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Lonely missing Independence are you 50 75

Lonely missing Independence are you 50 75

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Lonely missing Independence are you 50 75

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At the time, she was confined to the pullout couch of her Whidbey Island, Wash. So she had plenty of time to explore the online community where, to her surprise, she discovered she was something of a celebrity.

Are those shoes really worth nearly a third of a day of your precious time on earth? The stock market has been very good to investors in recent years, especially to those who understand the magic of compound interest.

Unemployment is low, and opportunities to earn extra money in the sharing economy are plentiful. No one works for 40 years at the same company anymore and retires to a front porch with a gold watch and a pension to show for it.

The financial independence subreddit has more than , subscribers around the world. A directory on the blog Rockstar Finance counts roughly 1, personal finance blogs, many dedicated to early retirement. Grant Sabatier , 32, was living with his parents in and eking out a meager postcollege existence when he came across Your Money or Your Life. To say Robin is an unlikely financial guru is an understatement. She speaks not in the empathetic bursts of Suze Orman but in the melodic voice she uses to sing soprano in a local choir.

Her look these days is Golden Girls chic—and while she would seem like a blast to live with, she lives alone above two tenants, whose rent more than covers her housing expenses.

It was only when people began asking how she lived on so little money that Robin realized she had a story to tell. She and her friend Joe Dominguez, with whom she had lived in the intentional community, teamed up to give financial education workshops around the country. They spread their money values, including planet-friendly frugality, the old-fashioned way in those pre-Internet days.

Dominguez, who retired from a brief career on Wall Street at age 31, gave the lectures, and Robin produced them. The two used their experiences to cowrite the first version of Your Money or Your Life in the early s, a process she says took just nine months.

The book first hit shelves in , when she was The revised second edition of Your Money or Your Life is due out this spring. She had already begun working on the new draft — without Dominguez, who passed away in — when she discovered that the original still lived on Reddit; had she known that, she says, she might not even have embarked on the reboot.

Your Money or Your Life takes readers through a nine-step program intended to transform your relationship with money.

Wisely invest the difference and wait until the interest thrown off by your portfolio exceeds your expenses. She also suggests buying real estate, as she has done—in particular, you should consider small duplexes, triplexes, and quads, where you can occupy one unit yourself and have your mortgage covered by your tenants.

In order to retire at any age, a general rule of thumb holds that you need to save up at least 25 times your annual expenses.

All bets are off if your retirement lasts 60 years. Early retirees also have a longer runway to experience inflation. Prices for regular goods and services roughly double every 25 years, so a year-old early retiree will see general prices rise fourfold over his or her lifetime, Salter says. Medical costs rise at an even sharper rate.

In other words, you had better hope that stocks continue posting inflation-beating gains. Some are more drastic than others. On the extreme ends, there are the frugal FIRE adherents, who base a lot of their ideology on the writings of Pete Adeney, a. Money Mustache , a FIRE hero who in started blogging about his retirement at age 30 from his short career as a software engineer and the frugality and DIY spirit that contributed to his success.

Devotees gather in spots like Gainesville, Fla. Adeney himself attends the annual Seattle retreat. On the other end of the spending spectrum, you have fat FIRE , for people who want to spend a healthy amount in retirement, maybe because they want to keep living in an expensive city. Despite their different strains, FIRE walkers have more in common than not.

FIRE folks love meeting up in real life so they can geek out on stuff they might not feel comfortable sharing with friends or family. Of course, reaching financial independence is only part of the equation.

The community remains overwhelmingly male and is heavy on those who naturally organize their thoughts in spreadsheets, like tech types and engineers. Some look down from their huge pile of savings on the masses who, the perception goes, mindlessly go through the motions in their day jobs so they can mindlessly spend on weekends.

Some FIRE bros flame out months after pulling the plug on their jobs. But actually home brewing and farming can be lonely and backbreaking work, says Pattee, who knows people who have had to publicly walk back their much-celebrated retirements when the reality fell short of their fantasy.

So how do you fill all those decades when you no longer have to work for pay? Adeney says retiring very early makes it easier to live a longer life than people who retire in their early sixties.

In many ways, FIRE followers are forging into uncharted territory. She and her husband, who live in the North Lake Tahoe area of California, volunteer at the local humane society and plan to start teaching financial basics in their community.

For her part, Robin gives back by investing in local businesses. And she still thinks our society places too much stock in paid work. Still, she wishes the best for those who would follow in her footsteps.

