epitome of a retard. Evidently you never spent any time in the wilderness, maybe a hike and overnight in the state park. But if Cody acted like he did on the show he would not be well received in a true life situation. If he knew primitive people he would know only the men who robbed the bees ate the honey.

Barefoot and shorts are cool to some people and a great gimmick for his school. But in real life sometimes you have to move fast in the wilderness almost always because of weather or once because of a wildfire. That is one of the reasons you need proper foot ware. Unless you are injured you should be able to pull your own weight, not expect your partners to have to do rope work for you.

Cody claims to be an expert on primitive people lifestyles; he should know that a man must contribute equally to the group to share equally with the group. Our group does survival exorcises 3 or 4 times a year.

In real life he would not have a place to warm up between filming TV scenes. That only shows you have a poor vocabulary.

The risks that hosts take on some of these shows are simply ridiculous. Their strategy is indeed sensationalism — not survival.

Impressive and poignant interview. Thanks for the infomitive interview… I knew that the show was over stepping with unrealistic bs…I told my friends before you came off the show that I could see an end in site..

Hope u get new show soon…thank you.. Cody, your comments were a confirmation of how much smoke and mirrors was popping up on the show once Mr. Tadi was added for the vet crowd and for more DRAMA, I did feel it went down from the good-natured differences in the first season to a clash of cultures. I would dearly love to see Cody bring a new light to real information regarding what to do in a survival situation and in what context they should be done.

Not sure that I believe Cody never watched even one of the shows. This to me, shows a level of ignorance in itself. I liked watching Cody on tv and was a fan, but this seems like an easy out to say he never watched the show once.

Now he can pounce all over them without having to take responsibility on his part. I really appreciate your getting this interview with Cody Lundin.

It was nice to get his honest perspective of both the fiasco of his being let go from DS and also some behind the scenes truthfulness about what was being presented. Glad he mentioned BGrylls MvW fiascos too.

Chris…thanks for what you do here! And, thanks for sharing with the public the true Cody! At 14, he asked me to give him a backpack and let him loose in our Chihuahuan Desert for a week. Now he knows enough to keep himself alive and potentially others! I took my youngest son years later to the same course, knowing the reality check it would provide!

In time, and with their continued practice this Mom can rest easy knowing her boys will always make it back home: Really appreciate the feedback.

We make every effort here to provide reputable sources of information. Not just with blog articles, but as a repository of schools , books , events , and more in the hopes it provides information for a safer and more enriching experience outdoors. I respect Cody and his skills. I was slightly disappointed that he lumped in several Tv survivalist in with the likes of Joe and Bear. There are others out there that give good information. Some work some might not. But to me it is all knowledge.

And it is more knowledge than I had before. I have skills to make a fire and what woods work best. Not jumping in rivers, jumping across deep ravines, killing a HUGE boar…… Even a little survival skills is better than none, we just need to be diligent to know benifit from survival sensationalism shown on some TV shows.

I watch the show, and I was disappointed when Cody was no longer a part of it. His calm meticulous approach is more in tune with outdoor emergency skills, to help a person survive.

I would like to take a course from him, or an instructor wig his calm demeanor. I hope to see him with his own show, or Youtube channel soon.

There is no need to defile other TV hosts. He talks about respect but shows none to certain people. If you want to bring up experience and a resume look at Bear Grylls.

Honestly read into what the man has accomplished. He also left the network. Good read but come on Cody show some class, and this is coming from a fan….. I love Cody, wish he was still doing tv. One question the interview raises though; if no one had to produce credentials to be considered for the show, why was Dave fired? So the question becomes: I firmly believe that Cody has amazing skills.

No, that would be too logical, therefore you make the assumption that he is lying. Time and time again, Hollywood actors talk about not having seen the end result of their projects and cite many of the same reasons that were reported in this interview. It is really not a far fetched notion to accept. Lundin comes across on television as well as this interview as one who speaks his mind without regard for what may be socially acceptable.

I remember being taught as a child, that the truth hurts and if you do not have anything good to say, keep it to yourself unless you are asked. Well, he was asked in this interview and he gave his side of the events and his opinions of his industry which included his own feelings and desires for the format.

As for your other assertions of his lying, I also disagree. You nor can say with any certainty that he is lying. Why hide and not just tell us all who you are and the facts that you are privy to? In which case you would now have no credibility. The screen shot with the rabbit was sent by a fan, he has quite an active following that keeps in touch with him on Facebook and elsewhere.

