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Local horney women in Falihi

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Local horney women in Falihi

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The study included local black goats to study role of sex chromatin on the daily milk production DMP , total milk production TMP , lactation period LP , Fertility rate, Prolificacy, birth weight BW , fertilize estrous sequences and correlation coefficients between the studied traits and repeatability of DMP.

Sex chromatin shapes had significant effect on all of the characterize studied. Abstract As part of working on the normal histology of the placenta of goat, the present work was aimed to presents normal modification and fate of maternal stromal cells of the pregnant endometrium which were in a form of fibroblast like cells.

Fifteen pregnant goat's uteri were collected representing early pregnancy day 20 , mid pregnancy days 66 and 85 , and late pregnancy days and Few days after implantation at day 20 there was no pronounced modification in the maternal endometrial stromal cells.

The actual changes happened after the penetration of the fetal chorionic villi deep into endometrium which was represented by caruncles. The climax of modification was seen in the present work at day 66 of pregnancy. The maternal stromal cells cytoplasm increased in size, their nuclei have euochromatin suggesting synthetic ability for them. Most of the cells were disposed between the maternal blood vessels and the synepitheliochorial layer.

After the elapse of second half of pregnancy the maternal stromal cells vanished from the scene of the placentome, allowing too much needed reduction in the space for rapid feto-maternal exchange of material across the blood circulation of the two sides. Abstract This study is undertaken during the period from to to evaluate the effect of diet supplementation with goat milk on some productive live body weight , weight gain , feed consumption and feed conversion ratio. Physiological Haemoglobin concentration and packed cell volume , biochemical Total protein , Albumin and globulin and immunological white blood cells and percent of lymphocyte cells traits of rabbits.

A total of 32 female rabbits between months with age an average initial weight The study has continued for 5 weeks. In conclusion rabbit diet supplementation with goat milk seem to improve the productive homological , and immunological traits.

Abstract The studay was designed to investigated the efeect of Vitamin E and Zn are two of the important feed elements that affect on semen quality and reduce the free radical or poor sperm quality. Nine shami male goats of similar age 2.

The result showing that vitamin E and zinc doses to improved seminal plasma in shami male goat. Abstract A total of sheep and 87 goats were carefully searched for ixodid ticks from January to December at different regions of the middle and south of Iraq. The detached ticks count ticks from sheep with intensity of 8. Tick species recovered from sheep and their incidence rates were: The results were discussed with the pertinent literature. Abstract This study is planned to evaluate the efficacy of two biological matrices represented by autologous platelet rich fibrin matrix, as well as a cross linked decellularized caprine pericardial extracellular matrix on enhancing healing of the experimentally severed superficial digital flexor tendon in a goat model.

It was carried out on 48 adult apparently healthy bucks, which were divided randomly into three equal groups. Under the effect of sedative and local ring block anesthesia, superficial digital flexor tendon was severed at the mid metacarpal region of the right forelimb.

In the first control group, tenorrhaphy was performed and left without additives. While in the second group the tenorrhaphy site was wrapped with a previously prepared autologous platelet rich fibrin strips, as well as in the third group the tenorrhaphy site was wrapped with a cross linked decellularized pericardial extracellular matrix strip which was prepared from the whole fresh caprine pericardium obtained from the slaughter house.

Both matrices were fixed in their position at the tenorrhaphy site by few interrupted stitches. On day 45 the pericardial extracellular matrix group showed a significant increase in tensile strength as compared to platelet rich fibrin matrix and control groups, but at day 75 there were no differences among groups, at day the pericardial extracellular matrix group showed a significant increase in the tensile strength as compared to platelet rich fibrin matrix and control groups.

Keywords Tendons Buck goat Biological Biomechanical. Abstract The study was conducted to investigate and characteriz the time of uterine involution in local goats in Iraq by measuring the uterine diameter, uterine lumen mm and monitoring early post-partum ovarian activity as proved by Ultrasonography and progesterone assessment in local goats.

Trans abdominal ultrasound approach was performed from day 3 to 5 after kidding and continued by trans rectal approach to follow up the uterine involution until day Progesterone levels were measured starting from day of parturition, then a weekly measure until day 34 of post-partum period. Progesterone was assayed by Radio immune assay RIA.

The obtained results showed that complete of uterine involution started at day 26 6. Average uterine lumen mm from days , 8- 14, 21, 28, 29 and were 9. Average uterine diameter mm was Regarding progesterone profile, results indicated that the mean value of the hormone was 0.