Click here to learn what those are. By Elizabeth O'Brien April 17, Now she has a whole new fan base. Vicki Robin near her home on Whidbey Island, Washington.

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So I am very lonely too. I have three cats which give me some companionship but not having any friends to do things with is really hard. I have gone to church before but have neverfelt a part of anything there. It would be so nice if some of these letters that we read here where we could find out who they are and how far away they live from us so that we might be able to make friends with each other so that we would not feel so alone and lonely.

I tried internet dating several times and it is not for me A year ago I met a chronic liar who had a substance abuse record. Some are paid, at least one is free and there are a few facebook pages, although they may not be active enough.

If you explain yourself, as you did in your post, you have a chance to get some good responses. Hi Zachie- At present I am having trust issues with men in general. I do love dancing though and I am trying to grt the courage to go to older dance clubs alone, and line dancing. I know exactly how you feel. It really does hurt. I am in the same situation. I desperately miss having a best girlfriend… -Shelia. I have learned that there is a grieving process after a separation, divorce, leaving a long term friendship, partnership and a persons demise.

Some move easily forward and some do not. The people who wish to be alone til their demise with no companionship whatsoever, etc. They find peace their own way. I do not want that way for myself. I am not sure who is getting this message but after being only not lonely for 6 years my feelings have changed. I have lots of female friends I luv their company but I now feel I would like some male Chatter.

So I went online and met a very nice man so quickly that I just could not believe it. We spoke for three months online and never met because he lives out of the country and worked out of the country. He was very very pleasant and I had really started to fall in love with him. To make a long story short I found out just this last week that I was being scammed they call it romance scammed. It has broken my heart but I do not talk to him anymore because he really is not who he said he is.

Be careful if you go online there are so many scammers out there today and they will take advantage of you and not blink an eye doing it. I lost my husband of 33 years suddenly. I have 2 grown daughters that try and include me in things , I am grateful for that.

Even people I worked with for over a decade just disappeared. Sometimes I really believe people are afraid to talk to widows.

I am or was very active loneliness is worse than death. I have not moved forward easily. I am also very lonely. I have a busy job, which more than anything I want to get out of, in an unfriendly city where nothing really good has ever happened for me. I have a few friends here, more abroad. My family is all overseas. I did a bit of dating but it gave me panic attacks — ridiculous, I know. I am afraid that I will be alone forever, stuck. I do a lot of stuff by myself — going out, trying new things, meeting people, travelling — but I never feel really relaxed anymore.

I am also afraid to quit my job and strike out alone — being old and poor — and alone! But being here is a living purgatory. I would also like to meet up, but you all seem to live a long way from where I am. This is the worst part of my life and an off button would be helpful. I lost my husband to cancer. I had health insurance. He did not… his business fell into trouble when the collapse stopped all lending to contractors.. My biz was doing great and he did not want me to worry about his biz struggles.

I paid cash for his medical.. My loves are fishing, hiking, hunting, camping. Try finding a woman to do those things. And men… no go… I do not want to date anyone and male friends for outdoor companions do not exist. I am college-educated and have built 3 businesses.

There is no senior center here… there is no grocery store within 25 miles. Soo I struggle to pay bill. I go fishing alone. I go months during winter alone.. I had a busy, full life with too many people, plenty of money, 40 years of marriage , travel, faculty friends..

I am truly not depressed but i really have little desire to keep on going. This, quite frankly, sucks! I am 73 and still work in my business. Someone i can share my inter most thoughts with. Someone to go on trips with.

Go out to eat. Just someone who enjoys my company. I live in Alabama. I have a sister and a brother left and neither are anywhere near me. I just went to the store today and fell in their bakery area……surprised me, really did. I think I turned too quickly and bumped into a post. I think a lot about no one checking on me, I could probably lie on the floor for several days before a neighbor might decide to check……. The only thing I really do outside the house is go to church and bible study class.

Speaking for myself, I have some health issues that prevent me from traveling or otherwise getting out on a regular basis so that I can meet other people. If you have the health to enjoy these years you are truly blessed. You can only rely on the internet so much for friendships. I never ever thought I would be 61 years old and be alone.

The more I am alone, the more I desire to be alone. I am 87 years old this month and have never felt alone. Always learning something new. Began learning the saxophone six months ago and having a ball. Played clarinet and oboe as a child. Going from classical to jazz.