Thanks for that info. I like well informed people who set the record straight on the heals of poorly informed comments! Thanks to you and Cody for doing it and posting it. Means a lot coming from you. Will be in your neck of the woods late July or early August. Will give you a call and hope we can visit again. And he DOES know what he preaches and teaches. He is very serious about the information and skills he shares with people. One of the things I never see on the survival shows is what to take with you when you are going to wander around in the great outdoors.

I had a hiking class that prepared me better than any of the shows. We were always prepared with food, water, blankets, lighters, matches, first aid kit, knife, hatchet, even small gun, etc. We left our supplies in the truck all the time except for the gun and changed out the food and water frequently. We never needed most of the supplies, but you never know.

I agree with Cody that the shows are irresponsible and dangerous and the Dual Survival show is becoming increasingly so. When you know a great deal about something and are willing to share it , you will have a commanding and superior attitude.

That attitude is called experience and know how. When you call Cody know-it-all, Your just saying he knows more than you. All this being said, your a dumb-ass. A know-it-all is the very last thing that Cody could be called. My 19 year old son spent 8 days in the AZ desert with Cody learning the primitive survival skills that Cody is so skilled at. My son came away with invaluable knowledge as well as a complete respect for Cody.

Do you have the guts? Thanks Chris, this is a great piece, and a very interesting topic to bring to the surface. Thank you for obtaining this interview Chris.

I enjoyed reading it, and I think it reflected much of what we already know. Cody is absolutely right. The survival show industry is a complete joke. People are put on TV, and given a few pages from whatever survival book was available at the book store, and are told to start filming. The result is people pretending to show skills that they pretend to know.

To show you how sad the sate of affair is, I have been offered parts in six survival shows just this year. My only qualifications are that I get a certain amount of traffic on my blog, and that I have a potentially interesting accent. What is worse is that some other random person will get contacted after I decline, and they will have even less skills, but a larger desire for fame, and they will take the part.

And the big joke continues. I know he feels very strongly about who should be teaching, and those people clearly do not qualify, neither in his book, nor in mine. Unfortunately, those people have many fans, and those fans will backlash, as we have seen here. Cody has a tough road to follow. On one hand, it is important that he continue to speak out against fame hungry amateurs with limited skills, being presented by the media as experts.

On the other hand, he will continue to suffer attacks for it. All that being said, i think Cody is fighting a losing battle. We no longer have, or accept a top down education system. Learning is a lot more fluid these days, and there is no way to get around it.

Even so, I still think it is important that people who know what they are talking about speak up. Otherwise the internet and every other media source starts to get clouded with half baked ideas and theories which ultimately diminish knowledge and jeopardize lives.

It is nice if we could all get along, but not at the cost of poor quality information being thought by charismatic people with little practical knowledge. Thanks for the comment Ross. I agree with your statement about education being a problem.

And if there is anything that needs a strong foundation, it is survival. I love Cody for sticking to his guns.

Love you Cody and I really needed closure on why you left. I knew it before I read it. Us ladies will miss the man who loves Beaver. However as stated before he can come across as a bit of a know-it-all and be hard headed and one way.

There are a few things from the interview that strike me as a little off as well. From the first episode of the first season the senarios were about the adverage person on a vacation gone wrong.

Photographer on a day hike, Fishermen running out of gas. Tourists on Safari getting stranded or separated from their group, etc. The adverage person would not be trying to take down large game to eat. They would be looking for water and trying to stay warm and get help. I watched every episode and the senarios were all the same with adverage people. Discovery was using the show for pure entertainment with action characters while Cody was trying to be educational to the adverage person with NO Military Experience.

The adverage person would not be scaling 90 degree cliffs to go straight down. They would look for easier and safer ways to get down. I have used some of what was taught by Cody and Dave Canterbury on camping trips just to see if they worked. Drinking water from a Bamboo stalk, collecting due on leaves, eating grasshoppers and ants. I have even tried a primitive way of making fire with no success. I learned one main thing and that is to have a small survival kit with me at all times especially firemaking supplies.