It could be concluded that Ultrasonography image proved to be a valuable and safe tool in monitoring uterine involution and measuring of progesterone is a precise biological marker for the detection of resumption of ovarian cyclist during post-partum period. In Duhok province, no data for the presence of Chla-mydophila abortus infection has been reported.

This is a preliminary study on a sero-prevalence of C. From each individual animal, 5 ml of blood was collected from jugular vein and put them in a EDTA tubes for harvesting serum. Out of 92 dairy goats examined, The highest percentage was reported to be in Summel district, then followed by Zakho district. The lowest rate was reported to be in Amedy district. The high percentage of sero-positive goats found in this study reflect that this pathogen is highly available in this areas and need further researches to identify the pathogen on a wide country level on many animal species with excellent quality control programs to eradicate this pathogen.

Abstract The purpose of the study was to unveil the comparative of macroscopic and microscopic features of the tongue and lingual papillae in adult rams and billy-goat 1. Ten tongue specimens of each rams and billy-goat were used to study the anatomical and histological features. Results were demonstrated that the mean total length of the tongue in rams was longer than that in billy-goat.

The tongue of rams has gray or blackish color with nearly round apex and not has median groove, while the tongue of billy-goat was pink in color with a sharp rounded anterior edge and the apex of tongue was flattened like spatula shaped and has median groove, black spot was found on the dorsal surface in tongue of billy-goat only.

In both species the body of tongue presented a well developed torus linguae and fossa linguae, the root was shorter part of the tongue lies caudally to the body of the tongue and slopes ventrally and caudally toward the base of the epiglottis, and the root was has conical papillae on each side of its. There were five types of papillae in tongue of both rams and billy-goat; the filiform, fungiform, conical, lenticular and vallate papillae.

The filiform papillae were soft horny threadlike papillae found on dorsal, lateral and ventral surfaces of tongue, and were lined by keratinization stratified squamous epithelium. Mean number and diameter of the fungiform papillae in rams were more than that in billy-goat, it was round, convex, mushroom-like, distributed on the dorsal and ventral surfaces of the apex and body of tongue and have numerous taste bud and lined by keratinized epithelium.

The conical papillae have a round base and a blunt tip, they were found rostral to the torus linguae in each species and this papilla was lined by keratinized epithelium.

The lenticular papillae were convex lens in shape found in the middle part of torus linguae, and were covered by keratin layer. Mean number of vallate papillae in rams were more than that in billy-goat, it was round to oval in shape found on the lateral side to torus linguae arranged in two rows has V shape and were covered by a cornified layer. Foliate papillae were absent in both species. The Von Ebner's glands of rams were serous, while in billy-goat were mucous, Weber's glands were sero-mucous in both species, which located under the vallate papillae.

The morphology of tongue, the number, distribution and morphological characteristics of lingual papillae of ram and billy-goat were related to the species of animal, kind of diet and feeding habits. Arabic and English The site is not able to function properly without the browser having JavaScript enabled. Keywords Goat placentome maternal stromal cells. Keywords Local goat Post-partum period Uterine involution Ultrasonography Progesterone.

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Prefer to travel, but I could host in St. Paul Women looking nsa New Preston. Dueck , Nicholas C. Are more trials of calcium supplements really needed?

A response to Bolland et al. Mind the treatment gap: Kanis and Cyrus Cooper Type: Gestational vitamin D and childhood bone health - Nicholas C. Harvey , Rebecca Moon , Hazel M. Inskip , Keith M. Godfrey and Cyrus Cooper Type: Harvey , Rebecca J. Moon , Hazel M.

Association between NICE guidance on biological therapies with rates of hip and knee replacement among rheumatoid arthritis patients in England and Wales: Global funding trends for malaria research in sub-Saharan Africa: Fitchett , Rifat Atun , J. Conference or Workshop Item Janssen , Nicholas C. Docosahexaenoic acid enrichment in NAFLD is associated with improvements in hepatic metabolism and hepatic insulin sensitivity: Is cellular heterogeneity merely a confounder to be removed from epigenome-wide association studies?

Modifiable risk factors of maternal postpartum weight retention: Hollis , Sarah R. Crozier , Hazel M. Inskip , Cyrus Cooper , Keith M. Godfrey , Nicholas C. Harvey , Clare E. Collins and Sian M. The origins of allergic disease - John W. Holloway and Susan L. Book Section Elsevier Item not available on this server. The language of diabetes: A crisis in diabetes research funding - Richard Holt Type: Development of an acceptable and feasible self-management group for children, young people, and families living with Type 1 diabetes - Richard Holt Type: Implementation of grip strength measurement routinely among older inpatients on admission to hospital: Are older patients at high risk of adverse health outcomes identified in hospital?