I have many blessings and am grateful for each day. Do have to deal with scoliosis and macular degeneration which is annoying but in the context of things, I am a lucky lady. Have had a very full life. Iam 56 yr old woman single one son 25 lives on his own and Iam very lonely would love to find friends both male and female and Iam not sure if there even is a place to do that?!

Soes anyone know of a place to make friends after 55??? In the Miami area, this. It is why it exists. So, you are in the same boat as so many others. Go to your nearest local community center and get their monthly list of activities and then just pass by when an activity you like is on.

If you like the crowd, then sign up to be a member. If computer savvy and have the money go to the most popular singles sites that have your info secured emphasis added.

I am 69 and alone as well. I found a small church that I am happy with. Everyone is very friendly. I also have a Shih Tzu. I believe having a pet and church family helps. Senior Centers are good also. I still miss having a steady person to go to dinner with and just be around the house. My husband died from cancer 11 years ago. It would be nice to share with another the wonders of life at our age. I still work part-time and met a lot of older and younger people.

They never look down on us seniors working for reasons. I enjoy senior activities , being with the grand-kids, art work, and more of a country person. I am looking for companionship with someone that I may have something in common with.

I enjoy going to murder-mysteries on stage production and so on….. This site is for the general public in the features section and is not secured. Best not to type in any personal information. Steve, The point pf what ppl are saying here i believe is We are looking to make connections.

When we age some looe family or never had any.. Hello Sharyn How are you doing today? I can recommend it if your city has a chapter as most mid to large sized cities do. Do not reply to this person. You can tell by their poor use of English grammar that this is probably a Nigerian scammer. I have tried Meet Up a few times but since people come with other friends, it is hard to connect with that one person. I live in Northern Ca.

I lived in N. I was in Berkeley just once when someone dragged me to a protest about something. What is your story? There should be etiquette regarding talking too much about your relatives, especially oohing and aahing to others about their kids and grandkids. I am 64 years old and live in Florida. I am a retired nurse. I am currently in a loveless relationship and have been for 10 years. I have two good friends who come to visit me every year from up north. I miss having a connection with a friend.

My partner does not have any friends and never wants to leave the house. I would love to have a companion for walking, going to lunch, exploring places laughing,, etc. Even living with someone can be more lonely than living alone. Janice, I imagine it could be lonelier to live with someone like that.

Do you have close family nearby? I am fortunate that I have two married daughters that live in Florida. I am very close with my grandchildren also. I had a very rough time with my youngest daughter a couple of years ago. At that time, I began to focus on me. I joined a gym, got involved with my other daughter and grandkids, and realized I needed to focus me. Fortunately, My youngest daughter and I have reconciled.

She has grown up a lot and I am now enjoying a relationship with her, my son-in-law, and 18 mo grandson. I guess I have just met the wrong type of people…no connection. As long as I can be healthy and comfortable enough, I think I can make it. Hi i want to move to fla but have no family or friends there iam 76 but very healthy love to walk were are you in fla iam coming for vacation soon.

I wish you lived near me, I am in the same situation and would love to make some new friends, I just never know where to go to meet them.. All the best, Patty. I definitely agree with you. I have found that people are settled in their own cliques and very difficult to break the ice. I really appreciate your response. It is kind of nice to know there is someone out there that feels as I do.

He actually attempts to talk to me and sticks to me like glue, in bed he burrows beneath the blanket and conforms his body to mine so I have a natural hot water bottle. So I would recommend getting a dog if a person is allowed to where they live and can afford one. Doggies also love being walked so it gets you out to parks and areas set aside for dogs where people with their dogs seem to more easily strike up conversations that, of course, revolve around their dogs.

Pets can be very important. I have an online friend who has no family to speak of and no local friends. Her rabbit gives her company and happiness.

Walking pets out in public is one of the best ways to make friends. I am living proof because when I was 18 and in a new area, I had a family of 4 kids and 4 dogs befiend me — I hardly had to say a word and it got me a babysitting job for the 4 kids,. Originally, from New England.

Have lived here 10 years. I too would love to move to FL but I too have no family or friends there. Do you have an area in mind? I moved here last July and would love to find someone to do things with… flea markets, trips, bingo, whatever. Hello Janice my name is Joan I also live in Florida, lake county..