Mainly is do NOT get yourself into danger. What one must remember is that these are just TV shows and that there is a crew with these folks that will pull them out of jams if needed and to go off and try to do what these TV shows depict is Just Plain Stupid and, well, you cannot fix Stupid. Lundin whatever your next venture is I will be there to watch. I am a fisher woman and a huntress. I hunt and fish for food and only kill what I eat. My husband and I are also homesteaders who grow their own food and trying to live off the land as much as possible.

Then maybe you should be hosting a show because you are at least doing it on a daily basis. Hope you are making some youtube videos. Thank you for this article. I feel like it needs to be said. The goal is kind of how cody describes as modern survival skills for the military that have those jobs.

I agree and hope that the industry needs change and hopes it does soon. It is reckless what Discovery does. I am not a survival instructor, by no means an expert but I know I will get out alive by what I have been taught. I could spot it in Dual Survival myself and rushing into a situation most of the time gets you dead. I also believed the farce showing Cody as a bad guy was BS! As I said before Cody Keep up your great work. I liked Cody and Dave in the show but Joe seems to be a ass.

I wonder if there is any bad blood between him and dave? I refuse to be a part of your human freak show. Survival drama is too hot a ticket for them to ignore I guess.

The sad thing is that after you told them to get lost, they went to someone else who lacks the skills, but loves the idea of being on TV. The fact that they make no distinction between someone with your expertise and an amateur like me, is frightening.

My suspicions were correct. First of all I would like to thank Chris Noble for setting up this interview with Cody. I saw what was happening in the show, what Cody was taking about.

They were trying to push the show to become more exciting for the ratings. TV producers will tend to do that, its just their way.

That being said, being able to watch Codys skill set on TV helped expose a lot of people to the way survival skills should be. I would love to spend time training in the primitive skills, however my life just does not allow for it. Cody brought some of that training into my home and I appreciate the show and hope he plans on starting another show.

From the beginning we knew these shows had some producers hand stirring the pot! We knew Cody was the real deal …. We even mention his name every time we start a fire … Cody is a god in that arena! Back to serious — that final show… And it was the final one we will watch … It was so obvious they railroaded it to bash Cody … Very pathetic. We will watch for Cody in the future.

Heck, let people pay them to make instructional outdoor education videos and articles by using crowdsourcing venues like Kickstarter. Start out East and work my way West. We know you have some knowledge of the TV Business.

If you try to share all your philosophy, it will just end up on the cutting room floor. Unless you start talking crazy. At that point, look out. Yes, to some degree, they have a point. I mean, PBS would have millions of more viewers if their shows had more drama in them rather than a soft voiced narrator talking about birds, but these shows want a whole different type of reaction and fan. So, they want you crying.

They want you arguing, and they want you upset with your partner, so they can magnify your emotional responses and sell that to their viewers. Television fans are not survival students. Can you do that? You have to be very, very strong in your convictions, or if you cave, you will look like a jackass on camera. Many of them just want to have a crazy, high ratings show so they can add that to their resume and then move on to produce other shows that will make them more money.

They would film their grandmother dying if they thought it would help their careers. They only get credit for ratings. There is no award in TV for integrity, either publicly or monetary, so, the riskier the show, the more viewers, the more it helps them. Good luck to all of you out there, doing your thing and learning your skills, etc.

I personally liked and connected with all of the people that have hosted this show. Myself Being from the military I appreciate all of the points of view. Be it from Dave, Cody, Joe or Matt. In my opinion they all brought knowledge to the table in a way I could understand. In the end I wish it would have worked out better for Cody and Dave. Furthermore why did Discovery go after Cody? Its a shame because I thought Cody carried the show with both Dave and Joe but all three provided a value.

As of now it seems Matt carries the show but Joe seems to get along better with him. After the first few episodes it became clear to me that Cody knew his stuff. I wish Cody continued success. As kids we had contests to see who could weave the largest number of common pins into the bottoms of our feet — I usually won. I also think Mors is one of the few real deals. I have taught Wilderness Survival Skills for 25 years, but not for a living, I would never expect to be paid to teach someone how to keep themselves alive.

I have also been a volunteer wilderness SAR coordinator for many years. Cody should use the power of the internet and YouTube to do short instructional clips. Dave from the original Dual show does this, Cody used to.

This is a fantastic article! It puts everything to rest regarding what really happened on Dual Survival. I used to watch Survivorman love Les Stroud , but really became interested in survival after watching the first two seasons of Dual Survival.

Being a fan of the show Dual Survival , all you need is common sense to realize that he knows what he is talking about and knows what he is doing. Just when he speaks, you immediately learn something. He explains everything in intricate detail.