Meeting abstract Item not available on this server. Can routine clinical data identify older patients at risk of poor healthcare outcomes on admission to hospital? Larmarange , Balestre E. Okesola , Makowa T. Boyer , De Oliveira T. Bone density and body composition in newly licenced professional jockeys - K. Horrocks , Rahul S. Tare , Caroline A. Rowland , Dominic Jenner , Tracey A. Newman , Richard O. Oreffo , Steven F. Lee and Nicholas D. Letter to the Editor.

Response and progression on midostaurin in advanced systemic mastocytosis: Plasma levels of the n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid eicosapentaenoic acid are associated with anti-TNF responsiveness in rheumatoid arthritis, and inhibit the etanercept driven rise in Th17 cell differentiation in vitro - L. The inferomedial femoral neck is compromised by age but not disease: Fracture toughness and the multifactorial mechanisms comprising reference point microindentation - T.

Thurner and Nigel Arden Type: DNA methylation of intragenic CpG islands depends on their transcriptional activity during differentiation and disease - Danuta M. Jeziorska , Robert J. Smith , Jonathan N. Lund , Jim R. Hughes , Douglas R. Higgs and Cristina Tufarelli Type: Assessment and management of paediatric hydrocoele and hernia - a guide for the non specialist - Matthew Jobson and Nigel Hall Type: Current practice regarding timing of patent processus vaginalis ligation for idiopathic hydrocele in young boys: Whole organ vascular casting and microCT examination of the human placental vascular tree reveals novel alterations associated with pregnancy disease - Toluwalope Junaid , Robert Bradley , Rohan Lewis , John Aplin and Edward Johnstone Type: Atopic dermatitis and early childhood caries: Un Lam , H.

Wah Lee , P. Letter Item not available on this server. Membrane models for antibiotic delivery with polymersome nanoparticles - Prameen C.

Kalikavunkal , Edoardo Scarpa , Tracey A. Newman and Maurits R. Identification and management of patients at increased risk of osteoporotic fracture: Hadji , Nicholas Harvey , M. Kurth , Eugene McCloskey , S. Leslie and Eugene V. Overview of fracture prediction tools - John A. McCloskey and William D. Identification of new loci associated with heel bone mineral density and functional involvement of GPC6 in osteoporosis - John P.

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Does the evidence really suggest that we should completely revascularise bystander disease in patients with ST elevation myocardial infarction undergoing primary angioplasty? Why we still need more definitive trial data to change routine practice - Michael Mahmoudi and Nicholas Curzen Type: Change in angiogram-derived management strategy of patients with chest pain when some FFR data are available: Bioimpedance spectroscopy measurements of phase angle and height for age are predictive of outcome in children following surgery for congenital heart disease - L.

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Joshi , Yap-Seng Chong , K. Complex refractive index spectra of whole blood and aqueous solutions of anticoagulants, analgesics and buffers in the mid-infrared - David Rowe , James Wilkinson and David Smith Type: Mitochondrial respiratory chain deficiency in older men and its relationship with muscle mass and performance - Karolina A. Rygiel , Richard Dodds , Harnish P. Patel , Holly E. Syddall , Leo D. Rocha , Doug M. Turnbull and Avan Aihie Sayer Type: Bone structural characteristics and response to bisphosphonate treatment in children with Hajdu-Cheney syndrome - Sophia Sakka , Rachel I.

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Ritchie , Gail J. DNA methylation of amino acid transporter genes in the human placenta - C. Systematic review on n-3 and n-6 PUFA intake in European countries in light of the current recommendations — focus on specific population groups - I. Why do endocrine profiles in elite athletes differ between sports?

Preservation and stability of cell therapy products: Stacey , Che J. Connon , Karen Coopman , Alan J. Dickson , Barry Fuller , Charles J. Diurnal cortisol and mental well-being in middle and older age: Lipidomics profiling of human adipose tissue identifies a pattern of lipids associated with fish oil supplementation - Elizabeth G.

Stanley , Benjamin J. Jenkins , Celia G. Jebb and Julian L. Identifying stably expressed housekeeping genes in the endometrium of fertile women, women with recurrent implantation failure and recurrent miscarriages - Linden Stocker , Felino Cagampang and Ying Cheong Type:

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