I am 70 a ypung 70 my children and grandchildren live in Florida but you know how it is everyone is busy.. Hi Janice — We are the same age. I am a still-working professional and live in S. What part of Florida are you in? My family is not nearby and I am a widow. I am thankful for my pets. I think the long weekends and holidays are the most difficult.

I enjoy my home but would like to have more social things to look forward to with a good local friend similarly situated to break the monotony. Plays, concerts, museums, etc. I would like to live in FL. Hi Jesse Hi I feel the same way. Very painful to be alone for me as well. Please drop me a line and maybe we can talk. I would never want anyone else just him. Bottom line is we will either be with our loved ones in an afterlife, either in heaven or here on earth by Godly intervention or we will live long enough to see people actually brought back to live via tech, but of course that will take hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of years.

Yes I know how you feel I lost the love of my life 3 years ago.. It seems good friends are hard to make everyone has their own group..

Now at 65, retired, widowed … One daughter, family and child out of state. The other lives away. For 36 years I loved being a wife, mother, and career. Now I live alone in small town. How do I find a NEW self worth? Hi, I just turned 61 and I am retired. I suffer with depression and anxiety which confines me to be honest.

I have no children and family is not an option for me to have much of a social network. I just moved back to my home state and I feel terribly alone, it is just me and my cat here. I find myself overridden with anxiety about my will, beneficiarys, and especially an emergency contact. Recently I fear driving which I never had problems with. Just to have someone check on me is a Godsend, and I am blessed to have an acquaintance that worries about me, and contacts me once in a while to touch bases.

Church attendance is iffy at the most, and even that makes me anxious. I know if I was more social some of these problems would be fixed but with depression and anxiety issues it is easier said than done. Thank you for letting me vent a little. Hi Karen, I have anxiety and depression too.

I do not know if I would have this if my mom or husband were not here. I had a relationship early on that was somewhat abusive and just never got over it. Time has flown by and I got sad when I realized I will most likely always be this way and got really anxious as well.

But luckily I had super supportive co-workers who were right there listening, and reassuring me when I was about to retire and we stay in contact and go out to eat and movies, baseball games, casinos, whatever.

They are my second family. We all need each other. I have a younger friend who is 40 who calls me about 6 times a week and we could talk for hours.

I know God loves me and watches over me, so I count my blessings. My feet hurt which is my main concern because I gained 60 pounds! Otherwise I would be way more active.

I do need a dog to walk! My world revolved around him and the things we did together. I have children that are loving but very far away. I have been mostly a homemaker with part time jobs. I try and practice breathing every day.. Hello Karen How are you doing today?

Hi Karen, My name is Jon and I am from Massachusetts and would love to have a cup of coffee with you some morning. I am going crazy. I need to talk to another and relax a little.

If your in my local I would to see you. Keep each other company. Jon, ps thanks for listening. John shay and all, anyone with a problem as severe as being on oxygen or getting dementure should consider a clinical trial.

I too suffer from anxiety, depression. PTSD, and bipolar disorder. If you ever need to talk. I will check back on here. Your comment really touched my. I am an early retired 58 years old single female, and currently find myself estranged by my only adult son. I always thought of myself enjoying my retirement with grandchildren. That has not been the case.

My siblings have never been exemplary and were always quick to criticize and gloat. Now, that I do not have my son around I feel lonely and isolated from the world. I do not like self-pity but unfortunately I do feel this way.

I feel the same as you do. I am so lonely. I understand bout the kids. Sometimes, they are so busy that they honestly do not understand. My only son, who is married and wonderful, thinks I am his age. I am 7l, work full time, take care of many cats, my own and ferals, and on top of it, my job is stressful and I have a chronic very painful disease.

He wants to understand but unless people have gone through things, they really cannot comprehend. If I was not sick and did not have to work, I would never be lonely as I am not looking for a man but would just join walking clubs, reading clubs, and the list goes on. You just have to volunteer or join groups or maybe even work part time. I wish you the bes. Hi John, I lost my husband 3yrs ago. Than my health went down hill. I have spinal stenosis and ended up in a wheel chair only till I can get strong again.

I was the most out going person. Love being around people. But i originally was born and raised in calif. My husband and I. Friends all live in Calif. And stay in touch. My 3 daughters moved here 1 at a time. They come around the most. What caught my eye was your name Bruno. That was my favorite uncle Bruno. If you need to talk or text. Its in your court? If not thats fine too. Hi John, I, too, find myself lonely, but I am always up for going and doing things.