He also explained on more than one occasion why he does not wear pants or shoes. He also teaches not to take any unnecessary risks unless you have to and have no choice.

He is an encyclopedia on survival. The mission was to survive. Not to engage an enemy. Not to take out a wild boar and celebrate the kill as if he had become some wild feral creature himself. I like the new guy as someone who is at peace with himself and his surrondings. I especially like when he takes the time to appreciate his surrondings and his flute playing. Joe is an arrogant ass who wants to make a war picture. His aggressive warrior mindset is going to get someone seriously hurt.

I hope that Matt will stand up to Joe more and share more of his skills and mindset on this show. Cody, thank you for your books and for doing the show. I just got another inquiry about wanting to find professional trackers and do a show about trackers doing their thing. Look at the credentials of this producer that is going to show the world how trackers work. But this shows you the mix of shows that survival drama is finding itself mixed up with, and the people who are positioned to produce these shows.

I hope Joe boy grows up soon… he irritates the hell out of me with all his wining.. We might should send him cheese to go with the wine. Wow… I would so fire him if he was my boyfriend.

Thank you Chris and Cody. Cody, I would love to swatch a true survival show you produce and star in. A no bs helpful tips straight how to, survival show. Just what to do, how to do it best, what to do first, what not to do. There are many people out there watching for helpful tips and not necessarily crazy action. But they are taught to get a mission done. Not survive or do it the safest way. Just accomplish the main objective. You are better without them.

Unfortunate for them they are not going to do so great without you. Although Matt is a great guy, he to is not a 3 day emergency escape instructor. I look forward to seeing where you go next Cody. Good luck with all your endeavors. Chris, I read this post when it appeared in June. It was very well done. A week without food while not comfortable is not going to kill you.

Depending on location a few days without water might. Military mindset and military survival are based on combat requirements over the whole globe. Do not be stupid, gear your survival knowledge to the region you spend ninety percent of your time.

Most survival shows are a poor joke based on common sense alone. Cody may or may not be the best there is but his approach wins hands down if you intend to survive. Go for the macho bs. Cody, Thanks for the interview and candid explanation of the workings of TV survival products. Best wishes for the future.

I hope there is a project that will bring you back and give us your no-nonsense advice and real-life help. Cody you were great on the show and I liked DS better than all the others. And I look forward to seeing your new show. Great interview, thanks for that. I agree with most of the points he makes but I still cannot get over the fact that he was improperly dressed for his environment.

His argument about aboriginal people having to walk barefoot is not valid. If they had the choice I guarantee they would have opted for footwear and proper attire. Those were, and still are, the best of the shows to date. I wish they could have carried on. Though I did get the impression, especially in the Season 2 eps, that Dave was losing patience with Cody, and vice verse. Had not Dave proved in all the eps in which he participated, that he had the skills, the know-how, and the guts?

He demonstrated several valuable skills and techniques beyond hunting and trapping that I found very interesting and have studied as a result. So why fire him, especially under such feeble pretenses? If Cody had such influence over the show as he claims, it explains a great many things.

They had a good dynamic going, and despite the friction, they should have carried it on. He talks himself up as some kind of physics prodigy, but he has no degree in physics.

He warns other people not to do it. For example, Dave would drink small amounts of untreated water in jungle episodes in which they appeared. Dave reasoned that he could expose himself in small amounts and gradually build up a degree of immunity to water borne pathogens. Then towards the end, when Dave wanted to stop and cook the eel Cody caught, Cody insisted they keep moving and eat it raw. Well if he was that concerned about being screwed like the Donner party, he would have put on a pair of boots so he could travel at a decent speed like Dave.

He has a lot of experience, but his pride has grown with it, and he obviously take ill any contradiction. He makes a careful point to make others feel guilty, going on about how he composts his own waste, collects his own water, lives off the grid, etc.

And yes, Cody CAN trap animals — when he tries. Cody wants HIS techniques to be taught — to only showcase the skills HE thinks should be showcased — and seems to dismiss other techniques and skills as somehow second-rate.

Cody teaches survival for a living. He conducts classes in which he takes people out into the wild to live as he demonstrates. His students trust him and his experience with their safety and possibly their lives.

So speaking professionally — if one of the students on his courses did what Cody did in that episode namely throwing all their equipment into the drink just because he was ticked off , what would Cody have said to that student?

He would probably have given him back his money, then told him to pack his bags, and go home. Now, everyone can have a bad day. Especially in stressful situations like survival scenarios. But as a professional, Cody knew better than to do what he did.

He is a great survivor, and was one of my favorite hosts. I only think that Cody should not be so ready to throw stones without checking to see how much glass is in his off-the-grid house…. Hi Newshound — enjoyed reading your comment as it brings to light what many are thinking. I will try to put context from MY view on some of the points you raised. Exaggerated resume — in a situation where you are trusting someone with your life in the backcountry, including a belay from a cliff, etc.

This is especially true when it comes to a doctor, guide, and survival instructor your life. Lundin experience — yes his degree is psychology. He has also trained with some of the best; Mors Kochanski, Dr. And he is the consummate student too.

And I can attest personally to building a tolerance to cold. See HERE for some of my experiences. Much of the world remains barefoot or in sandals. In OUR society, there is no one answer, I believe it depends on the balance of needed protection, health, and the experience sought by the individual.

In this case, the local law dictated direction for the show and we never knew , so they tried to move on from that quickly. Perceptions — It is obvious to most if you read all the online feedback that Discovery was trying to defame Cody in the last episode, not just him saying that. In person, he is also quite generous and quick to point out his mentors or where he got a skill or his information when teaching.

Kudos to you, sir. Your points are well taken. Trust is important in a survival situation. But Cody is a powerhouse of real-life experience, for which he is to be commended. I felt Dave deserved at least that much consideration. The eps in which he appeared showed he was no novice, or faker, when it came to mountain climbing, hunting, tracking and other valuable wilderness survival skills.

Had he not proven himself trustworthy in survival situations — at least as much as Cody — with real life experience vs. I think his in-show performance merited at least some forgiveness through his successes. Why not give him another chance? Why fire him flat out? Almost word for word, it was what Cody says when excusing his going about without shoes.

If there was a ban on making wood fires in N. Sadly, perception is reality. I felt badly about that, because as I said, Cody was one of the original 2 hosts.

But when the shoe was on the other foot, and he had a chance to stick up for Dave, he did not do so. In fact, he rather turned against Dave when Discovery was letting him go. I blinked at that too, because it seemed a bit self-serving of him. Both the original hosts are gone, and not for the better. DC should have kept both original hosts, despite their flaws. Matt Graham was a better fit. He was well spoken, intelligent and mild mannered.

Cody seemed very moody and sometimes even arrogant, he became very bitter and unlikable, although Joe Teti wasnt a great partner to him, he at least played for the cameras. In the end the entertainment value needs to be there also other wise the show gets cancelled. Joe is a little crying girlyboy who cried all the time. Cody is the Master and Joe should have never been selected to be on the show. I stopped watching the show because Cody left.

Cody definitely was Daves house wife in the first 2 seasons. He was never afraid to let dave go first. Something he peaches a lot about. As I read the interview Cody seemed bitter, angry and very unlikable. I felt bad for him having to leave the show, but once Dave left it seemed Joe and Cody never really clicked. I think the show was better when Matt Graham joined it. He was much easier going and very crafty and worked at a faster pace which made the show a lot more interesting.

Sorry, I have beefs with all those fellows. Next morning, they were clean shaven, showered and looked well fed if you asked me. First we have Coty, lbs of muscle, capable of wrestling a gorilla.

What has he got to be afraid of, fellow could last for 6 months without food and still arm wrestle me and win. Articulate, smart as a whip too. Next, barrel chested Dave, camps out in his own backyard and chases after raccoons knee deep in snow to whack them with an oar. Cuts his own arm just to have Coty cauterize the wound. If that was a real cut and you never made a sound, I salute you.

Then, I am Hercules of Thebes, Matt. Walks around in sandals and loincloth just like Steve Reeves did. Yolie, bring me a goblet of wine ha ha! Sleeps with leaves on top of himself. Did the most amazing thing with four trees to make a shelter. Last but not least super muscular Joe. He alone does address one issue that I never would want to be without when out there, force protection.

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Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention green goblin friend or foe spiderman friend bad guys like green game for kids fun game game spiderman villians sidekicks venom ages defeat. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. This is a non-canicol meaning it does not follow any one or stay true to any one of the current spiderman historical narratives Spiderman Action Game that takes characters and plot points from both the Classic Marvel Universe and the Sam Rami movie franchise and combines them in this fun Marvel Vs.