I live in CT and would possibly chat with you. I would like a friend that I could do things with..?? Hello Barbara How are you doing today? Your life seems about the same as mine, except I lost my husband to another woman, 6 years ago.

I wish I could get a life also. I really would like to find someone to just go places with, I am so tired of going everywhere alone. I just stay home and sit in front of tv! I am in Augusta Ga sure would like to meet friends. Hello Barbara, You sound just like me. I have such anxiety and fear.. I miss the west so much. I hope you can find some comfort as I search too.. HI, Barbra Though I am 10 years older than you, I could have written than same scenario minus the husband- never had one- thank God for dogs.

I live in Bend, Oregon, where do you live? Would be too fortunate if you lived in Bend! We could take our dogs walking the many trails around here, something I try to push myself outside to do and am getting a bit better at it. You can message me when you are feeling down or lonely! You have friend in me. I need to get a life also. I have no friends, my adult children say they are too busy for anything to do with me. So their choice we are estranged to say the least. I have 1 sister that lives in another state that keeps pouring oil on an already toxic relationship.

No where to turn. I feel the same way you do. I am 62, widowed and all kids gone and married. I feel so alone and isolated. Did the divorce cause ripple effect of cooling off the mother child relationship? Give it time to heal.

Were there problems in the home that caused them to become very independent and they are afloat but distant? That will heal with time, too. Best I can say. I still have two household members and an extended family miles away who I was never close with. The side of the family locally has never been very good, and without the older generation to hold us together, they have estranged mom and me. My husband has a similar situation with his family and he has no contact with any of them.

I did the same with my father, but he had abandoned me years before that. I had tried to reconnect with him, which was a mistake. I could easily end up alone as also I have no siblings. What is wrong with the families in the USA?????? I wonder if the same is happening elsewhere. It seems almost perfect in Asia in terms of families helping each other. Sherry in PA, soon moving South.

I find every family has a story to tell and families are so broken today. So sad, your not alone. Yep, but the kids want everything you worked really hard for the very second you die. These, children have a sense of entitlement. The kids treat the parents like garbage but come around for the inheritance like vultures on a dead animal. People put down immortalists but very rarely are any suicidal. I spend most of my time alone because my I desire to be somewhere convenient and adapted to my disability.

You have to reach out to people. I think the best thing that happened to me was I found a power greater than myself many years ago. But not many people want to be with a sixty-year-old butchered in a wheelchair. But let this experience be a teacher for you in the future — NOT to rely so strongly and exclusively on someone else for your happiness!!!

He wants a divorce? Put on your beautiful smiling face, your nice sexy clothes and nice makeup and go out and enjoy yourself!!! Of course, you want to join many good groups according to age range, location, etc. As to many of the comments here who said to be afraid not to have someone to check up on them in case of accident, illness or death….

I have the very same fears as I have no family and from all the friends I always had…. In addition to writing my will and my trust the latter to avoid probation , she also will be my executor, health care proxy, and living will. But I forgot to add an important item:. I made myself a purse size of my living will with the direct contact of my estates and trust attorney which I carry in all my purses and bags, suitcases, all over my apartment, etc. The problem is if this happens in my apartment…..

OR, maybe paying a neighbor a token fee to be checked up say, every other day or something? I too am retired…. I lived here over 50 years, originally from germany, but always had different opinions and ideas than people I knew. I had to quit my job in may to take care of my husband, but then he passed away in September.

Now I am told that I need to socialize but never was good at it to begin with. I would like to meet someone for coffee ever now and then. I live in NW Arkansas. This is a wonderful thread and I hope we can all somehow use it more easily. I will like to know about you.. I would love to meet a friend like you. I find its so hard to meet some one new you can do things with. I live in ca. Hope you make more friends, both online and offline.

You sound so much the way I feel. Hallo Immy, sorry that your husmand passed away. What you write sounds familia to me. I am 65 and life alone. Hello Hiltrud, I just read your thread and thought you interesting.

Where do you live? Wonder if you like to e-mail back and forth. I hope you find someone to have coffee with, Immy, I wish we were closer! Up to this I thought I was doing pretty good health wise, but apparently not. Anyway, hope you find someone nearby for coffee. I have found that sometimes you just have to be your own best friend. I am retired military and a friend of mine married a lady from Germany. She is a beautiful soul and he is a happy man at least the last time I saw him he was.

This is all the way from Georgia. Just wait until tomorrow everything will be OK. I am a 60 year old lady working full time. I would like to meet a Christian man with whom we can have a wonderful friendship. If it is supposed to be maybe love. I live in L. I love moderate hiking in the beautiful outdoors.

My first commitment is To Christ, and giving back to others. I have very few relatives which makes the holidays lonely. If nothing else chatting friends. I will be putting up local physical notices, trying to find people on Craigslist and networking…anything safe and socially acceptable, right? It may take time, even many years but if nothing is done, nothing will happen. To chat about house-sharing or anything to do with technology, another favorite topic of mine, please email: I live in Virginia Beach near Town Center.

My husband and I moved here from NJ. Have you heard of meet up groups? I am a member of one for female baby boomers. Great group of women from all backgrounds. I have made some friends through this website. Hi Sherry, great networking idea. Looking to move and share house, but dont want to go thru craigs list, little bit scary. I am living alone now, and have been for a few years, and I hate it. Kids grown and are very busy with their own lives.

Any suggestions on how to find a roommate and a safe place. Living with friends is a safe way to get good housemates but you need to know the people are really good enough and compatible. I think this simply takes time. I hope to become a social butterfly after I move.

We may never get world peace either but there have been scads of organizations working on it. Choose the poker network depending on your level of skill and experience. There are numerous internet poker books available for sale plus your local bookstore. In the case of two poker hands, poker rules specify that this winner is determined by the greatest card that makes the two sets of four cards. HI, I am 66 years old, so far in good health raised 2 daughters by myself.

My husband passed away when he was 40 years old. I never re-married nor lived with a man. As a Social Worker I dealt with a lot of physical and sexual abusive males.

My girls are 33 and 36 years old, they have their own lives and I find myself alone every day. I do volunteer a lot, but I go home to an empty home. I look younger then my age, but as soon as they find out I am 66 years old they disappear. Loneliness is hard sometimes more then others. I believe in God and I pray a lot, but I guess some are not fortunate to find a companion.

I will keep the faith that I will find someone until the time comes to meet my maker. I want to thank every one that wrote on this website because I realized I am not alone feeling lonely. I am a 66year old man and live alone i have a son 36 but have not seen him for 10 years. I am 78 years old and would love a friend to talk to. I have 4 children , all grown and busy with their own lives. My mother is 76 years old and We lost Dad about 2 years ago.

My Mom is the Sweetest person, but lately seems she has been stating how lonely she is. She is in Thornton Colorado. If you have any suggestions I would appreciate hearing them.

I am a 63 year old divorcee, When I first got divorced and moved from our home to another town, I went online to sites called Meetups, to meet people that liked to do the things I liked to do, listening to cover bands, and dancing, or going to the movies. I ended up meeting a nice group of men and women who lived near me. We have been friend for 6 years now. We do many more than just dinner and dancing. We have traveled together as well. Good luck with your mom. My husband works constantly and it gets so lonely for me at times.

To make it worse, my little dog passed away a month ago. She was 14 years old. I sometimes feel like life is just passing me by. Anyway, I would enjoy a friend to talk to as well. Ilive in Va where do you live? I feel the same as you do , please e-mail me at bttypsctll aol. I just turned 75 and live in southern ,ca. Hi Judy, I just found this page this evening as I researched wondering if I am losing whats left of my little mind.

My daughter and 3 grandaughters came to stay with me a couple of months ago due to marital issues. I had just moved from my house into a 2 bedroom mobil, and was not quite settled as it took a lot for me, to make this move.

But it has been hard for me to adjust yet again to moving, and trying to feel settled, and now totally alone again except for my issabella my dog…. Im in same boat retired female auto dealer what city do you live im in orlando but im selling my home i wanna move to tn or nc. I m kind of in the same boat. I m a 62 yr old female living alone and haven t spoken to my daughter in years. I like playing cards with some female friends but don t go out much other than church on Sunday.

It is what it is! I didn t choose to be alone but here I am! Granted, it would be much better to share everyday life with somebody, but what are we to do? My husband has been in a nursing home for a year. My whole life changed. I had friends that use to get together with me and craft. I had to stop doing that but I thought they would still be my friends. At first I was still cheerful and hopeful that I would make new friends and have things to do.