Capcom and Street Fighter style like game. The story starts outs when Spiderman is suddenly ambushed by different villians from his rogue gallery of villians aka Sandman, Green Goblin, Dr. Octopuss, Venom, Scorpion, and so forth when originally rescued by the "New Goblin" from the Sam Rami movie Franchise Yes, we all know he died in the 3rd Spiderman along with some of the villians being killed off in the previous movies, but again this is non-canicol. From this point on Nick explains the situation of what, when, and why and how you spiderman are going to help in making all things better.

You then proceed to be transported to your objectives in locations around the world to retrieve the objectives along with saving and converting the captured foes who are under mind control to helping you accomplish your long term goals, you also come across other heroes along the way as well. The levels start out like Street Fighter, were you walk along and fight the mysterious villians lackeys either by yourself or a sidekick Once you gain allies it can be one of them face the big bosses until you defeat and rescue one of the mind control villians.

You then have the option of fighting them in a "Marvel Vs. Capcom" style versus mode which can be loads of funs. You will also have the option at the end of each level to "upgrade" not only your powers but that of your allies with the points you are rewarded by playing the levels. While some people have critizied the game for being "To Short" I personally feel that the game played long enough and does have great replay value. Both me and my son have spent countless hours playing it especially in the Vs mode and would highley recommend this game for kids and adults alike of all ages.

I have to say, I have greatly enjoyed this game. Despite the fact that its aimed for the kids, there's plenty here for anyone to enjoy. The number of characters for Spider-man to team up with is definitely a pro for this game. The characters range from well-known faces like Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, and Venom, to more obscure characters like Prowler, Silver Sable, and Iron Fist that a comic book fan like me appreciates seeing in the game. Each of these sidekicks has their own powers and play styles, and the fact that the game rewards you with a new sidekick every two or so levels keeps things interesting.

The levels themselves are fun and varied, which also keeps your interest. The cartoon-like graphics fits the lighthearted feel of the game, though some of the characters look odd up close. Another high point is definitely the audio in the game. Voice acting is great, and the in-game dialogue is genuinely funny sometimes. Plus the banter of the computer during mission briefings is usually good for a chuckle or two.

Gameplay is very simple. Enter a room, beat up all the bad guys, a door or bridge opens allowing you to enter the next area where you do the same thing. There are some side paths that lead to hidden collectables, but a lot of them are very obvious, though a few are devilishly tricky to find.

The game is a straight-forward beat-em-up, which is enjoyable if you're like me and just looking for a fun way to pass time without needing to think too much. In terms of cons, the length of the game tops that list. It's very short, easily beatable in about six hours.

However, if you're like me and have an innate need to find every collectable and fully upgrade every character, its fun to go back and replay certain levels or the entire game, as long as you keep switching up your sidekick. The other con to the game would be the enemy variation. Each level has four types of enemies: These enemies do become tougher as the game goes on gain projectiles and such and they have a different coat of paint for each of the five locations, so this becomes possible to overlook.

Overall, if you're a comic book fan and looking for a fun game that doesn't require a lot of braincells, the large number of characters and straight-forward combat makes this game for you. If you're looking for something more mature and with more depth, try Spider-Man: However, this game made a fine addition to stack of Marvel Comics related games. Product was as described. Worked really good on XP Pro. My kids Love this retro game. I like this game a lot - It's easy to learn and easy to play, so it makes for a great, fun-focused experience.

There isn't a lot to figure out in this gameplay, although I was stuck in a few places. So it's just enough to keep you guessing a little bit. The PC version of the game seems to lack the option to use the Black Spidey-suit after you've beat the game, and if there are cheats you can use on the PC version I haven't found them. The game ran fairly smoothly on my laptop XP, 3.

Not too badly that it interfered with my enjoyment, though. I love the variety of characters you can play, although many of them have similiar moves. Overall, this was exactly what I hoped it would be - something easy and entertaining for me to play.

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Choose a sidekick from a long list of Spider-Man's powerful allies and swap between the web-slinger and the chosen sidekicks at any time during gameplay. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, and we directly pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products. Sir Thomas Wyatt () "Caesar, when that the traitor of Egypt" "The long love that in my heart doth harbor" "Whoso list to hunt, I know where is an hind".