But now it seems like an awful cycle. The more alone I am, the more depressed I get and less confident I am getting. I wish my phone would ring or I had future plans. The friends I thought I had, the ones that knew my husband never even call to see how he is doing. It breaks my heart. I am very active and love to do just about anything, but it is a little hard when you dont have a partner. I really dont go anywhere to meet people and am brand new to this site.

Just kinda stumbled onto it by accident, or maybe not. I live alone except for my two little dogs, who are great company. I was married way longer then I should of been, and finally realized as much as I prayed the nasty, selfish, dishonest, unloving to everyone except himself was never going to change. And the list goes on So I had to. I loved being married, I love the family life. And envied couples that had a loving caring relationship.

Age is just a number to me, kindness is what is important. I am glad I found this site. Smile and be happy. If anyone would like to chat, my e mail is neeewh gmail. Would love to hear from you. Hi Judy, I am 69 yrs old and live in ca,I am retired. I was the type that never had time to sit and have coffee with friends.

I am in good health but so lonely and bored. Some days i think I will go out of my mind. My dog and I go to the river every morning where at least I can say Hi to people but of course they have their on lives. I would love to find someone to do things with. Hi Malcom, I know how you feel. I too have a very adult son, and have spoken once since I have a dog that makes sure he is walked, if not he will follow me around the house making me feel guilty until he gets his walk.

I am searching the Internet for active adult clubs. You can send me an email if you like. I would love a female friend to talk to and go out to dinner and movies with. I love animals and am fairly conservtive. You sound like me. I am thesame age and live alone, which is something I never thought would happen. My children both live in the next town, but they both have children and full time jobs I love the animals too, they are the best company, do you have pets now?

I live in a co op building, no dogs allowed, it would be nice to have one. Id like to hear from you.. I live in Tyler, Texas.

I am retired and live alone. I would love to have someone with whom to go to dinner, a movie, or just to talk. If you live close to me, get in touch. Hi My name is Char. I never thought I would as I was always surrounded by family. Be fun to chat with some new friends. Too bad we live so far away, but I will be thinking of her. I know the loneliness! My heart goes out to her and I hope a ice lady reaches out to her! You can email me and we can chat.

My email is ritahanson30 gmail. Looks like alot of us are all in same boat. I have 2 grown children that quit coming to see or call me when i stopped giving them financial help. Im 66 live alone in orlando but tired of heat. I wanna move to nc or tn and see snow would love to have a roommate female thats active. Do any of the women live near Tyler, Texas? I am 69 yrs old and my husband of 48 yrs passed away 2 yrs ago.

We had a great marriage for 48 yrs and now, I am extremely lonely. I do have friends but most are married. I also live alone and have children 33 and I tried the dating site and it was awful. I feel your pain. Husband left for another 8 years ago and at first I worked, worked, worked to keep busy and deal with it. After a year, I was so glad he left.

He was dishonest and had taken most of our money to give her. I have always enjoyed people. I retired early as he said we were moving to another state and that was a lie and now I cannot work in the public school system. I have substituted for five years and a couple of weeks ago I will not do it anymore.

It is a thankless job but all I can get. There are no jobs in this farm town and the people gear to their families and friends they have known for their lifetime. I moved here two years ago to be near my daughter and several months ago she has decided not see me. This has put me in a crisis mode but there is nothing I can do. I find I am facing such isolation and with moving to an economically deprived area there is not much to do. I have not gone out to dinner, had a cup of coffee or a conversation with a body in years.

I exercise an hour each day for 30 years, am 71 outgoing, interested in so much. I have come to terms that I must begin putting me first and not to sure what to do with this realization. Also, I have begun to know how much isolation I am involved in and how it is impacting me.

I go to the library just to use the computer as I have no internet money and to be with people. I have done tremendous amount of volunteer work for the last ten years. Need a job as I do not have funds but hiring my age is unheard of. Have tried for 3 years here. We all have such harsh situations but I recently decided I want to enjoy the rest of my life.

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We know lonely aging parents are in a vulnerable position. If they've hit a milestone birthday, lost a spouse or other important person, or can't drive any longer, they She's independent and gets out a lot, but she still needs to hear his voice. . 50%, 75%, %, %, %, %, %, %, %. Even perceived social isolation — the feeling that you are lonely — is a These increases were independent of race, ethnicity, gender, and. “If you allow people to suffer from loneliness it has the equivalent impact On Monday Independent Age will call on the government to tackle loneliness by John, a year old sufferer of loneliness who lost his wife in